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RE: Trip to Myrtle Breach

I second the Carolina Crossroads suggestion. That would be my choice. If you insist on a non-campground location, about an hour further south, at exit 106, there is a Flying J. Tom
pulsar 05/25/17 06:07pm Roads and Routes
RE: searching archives - missing years

Once upon a time, (prior to February 2003) the search engine was a full-text search. If you entered a search key that was in a post, the search engine would find it. A key word was required, so to find post by a specific member, you had to enter something that was in the post. (There was no View Posts link to find all of their posts.) But one could enter a space character as the search word, the authors username in the Arthur field: and you could find all of their posts that contained a space. It was also a substring search. That is, a search for "sea" would find "sea" but it should also find any word, such as, "search" or "season" that contain the letters"sea", anywhere in the word. There was only one database, but one could specify a search period. But it always was from the current day and went backward in time, one week, one month, etc. up to one year. Finally there was a search all posts, no matter how recent or old. Those who understand how such searches would be done will realize how time intensive the searches would be as the database grew to millions of posts. One could wait minutes for a search result. In February 2003, the search engine was changed to an indexed search - still one database. Thus, the full text search went by the wayside. One couldn't search for just any word in a post - only "significant" words could be used. Fortunately, a message author search no longer required text in the search words field. The time indexing posts had detrimental effect on the responsiveness of the forum. Indexing was changed to late at night. The downside of that was one couldn't search for posts made in the current day. As the number of posts increased, seemingly exponentially, even the indexed search became agonizingly slow. In May of 2004, the database was split. One no longer could search all posts - searches had to be split into searches less than a year old or searches more than a year old. (Note: that is what I mean by separate databases. I don't know if they the current posts and the older posts are physically separated, but the searching of them is separated.) There were lots of headaches with that search engine and the forum software, in general. In late 2004 and early 2005, there was a total rewrite of the software, with the current search engine going live in 2005. The search engine was slick. I say "was" because in April, 2013 it lost its most powerful feature - Search within results was a true full text search. The original search was indexed, but the results could be searched again. Search within results is still an option, but it is not a full text search and is no different than changing the Keyword match field to "Find posts with all of the words in any order." I don't know for a fact, but I surmise that the full text searches were using to much of the system resources. At least I like to think there was some good reason - we were never told why. Well that's more of the history than you probably want to know and Sarah is calling me to dinner. Tom
pulsar 05/25/17 05:45pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Social Security Question

Assuming you have applied in a "timely" fashion, the first check comes in the month after THE birthday. It will come, or be deposited, on the first, second, or third Wednesday of the month, depending on which third of the month the birthday is in. You may apply up to 4 months before THE birthday. It can take up to three months to process. Tom
pulsar 05/25/17 01:41pm Around the Campfire
RE: searching archives - missing years

I've been programming many years too, and I suspect the search software, not the data, since google finds the data. I don't think it is the search engine. Instead, I believe it is the archiving functions. When the last post of a thread is a year old, the thread should be locked and moved to the archives. When you find a thread in the "gap" period, such as the one I linked to above, it is not locked and one can bring it back to the surface by placing a post in it. When the search engine searches the "active" portion of the forum, it looks back only 365 days. You can see that by searching for an old (more than a year old) post in a still active thread. The search engine cannot find it (and has never been able to.) But the search engine can find posts that are less than a year old, in the same thread. When the search engine searches the archives, it is searching a different database. It can't find posts that haven't been archived. You can test this by doing an archive search for "slow connection" with "pulsar" as the author. That phrase is in the first post of the Search Engine tutorial, which was made in 2005. The search engine will not find it because it in an "active" thread. (Active because it is a sticky.) If I am correct, one would think it would not be that hard a problem to correct. But the problem has existed for more than 4 years. Tom
pulsar 05/25/17 01:28pm Forum Technical Support
RE: searching archives - missing years

I've been programming many years too, and I suspect the search software, not the data, since google finds the data. Maybe you can locate the 4K post from about a week after the Super-bowl in 2016. We were talking about 4K (UHD tv) during March 2016. :B 4K TV Tom
pulsar 05/25/17 01:09pm Forum Technical Support
RE: searching archives - missing years

