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RE: Had an unexpected visitor this weekend

We are overloaded with yotes here and live in a farming community, we have raise goats and have a donkey in each pasture, they protect the goats and will kill any dog or yote that comes in. They have decimated the turkey, quail and rabbit populations, not to mention the chickens and put a large dent in the deer population, we have an agreement with all of us hunters to kill any that we can, even if it means letting a deer pass by, we figure that if we kll one yte it saves lots of other animals. Interesting, I never know a donkey would chase much less kill a dog or coyote. Where I live we also have a decent coyote population in the hills around the house and I see one in the neighborhood from time to time. They have been there for years and yes cats do disappear from time to time. But for some reason we've also had a rabbit population explosion and they seem to be everywhere at night. I keep waiting for the coyotes to clear them out but it's been three years and doesn't seem to be happening. But even though I see them from time to time at home, it just seems different to see one out in the desert hunting mice and such. Thanks for all the comments, I didn't realize they were so prevalent everywhere else.
opnspaces 12/07/16 08:06am General RVing Issues
Had an unexpected visitor this weekend

I was out camping in the desert this last weekend. The weather was beautiful with just a puff of wind from time to time. I was outside on Sunday morning when I spied this guy wandering around the area. I grabbed my camera and jumped in the Suburban and drove off to get a closer look and maybe a photo. After a few minutes though he turned around and wandered back to and through my campsite making sure to look at and sniff everything. It was a great experience to just sit and watch him hunt. http://i.imgur.com/RhPT3bjl.jpg width=640
opnspaces 12/06/16 12:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Our last camping trip.....

Nothing like wanting to get to the campsite and having a dead battery to spoil the evening. Now this is particularly cruel of your battery. It's not like you're stuck at home and can't get the truck started. NOOO you've sitting at the campground store and can't get the truck started to get to your site and start camping. I'll bet you could even see your site just beckoning to you as you sit there contemplating the situation. :) Glad you got it started and it was just a dead battery in the end.
opnspaces 11/22/16 09:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Electric trailer brakes sticking

If you can hear the brakes buzzing when you are out of the vehicle and not touching the brakes then there is a short somewhere. the question now would be is the short in the truck or in the trailer. Do you have a friend who tows that you can try their truck or trailer and see if the problem follows (stays with) the truck or the trailer?
opnspaces 11/17/16 07:23pm Travel Trailers
RE: Electric trailer brakes sticking

Go for a drive with a friend. When you come to a stop and the brakes stick, have your friend get out and unplug the umbilical and see if the brakes release.
opnspaces 11/15/16 01:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Furnace not working first time out.

If your thermostat is like the one you pictured then it only controls heat. I would figure out how to open the thermostat and then unscrew it off the wall. Disconnect one of the two wires and touch it to the other wire. If the furnace comes on throw the cheap thermostat in the trash. Then drive over to Walmart and pick up a $25 digital thermostat and we'll help you wire it in. It will work better than the current one. It will be done way faster than warranty for another cheap mediocre factory stat. And it will be something cool that you installed yourself. I installed mine a few years ago and I swear, out of the 30 minutes it took to install it, 20 - 25 minutes were spent making sure the mounting holes were level. The link is the one I used but most of them will work. You just want to make sure it has a battery backup as the batteries are what is going to power the electronics. Link
opnspaces 10/18/16 01:35am Travel Trailers
RE: furnace/heater question

At the temperatures you describe with two 6 volts and LED lights 2 nights easily three nights stretching it anything more with battery damage from drawing too low. If you have a way to put some power back in during the day they will obviously go longer. In a pinch you can always turn the tow vehicle around and use some jumper cables and your alternator to add charge. Don't bother with trying to charge through the trailers umbilical, there's too much resistance through the small wires to give much of a charge. Oh and be mindful of your fuel level to make sure you can actually get back home when the trip is done.
opnspaces 10/18/16 01:13am Travel Trailers
RE: Storing first TT inside pole barn

If the batteries are fully charged they will probably be fine disconnected and left alone all winter. If you have a trickle charger and power in the pole barn then just trickle charge them out there, no need to bring them into the house.
opnspaces 10/14/16 10:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Am I completely crazy?

Not sure how I would sway on your questions and I've never done anything like what you are proposing. But there was one thing that caught my eye. You mentioned multiple friends and family for your wife to hang out with and that gave me pause. It seems that if you sell the house you won't be able to park in the same neighborhood or possibly even close to it on the days you are at work. If that's the case your wife might start to ind it hard, or harder to go out on play dates or whatever. Now that I think about it the outcome is the same if you rent the house. You are still stuck living outside the neighborhood. I'm not sure about your experiences, but in my life I've noticed that when people move out of neighborhoods they rapidly become distant friends that you only see on rare occasions. The last thing I would say is I would never sell my main house and move into an RV, even for a year, unless I hated my neighborhood or just couldn't afford the mortgage. Have you considered the possibility of renting a large motorhome once or twice a month for 7 days? I'll bet you would get the same enjoyment, have no maintenance or storage fees, and be many dollars ahead of your original plan at the end of the year.
opnspaces 10/03/16 09:30pm Beginning RVing
RE: remove "flushable" wipes from black tank?

