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RE: Posting picture question

You cannot post pictures here directly from any device, laptop or desktop computer, iPad, iPhone, Android table or phone, Kindle, etc. You must post them from a web server on the internet. But the good news is that you can transfer them from any of those other devices to a web server with equal ease/difficulty. This has changed since this posting. I post all time direct from my I phone Well, yes and no. Before a picture can be added to a post on this forum, it must first be uploaded to a picture hosting site of some sort. Glancing at some of your posts, I see three pictures posted. All three are hosted on imgur.com. So that is the no part. I suspect that you are using the web app that 1492 provided. Since it does the work of moving the picture from your device to the hosting site, you might think that you are posting a picture that is hosted on your device. And that is the yes part. (An easy test, delete from your device a picture that you have posted. Then go to the post, and you will see that the picture is still there. Of course, you can use the edit link on the post and see the actual link. You will see that the link looks like this http://i.imgur.com/PXICLAtl.jpg. The picture is hosted on imgur.com) Tom
pulsar 10/20/16 07:26am Forum Technical Support
RE: Going to the Sun Road - Size Limit?

In 1992, Sarah and I made our first trip to Glacier National Park. We stayed at Rising Sun, on the east side, in a 24-foot Class C. We were not towing a car, so we drove the Going to the Sun Road in the Class C. That was the last year 24 feet was legal. It should not have been legal, ever! Going up the east side was a piece of cake. Going down the west side was a terror. When we got to West Glacier, we had to decide whether to drive the 50 miles back over the Going to the Sun Road, or to drive the 100 miles around on US 2 and US 89. It was a no brainer. We even stopped at Goat Lick on the way back. Tom
pulsar 10/18/16 06:23am Truck Campers
RE: I need help finding a post!

If the thread that Trackrig linked to is the one your are looking for, the reason it can't be found with the forum search engine is that it is more than a year old and the forum no longer properly archive thread. More specifically, if a thread is more than a year old and was posted after April 29, 2013, the search engine will not find it. The 2013 date is when the archiving process broke. (One might think that it could have been fixed by now.) I'm sure Trackrig found it with another search engine, probably Google. Tom Yes, I used Google by searching on MEXICOWANDERER SCREWDRIVER. I find Google a lot better for searching this forum than the forum's search function. It is interesting that since this is an old post, that David and I both saw it in the last little while - that's how I knew what he was talking about. I didn't realize it was an older post. Bill The thread was visible on the forum, and the search engine could find it until the afternoon of June 25. That is when the last post became more than a year old. After that, it should not have been visible or searchable. Tom
pulsar 10/14/16 08:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: I need help finding a post!

If the thread that Trackrig linked to is the one your are looking for, the reason it can't be found with the forum search engine is that it is more than a year old and the forum no longer properly archive thread. More specifically, if a thread is more than a year old and was posted after April 29, 2013, the search engine will not find it. The 2013 date is when the archiving process broke. (One might think that it could have been fixed by now.) I'm sure Trackrig found it with another search engine, probably Google. Tom
pulsar 10/14/16 12:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Problem posting with some characters in the body

Switch to the Woodall's portal It is the same forum, with the same user ID and password. Just a different way to enter and the character problem doesn't exist. Tom
pulsar 10/11/16 07:42pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Can't Post

If your post contains a percent symbol and you are using the RV.Net portal to the forum, that is probably the source of your problem. Switch to the Woodall's Portal It is a difference way to enter the same forum with the same user name and password. Tom
pulsar 10/10/16 06:42am Forum Technical Support
RE: Signature Pic