Posts made after April 30, 2013 and before 365 days ago, whenever you are reading this, cannot be found by the search engine. To get a workaround and read a discussion of the issue, see this post Tom
pulsar 05/25/17 08:09am Forum Technical Support

Please settle on one and only forum, close the others and,let us settle on a simgle forum portal. Today ai tried to post to a thread using RV.net and it simply refused to accept my post. Moved over to good sam portal and I was able to post. Seems like about once a month I have to find another portal to access the forums. The percent symbol in your post caused the problem. The RV.Net portal has been unable to post a percent symbol (and some other characters), unless you are using a secured (https) connection, since Jan. 25 of last year. It would appear there is no interest in fixing the problem. There are business reasons to have more than one portal into the Open Roads Forum. Count me as one who prefers to have multiple portals. Tom
pulsar 05/06/17 06:06am Forum Technical Support
RE: Having trouble posting -- just testing some workarounds

I can't post anything today either on the truck camper forum. Can anyone help me with this? I can log in and post here but can't post in the truck camper forum. I can type everything in but it won't post. Zulu "Can't post" doesn't provide much to work with. When you click on the Post Message button, what happens? Any error messages? Try this. Go to the Truck Camper forum and attempt to post a very simple message, such as "Hello world." If that posts, click on the edit button and try to post the message that failed. If the edited message won't post, then the problem is probably the content (a "bad" character) of the message. If the simple message will not post, come back here and tell us what happened, particularly any error messages. Tom
pulsar 04/10/17 01:14pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Heaven Acquired a New Angel Calvin's Gift

So sorry, Pops. You've made Calvin a part of all our lives. We will miss him, too. God bless you and Ma. Tom
pulsar 04/08/17 02:44am RV Pet Stop
RE: Poor Peg

Mark, Sorry to hear about Peg's illness. Since you are already seeing improvement, you probably have the correct diagnosis. Our first border collie, Just Mike, got idiopathic vestibular when he was 14. I know the disease is not painful but, I believe, he was embarrassed as much as he was confused. Improvement within 48 hours and good to go in 10 days. (Mile lived to 17.) Peg is blessed to have a knowledgeable family who loves and cares for her. Tom
pulsar 01/25/17 07:14pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Razz Tracking Dog title

Congrats!! Do you get called out frequently to use the tracker ability?? Search and Rescue is a big step above what we do, both for the dogs and the handlers. The handlers have to have a good understanding of how the environment and conditions effect scent and get their dog in the right position use their noses. The tracking we do could be a stepping stone toward being a search and rescue team. But we got into tracking because it is something that 10-week old puppies can start. Its a chance to really engage with the dogs at young age. http://i33.photobucket.com/albums/d90/tfix/IMG_0026Useyournose.jpg That's Breeze at 10 weeks. Although Razz started at 10 weeks, at around 5 months we had to stop for more than 6 months; she suffered panosteitis. Razz is two, Breeze earned her TD at 8 months and had her TDX (much higher level of tracking) before she was two. Practical uses. One of our friends lost her cellphone while hiking in the woods. The next day, Cricket, one of our goldens from days past, followed her route through the woods and alerted on the phone. Five winters ago, I was laying a track for a dog that was learning to track in woods. When I got back to the cars, I didn't have my car keys. In this case, I knew the route I had taken and just turned Breeze loose and told her to "find it." In quick order, she was sitting by my keys. Tom
pulsar 01/16/17 09:13am RV Pet Stop
Razz Tracking Dog title

