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RE: (My) very first blow out .

What kind of tires? LT or ST?Signetnet St 225/ 75/ R 15 Load range ENever heard of that brand, neither has google. Important point Lincster was trying to make,,, op had ST tires, trailer tires, not LT truck tires. Haven't seen 1 verified report of any LT tire blowouts on TH here on the forum. Where as dozens or more of ST tire blowout reported all the time. Just like this one. Majority, if not all, ST tires are rated for 62mph max. jmo This is exactly right.
lincster 03/26/15 01:48pm Toy Haulers
RE: Pulling with a full load of Water

I don't know that pulling an extra 1k makes a lot of sense if you can fill when you get where your going. I don't want to stop again to fill for water when I am trying to get where I am going. With my luck, there would be 9 people in front of me doing the same thing. That just added at least 1 hour to my travel time. No thanks. That is one reason I fill at home. 1000lbs isn't going to make a difference for me when towing.
lincster 03/24/15 09:08am Toy Haulers
RE: Pulling with a full load of Water

I've never thought about what is "too far". I leave the house with full water and full fuel and don't think about how far I am going. I don't worry about the water weight, that is why I bought the correct truck for my trailer weights.
lincster 03/23/15 10:29am Toy Haulers
RE: (My) very first blow out .

What kind of tires? LT or ST?
lincster 03/23/15 10:26am Toy Haulers
RE: What did you do to your Toy Hauler today???

Today? Loaded it up to get ready to leave for the dunes tomorrow....
lincster 03/10/15 11:52pm Toy Haulers
RE: Spring Break 2015

Leaving for Glamis in 48 hours....... but kids are staying home on Spring Break!!!! Whoooohoooooo
lincster 03/09/15 05:08pm Toy Haulers
RE: Need suggestions on buying new 5th wheel toy hauler

Very true on the pros/cons. I HATE the new dually tubs Ford puts on these trucks. I love the bed on the Dodge.
lincster 03/06/15 11:22am Toy Haulers
RE: Need suggestions on buying new 5th wheel toy hauler

My dry pin weight is 2680lbs. Full water with toys in the back, I go up to 3400lbs of pin weight. Truck, trailer, toys, food etc. I am 28,000lbs going down the road. My trailer has no slides, so that saves on weight. No way would I put that much weight behind a SRW truck. If you want alot of overkill, buy the 2015 F450. Now that is a towing machine!!!!!
lincster 03/06/15 10:44am Toy Haulers
RE: Need suggestions on buying new 5th wheel toy hauler

1 ton dually truck is what you need for that much trailer. You aren't looking at the numbers right.
lincster 03/06/15 10:38am Toy Haulers
RE: Need suggestions on buying new 5th wheel toy hauler

Not enough truck. Find a smaller trailer.
lincster 03/04/15 08:11pm Toy Haulers
RE: FK2100 Weekend Warrior Electrical questions

Get 2 6V batteries and you won't have any more issues.
lincster 03/01/15 03:42pm Toy Haulers
RE: Toy hauler weight questions?

I owned a Weekend Warrior FS3000. 30' box, 34' overall length. I put mine on a CAT scale both loaded and unloaded and I measured my tongue weight with a Sherline Tongue weight scale. So I have real life weights. Trailer with no toys and no water, 2 6V batteries, full propane and normal camping stuff, weight 9000lbs with 1400lbs of tongue weight. Tongue weight on these are much higher than a normal travel trailer. You should be running a true Class V hitch, like a Reese Tow Beast or similar. Trailer will 4 quads, full water and 40gallons of gas in it weighed 12,000lbs with 1400lbs of tongue weight. Trailer with a 2000lb sand rail in it, full water and 40 gallons of gas in it, weighed 13,000lbs with 1500lbs of tongue weight. Tongue weight with full water and no toys in the back was 1700lbs. So, as you can see, putting a gold wing in it is no big deal, I put much more weight in it than a gold wing. Tongue weight on these are very high, so plan accordingly. You definetly need a 2500. Actually you need a 3500 with the tongue weight. With a crew cab, 4WD 2500, you will go over the GVWR of the truck when hooked up due to the high tongue weight. Don't listen to the dude telling you that you can tow this with a SUV..... wow.... that is the tail wagging the dog there.
lincster 02/20/15 08:24am Toy Haulers
RE: Used toy hauler shopping. WW vs Ragen vs attitude vs??

That gas motor in your truck won't like a big toy hauler. Gonna drink the gas and the motor will be screaming on hills.
lincster 02/04/15 03:40pm Toy Haulers
RE: WW FS2600 Actual Dry Weight??

I can tell you what your tongue weight is, but not the overall weight. My buddy owned a 2002 FS2600, Al sides. I have a tongue weight scale and we checked it one day. No water, no toys, full propane and 2 6V batts = 1600lbs. Full water with no toys = 2100lbs. Full water with 3 full size quads in the back = 1700lbs. Those are weights measured directly at the ball mount. I would be willing to bet, empty, that trailer is 8000-8500lbs all day long.
lincster 02/02/15 08:10am Toy Haulers
RE: Tires

Thanks for the info. Can't understand why Heartland would put 15s on such a heavy unit. $$$$$$$$
lincster 01/12/15 08:32am Toy Haulers
RE: Tires

U won't be able to get away from issues with ANY 15" tires. U gotta step up to 16's to not have issues.
lincster 01/10/15 09:23pm Toy Haulers
RE: Tire pressure and temps while towing

No but thats not important for the determination of tire pressure advice or how the temperatures in the tires variate . Actually it is. Toyhaulers are heavy and hard on tires. ST tires don't belong on any toyhauler bigger than 24'.
lincster 12/18/14 08:08am Toy Haulers
RE: Any Dune trips planned?

Glamis. 27 thru the 1st.
lincster 12/17/14 02:14pm Toy Haulers
RE: Tire pressure and temps while towing

To get this on topic again, an ST tire will get hotter inside tire temperature when driving for instance 50 to 60 m/h then an LT tire. This is because of more deflection when using pressure determined by the lists tire makers give. Normal temp warm for LT tire when driving that speed will be about 112 degr F. An ST tire will get a warmer inside tire temp when driving that speed because of the more deflection . This brings an ST tire closer to the border where damage begins and thats the reason why ST tires give more blow outs . Same we had in Europe with Travel trailers, wich had OEM tires Normal car tires ( P-tire B-load ) and rule was 10% extra maximum load when using 10% above maxloadpressure of 36 psi so about 40 psi. Maximum allowed speed then was 100km/62m/h. To law in the Netherlands and many European country's max speed was 80 km/50m/h later highened to 90km/55m/h only on the highway. Because of overloading,because of more luxuary build in , this gave often blowing tires . Many cheap tires got a bad name by that affaire,thoug the real cource was the wrong use of the tires, so overloading and higher speed on the french roads. Do you even know what a toyhauler is?????
lincster 12/17/14 02:13pm Toy Haulers
RE: In search of my first fifth-wheel toy hauler.....

Everything your saying makes sense. Thanks for your reply. I've heard that they pin weight tends to not go up much on toy haulers because a decent amount of the weight your adding is at the rear of the trailer. Is there any truth to this? Not at all. My trailer has 2670lbs of pin weight totally empty. I put 150 gallons of water in it, which are in front of my front axle (pin weight goes up) I then put my 2800lb sand rail in the trailer, majority of which is behind the rear axle, my pin weight goes up to 3400lbs. This is why I have a dually. Don't have to worry about this stuff.
lincster 12/17/14 02:10pm Toy Haulers
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