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RE: OK. I give up. What are these hooks for?

Lantern, bucket light, drawstring trash bags, kids belt loop, retractable dog leash, etc Its there for whatever you want to use it for. The belt loop was the first thing that came to my mind too. :B
opnspaces 12/23/15 12:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where do you put your generator(s)

Mine either sits on the floor in front of the sofa or in the front pass through.
opnspaces 12/23/15 09:56am Travel Trailers
RE: underbelly compartment

Yes you can use regular fiberglass insulation and then the coroplast. I can't imagine how you could user too much insulation.
opnspaces 12/20/15 12:17am General RVing Issues
RE: Blocks

I like the idea thanks for sharing. As far as the cap, I would probably drill the blocks larger and just leave the cap on permanently.
opnspaces 12/18/15 11:33am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: I need help with Suburban NT-12SE Furnace!

This may help. Manual from link from Bryant RV. Service manual In the manual that Enblethen linked the troubleshooting on page 14 looks for 12v between the red 12v+ and yellow 12v-. You have 12v from red to ground, but do you have 12v from red to yellow? I would think so, but it is the next step in the troubleshooting flowchart. From looking at the chart it seems you're getting close to a bad micro switch or a spark gap to fix this.
opnspaces 12/16/15 12:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Sewer Tank Flusher

Path1 said you might rupture the tank if you get distracted. NOT might BUT it WILL RUPTURE THE TANK. Just ask me how I know:o Yep been there done that. Don't get distracted talking to your neighbor while the flusher is running with the valve closed.
opnspaces 12/14/15 03:46pm Beginning RVing
RE: The Winnie Drop

Some things concern me about the Drop. It doesn't appear to have a battery and maybe not brakes, at least not mentioned in the brochure. The brochure lists brakes but they hid it in the line about torsion axles. "Torsion Axles with self-adjusting brakes"
opnspaces 12/09/15 04:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: coleman water tank

That's basically what the trailer has. It's about a five gallon jug with a special cap that hooks to the sink hose.
opnspaces 12/07/15 04:11pm Folding Trailers
RE: coleman water tank

The next time I have my camper out (hopefully sometime in January) I'll try to remember to measure the water tank for you. It's not very big, it only holds about 5 gallons of water.
opnspaces 12/05/15 11:22pm Folding Trailers
RE: coleman water tank

I recently acquired a 1988 Coleman Newport (or maybe Columbia-not certain). According to my 1986 manual only the Columbia and Royale have a rear bed that is three pieces. Two cushions come apart from the bed and store under the dinette when folded. So I'm guessing that if you don't have the three piece rear bed then it's a Newport. Also the closed length of the Columbia is 11' 3" and the closed length of the Newport is 12' 11".
opnspaces 12/04/15 12:38am Folding Trailers
RE: ISO Automated/Electric Trailer Hitch Coupler

Probably the closest to what you are asking for is a remote control trailer mover. it's not going to be inexpensive, but it will help you hook up. Link Video
opnspaces 12/02/15 06:59pm Travel Trailers
RE: Remove and reinstall black tank?

I've done it once on my Jayco. Now that I've done it once this is how I would try it if I had to do it again. I think I posted this once but it was years ago. If I find it I'll post again. But in essence; Drain the tank. Use your leveling blocks to tilt the trailer to make sure the tank is empty. Remove the toilet (unscrew the water line and the two bolts and lift.) Pull the screws out holding the toilet flange to the floor. Try to lift the toilet flange up. You might have to use hammer and punch to unscrew the flange off the top of the tank, I did. Go up on the trailer roof and remove the screws and remove the vent cap. Make sure the vent line is free to slide down out of the roof as the tank lowers. Under the trailer: Pull any underbelly covering to expose the tank. Take a digital picture of the level sensor wiring colors, then remove the wires but put the nuts back on the posts so you don't lose them. Disconnect the drain piping and move it out of the way. Get a small floor jack (the kind on wheels not a bottle jack) and a piece of wood (maybe 18 inches square) Use the jack to hold up the tank with the piece of wood between the tank bottom and the jack (it's bulky, but not really that heavy) Remove any screws that hold the tank up. Slowly lower the tank a few inches and check that the vent pipe is coming down. If the pipe is coming down lower it a bit further and check again. As soon as you can, slide your hand on top of the tank. Reach up and see if the vent pipe will pull out of the top of the tank. Mine was glued, but some are just slipped into a rubber grommet. If the vent is glued in you can slowly lower the tank and then hacksaw through the vent pipe. Make sure you leave enough room to glue the pipe back together when reinstalling. On mine I just replaced the entire pipe as it was just a piece of 1 1/2 black ABS drain pipe. If you go this route you'll have the feed the new pipe in from the roof and down to the tank. That's it in a nutshell. So what's wrong with your tank that you need to remove it?
opnspaces 11/25/15 06:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: MagneTek 3240 replacement