Cropping and resizing does reduce the file size. But, how much do you want to crop? How small do you want to make the picture. Here is an example: The original picture is 3456 by 2015 with a file size of 4.5 MB. I cropped to get the portion I wanted. That picture is not shown, either. It is 3070 by 1251,. A little more that half of the original but its file size is still 4 MB. I reduced the size of that picture to make it more acceptable for display on the forum. http://i.imgur.com/ewoiG05.jpg It is 800 by 326 with a file size of 397 KB. Next I resized it for a signature; i.e., made the height be 100 pixels. http://i.imgur.com/OtOTYvu.jpg Unfortunately, the file size is 49 KB. To get the file size down to 30 KB, I would have to make the height be 80 pixels. http://i.imgur.com/bl4VpW3.jpg But that is not what I want. I could crop it further. to get down to 30 KB http://i.imgur.com/LdYGFtM.jpg But I don't want that either. Going back to the first one that resized to have a height of 100 pixels, file size of 49 KB, I changed the compression to 70 percent and have a the picture I want with a file size of only 12 KB. http://i.imgur.com/btTdsqD.jpg Once you get the picture cropped and sized the way you want it, use compression to get a smaller file size. Note: All of the above was done with a copy of the original. It size and quality were not affected. Tom
pulsar 10/02/16 12:53pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Signature Pic

Although it may be appropriate to crop a signature picture, because of the small dimensions, cropping and reducing the dimensions is not the way to satisfy the 30 KB file size requirement. File size is done by increasing the compression when the picture is saved. Some programs refer to this is reducing the quality. Tom
pulsar 10/02/16 06:46am Forum Technical Support
RE: Maybe This Name Would Reduce Posting Confusion

I think the name of the forum has little to do with the misplaced posts. Here is a list of the last 10 threads moved from Forum Technical Support. Each entry in the list contains the name of the thread, the forum to which it was moved and a comment about the poster. Carrier combo A/C and furnace.Help,this is a boat on wheels Moved to Tech Issues - Member for 10 years with 4 posts Looking for a dishwashing soap with very few bubbles! Moved to Class A Motorhomes - Member for 5 years with 87 posts Afraid to make the leap to diesel Moved to Class A Motorhomes - First post of a new member October festivals, Va & W Va Moved to RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions - Member for 6 years with 99 posts Flat Towing Honda Element Moved to Dinghy Towing - Member for 8 years with 2 posts Rexhall Aerbus Fresh Water Tank Issues Moved to Tech Issues - First post of a new member Key West Moved to RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions - Member for 1 year with 9 posts Staked Star Lights Moved to General RVing Issues - Member for 5 years with 27 posts General generator model 9592_3 Moved to Tech Issues - First post of a new member Oregon weather Moved to RV Lifestyles - First post of a new member There does seem to be something in common, but it is not that the threads belong in one of the tech forums. A few years ago, I did a survey to see why members erroneously posted in Forum Technical Support. The name of the forum was rarely mentioned. By far the number one reason - They had clicked on the "Forum Help and Support" (just called 'Help,' now) link at top right of most forum pages. Renaming this forum would not change that situation. Another popular reason: "I didn't know where to place the post and knew you would put it in the correct forum." (See the bottom of this post.) Tom
pulsar 09/29/16 07:04am Forum Technical Support
RE: Freightliner Cooling System Fill label

6. Close petcock at heater loop outlet valve when it begins to flow a steady stream of coolant. Do not allow more than 1.5 quarts to escape. 7. Open heater loop outlet valve. Tom
pulsar 09/18/16 07:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Strange goings on

The "Go to first new post" link has nothing to do with whether or not you have looked at a thread. If a thread has more than one page and a post has been made in it since you were last active, then the "Go to first new post" link will be displayed. "Last active" is determined by a length inactivity; the length idle time to be considered inactive is determined by a preference setting. A thread can have new posts without the link being displayed, if there is only one page to the thread. BTW, the number of posts on a page is also determined by a preference setting. Tom
pulsar 09/03/16 08:18am Forum Technical Support
RE: Roadside Assistance

