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RE: Question About Manifold Connecting Propane Tanks

Interesting, you have two indicators where most of us have only one. My educated guess is that you have an automatic regulator. But instead of giving you a switch they just gave you two indicators. When one goes red you take that tank off and get it filled. Assuming I'm correct I would say to make sure you always turn the same tank on first until it goes red. Then when that indicator goes red get the tank refilled and always turn the other tank on first until it's indicator goes red.
opnspaces 03/03/16 07:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Towing in 3rd gear rpm high?

2,700 isn't hardly even working your engine. Save you money on larger tires unless you're buying them because you just want bigger tires. Gas motors like to rev and you're just barely getting into the torque and power curve.
opnspaces 03/03/16 07:03pm Travel Trailers
RE: Some of my accessories are not working

as Westend states it seems the power is not getting to your battery. my guess is your reverse polarity fuses are blown in the converter. I would look for some larger fuses, possibly 40 amp fuses that are set apart from the other 12 volt fuses. On the back of the fuses are two slots that allow you to probe the tip of a meter lead into to read voltage without pulling the fuse. When plugged into shore power put your positive lead in each slot one at a time and find a good ground so you can get a reading. You should get the same reading in each slot on the fuse. now check at the battery and verify that you have the same voltage. If you get 13v at the fuses and 12 at the battery then there is a disconnect coming into play. If only one slot has power then the fuse is blown.
opnspaces 02/25/16 01:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Testing trailer brake controller....

Hey Cannesdo, what was the final outcome on the brakes? Did the mobile tech show up? Does everything work?
opnspaces 02/20/16 12:29am Tech Issues
RE: Extreme weather package???

Only the manufacturers can tell you. I really believe that they are mostly marketing terms that in reality don't really equate to much.
opnspaces 02/18/16 08:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: What is a big rig?

I don't know the term big rig unless they mean actual over the road trucks and trailers like Mack,or Freightliner. Personally I wouldn't worry about it. My trailer is only a few feet shorter than yours and I have never even thought about it being too big for a campground. I just search for campgrounds and they almost all have the length of the sites listed. If the site lists 31' then I consider it good enough for my unit.
opnspaces 02/18/16 08:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Testing trailer brake controller....

you're welcome, hopefully something sticks to the magnet. The caution that people are giving you is valid for hydraulic drum brakes which are common on boat trailers and probably the majority of the cars on the road. If you activate a hydraulic drum brake without a drum the wheel cylinders will over expand and blow the pistons out. Your trailer has electric brakes so there are no wheel cylinders or hydraulic fluid. In fact you can grab the brake magnet on the wheel with no drum and push it gently toward the rear of the trailer. When the magnet moves it will cause the brake shoes to cam out or expand to where they would contact the drum. This won't really help you troubleshoot your brakes, except you will get a goo feeling for how the brakes work. Since you already have someone coming out make sure they adjust the brakes after they fix any deficiencies. Good luck with it.
opnspaces 02/17/16 09:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Testing trailer brake controller....

One good thing about electric brakes is you actually can apply the brake pedal in the vehicle without the trailer brake drum installed and nothing will be damaged. The brakes are activated by a magnet that rubs on the spinning brake drum and uses a linkage to force the brake shoes into the friction surface. So with no rotating drum nothing happens. Here's a link to a picture of a brake magnet. Brake magnet For a quick down and dirty test if the drum is off. Have someone hold something metal near the magnet and then go slide the manual lever on the brake controller all the way over. The metal piece should stick to the magnet. If it sticks good and tight you have brakes. It it won't stick then you have a problem. You have to use the manual lever on the brake controller since some will not activate from the brake pedal unless the vehicle is in motion. For the other wheels that still have tires on them, jack that wheel up and have someone spin it while you apply the manual lever on the brake controller.
opnspaces 02/17/16 08:40pm Tech Issues
RE: NHTSA Safety Recall 15V-866

So it's a recall where the steps suddenly unexpectedly extend while the vehicle is in motion? On a positive note I guess that's better than steps that retract unexpectedly when you open the door.:(
opnspaces 02/17/16 07:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Hydraulic fluid on Coreplast

A tub of goop handcleanre and a scrub brush from Harbor Freight. Do not get it wet beforehand. Link
opnspaces 02/12/16 06:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Please help ASAP generator issues.

agreed, check your oil level.
opnspaces 02/12/16 12:08am Beginning RVing
RE: Cheap replacement for awning catch springs?

