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RE: Limitations to gas Class A

I've never had any problems in the mountains and have passed many DP's on the way to the top. Anyone that says that the current crop of gas powered motor homes cannot navigate the mountain passes is either lying or ignorant of the facts. Perhaps it is a salesman trying to get you to spend more money for a DP when a gas coach will serve your needs just fine. If you find a floor plan that will suit your needs, do not worry about mountain travel. They will all make it to the top and down the other side safely.
rgatijnet1 10/21/14 05:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Might trade in Brake Buddy

I believe that if you do a search of past topics, you will find a few members that took Brake Buddy up on their trade-in offer. Financially it seems like a good deal.
rgatijnet1 10/20/14 02:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Annual Maintenance: Gasser vs Diesel Pusher

On my gasser there are no annual maintenance requirements. I use my coach 15,000+ miles a year so I change the oil(5000 miles) and perform a grease job based on the normal mileage requirements. I change the air filter every 10,000 miles and the serpentine belt at 30,000. I usually put on new tires at 50,000. There is nothing that I do on an annual basis.
rgatijnet1 10/20/14 12:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Shower Drain Connection

Follow-up to the shower drain repair. I ordered the part from PPL. I went ahead and ordered the drain and trap combination that they offered to make sure that I had the part in case the trap was actually cracked. Turns out it wasn't, so I have extra for the future. The shower drain screwed right in and tightened up with new gaskets really nicely. Turns out there was an access grate right at the base of the shower pan near the floor on the outside of the shower. Took that off and it gave god access to the trap and drain connections. Easy fix in case anyone else experiences a broken shower drain....don't be intimidated by the possibility of doing it yourself. All total... about $15 for the part and maybe 10 minutes time to screw it in. Fantastic and thanks for letting us know about the repair.At an RV shop that would probably be a $150 repair. Good job!
rgatijnet1 10/20/14 05:06am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Resale Diesel or Gas

If you think of an RV as an investment, you will never enjoy the lifestyle and joy that it can bring. Take a cruise, or a flight somewhere, anywhere, and then calculate how much of the cost of that trip was recoverable. See if you can get back the cost of the hotel, rental car, meals at restaurants, etc. Your total expense of any trip, that is not done with an RV, is gone forever. It has no resale value.
rgatijnet1 10/19/14 01:04pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Current Status of Holiday Rambler

I am sooo glad there are folks who buy new....so I can buy used! We bought a 2005 HR Ambassador in 2009. New, it cost around $230k. We got it for $93k. Let's see...$137k depreciation divided by 4 = $34k per year or $2,800 PER MONTH. And it was in beautiful condition. Still is, after full-timing in it for 4 years. And the $130k or more that I saved is still snuggled in my investment portfolio. Yup! I am truly thrilled that somebody bought this coach new, so I could buy it used. :0) I know, depreciation is not our friend. I'm told that our new coach will depreciate $1,000 a day for the first few years then level off. Oh the fun! They do not put trailer hitches on a hearse, can't take it with you, enjoy life. MM. I could not agree more. We have taken several trips to Europe and South America. Our last trip down to Machu Pichhu in Peru was a three week adventure that cost us a little over $7000. It was the adventure of a lifetime and guess what, the whole trip depreciated down to ZERO. Every cent that we spent is gone and we will never get it back. As foolish as we are tho.....we will do it again. Once it dawns on you that the RV is your path to adventure and one of a kind memories, you forget about depreciation and start enjoying the ride. At that point, the RV will become more fun and less some kind of an investment to be worried about.
rgatijnet1 10/19/14 09:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fuel Prices............WHY ??

The oil industry has not built a new refining operation in the USA since the 70's. We also export a lot of coal but apparently it is not in the top 10. United States Top 10 Exports The following export product groups represent the highest dollar value in American global shipments during 2013. Also shown is the percentage share each export category represents in terms of US overall exports. 1) Machinery: $213,108,199,000 (13.5% of total exports) 2) Electronic equipment: $165,604,449,000 (10.5%) 3) Mineral fuels including oil: $148,426,743,000 (9.4%) 4) Vehicles excluding trains and streetcars: $133,640,479,000 (8.5%) 5) Aircraft and spacecraft: $115,380,944,000 (7.3%) 6) Optical, technical and medical apparatus: $84,281,276,000 (5.3%) 7) Pearls, precious stones, precious metals and coins: $72,830,232,000 (4.6%) 8) Plastics: $60,836,970,000 (3.9%) 9) Organic chemicals: $46,510,903,000 (2.9%) 10) Pharmaceutical products: $39,742,717,000 (2.5%)
rgatijnet1 10/16/14 02:09pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: O.K., this is honestly a new tire question...I think..

Since the OP asked about a toad, you may also want to consider rotating the tires since the front tires do tend to scrub a little more in turns than they would under normal driving situations. Change the out a six years. On other vehicles, I would consider the use. If you do a lot of highway, high speed travel, I would stick with a six year replacement. On a vehicle that is just used for low speed in town travel, I would be tempted to go longer with the tires. A lot also depends on location. A tire blow out in the snow is a little more of a problem than a tire blowout down in the Sunbelt states.
rgatijnet1 10/16/14 02:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: The Workhorse Isn't

Need some history here. Was it a constant problem that has gotten worse? Or did it just start to overheat suddenly? What parts were replaced for that money? Can only guess without more information. Some details please. Ok, see it overheats almost at once. Agree no water circulation. Did they replace water pump with the wrong one? Serpentine belt driven pumps operate counterclockwise, v belt ones operate clockwise. They have been known to mix them up. Usually I would rule out the water pump in this situation but you do bring up a good point. The GM engine is used in Marine applications which means they have CW and CCW rotation engines. Many GM water pumps are bi-directional but I guess it is possible that the wrong water pump was installed. A check of the water pump part number should confirm if it is the correct part. Naturally you want to check oil pressure. A failed oil pump can cause things to get hot quickly.
rgatijnet1 10/16/14 12:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tire insurance?

