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RE: Lithium batteries life?

Hi KJ, What company are you getting them from?
pianotuna 02/27/15 01:16pm Tech Issues
RE: Ok to run a generator at night if no one is around?

Hi, In my home 200 feet, a garage door, and three house doors away the CO detector would go off when I ran the generator--depending on the direction of the wind. I will NOT run my generator when I sleep. I'm fortunate that I can run the roof air for some time off the battery bank. I suggest getting the RV cooled down turning off the generator, and then relying on 12 volt fans while sleeping. If voltage drop on shore power is a concern acquire an autoformer. That is on my want list.
pianotuna 02/27/15 01:05pm Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: Safe to run 20A through a 15A adapter?

Drive North. I'm fortunate to be able to run the roof air from my battery bank. I do have recharging issues. Since I am in a class C, I can, if I so desire, start the engine and run the dash air with the roof air at the same time. That extends the run time on the roof air and cools the RV much faster. Or, I can use the generator. I prefer to not do so. I will NOT sleep with the generator running. Fortunately my Yamaha 3000 sIEB is equipped with a remote control. What do boondockers do if their wife won't go if they can't run an A/C at night? Leave her at home?
pianotuna 02/27/15 12:52pm Beginning RVing
RE: Alternator output

Hi, Duty cycle for a 130 amp is about 50%. So in real terms you have 65 amps to play with. The chassis may consume 1/2 of that so in real terms you have about 30 amps available. One way to tell is to monitor the voltage of the chassis battery. If it falls to 12.9 it may be time to lighten the load. If it falls to 12.3 definitely reduce the load. Over heating may destroy the diode in the alternator. I did install manual switching to allow me to disconnect my house bank relay from the chassis. I have toyed with the idea of adding an external rectifier on my out of warranty 130 amp Ford Alternator. On at least some of the Ford v-10's it is possible to add a 2nd alternator. That would be wonderful.
pianotuna 02/27/15 12:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lithium batteries life?

Hi Almot, I started a thread on the same article a few weeks ago. It is not specific to the LIPO batteries. The deal killer for me is the inability to charge any type of LI in temperatures below freezing. On a different note, I just found out that lifeline AGM says their batteries "go to sleep" at -42.7 C (-45 F).
pianotuna 02/27/15 12:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Safe to run 20A through a 15A adapter?

Hi, You are generally better off with a dog bone adapter. The contact areas have more material to dissipate any heat.
pianotuna 02/27/15 12:19pm Beginning RVing
RE: heat pump/ac

Hi Rusty, I filled the 60 pound propane tank twice in 2014. I do heat, water heat, and cook 100% electrically. If you can get a cheap heat that comes "for free" by all means use it. As I have a 30 amp service on my RV the cheap heat is not be able to provide all the heating needed. It is unable to be used as supplemental heat to the propane furnace. At -37 C I need 6000 watts of electric heat to keep warm. The other big issue for me personally is lack of fail over to the propane furnace. Everyone's situation is different and I'm glad the cheap heat works for you. I do have a way to keep the basement warm which only uses 23 watts of power. I boondock for months at a time, so my major propane use is for the fridge. It would require filling the propane tank about every three days at -37 C to keep the RV warm. Gotta love any form of electric heat--but I do need about 45 amps to do so. I love the fireplace idea and wish I could find space for one.
pianotuna 02/27/15 12:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: heat pump/ac

Hi, Payback is more or less impossible. If a unit bites the dust--it may be worth the upgrade. For now, see if you can add a heat strip. That costs about $60. Another alternative is to pick up a $20 heater from Walmart. Do upgrade the outlet you plan to use it with. Someone mentioned the Cheap Heat system. Be aware that on the lowest setting it can not be run on a 15 amp circuit. Pay back time is even more astronomical than changing out to a heat pump.
pianotuna 02/27/15 11:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 12V Replacement Battery Suggestions

Hi, Buy the cheapest maintenance free sealed battery you can find.
pianotuna 02/27/15 11:02am Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Battery question

Hi Ropdoc, a 7000 watt generator is overkill, may be noisy, may have a poor wave form (the television may not like it), and may be expensive to run (lots of fuel consumption). I'd suggest looking at one of the inverter generators. They cost more, but are quiet and much lighter weight. While I can run my roof air on battery power via the inverter, one does have to recharge. If I need the roof air it is far more cost effective to find an inexpensive campground. For example Nebraska has 14 free campgrounds that provide shore power.
pianotuna 02/27/15 10:57am Tech Issues
RE: do programmers really help

Hi, It is almost impossible to improve fuel economy and improve power at the same time. They are almost different sides of the same coin. What does work: Reducing weight Increasing tire pressure Reducing speed (the best way to save)
pianotuna 02/27/15 10:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: Solar Kit

He could solve that by having more wattage. Double the wattage has the same effect as having a longer charging day. Of course, striking the panels and moving them is twice as much effort, too. Seems like there is nothing wrong with the solar equipment. Just not enough time in daylight at this time of year. Add to that the long time it takes to recharge a battery from 90% to Full anyway.
pianotuna 02/27/15 10:39am Tech Issues
RE: How many hours will a 7000 watt generator run....

