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RE: All the spammer posts lately

Depending on how you check in to this forum, you can have an "X" off to the right which allows you to delete a post completely. Once you delete it, it is gone forever.
rgatijnet1 10/03/15 02:37pm Class A Motorhomes

You could go with a Winegard Carryout for a self install less than 1/2 price of the Trav'ler. Plus it's light weight to get on the roof. I picked up a used Winegard Pathway (Dish) w/stand and cable ($300) for our Phaeton when in trees and as the sole Satellite antenna for our B+. Trying to figure out a roof mount rather than the Winegard "legs" for the B+ so I can pull it off when stored and switch over to the Phaeton. We have had a Trav'ler for Dish for just over 5 years on our Phaeton and just recently had to change the LNB ($45) and sheathed cable assembly ($59). The carryout Winegard is for SD only for DirecTV, which the OP has.
rgatijnet1 10/03/15 12:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: air bags for gassers

I have four corner air bags on my Monaco Workhorse chassis. When we travel out West, especially in the Great Plains area, high winds are more of the norm than the exception. When we are going to be in high wind areas, I pump up the air bags to about 80 psi and the coach is very stable, even in winds that blow other coaches around. We also tow a Chevy HHR which I think also helps to stabilize things. I have a push button on my dash that allows me to inflate or deflate my air bags and I just inflate them to a comfortable level to handle any crosswind. Sometimes in the early morning, the wind is not too bad so I drop the pressure down to maybe 30 psi to have a smoother ride. As we found out after traveling in the Great Plains, you either adapt or you stay put. We prefer to continue our travels and just deal with the winds.
rgatijnet1 10/03/15 09:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cleaning under the RV

ATF is also used in power steering systems, and you know how many rubber hoses are in that system. There is a difference between heater hose rubber and power steering system rubber. The heater hoses, suspension rubber pieces, tires, etc were not designed to be in contact with petroleum products. Power steering hoses are. I would use Simple Green Extreme since any residue left will not hurt any of the aluminum parts on your coach. Regular Simple Green can hurt aluminum parts if not rinsed off completely.
rgatijnet1 10/03/15 08:24am Class A Motorhomes

I have the Winegard Traveler SK-3005 automatic roof top dish on my coach. If you tell the RV park where your dish is mounted on your RV, 90% of the time you will have no problem with reception. The rain hitting the dish problem is the same as it is with your dish at your stick built home. Usually not much of an issue. The dish is something that you can install yourself. The only hard part is getting it up on the roof. The dish itself is exactly the same size as the dish that you have on your stick house. There are connections on the dish to run coax to four different TV's from the antenna and you can watch different channels if you take two boxes with you. You probably already have a roof penetration point on the coach that will allow you to fish the coax down from the roof. The Winegard Traveler and antenna has HD capability so you will get more channels than the SD dishes with your DirecTV account. Some channels are only broadcast in HD and if you want to watch them, you have to have an HD Dish. We use our crank up antenna for the local network channels and have no problem finding them with our King Jack antenna. Most of these are broadcast in HD and the King antenna has the amplifier built in to the antenna.
rgatijnet1 10/03/15 06:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Winnabago Vista Roof noise

What about your crank up TV antenna? They can rattle in the wind.
rgatijnet1 10/03/15 06:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: clear coat flaking off roof edge panels

Polishing compound is a much finer grit than rubbing compound. It will remove a lot less material and leave the surface ready for wax. If you use rubbing compound, you need to use polishing compound afterwards.
rgatijnet1 10/02/15 03:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cleaning under the RV

Any of the engine degreasers should work well altho it might not be easy to spray underneath the coach without getting it all over yourself. Wear goggles and cover yourself. Also you may want to be careful where you do it so that the petroleum residue does not kill the grass or get in to the storm drain system.
rgatijnet1 10/02/15 11:56am Class A Motorhomes
RE: clear coat flaking off roof edge panels

