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RE: Tires

Thanks for the info. Can't understand why Heartland would put 15s on such a heavy unit. $$$$$$$$
lincster 01/12/15 08:32am Toy Haulers
RE: Tires

U won't be able to get away from issues with ANY 15" tires. U gotta step up to 16's to not have issues.
lincster 01/10/15 09:23pm Toy Haulers
RE: Tire pressure and temps while towing

No but thats not important for the determination of tire pressure advice or how the temperatures in the tires variate . Actually it is. Toyhaulers are heavy and hard on tires. ST tires don't belong on any toyhauler bigger than 24'.
lincster 12/18/14 08:08am Toy Haulers
RE: Any Dune trips planned?

Glamis. 27 thru the 1st.
lincster 12/17/14 02:14pm Toy Haulers
RE: Tire pressure and temps while towing

To get this on topic again, an ST tire will get hotter inside tire temperature when driving for instance 50 to 60 m/h then an LT tire. This is because of more deflection when using pressure determined by the lists tire makers give. Normal temp warm for LT tire when driving that speed will be about 112 degr F. An ST tire will get a warmer inside tire temp when driving that speed because of the more deflection . This brings an ST tire closer to the border where damage begins and thats the reason why ST tires give more blow outs . Same we had in Europe with Travel trailers, wich had OEM tires Normal car tires ( P-tire B-load ) and rule was 10% extra maximum load when using 10% above maxloadpressure of 36 psi so about 40 psi. Maximum allowed speed then was 100km/62m/h. To law in the Netherlands and many European country's max speed was 80 km/50m/h later highened to 90km/55m/h only on the highway. Because of overloading,because of more luxuary build in , this gave often blowing tires . Many cheap tires got a bad name by that affaire,thoug the real cource was the wrong use of the tires, so overloading and higher speed on the french roads. Do you even know what a toyhauler is?????
lincster 12/17/14 02:13pm Toy Haulers
RE: In search of my first fifth-wheel toy hauler.....

Everything your saying makes sense. Thanks for your reply. I've heard that they pin weight tends to not go up much on toy haulers because a decent amount of the weight your adding is at the rear of the trailer. Is there any truth to this? Not at all. My trailer has 2670lbs of pin weight totally empty. I put 150 gallons of water in it, which are in front of my front axle (pin weight goes up) I then put my 2800lb sand rail in the trailer, majority of which is behind the rear axle, my pin weight goes up to 3400lbs. This is why I have a dually. Don't have to worry about this stuff.
lincster 12/17/14 02:10pm Toy Haulers
RE: Tire pressure and temps while towing

My conclusion is the lower speed that gives all tires more reserve before the tire damages , and thats almost always te case for LT tires, a speed of maximum 70m/h. An ST tire is not that different then a LT but more often damage because of more deflection because of more load for the same pressure . If you would give a LT tire the same pressure for the load as a ST of same sises and loadkind, it would also damage more often. Wow, this is such wrong information I don't even know where to start.
lincster 12/13/14 08:27am Toy Haulers
RE: How much fresh water does you rig hold? And gray, Black

160 fresh. 50 Grey. 50 Black.
lincster 12/10/14 09:57pm Toy Haulers
RE: Anything bigger than a Smart car?

lincster, this was one of the great things about Weekend Warrior, they really built Toy Haulers for the various segments of the market. They listened to their buyers and built what they wanted. As I recall they often did extras to beef up the units for specific purposes. I think the downfall of the market place now is that they are all mass produced units. Totally agree.
lincster 12/07/14 08:13pm Toy Haulers
RE: Tire pressure and temps while towing

I range anywhere between 95-102F towing at 75mph. I have Michelin XPS Ribs on my trailer.
lincster 12/04/14 10:46am Toy Haulers
RE: Anything bigger than a Smart car?