Hey Fallsrider I have a question. I was looking at the boondocker on Bestconverter and it mentioned 15 amp 3 prong power plug on all models. Did your trailer have a plug for the power to the converter, or did you just cut the plug and wire it into the existing wires?
opnspaces 11/22/15 08:40pm Travel Trailers
RE: Drafty Bed

Great idea, I might duplicate it. Please come back and let us know how it works in real life when you get a chance. :)
opnspaces 11/17/15 10:41pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Electric socket in slide

there's no outlet in a slide because the slide moves which would make wiring difficult and the manufacturers don't appear to want to think outside the box. If I had a slide and wanted an outlet in it I would probably try using a flexible cable track to run some super flexible romex through. That way it would lay out the cable when sliding open and roll it back up when sliding closed. Link
opnspaces 11/17/15 10:34pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: RV Battery Charge

I doubt they ever tested it. I'm taking it to AutoZone tonight and having them test it to be sure. Even better, if it tests good have them keep it overnight and test it again in the morning.
opnspaces 11/16/15 02:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV Battery Charge

When I unplugged it, It showed a full charge on the inside monitor panel, and I even checked it with my volt meter and got 12.4 volts(after it was unplugged). I got 13.9 volts when it was plugged into the house, so I'm guessing it's being charged. Less than four hours later, the battery is almost dead. There was nothing on or running inside the camper. The voltage reading when I checked the battery was a little over 10 volts. Camping world is feeding you a line. 13.9 volts sounds a bit low for being on the charger, I would think it should be in the 14's. But even assuming that 13.9 is normal for the charger, you battery is not normal. 12.4 volts is a battery at only 50% charge. A fully charged battery will read 12.67 - 12.75volts. So your battery is not accepting a full charge. To add more to the case for a bad battery, Your 12 volt battery has 6 cells of 2 volts each in series which equals 12 volts. If you are reading 10 volts at all in your battery you have a dead cell. I've unfortunately been down this path many times in my frugal life and I can tell you that your battery is dead and needs to be replaced. A battery with a dead cell on the charger may ramp up into the 12v range. But it will drop to the 10 volt range within hours when taken off the charger. Here's your easy test. Plug the trailer in and let the battery charge for a few days, heck let it charge until Friday. Then unplug the shore power cable and disconnect the negative cable from the battery so it is isolated from the trailer. With a multimeter record the voltage charge at the battery immediately after you disconnect, you should see around 13.9 volts as this is a surface charge. After a few hours take another voltage reading, it should be around 12.6x volts. If it's lower you have a suspect battery. Let the battery sit disconnected overnight and check it sometime the next day. The voltage should be the same as the few hours check above (12.6x volts) if it is significantly lower 12.5 or lower you have a bad battery. My guess is that within a night or two the battery will drop to 10 volts as it has a dead cell. Have Camping world or the dealer charge and test the battery. When they call you up and say it is fine, ask them if they will let it sit off the charger and disconnected and check it again in the morning. I'll bet it reads dead when they do so. Batteries have a warranty and your dealer should be replacing this one, but if they wont you might have to just bite the bullet and spend the $100 to replace it.
opnspaces 11/16/15 02:20pm Travel Trailers
RE: Another Hitch Set Up Question

I think you're good as it sits. As long as you returned the original weight to the front axle it's okay to have a bit more weight on the rear. You just want to make sure you don't lighten the front axle from how it sits with no trailer.
opnspaces 11/14/15 11:15pm Travel Trailers
Thoughts on how to patch roof leak with Eternabond

I was on my trailer roof last weekend and I noticed bumps under the rubber roof that were never there before. I already knew they were going to be from a leak and slicing open a bump or two confirmed it. I have a 2005 Jayco Jayflight with the felt backed TPO roofing. I verified this when I sliced open a bump. The leak appears to be at the front joint where the TPO meets the aluminum and the damage is a roughly a 2 foot circular area. My thought is to slice a T in the roofing by slicing across the front of the roofing at the front cap and then straight down the middle of the damage for about 3 feet. Once open I can assess the damage and decide what next. Okay here's my question: Is it better to slice across the front of the trailer and then straight down the damaged area, or to slice across the front and down the two outer walls and peel back? What would you do? http://i.imgur.com/fKZIQQul.jpg height=480 My hope is I caught it early enough to just dry out the area and put the TPO back down. (yes I've been on this forum long enough to realize this isn't likely) :(
opnspaces 11/13/15 10:40am General RVing Issues
RE: bypass valve

If you can see the back of the water heater. If there is only one valve.And if it used to bypass before, then your valve is either plugged or broken. Link to single valve If however this is your first time winterizing , then you might have a second or even third valve in the system. Three valves With a three valve you need to shut off the bottom valve (handle perpendicular to the tube)and open the bypass valve(handle parallel to the tube) or no water will flow. This will cause the cold water to flow up the bypass tube to the hot side. At the outlet on top there is either a third valve to keep the water from filling the water heater from the top, or there is a one way check valve at the outlet and only two valves in the system.
opnspaces 11/09/15 02:42pm Beginning RVing
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