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RE: Yellowstone National park

If you are just "car" sight-seeing, a couple days, you get tired of seeing/smelling the same sights over and over (I lived just outside the park for many years) If you are hiking, until the weather chases you out. Fishing Bridge would be where I would stay. Be prepared for any weather, it has already snowed there this month.
n7bsn 09/19/14 11:20pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Yellowstone National park

What time of year? What do you need, a spot to park? Or "everything"
n7bsn 09/19/14 10:59pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Clute Park Watkins Glen NY insight

I know I drove by it while in the area for a work assignment some years back, but I really don't recall it. Have you checked it out at RV Park-reviews? cliky
n7bsn 09/19/14 05:16pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Dometic Digital Thermostat Replacement

That's the thermostat. Anybody know of a "3wire" digital thermostat that is compatible with this type of control box? There really isn't going to be much. Unlike more conventional Thermostats this ones "talks" to the control via signals on the third wire. Conventional ones just switch power to the function, which is why they require so many wires. My understanding of how this one works, all those "other" wires go to the controller, where their normal functions are run. I'm certainly in the "something is wrong" camp. That kind of swing, with this type of controller, suggests either the thermostat or the controller it is talking to, has a problem.
n7bsn 09/19/14 01:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Dometic Digital Thermostat Replacement

Do you have you fan set to auto. How close is the t-stat to a heat register. The genius that designed our camper decided to put a heat register in the hallway right below the stat. Furnace comes on, blows hot air at the stat it shuts off, the ends of the TT were always cooler than was comfortable. I blocked off the register and now the heat cycles as it should. Try looking around this site if someone has done the mod you may find it here. http://www.modmyrv.com/2008/07/14/rv-digital-thermostat Did you look at the type of thermostat he showed? Unlike conventional RV thermo's there is NO Auto/On (fan) switch, that function is buried in the options. The conversions you (and others) have posted about using a 6 wire system don't work with a three-wire system.
n7bsn 09/19/14 01:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV repair near Bremerton?

If he's still in business Mike's Mobile RV Repair 360-621-8496 (I heard a rumor he has closed). That is a cell-phone number so.... For regular service I would use Imperial Truck and RV out by the Bremerton Airport. I've known the owners for 10+ years and consider them great folk. They are often booked up, but can squeeze in little stuff easy (they did a friends 15 minute repair while he waited) I've heard too many issues with Affordable. Some friends have been happy with North Star, others less so. Clear Creek has the highest shop rate and usually the longest wait time. Of course Poulsbo RV closed their Poulsbo location 6 years ago, and have no plans to reopen it.
n7bsn 09/18/14 03:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: 2001 Alpenlite Augusta 32RL

They were generally well thought of, but had a number of design changes over the years and I wish I could remember all the details (we seriously looked at buying one of that period 10+ years ago) The key is look at the underside, if there is a barrier under the tanks, sealing the bottom, the tanks are probably heated via the propane furnace. If the tanks are exposed, the answer is no.
n7bsn 09/18/14 02:47pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: “NOOB” questions about how TC electronics work?

Thanks guys. Sounds like the DC mode is pretty much worthless then? Why do they even have it then? Thanks Safety. Plus there are three-ways that AUTO-SWITCH. IF AC is available they run on AC. If the engine is running (they bring an extra wire down on MHs to sense this) they run on DC Otherwise they run on propane.
n7bsn 09/17/14 09:56pm Truck Campers
RE: Recommended 5th Wheel to live in full time in Alaska

Personally, I would not attempt to live in Alaska for the winter in any RV. They are just not designed for the extreme temperatures and snow loads. Ken What he said, plus the info on the city council policy referred to above. The days of "just let them live" in Alaskan (cities at least) is passing.
n7bsn 09/17/14 09:40pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How to reduce generator noise?

