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RE: carry bicycles or small scooter to Alaska?

We loved having bikes in Seward and Valdez. Easier to zip around on a bike than look for parking spots for the dually. Bikes are handy in downtown Anchorage, too. If they are easy to take along, don't add a lot of weight and don't take up storage space, why not take them.
resmas 09/22/14 07:50am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: 40ft toy hauler

Toy Hauler is used to place your toys.They have a garage in the rear with a ramp to drive a "toy" up inside to haul, while at the same time offering all the comforts of home up in the front area.So its required to use {SNIP} Reported. I would not click on link... Suspicious post, link, grammar, new member...
resmas 09/09/14 06:46am Toy Haulers
RE: camping with a smart car

We have a Smart car. If you are tent camping, you should have plenty of room in the car for a tent, sleeping bags, clothes, etc. You won't have room for a massive cooler, though. But you should have plenty of room for short fun tenting trips... I know there is a member here on RV.net that does tow a small pop-up tent type trailer with his Smart, but IIRC his is a diesel model. Not sure I would tow much of anything beyond a motorcycle pod with the gas model of Smart that we have...
resmas 08/26/14 03:48pm Beginning RVing
RE: Covered RV Storage in ALASKA

There was a RV-geared indoor only storage lot that opened up in south Anchorage back in 2010 or 2011? I think. It was pricey, but it even had indoor garages with full hookups and venting so that the RV's could be lived in while there. No idea on the name, or if it was successful and is still open. Heard about it via an article in the Anchorage Daily News. You could also check with some of the RV dealers or repair facilities in Anchorage. They may know what you are looking for.
resmas 05/11/14 02:44pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Housebreaking a male Border Collie!!!!!! Update pg 6.

Be aware that once you have tossed an item (toy, rock, stick, shoe, glove, etc) for a Border Collie that knows fetch: 1. that dog will continue to bring the item to you to be tossed until your arm falls off 2. fetch increases a Border Collie's physical stamina without tiring the dog for long 3. that item is only good for tossing and is no longer good for self amusement Regarding #3 - Our BC's will drop their balls down the stairs, chase them down to the bottom, bring them back to the top, drop them again. Over and over and over and.... Sadie our BC also LOVED the infant stage of our boys - where they where just learning to sit and throw, and would sit in one spot and throw what ever she brought them. Of course, they could only throw it about 3', but they would do it forever, and giggle the whole time. That infectious little baby giggle that they soon outgrow....
resmas 05/06/14 07:36pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Halibut fishing

We use J&J Smart Charters in Ninilchik. Great retired military owned family run company. Fishing out of Ninilchik means you are on the fish faster than coming out of Homer. You also get to be pushed out/pulled in by skidders which is an amazing and unique experience (no docks). I am always in awe of the courage of the unfortunate kid who gets to stand on the back of the skidder and release the boat!
resmas 04/30/14 10:38am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: To trailer or not

Taking the trailer means you can put a small CF freezer in it to store all the fish you are going to catch! You can also load it up with cheaper frozen foods at the "big" towns along the road system. We've taken a freezer with us a bunch of times. It will stay frozen for days if it is full in Alaska temps, and when we get to warmer temps in the lower 48, we plug it in nightly. Never had a problem with anything thawing.
resmas 04/27/14 09:12am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: The best BLT & home fries in Alaska (and any where else too)

Moose's Tooth for unique and AMAZING pizzas and beer. In Anchorage. Heck, even Sicily's Pizza beats all the typical lower 48 chain store pizzas! Hula Hands for Polynesian/Hawaiian food. Also in Anchorage. Wasabi Garden in Eagle River has the best sushi we have ever had anywhere. Piccolinos in Eagle River for Greek/Mediterranean food.
resmas 04/22/14 12:46pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Hauling horses in a toy hauler

You can definitely use a living quarter horse trailer as a toy hauler, but I would NEVER use a RV toy hauler as a horse trailer for the same reasons others have listed. RV's are simply not made to haul live animals like horses. Horse trailers can definitely be just as nice, or even MUCH nicer, than RV's. They are generally built A LOT sturdier and heavier than typical RV's. The main issue, IMO, that a person would run into when using a horse trailer as a toy hauler is width. Some living quarter horse trailers are only 6'9" wide on the interior, with fully exterior wheel wells. Many are 8' wide on the exterior, but still have the wheel wells bumping into the interior which brings you back to the 6'9" limit... Most fifth wheel toy hauler garages are built above or behind the wheel wells, so you have the full 8' or more interior space to load toys into. Cost wise... you will pay a lot more for a LQ horse trailer than you will for a toy hauler. A LOT MORE. A cheap model with a slide out will run you close to $150K, a decked out "super slide" model with full bath, mid tack and lots of bells and whistles will run well over $200K. You can find "weekender package" LQ horse trailers for about $30K. Cabinet with a toilet, "cowboy shower" in the horse compartment, tiny sink, tiny fridge, tiny microwave, bed in the nose over the hitch, and no seating area. Good enough for a weekend when 90% of your time is spent outside the trailer.
resmas 04/22/14 10:48am Toy Haulers
RE: Happy Birthday puppies

... it looked to me as if he was not tolerating the milk replacer (tummy upset)... I have no idea if this applies to puppy milk replacer, but I know LOTS and LOTS of people are having trouble with the current formulations of "large animal" milk replacer. The kind you buy in a 25lb or bigger bag to feed calves, kids, lambs, foals, etc. Apparently some manufacturers have decided to forgo using powdered dairy milk and are substituting soy instead. The soy is wreaking havoc on the digestive systems of the newborns. Might be something to look for on your puppy milk ingredient list, and discuss with your vet. I am praying it all works out and Graham is able to be a spoiled rotten house dog!
resmas 04/11/14 06:45pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Pet Licensing?

