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RE: slotted/drilled brake rotors

I do not have them. I would guess that they make no difference unless you're racing down mountains towing a trailer with the brake controller disconnected. For a normal street vehicle they are not going to have any positive effect and most likely will have a slight negative effect as there is less surface area for the pads to grab. All that being said, in reality you probably won't notice one bit of a difference positive or negative except that your wallet will be a bit lighter.
opnspaces 04/11/15 10:35am Travel Trailers
RE: Best hitch for highwall toy hauler pup?

I would look at the receiver on your tow vehicle and see if there is a sticker stating the capacities of the hitch. If it's not there then try the owners manual. I would guess that your hitch is rated for 500lb weight carrying only and 1,000lb weight distribution. Based on your tongue weight you might need weight distribution. I'll bet that you don't need sway control on that trailer, especially if you load things on the front deck.
opnspaces 04/11/15 10:29am Folding Trailers
RE: Former or Inactive members

I always liked Mousefarts posts. I believe he still posts, just under a different name. Remember Rubiranch? He drove an old ford and pulled an old trailer. I think he eventually had a run in with a moderator or two and decided to quit posting. Sooperduty formerly FordSooperDuty and before that FordSooperDootyDieselSmoker. My guess is he's still on here just under a different name that doesn't contain Sooper in it. LAdams, yep I miss his posts and contributions. Mike4947 (I think those were the numbers) moderator on the folding trailers forum. He was a fountain of knowledge and to this day I read posts that we're struggling to help with and I think "man we could use Mike4947 right about now". Then there are a bunch of us who used to post a lot and slowed way down recently. I know for me life just got in the way and I'm reduced to mostly reading the posts and maybe only posting once every other day.
opnspaces 04/08/15 11:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: vacuum test

probably doesn't mean anything except that the port you're plugged into is ported vacuum (right in the venturi or very close) Or if the air filter is still installed it might be restricted. Remember the pistons going down are trying to pull the air in through the carburetor and the butterfly in the carburetor is restricting the airflow causing a vacuum between those two points. When you floor the accelerator pedal the butterfly goes wide open and the air rushes into the manifold faster than the pistons can pull it out so the vacuum goes to zero until the engine catches up.
opnspaces 04/08/15 10:32pm Tech Issues
RE: BE CAREFUL with your 120V side of things

Most of us that think we been shocked by 120 volts are dreaming. A full 120 volts thru any part of your body, can and will kill you deader than hell ! Or you could get off lucky w/ just your finger blowed off. Getting shocked is one thing, but completeing the circuit between the black and the white/bare is a story you may not live to tell about. I've been shocked by both and fortunately I'm still here. 240v was helping a friend weld with an old Lincoln arc welder. There was an uncovered screw sticking off the side of the clamp that held the electrode. He knew it was energized and pressed it up against my bare shin (yes I was welding in shorts) and that shock HURT. :E I remember I was holding a large combination wrench in my hand at the time and almost cracked him in the head for that. I've been shocked multiple times by 120v thought the most recent was definitely a dumb Darwin award worthy trick. I had a digital meter and was checking a power cord looking for how people were getting shocked when unplugging it. I got bored or maybe I lost focus, I'm not sure which. I put the red lead in the positive slot on the cord. Then I grabbed the bare black lead in my other hand. I don't remember what I was thinking, but it sure got my attention.:M
opnspaces 04/08/15 10:24pm Tech Issues
RE: seeking advice: 4+ accessory repairs on a 19 year old RV

I asked at my usual RV shop what level the CO detector should be at and he thought up high, so I asked why they had all these combined LP and CO detectors for sale, and where should they go? He shrugged, and said personally, he would have two different ones so the LP could be at floor level and the CO higher. I have no clue what is the correct answer on that, but that is what we now have. The previous CO up high and the new LP alarm down low. LPG is heavier than air so the detector is mounted low. CO is slightly lighter than air, but the difference is so miniscule that the usual recommendation is to mount around mid wall. Follow the directions that come with the new detector for your safety.
opnspaces 04/08/15 10:03pm Tech Issues
RE: seeking advice: 4+ accessory repairs on a 19 year old RV

