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RE: Rockport storms

FYI, there are 18 states that have a town named Rockport. ryoung
ryoung 06/17/17 06:15pm Snowbirds
RE: Put money down on a livinlite 6.8.

Just me thinking, but I would not take the risk of carrying 2.5 gallons of gas strapped to the rear of my truck. Even a minor rear end collision could turn into a disaster. ryoung
ryoung 05/13/17 09:26am Truck Campers
RE: A Devastating Discovery

I don't know the timeline between the repairs and your discovery of the disconnected fitting, but I would think they would offer a warranty on their repair work. I will definitely leave this company off my list as I possibly look for another TC within the next year. Thanks for the post. ryoung
ryoung 04/29/17 09:42am Truck Campers
RE: Fire!

I had a similar event happen several years ago. The TV was in a open cabinet in the upper bedroom in a fifth wheel rv. I got up in the night to use the bathroom. Going back to bed I noticed the TV was beginning to smoke. Not seeing any flames, I grabbed the tv and pulled it out without taking any time to unhook the coax or power cord. The smoke alarm went off at this time. Thru it outside and watched it until the smoke dissipated. It did not catch fire. The next morning I took it apart and found a capacitor that had melted. It was the old CRT type. Also heard that the campground had had some type of electrical problem that night as other rv's had some damage. ryoung
ryoung 11/20/16 02:50pm General RVing Issues
RE: Happy Camper Tank Additive

My take on those that think their black tank does not sink Either you have a radically different metabolism than everybody else Or You have a defective nose Water alone does not keep poop from stinking Very True. Or it could be that old saying, "My ---- doesn't stink." ryoung
ryoung 11/20/16 01:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: Pinkish-orange algae in water lines

If you predominately fill your fw tank with well water, it could be iron bacteria as one poster mentioned. I have dealt with it before. I wouldn't be that afraid of its health effect. But if you are unsure take a sample of it to you local health department and see if they can identify it. Here is a link describing iron bacteria. ryoung
ryoung 11/19/16 12:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Selling an RV Through Consignment

If you consign on a percentage basis, make sure there is some agreement that allows you to see the selling invoice so that you get your true cut of the transaction. ryoung
ryoung 11/11/16 04:14pm General RVing Issues
RE: Remote thermostat

If you are just wanting to monitor the house temperature and have a home security system that reports to a monitoring station, have a temperature switch installed in the security system. The monitoring station will call you if the temperature drops below the set point. ryoung
ryoung 10/30/16 03:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Ford F250 Super Duty

When I purchased my truck and camper that's in my signature, I found the same "not recommended for truck camper". Lots of research but never did get any answer from anyone. I bought the Lance 915 and added an across the bed 30 gallon aux diesel tank and ended up fully loaded about 500 lbs lower than the 11,500 GVWR. I put nearly 75,000 miles touring the US, Canada and Alaska with nary an incident. Go figure. ryoung
ryoung 10/27/16 07:07am Truck Campers
RE: Connecting to propane tank on motorhome

The OP didn't ask how to connect and so I assume he knows how. If he doesn't then I suspect he'll ask. As to how I did it; I did it right. It amazes me some of the smart ass replies posted here. D.E. Bishop was only questioning whether the OP was doing it the safe way. Thanks for asking , each appliance has its own regulator, my hoses will be before the regulator on the motorhome. The OP does not know the correct and safe way to connect the propane hose, as I outlined in my post above. And you criticize someone for asking??? ryoung
ryoung 09/30/16 05:31pm General RVing Issues
RE: Connecting to propane tank on motorhome

Thanks for asking , each appliance has its own regulator, my hoses will be before the regulator on the motorhome. For safety's sake, I would run any hoses from the low side of the tank regulator and NOT from the high pressure side of the tank. Depending on the ambient temperature the tank pressure can get as high as 160 psig and maye higher. A hose failure could be disastrous at this pressure. The low side of the regulator is usually set to 13" Water Column, which is less than 0.5 psi., a much safer pressure. You will have to remove any regulators hooked to the inlets of the lantern and BBQ grill. Do it the safe way. ryoung
ryoung 09/30/16 05:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: Dual air bags

It would seem to me that the added bags would have to be the same size, square inch wise. Otherwise you would have to run different pressures in the bags to insure they are sharing the load. I know longer have my truck camper, but was on the weight police force at the time. If you are worried that the present airbags are "putting an awful lot of stress on themselves, their mounting brackets & bolts, and the frame where they attach.", you're carrying to much **** weight. ryoung I know longer own the TC and truck in my signature.
ryoung 09/30/16 04:56pm Truck Campers
RE: Do you drive with your propane on?

