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RE: New GPS App for IPHONE and Android

I have the free Co Pilot on my iPhone but I don't use it much . It will plan a route just fine and even show you on the map where you are. But you have to pay for the upgrade to have it give you voice directions.
opnspaces 10/30/14 01:06am Tech Issues
RE: Unknown battery drain

How long was it pulled with the batteries hooked up? I'm going to bet you're fine though.
opnspaces 10/28/14 10:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Unknown battery drain

Agreed 8 amps is too way too much. Do you possibly have a light on in a storage compartment? Try hooking up your meter to read 8 amps and then pull one fuse at a time until the amperage drops. That will at least give you a starting point.
opnspaces 10/28/14 06:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: Have you ever, or would you ever ....

Well back to the original question. Yes I have loaned my popup out a few times both to friends and family. Yes I get a bit nervous, but they are friends and family and that's important to me. If it gets totaled I'll feel hopefully bad for a while and then move on. My TT though I don't loan out unless I'm going to deliver it to the campsite and then pick it up after. I'm not willing to do that so I don't loan it. on second thought I would probably loan my TT out to my friend that I camp with. He's been pulling trailers longer than I have and I trust him not to wreck it. If it gets wrecked then so be it. As long as the friends and family are okay then I'm happy.
opnspaces 10/28/14 04:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Sticking Awning Windows

On most newer Winnebago RV's they use frameless windows. The have a twist knob inside that operates a scissor mechanism to push the bottom of the window outwards. The top of the window is hinged. I have the same trouble with occasional sticking. Haven't tried but am told either a dry lube or talcum powder will work. Mine behave the same. I just turn the crank until it puts some pressure on the window and then stop and wait. Usually in about 5 - 10 seconds the window pops free from the gasket. After that it works fine for the rest of the trip.
opnspaces 10/26/14 02:55pm Beginning RVing
RE: Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs.....

BRIDGE OUT ! Slow to 60. Shouldn't that read BRIDGE OUT! Accelerate to 90 to clear the jump!
opnspaces 10/26/14 10:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Roof Collapse around A/C - Now leaking

Nice repair, I like the spacing to lift the AC above the roof. Wouldn't it be nice if the manufacturers put a similar spacer under the membrane for each roof penetration?
opnspaces 10/26/14 10:20am Travel Trailers
RE: Propane tank monitor

Unfortunately the gauge Pine5008 posted won't do what you want. The problem is that a propane tank is liquid on the bottom and vapor on the top. RV's pull the vapor off the top and as the vapor comes off the top the liquid boils and releases more vapor to replace what was lost. So the gauges that hook on the regulator will only tell you that you have pressure in the tank. The pressure will be the same whether you have a full tank, half tank, or 1/4 tank. Once the tank is empty the gauge will suddenly drop from full to empty. There really isn't much in between.
opnspaces 10/24/14 07:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Very Inexpensive Battery Maintenance Charger

1.0 ampere output. 13.8 volts regulated charge limit. This unit is good for 100 amp hours worth of batteries. IMO the voltage is a tad high for a high antimony RV battery with temps 60F or higher but an inline 3 amp shottky diode will fix that in a rush (13.5 volts). http://www.buyincoins.com/item/25902.html So Mex, are you saying I shouldn't try one of these on my Cotco 6volts since they are 210ah? I notice that my HF chargers are running 13.68v on the 6volts and 13.99v on my starter battery that I use on my popup (one whole single interior light) Which brings up another point. How do you measure the voltage on the charger? Do I measure at the battery posts while it's charging up, or do I just clip the alligator clips to the meter leads with no battery in the picture? I notice that if I try to measure at the battery while it's charging the voltage starts out low and slowly climbs over a week or two.
opnspaces 10/22/14 10:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Winter battery care

I would leave them in and check the water once in a while. Below is a quote from the Trojan Battery website about the freezing point of a fully charged battery.. Can a battery freeze? The only way that a battery can freeze is if it is left in a state of partial or complete discharged. As the state of charge in a battery decreases, the electrolyte becomes more like water and the freezing temperature increases. The freezing temperature of the electrolyte in a fully charged battery is -92.0oF. At a 40% state of charge, electrolyte will freeze if the temperature reaches approximately 16.0oF link to Trojan website
opnspaces 10/22/14 09:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: Roof Collapse around A/C - Now leaking