Ace hardware has all kinds of springs...would be surprised if they did not have one that will work. Someone else said hardware stores have them, I guess I've just never looked because I've not seen any but will look next time. Thanks. Yes at the hardware stores try looking in the specialty drawers that they usually have in the nuts and bolts aisle.
opnspaces 02/08/16 01:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: rear axle

You will probably be fine, but look on your drivers door jamb for a yellow sticker with your cargo capacity. Post the numbers here and we can help you figure it out.
opnspaces 02/03/16 12:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Where did they go?

It took about 45 minutes but I didn't have anything else to do tonight. Well there is laundry but I didn't feel like that. ;) I found a post from him way back in the cooking section. Bearnkat
opnspaces 01/31/16 09:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Any other ideas while I have roof off?

Check and secure all the wiring connections to the ceiling lights. We've had people on the forum before with a loose ground in the ceiling and no way to get to it. I always thought I would add a piece of 1/4 inch ply around the AC and all other roof penetrations and under the rubber roof. The thought is to make the penetrations higher than the surrounding roof so that water will run off and can't puddle around the opening creating a leak. I'm not sure though if the rubber would lay down smooth though. Redo and reseal all marker lights. Definitely reseal all the duct work. But use the real metal duct tape and not the cloth $1 a roll cheap stuff that we all like to call duct tape. Link
opnspaces 01/26/16 09:06am Travel Trailers
RE: Size and thread pitch of Honda eu2000i oil fill

Thanks all, I appreciate the suggestions. :) Yes I've seen the one on Amazon, it's what got me to thinking about this. I guess I should have stated this a different way. I have a 3d printer and I wanted to try to make and improve on the idea from Amazon. No I'm not planning to make and sell, this is just for my own use. I can do the trial and error route, but I was hoping someone might have the answer before I did that. Anyway I'll probably just try to print a few size tubes and thread pitches and see what I can come up with. Thanks
opnspaces 01/24/16 05:42pm Tech Issues
RE: I seem to have a knack for destroying my black tank

Slight update. I finally decided to go the Plasti-Mend route (sorry no pictures) I applied about 5 or six coats overall and then buttoned it all back up again. I'll hopefully get a chance to test it all out soon and I'll report back as to whether or not it leaks. the Plasti-mend does seem to dry hard and it possibly melts into the tank. Unfortunately there is no real way to know if it's actually melting into the plastic or not without cutting a hole in the tank.
opnspaces 01/24/16 12:50am General RVing Issues
Size and thread pitch of Honda eu2000i oil fill

Does anybody know the size and thread pitch of the Honda eu2000i oil fill cap? I'm thinking about trying to make a remote funnel that screws into the hole. Thanks
opnspaces 01/24/16 12:44am Tech Issues
RE: For those who have a small vehicle and love camping

opnspaces 01/21/16 08:09pm Travel Trailers
RE: To all you 12V specialists out there.

Good afternoon Currently I have a larger capacity battery and a 2A charger running all day and I still kill the smaller battery. Can I use larger wires and run the charger at 12A or will that be dangerous. Your loads are pulling more than 2 amp out of the batteries. So your 2amp charger is not keeping up. Not knowing your charger I'm going to say that unless it's a Harbor Freight model then if it has a 12amp setting I would charge at 12 amp. Said another way go ahead and try the 12amp setting unless it's a cheap Harbor Freight charger. Does your charger say anything on it about being automatic? What is the brand make and model so we can look it up?
opnspaces 01/11/16 12:18pm Tech Issues
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