There can be no comparison between a vehicle engine running on propane and an RV that is using propane for refrigeration, as far as a safety concerns in a filling station. The fact that an RV refrigerator uses a small flame to boil the water ammonia mixture in the system. This flame is somewhat open to the atmosphere and hence could be a source of ignition of fumes from a gasoline spill at a gas station. What are the chances? IMO not great enough to turn off the propane when fueling. ryoung
ryoung 09/25/16 06:47pm Truck Campers
RE: So My Neighbor Shot a BB At My Camper...

after reading thru this thread, I wonder if those who say he's an old man, just forgetaboutit would actually say the same thing if it happened to their RV. bumpy I sure the hell would let it go. What's your point in punishing the "old man"? ryoung
ryoung 09/07/16 10:48am Truck Campers
RE: How do I get aerial photos of various addresses?

Actually, I just looked at instantstreetview.com again and it uses an API to Google Maps so it is just a shortcut to Google Maps' street views. Does Google Maps show more recent photos of your street then instantstreetview.com? If so, Google must not release their latest photos to all. Yes, Google Maps shows my house with the shrubs I planted late last summer; so they are not over a year old. ryoung
ryoung 08/16/16 07:18pm Technology Corner
RE: How do I get aerial photos of various addresses?

I now use. http://www.instantstreetview.com/ I opened the above site and entered my address. My house is two years old and it wasn't there. I rotated the street view to my neighbors house across the street, which was built 8 years ago, and it's not there either. Just empty building lots. The house next to his appears, but it was built 10 years ago. Not much use using data that's 8 years old. I'll stick with Google Maps. ryoung
ryoung 08/14/16 07:48pm Technology Corner
RE: Metal camper step shocked my dog!

After reading 7 pages on this subject, I have decided that this guy is pulling your leg. Doesn't know the difference between volts and amps, nor what a GFCI is, etc. What's worse you have been telling him how to troubleshoot the problem when he knows absolutely nothing about electricity. He admitted that himself. A very dangerous thing to be doing. Only one or two gave him the correct advice, and that is to get a qualified person to find and repair the problem. Sharing knowledge is great under the right circumstances, but this is not the time and place. ryoung
ryoung 08/13/16 07:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: TC with Aux fuel tank

As previously said it all depends on the tank measurements, especially the front to back distance, as this will determine how far back the camper will set in the bed. This may set the COG of the camper out of the range listed for the truck. Also it will put more of the load on the rear suspension. With the TC and truck that is listed in my signature, I had an 30 gallon aux diesel tank that took up 10 inches of bed space. No problems with COG location and with the dually and light camper there was no weight problem. Just be sure that you have a steel frame built and installed in the bed that is sufficient enough to prevent damage to the tank. ryoung I no longer own the TC and truck in my signature.
ryoung 08/13/16 05:05pm Truck Campers
RE: How to connect RV batteries together

For safety's sake I find it amazing that one doesn't know which terminal to disconnect first and which terminal to reconnect first but can post what a balanced hook up is. ryoung
ryoung 08/13/16 09:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Understanding COG

But where do you take the measurement on your truck? Most trucks that are approved for camper hauling will have a booklet listing the points of measurement to determine the longitudinal position for the COG point of the camper. This range of distance varies according to the trucks configuration, ie; cab type, seating type, engine type, etc. Use the info in the booklet that comes with the truck or find it online from the manufacturer. Anything, else is just guessing. ryoung I no longer own the truck and TC in my signature.
ryoung 08/13/16 09:15am Truck Campers
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