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RE: Road Trip Review

Thanks for the trip report, glad everything went well for you. Hopefully one day I'll be able to get out of the daily grind and take a long trip. Until that time though I can only read other peoples reports with envy. :)
opnspaces 10/02/14 08:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Harbor Freight Battery Maintainer Mod

Thanks, I'll pick up a few of the cheap Radio Shack diodes. I'm usually pretty thrifty but I guess I can spare $1.50 each for an experiment. My guess though is that as you say it will drop the charge voltage too low. But hey it's something fun to try and the parts are cheap, so why not? :)
opnspaces 10/01/14 10:29pm Tech Issues
RE: problems with satinizing the water system.

I would remove any water filter and then put bleach solution in everything including the water heater. 7/8 is usually the same socket size as 22mm. 24 mm is approximately 1 inch. You might have the wrong drain plugs if they don't thread in. I install my Atwood drain plug finger tight. Grab it with an old rag if needed to turn extra tight (with your fingers). I haven't had a problem with mine in 9 years.
opnspaces 10/01/14 10:22pm Tech Issues
RE: 4X4X4 4 pole wiring plug

Sounds like you need something like this. or this. What is the make/model of the vehicle? I'll bet Hopkins or Curt make a direct plugin version of the ones I linked above.
opnspaces 10/01/14 09:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: Harbor Freight Battery Maintainer Mod

I've got around 5-6 of those maintainers floating around my garage and I've also been bothered by the LED being on when power was disconnected. I figured it could use a diode, but not being sure which diode to get I just left it alone. After this thread though I figure I can do it too. I looked online for 1A Schotky diodes and I see them in 30 and 40V ranges which seems like it would be too high. Could someone on here give me a lead to a description and maybe a part number that I can pick up a diode? Or can I just go to my local Radio Shack and pick up any 1A diode from their parts drawers? Thanks.
opnspaces 10/01/14 12:21am Tech Issues
RE: Hail! Trailer is a write off

Howie, do you know that you can't insure it or that your current insurer said they won't insure it. It might be worth a few phone calls to find out. Call your current adjuster and ask them if the $12,000 gives you a salvage title. If so will they insure it for anything at all? Then depending on the answers call a few insurance companies and say you have a salvage trailer (or not depending on your adjuster) and will they insure it.
opnspaces 09/30/14 04:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fixing or Replacing the underside panel

The coroplast comes from many places like sign shops, plastic warehouses online, and home improvement centers. Manufacturer Home Depot I don't know what they are using for tape, but there might be something on the manufacturer website.
opnspaces 09/30/14 02:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hail! Trailer is a write off

I'd be on that 12,000 without a hesitation. At that point you have a $4,000 trailer that looks and performs like a $16,000 trailer.
opnspaces 09/30/14 01:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Gray Water Question

yep that's it. here's the same one at Home Depot. link
opnspaces 09/30/14 11:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Water heater by pass question

If it's a missing handle the shaft that is sticking down would have a threaded hole in the center. Try removing the handle form a different valve and see if it can slide on and turn the part in question.
opnspaces 09/30/14 11:41am Travel Trailers
RE: Battery and Power Problems

Man you guys are great. Thanks for all your help. I now have several things to try. Two quick questions, my new battery could be hooked up wrong, as memory serves me there is a white and a red (faded pink) wire and I probably have the pink as positive. Also, if the battery is hooked up backwards would the tongue jack still work? Thanks, Rick I had to edit my original post (thanks for spotting the error westend) as others have stated, your red wire should be positive and the white wire ground.
opnspaces 09/30/14 11:36am Travel Trailers
RE: Battery and Power Problems