Problem with generator noise is to get a 3 db reduction (half the sound energy) takes considerable effort and half the sound energy translates to a hardly noticeable difference. Kind of unfortunate property of sound energy and how we hear it. .... 100% correct! While a 3dB reduction is half the sound energy, it is barely noticeable by the human ear. A 10dB (1/10 the energy) is a significant reduction in noise, and hard to do. When we (work) had to use the quietest possible generator, we used a Honda EU series. (EU-6500) When even that was too loud, we used a 4KW inverter and a HUGE battery system.
n7bsn 09/17/14 02:38pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: V10 coolant change

It's really a large system. If you measure the amount you drain, you will discover you are well short of getting all the fluid out. Which is why I follow the instructions and flush with clean water, several times. Get every last bit of the old stuff out. Which is even more important if you are switching from one type (standard) to another (universal-long-life). When you are done you might find you can -just- get 15 quarts of straight fluid in (ie DON'T buy pre-mixed) As I recall Ford does NOT recommend Long-Life fluid in that engine, I would use either Standard or Universal-Long Life.
n7bsn 09/17/14 09:51am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Batteries for AF990

I have absolutely ignored the "special" charging requirements for AGMs. My solar (55 amp Iota) and solar (Blue Sky controller) played well with my Lifeline and Universal AGMs. Simply plug and play. I should note, gel cell batteries do have different charge requirements, as I understand. All three (wet-cell, AGM and Gel-Cel) have different charging voltages. Wet-call and AGM are -close- and you can mostly get away with using a wet-cell setup on an AGM. You will get better results with an AGM setup. The Solar Charger that came with my Fox has an AGM settting and a Wet-Cell setting. Progress-Dynamics states that their charger system works with both, but I have never looked into any possible changes in their required settings. Personally on both Northwoods I've owned, I used 6V GC-2's. The 1999 required a minor carpentry bit, on the 2012 they were just drop-in.
n7bsn 09/16/14 10:53pm Truck Campers
RE: How to reduce generator noise?

Anything that impairs the free-flow of air is going to have a probable negative impact on the operation of the generator. I would hesitate a long time before I modified the venting. You could enclose the remaining sides of the box with sound absorbent material, that would reduce the sound directly transmitted into the rig. There would still be the sound that comes out via the vents, that includes the exhaust noise. You could also look into an improved "muffler" system. They do exist, but what you would need to do could with your setup I don't know. Personally (I am an Electronics Engineer that worked in sound generation/propagation for many years), I bought the quietest generator I could find. Reducing noise inside the generator was a winning formula for me.
n7bsn 09/16/14 10:42pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Honda 2000

One will usually start a 13,000 btu unit (soft-start, yada, yada) My -guess- is yes
n7bsn 09/15/14 10:40pm Tech Issues
RE: Anti mold and fungas spray

If you live in "wetter" Washington it may not be a Scam. I've seen more then one used rig that had obvious mold/mildew issue. But then I also walked away from those rigs. The winter clime in "wetter" Washington is hard on un-heated, un-protected RVs
n7bsn 09/15/14 07:47pm Beginning RVing
RE: Banks Power System?

Older engines, ie Ford 460 V-8, almost certainly. Newer engines, ie Ford V10, probably not.
n7bsn 09/15/14 07:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Fresh Water Tank Dropped Out!

No amount of "overfilling" is going to cause a tank to drop out, period. The only overflow, is the spout leading into the tank, the tank is designed to be filled -full-. What probably happened is something failed in the mount system for the fresh tank, a really good chance is that the wood framing it was mounted to (via the straps) rotted and failed. This could be an "interesting" (i.e. not fun) repair; in that there is certainly more rot in the underside then just where the tank was.
n7bsn 09/14/14 10:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: What Makes an Rv Fridge 12V

It has a 12V heating element in addition to the 120V heating element.
n7bsn 09/14/14 09:10pm Tech Issues
RE: RV Selection & Electrical Question

OK Looking at the load, on a 30 amp system that still leaves 20 amps. Enough to run the A/C -or- a heater but nothing else heavy like a microwave, coffee-maker, electric water-heater, etc.
n7bsn 09/14/14 12:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Retiring 2015 - 5'er Advice/Experience Solicited

I wouldn't waste five minutes of my time planning ahead. You'll see. Please do explain your comment. Thanks! SWAG, there has been a lot of mergers and failures in the RV world the last 8 years. What is a great firm today, could be owned by someone else, that is milking the name, or simply gone. A possible example is Sunnybrook, while I haven't looked at a new production unit, I have heard a number of long-time owners say that Winnie has reduced the quality.
n7bsn 09/13/14 10:27pm Fifth-Wheels
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