CoachNet is what many use but that only covers a service call, towing if needed, and a tire change. It does not cover the cost of the tire itself. Many of the various tire manufacturers have road hazard coverage but usually the restrictions are too complicated to be used when you are stuck at the side of the road 100 miles from the nearest town. In any case, IF you keep the tire, and can get it to an AUTHORIZED dealer for that brand, you MAY get some pro-rated relief.
rgatijnet1 10/16/14 12:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fuel Prices............WHY ??

Here is what you get from one 42 gallon barrel of crude. http://www.eia.gov/energyexplained/images/charts/products_from_barrel_crude_oil-small.jpg
rgatijnet1 10/16/14 11:41am Class A Motorhomes
RE: The Workhorse Isn't

If the engine overheats in a little over a mile, that indicates that you are NOT getting water circulation. This eliminates the fan clutch, transmission, dragging brakes, etc. I would look at things that will stop the water from circulating like a bad thermostat or an air pocket in the cooling system that will cause the water pump to stop pumping. Check the thermostat with a pan of hot water to make sure that it opens completely and that it is installed correctly, and not backwards. Fill the system with water and properly bleed it to make sure that all air is removed.
rgatijnet1 10/16/14 11:23am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Thinking Diesel. Am I biting off more than I can chew?

It doesn't matter what other people have done on their coaches. This owner was carrying a lot of tools and spare parts for a reason. That reason was probably learned from HIS own experiences with that coach. Maybe he is full timing but many other people full time without taking their entire garage with them. Tools are one of those subjective things. Basically do not carry any tools that you are not comfortable using. If you are not comfortable working under the coach, no need to carry a grease gun, etc. Spare parts are something else. You can carry the part to hand over to a mechanic to install if needed and save the time waiting for the part to be ordered. The engine and type of coach is sort of irrelevant. They all can last a long time and some could fail tomorrow. Why is this owner getting rid of it? Did he purchase another coach made by the same manufacturer, which is a sign he was happy with his old coach? Does he have complete and current service records? If not that means that he may have done all of the maintenance himself which may not necessarily be a good thing if he was not knowledgeable about the correct way to perform the necessary tasks. Without records, you have no way of knowing if he cut corners or used the cheapest materials.
rgatijnet1 10/16/14 07:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need specs on my Class A

Try here: Coachman RV or here: Coachman Owners
rgatijnet1 10/15/14 02:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: I have a scangauge code that Cummins doesn't recognize.

Maybe these links will help: Cummins engine codes Engine codes More Codes
rgatijnet1 10/15/14 04:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Delamination

The corners of the door frame should come apart by drilling out the rivets. Remove one side and just slide the panel assembly out. Once out you should be able to figure out a way to repair or replace the panel.
rgatijnet1 10/14/14 05:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sudden drop on MPG causes?

You are missing my point. The engine controller doesn't know the air fuel ratio. The information is not there for the Scan Gauge to monitor. Maybe you are watching the short and long term fuel trims? Perhaps you need to take it up with the folks at ScanGauge. As the link I gave you shows, it monitors the air fuel ratio and shows it as the optimal 14.7 during normal cruise on my GM 8.1L. This drops when I am accelerating or climbing a hill as the engine is fed more fuel for the additional load. Are the short and long term fuel trims given as 14.7??? NO, They should be close to "0" or less than 10% plus or minus for each. Perhaps the ScanGauge is taking all of the information available and calculating the A/F ratio. If you read what is on this link, it shows that on some vehicles, it gives the fuel trims AND air fuel ratio. Scan Gauge X commands
rgatijnet1 10/14/14 02:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Scan Gauge

Just for information, Scan gage/ultra gage keep the computer powered-up even when the engine is turned off. This might be a problem if you dry camp for an extended period. I don't know about the dongle. My ScanGauge goes dark after a few minutes with the engine off.
rgatijnet1 10/14/14 09:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Sudden drop on MPG causes?

That is why I continuously monitor my air fuel ratio with my ScanGauge. Scan Gauge can't show air fuel ratio. There is no air fuel sensor to display. In fact, commanded air fuel isn't even a standard parameter, did you add that with X gauge? Maybe that's what you are looking at? I have a newer ScanGauge with all of the x gauge upgrades. It does show A/F ratio as well as transmission fluid temp. Here is the link: ScanGauge
rgatijnet1 10/14/14 08:16am Class A Motorhomes
RE: labor cost of Cummins ISL replacement

Diesels are built tjavascript:;o last a long time...but....abuse them and they will bite you!!!....gotta put oil in em to make em last.....just sayin.....Dennis That is correct but sometimes, things that are beyond the control of the user will also fail. Parts fail for no obvious reason and sometime manufacturing errors and design deficiencies can cause a part to fail prematurely. Anyone that is knowledgeable about vehicle service is also familiar with Technical Service Bulletins(TSB's). These are NOT recalls but are manufacturing deficiencies that have been identified and the bulletins are sent out to the service departments to deal with those manufacturing and design problems. The CUSTOMER only finds out about them when a problem develops and he takes it to a DEALER for service. If it is out of warranty and he goes to an independent shop, or if he does the repairs himself, he will never be aware that the factory screwed up, and he is paying the price for someone else's mistake. Just saying........
rgatijnet1 10/14/14 05:46am Class A Motorhomes
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