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RE: Power Steering issues

Could you have put in too much power steering fluid which is overflowing and spraying on hot engine parts and the belts when you turn the wheel?
rgatijnet1 02/08/16 09:28am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hydraulic Leveler Not Retracting All the Way

If you are in a place with cooler temps, the jacks will retract slower then during the hot Summer. If you just cannot get it to retract all of the way, you can put a bottle or scissors jack underneath it and use that to push the cylinder up to a full retraction.
rgatijnet1 02/08/16 06:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How old is TOO old??

bobkatmsu - please remove your comment from the text in my response. rgatijetnet1 - nice of you to generalize about a person's driving abilities without ever knowing, or observing them. Please stay in Florida and don't come to Colorado. We have a great state here and would rather you, and people like you, stay where you are. And yes, I do my best to stay out of Florida as much as possible. In my opinion, General Grant was correct. To clarify - my response to the op was just to provide a data point that might help him evaluate his situation. Obviously there are many other factors to consider. I had no intention of getting into a urinating contest with anyone. Unfortunately in many forums, including this one, this seems to be the path that some choose. Best regards, Lowell I never generalized anyone or any group. I just said that as you get older people need to accept the fact that their driving abilities diminish. That is a fact that no one, not even you, can deny. But, even tho you say you had no intention of getting in to a pissing contest, here you go. I always love it when people tell others to stay out of their state. I'm guessing as you type this you are partaking in some of the legal pot that certainly improves the driving abilities of those in Colorado that decide to go that way. Actually, my granddaughter and her husband live in Colorado and he is serving his country in the military. I will pass on your friendly welcome to the military people from Florida that are stationed in Colorado. Thank you Mr. Duncan :R
rgatijnet1 02/07/16 07:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How old is TOO old??

Not trying to disagree, but poor decision making exists at every age. Best regards, Lowell Back in 1977 I made a good choice,, Took a job telling cops where to go (Dispatcher) Fun job in many respects, pain in others but you know, Even though I no longer tell 'em where to go.. Still pays well (Retired)> Why do I mention that? Well.. I've seen a whole lot of proof of what you say (Poor decisions by people of all ages) A WHOLE lot.. in some cases it was the last decision they ever made. Yep, these are the usual arguments made by older people that refuse to accept the fact that their own driving skills may be deteriorating. "Young people makes poor decisions also" "Young people drive too fast" "Young people don't always pay attention when they are driving" All of these things are true but it has nothing to do with YOUR driving skills in an RV, or any vehicle, as you age. I see it more often then most because of the older population in Florida. We have had drivers stopped because they were essentially blind but the wife in the passenger seat would tell them when to turn or brake. Regularly we have an elderly person drive in to a building or store store when they mistook the brake for the gas. By not accepting the fact that you are getting older and that you may need to be tested by someone to determine if your driving skills are still adequate is a perfect example of "making a poor decision" as an older driver.
rgatijnet1 02/07/16 02:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: One Piece Windshield Leaks At Top Quick Fix?

That windshield area is subject to a lot of condensation, especially during Winter months. This condensation will run down the windshield and puddle on the dash and stain the curtain. Also on many coaches, the top fiberglass cap is not well insulated and this also will cause condensation. Then there are the leaks that can come from your yellow clearance lights above your windshield. The last thing I would suspect is a windshield leak, but they do happen from time to time. A way to check it is to put tape over the top of the windshield rubber and see if that stops the leak. Almost any type of tape can be used from masking tape to packing tape for a quick check. Do not leave the tape on permanently because the longer it stays on, the harder it is to remove.
rgatijnet1 02/07/16 08:14am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wind push P-32; Sumo Springs or Super Springs?

Increasing the air pressure on your air bags on windy days will help a lot. They do make dash controlled air compressors to increase or decrease the air in your air bags as you drive so that you can adjust things as conditions change.
rgatijnet1 02/07/16 07:27am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Top 10 tips for newbies...

Just a few more are: Get your coach weighed when loaded for travel Check your tire pressure each morning before getting on the road Have a good roadside service policy Collect all manuals available for your coach and it's systems
rgatijnet1 02/06/16 11:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How old is TOO old??

Not trying to disagree, but poor decision making exists at every age. Best regards, Lowell I don't disagree with that statement but as you know, some age related dementia issues start with making poor decisions.
rgatijnet1 02/06/16 10:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How old is TOO old??