ok, this is a lot for me to ask, but I know some folks will be there for me, as time permits. We bought the 1996 Coachmen RV van two weeks ago in a somewhat competitive as-is/great price rush, so I knew we would have a few repairs and upgrades to consider. The 19 year old Coachmen Chevy van is new to us. I have at least some repair sense, having old cars for many years, but RVs and their accessories and appliances are new to us. Here are the things I am working on; any advice will be appreciated; thanks in advance: -older vent fan on roof, doesn't work, doesn't look that great, probably needs re-sealed; I just went ahead and purchased the standard fantastic-fan, I'll figure out the installation from online info and videos. Curious if this has its own 12v fuse? The old fan likely had a fuse. Easy test would be to ground the power wire for a half second and see if a fuse pops. Don't leave it grounded long though in case it's not fused. -carbon monoxide and propane sensors (long, narrow individual styles mounted over and under each other) - look original - were disconnected. I connected them today, both go on, one tests well, other questionable on test (no alarm). Online info says replace after 5 years. These are likely as old as the van. They are expensive I see, but life is precious. Any confirmation that it is time to replace? run, don't walk to buy replacements? They should both be replaced. -trying to figure why the gas water heater seems to heat whenever the coach power is on, whether or not the heater switch is on - could this be a broken switch, always on (even though it is a gas heater)? Does it decide on its own to ignite? Today I was not sure it turned itself on, but previous says I think it did.Sorry I would be guessing on this. -3 way refrigerator trips the breaker within about 60 seconds or less every time on 120 power when plugged in, but works fine long term on 12V when plugged in or van running. Have not tested on gas yet, but 120 power trips the breaker again and again. Probably a bad ac heater, I don't know if they are repairable but I would see if I could figure it out if it was mine. -microwave runs 3 to 5 seconds then stops. On low power it ran 8 seconds maybe. It is not tripping a breaker, just stops running (and clock starts flashing as if power went out). I thought it was tripping breaker at first, but now realize it is just stopping, and I just need to re-set clock. I assume I need a microwave repair, or replacement, but want to figure out which. Nothing suspected in coach, or breaker box (I don't think?). well it's either the microwave or the wiring. Can you find the microwave plug (look in the cabinets next to it), unplug it and plug it into a heavy duty extension cord to your house. Now see how it works. -last item is just general water-proofing, leak sealing. I figure, just look for moisture or wetness after rain, remove old sealant as needed, use new sealant as needed. reseal anything that looks cracked or is lifting off the surface. thanks again for any advice, sorry to have the long list, but figured I would throw it all on the table. God Bless America, the open road, and the freedom of RV's!
opnspaces 04/08/15 09:57pm Tech Issues
RE: what should I know about these water connections?

This page has a diagram where you can see how the two fill ports are connected. Link The one on the left (Fresh water fill) is used to fill the onboard water tank. The one on the right (city water inlet) is used to pressurize the system so it works like your stick and brick house. As far as drinking from the tank, I do it all the time. I would sanitize it first. Pour 2 oz of unscented bleach per 10 gallons of capacity into the fresh water fill (we call it a gravity fill).Fill the tank with water.Run all taps, the toilet, the bathtub, the outside shower until you smell bleach.Let it sit overnight.Drain the tank.Refill the tank with fresh water and flush out all the faucets.Drain and refill the tank again and flush the faucets again. Drain and fill and you should be good to go until you winterize.
opnspaces 04/08/15 09:30pm Beginning RVing
RE: My 2008 Starcraft 13rt doesn't have a manual lift?

Thanks for posting back with an update on your winch issue. I would imagine that most of us are interested in any and all information that we can get. So I say post away on the motor replace. But I would start a new thread with a subject that will be easy to find in a search like "replacing failed lift motor on 2008 Starcraft o something like that.
opnspaces 04/07/15 10:02am Folding Trailers
RE: Rookie mistakes?

Sounds like the battery was or is connected backward. Red and black are usually positive, white is usually negative. Ttrace your negative wire by hand from the negative terminal on the battery and make sure it is bolted to the frame. Then go find your power distribution center and verify that the 40 amp (green)reverse polarity fuses aren't blown.
opnspaces 04/06/15 03:03pm Beginning RVing
RE: Light over kitchen sink not working

If the fixture looks like the other lights in the trailer then figure a working light out first. After you know how it works then go after the sink light. See if the lens slides sideways to remove it. swap it's bulb with a working bulb form another light.
opnspaces 04/06/15 01:16am Travel Trailers
RE: Axle creak

