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RE: Water heater scorched, flame out, re-ignites

Sounds like you have a spiderweb in your burner. As Old-Biscuit says take it apart and clean it out then reassemble. They really are pretty simple to work on. One caution. when you clean out the brass propane orifice, just do as Old-Biscuit says, soak and blow out with air.Do not run any wire through the orifice as it is a carefully calibrated opening.
opnspaces 05/05/16 12:29am Tech Issues
RE: Day 5

I'm loving the daily reports. It sounds like you're seeing a bit of rain. Did you guys ever consider buying some rain jackets? :B I don't think I've ever been in a storm like that with all the lightning. I know it's probably dangerous, but I think I'm going to have to add it to my very short just started right now bucket list.
opnspaces 05/03/16 11:17pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
Something humorous or silly that you've done camping

Sitting at work thinking about camping instead of working. I started thinking about some of the silly things I've done camping, so I figured it would be fun to see what others have done. One of mine. We were always tent and popup campers. Finally I bought my current trailer. On our maiden voyage I stopped at the local Walmart, parking well away from the store, to check the hitch (because I was a bit nervous). As I opened the drivers door to get back in the Suburban my son cries out that he needs to go pee. So I grab him from the car and we run across the parking lot while I'm picturing the layout of Walmart so we can go through the door closest to the bathrooms. After he's finished we walk back across the parking lot. I swear I was almost all the way back to the Suburban before I noticed the shiny new travel trailer with a fully functional bathroom hitched up to it and my wife standing there with a quizzical look on her face. :B
opnspaces 05/03/16 01:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Things I don't understand

Kids like to make toilet paper torches on their hands when going to the bathroom lol. So I always tell them the trailer bathroom is for emergencies and night time. What is a toilet paper torch that you can make on your hands? I Googled but I'm not sure what I'm finding matches what a kid would be doing in the bathroom.
opnspaces 05/03/16 01:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: First Time Going Dry Camping (Need Battery to work)

If you are getting 12.35 immediately when disconnected and the 12 volt accessories not working then you most likely have a circuit breaker or disconnect switch not working. With the trailer still plugged in check the battery and see if you are getting in the 13 volt range. If not go check the fuses in the trailer. If they have the same reading as the battery then your charger is not working. However if the lights come on on shore power and the fuses read in the 13 volt range then you have a problem with power getting to the battery.
opnspaces 05/01/16 09:48pm Beginning RVing
RE: Have you ever have this happen to you??

So now I'm assuming he used a gray fresh water hose and connected it to the dump. I'm assuming there is a potable spigot nearby and he didn't use it.
opnspaces 04/18/16 11:11pm Beginning RVing
RE: Please help with New Battery Purchase

looking at pictures on the internet it doesn't appear to have room for two batteries. If you have a Walmart close by you could always buy another battery storage box (no battery) and see if you can fit two boxes side by side. If so by two batteries and wire them up. If not then take the box back to Walmart and get a refund. As far as batteries my choices would be first choice 2 Six volt batteries (Costco 84 ea) Second 2 group 24 or 27 batteries from Walmart. These will be marine batteries and not a true deep cycle like the golf carts, but better than a starting battery. (80 - 100) 3rd a single group 24 or 27 battery. Again This will be a marine battery and not a true deep cycle like the golf carts, but better than a starting battery As far as capacities you are basically stuck on what they have on the shelf, but if you can find a reserve capacity then the more the better
opnspaces 04/18/16 10:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: DIY generator box for a honda 3000

Wait I read it again and I understand you used a long union nut to hold the ends of the two bolts. Something like this. Link
opnspaces 04/18/16 10:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: DIY generator box for a honda 3000

Awesome job, I bet it makes that already quiet generator even quieter. On question though. I don't understand the attachment of the wooden plug. Is there a bolt from the generator going down and a bolt from the bottom going up? Do the two bolts meet in the middle?
opnspaces 04/18/16 10:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Have you ever have this happen to you??

I don't see anything either. Are we looking at the door on top of the post? Or the tan object inside the compartment? If the object, what is it? It almost looks like a horn from a bighorn sheep
opnspaces 04/18/16 01:40pm Beginning RVing
RE: Single or double battery box

I use separate boxes on my trailer.
opnspaces 04/05/16 10:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Towing a vehicle on it's wheels

It kind of depends on the vehicle you are towing. the owners manual will tell you if you can tow it 4 wheels down or if you need a dolly or driveshaft disconnect.
opnspaces 04/05/16 10:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Blind spot sensor

Based on what Proxim states, you should be able to easily validate. Just put the towing mirrors with no trailer and go for a drive.
opnspaces 04/04/16 02:44pm Travel Trailers
RE: Emergency break-away switch

Two points, Disconnect your battery as it is draining it with the pin pulled. And do not plug the trailer into the tow vehicle or you might burn out the brake controller.
opnspaces 04/04/16 01:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Advice on my roof

The white is just a cosmetic coating as well as it reflects heat better than black. So on the positive side you're still good. But it will start to show more black. Since you already have the coating I would probably just put it on and be done with it.
opnspaces 03/30/16 08:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: Converter Humming, probable short

