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RE: Inspirational

A picture to remember...beautiful
nabi 11/22/14 09:35am RV Pet Stop
RE: Settling into a new country...

This is Dr Sylvia the cardiologist...she was great with Izzy...did her cardiac dopplers, an EKG and blood pressure . measured her Pulmonary hypertension....wants to see Izzy again in 3 months due to her irregular heartbeat...Dr Franklin did a dental on a dog while we were there, I over heard him giving the bill to the owners...$46 ...I told him that in Canada I paid $1100 without extractions and both he and Dr S and the student were aghast...they thought they misunderstood and said you mean $110 and I repeated...no, $1100 ....they just could not get over it LOL http://i1090.photobucket.com/albums/i362/nabelia/IMG_3627_zpsb35a751c.jpg
nabi 11/21/14 05:38pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Settling into a new country...

Glad things are coming into place. I bet you don't miss this frigid weather! Friends send us pics of the storms and snow they are having already...burr....I sit out on my balcony in the warm breeze and say...thank God I am not there any longer ....
nabi 11/21/14 05:29pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Settling into a new country...

Wow, you definitely picked the right country to move to. Sounds like a piece of heaven to me! it really is nice...we live in the drier area of the coast..up the coast is much more lush but with lush comes creepy crawlers LOL
nabi 11/21/14 05:28pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Settling into a new country...

Sounds like you'll do fine in Ecuador! I think we will...you just have to remember things function differently here but it is good to not be on the fast track all the time LOL
nabi 11/21/14 05:27pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Settling into a new country...

Glad everything is working out so good for you and the pups. Agnes so far so good..of course there are some frustrations but thats to be expected..so far the good outweighs the not so good LOL
nabi 11/21/14 05:25pm RV Pet Stop
Settling into a new country...

life is quite different for us now...language is a problem for me but I muddle along and people always want to help if they can...shopping for food is easy as the supermarkets are very nice, but lots of things I dont recognize , shopping at the local market is an adventure in itself LOL The weather is fantastic...everyday is warm with a breeze...the surf is harder now and we are coming into surf season...Took the wees to see the new vet and he spent over 1/2 hr going over their history, meds etc...he wanted Izzy seen by a cardiologist and immediately got on his phone and called her and made Izzy an appt...which is today...when we went to leave I asked at counter how much we owed and he came out and said.. " no charge, we only talked " and with that gave me a kiss on the cheek...two firsts for me at the vets office LOL. The wees were wanting to look over the bottom railing so a neighbour lent me all these long pots, since then I have bought many plants and some large round pots so they are foiled..no getting too close to the rail ! Buying the plants was an interesting experience..went to the nursery..bought the plants...went to another store...bought the pots..took them back to the nursery where they were planted..bought 30 small plants along with 2 20 kilo bags of dirt...the appliance clerk ( who spoke some English ) from next shop came and asked me if I wanted the nursery fellow to come to the condo and plant them LOL..I said no thanks, I can manage that much...the nursery clerk arranged for delivery...told us we didnt need to wait so we left...no bill...no receipt..nothing to say we owned the plants, pots, dirt ...and magically an hour later they were delivered right up to our condo door...such is life in Salinas EC ! http://i1090.photobucket.com/albums/i362/nabelia/collageflowerrs_zpsa9a86b03.jpg http://i1090.photobucket.com/albums/i362/nabelia/IMG_3624_zps052d99f5.jpg http://i1090.photobucket.com/albums/i362/nabelia/IMG_3570_zps9d343e19.jpg
nabi 11/21/14 05:49am RV Pet Stop
RE: A question on the Parvo shot

We just moved to South America from Canada..yesterday we met with our new vet Dr Franklin...he looked over the girls vaccination record and agreed with everything except the parvo...he said here they need it yearly as it is quite a problem...so that's what we will do...in Canada it was 3 yr rotation after the puppy schedule..
nabi 11/20/14 07:12pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Turn for the worse

Buddy Blue knew he was loved...the most loving thing was done for him by you and he knew it....I am sitting here in tears, I know the pain you are in...time is a great healer but we never get that little piece of our heart back...hugs...
nabi 11/15/14 04:45pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Ecuador

You're probably right Lance..LOL...I am terrible at bargaining...
nabi 11/14/14 05:15am RV Pet Stop
RE: Ecuador