I would say 1 of two things. 1) Your battery might be wired incorrectly. Most trailers the white wire is negative. The red or black wire is usually positive. I would grab each wire at the battery and hand trace it until it either goes to the frame, or into a junction box. 2) You have a blown fuse or circuit breaker. Follow the positive battery wire from the battery post until it goes into the trailer. Somewhere on that wire is either a circuit breaker or a fuse holder. If it's a fuse holder, try swapping in a known good fuse like the one for the tongue jack to see if anything changes. If it's a circuit breaker try wiring around it or look for a very small reset button. Last thing is to open the fuse panel in the trailer and check the two big 40 amp reverse polarity fuses. It's possible that one of them is blown. In a pinch you can put in a smaller fuse like 25A and see if the lights come on. It's perfectly safe to put in a smaller fuse than designed, just don't put in a larger fuse. Do you happen to have a multimeter or 12 volt test light?
opnspaces 09/29/14 10:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Any Fridge Damage?

If it really was 2.24% I'm going to say no damage or at worst very limited damage. In my opinion you dodged a bullet on this one.
opnspaces 09/27/14 08:50am Travel Trailers
RE: Microwave buttons

Open the door? Just a guess.
opnspaces 09/22/14 05:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: HELP! Needed to know this yesterday

The primitive campground is in a gorgeous cove off the TN river with woods all the way around. It's really awesome. And therein lies the reason many of us go on batteries. Get me out of the FHU parking lot and into some scenic camping. You might find that it's not really that bad to camp on battery and even start doing it more. :)
opnspaces 09/20/14 05:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Brakes?

I'm going to go one better and say they all have brakes. You can always ask the seller long before you leave your house. If it's a manufactured travel trailer it will have brakes. If it's a converted cargo trailer it might not have brakes. Ask the seller if it has a 4pin flat electrical plug (no brakes) or a 7 blade round plug (probably has brakes) Some of the older popups that were really light did not have brakes.
opnspaces 09/20/14 08:58am Travel Trailers

Come to think of it I've also noticed some of my favorite campgrounds that used to be difficult to get into are now becoming available. I even saw one or two with availability the week before Labor Day weekend. Something is definitely changing, I'm just not sure if it's for the better.
opnspaces 09/18/14 11:57pm Folding Trailers
RE: Dry ice and Dometic fridge

Go ahead and use it, it's not going to explode your refrigerator. When you are exploding bottles that is because the lid is threaded on and can't come off to let the pressure out. Your refrigerator door is not screwed shut. If you have a REALLY good door seal the CO2 will build up and then push the door open ever so slightly to vent. Then the door will seal again and you will never be the wiser. It only takes a very small opening for the gas to escape. In reality though your door probably does not seal very well and the refrigerator will never pressurize in the first place.
opnspaces 09/18/14 11:04pm General RVing Issues

I've noticed it too. It seems like the general post count is down from what it was in the past. Yes it always slows down around this time of year, and by the time I start my camping this place will be really slow. Maybe it's weather related as this summer seemed hotter than last year where I live. Or maybe as we are supposedly out of the recession from a few years ago people who picked up camping as an affordable form of entertainment are going back to what they did before the recession hit. .
opnspaces 09/18/14 09:30pm Folding Trailers
RE: 50 ~ volts in door/doorframe, intermittently

I'm going to say it's your shore power end. When you had the failure and you unplugged and then plugged in, the problem went away. the plug connection is the only thing that changed at that point. What if the plug end has a loosening terminal. When you unplugged you pulled the plug body but the blades stay in the socket. As you pull harder a loose pin can attempt to stay behind and be pulled slightly out of the body from the friction on the pedestal slots. when you plug it back in the ground pin and blade get pushed more firmly into the plug body, resetting a loose connection. I would replace the plug end at least if not the whole cable. I just find it hard to believe that the actual cable is faulty, but maybe it's been damaged from pulling it out and pushing it back into the cord storage. Maybe turn on a bunch of lights or a 1,500 watt space heater. Hook up from the door to some wet ground. Then have someone watch the meter while you plug in and unplug from the pedestal. Also try plugging in firmly and with someone watching the meter start kinking the cord like you're trying to kink off the flow of a garden hose. If it's a problem with the plug or cord I think that should make it show up.
opnspaces 09/18/14 08:54pm Class C Motorhomes
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