When i tried a repair I attempted to feather the egde of the clear coat with fine sand paper. The color coat was so thin when it was "touched" it was gone. Clear coat cannot be cut in or patched but I figured at the top and roof of the coach it would not be noticeable. Not sure about other products, but if you have this condition on a Newmar motor home I think you will need a professional fix. You are correct. If the paint is so thin on the Newmar coach that to touch it removes the color coat than polishing compound will certainly remove the color coat of paint. If the factory put it on that thin, just rubbing it to put on wax may remove what little is left in which case a repaint is the best solution.
rgatijnet1 10/02/15 09:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lumbar support

I ordered custom made seats for my coach after yanking out the uncomfortable Flexsteel junk. If you go to a place that makes captains chairs, you can order the type of foam, etc, to make the seat just what you need for a comfortable ride. I eventually had spinal fusion surgery and now the seats are even more comfortable.
rgatijnet1 10/02/15 08:24am Class A Motorhomes
RE: clear coat flaking off roof edge panels

The clear coat that is peeling can be scraped off and then you can feather the edges with fine wet/dry sandpaper to blend everything smooth. The problem is that you don't know when or if the rest of it will start peeling in a week, month, or never. Once the loose clear is removed, you can try using a polishing(not rubbing) compound followed by a good wax. This may bring back some of the gloss to the surface.
rgatijnet1 10/02/15 05:36am Class A Motorhomes
RE: My toad gets 133 MPG while towing

My toad does not burn any fuel when it is being towed. Yours must have a leaky fuel tank. :B
rgatijnet1 10/01/15 02:50pm Class A Motorhomes

You will need a pure sine wave inverter to solve your problem. Even many phone chargers will not work well on modified sine wave inverters. You can buy 12 volt inexpensive pure sine wave inverters on Amazon, or other places, and hook them to your equipment instead of the UPS.
rgatijnet1 10/01/15 11:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: clear coat flaking off roof edge panels

The STCs for upgrading the fabric to Ceoconite requires the system to be applied as per the installation instructions which have the materials listed. They do not include a three stage automotive paints. And that is what Clear coat systems are (three stage). the all aluminum aircraft can use any system they like, but adding the third coat of clear coat is heavy. most do not use it. I have refinished our Newmar in several places, the company gave the paint info as a Sherman Williams numbers and we used S&W two stage no clear coat. It looks better and will last as long as any three stage. Most automotive base coat clear coat systems are two stage now. Since you do airplanes here is a modern system using base coat/clear coat that will not add the weight that you are concerned about. Aviation paint Apparently the Newmar that the owner has was coated with a base coat/clear coat finish that has failed. Perhaps you should tell hi about your refinish system and how it can help his problem.
rgatijnet1 10/01/15 09:34am Class A Motorhomes
RE: RVing year round