Razz earned her TD title today. AKC's Tracking Dog title is the first level of tracking. Tracks are between 440 and 500 yards in length. The track layer drops an article at the starting flag, walks a path that was plotted by the judges the day before, and drops an article at the end of the track. The track is aged between 30 minutes and 2 hours before the dog and handler try to follow the track. TD tracks are in open fields and must have both right and left turns. Teams must "certify" before being allowed to enter. That is, they have to have a judge put in a regulation track and prove to the judge that they can past the test. The certifying judge provides 4 certificates to enter tests. The certificates are good for one year. (Because of the verification process, the pass rate is around 50 percent. There were two out of 5 that past at this test.) Razz certified at the end of January last year. But, we couldn't get into a test. In our area, most tests have twice as many entries as they have actual tracks - it takes a lot of land and most tests have between 3 and 6 tracks. When there are more entries than tracks, a random draw is done to see who gets into the test. With Breeze, we were lucky to get into every test we entered. Poor Razz just couldn't get into a test. We got into a test that was to be held last Sunday, but the snow stormed caused it to be postponed. Actually, there are strict rules about AKC postponements and kudos to the Charlotte Club for being able to replace a judge and get things in order to have the test today. Well that's more information than I intended to post. Way to go Razz! http://i.imgur.com/K4gmcaFl.jpg (Left to right across the back: The two judges and the track layer.) Tom
pulsar 01/15/17 06:55pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Limit width of photos so text does not run off page?

When your original picture is 393 pixels high, adding height=400 will produce and effect that you will hardly notice. Quotes are not required to add the width or height parameters. Tom
pulsar 01/14/17 05:52pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Videos from PA Farm Show Sheepdog Trial

Congratulations and thanks for the videos. I really like watching herding dogs work. Tom
pulsar 01/12/17 09:21am RV Pet Stop
Number 1, Again

As posted last year, after having been ranked the number one Golden Retriever in NADAC agility for three years, 2012 through 2014, Breeze's ranking fell to number two for 2015. She and I are getting older. Well, for 2016, she is again ranked number one. Although she will be 11 next month, we really did have a good year. Perhaps she didn't like me starting to compete with Razz and wanted to show the youngster that she wasn't ready to retire. Toward the end of the year, I did start cutting back on the number of classes she competes in. As long as she stays healthy and eager, we'll keep on running. http://i.imgur.com/i7CTCk9l.jpg Tom
pulsar 01/10/17 07:42pm RV Pet Stop
RE: MerleFest Camping 2017

Assuming I would not be driving my RV back and forth, I was choose to camp at Bandit's Roost Kerr Scott Reservoir. It is about 5 miles from the MerleFest However, if you haven't already made reservations, you will have a difficult time finding a campground in the vicinity. Tom
pulsar 01/10/17 07:14pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Water Tank Fill In Montana

We stop at Cabela's in Billings, MT. They have big rig parking, fresh water, and a dump station. There's a $5 fee to dump, unless you buy something in the store (ask the cashier for a code to use the dump station.) Another benefit for using Cabela's is a Sam's Club store next door. Tom
pulsar 01/06/17 06:24am General RVing Issues
RE: can't get this site to take my post

Look through your post and see if you have any special characters in it such as a percent sign. Sometimes they will cause problems posting. This, I think they have an overzealous IPS in place that is (mis)configured to dislike several of the special characters. The other day this bit me when trying to post degree symbols. Removed them and replaced with the word, and the post went through. I don't think zealousness has anything to do with it. It's jus a fly in the ointment - I mean bug in the system that no one seems willing or able to correct. For most of the history of the RV.Net portal, the character issue did not exist. The Woodall's portal does not have the character issue. This post with % and ยบ was made through the Woodall's portal, with no issue. You can also use those characters through the RV.Net portal is you establish a secure (https://) connection. Tom
pulsar 01/03/17 08:33am Forum Technical Support
Razz makes her commercial debut

Belgard commercial She had just turned two, when the commercial was shot. Here is how Razz was introduced to the forum http://i.imgur.com/1FlwnPi.jpg A funny thing about the shooting. The director wanted to know if she could be trained to take a chip from the title boy's hand. (Like a golden has to be trained for that.) But then the director made it hard: can she be rained to walk over and take the chip, without taking the boy's hand off. Tom
pulsar 01/01/17 07:21pm RV Pet Stop
RE: change profile

I bought a new truck and don't know how to change profile on the US map. I was able to change profile on the Canadian map. The Canadian map and the information about your new truck is on your profile page. The US map and the information about your older truck is in your signature. Although you can see the signature on your profile page, signatures are created and edited on your preference page. Go to your My Forums page and click on the My Preferenceslink and you will be able to edit your signature. Tom
pulsar 01/01/17 07:00pm Forum Technical Support
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