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RE: Who doesn't like long, hot steamy showers ?

I applaud you and your mod, I sometimes do things like that just because I can, not because I need it. :) With that much hot water you could have set up a shower tent by the outside shower and had two people at once showering. That would have been really cool. ;)
opnspaces 09/23/15 10:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: dining booth to bed woes

I wonder if there is another piece of furniture in the trailer that you are supposed to grab the cushion from and add it to the dinette when converting to a bed?
opnspaces 09/23/15 04:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: Front Propane Storage Question

If you're a Costco member they sometimes have 30 pound tanks for $40.
opnspaces 09/23/15 11:53am Travel Trailers
RE: driver side brakes heating up way more than pass side

How long does it take to heat up the wheel? Can you find a long open road and drive it with the brakes disconnected or isolate and disconnect one brake at a time and see if the heat issue goes away?
opnspaces 09/22/15 02:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Boondock campers with no plumbing?

I haven't heard about anything like that short of a cargo trailer. Could you blow out the lines of an existing trailer and just never put water in it after that? It seems like that would do the same thing except now you have an unused sink and shower just taking up valuable space.
opnspaces 09/22/15 02:15pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cool weather camping

Anything that doesn't breathe (like foamboard, space blanket, etc.) will make your mattress moldy. Tent campers don't have that problem because they lay the bedding out in the sun to dry each morning, and then pack it up. Interesting I never thought of the not breathing aspect. But wouldn't that be the same with the mattress just laying on the plywood bed frame? Another option would be to lift the bed and use some of the 3M-77 spray foam and glue sheets on the bottom of the plywood. That way you still get some insulation, but the mattress can still breathe.
opnspaces 09/22/15 11:09am General RVing Issues
RE: Do you use a vented dump tank cap during winter storage?

Could be, I have one of those garden hose vent caps as well. I could be wrong but I was assuming the OP meant a cap with a screen so the pipe can dry out. Something like this. Link to vented cap.
opnspaces 09/22/15 11:02am Beginning RVing
RE: driver side brakes heating up way more than pass side

I tried the same 50 lb ft then back off procedure once on a wheel bearing years ago and it burned up in short order. I really think the 50 lb ft is just too tight for what we're trying to accomplish. That being said I now grab the center nut with a channel lock pliers and tighten it tight while rotating the hub. Then without rotating I back off and hand tighten. By hand tighten though I mean just grabbing the nut with my fingertips and tightening it down until it stops. If the nut winds up in a position to where you can't lock it down, always loosen it slightly to align it, never tighten it. On your trailer I would probably repack the bearings again, then leave the nut one notch looser than you did before. Drive the trailer around the block then jack that side up again and with a hand on the top and bottom of the tire (12 and 6 o'clock positions) see if you can rock the tire in and out. If it has no play or extremely limited play I would run it like that.
opnspaces 09/22/15 10:54am Travel Trailers
RE: Cool weather camping

Ok, we are looking at not running the heater or using any type of electric....Then you'll need some way to keep the heat from being sucked out of you from below. I don't think a heater will keep the heat from being "sucked out below". Unless the heater is between me and the mattress. While I don't have this concern where I camp, I always thought that a sheet of the pink foam board insulation (R7.5) under the mattress would make for a much warmer bed. Link
opnspaces 09/21/15 01:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trailer Recommendation

The 4 seasons requirement is going to limit you a bit as only a few manufacturers have a true 4 season model. But for what you're describing with frost on the ground, I would think a model with a heated enclosed underbelly would possibly work. I'm thinking something like a Jayco 29QBS then add the Thermal package for the enclosed underbelly. It looks like it might have a solid sliding door for the master bedroom and an accordion for for the bunks. Link
opnspaces 09/21/15 12:41pm Beginning RVing
RE: Do you use a vented dump tank cap during winter storage?

I don't have a vented cap and it's always dry when I remove the cap. I can't imagine the use for a vented cap, but I guess people just try to figure out how to go above and beyond regardless of if it does any good.
opnspaces 09/17/15 01:27pm Beginning RVing
RE: How to transport multiple tiki torches

Thanks for the input everyone. I really like the plywood idea especially because I think I have all the necessary parts already. But I never thought about the smell that will come from the cans even when empty. Maybe I'll have to empty the cans and place them in ziploc baggies as suggested. But I still might make the carrier so the residual oil doesn't mess up the cans, maybe a plywood holder inside a rubbermaid, that would be clean. :) I'll have to think about it for a while. Good point donn0128, I didn't think about a fire ban. So I called the park and spoke with a ranger. She said the only ban is on ground fires which I already knew about.
opnspaces 09/16/15 04:36pm General RVing Issues
How to transport multiple tiki torches

