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RE: Frozen bay lock

Hi, Too late now, but packing the lock with Vaseline works in the far north. I use a radiant heater to melt the compartment doors on my unit. http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/516vvIZs7eL._AA160_.jpg width=450
pianotuna 02/01/15 07:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Make ahead and freeze

Hi mitch, I use boiling bags that can be sealed and ladle the portions in an individual serving size. I suck out the air with a straw and lay them flat in the freezer. It saves space and after a long work day I can reheat in the microwave. I do the same with home made soup and my slow cooker.
pianotuna 02/01/15 07:43am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Tis The Season for good pie crusts

Hi mitch, Are you really trying to derail my weight loss program? SHAME lol At home, I made a batch, divided into two rounds, and frozen them. I then made chicken pot pie filling and baggie froze it into a flat. At camp, I rolled out one dough round in a large baggie for the bottom. Filled with the defrosted filling and repeated the other dough ball for the top. For baking, I used a small (6"?) glass pie tin. Made a "trivet" out of heavy duty tin foil for the bottom of a dutch oven to raise the tin off the bottom. Put in the pie and baked in my #8 DO. Turned out really good EXCEPT - I couldn't easily remove the pie from the DO and broke off the ends of the crust - the best crunchy part! :( All-in-all, a definite keeper meal.
pianotuna 02/01/15 07:37am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Furnace Gas Usage

Hi BFL, A stainless steel heat exchanger in the battery compartment with zero back pressure design would be needed. Anything else may be an invitation to a CO poisoning party. (not my idea of a good time) The OEM bank is open to the road on my RV. Pretty hard to heat with hot air. My beef with the furnace is all the hot air being exhausted. I would like that to heat the batteries that are out there with reduced capacity from being cold, but haven't done anything about it.
pianotuna 02/01/15 07:33am Tech Issues
flow cell battery

I'm sure someday. But does anyone have more information about these? I.E. do they have a membrane or not? nanoflowcell
pianotuna 02/01/15 07:10am Tech Issues
RE: Solar Kit

Hi 64thunderbolt, 6 to 8 feet is a bit long unless the controller has battery voltage sense wires. You can get away with it with big enough wire. The boxers in the ring are the solar purists (me), the generator only folks, and the solar plus generator. If you recharge using a genny it is important to force as many amps as possible into the battery bank in the shortest possible time. After all "time is money" when running a genny. I hate to admit that when I went full time I had to get a genny. In hind site I wish I had beefed up the solar until I could run my roof air from that energy source, but I did not have the ready cash to do so. When I was part time, my solar provided all the power I wanted for seven days at a time. It is a friendly match btw. Quite Balanced LOL. WOW, didn't mean to start a fire. Just want to cut back on gen run time while dry camping & keep the batt up while stored in the back yard between trips. Like I said I have dry camped for over 16 yrs with no solar and have had good life with my batt. I had no idea there was so much science in this simple addition to my gen. I had 2 grp 27 marine/deepcycle's last 6 yrs. How long should they last? BTW would 6/8' be too far between controller & batt?
pianotuna 01/31/15 04:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Can't Use The Microwave, Toaster, Coffeemaker, Arc Welder?

Hi Gordon, I did the "double conversion" thing for 4 years before I got the Magnum. I could not power much as the converter was only a PD 40 amp unit. Once the batteries were flat I had to lower my loads. My inverter was 2500 watts and MSW which is why I jumped to the Magnum. If I had had a PSW the power supply would have been of great interest to me, particularly if they could be run in tandem.
pianotuna 01/31/15 04:47pm Tech Issues
RE: Can't Use The Microwave, Toaster, Coffeemaker, Arc Welder?