Does it creak if you jack it up with the ball disconnected so you're only lifting the trailer? It might be the bushings as they are just a plastic sleeve on most trailers. Can you isolate the noise side to side buy having someone else jack the tongue while you crawl underneath and listen? Just leave it connected to the ball so if the jack decides to fail while you're underneath it wont crush you.
opnspaces 04/02/15 09:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Here we go again!! >>

If I read correctly earlier that you had a white wire to the positive on the battery. You absolutely need to investigate that first before you do anything else. White wires are usually ground and the breaker or fuses will trip with a direct short like that. Grab each wire in your hand and trace it from the battery to see where it goes. If it goes to the frame it's a ground wire and belongs on the negative battery post. If it goes int the trailer or into a box or circuit breaker it's a positive wire. If you were mi-swired, fix that connection first. Then check the green 40amp reverse polarity fuses in the breaker panel. The easiest way to check the circuit breaker pictured above is with a multi-meter. Check from each post to a good ground. You should have battery voltage at both posts. If no meter try something low tech. Turn on a 12v accessory like a ceiling or the porch light. Then hook the two posts together somehow. (clamp from jumper cables, screwdriver blade across terminals etc.) and see if the light comes on.
opnspaces 04/02/15 07:44am Travel Trailers
RE: RV Waste Disposal?

It's most likely a sewer clean out that was left uncapped. Stick your nose over the hole and take a big whiff. If it smells like sewer then it's part of your sewer system. I imagine you know if your house uses heating oil or not, but if it smells like oil then it's for heating oil. If it's sewer then it goes the same place that all your house drains go. So if you are on septic then it goes into your septic system. If you are on municipal sewer then this also goes into your sewer. My guess is it's a 3 inch pipe. Just go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy a new cap and screw it on.
opnspaces 03/31/15 10:37pm Beginning RVing
RE: Towing with Overdrive Off

You might try a few local transmission rebuilders in your area. They can probably tell you if you have a weak overdrive. My owners manual (Chevy) says I can tow in overdrive but I generally do not unless it's down hill. I figure the extra $5 in fuel that I waste 4 times a year is far cheaper than a rebuild on a 1996 transmission with 167,000 miles on it
opnspaces 03/30/15 11:36pm Travel Trailers
RE: Fleetwood manual crank parts question

I think I found it and it's not cheap. Link It's obvious that it's not a snap on, but rather you slide the replacement on the shaft then drive the pin through to secure it. If you go that route pay special attention to the pin as it might be tapered and only come out one direction. It might be cheaper somewhere else, that's just the first link I found it on. Can you maybe put an automotive hose clamp around the part to squeeze it down tight? It would be cheaper than $29 + shipping
opnspaces 03/30/15 11:28pm Folding Trailers
RE: Fleetwood manual crank parts question

It's hard to tell in the picture, but if you take the cap off what does the part left behind look like? My guess is you either have an allen head set bolt, of a shear pin that broke. Does the nub left in the shaft go clear through the shaft? If it goes clear through you should be able to use a hammer and punch and gently tap the pin out of the shaft. Then go to Home Depot or Lowes and get a new pin to hold the cap on. If it's a set bolt you might be able to back it out and either get a new longer one or even a regular bolt to hold the cap on. Hopefully it's not a spot weld or you'll probably have to get someone to repair it for you.
opnspaces 03/29/15 12:56pm Folding Trailers
RE: Fleetwood manual crank parts question

Is it on page 4 or 5 of this book? Manual
opnspaces 03/26/15 10:52pm Folding Trailers
RE: Working to "Save" my Camping Weekend

Wow that's a tough break. How far away is the campground, can you drive over tonight and book for tomorrow? On a different note, I was an offroader once and I think I am nice considerate person. :) Maybe the dunes won't be so bad after all. In reality you're only sleeping there one night. Just don't unpack too much and move as soon as your site vacates in the morning.
opnspaces 03/26/15 02:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: HELP with power dist center WF 8914

I'm betting on a circuit breaker out on the trailer tongue. But just to be sure have you checked the two green 40 amp reverse polarity fuses on the fuse panel? There are holes on the back of the fuses that allow you to take a voltage reading without pulling the fuse out of the block. Check both holes on the fuses to a good ground and make sure you get 13v. Also if you pull the cover you should see the POS and NEG terminals that feed the fuse panel. This is where the wire from the battery is connected. Linked below is a basic manual that shows where the wires are that go to the battery (page 5). manual
opnspaces 03/26/15 02:13pm Travel Trailers
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