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RE: Busted lock

Can you insert the broken key into the lock and get it to turn? If so get the lock open and then you can remove the lock and work on it. If you can access the back of the lock from inside the trailer you can take out the screw that holds the door latch shut and get it open.
opnspaces 08/12/14 02:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Oh boy. We're in a mess. Roof rebuild FAIL.

Is it black with mildew because it was stored with wet tenting, or is it black from some unknown chemical reaction? If mildew I would bleach water it off and move on.
opnspaces 08/12/14 02:22pm Folding Trailers
RE: thught I was done with problems....generator help please

1/4 tank cutoff is really for Motorhomes but probably exists on all RV's. Since Motorhome generators pull fuel from the main tank they cutoff at 1/4 tank so you can't get stranded from a generator running you out of fuel. Remember a carburetor does not use a pressurized fuel system like a fuel injected engine would. The purpose to the fuel pump on a carburated engine is to keep topping up the fuel bowl as the fuel is sucked out through the jets. Can you make a gravity feed (fuel pump) with your new piece of long hose? Hook the hose to the carburetor and the other end to a funnel or bottle that you can put fuel in. Lift the bottle of fuel above the level of the generator and it is the same thing as running a fuel pump. If the generator keeps running this way you have a fuel delivery problem. If the generator continues to stall you have a carburetor problem.
opnspaces 08/12/14 01:26am Tech Issues
RE: Messed up my Fantastic fan....

yes they should be one on each side of the rotating thing. The springs push them up against the rotating part.
opnspaces 08/12/14 12:59am Tech Issues
RE: The dreaded confuzzled newbie

Jesus, I just called for hitch places and they all average anywhere between 2 to 3 hundred dollars for all wiring and brake controller. The dealership wants close to $600 for the same exact thing. Hitch shops are probably going to be cheaper as the dealer is probably looking to pad his profit on accessories. Here's an experiment to try. Ask the dealer and the hitch places to quote you parts and installation of specific parts. A Class III receiver hitch. A Prodigy P2 proportional brake controller ($124 from e-trailer or RWholesalers) a 7-blade RV connector installed and connected including a battery charge wire to the 7-blade connector. See what they all come back with in prices.
opnspaces 08/05/14 10:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Bad camping neighbors

All I can say is I'm glad I've never had to experience anything like that when camping. In reading your original post with the kids riding bikes through the site and the dumping of bacon grease, I had two thoughts. Either they mistook you for part of the group? Or they were trying to get you to leave so they could have more room. Posts like this always remind me of one time I was standing in the admissions line at for a local community college. The two guys in front of me were talking about a roommate situation. One of the guys said "My roommate holds the lease, but me and my friends are going to try to obnoxiate him out of there so they can move in." I've never heard the term before or after that day, but the meaning was clear. They were going to be obnoxious and irritating to the roommate until he had enough and moved out. So it's always possible that these bad neighbors are doing it on purpose to get you to move on for their benefit.
opnspaces 08/04/14 02:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: Do You Flush.

Sometimes I flush, sometimes I don't. But most of the time I just dump, turn on the sprayer for a few minutes and then close the valve and add a bit of water.
opnspaces 08/04/14 11:55am Travel Trailers
RE: How do I use a sewer donut?

Thanks everyone that's what I figured. It was years ago but I guess I just wasn't pushing it down hard enough to get it to start in the hole.
opnspaces 08/01/14 09:05pm Beginning RVing
RE: Wood putty to hold awning screws in rotten wood ?

My guess is that your computer still had one of the small windows (posting, preview, quoting etc) open behind your browser. That catches me all the time.
opnspaces 07/29/14 07:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: How I bettered my 5'ers brakes

Thanks for the post, I'm always interested in ways to make the trailer brakes better. If you want to go one bit further you can do as Spike99 did to improve his braking. Link
opnspaces 07/29/14 06:54pm General RVing Issues
How do I use a sewer donut?

