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RE: Air Admittance Valve

Interesting thing, I just checked the link from my post above, and apparently it's only approved for RV's and not actual homes. Maybe that's why these things fail so much, they're really cheap.
opnspaces 10/21/15 09:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Air Admittance Valve

You could possibly plumb into an existing vent, but I would think the manufacturer would have done that if it was easy. Of course it might just be as simple as they didn't want to spend the additional two dollars to do it right in the first place. Is that your actual valve in your post, or just one off the internet? It seems like most posts about the AAV on here are about the ones from Home Depot or Lowes. Link
opnspaces 10/21/15 09:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Power converter on a coachmen

I'm not sure on a trailer that old if things should come on automatically. My 1986 popup has a switch on the converter that I have to flip to get battery power in the coach. I would unplug the shore power cord so I was safe. Then I would go read battery voltage at the battery with a meter. Then go into the trailer and disassemble the front of the converter\charger until I saw the wires coming into the DC fuses. Then use the meter to see if I can find battery voltage on the thick wires that feed the 12v fuses. If you have power there then the wiring is good back to the converter\charger panel and the panel itself is suspect. If you can't find power at the converter\charger panel then you need to find the fuse or circuit breaker out on the tongue that is interrupting the current. It probably wouldn't hurt to check and clean up where the battery negative cable connects to the frame.
opnspaces 10/18/15 11:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: The Right Battery

If you are always plugged into 120v power at a campground you just need any of the 12v batteries at Walmart. You do not need a deep cycle. In the scenario you described the battery is only there to apply the emergency brakes if the trailer comes disconnected, and maybe to keep the refrigerator running while you are towing. In this case any 12v automotive battery will work for this.
opnspaces 10/18/15 06:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Probably dumbest question ever

Sounds like you're close to a workable solution. But heed Westends last post. You need 120v AC to power your trailer. If you manage to plug your trailer into that 220 V outlet in the garage it will instantly fry the microwave, air conditioning, the refrigerator and possibly the converter. Many people on this forum have done the same and they report multiple thousands of dollars in repair costs after making this mistake. Get an electrician and tell them you need 120V AC that you can plug the trailer into. As far as the sewer, see if you can find a sewer cleanout plug outside of the house. If you are lucky it will be near where you want to park the trailer. If you're really lucky it will be within 20 feet and have a 3 inch threaded cap. Either way if you can find the cleanout you can use a macerator pump to drain the tanks into the cleanout and not have to even go in the house with the hose. pump kit With a macerator and a 3/4 inch garden hose you can empty the tanks into a sewer cleanout 100 feet away and even uphill. It's a bit slower than the 3 inch slinky hose, but it will get the job done.
opnspaces 10/18/15 12:23am Travel Trailers
RE: Anderson Levelers

This month's Trailer Life showed Blaylocks new all aluminum version of what looks like the Andersons product. Looks like they took their lift jack and added a second small wedge. Believe they claimed 6" of lift. Interesting, I might consider the aluminum ones over the plastic ones. Blaylock EZ Jack 100
opnspaces 10/14/15 08:53am Folding Trailers
RE: Electric Brakes.. Wheel/Drum move back and forth

I would say the movement is normal. The shoes are only attached at the top, so when applied the bottom of the shoes swings forward or back to wedge into the drum surface.
opnspaces 10/13/15 10:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Do you turn off the overdrive?

I would say your owners manual is the best source of information. But with almost 200,000 on my Suburban I always turn off overdrive when towing even though the manual says I don't have to.
opnspaces 10/12/15 11:39pm Folding Trailers
RE: Replace Floor in Play-Mor 2001 - Model 2350

There are two reasons for a soft floor. By far the most common on this forum is a water leak. the other type is a floor that's a laminate of thin plywood with some styrofoam in the center. It sounds to me like you have the laminate that wears out from foot traffic and not from water intrusion. To me that it a positive as the only damage is probably where you're feeling it. If you have the second damage I would cut the soft foam out carefully down to the steel joists. Then build up something with a sheet of 3/4 inch ply on the top that is level with the existing floor. Then lay the vinyl back down and go camping. If however you have rot, then all you an do is keep disassembling until you find good wood and then rebuild from there. Good luck with it, and if you can post a picture or two it might help us give more targeted advice.
opnspaces 10/09/15 09:39pm Travel Trailers
RE: Construction Site Speed Monitors

I've noticed the signs reporting 5mph too high around my city, I also wonder if it's a way to try to further slow people down.
opnspaces 10/05/15 03:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trailer with 3 bedrooms

With all due respect, the segregation sure doesn't sound like a fun camping experience. Our kids would be out in their big tent listening to the raindrops while playing games. Korbe, that was my first thought also. But I also know that my nephews seem to always get into tiffs. If I'm at their house in the morning with one kid awake, it's peaceful. But as soon as the second wakes the competing and bickering and sometimes fighting starts.
opnspaces 10/05/15 03:07pm Beginning RVing
RE: Looking for part (and it's real name)

