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RE: Rivet and washers on Equalizer hitch

You can also loosen the side bolts and hook up the trailer. Then use the tongue jack to lift the tongue and take all play out of the rivets. At that point just reach under and tighten the bolt then torque the side bolts. sure the bolt alone will tighten them up, but I like to make sure they are absolutely tight.
opnspaces 06/25/15 01:45pm Travel Trailers
RE: Anybody using Micro Inverters on their solar?

As others have stated Micro inverters will not work. Micro inverters have to be hooked to the utility grid. When the grid goes down the the inverters shut down to protect the linemen working on restoring power. In fact I was just talking to the local building inspector last week for solar that I'm installing on my house. In San Diego you have to put warning stickers on the conduit coming down from the panels that warns that they are carrying solar power. I assume this is to protect the electrician that flips the main breaker and assumes that all lines are dead in the house when in fact the solar is back feeding power through the breaker panel. The inspector said I do not need the warning stickers if using micro inverters because when the main cuts the power the inverters all shut off too.
opnspaces 06/25/15 01:00am Tech Issues
RE: Stabilizer jack nut missing

What's left on the jack? Is it just a threaded rod?
opnspaces 06/24/15 10:57pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trip to Julian

That's a tough one as there is no real direct route. Would you be comfortable pulling the trailer up the 74 out of palm desert? I'm guessing not so you're kind of stuck going around north. But if you don't mind the 74 then 74 to 371 to 79 South Take 79 south to Santa Ysabel then turn left (north) onto 78 to Julian. To avoid the tight turns on the 74. 10 west to 215/15 South to Temecula. Take the 79 South out of Temecula through Warner Springs until it ends at Santa Ysabel. Turn left (north) onto 78 to Julian. The other straight route with a big climb is to go down to I8 west. Take the S1 North (Sunrise Highway) until hwy 79 north to Julian. Of the three choices I would say the route down the 10 through Warner Springs has the least amount of mountain driving. I pull my trailer in that area and the 78/79 is the way that most of the RVers go to Borrego which is on the other side of Julian from San Diego.
opnspaces 06/23/15 02:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: How to test camper is charging batteries on shore power

It's been answered but I'm going to answer again anyway. :p measure the battery voltage with your VOM. Then plug it in and measure it again.
opnspaces 06/20/15 11:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cracked AC plastic cover

I think it was popup gizmos that sold a shroud brace. But I just looked and it's not on their website. A quick Google search will pull up some pictures though so you can see how easy they are to make.
opnspaces 06/20/15 12:47am Tech Issues
RE: Nothing works?

No, I don't have a meter, so my niece and her husband have left towing the trailer heading to Alburqurque. They have a family member who works on RV's Thanks everyone for your quick replays. I will let him know what to check. Cerritos to Albuquerque? That's quite a gas bill to trouble a battery issue.
opnspaces 06/18/15 08:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Travel Trailer AC Weak ~ Heartland Wilderness ~ Any others?

"If the temperature in side your coach is 100 degrees when you turn on the air conditioner, it will only put out 80 degrees. Eventually the air inside the coach will cool, and as it cools, the air put out by the air conditioner will cool also. However, when starting out at 100 degrees, this cooling could take several hours before it reaches your desired temperature. Therefore, if you know the weather will be hot, turn your air conditioner on early.". We've read a lot about the quality of Jayco's. Maybe we need to find one and look at it and see how the AC cools in another model. ! No that 20 degree difference is the same whether you're looking at a RV air conditioner or a house air conditioner. It's just the physics of how air conditioning works. I think it's good though that Heartland is trying to explain it and maybe head off dissatisfaction about a problem that they have no control over. Here's what it is saying. the AC can only cool 20 degrees colder than the air it's cooling. Imagine it's a 100 degree day when you go to your trailer in storage. Since the trailer has been soaking up the heat all day it's also 100 degrees inside the trailer. So you turn on the air conditioner. Inside air at 100 degrees goes into the AC, air at 80 degrees comes out of the AC. After a while the 80 degree air coming out of the AC cools the trailer to 95 degrees. So now inside air at 95 degrees goes into the AC and 75 degree air comes out of the AC. That cycle repeats cooling the trailer until the desired temperature is reached and the thermostat shuts off the AC. While it sounds simple, there is a problem with this. Unfortunately our trailers are not well sealed nor are they well insulated. So while your AC is working hard with the 20 degree difference that physics allow, the trailer is leaking in 100 degree heat from the outside. If the heat coming onto the trailer through leaks, through the windows and through the insulation is greater than the AC's ability to cool the trailer then it just won't cool down. Another way to look at it is it works the same as your home refrigerator. Your refrigerator is well sealed and insulated so it maintains the cold. But if you were to simulate a trailer with AC and open the door multiple times, or crack the refrigerator door open, it would heat up inside. There is nothing wrong the the refrigerator, it's just that you didn't close the door so the cold is getting out and the heat is getting in. Your trailer is the same as the refrigerator and that is why people are saying they cover windows,finding and plugging leaks, leaving the door closed, closing vents, parking in the shade etc. That's the best that we can do with the leaky poorly insulated boxes (travel trailer) that the manufacturers sell us. So back to Heartland. Yes it is possible that the Heartland is not sealed as well as other models. But I can tell you that my Jayco doesn't cool very well either. I will say though that I have 4 very active kids in that trailer so there are six bodies adding heat and the door is being opened and closed all the time. I think ultimately it's an odds game. All trailers are mass produced and some of those are produced poorly. So if a manufacturer builds 5 trailers a day, two of those trailers (first built and built of the day) are possibly assembled with less care than the ones in the middle. So when you buy a trailer you might get one that is sealed better than another. You just won't know until you buy it and try it.
opnspaces 06/18/15 01:51pm Travel Trailers
RE: New Refrigerator cooling fan.

