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RE: 260 ft lbs of torque? Really?

This is great advice as I just assembled my WDH last weekend, and discovered my torque wrench also only goes to 150lb/ft. I have a question about the pin at the bottom - I forget what it is called but it's like a keeper bolt underneath and it has a square head. It's supposed to be torqued to 50lb/ft but for even with my full complement of standard and metric sockets I couldn't find one that would work. How do you torque these square headed bolts? Maybe an adjustable wrench and pipe plus a scale is the only way? You need an 8 point socket. They used to sell them at Sears, probably still do. I believe it's a 5/8 inch 8 point socket. Edit to add some links. Amazon link Matco link
opnspaces 07/22/14 10:27am Travel Trailers
RE: Horrible tire wear in 2 years

Definitely call the manufacturer. Also read this post by emmysdad. Link
opnspaces 07/22/14 10:16am Travel Trailers
RE: Senior Moments

4x4Bob, I can picture it now. You rolling down the road wondering how long it will take to charge up the battery when your DW starts saying she needs to stop to use the bathroom. "We'll stop in a few minutes honey" as you wonder if it will start again if you shut it off. :B My only memorable moment was I took the kids to a local beach for the day. At this beach as you pay for parking they hand you a flyer that warns they have a high theft rate and to make sure you lock you vehicle and put away all belongings. We park the van and go enjoy the day at the beach. Upon return to the parking lot there sits our van with all the doors physically locked, but the drivers side sliding door was left wide open. :S As far as I could tell there was nothing missing, so the crooks must have hopefully been taking the day off. :)
opnspaces 07/21/14 03:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Generator Help - need to buy in next week...

Our camper has a 4'x8' deck that you can put a full sized ATV on. We use it for storage as we are using an SUV to tow and need that deck space for bicycles, firewood, lawn chairs, etc. 1. Where the heck would we mount our second battery? We are just switching them when one is dead. Nice looking trailer, I like the big deck on the front. As far as mounting a second battery, I see that the one battery is sunken down into the a-frame so there's not much room for anything there. I can think of a few options depending on how fancy you want to get. First, it looks like there is a flat area just behind the existing battery. Is it possible to mount a second battery there, or is that part of the lift system? A second battery could be mounted on the deck right up against the trailer battery to reduce tongue weight. For what you will be using this battery for you could easily get by with 10 gauge wire between the batteries. Or the simplest solution of all; Set the battery on the deck, or on the ground under the tongue of the trailer. Then run a set of standard automotive jump start cables between the two batteries (positive to positive, and negative to negative) and you have just added a second battery. When it's time to pack up just unhook the jumper cables and store the second battery like you have already been doing.
opnspaces 07/21/14 02:45pm General RVing Issues
RE: Newbies from Corpus Christi, TX

One other thing that was touched on but not specifically spelled out. You need to be able to plug the trailer into a power outlet like at home in order for the AC to work. It will not work on the battery power of the trailer. So if you're camping in normal tenting spots or on the beach your air conditioner will not work. To have air conditioner work you will need to either be at a campground that offers electrical hookup, or you will need top also purchase a generator to carry with you to power the AC.
opnspaces 07/21/14 01:05pm Folding Trailers
RE: TT vs 5th wheel

Jayco Eagle TT's have an interior height of 84" (7ft). I imagine though that they are a bit more expensive than a standard Jayco. You can probably rule out any "lite" trailer. They are narrower and lower than a standard trailer to save weight. A 35' 5'er has 280sqft A 35' TT has 256sqft because you can't count the tongue length. All trailers are measured from pin/ball to bumper. Not sure what's your saying about TT's. My Jayco 27BH is 29'1" from ball to bumper. But that obviously has nothing to do with the interior room.
opnspaces 07/19/14 03:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: Toilet filling with water by itself!

A few theories. What if your campground neighbor or the groundskeeper is turning your water an and off while you're gone? the pressure in the lines would bleed off as it leaks into the toilet. You have a leak at the spigot that is smaller than the leak into the toilet. So the spigot leaks but the system never pressurizes as the toilet valve leaks faster. Here's a couple of suggestions. Fix the toilet fill valve. Disconnect the water hose after turning off the spigot. Or you could buy a garden hose Y adapter at Home Depot or Lowes to screw onto the spigot before the hose. Then when you go home turn off the spigot, turn off the valve on the Y adapter that goes to the trailer. Open the other side of the Y adapter so that any leaks can spill onto the ground. Notify management to keep an eye out for a mud puddle under the adapter so they can fix the spigot leak before you get back the next weekend.
opnspaces 07/19/14 09:51am Tech Issues
RE: 1977 dodge sportman

so what can a 3000 watt inverter can run in this camper? Unfortunately I have to answer your question with more questions. How many batteries does your RV have? Where are the batteries located? Are they 6 volt or 12 volt. If not sure you can tell by looking at the water fill holes. 3 holes = 6 volt, 6 holes = 12 volts. A 300 watt inverter will run a fan. Note that's 300 not 3,000. :)
opnspaces 07/18/14 11:44pm Beginning RVing
RE: Material question - fabric under trailer

Sorry to hear this, from what I've seen on this forum over the years I hope my RV never springs a leak.
opnspaces 07/18/14 04:12pm Beginning RVing
RE: 1977 dodge sportman

a 3,000 watt inverter will run most household items. The problem is that the inverter can only provide electricity as long as the battery that is feeding it holds up. Below are two hypothetical answers to help in understanding the inverter capabilities. These are not actual tested figures, but they are close enough to real life to be relevant. support my Almost any inverter can run a cell phone/smart phone charger, or a laptop computer for many hours on a single 12 volt automotive battery. An inverter large enough to run a household microwave or your rooftop AC will drain a single 12 volt battery in a few minutes. If you really want to run household appliances your best bet is going to be to get a small generator. But watch out for the open frame contractor style generators like you can buy at Home Depot. Open frame generators are extremely loud. A small 1,000 watt generator would be good to keep the Sportsman batteries charged. A 2,000 watt generator will run mot everything in an RV except the AC. A 3,000 watt generator will run everything including the AC.
opnspaces 07/18/14 04:10pm Beginning RVing
RE: Old brakes, Old trailer