Hi Mex, The inverter sellers take the cake for misleading the public. The inverter can not be used with a 120 volt fluorescent fixture. On mine the initial voltage was 176. By the end of a week of use it could barely power my laptop.
pianotuna 01/31/15 02:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Yosemite, battery, propane, heating, March

Non vented combustion heaters are not "perfectly safe". For the past 10 years, we've been using this Buddy Heater. They are perfectly safe and have many safety features.
pianotuna 01/31/15 01:44pm Beginning RVing
RE: Yosemite, battery, propane, heating, March

Hi, I think you may be wrong about the size of the propane tank. 12 pounds is only a 3 gallon tank. Since you are in a class C some heating can be done with the engine. If it is a V-10 then it won't mind idling for hours at a time. Set the heater to defrost and it will blow air back into the living quarters. The generator is probably going to be a good source of charging. Be sure to run an electric heater to take off some of the load. You may as well max out what the generator can power--so if the water heater is dual gas and electric, run it too. I can do three days of heating at -36 c (-34 f) before I needs must have propane. My tank is 60 lbs.
pianotuna 01/31/15 11:41am Beginning RVing
RE: Looking at one camper with unducted A/C

Hi, Ducted is much quieter. Many ducted units have an "air dump" so you can cool down the kitchen area faster. Best of both worlds.
pianotuna 01/31/15 11:26am Beginning RVing
RE: Heating Your MH

Hi, I heat 100% electrically at temperatures down to -36 C (-34 f). My personal favorite is the radiant type. The safest is probably the oil filled type. Plan to upgrade the poor quality "stab" type outlets in the RV, or else avoid using the high setting. I found some lovely 1/2 size oil filled that draw about 464 watts and tucked them into out of the way corners. I use electric heated carpets, too. Tank and pipe freeze up may be an issue. To solve that problem I replaced the return air grill for the furnace with a dual window fan.
pianotuna 01/31/15 11:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Prudhoe Bay or Inuvik?

I would pick Inuvik and make a day trip to Akavik. The grave of the "mad trapper" is in Aklavik. http://www.aklavik.ca/?p=take_a_tour_of_the_town
pianotuna 01/31/15 11:15am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Solar Kit

Hi, My solar system "plays well" with the alternator, and the OEM PD 40 amp wizard equipped converter. It doesn't do the same with the Magnum inverter/charger, but I can "work around" by toggling an equalization on the controller. Will there be any confusion between solar & gen while running the gen? Do I need a transfer switch?
pianotuna 01/31/15 11:11am Tech Issues
RE: Inverters on Toyhaulers

Hi 1l243, Then look for poly panels with bypass diodes between each cell. You may wish to consider MPPT as that type of controller, apparently, does better in shade than pwm. I know it boosts the cost. My system does 17 amps at noon in perfect solar conditions in June, and about 7 amps in leafy shade. In rain I get 3 amps. Solar panels are in my future my only problem when dry camping I like to park in the shade as temps can get in the upper 90's. don't know how much help the solar will be in my case...Large portable panels would be a pain to move arouund.
pianotuna 01/31/15 11:06am Toy Haulers
RE: Solar Kit

Hi, Another reason for not mounting the controller in the battery bank area is risk of sparking. Hydrogen gas mixed with air is explosive.
pianotuna 01/31/15 10:56am Tech Issues
RE: Big LED System

pianotuna 01/31/15 09:19am Tech Issues
RE: Inverters on Toyhaulers

Hi Joe, Most RV's are not set up well to charge from the alternator. I'm glad yours is. Solar tends to extend the lifetime of the battery bank, especially if it is large enough to equalize the house battery bank. It means that coming out of storage the battery bank is at 100% state of charge. It may obviate the need for a generator when coupled with an inverter. It tends to be a one time "set it and forget it" cost unlike a generator which wants to be fed fuel. My solar system has paid for itself in campground fees saved. Not sure why you concluded solar is required. I suppose if one were to boondock for a long time, solar would be good. I don't, so I don't need solar.
pianotuna 01/31/15 09:14am Toy Haulers
RE: Solar Kit

Say goodbye to generator run times at least for battery charging!
pianotuna 01/31/15 07:22am Tech Issues
RE: 1981 Hydro-Flame VS Vented Platinum Cat Heater ?

Hi, I'd expect the old furnace to do more btu's than the Platinum Cat. The Cat does have a working thermostat.
pianotuna 01/30/15 06:30pm Tech Issues
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