Hi, For resistance heating voltage drop doesn't matter much. I think the PD converter will work down to 95 volts. I mainly rely on solar. I do have a Yamaha 3000 sIEB equipped with remote start (and stop). I do not run it while sleeping, but rather rely on the battery bank for electrical needs at night. I'm good to -5 C for one night heating electrically on the battery bank. Because I often have access to only 15 amp outlets, I have modified the RV to have the OEM 30 amp, 20 amp, and 15 amp shore power cords. At colder than -5 C I want some shore power. I can manage down to -27 C on twin 15 amp circuits. Below that I go to a campground with 50 amp service and use a breakout box. Or I can do three 15 amp circuits. My next purchase may be an autoformer. Because of the nature of how I RV I carry about 400 feet of shore power cords. 200 feet of that mix are #10 with 30 amp connectors. 500 feet should do it. LOL I would need #2 service entrance cable and a few utility poles to offset the voltage drop. Guessing you don't camp with a portable generator?
pianotuna 02/27/15 10:31am Tech Issues
RE: solar + batteris

Hi Frank, You need some overhead on the controller. 450 watts is really pushing the envelope on a 30 amp controller. Good design for a 30 amp suggests a maximum of 24 amps of input. With 450 watts, under ideal conditions you may be approaching 35 amps. I would upgrade to a 45 amp controller, or else just use 2 panels.
pianotuna 02/26/15 07:59pm Tech Issues
RE: an interesting solar charge controller/inverter

Hi Mr. Wizard, It is still nice that the inverter/charger chooses solar first as a power source. I can see using such a device to power my laptop which is almost always on. I'm assuming the overhead from the inverter would be supplied directly from the panels. As it is a 30 amp pwm device it could handle up to 4 hundred watts. That would power the fridge, and still charge the battery bank between duty cycles. I'm unlikely to switch to this as I got the fancy Magnum.
pianotuna 02/26/15 09:44am Tech Issues
RE: Pink Anti-freeze

Hi Dennis, What I do: 1. blow the lines 2. install pink antifreeze 3. blow the lines again and save as much of the pink as I can. I do leave the pink in the line to the toilet One year I winterized seven times. My RV takes about 12 liters (about 3 US gallons). By being able to reuse it I saved a tidy sum. 8 liters was costing $7 by the time the tax was paid. Doing this consumed about 2 liters per time. In winter I always carry enough to winterize in case I run into a heating problem.
pianotuna 02/26/15 09:14am General RVing Issues
an interesting solar charge controller/inverter

Hi, For those of you with high utility rates this looks interesting! Samlex solar controller and inverter I wonder if it is able to be run in a hybrid manner? "Explanation of Operating Logic TN-1500 (CPU controlled inverter) is designed to achieve the goal of energy saving and possesses both UPS and Energy saving modes. These 2 modes are user adjustable. The unit will be factory set in the UPS mode. Depending on weather and utility conditions, users can manually adjust or use the monitoring software to switch to the Energy saving mode. The main difference between UPS and Energy saving mode is the amount of energy conserved. Under the UPS mode, the unit will remain in the Bypass mode as long as utility is available. Thus less energy is conserved (refer to Fig. 4.1 for UPS mode control logic). Under the Energy saving mode, the priority of input source chosen is solar panel AC main battery. If available, the CPU will select external solar panels as its first priority in order to conserve energy. In case of insufficient solar power and utility failure, battery power will be drawn as the last resort. When the capacity of batteries is a round 10~20%, the CPU will remind end users by continuously sending out warning siren until the system shuts down."
pianotuna 02/26/15 08:45am Tech Issues
RE: Pink Anti-freeze

Hi, Next year, after you install the pink antifreeze, blow the lines out.
pianotuna 02/26/15 08:22am General RVing Issues
RE: solar + batteris

Hi westend, No. The trimetric sc 2030 is a 30 amp pwm device intended for nominally 12 volt panels. Will that controller handle 150 VDC?
pianotuna 02/26/15 08:18am Tech Issues
RE: solar + batteris

Hi, I think he means 150 watt panels, but it is unclear that this is the case. The voltage on the panels is also a quandary. If it is 600 watts in total a 30 amp charge controller is not going to cut it. He will need at least a 45 amp or better yet a 60 amp controller.
pianotuna 02/26/15 08:14am Tech Issues
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