I would start with adjusting the brakes again. I've adjusted mine before and they loosened up after a few miles. In reality I imagine the brakes seated into their normal running position. I never had to adjust a third time though. Next I would go with the star wiring. Mine is still the factory wiring, but some day I will convert to star as it just seems like it would be better. Also you mentioned leading with the trailer brakes and a Prodigy controller. Are you using the manual lever to lead with the trailer brakes or cranking up the boost. If using the lever, try maxing the boost and you might not have to touch the lever again. If you are getting an intermittent NC reading I would check your ground. You should have a dedicated ground wire from the trailer back to the tow vehicle. Do not rely on aground through just the trailer ball. True story, I had a motorcycle trailer with a 4 blade flat wire connector, but the ground wire was not connected to the plug. I pulled the trailer that way for years (teenager) without a known problem. Then one day I was turning a corner at dusk and the trailer hopped a bit through the gutter and I saw the lights all go out and come back on. It took me a second to realize that the coupler had enough slop that as the trailer bounced, the coupler lifted slightly off the ball breaking the ground connection. I added the ground wire to the plug and the problem never occurred again. to sum my suggestions up: Set Prodigy to boost level 3. (manual is online or call them for one) Increase gain on Prodigy. Adjust brakes again. Check, repair, or replace all brake and coupler grounds. Rewire in star pattern and include grounds into this rewire.
opnspaces 07/17/14 09:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Toilets and Slosh Valve

Thor confirms there is a line in the top of the tank where water will slosh out. They say you can install a duck bill valve to stop the water loss but state you should not travel with the tank full. Easy for them to say but hard to do when you need all the water you can get when off the grid. To clarify toilet needs Dominic 320 will work but seeking other options. Just don't want Johnson laying on the bowl I'm confused and must be missing something. RV toilets do not have a tank, they only have a bowl. Are you losing water out of the toilet bowl? Or are you losing water out of your fresh water tank, into the toilet bowl, and then out the vent/overflow. If out of the bowl; on the last toilet use before hitting the road only fill the bowl about 3/4 of an inch to cover the valve to stop odors. Next time you need to use the toilet just add water and go. It uses the same amount of water either way.
opnspaces 07/17/14 08:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: "Vintage" Reese Dual Cam WDH

I tried to use that link and my pictures don't seem to upload by either dragging & dropping or selecting??? Just curious if you are using a windows computer and if so what browser are you using: Internet explorer, firefox, chrome? When you drag a picture to the middle of the screen it should popup a window with a new address to copy and paste into your message. Could you be using a popup blocker that is preventing it?
opnspaces 07/17/14 08:11pm Towing
RE: load bar question

Check the washer gap with the trailer disconnected or at least with the weight distribution bars off. The gap will be gone once you tension up the bars. If the bars are snapped up and the washers are tight you can check it also. Get down on your knees and look under the bottom of the hitch head under the washers. There should be a single bolt there that holds the head tilted against the washers. Make sure this bolt is tight. Have you been adding things into the front storage of the trailer? Little things can add up pretty fast to change the tongue weight.
opnspaces 07/17/14 07:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: My stupid Question of the day

OP, I would probably just do the 12 months routine. To be truthful though I only do mine every few years. I found the Dexter axle FAQ's today and found a snippet about E-Z Lube and bearing inspections (I added the red for emphasis below). Dexter FAQ's E-Z LUBE - What is the E-Z Lube option? The E-Z Lube option was designed specifically for the marine application where the axles are constantly being immersed in water. This feature provides a convenient method for purging the water from the hub cavity without having to pull the hub every time. The hubs should be removed every 12 months or 12,000 miles to inspect the bearings and it is imperative to replace the seal at this time to assure that the grease does not leak out the back onto the brake linings rendering the brakes non-functional.
opnspaces 07/17/14 05:24pm Tech Issues
RE: What is this?

It's for dumping the fuel out of the tank to save weight on long uphills. :Z No idea it's interesting it looks like a fuel door release except for the slash through it as if to say NOT the fuel door release. :B
opnspaces 07/17/14 01:04pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New home

I come back from lunch, sit down in my cubicle and pull up RV.net for a few minutes. And THIS is what I'm greeted with!!!:M Man that's cruel. :B Honestly though I looked at the picture and actually said the word "nice" under my breath as I was looking at it. Man I need to go camping.:D
opnspaces 07/17/14 12:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Pioneer 19t4 TT water tank problem

I guess you could also install a screw out deck plate into the top of the tank near the outlet and see what's going on. Link
opnspaces 07/17/14 10:40am Travel Trailers
RE: Redecorating project finally finished!

Yes thank you.
opnspaces 07/16/14 10:55pm Folding Trailers
RE: Stolen TT - a word of advise

Another trick I do is pretty low-tech. Once the trailer is in place, I pull the license plate, put it in a plastic folder, and stick it in my truck. It isn't much, but if there are any observant peace officers, a trailer with no license plate will be obvious. Hey mlts you can make your low tech deterrent a bit better. Get one of the plastic license plates that the new car dealers put in the frame until the real plates come. Turn it over and write STOLEN on it in big bright red letters. Now every time you pull the plate to store in your truck, replace it with the stolen sign. That might get noticed faster than no plate at all. :)
opnspaces 07/16/14 01:33pm General RVing Issues
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