Not sure we're our license fees go. They charge us $7 per pet plus an extra $20 for a pet fanciers license since I have 4 cats & 2 dogs. I would think with full timing no license needed, just rabies certificate, since home is we're you park it. Ouch! Those do seem like pretty high fees! I have lived in several states/towns that required pet licenses. Most fees were $2-4 per neutered/spayed animal, but intact animals were higher to license (~$10). I would think compliance to the licensing would be better if the fees were kept reasonable. But I also agree with the tactic of charging those with "too many" animals a higher fee, though I do not feel that 4 cats + 2 dogs is "too many"... Over 10 animals total (cats + dogs) is probably too many for the average owner, though. With many municipalities performing licensing with a good-ole' carbon-copy paper pads and corresponding metal tags distributed at multiple vet clinics in the municipality, you DO have to wonder if it is an efficient system. Does a city employee *really* spend hours and hours transcribing that info into a searchable database? Especially since those pads might sit around the vet clinic for months, or even the entire year.... I know ours did. The city did not want them back until the end of the year. What is the point of the license then? On the flip side, how successful would the program be if the municipality forced the fee and tag into the cost of every Rabies vaccine sold at clinics within their city limits? Would it cause a clinic to loose customers? Especially if they could just drive a few miles over to the next city/town/county and get the vaccine cheaper, without having to pay the fee??? And what about those clients that don't live in the city limits, would you then have to make sure they get charged a different fee? I would assume a license tag CAN be included into vet clinic software and then linked/uploaded via internet to the city's system (it was never done at any clinic I have worked at, but I seem to remember the software having the ability to do so). The State of Oklahoma has had something similar for years, which tracks sales of controlled substances via client driver's license number and DOB. AFAIK, it still has to be manually uploaded to their DEA each night at the close of business, but it is quick and works. Their system even recognizes incorrect info, and flags the clients account so that the clinic can attempt to collect correct info, vs. the state spending time/$ to track down the person.
resmas 03/21/14 08:10am RV Pet Stop
RE: Houston RV Park

That's where we wanted to stay during my MIL's surgery at TMC, but they didn't have any spots available. We ended up at Lakeview for 3 weeks instead, which was nice, but All Star seemed pretty spectacular online, and were very friendly when we spoke to them on the phone, too.
resmas 12/23/13 08:29pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Actual driving speeds

...I am in unfamiliar territory. I wish to go some place in the region. I am not on an interstate. At what general speed will other traffic I encounter be traveling?... The speed I drive will also partly depend on the terrain and roads I am driving on in "unfamiliar territory". If the road is steep up and down, blind curves, etc. and I have NEVER driven on it, you can bet I will not be going fast - maybe 45 mph, even if the speed limit higher. If I have been on it enough to memorize where I need to slow down due to sharp curves, then I'll be driving the speed limit. If it is a flat wide open you-can-see-for-miles type road like those often found in the Midwest/west, then I just might exceed the speed limit by a few MPH's. If I am in a residential area, no matter the terrain or how often I have driven the road, then I ALWAYS do the speed limit. Even if that means dropping from 60 mph to 20 mph for a mile or two. This often severely PO's the people behind me, but I'd much rather drive slow and be prepared for traffic turning out of side streets/driveways. If it is a busy multi-lane road, I try to go with the flow of traffic within reason. I do not like being the speed bump going the speed limit when everyone else is doing 15-25 mph higher.
resmas 12/01/13 10:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Actual driving speeds

Speed limits between my house and the DC Beltway vary from 35 mph to 55 mph. People drive about 80 mph. I generally drive 70, and feel like my life is in danger not because I am speeding, but because the flow of traffic is blasting past me like I am standing still. Even on our narrow twisty 2-lane blind curve every 400' roads, people drive way too fast and pass dangerously. If I can pull over and let them pass, I do, but there are stretches for 5-10 miles where there is zero shoulder, trees up to the road that get their branches sheared off by traffic. No way to pull over there. I've had people pass me and the 4 cars ahead of me, without having a clue what is coming around the curve, over the hill, etc. I have learned what the posted speed limits are on our local roads. I don't need the GPS for them. But in unfamiliar territory, I generally drive the speed the GPS says, unless the flow of traffic forces me faster. I know the GPS is not 100% accurate, so I am always alert for speed limit signs. On any interstate, once I am away from a metro area and the traffic thins out, I usually drive between 70-75ish.
resmas 12/01/13 09:21am General RVing Issues
RE: problem of mail

I haven't written a check for a utility bill in about 10 years. Anything and everything that I have to pay monthly is set up to automatically deduct out of my checking account. I don't have to do a thing. Wouldn't have it any other way! The only thing I write checks for anymore are the kid's school lunches (because if I pay them online, I get charged a 6% "convenience fee"!!!!) and my horses' farrier. A box of checks lasts me close to 2 years!
resmas 11/29/13 06:12pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
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