Seems like a simple enough question I know. But I don't know the answer and I'm curious. YEARS ago (2006), I booked a full hookup campsite just to see what it was like. It was my first full hookup ever and I was, well a bit excited. I could use all the water and electricity I wanted. :) Anyway I thought I'd hookup the slinky as it I wanted to try out everything about full hookup. I figured the proper way to hook to the sewer was to slide the donut onto the smooth attachment at the end of the slinky, and then put it down the hole. But the donut wouldn't fit in the hole. :h In the end I just put the slinky away and only pulled it out when it was time to dump. Since that day I have never left the slinky hooked up unless it was time to drain the tanks. This wasn't really because of my donut experience but it's just the way I do it. But I've always wondered what I was doing wrong. So my questions to you all is "how do you use the donut"? or what was I possibly doing wrong? Am I supposed to put the donut on the slinky and then in the hole? Or was I possibly supposed to put the donut in the hole and then force the slinky into it? Thanks
opnspaces 07/29/14 06:14pm Beginning RVing
RE: Wood putty to hold awning screws in rotten wood ?

PS> I don't know how to post pics using URL . Is there the normal attachment, browse and select option somehow ? Thanks Gloria Browse and select picture posting does exist, sort of. Find the picture on your computer. go to this site. Link Drag and drop your picture right into the center of the page. Right click and copy the address link that the page returns. Now when you post, click on the yellow post card looking icon (5th from left) Paste the address into the top URL window and click finished. Link to the link
opnspaces 07/28/14 03:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dome light problem

while true a voltmeter would be handy you have already popped in a few different bulbs and it doesn't work. Without a meter I would pull the light down and inspect the wiring to the fixture to make sure nothing is loose. Maybe also check your bulbs in a working fixture to make sure that they still work.
opnspaces 07/28/14 11:56am Travel Trailers
RE: Run Gas AND Electric?

I run both when needed.
opnspaces 07/28/14 12:22am Travel Trailers
RE: Coleman Mach 3 A/C

Many times running on low fan will cause the evaporator to freeze up. But usually when that happens the fan is still spinning fast but there is no airflow. Now that's it's had a chance to thaw out you might lift the top and see what the fan speed is like. If it runs fast now do like most people recommend and if it's humid out and run it on high speed.
opnspaces 07/25/14 09:59pm Folding Trailers
RE: how to clean toilet "pipe"?

Are you referring to the Thetford Aquamagic IV that has a big hollow base that fills up with splash back? I've never bothered to clean it as I only see it if I'm gazing lovingly down the hole as I flush. But I will be the first to say I think it was probably not very well thought out.
opnspaces 07/24/14 11:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Adding additional fresh water tank: no pressure to faucets

Hello DClause and welcome to the forum. This shouldn't be too hard to figure out, but we probably need a bit more information about how your system works or used to work. Before you added the second tank how did you fill the fresh water tank? Was it a gravity fill on the side of the trailer, or by hooking up the the city water connection and flipping a lever? When you say the system is pumping water into the tank, can you be more specific on the failure? Is the pump moving the water from the new tank to the original tank? Does the pump run and fill a tank if all the faucets are turned off? Do you still have a city water hose connected to the side of the RV? Do you have a winterizing antifreeze hose and valve by the pump and is it set correctly? Did you disconnect or move any hoses by the water pump, or only down by the tanks? In your picture there is a T fitting wrapped by a piece of wire. Where does the connection that goes up out of the picture go? Where does the hose with the two screw clamps go? Is that a vent line?
opnspaces 07/24/14 03:20pm Tech Issues
RE: Hot exhausting air from Gen being sucked in by cool inlet

the part you (and I) don't know is what is an acceptable temperature range for the cooling air. It might just be that the specs allow for 160 degree air before the engine is affected. Think about the temps in a liquid cooled engine. Most are running a 195 degree thermostat which means the coolant in the engine is 195 degrees which is hotter than the generator cooling air.
opnspaces 07/24/14 02:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Pull Cord for Awning hidden

I always let the awning slap up against the trailer when putting away and the strap is always buried out of sight. I just grab an awning arm and pull it out a bit. Then I go to the other arm and pull out a bit. After the the second or third pull I can grab the strap and pull it down.
opnspaces 07/24/14 01:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: over chlorinated water holding tank

I would ask him what he used and how much. That would answer the question of if he used chlorine tablets or household bleach. Is is also possible that you're not actually draining the tank when trying to flush? Also are you draining the water heater at the same time as the fresh tank?
opnspaces 07/24/14 12:57pm Beginning RVing
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