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Water Tank Contamination ( Long )

We just picked up a used Redwood and I have no idea about the history or maintenance. When I picked it up, one of the first things I did was drain antifreeze and attempt to sanitize the system. However, no water would drain from the freshwater holding tank so I tried a probe and when that didn't dislodge anything, a short blast of compressed air got things flowing. I noticed no antifreeze here though.Proceeded with my normal chlorine bleach sanitation routine and considered the matter resolved. I am finding that all of the aerators at the faucets are become clogged over a short period of time with a fibrous material. I suspect algae but have no foul taste or odor. When I decided to repeat my sanitation routine, the tank drain was again clogged with a clear, slimy semi-solid. Any ideas? I'm going to take a page from the pool guys and hammer the potable water system with chlorine at about 10 times my normal concentration for a week or so and that should kill anything growing but I'm wondering if anyone has used copper sulfate as a maintenance addition. Jim
quasi 07/26/15 06:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tankless water heater

I think I'm missing something. With my conventional heater, I wait 10-20 seconds before getting hot water at the spigot. The same would be true with a tankless heater so there would be no water/waste penalty. The main difference would be after I had heated the 10 gallons of water in the conventional unit and I don't use it, it begins to cool requiring more propane to keep it at its setpoint. Jim
quasi 05/30/15 06:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Tankless water heater

Rick ~ I agree that you won't save water. In fact, our first RV had a 6 gallon water heater and you learned pretty quickly about taking short showers. Wet down, lather, rinse. I'm thinking that if I have "unlimited" hot water, I'll revert to home style showers. Jim
quasi 05/04/15 07:34am Tech Issues
RE: Tankless water heater

They're just coming into the US market. The last thing thay want is to have a couple of shadetrees mess up their installations and bad mouth the company. Once their reputation is solid and everyone figures out what a good idea this is, they'll offer the systems as a DIY option. I know no one here fits the shadetree description but we've all run across them. http://whitetrashrepairs.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/5876.jpg Jim
quasi 05/01/15 08:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Something catching on slide

Be sure to call every day. The dealerships are getting busy about now and new trailer sales always trump service issues so you'll likely need to become a pest to get any kind of speedy service. I'd ask the Service manager to be proactive and call the manufacturer rather than waiting until they call him. Just my 2 cents. Jim
quasi 04/12/15 07:51am General RVing Issues
RE: Battery Life With a Residential Fridge

Disregard my earlier post. The Pinnacle my friends bought has an 18 cu.ft. side by side refrigerator with a pretty massive freezer below. Jim
quasi 03/26/15 04:21pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Charging with TV alternator... Mod with pics...

GD ~ Some of your assumptions are a little dated. 1. The turbine mounts 4-8 feet above the roof, in my case that would be 17-21 feet high. 2. Modern windchargers have inverter technology so the start producing power at any revolution speed. 3. These are considered trickle type chargers which run 24-7 and make up for lower charge energy with extended charging time. I agree that the forest would be a deal breaker. I'm thinking of adding a windcharger to augment my genset so that I can eliminate or reduce the total runtime on the generator. I'll be adding solar as well since I think it's the best bang for the buck but at $400, I may add the windmill cause I'm a gadget freak . . . Jim
quasi 03/26/15 02:17pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Battery Life With a Residential Fridge

Some friends just bought a Pinnacle with the residential fridge. They get 1 day out of a single 12v deep cycle battery. They weren't using many other loads so I think this is a good number. Jim
quasi 03/26/15 02:10pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Air Comp. Replacement

Everyone has an opinion so I'm not going to be shy about giving mine. I have traveled with a 12v tire kit for many years and it has pulled my fat from the fire a number of times. Personally, I use the Slime kit with a jug of tire repair goo and a 12v compressor. I augment the kit with a plug kit purchased separately. As far as time, the 12v compressor will get you to 80psi but it will take a while; usually a lot less time than waiting for AAA to show up and besides, I'm in no hurry, I've got a flat . . . Jim
quasi 03/26/15 12:00pm Tech Issues
RE: winegard sensar will not go up

Assuming you've cleaned and lubed the worm gear, check for binding on the pivot where the unit attaches to the base. If that's cleaned and lubed, you may have bent or sprung the lift bracket causing the worm gear to be misaligned with the driven gear. Look closely with the antenna half way erect and try to determine how much clearance you have between the two. A little is good, too much will cause a bind. Jim
quasi 03/26/15 11:50am Tech Issues
RE: Attaching small shelf to the wall

Whether or not you can find a stud, I'd recommend a backer board of similar material as the shelf. Anchor to the wall using srews, molys or rivets but first, slather on some structural adhesive, i.e. Liquid Nails. Give the backer time to set and attach your shelf using wood screws. Jim
quasi 03/26/15 11:26am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Charging with TV alternator... Mod with pics...