Solar powered vent fans. Link panel and fan only
opnspaces 06/18/15 12:06am Tech Issues
RE: Honda Generator Cable Question

You need a retractable sheath banana plug. Amazon
opnspaces 06/17/15 11:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Travel Trailer AC Weak ~ Heartland Wilderness ~ Any others?

I don't know about Heartland, but my Jayco AC is also weak.
opnspaces 06/17/15 07:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Need mod to do.

A toilet spray kit to remove skid marks. I built one with a sprayer and hose from Home Depot for about $10. Here one of many threads about it. sprayer
opnspaces 06/17/15 12:24am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Honda Generator Cable Question

I don't believe there is a difference. sounds like yours plugs into both generators except one side also bolts onto a generator. Can you just replace the banana plugs on the loose wires and be back in business. If not you will have to buy the kit and throw your old one away. Some links and pictures would help us understand what you are faced with.
opnspaces 06/16/15 10:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trailer shocked me...HARD!

I just got back from picking up a receptacle tester. Plugged into the house and all outlets in the trailer were wired correctly. Personally I would perform one more very simple and fast test. Grab the 30 amp plug from your trailer and pull, wiggle, and push on the ground pin. Make sure it's not loose in the end of the plug. I remember a post where somebody had a loose ground pin. It would usually make good contact because it was pushed in when plugging into the outlet. But if the cord was disturbed it would allow the pin to pull out slightly and break the ground.
opnspaces 06/16/15 02:10pm Tech Issues
RE: backward water pump leak

I would guess it's not a problem. I don't know what happened, but it sounds like somehow the campground water forced the pump to stop in a position where water could bypass back to the tank. It's not supposed to do that, but I wouldn't worry about it unless the pump starts acting up.
opnspaces 06/15/15 09:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Buckling Front

Are you talking about the floor in the front, or one of the walls in the front? If it's the floor and it's not a high traffic area you're probably going to have to peel back the floor covering and look underneath.
opnspaces 06/15/15 05:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Broken pin in TT front jack

I second the hardware store. Take the broken pieces and head to Lowes, Home Depot or Ace. They will have drawers of specialty nuts, bolts, t-nuts, plastic bolts, and pins. just find the one that looks closest and you should be good to go.
opnspaces 06/15/15 02:56pm Tech Issues
RE: Refer Fire Extinguisher??

I have seen posts and pictures of installs. But I don't recall a post about one going off and saving the coach.
opnspaces 06/15/15 02:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: leaving for 2 months??

I've never had to do it, but I've read on here of a few different ways. One is to pay the neighbors kid a small fee to come in once a week or two and flush all the toilets and run the water in the sinks and tub for about 5 seconds each. Other people pour a little mineral oil down all the traps to keep them from drying out. Others do the oil and also stretch saran wrap across the toilet bowl. Just don't forget to remove the wrap when you get home. That's all the tips I remember.
opnspaces 06/14/15 11:21pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV Propane outside quick connect

I agree with westend on this. You might try getting a barbeque pressure regulator to put between the quick connect and the grill. If you adapt that to a quick connect as well you can remove it as needed.
opnspaces 06/10/15 12:55pm Travel Trailers
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