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RE: Pulling I-40

Just so happens that I drove that the other day. F350 and 34' 5ver. If you drive across 58 from Bakersfield to Barstow you'll be on all good 4 lane highway. The pull up from Bakersfield to Tehechapi is pretty steep but definitely doable. Our clutch fan was wound up all the way from about half way up to the top. It's a 15 mile pull. Once you get into AZ there are a couple of fairly good tows on I40, but at 6% or less none are major league. Be sure to fill up at Barstow and not around Needles - then, once you get into AZ prices drop considerably.
nazpaz 10/02/14 08:29pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How do you boost cell signal? ATT in TT Cottonwood, AZ

Spouse works remotely using company Avaya voice data network over company's ATT 4g Voice Date service and Iphone 4. Can't get over 1 bar here in Thousand Trails, Cottonwood, AZ. Anyone had any luck boosting ATT signal in similar situations? (FYI, her personal smartphone shows 3 bars using Verizon). Thanks. It just so happens that we are in the same campground as you. We're on Verizon and the Wilson Sleek boosts our 4G from 1 or 2 bars to 4 bars. I'm guessing you would get similar results on ATT.
nazpaz 10/02/14 08:07pm Full-time RVing
RE: do you leave your awnings out?

It just depends on where we are and what the weather forecast is. In Texas we put the awning out when we are using it and put it away when we are finished. It's our experience that in Texas sooner and not later the wind will start blowing. We've spent the summer along the Washington, Oregon coast and now are near Yosemite. We've had very little wind so I just take a look at the weather forecast and let it help me decide whether or not to leave the awning out. Most of the time we've just left it out all the time. I have all the straps, flapper stoppers, etc. necessary to tie it down and I used to use them. However, when the wind started blowing I worried about the awning constantly. Then, if we got anything serious I would go out and take all the stuff loose so I could close it. I decided that since I can store it or take it out in about 2 minutes that it was silly to go to all the effort needed to stake it out only to be out there in the wind undoing it all so I could go to sleep without worrying about it. That's our approach - neither right or wrong, just how we do it.
nazpaz 08/30/14 12:01pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dead Horse State Park - Utah (Moab Area)

We loved Dead Horse State Park when we were there a few months ago. The advice on filling up with water in Moab is right on. However, I will mention that there's a public sink outside by the bathrooms in the campground that does have drinking water. You can't fill your camper there, but if you have water containers you can fill them for drinking water We also stayed at Horsethief Campground, BLM which is quite near the state park (and both are near Canyonlands National park). This is a large dry, no hookup campground. It was a good spot for a few nights for us. If you want to see our photos of these campgrounds, we did reviews of both campgrounds in this section: http://pastorscott.com/travel/tag/utah/ We really liked the Moab area.
nazpaz 08/27/14 11:43pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Our startup costs for full timing

Nazpaz, I may have missed it in your post but what are your cost for Thousand Trails and any other memberships that you have. I think those cost would be helpful to others. The line right under camping costs is annual memberships. That figure - prorated out to a monthly cost - is mostly TT but also includes PPA, Good Sam, and Escapees. Let me confess that that number is actually a bit high because I took advantage of special offers from PPA and Escapees (BTW, Escapees is having a good sale right now) and got multi-year memberships. I won't need to renew either of those for several years. If you don't have a Thousand Trails membership already you may have some additional start up costs, and depending on whether you get a "new" membership or buy one from an individual that cost would range from $0 (a gift) to thousands of dollars if you go straight to the most expensive membership, bought from the company. Good luck in your research!
nazpaz 07/07/14 10:05am Full-time RVing
RE: Our startup costs for full timing

