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RE: O2 sensor going off

I was on vacation for a week and couldn't get to RV.net so I'm working through the withdrawals by posting even to older questions. If you leave the battery connected in storage the various devices will drain the battery. Based on your post there are really two solutions. Disconnect the negative cable of the battery for storage.Install a battery disconnect switch so you can disconnect the battery while in storage. Yes you want the battery to be charged before hand as storing a battery in a partially discharged state will damage it.
opnspaces 04/13/14 06:30pm Beginning RVing
RE: Emergency Parts Access

If you can't find the necessary parts I second the sharkbite valve. link In the link you want the valve with the red handle on it. The fittings are extremely easy to use if you have enough length on the PEX tube somewhere to install it. Just use a razor blade utility knife to cut the tube square. Then slide the sharkbite fitting onto the cut end. It's really easy and doesn't take much more force than putting a straw into a Big Gulp cup. Once you slide one end on then just trim the other end of the tube to adjust for the length that the sharkbite added. It's really a 10 minute job and 5 of those minutes are used up finding the knife in your tool box. This will get your water system back in use and you can then use a bucket or cup or water to flush the toilet until you get the required part.
opnspaces 04/13/14 06:12pm Beginning RVing
RE: How do I know which drop hitch to buy?

Personally I would go for the $40 savings. Just ask the person you're buying the trailer from to go make it level front to back and measure the coupler height. I would imagine with how much you are paying for the trailer that they will be willing to do this for you. One thing I don't like about the balls they sell at Walmart is they are rated kind of low for my tastes. Their 2 5/16 ball is rated for 6,000 lbs, while at the RV dealer I picked up a 2 5/16 ball rated at 10,000 lbs for a dollar more. Another option is to go to Walmart and buy one of each drop hitch and the big wrench that they have hanging next to the display. Then go to the dealer and buy the ball and have them put it on the correct drop hitch. Stop at Walmart on the way home to buy some camping supplies for the new trailer and return the unused hitches while you're there. If for some reason the dealer won't install the ball for you (for free) then just use the wrench that you picked up to install the ball. Once you get it tight, turn the hitch sideways in the receiver tube so you can push down on the wrench to tighten the nut. Now just grab the tailgate for balance and step up onto the wrench using your weight to tighten it further. If you're particularly light give it a bounce while you're standing on the wrench and it will be tight enough.
opnspaces 04/13/14 11:11am Folding Trailers
RE: More newbie questions - black tank flush system

How do you know you have solids piled up in the tank? Are you seeing a pyramid like Old-Biscuit mentions or are you just generally concerned? If just concerned I would say don't worry about it. Just drain the tank, run the flusher for a while to refill it, then drain it again. Add a few gallons of water to the tank to keep things from drying out and put the trailer away. There's just no need to get the tank spotlessly cleaned. Now if you have a pyramid from too much use with not enough water then you're going to have to get it out. But personally I would just fill the tank with water and let it sit for a week or more and I'll bet that pile dissolves on it's own.
opnspaces 04/13/14 12:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Awning Lights

I wouldn't be concerned. People hang all sorts of items from their awnings including using large spring loaded guy wires to hold the awning down in the wind. Are you sure they weight 12 pounds? That seems heavy for awning lights.
opnspaces 04/13/14 12:45am Travel Trailers
RE: Grease zerk on axel.

I pack by hand and leave the center of the hub mostly empty as the grease does not migrate in and out of the bearing. The zerk will take a whole lot of grease as it fills the entire hub up with grease. I almost started using the zerk until I though about it for a while and I realized that the zerk is probably good for an initial pack. But come next year at repack time I need to force an entire hub full of old grease through the outer bearing until I see all new grease. The problem I see with this is the new grease only comes out of the base of the spindle at the 3 and 9 o'clock position. How can those two positions possibly force all the old grease out of the hub? It seems more likely that I'll have two little ribbons of clean grease pushing through the hub at 3 and 9 o'clock and a whole bunch of old grease left behind in the hub to mingle with the new grease once the wheels start turning. I always disassemble and pack by hand so I know the grease is clean and new.
opnspaces 04/06/14 08:30am Folding Trailers
RE: Dewinterizing results...

Was the vodka cheaper than the antifreeze? Or were you trying to stop drinking?
opnspaces 04/05/14 08:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: Fresh Water Tank

Roscoe, As stated even if you don't plan on drinking the water it still needs to be sanitized. Although if you're always using city chlorinated tap water you are probably fine. But really you can buy a small bottle of unscented bleach at Walmart for around a dollar fifty. Pour 2 oz (1/4 cup) for every 10 gallons of tank capacity into your fresh water fill. Then fill the tank and pump the water to each faucet, toilet, and outside shower until you smell bleach. I also make sure to let it fill the water heater. Let it sit overnight and drain it in the morning. Drain the water heater tank. Then fill the tank with fresh water and purge out all the faucets and fill the water heater again. Then drain it all again and it's ready to go. If it still smells like bleach just flush it one more time. It will take maybe 30 minutes of actual work time as most of the time is waiting for the tank to fill or drain. People will caution you about not pouring bleach directly into the fresh fill pipe. I say the bottle the bleach comes in is plastic and the fill pipe and tank are plastic. Also the bleach is going to get washed down with the hose as you fill the tank. It's not going to hurt anything the few times that you actually pour bleach down the hole. .
opnspaces 04/03/14 10:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: Need help with our refrigerator