Looking at the new pictures I like your big square patch. But I would worry that it can sag where the joint is. At the minimum I would probably get a piece of 2x4 or 2x6 about 3 inches long. Cut, sand and mold one end so that it slides tightly inside the aluminum tube. leaving about 1/2 inch sticking out to hold the roof joint level. Then drive a screw or two through the side of the aluminum rafter and into the wood to hold it in place. After it's level again you can add your Plywood piece to reinforce it all.
opnspaces 10/22/14 09:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Covering camper inside barn

Mice get into RV's and setup home. Soon you have chewed up cushions, chewed up wiring, and a lot of mouse droppings in the walls.
opnspaces 10/22/14 09:06pm Travel Trailers
RE: Equalizer brand Hitch problems

As Rexlion stated you need to make multiple changes when you change the ride height. I'll bet that you need to add another washer to tilt the hitch head back a bit further. But really you should download the instructions and start from scratch, it really doesn't take that long.
opnspaces 10/22/14 09:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: Back up lights

Can you hang a towel or jacket over the corners of the truck bed to block the reverse and backup lights? The center pin of your 7 blade connector is for reverse lights. You'll have to get a meter or test light to see if it's connected to anything though. I want to add reverse lights at some time and will probably use some LED fog lights from Harbor Freight. I'm thinking I'll mount them in front of the trailer tires pointing back down the side of the coach. I really don't need that much light on the rear as I can't see back there anyway.
opnspaces 10/22/14 08:58pm Travel Trailers
RE: Do You Hang Lights From Your Awning?

I love my awning lights and I try to put them up every trip. I have three different types. Some little cheap American flags. Two strips of cars and trailers. the single strips don't stretch across the awning. A string of LED Christmas lights. I mostly just put up the Christmas lights now. As fare as taking them down in a storm or wind we fortunately don't have too much of that where I live. But if I do have to take them down in a hurry I can have them all off the awing tube in about 30 seconds to a minute. I just stick my index finger up in the air and push/slide the farthest hanger toward the other end of the tube. As it encounters the next hanger in line it just pushes it too. By the end of the awning tube it looks like I'm pushing a little mini line shopping carts down the groove. As the hangers reach the open end of the groove in they just drop off to the ground or a box that I'm holding up to catch everything.
opnspaces 10/22/14 08:52pm Travel Trailers
RE: Roof Collapse around A/C - Now leaking

Well the first thing is to get it covered and leave the roof open until it all dries out. You want to stop any chance of rot or mold. Waste some propane and run the heater in the trailer so the heat goes out through the AC opening to help dry it out. From your pictures it doesn't look like there is any rot so you hopefully caught it early enough. If the dealer won't warranty then before spending the money on a complete roof I would find a way to prop it up and level it. here's my first thought. After it's dry I would get a few buddies together, climb up on the roof pull the AC up out of the hole and set it aside on the roof on a piece of plywood.Then you can see what you're up against and make a plan. Based on the little information I have I would try to slide a 2x4 up into the opening on either side of the AC. Lay the 2x4 flat side up so it can flex a little. Then have my friend push up hard on the 2x4 from the inside (or rent a drywall stand or something) to level the two pieces of the roof out. Then from up on the roof I would drive some 2 - 2.5 inch screws with washers right through the rubber and down through the plywood and into the 2x4. Seal the screw heads and washer with a small dab of Dicor sealant. Wait a week for the sealant to get good and dry then follow up the seal with a 2" square piece of Eternabond tape. reinstall the AC and tighten the bolts down until the gasket just starts compressing.
opnspaces 10/20/14 01:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Outside stereo speakers

Does it make a difference if you drop the output volume on the iPod? My kids play games with the iPod volume up full. When I later hook the iPod into my car's AUX jack the music is just not right. I find that if I turn the volume down on the iPod and up on the radio it seems to clean up the sound.
opnspaces 10/16/14 02:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Got some road hazard damage today. Pics

Glad you (or Angela) got it all repaired and back on the road. Make sure one of you check the torque again after about 50 miles or after you park for the night.
opnspaces 10/16/14 01:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Heartland Wilderness Travel Trailer Recall

I don't know anything about a recall. But if it was my trailer and it was under warranty I would be contacting the dealer well before the warranty ran out to see if it was a covered defect.
opnspaces 10/16/14 12:53pm Travel Trailers
RE: Heating Trailer While Driving

Once or twice I've gone into the trailer when I arrived at the campground before I checked in. By the time I was checked in and found my spot, the trailer was very warm.
opnspaces 10/15/14 08:05pm Travel Trailers
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