It just occurred to me I should let you all know I'm not trying to be a "Debbie Downer." It's just that I've read many posts over the years of how people are living the fulltime lifestyle on very little money, & having lots of fun doing it. I think it's kinder let people know the lifestyle is not cheap. Our bubble sure got burst when we thought we'd have a great cheap retirement living in a 5th wheel. There are many high costs attached to this lifestyle. Trucks & rv's all need maintenance, Health insurance is very costly which also needs to be considered. Insuring the vehicles for fulltiming isn't cheap either. It's great if someone has a large amount of money set aside to handle the surprise expenses, but personally I don't think anyone is having an exciting retirement on less than $2,000 a month. The numbers don't add up.....sorry. It's kind of funny but anytime I post expenditure information I hear from people who tell me they do it for much less than that and I also hear from a few who think I'm not being accurate with the numbers because it costs lots more than that. Our numbers are what they are. I keep track of what we spend and how it was spent. We aren't trying to see how cheaply we can live, we just want to live within our means. And that's what we are doing. I'm glad to address specific things like campground fees. Apparently, we do pretty good with that compared to what others spend (but others manage to spend far less, mostly boondockers). So far as diesel is concerned, we generally use one tank on move day, stay in a place for a week and a half and use another tank for sightseeing. However, our mid year budget didn't match that scenario until the middle of May. Prior to that we were either in winter mode and driving the car and using no diesel or, once we headed for the northwest, using a LOT of diesel in a short time. The full year report will smooth out some numbers. For instance, camping will come down some as we are using our Thousand Trails membership a lot since we arrived on the west coast.
nazpaz 07/03/14 10:01am Full-time RVing
RE: Microsoft Streets and Trips coming to end of life

It's probably not going to be a real big deal to me because it's only one resource for my trip planning. I really like it's drivetime zone function and I haven't seen anything quite like it in Google maps or Bing. However, as long as I have the program that function will still be available to me. The other use is for trip planning when we are off the grid. It's helpful when putting together the next move when we don't have internet.
nazpaz 07/02/14 10:41pm General RVing Issues
Microsoft Streets and Trips coming to end of life

I guess it's a sign of the times as people use on line trip planning tools but I hate seeing that Microsoft Streets and Trips is going to be discontinued: http://www.microsoft.com/Streets/en-us/default.aspx.
nazpaz 07/02/14 09:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Our startup costs for full timing

I don't understand how you could average $29.60 a month for gas. How do you do that? I don't understand how you traveled over 2,000 miles but only spent about $500 for diesel. When we pull 2,000 miles our diesel cost is at least $600, or more. You can average $29 a month for gas by not using any. :) We leave it parked in storage except for when we are in Texas for the winters. If you think $29 is impressive wait till my year end report. We won't pick the car up again until November so that average is going to drop by nearly half again. If you think about it, a monthly average over six months smooths out the highs and lows. One real high month of diesel usage is balanced out by months when the truck is parked and we drive a small car. Judging by the number of hits the budget has gotten a lot of people are looking but there aren't many comments - so I'm glad for this one - it shows that someone cared enough (even if it was to need clarification) to ask a question. So thanks for commenting!
nazpaz 07/02/14 10:27am Full-time RVing
RE: Our startup costs for full timing

For those who care about such things my 2014 mid-year expense sheet is now posted. Not surprisingly, the numbers are tracking pretty much with last year.
nazpaz 07/01/14 01:55pm Full-time RVing
RE: Planning trips

I don't think there's a right or wrong way to do it, but I'm a planner. To me it's part of the fun of being a touring fulltimer. I wrote a blog outlining my approach. We're getting exited about putting our 2014 adventure into action in a week or so.
nazpaz 04/10/14 03:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Pullrite Superglide Hitch Problem?