Maybe a salvage yard, I imagine shipping would be prohibitive from Colorado, but there is probably one closer to you. Link
opnspaces 10/05/15 10:20am Travel Trailers
RE: Broken window Jayco 27 BH

Thanks WyoTraveller and CampingN.C., it's supposed to be windy so I don't think I'll make a giant awning on the side, but I like the plastic idea so I'm probably going to incorporate at least some of it. Gryphonguy, Thanks very much for measuring your windows for me, This will allow me to cut the sheet of wood at home and then head out to storage rather than hauling a bunch of tools with me. I'll post a picture or two when done. Thanks again
opnspaces 10/03/15 08:45am Travel Trailers
Broken window Jayco 27 BH

My drivers side front emergency exit window got broken last week. The window frame is in the glass shop getting repaired and won't be ready until Wednesday. The problem is it's now supposed to rain on Sunday and I'd like to go get it boarded up. But the trailer is 30 minutes away in storage and I have limited time tomorrow to fix it. This is where I hope that you all can come in. Does anybody know the size of this broken window so I can cut a piece of plywood before I drive up to the storage yard? I imagine it's a fairly common window where you flip a handle at the bottom and push out to open the window. I'm hoping that one of you has access to their trailer and can measure the length and width of the opening. The window is on my 2005 Jayco 27BH, but I believe it's a fairly common window. Thanks. http://i1213.photobucket.com/albums/cc469/Temporal6/Random%20pictures/broken%20window.jpg height=600
opnspaces 10/03/15 12:03am Travel Trailers
RE: Brake wiring question

The brake wiring could be inside the axle tube, or the wiring could be cut like you're suspecting. An easy test would be to hitch the trailer up and connect the umbilical. Then have someone slide the manual brake lever to full brakes. Put your ear by the suspect hub and see if you hear a hum from the brake magnet. If you hear the hum the wiring is hooked up, if you don't hear anything then you'll have to pull the wheel and hub.
opnspaces 09/30/15 05:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Wide Stance Equa-Flexes are here

Right or wrong, when I did mine I left the trailer hooked to the tow vehicle and chocked the tow vehicle wheels well. This prevented any possible tongue jack failure or the trailer shifting around. I had to borrow my neighbors floor jack as mine was too short. My jack stands were too short also so I laid down some 4 x 4 lumber flat on the ground and placed the jack stands on top of the lumber.I figured this was safer than trying to balance a spacer between the stand and the frame. I also only jacked one side at a time, I didn't try to lift the entire trailer into the air.
opnspaces 09/30/15 04:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Where to attach the Breakaway Cable

If the chain breaks, the cable stays with the frame. I would think that if the chain breaks, then most caribeners are also going to break. Not sure what could ever cause the chains to break other then a violent wreck? The break away cable is in case the receiver comes of the ball for whatever reason. The cable is designed to disengage if the truck pulls it out of the trailer which only happens if bad things go down. The chains should still be connected and crossed so the tongue jack doesn't hit the ground Exactly - I think people are getting too worried about an event that is extremely unlikely to happen, and if it does, you have bigger problems if your chain breaks or your whole hitch falls off the TV. I still question the practicality of an emergency brake, because if it engages and locks up the TT tires, I think you are in a situation where you will lose the TT anyway, and it will likely be unsalvagable. I have yet to hear or see evidence that someone has actually been through an emergency brake situation. Towing accidents are usually caused by a flat tire or out of control sway. I'm think the point of the emergency brakes are twofold. First is if the hitch fails but the chains are holding you're going to be dragging a big anchor behind you. It's not going to be pretty, and things are going to get damaged, but hopefully you can get to the shoulder and save everything. The second purpose is that if there is a catastrophic failure of the hitch, the trailer just transformed into a many thousand pounds unguided missile that is free to travel across the highway and injure or kill an unsuspecting family. For me personally the second reason is why I made an effort to make sure that the cable is attached to the tow vehicle frame and not any part of the hitch.
opnspaces 09/30/15 01:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Where to attach the Breakaway Cable

I put a clip in a hole in my Suburban frame and clip the cable there. No I don't believe my entire hitch will ever fall off, but if it does the cable will still be attached to the vehicle and actuate the brakes.
opnspaces 09/29/15 10:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Solar panel height off roof

opnspaces 09/28/15 03:24pm Tech Issues
RE: I gots the rot...

If the only caulk that you are removing is the same as your first picture then it's not silicone. If you're not going to repair the wood then just peel the caulk back until you get to where it's stuck to the roof, Then lay a new bead down a little wider than the original and call it a day. I would just go right over the old bits that are still stuck as they aren't causing any problems.
opnspaces 09/27/15 12:30pm Travel Trailers
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