We travel mostly in the Winter to get away from the crowds here in Florida and to experience the National Parks without the crowds. The Grand Canyon in January is beautiful and you have the park mostly to yourself. We were one of six RV's in the entire RV park inside the Grand Canyon. The same goes for Yellowstone in November. We very seldom use our propane furnace alto it does do great to take the chill off in the morning. We keep our fresh water tank topped off and never hook up to RV services unless it is to dump our waste tanks and top off the fresh water again. If the weather is going to be below freezing, we place a 100 watt incandescent light in the wet bay which has kept things from freezing down to a little below zero. Our wet bay is covered with spray foam insulation and when closed, the light bulb does well to keep the temp above freezing. We use our roof top heat pump and a portable heat pump to warm the coach, as well as an electric ceramic heater. In addition, we use a low voltage electric blanket at night. Neither my wife nor I have to have the coach at 80 degrees so keeping it at 65 is very comfortable for us and our mountain dog. My roof top heat pump usually quits working at around 30 degrees but our portable heat pump will work no matter what the outside temps are. During the Winter, in snow country, most roads are kept clear altho after a heavy snowfall, it may take a day or two to clear off some of the secondary roads. We have never had trouble finding roads to drive on but I do carry snow chains that I have used to get in to and out of some RV parks that do not have snow removal equipment. There are some places in the mountain highways that require you to have snow chains for RV's and you can rent them at a lot of locations. For me it was easier to purchase them which gave me time to practice installing them in Florida before we got in to the snow. Now it takes me about 20 minutes to fit the chains. I use pads under my leveling jacks to prevent them from sticking to the ground when temps get below freezing. I have no problem retracting the jacks but sometimes it can be a challenge to pull the pads out. I have driven across I-80 in Wyoming during a blizzard and the only problem I had was that my windshield defrosters had a difficult time keeping the ice melted at the top of the glass. It would eventually melt and slide down the windshield but the roads stayed clear enough so that we had no problem. Obviously the world does not come to a halt during the Winter. There are plenty of other motorists on the roads and about the same amount of trucks no matter what the weather is like. Not all RV parks are open in the Winter so it is a good idea to check to make sure that you will have a place to stay. If you do not mind Walmart, or a truck stop, there are always places to park. We have always been able to find an RV park somewhere that is open. Winter travel is not for everyone. It takes a little extra effort on your part and it takes a willingness to want to explore some beautiful ares of the country during conditions that keeps most people inside. For us it is worth all of the hassles and thanks to satellite TV and the internet, we have never been caught in a storm where we would be stuck for more than a day. We also have a curtain behind the front seats which we close to keep the front of the coach comfortable when driving in zero temps. This allows our dash heat to keep us comfortable. To answer your last question, we always tow a Chevrolet HHR with our gas coach and have had no problems in the Winter in the Western mountains.
rgatijnet1 10/01/15 08:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Lack of Horsepower

Since you get no codes, I would suspect that you have one or more injectors that have become plugged or possibly O2 sensors that are starting to fail. Perhaps you just got a load of bad gas and it plugged things up or as Dale mentioned, your in tank fuel pump could be on it's last legs.
rgatijnet1 10/01/15 07:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: clear coat flaking off roof edge panels

"Most modern car finishes consist of a base coating that contains the color, topped with a protective clear coat that is designed to keep the pigmented paint from oxidizing. . I have 3 different clear coats in my paint locker, from different manufacturers none say any thing about UV protection. Here is one manufacturer of aircraft paint that has clearcoats that mention UV protection. Endura Paints Then there is also the Sherwin Williams AcryGlo paint system for general aviation that comes in solid or base coat/clear coat metallics that offer UV protection. AcryGlo paint system WE paint aircraft almost every month or two. most applications are URA products and have no requirements for a clear coat. Clear coat is used when you do not want to feel the line on a different color stripe. It provides a smoother surface that some people, including me, want. The same goes for my RV. I have painted stripes on my RV and the clear coat levels out the paint surface so that when you rub your hand over it, it feels smooth. Both of my planes had stripes and I wanted a smooth final finish when I painted them. The Sherwin Williams SKYscapes paint system is also a base-coat clear coat system for aircraft. Obviously a base-coat clear coat paint on an aircraft or an RV will cost more and take more time but in my opinion it provides a better final finish and better protection from the elements.
rgatijnet1 10/01/15 06:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: clear coat flaking off roof edge panels

House of Color urethane clear I guess if they have any, they have more than any other. Actually I don't know of any high quality automotive clear finish that does not offer UV protection, whether water base or polyurethane. Here is another link and a quote from this site: "Most modern car finishes consist of a base coating that contains the color, topped with a protective clear coat that is designed to keep the pigmented paint from oxidizing. This outer clear coat adds UV protection that helps prevent the sun's rays from drying out the base paint." Clear coat finishes Any of the clear coat finishes from the past would yellow after just a few years out in the sun. I used Dupont Imron on my airplane that sat out in the Florida sun for several years with no fading or oxidation of the clear coat.
rgatijnet1 09/30/15 06:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Workhorse Avg Fuel Economy

Scroll to page 29 and I think it will take you through the steps. Actia dash
rgatijnet1 09/30/15 11:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: clear coat flaking off roof edge panels

The bad thing is that your clear coat contains the most UV protection Do you have a reference for that statement? I've never seen any paint manufacturer make that claim. House of Color urethane clear
rgatijnet1 09/30/15 10:50am Class A Motorhomes
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