So the Camping World Good Sam guy was kind of right, but he had his facts mixed up. There is a yellow powder inside most RV refrigerators. (Fact)If you see the yellow powder on the outside of the refrigerator the unit is broken. (Fact)If you turn the refrigerator off the powder will settle to the bottom and harden. (Incorrect)If you run the refrigerator for a length of time in an off level situation the powder can settle in the upper coils, harden, block things up and destroy the cooling unit. (Fact)It will damage the refrigerator to run it while towing. (Incorrect)The act of towing the refrigerator down the road will help keep the coolant flowing as you go over bumps, hills, curves etc. (Fact) Almost all of us disconnect the battery while in storage and our refrigerators all work fine when we pull the unit out of storage later. Get a battery disconnect like your husband wanted and get started enjoying your new trailer.
opnspaces 04/01/14 12:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Jayco vs. Other brands experiences?

My Jayco has had very few problems. In fact I don't think I really had to even bring it back for Warranty service. Well except the refrigerator cooling unit sprung a leak, but that was on Norcold, not Jayco and the dealer repaired it under warranty. I would buy a Jayco again based on the way their customer service treated me when I made a mistake out of warranty. It was my fault and out of warranty and they met me at least half way with the repair. I think though that the ultimate build is probably the same as many other trailers out there. If I were to buy again I would at least stay away from the ultra lights based on the many postings here. They seem to wind up with soft spots on the floors from repeated foot traffic and many have what I would view as a substandard strength frame. They also have low ceiling heights and that won't work for me at almost 6'6". This is all just my humble opinion though. :)
opnspaces 04/01/14 12:33pm Travel Trailers
RE: turning a CO2 tank upside down

Thanks guys. I'll ask when I bring it in for a refill soon. Hopefully it's something they can easily reverse.
opnspaces 03/31/14 06:52pm Around the Campfire
RE: Sanitize freshwater

I'm probably guilty of over sanitizing my system. It gets sanitized at the end of summer as that's the start of my camping season. then somewhere around Jan I can't remember if I ever sanitized it this year so I do it again. Come May I might do it again just to be sure. I also fill the water heater when I sanitize because there is some water in the bottom even after I drain it.
opnspaces 03/31/14 09:23am Travel Trailers
RE: A Truism for TT Owners

Lol I've verified that fact many times over the last few years. I finally got smart enough to put a plastic grocery bag over it to keep the shin level grease spot off my pant leg.
opnspaces 03/31/14 09:16am Travel Trailers
turning a CO2 tank upside down

One thing I love about this forum is there is someone from every walk of life on here. So I have a question about CO2 tanks that someone might have the answer to.. I have what I believe is a 20lb CO2 tank. In the past I have used it turned upside down to blow liquid CO2 onto gum and other general mucky spots on my household carpet. This freezes the offending matter and I can just chip it off with the edge of a butter knife. But ever since I had the tank refilled last, I cannot get any liquid out of it. I can feel that there is liquid in it, and I can turn it upside down. But all that comes out is gas. Did the welding supply store change my existing valve out? Is there some kind of new law (like the 80% fill law for Propane) that makes it illegal to use a valve that can expel liquid CO2? Thanks for any insights.
opnspaces 03/30/14 09:59pm Around the Campfire
RE: Bypassing the converter

I guess I'm trying to ask: will I only draw the amount of watts that I am using (for the appliance) or am I drawing the full 1500 watts by just being plugged into the outlet? You are only drawing the amount that is being used. the inverter is capable of providing 1,500 but it only provides what you use. Think of it like a garden hose. It can flow 10 gallons a minute full force. But if you hook it to a drip irrigation system it will only use a few gallons an hour.
opnspaces 03/28/14 09:08pm Travel Trailers
RE: "Ramp" for sewer line?

I have one, I even used it once or twice. But then I just started putting the hose away between uses and now the supports just sit in a storage bay.
opnspaces 03/27/14 10:22pm Beginning RVing
RE: Equal-i-zer Hitch question - Keystone Terrain 250TRS

I had the same question about the coupler height when I bought my trailer. I called the dealer and the salesman grabbed a tape measure and measured one on the lot. If they have a similar model they'll probably do the same for you.
opnspaces 03/27/14 10:18pm Travel Trailers
RE: How Long Do Your Propane Tanks Last

I would say I have to refill one of the tanks every season and a half to two seasons. I run the everything off propane when I'm desert camping. But really the furnace only comes on maybe 10 times on a really cold night. I would say either I'm really frugal with propane use, or I need to get out more. I would guess probably 20 - 40 days per tank.
opnspaces 03/26/14 09:28pm Travel Trailers
RE: Anybody towing with an older truck?

I pull my TT with a 1996 3/4 ton Suburban. I pull my PU with a 1977 Bronco.
opnspaces 03/26/14 09:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Wanted to say thanks

opnspaces 03/24/14 10:37pm Beginning RVing
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