I am 69, swim half a mile 3 times a week, and in better shape than our children. No plans to give up driving our RV for many years to come. In our vintage auto racing club in Colorado (Rocky Mountain Vintage Racing - www.RMVR.com), we have a couple of people still racing in their early 80's and many in their 60's and 70's. Below is a link to a reaction time test you can take. For whatever reason, you will likely get better results using the keyboard than the mouse button: www.justpark.com/creative/reaction-time-test/ Best regards, Lowell After several tests with your link, I consistently tested in the 22-28 YO range which is younger than my grandchildren. The thing is that the test only checks your reaction time and does not test your decision making abilities. Do I make the right decision to avoid the things that could endanger my life or the lives of others? The recent accident in Tennessee where the RV driver killed a police officer was a good example of poor decision making, rather than poor reaction time. If you avoid getting in to trouble in the first place, you don't often need lightning fast reactions.
rgatijnet1 02/06/16 08:45am Class A Motorhomes

OK folks, here's the outcome of my problem - passing along for others to know what NOT to do; >> No A/C coming OUT of my Inverter -- Power in, Nothing coming OUT" Lesson Learned -- Be careful running Portable Heater"S" in your unit - I understand it is a common error made by many! THANKS to ALL that helped me with this FYI - For now, Bypassed Inverter totally and MY A/C is working great ... Once I'm ready to spend 800-1200 I'll have another Inverter installed. Running a heater should not harm your inverter at all. I suspect that there is a circuit breaker on your inverter itself that just needs to be reset.
rgatijnet1 02/06/16 05:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Kitchen slide problems?

I had a crack in one fitting that I replaced several years ago with a flexible coupling. $3 fix and no problems since. I have had small issues with other areas of any coach I have ever owned. I certainly would not have a problem buying another coach with a slide in the kitchen. Like everything else, IF a problems creeps up, deal with it and move on. No big deal.
rgatijnet1 02/05/16 10:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: WH Chassis ride height

First I must apologize for the misinformation I posted yesterday. I last researched the Workhorse W series chassis back in 2008 when we were considering the purchase of a new HR 30SFS. My feeble mind confused the mono block front axle with the parabolic spring the W chassis uses on the front. I did , however, stumble on to some information on the "Like-Air-Spring" that most likely applies to the question of why some LAS touch the axle and the others have approximately a 1.5" gap. Workhorse equipped the chassis with a specific LAS based on axle weight capacity. The RV manufacturer could opt to change this part. It was one of the few "options" available to them when they ordered the chassis. Now for the info on the LAS. 6500-8000# front suspensions were equipped with a white 5.196" LAS 8500# front suspensions were equipped with a gray 5.196" LAS 9000# front suspensions were equipped with a white 3.622" LAS It is entirely possible that through a mistake in chassis construction or by RV manufacturer request that a 6500-8500# front suspension is equipped with the shorter 9000# LAS. I remember a lot of talk on this forum and on the IRV Workhorse forum, back in 2007-2008, relating to the LAS touching the springs and what is possibly wrong with this new RV's suspension. It should not be sitting on the bump stops. Randy And then you have the YELLOW bumper like I have on mine in the link to the picture that I posted of my W front suspension. :B I also have the chassis guide book and it makes no mention of a yellow bumper but that is what came from the factory. Maybe they couldn't get any white or grey ones at that time. Who knows???
rgatijnet1 02/05/16 08:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: TCM on Allison Transmission needed replacing. Why?

Yours may not have been bad. It just may have been changed by a mechanic that used the "shotgun" approach to fix a problem. In other words, replace everything until it works. It is funny how a dirty connection can look just like a bad component. The difference is the time it takes to clean that connection or replacing a perfectly good component that will cost the customer several hundred dollars. The only way for you to tell is to keep the old parts and then reinstall that TCM after the vehicle is running properly to see if it is really bad.
rgatijnet1 02/05/16 05:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: How old is TOO old??

There is no right answer for this question. The best way to find out is to have a impartial driving instructor ride with you on a regular basis to evaluate your driving abilities. This cannot be a family member or friend. To keep my pilot license active, I have to have a complete physical on a regular schedule as well as fly with a flight instructor for him to judge how my reflexes and decision making abilities are affected as I age. I am fortunate that I still have uncorrected 20-20 vision and excellent night vision and so far I have not killed a flight instructor. :B It is impossible and foolish for a person to try to evaluate their own limitations. Maybe you recognize some limitations, but you probably miss other problems that can be deadly. One thing that is important to remember is that slowing down on the highway, because of your own physical limitations,is NOT being safe. It is usually known as obstructing the normal flow of traffic. There is a huge difference between slowing down to save fuel and slowing down because you are concerned with your own ability to handle your coach when in traffic. Don't use "saving fuel" as an excuse to cover up your own failing skills. Keep in mind that the rest of the world DOES NOT care how old you are. The rest of the people on the roads will not slow down for you. You MUST be able to interact safely with others on the highway, that are driving their various vehicles at the speed limit, and sometimes above the speed limit, and you have to be able to adjust. Trust me, most people DO NOT care about saving fuel and it is YOUR responsibility to blend in with the flow of traffic and not be an unsafe obstacle on the highway that others have to avoid. Everyone is different and every vehicle is different. I have seen some very unsafe drivers on the roads of all ages. A 30 year old can be in perfect physical condition but he was not born with the necessary skills to drive a large RV, or in some cases, any vehicle, safely. This is something that comes with experience and even then some people just DO NOT have the ability and mental fortitude to acquire those skills. Driving a heavy vehicle on the highway is a huge responsibility. It is not to be taken lightly nor is it a Constitutional "right". Having a driver's license is a privilege and just because your license is valid it is still up to you to insure that you are not a danger to yourself, or to others. Contacting an independent driving instructor to evaluate your limitations is the only safe way to decide. Age has very little to do with your physical skills or decision making abilities. Let's all be safe out there. :)
rgatijnet1 02/05/16 05:46am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Everything You Wanted to Know About Diesel Motor Homes

