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RE: First Time RVer. Help a brother out!

Hello Yudarvish11 and welcome to the forum. It sounds like you have a decent tow vehicle, but you will want to find out a few more specifications before choosing a trailer. First realize that the max tow capacity is only one of the numbers you have to be concerned with. The marketing departments scream it in their ads so it's what we see, but there are other considerations. To make a good informed decision you probably also need a few more items that are on the drivers door jamb. GCWR (probably white sticker) RAWR (probably white sticker) FAWR (probably white sticker) Payload capacity. (yellow sticker) The weight of you, and any other passengers minus 150 lbs. Post those numbers here and we can help you figure out what you can pull. Here's a link to a running tow capacity thread about 1/2 ton trucks. Yes you have a 3/4 ton, but the way you need to consider the numbers is the same. Link
opnspaces 02/04/15 12:55pm Beginning RVing
RE: GE Supreme Silicone Sealant for sealing around roof vent

One of the concerns with silicone is that nothing sticks to it. So when the time comes to re-apply the silicone the new silicone won't stick. On top of that if you do decide to remove the silicone and go with an RV specific product, you will supposedly have a bear of a time getting all the residue off.
opnspaces 02/04/15 07:37am Travel Trailers
RE: new honda eu2000 rough idle

Mine purrs on Eco. If it needs partial choke to idle correctly then the idle circuit in the carburetor is obstructed. There was a time when the Honda's were running rough because of old fuel left from Honda. Here check this link especially page 2 with posts from Robert_at_Honda. Link It needs to go back to the dealer and they need to clean the carburetor again. If there is an 800 customer service number in your manual I would call it and ask them if it's supposed to be rough at idle.
opnspaces 02/01/15 11:32pm General RVing Issues
RE: Propane tanks cover

As said if it seems too loose pull it off, loosen the wing nut, slide the tanks apart a bit, and tighten the wing nut back down. Mine fits fairly snug and I have to rock it side to side to get it to come off.
opnspaces 02/01/15 11:17pm Beginning RVing
RE: Furnace Troubleshooting

You could always go with another Coleman type unit, but those are expensive. Many people on here myself included have switched over to an inexpensive digital thermostat. I bought a cheap non programmable thermostat at Walmart and it runs on AAA batteries and it does the job well. But mine only controls the heat. As said above these thermostats do not have a low and high fan speed. Some people just wire them on high fan and some add a micro switch to the side of the thermostat to control the fan speed. There are a few write ups here and on the net to help with the wiring. Link to digital thermostat Link to one of many posts about wiring.
opnspaces 02/01/15 11:02pm Travel Trailers
RE: Furnace Troubleshooting

Edit: ****I just read your post again and I see you have power at your red wire. If this is true then you should be able to disconnect the red and white wires from the thermostat. Then in your hands just touch them together and the furnace should fire. If so then I would suspect the thermostat. **** Leaving original text below as it might help someone else in the future. The wire that goes to the R terminal (sometimes they use the RW terminal) should have 12 volts (battery voltage) on it. I'm assuming in your trailer that's the red wire you are referring to. The W terminal goes to the heater. (I'm assuming that's a white wire.) All the thermostat does in heat mode is connect the two wires together just like you did by joining them with your hands. So if you have no 12 volts on the red wire then the furnace won't fire no matter what thermostat you have. Here's a couple more tests you can try and they're free too. :) First thing when checking voltage is you have to know what you are checking for. Take your meter to the battery and measure the voltage across the positive and negative terminals. This will give you battery voltage. Some people might tell you that all you need is 12 volts and you are good in your checking. But what if your battery reads 12.76 volts when you check it, and your heater reads 12.2 volts? That would be a sign of something wrong. But if you have no idea what voltage the battery has then 12.2 might look good as it's 12 volts. Since you have no power at the thermostat I would suspect a bad fuse. look at the fuses in the fuse box. A careful inspection will reveal that there are two holes on the back of each fuse, one on each side of the amperage rating. (silver dots on either side of the 10 in the picture below). http://image.made-in-china.com/43f34j00LskteQpWJgco/Automotive-Fuse.jpg width=320 These holes allow you to probe the fuse for voltage without disconnecting it from the holder. Check for voltage from each hole in the fuse to a good ground or the negative post of the battery. Anything less than battery voltage on either side is bad (either fuse or holder). If you have battery voltage on both sides of the fuse you're going to have to find out why you are not getting battery voltage at the thermostat. You could also use a long wire and grab 12 volts off something else like a ceiling light and run it to the W wire at the thermostat. If the furnace fires then connect this temporary wire to the R (Or RW) terminal of your thermostat and check the furnace again. I think you thermostat is fine and you somehow lost the 12 volt power to the furnace that is needed to run the heater.
opnspaces 02/01/15 12:46am Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie fed up with so much misinformation on set up of a TT

With leaf spring suspension this is true. Lifting one tire only usually lifts the trailer half the thickness of the block.
opnspaces 01/30/15 10:32am Travel Trailers
RE: Jack Knife Sofa Swap Out

How about something like this? link Or maybe this one Link You could also take the base off a Lazy Boy recliner and bolt it down
opnspaces 01/29/15 10:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Where is my hot water heater drain located

I used to tighten mine down with a socket. Now I only put it in finger tight. It has never vibrated loose or leaked.
opnspaces 01/28/15 11:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Cleaning question I haven't found answered elsewhere?

