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RE: Kanab, Utah? Must see things?

Go over to Zion, up to Bryce, down to the north rim of the Grand Canyon and over to Page ((Lake Powell). Coral Pink Sand Dunes state park was OK.
lbrjet 03/30/15 05:20pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Natural Bridges National Monument

Yea, it is just boondocking at Goosenecks. We stayed at Cadillac Ranch in Bluff. It was 25 bucks for a pull thru full hookup site.
lbrjet 03/30/15 02:44pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Natural Bridges National Monument

I would leave the trailers. Note that I was comfortable going up the dugway, but didn't go down. We were staying in Bluff and returned via Blanding. We liked Valley of the Gods as much or maybe more than Monument Valley. Could be water at the east entrance/exit that time of year.
lbrjet 03/30/15 08:42am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 2012 F-250 Gasser tire PSI

I have never heard that the Ford TPMS can be adjusted. I run 65 in mine and yes it rides like a tank. My Bilsteins helped marginally unloaded and quite a bit loaded. After 5 years and 80K miles you could say we are used to it.
lbrjet 03/29/15 09:36am Tow Vehicles
RE: Weight Master, check my readings

Terryallen, your are including the 280lbs removed from the front axle in your 1300lb tongue weight. The TW is actually 1020. Personally I could care less about a little squat. My F250 sits an inch higher in the front with nothing attached due to the giant springs that are part of the snow plow package. Not all trucks sit high in the back unloaded. And the rear squating a bit does not automatically mean it is not set up correctly.
lbrjet 03/29/15 09:22am Towing
RE: I'm inquiring about the hi lo hitch

I said the WDH doesn't transfer tongue weight to the front axle, I didn't say it doesn't transfer weight. The WDH transfers weight that was removed from the front axle, which is not tongue weight. If you think it is transferring tongue weight to the front axle then hit the scales. Weigh the truck and then the truck and trailer with WDH on. The front axle weight with the trailer attached should be the same or somewhat less than the truck only front axle weight. Some manuals say to restore 100% of weight removed and a lot of new trucks are just 50%.
lbrjet 03/26/15 06:18pm Beginning RVing
RE: Blocking TT off wheels when storing and tires still good?

Tires shouldn't go flat from non use. More than likely the valve stems are leaking.
lbrjet 03/26/15 04:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: I'm inquiring about the hi lo hitch

Don't know but when you say distributed evenly, the tongue weight normally sits 80% on the rear axle and 20% on the trailer axles. No tongue weight gets distributed to the front axle.
lbrjet 03/26/15 04:29pm Beginning RVing
RE: Tire Load range Mixing??

Just put 65 lbs in the new tires until you can get the others replaced. They will have the same load rating at 65 as your old tires.
lbrjet 03/20/15 08:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Truck Side Window Shades

How will you see your mirror if you cover the window?
lbrjet 03/14/15 02:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: I 25 thru Denver

We took 225 north through Aurora, then 70 west and 270 north back to 25. Worked out well.
lbrjet 03/13/15 02:54pm Roads and Routes
RE: Tires

My OEM tires gave me excellent performance for 9K miles and over four years. I replaced them at 5 years old. Don't believe everything you read on the Internet. I almost replaced mine when the trailer was new after reading all the horror stories, but thought if they are really so bad how do they get trailers from IN to CA? After a while you will see that the OEM tire naysayers are the same people year after year. Be careful not to curb your tire and keep max sidewall PSI (check first thing in the morning) and you may save yourself some money.
lbrjet 03/13/15 02:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Another Capital Reef Question

We did 12 going south a couple of years ago and when we crossed the dreaded hogback we didn't even realize that was it. I kept waiting for this dangerous long stretch of road and it never came. When we got to Escalante I then realized that the hogback must have been the 1/2 mile stretch with drop offs that is over before you know it. Route 12 is a spectacular drive and don't let the naysayers stop you from traveling it.
lbrjet 03/12/15 09:23am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: WDH and airbag setup Question