Does anybody have a good way to carry tiki torches when on the road? Requirements and disclaimers: I have 10 torches.The cans lift out of the poles.I am boondocking.I am not near any other campers.I am in the desert so I'm not going to burn the place down.you will not be camped anywhere near me.I'm not worried about light pollution at night, in fact that's my objective for this trip.My nearest neighbor is at least a mile away. I'm looking for a way to carry the can ends of the tiki torches so they don't spill. The poles can just lay in the passthrough, the cans need to stay upright. Has anybody made a suitable carrier to keep the cans from tipping over when on the road? Thanks
opnspaces 09/15/15 10:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Really dead battery??

The lights are separate from the battery so that parts sounds like a grounding problem with the tow vehicle. I'm betting your umbilical ground isn't working. It's an easy check, chock the trailer tires and turn on the truck lights. Now use the tongue jack to lift the tongue off the ball and see if the lights go out. Or if you don't want to use the tongue jack just hook the umbilical and use a jumper cable to ground the trailer to the tow vehicle. As far as the battery being dead it sounds like your disconnect didn't disconnect and you had a dead battery. The tow vehicle running for a few minutes finally put enough charge into the battery to get the jack working.
opnspaces 09/13/15 09:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Towing with 1500

Glad you had a great time. I haven't had my trailer out in months, just waiting for the deserts to cool down then I can start again. Those blown 40 amp fuses are your reverse polarity fuses. If they blew then somebody at some point hooked the battery up backwards. If all is well now then take a picture of how the batteries are wired before you pull the wires for whatever reason. Usually black or red is positive and white is negative, but not always. So look at yours and make note for the future.
opnspaces 09/12/15 07:19pm Travel Trailers
RE: Prodigy Parasite?

Yes the Prodigy goes into a low power sleep mode. I made my own "remove before flight" type of flag for my TV. I took a piece of cardboard and cut it about steering wheel size and wrote "battery on charger" on it in magic marker. Then I used a razor knife to cut a hole about three inches from the top and a slit out to one of the edges. Now when I plug the truck in I hang the sign on the steering wheel and close the door. I figure that if I manage to get in, move the sign out of the way to insert the ignition key, start the truck and back it away while still plugged in, I deserve to damage the cord. When I'm driving I just slide the cardboard under the front seat to be used later.
opnspaces 09/11/15 03:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Speed rating answer from Maxxis

Thanks Nick now I know I'm good. I'm upgraded to load range D from load range C and I inflate to max cold which should be good to 85mph. Since I drive 55 I'll never have a problem. :) Yes I'm joking, but it is good to know that the tires are actually rated for more than 65.
opnspaces 09/08/15 10:50am General RVing Issues
RE: I'm better because...

21. I'm better because I use a Hensley/Propride.- I'm better because I use Equal-i-zer/ Reese dual cam. - I'm better because I don't use sway control. 22. I'm better because I use weight distribution - I'm better because I have a balanced trailer so don't need weight distribution. 23. I'm better because I use an integrated trailer brake controller - I'm better because I use an inertia based brake controller. 24.I'm better because I use LT tires - I'm better because I use ST tires. 25.I'm better because I like awning/site lights. - I'm better because I like no lights. 26. I'm better because I like a campfire - I'm better because I like no campfire. 27. I'm better because I cook over charcoal - I'm better because I cook over propane. 28. I'm better because I have a 3/4 tot TV - I'm better because I have a 1/2 ton TV. 29. I'm better because I tow with a truck - I'm better because I tow with an SUV. 30. I'm better because my RV has fiberglass sides - I'm better because my RV has tin sides. 31. I'm better because my walls have aluminum framing. - I'm better because my RV has wood framing. 32. I'm better because I drive a Ford. - I'm better because I drive a Chevy. - I'm better because I drive a Dodge. - I'm better because I drive a Toyota. - ETC....
opnspaces 09/05/15 12:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Air mattress or plywood under foam mattress on sleep sofa?

I have to say I'm with BossCamper on this one. My kids can sleep on the pullout sofa, I'm sleeping in my bed. But for you I would get a mattress topper and roll it up in the morning.
opnspaces 09/05/15 12:18am Travel Trailers
RE: RPR of Screen Mesh

Here's probably the most invisible of the repair methods. Link
opnspaces 09/02/15 12:39pm Folding Trailers
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