Have you opened the toilet valve and taken a look down the hole? There might not be anything down there and you just have some faulty sensors. Personally I wouldn't worry about it too much and just use the RV. If you're concerned, look down the hole every evening to see how full it is and dump it if it looks close.
opnspaces 10/02/16 09:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: Jay Flight Anti Theft Lugs?

The common metric sizes for lug nuts are 19 and 21 mm. I would guess though that you have lug nuts with cheap chrome sleeves on them like Huntindog stated.
opnspaces 09/30/16 11:25pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer brakes are 'locked'

Just read your reply to TvMan and RoyB. The wiring on the breakaway should not matter. The plastic pin basically separates the two wires from each other and it you pull the pin the wires touch making a connection. On second thought to my post above. It is possible that you have wired the breakaway wrong. If the wire from your battery positive terminal to the breakaway has any splices in it, you would be feeding 12v from the splice to the trailer brakes and bypassing around the pin in the breakaway. The emergency breakaway should use a single fused dedicated wire from the battery to the switch.
opnspaces 09/02/16 05:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trailer brakes are 'locked'

The 6 inches and then locked means there is power to the brakes. It's easy to differentiate between the brake controller and the breakaway switch. The emergency breakaway will still function with the trailer umbilical disconnected from the tow vehicle. If you disconnect the umbilical and the brakes are still locked then your emergency breakaway OR your trailer wiring is the culprit. Try disconnecting all the battery negative cables and see if the brakes unlock. If however the brakes do not lock when you unplug the umbilical cord then your brake controller or tow vehicle wiring is at fault.
opnspaces 09/02/16 05:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: Teflon Tape or Plumbers Putty?

Teflon tape is not a sealer, it is a thread lubricant, navegator Where do you come up with that poppycock bull:h:R:h I always thought the same as Navegator. That the teflon tape lubricates the threads so that you can tighten the fitting enough that the metal jams into the fitting tighter. But when I think about it, the tape has to also seal any microscopic pits or voids.
opnspaces 08/28/16 01:51pm Beginning RVing
RE: Toilet: porcelain or plastic?

Never had a problem with my Aqua Magic V. Yes if yo look down the hole with the flush valve open you can see some dried on splashing. It's below the blade valve so I just don't worry about it.
opnspaces 08/27/16 07:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: dragging the propane tanks...

I'm wondering if I tighten the big wing nut on top of the tanks and then drill and zip tie the wingnut to the hold down bar beneath it, would that prevent the threaded rod from vibrating loose?
opnspaces 08/27/16 05:14pm Travel Trailers
RE: Electrical problem

The other outlets not working could be another GFI somewhere else in that is tripped. Another thing to check is often times a breaker will trip but not really look tripped. I would unplug the shore power. Then flip each breaker off and press firmly in the off direction before turning it back on. A tripped breaker will feel spongy or springy in the off direction where the others will not. As far as the 12 volt items (lights refrigerator, slide) my guess is the no power has caused the battery to drain. Either that or you possibly hooked the battery up backwards and it blew the reverse polarity fuses. Look for one or two fuses that are set apart from the other fuses a bit. Pull them out and swap them with two different fuses to temporarily test. If you have a digital meter it would be helpful too.
opnspaces 08/07/16 09:03am Travel Trailers
RE: 24 foot TT can I camp at tent sites?

Typically the tent spots really only have enough room for a car to park. You would have to cal the individual campground you are interested, but I would bet they say no trainers in the tent sites.
opnspaces 08/07/16 08:53am Travel Trailers
RE: Jacks

My jacks are up. They are only there for stabilizing the trailer when people are moving around in it. Since I'm not hanging out in there when in storage there's no reason to lower them.
opnspaces 07/30/16 11:18pm Beginning RVing
RE: Wireing for added tailights

Does your rv have red lights for brake and running lights and amber lights for turn signals? If so and there is no converter box it is probably wired incorrectly. Import vehicles with amber turn signals use one wire for each turn signal and one wire to power both brake lights. If there are only 4 wires connected then it is probably wired for the two turn signals the running lights and ground with no brake lights. If this is true you would need something like this. Link As you can see in the photo, the converter takes the separate turn signal and brake wires and combines them into two wires that power both the turn signal and brake on each wire.
opnspaces 07/28/16 07:31pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
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