Mine likes to be a little low, but not too much. There's a spot where it hits something resulting on a solid sounding thump. If I hear that I know I have to pull up and change the height of the 5ver, usually I move it down an inch or so and I'm fine. I have yet to understand what is happening to cause the thump - but once I hear it I know that I need to adjust the height a bit.
nazpaz 04/10/14 08:34am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Creekwood Farms or Pride RV Parks, Waynesville, NC

Last summer I wrote a review and posted several photos of Pride. Bottom line was that it's a mixed bag for us. Noisy, but comfortable enough and in a beautiful area.
nazpaz 03/31/14 08:02am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: full timing

I've recently posted a blog about how to use other people's fulltiming budgets. It might be helpful to you.
nazpaz 03/25/14 09:35am Full-time RVing
RE: Dish Network - No Network feeds after 2/25/2014

Your location is never transmitted back to Dish from the receiver, no matter what is connected or turned on or not. You must personally contact Dish customer service via phone or chat to change your location to receive the local channels for that area. Dish just needs a valid address within the spot beam pattern to tell your receiver what channels it can receive. It doesn't even need to be your specific address, as long as it's within the pattern where you're located. The "locked on" requirement is so your receiver can receive the updated data it needs to allow you to see the channels in your program guide and select them for viewing. Just for fun, let me add to it: your receiver has an address, like a phone number. Dish's satellite sends a signal to that address. It says, "Here's a message for receiver BR-549 - stop letting this fellow watch Valley Locals and start letting him watch Corpus locals instead." Remember, your dish and receiver are already seeing lots of channels it isn't letting you watch - like maybe HBO or Spanish language programming that you aren't paying for. If you call Dish and say, "I want to add Spanish language programming" they will charge you and the satellite will send a message to BR-549 authorizing it to let you start watching those channels. Or something like that.
nazpaz 03/14/14 06:53pm Technology Corner
RE: Winegard Carryout

I ended up replacing the plug with a two prong connector. I just took an old sponge and stuffed it into the hole where the plug is. Poor design for sure.
nazpaz 03/14/14 05:19pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Dish Network - No Network feeds after 2/25/2014

Thank you for that info. We haven't had this VIP211k/Tailgater combo long enough to understand what is happening as we move. I do not understand all this 'package', 'locals', and spot beam lingo. Why should I? My friend, you don't need to understand any of it. When you move, at some point you will turn on your TV, try to go to a local channel, and get a message that it isn't available. When you get that message you can call Dish and tell them you have relocated and they will ask you for your current location and they will handle it from there. You don't need to know anything about spot beams, etc. for that process to work. Good luck and enjoy your travels (and your TV!) :)
nazpaz 03/13/14 09:12am Technology Corner
RE: Dish Network - No Network feeds after 2/25/2014

The Valley and Corpus Locals are on the same spot beam. Your receiver is programmed by the satellite to let you receive the stations in your package. If Dish shows your last known locals to be Valley locals that's what you'll see when you move to Corpus and on up the coast almost to Houston. At that time you'll move out of that spot beam and not have any locals until you call them and tell them you are an RVer and have moved and need your locals updated. OR When you get to Corpus you can call and tell them you've moved and they will send a signal from the satellite to your receiver telling it to no longer let you see the Valley locals and to now start seeing Corpus locals. It's easy to do and it only takes a few minutes. I generally have to reboot my receiver (unplugged for a few seconds) before it will properly update the program guide to show the new programming. By the way, the Houston spot beam reaches to the Corpus vicinity. We're in Rockport and we've been on Houston locals in three different locations - from north of Houston all the way down to Rockport. I haven't had to call and change. Probably won't until we move completely out of the area in a few weeks.
nazpaz 03/12/14 09:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Ford 6.4 diesel?

Here's an article on that motor from Diesel Power Magazine. Their bottom line is that, while there are some things to watch out for, there's nothing to run from.
nazpaz 03/10/14 08:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Dish Network - No Network feeds after 2/25/2014

I've thought all along that the DNS service was just another way for someone to make money. It's quick and painless to update your locals on Dish Network. Using the "Season Pass" feature on the DVR you can set up for recording new episodes of programs no matter what channel they are on. I'm sorry for folks who like getting only east or west coast locals, but on a scale of 1 to 10 I'd say this service going away ranks a 2 or 3 at best - and it may even force some folks to save some money in spite of themselves.
nazpaz 02/17/14 02:51pm Technology Corner
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