These discussions seem to be endless in forums across the internet. The weight distributing hitch is to restore the weight to the steer axle and put some of the tongue weight on the trailer axles. The height of the rear of the tow vehicle does not matter and you can air up before or after you hook up your WDH but make sure you end up with the front at or slightly higher than the measured height before you connected the trailer. Both the WDH and airbags/stiffer leafs/add-a-leafs/Timbrens/etc will affect the weight on the front axle. The difference is the rear suspension will change this regardless of whether a trailer is attached or not. Ever seen that guy with a whole pallet of shingles in his F-150? The front tires almost come off the ground on every bump. Since he can't use a WDH to transfer the weight to the front axle of his truck full of shingles, the other option, assuming it would not exceed the RAWR or GVWR of his truck, is to have stiffer rear springs. By bringing the back of the truck back up it will restore weight to the front axle and make the truck safe to drive. This can be illustrated with a simple free body diagram. This can be done the same way with a trailer on. The easiest method is to: 1. Measure front ride height. 2. Connect trailer. 3. Adjust air bags. 4. Measure front ride height. 5. Adjust WDH to achieve front ride height at or slightly above step 1. If you add too much air in step 3 then you won't be able to add any tension to the spring bars without bringing your front ride height below the initial level and therefore cannot transfer any weight to your trailer axles. If the front is at or slightly (1/2" to an 1") above the initial value and IF the rear axle, tires, hitch, and payload of the truck can handle this amount of tongue weight, you don't even need a WDH. (This was the case with my last truck without even needing air bags.) If not, you need to let out some air so that you can actually use the WDH. This is about distributing the weight to the axles of the truck and trailer and is simple statics. This is not rocket science. Requirements: Front axle of truck -> should have the same or slightly less weight (height) than unloaded. Rear axle of truck -> do not exceed RAWR (height does not matter) Both axles of truck combined -> do not exceed GVWR Hitch -> do not exceed weight rating (either with or without WDH, there are separate ratings) Trailer axles -> do not exceed GVWR Entire rig -> do not exceed GCVWR How you arrive at the weights on each axle does not actually matter, only that you use what you have (WDH, airbags, self leveling suspension, unicorn farts) to keep the axle weights within these guidelines. Excellent, excellent post.
lbrjet 03/11/15 01:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: WDH and airbag setup Question

Can't understand why you would need airbags with your F250. Truck doesn't have to be perfectly level. My trucks sags slightly in the rear with a 1050lb TW, 90lb hitch and 500lbs in the bed and I have never ever considered getting airbags. I have towed 16,700 miles and have not felt any ill effects.
lbrjet 03/09/15 08:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: I-81 and I-99 in PA

We took I81 from the New York border to the Maryland border last summer. Good road with a few road construction points that didn't slow us up much at all that day.
lbrjet 03/08/15 11:38am Roads and Routes

It's a basic WDH with friction sway control. I recommend something with integrated sway control like the 4pt Equal-i-zer. The 1000 pound bars of the Equal-i-zer are designed for 400-1000 pounds of TW. The E2 uses the exact same sway control at the end of the bars as the equalizer. The equalizer has two additional friction points at the ball. I'm not sure how effective the extra two point are...I'm sure they add to the sway control, but looking at the design it would appear as if most of the friction would be at the end of the bars mounted on the trailer frame, same as the E2. About 80% of the sway control comes from the hitch head friction points. The friction points at the end of the bars actually add very little sway control to the 4 point Equal-i-zer.
lbrjet 03/08/15 11:23am Towing
RE: WD hitch and cargo behind rear axle & tongue weight

You posed a good question but I can't answer it. Your hitch and bars probably weigh more than 70lbs though. My 12K hitch and bars weigh 90 lbs.
lbrjet 03/05/15 05:41pm Towing
RE: Pulling a Travel Trailer across I70

You will need to be in 2nd gear going down to stay off the brakes and will see 5K RPM's. Just put it in tow/haul and let the computer do its thing and you should have no trouble at all.
lbrjet 02/27/15 07:05pm Towing
RE: Pulling a Travel Trailer across I70

Yea, I'd be concerned as I am now contemplating such a trip with my 3/4 T Suburban with 6.0L gas engine. I'm not sure it will make it UP the mountains. It probably will make it in 1st gear at 15 mph but I'm not sure I want to do that. One also loses horsepower at altitude. My 8.1L Suburban made it just fine. I was worried too hauling 8500lbs with my 5.4L over the mountains. It was actually a piece of cake. We spent 10 weeks in CO and UT and crossed 6 passes over 9500 feet. Will be back in the high country again this summer and won't give it a second thought this time around. I'm sure you will have no problems. As APT said just press on the gas. I am always more concerned going down than up. Keep your RPM's around 4K going down and that tranny should hold you back just fine.
lbrjet 02/27/15 07:00pm Towing
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