Look here. Jim
quasi 03/26/15 11:20am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Battery powered skateboard with seat

I think if you slap a 12 pack and a battery charger in there, your mileage would go way up. Ride till it's discharged, plug in the charger and pop a couple of tops. Repeat. Of course, I'd hate to be the first guy with a DUI for operating a cooler while under the influence . . . Jim
quasi 03/26/15 07:19am General RVing Issues
RE: Something catching on slide

Sounds like maybe a stray screw sticking up in the opening of the slide. You're going to have a few more issues with your new unit. These things are too complex and are being assembled by people with varying skill levels to be perfect right out the door. Don't get discouraged, that's what warranty is for. Even a brand new house costing a half million dollars will have a punch list of items to be fixed. Let us know how your dealer handles the repair. Thanx, Jim
quasi 03/26/15 07:10am General RVing Issues
RE: Tankless water heater

Just did some research on the unit and may have some answers to some concerns. Fluctuating water temp ~ the unit has a variable heater and mixing valve to deliver water at a constant 120 degrees regardless of incoming water temp. Pipe sizing ~ The unit requires a minimum of 60,000 BTU/H. The standard 1/2" line on most RVs is large enough. Cycling ~ The unit will not cycle off until you reach less than .5 gal/min flow. Every shower head I could find specs on was well above that number. Time for heat ~ the unit has two settings, one for economy which keeps the water in it heated to just above freezing and a normal mode which keeps the water in the unit at 120F. Tankless water heaters have been shown to save about 22% over standard heaters. Remove the electric option and consider how much propane you use to heat water and make the call for your personal situation. I can't locate a retail price but similar units are $1100 and up. More of a comfort option than a cost savings IMHO. YMMV, Jim
quasi 03/24/15 11:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Dishwasher water pressure issue

RVLucky ~ Your problem isn't pressure, it's flow rate. With the external screw on regulator your volume is seriously reduced. Think of it like a nozzle. You can have all the pressure in the world but the nozzle restricts how much water (in volume) you get through the line. The best solution (IMHO) is a whole house regulator from the Borg and install it inside your unit where the city water line comes in. They're adjustable and have plenty of volume. Plus, you won't leave it screwed to the spigot when you drive off . . . Just my $.02, YMMV Jim
quasi 03/24/15 10:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Charging with TV alternator... Mod with pics...

Just wondering if you have enough wind to use a wind generator. A fuzz under $400 and with your handicraft skills, you could have a good primary source of energy with no ongoing fuel costs. Even with only .5 gal per hour, your break even would be pretty short. Just a thought, Jim
quasi 03/24/15 09:56pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: interest rates and max. term on used 5e rt.h

Another quick note. A lot of lending institutions won't finance a trailer over 10 years old so if you plan on selling it down the road, something to keep in mind. Jim
quasi 03/24/15 12:34pm Beginning RVing
RE: water filter

Mine was located in the sink base but was mounted to the countertop from below and so far towards the front of the cabinet that it wasn't easily identifiable. Clean out from under the sink and remove any drawers in the sink base. Get a good flashlight and follow the sink's cold water line backwards till you find it. Jim
quasi 03/24/15 12:25pm Beginning RVing
RE: Builder Offering Hydronic Heat?

This system runs at 190F and has a loop for the potable side. I currently have a version of this from Weil McLain in my home and it's been flawless for 22 years. I don't know how much of a weight hit it would be since the furnace and conventional water heater are replaced and there is no large holding tank for hot water. I like the idea of separately controlled zones and the nearly silent operation as opposed to the furnace roar. And it will stretch battery life when dry camping. Jim
quasi 03/24/15 12:16pm Fifth-Wheels
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