Wow, what a lifestyle change, huh? I'm glad you made it through the web of paperwork for your exit. Also glad the wees are taking their transplant in stride. That grass must have been a happy sight, for the girls and for you. How are things going with your house listing? Does dad have to go back to deal with that? Here's hoping the sale goes smoothly and you can soon have that all behind you. Congrats on the move and I'll bet your old neighbors are wishing they could've gone with you about now. Wayne does have to go back on the 26th...the house still has not sold..it is so upsetting...I hate for him to have to go back into all that snow and cold...it is so lovely here...temp is around the same everyday...always a nice breeze....the wees are adjusting to condo life..zari much better than Izzy...Iz still refuses to use pp pads and hates being woken up early for potty breaks but that is part of life now LOL went to the market this morning...got all of this including a morning paper for Wayne for $15...the fish was freshly caught and she cleaned and fileted it for us...made for a yummy lunch.... http://i1090.photobucket.com/albums/i362/nabelia/IMG_3424_zps2806b8da.jpg
nabi 11/13/14 01:04pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Ecuador

a neighbour from back home emailed us yesterday and said it was freezing rain...cant say I miss that !
nabi 11/12/14 04:47pm RV Pet Stop

just a note to let you know we arrived safe and sound in Ecuador...Izzy went thru 4 airports without being scanned...they have never had a dog with a pacemaker at any of them so she was quite the novelty LOL . We told them she could be scanned but in each airport they said no, they didnt want to take a chance of causing any problems so that was ok with me ....Zari never said a word on any flight..Izzy let out a small bark...yes just one LOL, about 6 hrs into the 2nd lag of the trip..even the attendants had forgotten there were dogs on board ! Izzy was having trouble adjusting to condo life..she is use to having 1.5 acres to roam around for the perfect pp spot and now has to go either on sand or bricks...finally a lady told me about a bank near by that has real grass so we visit it twice a day ..so many new things for the girls to deal with but they are doing it just fine so far...we are meeting with two DVM's over the next two weeks to see which one responds best to the girls..Everyone in the building is so helpful...we have wondered out by ourselves numerous times and managed to find our way back home LOL ...Kathleen Izzy and Zari hotel living is ok ! http://i1090.photobucket.com/albums/i362/nabelia/IMG_3263_zpsf05a3d62.jpg http://i1090.photobucket.com/albums/i362/nabelia/IMG_3280_zps801fe139.jpg they call this business class ?? http://i1090.photobucket.com/albums/i362/nabelia/IMG_3278_zps36963e97.jpg checking out the boats http://i1090.photobucket.com/albums/i362/nabelia/IMG_3334_zpscce950c5.jpg finally...some grass...! Oh what a relief it was ! http://i1090.photobucket.com/albums/i362/nabelia/IMG_3372_zpsef001bcb.jpg
nabi 11/12/14 04:49am RV Pet Stop
RE: Sadly I don't have very good luck with dogs

I am so sorry you and Sassy have to deal with this..... keeping Sassy in my prayers..
nabi 11/12/14 04:32am RV Pet Stop
RE: Calvin's full of Cra .... I mean POOP!

tell Calvin Izzy had the opposite problem...condo living created quite the dilemma for a girl use to have 1.5 acres for her private bathroom LOL
nabi 11/12/14 04:26am RV Pet Stop
RE: Andy's mast cell surgery - delayed again

I am sorry to hear about Andys health issues, we have been out of the loop for over a week without wifi....glad his tumor is not growing while you wait for his levels to improve...that sounds very positive !
nabi 11/12/14 04:21am RV Pet Stop
RE: started on our travels

Your new place looks wonderful! For the Wees, you could get puppy bumpers that won't fit through the bars of the terrace. Here's a link: Puppy Bumpers Thanks...won't be able to order any now but I am sure I can get one of the ladies to sew them if needed.
nabi 11/03/14 04:25pm RV Pet Stop
RE: started on our travels

Calvin's the one that wanted to go with you'all. I can't, cause I don't think I'll be able to get a health certificate! ... :( Pops Hope you are ok Lance...
nabi 11/03/14 01:01pm RV Pet Stop
RE: started on our travels

Beautiful view from that balcony but I wonder if you'll have to fence off so the wee's won't get through it... or is it tighter than it looks. It's so nice to have a lot of ex pats to help you out! Sher we put up some barrier material at home as our deck was very high and neither of the girls ever tried to go thru the bars so we ended up removing it...but I will be watching them like a hawk to see if they show any interest in looking over the rail....Zari probably wont as she is scared of her own shadow but that daredevil Izzy might... we were to be at the embassy at 9 this morn for our final certifications....and they were closed...I am just about going crazy with worry as we are to fly out on Wed and can't without those stamps...yikes....I think I have aged 10 yrs during this process !
nabi 11/03/14 11:58am RV Pet Stop
RE: started on our travels

WOW, nice! Can I come with you'all? http://i1058.photobucket.com/albums/t404/spartan158/4591600f.jpg Calvin Only if Calvin comes too !
nabi 11/03/14 01:42am RV Pet Stop
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