I would watch out for the magic eraser as I believe it is a really fine abrasive. People on here report using magic eraser to remove stubborn spots and later the erased spots showed dull against a shiny surface. I would try a cleaner wax first and if that didn't work I wold go to a polishing compound followed by a wax.
opnspaces 01/28/15 10:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: How rough a road will you drive down for a place to camp

For me it's ashalt! It can have a white line painted on it but that is about it... Somethings I would never do! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CR4kTXalXb0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-BaMUA0c_E #1 No that's just foolish in my opinion. #2 Not a problem. I'll go slow and steady down washboard and sand, but not through salt water.
opnspaces 01/28/15 09:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Furnace Troubleshooting

If I follow correctly you can run the furnace while it's on the bench? Then when you put it back in the trailer it does not work correctly? Before you buy a thermostat you might try a test of removing the thermostat off the wall and connect the wire on the terminal labeled R (or RW) to the wire on the terminal labeled W. If your theory is correct the Furnace should run and heat. Let it run for a minute then disconnect the wires and it should shut off. Now let it cool for a few minutes and connect the wires again. If it works flawlessly then you most likely have a bad thermostat.
opnspaces 01/28/15 09:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Something interesting to try with your Equal-i-zer

In reading the replies I wonder if it was light steering that I was feeling. It never felt like it was going to sway or anything it just felt different and transmitted more motion to the Suburban. At any rate I have no real reason to do it again, just thought I'd share it with you guys.
opnspaces 01/27/15 10:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Old Trailer Fix Ups...

I read your posts again and I see that you got 0 volts with the volt meter. That could mean no power, but it could also mean no ground. I wouldn't trust the meter reading until I could verify it on a known working fixture. Again run a long wire from a good fixture ground and verify that it works by using it to verify that the good fixture works. Now walk back to the non working fixture and probe the power with the long wire going back to the ground on the working light. You might need a second person to hold the ground wire up while you test.
opnspaces 01/27/15 10:05pm Travel Trailers
RE: Old Trailer Fix Ups...

Good looking trailer. Did you repaint the green stripe on the outside or is it just in good condition? As far as your lights the first thing I would do is try to verify if I lost the ground or the power. Find a way to test a good working fixture so you can reliably identify good power and good ground. Now get a long enough piece of wire and open the first non working light fixture. Connect your long jumper wire between the ground on the non working light and the ground on the working light. If the light now works you know you have a broken ground or bad socket. If still no light take the jumper wire and try to feed power from the good fixture to the bad fixture. Based on what you find you might be able to pull the good and bad lights off the ceiling and run a wire between them by going up into the ceiling and back down at the other light. Are you sure that the broken fuse holder isn't the problem for the non working lights?
opnspaces 01/27/15 09:58pm Travel Trailers
Something interesting to try with your Equal-i-zer

Since I bought my Jayco I have always run an Equal-i-zer hitch. I've now run this hitch for ten years and never experienced any sway. But I always wondered if the hitch was doing anything for sway or if my trailer was just properly setup to not sway. Long story short I wound up last year pulling my trailer for a few miles down a deserted desert road at 55 mph with no weight distribution. Yes I was hitched up to my Equal-i-zer, but the weight distribution bars were not engaged and were instead swung forward to ride parallel to my rear bumper. No I did not have an accident, and yes this was done on purpose. The interesting thing and the reason for this post was the feel I got in the Suburban while pulling the trailer this way. The trailer felt looser for lack of a better term. It did not sway, but it did react to imperfections more than I was used to. It felt so strange that I only made it about 2 miles before I pulled over and engaged the weight distribution bars. So to other Equal-i-zer owners if you want to try something weird, try pulling your trailer with the weight bars disconnected and swung up against the trucks rear bumper. See if you get sway or if the trailer pulls differently. It definitely felt foreign enough to me that I'll probably not try that experiment again anytime soon. :)
opnspaces 01/27/15 12:25am Travel Trailers
RE: Do all TTs sway?

As you can see your answers here will really depend on how you define sway. My trailer occasionally moves to the side a little bit as the roads are not perfectly smooth. I think this is a normal condition as the trailer is on a ball and can therefore move a bit as the road surface changes. In my first year of towing I worried about the movement and wondered if it was sway. Basically the people on here told me it sounded normal and I would absolutely know if the trailer started swaying. Now ten years later and I don't even notice the small movements of the trailer any more than I notice that I have to make small corrections in my steering to keep my vehicle on the road.
opnspaces 01/27/15 12:02am Travel Trailers
RE: torn between 2 TT floor plans - toddler's parents need help!

I went with a bunkhouse but only two of the four boys use it. Of the two remaining one sleeps on the jackknife sofa and the other sleeps next to me. I like the bunkhouse idea even though my kids only go in there to sleep. Otherwise they are sitting at the dinette eating or they are outside playing.
opnspaces 01/26/15 11:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Newbie fed up with so much misinformation on set up of a TT

Use blocks under the low side tires. Some people like to block only one tire some like to block both. I block both always. After you are level side to side set your wheel chocks and set them tight. Use at least four chocks, block both sides front and rear so the trailer cannot roll. Disconnect from the tow vehicle then use the tongue jack to level front to rear. Your trailer should now be level. Use the stabilizers to stabilize the trailer if you like.
opnspaces 01/26/15 10:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: I've lost my love of camping with the pop-up

Control freak here. :) Well not really but when we get to camp they see their cousins and they are out of the Suburban in a flash. I actually like the camp setup and take down. But I do make them unload everything when we get home. Edit, posted without responding to OP. Honestly if you can somehow swing a hybrid or travel trailer you will probably find it all easier. I spent a few years camping in either the popup or the travel trailer. Now the popup only goes out when one of my friends or brothers borrows it to go with us. Also the kids will probably start to get bored, mine did around age 14 so enjoy it while you can. If you truly only camp once a year that's only 4 more setups to go. :B
opnspaces 01/23/15 09:34pm Folding Trailers
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