Destination is the most important issue for me, but second would be "can I afford fuel to get there?" That is why from big fleet of RV I did own only 2 were gassers and I got rid of them pretty fast. I agree that finding where are customers brainwashed is impossible for average Joe. I hear what you are saying but it just doesn't add up, financially. Sure fuel cost is an issue but you also have to add up ALL costs, including depreciation, insurance, maintenance, loan interest, and initial the cash outlay to come up with what your RV costs you per mile to use. In most cases, the more expensive the RV, the more that it is going to cost you PER MILE to use, regardless of the fuel type. That's a pretty obvious conclusion, but what's next? Are you looking for the absolute cheapest way to RV or the best way for each individual to RV? Everyone has a different fiscal constraint, but some people can walk into a dealer and buy a $300,000 motor home and pay cash. Others, like me, can't. Actually I was only addressing the comment about going to a DP because a gas coach uses more fuel and the inference that by buying a DP he can then afford the fuel to get to his destination. That is false economics.
rgatijnet1 02/04/16 02:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: WH Chassis ride height

My Monaco coach on the W22 chassis has over 80,000 miles and I don't feel that my springs are worn out. I still have a gap between the rubber bumper and the frame. I agree that I also prefer the aluminum sidewalls to the fiberglass and the aluminum peaked roof is strong enough to dance on. Are the awnings still over the slides? Since the tires are worn on the outside there may be a problem with the tie rod ends that is allowing the tires to scrub down the road. You should be able to lift the front tires off of the ground with the leveler jack and see if there is any looseness in the front end. Are there any small bubbles in the paint?
rgatijnet1 02/04/16 02:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Another gasser question

Everyone has different needs and different expectations. The best choice is the one that suits YOUR needs and not someone else's. There is no right or wrong way to get up from your couch and see this great country. There is nothing at all wrong with a tent, Class C, or Class A. The main thing is to go and enjoy yourself with your loved ones.
rgatijnet1 02/04/16 09:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: engine removal on a Gas Unit

You may contact your roadside assistance carrier and explain the situation to them. They may agree to move your vehicle to another shop or pressure this shop if CoachNet, or whoever you did use, chose this shop for repair.
rgatijnet1 02/04/16 09:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Everything You Wanted to Know About Diesel Motor Homes

It was good basic information geared to entice a buyer to buy a more expensive type of coach. The last sentence sort of says it all: "If you're serious about traveling, then these powerful, deluxe vehicles might just be the right choice for you." and then there is this: "RVing isn't really about the drive so much as it is the destination." This is what is meant about the floor plan being the most important, rather than the engine. Actually the two last subjects in this article is "no better time to be and RV traveler" and "Imagine the possibilities". These are nothing but sales hype to get you to buy the more expensive DP, but only IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT TRAVELING. :B A good sales pitch is one where the sucker never sees it coming. Obviously this article works on some. Those are one side of RV-ing. I compare it to swimming pools. Most of them at residence are oval, or flower shaped. They look good on the picture, but are terrible for lap swimming and I hate them. Same with RV economy. Destination is the most important issue for me, but second would be "can I afford fuel to get there?" That is why from big fleet of RV I did own only 2 were gassers and I got rid of them pretty fast. I agree that finding where are customers brainwashed is impossible for average Joe. I hear what you are saying but it just doesn't add up, financially. Sure fuel cost is an issue but you also have to add up ALL costs, including depreciation, insurance, maintenance, loan interest, and initial the cash outlay to come up with what your RV costs you per mile to use. In most cases, the more expensive the RV, the more that it is going to cost you PER MILE to use, regardless of the fuel type.
rgatijnet1 02/04/16 09:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Camping Weird er World...

Been thinking about down sizing from an 'A' to a smaller 'C'. Been looking at some at CW but would like you guys and gals to respond to this: They 'CW' have price placards in each unit with the price(s) marked. In all cases, they have a higher price marked out with a considerably lower price below marked 'sale'. One I've looked at has the marked out sale price of $85,299 and the sale price...$59,950. I suspect that the real MSRP is the lower one and that they are playing games trying to make customers believe they are getting a real 'sale deal'. Probably, some people would pay the lower price thinking they got a real deal. There are gullible people among us...and they vote! Now if the $59K price is the real price...how much lower do you think they will go? What should I offer? If you look up an identical rig online you should be able to come up with a fairly accurate MSRP and asking price from other dealers. You may also find some like new used units to give you an idea of what a used unit is selling for. Somewhere between those prices is going to be the lowest you are going to be able to buy it for if that dealer can afford to go that low. Some have too much overhead to discount too much.
rgatijnet1 02/04/16 08:47am Class A Motorhomes
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