In our almost 30 years of RVing, we've had only one road service, CoachNet, so I can't speak for the others. But here is an example of their value to us. One Sunday after Thanksgiving, we were returning home from Huntington Beach State Park, in Murrellls Inlet, SC, when our right front brake locked up, as we approached Conway, SC. This was around 7 PM. I pulled into a K-Mart parking lot and called CoachNet. Their first question was "Are you in a safe location?" I responded that we were in a K-Mart parking lot in Conway and gave the street names. After describing the problem, the person I was talking to said let me check and I will call you back in ten minutes. In less than that amount of time she called back with the following information. "You have a warranty issue, so we need to get you to a Workhorse (the manufacturer of our RV's chassis, service facility. The closest one is more than 100 miles away and, of course, closed." We agreed that our best option was for Sarah to take the dogs home in our toad and I would spend the night in the parking lot. She said, "I will call the K-Mart to tell them what the issue is, but please go in and talk to them, yourself. I will call the Conway police department and tell them about the issue. We will call you in the morning and tell you what the arrangements are. How early will you be up?" The next morning, I was called around 7:30 and told that a tow truck would be at my location at 8 and that the coach would be towed to Whiteville, NC, about 44 miles away. The tow truck showed up at 8:05 and at 8:10 I received a call from CoancNet asking if the tow truck had arrived. We would not travel without CoachNet. Tom
pulsar 08/02/16 10:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dog Brag

Congratulations Mark and Renee and your BC's. Wish we could have been there. Tom & Sarah
pulsar 07/25/16 09:48am RV Pet Stop
RE: Am I correct or not?

...If you don't live in it full time then there is no tax write off as there would be in a house. ... IRS Publication 936 (see page 4) A motorhome is treated as a second home. Like a second home, if you don't rent it out for any part of the year, there is no residency requirement to claim a tax deduction for the interest paid on the loan. If you do rent it, then you must live in it for 14 days or more than 10% of the number of days it is rented out, for the motorhome to qualified as a second home. Tom
pulsar 07/21/16 01:08pm Beginning RVing
RE: test

Particularly from a senior member, one wonders why there is a test post with just the word "test." If one wants help or an explanation of something, it would be helpful to know what is being tested. For example, one that is having trouble making posts in another forum makes such a post, and they are successful, may go away without any clue as to what went wrong in the other forum. On the other hand, one that posts, "testing my ability to make a post, I don't be able to make posts in other forums," will get a response about the troubles the RV.Net portal is having processing some characters, such as the percent symbol. Hopefully, you test satisfied what you needed. If not, tell us what you are testing and/or why. Tom
pulsar 07/20/16 09:17pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Testing 1, 2, 3

For some time now, since January 25, the RV.Net portal into the Open Roads Forum has been having issues; most notably with processing some characters; most notably, the percent symbol. Photobucket.com replaces spaces with %20. If the file name for the picture contains a space, the RV.Net portal will have an issue. Solution? Use the Woodall's portal to this forum. It is the same forum with the same login, without the same issues. Tom
pulsar 07/17/16 08:04pm Forum Technical Support
RE: Odd forum behaviour when trying to reply to a post

If you are using the RV.Net portal, the problem is probably related to characters you are using. For example, the RV.Net portal cannot process the percent symbol (%) unless you are on the secured server (https://). Switch to the Woodall's portal, which is not having the same issues. Same forum, same login. As far as square brackets: The forum does a rudimentary format check related to tags used for URLs, images, and text formatting. Generally, you can use square brackets as long as you use an even number of pairs. For example, , is will pass the check. An odd number of pairs will be flagged as an error. If you post fails the format check, you will see a window with your post all on crammed together and a format error message. Tom
pulsar 07/10/16 06:09am Forum Technical Support
RE: test

If you told us what your were testing (or what didn't work) perhaps we could help. Tom
pulsar 07/06/16 05:42am Forum Technical Support
RE: Air Brakes - Alarm HELP

We had a 2008 Journey with a similar problem. In our situation, both gauges would go to zero. Turned out to be the wring to the gauges. In fact, there was a freightliner service bulletin on the issue along with a better wiring harness. Tom
pulsar 07/04/16 08:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Missing Search Results

So is there any way to find it? I know what I am looking for is over 1 year old but newer than 2013. I am searching using Message Author in the Advanced Search. The forum search engine cannot find posts made between April 30, 2013 and 12 months ago. You could try a google search using the site option. If I wanted to search for the key word allie in posts that I made, I would enter the following in the search field: site:rv.net pulsar + allie That's a very inefficient way to search but may be the best you can do. (Did you look at 1492's hack?) If you quote this post, the site:rv.net pulsar + allie will be changed to site:rv.net pulsar + allie Tom
pulsar 07/04/16 08:43am Forum Technical Support
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