HUH? A smart car? My sandrail is longer, taller and heavier than any smart car. Fits in my trailer nooooo problem. I even put 2 quads in there with it. The problem with newer haulers is the garage.... they don't hold squat. I bought my Warrior to actually use and to haul toys, lots of them. Even if I had quads, I would need to haul 4 of them for my whole family.
lincster 12/04/14 10:45am Toy Haulers
RE: Onan 5500 won't crank

If you cranked it ALOT, you probably fried the starter. Agree with above, even if you fried the started, you should still have power to the start button. Try toggling the start button to the prime location. If you hear your fuel pump priming, then you fried the starter. If not, fuse somewhere.
lincster 11/19/14 01:27pm Toy Haulers
RE: Question about Dodge Truck & Toy Haulers

1. Dually. 2. Don't ever listen to salesman. 3. Get your truck weighed and back calculate from there.
lincster 11/17/14 11:35am Toy Haulers
RE: Tow Vehicle for momentum 385th

Buy a new F350 and you won't have to worry about weights.
lincster 11/17/14 11:30am Toy Haulers
RE: one year with a 40' fifth wheel and dually

I don't use any tunes with my truck and I can hold 65moh on a 6% grade with no problems. But you are running a 2012 with the 6.7. That puts out the same hp stock as a well tuned 7.3. Yep. Buy a new truck and u won't have any towing issues. Lol
lincster 11/09/14 08:01pm Toy Haulers
RE: one year with a 40' fifth wheel and dually

02 SRW 7.3 w/35" tires towing a 34' tow behind TH at around 13000# I am lucky to get 9 MPGs. No tunes. No tunes? I use the Edge CS on level 2. One time a few weeks ago I drove to the coast over the Oregon coastal range mountains in stock tune and the truck was absolutely pathetic. On the climbs we were lucky to maintain 35mph. With the weight that you're towing do you have the same performance issues? I don't use any tunes with my truck and I can hold 65moh on a 6% grade with no problems.
lincster 11/07/14 08:04pm Toy Haulers
RE: Sandy Turkey 2014 - where are you gonna be?

Gordon's Well. Dunes baby!!!!!
lincster 11/07/14 08:02pm Toy Haulers
RE: need tires for my toy hauler.

LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE tire threads!!!!!!!! LOL BTW, Michelin XPS Ribs, only way to go. Or the Bridgestone equivalent. :) ST tires are all junk.
lincster 10/21/14 08:26am Toy Haulers
RE: Towing a cyclone 4100

Go weigh your truck 'camp ready' (you, passengers and any stuff that would be in the cab) That weigh ticket ($10-$12) will be priceless in figuring out what you can really tow within your trucks ratings. Weigh ticket will have: Front axle weight Rear axle weight and Total trucks weight. Compare those numbers to your trucks ratings Truck GVWR 10,500 minus actual total weight Truck FAWR 4,750 minus actual front axle weight Truck RAWR 9,350 minus actual rear axle weight With that 9350 RAWR you will have more available axle weight but will reach GVWR of truck quickly. Truck will probably weigh in around 7500# (or more) 10,500 - 7500 leaves 3000# before reaching GVWR That CY4100 lists a 'dry pin weight' of 3000# So before you put anything in that CY4100 you have max'd out your trucks GVWR. Your truck has a max tow rating of 15,550# (mfg. published number using 150# driver and base model). That CY4100 has a 'dry weight' of 14,595#. That is only 955# less than your mfg. magical max tow rating Look at the data plate on your trucks door. Weigh the truck....do you own figuring. You have plenty of rear axle..just not enough overall truck. Mega Cabs have lower ratings due to that MEGA CAB Can't compare 2006 against a 2015. Completely different engineering/frames/suspension/engines/transmissions etc. Apples and oranges Yes there are lots of big/heavy trailers being towed by 2500 and 3500 Most, if they would be honest and get weighed will be overweight The RV Safety & Education Foundation data indicates that 57% of all RVs on the road exceed one or more weight safety ratings. Additionally, the following exceed at least one rating: 60% of all tow vehicles 51% of all travel trailers 55% of all 5th wheel trailers 50% of all trailers exceed the GVWR After you get your real numbers (weighed) here is a 'tow calculator' to help figure what you can tow within ratings. If rantings don't matter....ignore RV Tow Check All of this info is exactly right and what people should be doing when asking "do I have enough truck?"
lincster 10/13/14 05:23pm Toy Haulers
RE: Onan 5500 Randomly turned off and won't restart??

the wires from the geni to the fuel pump were producing more than 12v. Thus I simply wired the fuel pump to the batteries direct with a wireless switch in the trailer to turn on and off before/after starting. I was not interested in troubleshooting the voltage issue. cheers. Still lost..... When the genny is running, it is supposed to generate more than 12V. That is how gennys, alternators etc work. Check your alternator in your car when it is running, it should be putting out around 14V. Then check the positive at your battery when the car is running, also more than 12V. Oh well, if it works for you.
lincster 09/24/14 09:33am Toy Haulers
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