Thanks for all your responses. First of all, my converter is progressive dynamics PD4045KA. It still makes noise when the battery is disconnected. The battery did drain even when all the breakers were flipped off, so I was thinking that it may be one of the DC systems, but I am not too sure. As for the fan, its not what's making the noise, and it does move and twitch, but I have yet to see it turn on. As for the humming, it is something that has started recently. I bought it off the lot a couple of years ago and I would have definitely noticed it before. Would the fan issue drain the battery even if all the breakers are off? I think you have two problems, well maybe just one big problem. It sounds like your charger has failed or you have a blown fuse and are not charging the battery. The second issue is that the fan should spin or stop. If it's twitching and not spinning I think it has a problem and might be causing something to overheat and hum. Here's a few tests you can do, hopefully you have a meter of some kind to do some checking. For the dead battery: Unplug the shore power cord from the trailer so you are on battery only.If you have a meter set it on the DC scale and go take a reading of the battery by measuring across the terminals and remember or write down the voltage.If you look at the picture that RoyB posted you will see two green fuses separate from the other fuses. Those two fuses are your reverse polarity fuses to protect the electronics in case you inadvertently hook up the battery backwards.The thick red and black wires right next to those two fuses are the feed to the battery.Your board will look different but you will still see the large wires on the board that lead to the battery.With your meter put the positive (+) lead on the screw where the red wire connects to the board. Do the same with your negative (-) lead on the black wire and take a reading.Your reading should be withing approximately .1 volt from the previous battery reading.If you have voltage at the battery and no voltage at the board then you have a disconnect (blown fuse, tripped circuit breaker etc) between the battery and the board and your battery is not getting charged.However if you get the same reading between battery and board then your charge circuit is at least complete.Now look at your reverse polarity fuses. Notice that right next to the numbers on the fuses are two slots or holes in the plastic.With your meter put the negative lead on the negative (black) wire on the board and touch the positive lead to a little slot on the reverse polarity fuse.You should get battery voltage on all four slots (two per fuse).If any fuse has voltage on one slot and no voltage on the other slot, that fuse is open and needs to be replaced.Now plug in the shore power and using your meter measure the voltage on the wires on the board. You should see 13+ volts when on shore power.If you get 13+ at the board go check that the voltage at the battery is the same as you measured at the red and black wires on the board.If there is a difference of more than approximately .1 volt you have a resistance problem somewhere (probably out on the tongue)where there is a poor wire connection. if the voltages at both the battery and charger are 13+ volts, you probably have a bad battery. Have no meter, unplug the trailer shore power and grab a friend. Wait until it's dark outside. Stand in the trailer, turn on a light and stare at it. Have your friend plug in the shore power. The light should get brighter. :) As far as the humming noise: My guess is that you have a transformer humming or the fan is stuck. Does the hum reliably happen every time you plug into shore power? Can the fan wires be unplugged off the board? If so try unplugging the fan and see if the noise goes away. If you have a short (1 foot or so) piece of hose (garden hose, fuel line, radiator hose etc) you can make an inexpensive mechanics stethoscope. When the hum is occurring put one end of the hose in your ear. Place the other end of the hose near the fan and other components in the charger. The hose will allow you to isolate the component that is making the hum.
opnspaces 03/25/16 03:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: My research is running me in circles!

I went through much of the same thinking process when I bought my RV. I eventually wound up with a Suburban and a trailer for the following reasons. It has to meet federal safety standards and is crash tested.It is roll over tested.Only one engine or transmission vs a MH towing a car.I could leave the trailer at a campground and have the Suburban to go shopping or see the sights.If I had an engine or transmission problem on the road I could park/stay the trailer and almost every mechanic knows how to work on a Chevy. I think buses are cool, but it it would be an enormous amount of work, time, and money and in the end it will still look like a school bus.
opnspaces 03/23/16 10:22pm Beginning RVing
RE: Diamond plate replacement

Interesting thought on the repair. Here's a few thoughts I had after reading your post. My Jayco has a diamond plate section on the front and it is about the same thickness as the tin above it. In other words I would not go too thick on the patch piece, you're covering not bulletproofing. You could have the patch made to fit just inside of the open area and not go under the edge trim or piece above it. You are already sealed with the original panel, this panel is just cosmetic. But they you would have to use a lot of screws to hold the two panels together and that adds a lot of leak points. My neighbor had to replace a panel like you describe. He just measured and had a metal shop cut a replacement panel that slid up under the panel above it and under the corner pieces. I think it took him a day to repair it. in my opinion replacing the panel is the best way to do this. Good luck with it whichever way you choose to go.
opnspaces 03/21/16 10:25pm Tech Issues
RE: AC Issues

Thanks for the update, at least is was an easy fix. But then again if you had an icing problem the first thing we would have told you is to set the fan on high and leave it there. :) It's almost like you just can't win with these things. :)
opnspaces 03/21/16 06:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Battery Disconect Switch

Soundguy, Westend, thanks for the feedback on the wiring diagrams I uploaded. I modified them to more accurately reflect that the fuse or circuit breaker were the existing fuse or CB on the trailer.
opnspaces 03/19/16 10:33am Travel Trailers
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