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RE: A new home for the big beast (and us)

Scott---- We left Fallbrook last May for Elko, Nv.....after 31 yrs SDPD....Could not be happier....Built our RV dream garage first (50x40) with an apt, then the house..... Will be back in SD area periodically each winter, it does get a bit chilly here sometimes compared to SD..... Overall, could not be happier with our move.......More property, better house, dream garage--all for much less than we were paying in SD.... Good move.... Steve and Liz 2014 Newmar Dutch Star Elko, Nv
sd1209 03/14/14 05:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: US 395 CA to Canada

Did the trip 2 yrs ago...Only San Diego to North Oregon...One of the most scenic trips we have ever made.....We both loved it....Weather (rain every day in June) finally made us break East to Yellowstone.....One day we will finish the trip all the way to Canada...... The road and accommodations are great.. Suggestion: If you do it, stop by the RV park in Likely, Ca......Well worth the 2-3 mile trip off 395........Middle of nowhere but worth it.....
sd1209 02/25/14 10:38am Roads and Routes
RE: Where to add oil on my Generac Guardian RV 6500? Pic inside

I have a 5.5 Generac in my MH and the set up is just as yours.....Dipstick in the bottom one, I fill at the top one (quicker)....I think they made many of them this way due to diff applications, etc......
sd1209 02/22/14 12:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Interested in Elko, NV or Jarbidge areas

I live in Lamoille...A few RV parks in the Elko area, prob the best is Iron Horse right in town.....Many miners living full time in many of the parks..I have found these are generally a good bunch of people and more than helpful and courteous.... If you have the time, go up the 13 mile paved road (toad recommended) to the end of Lamoille Canyon, out of Lamoille....Great hiking and worth the trip.... Angel Lake, out of Wells, 50 miles east, is worth the trip....Makes a good day trip if staying in Elko but there are a couple CG's on the road to the top..........Great hiking, great lake/fishing and 2 nice campgrounds......Some will say that the CG at the top of this paved road adjacent to Angel Lake is not accessible to RV's....I have seen 40' MH's at the top CG and have taken my MH in my sig to the top CG many times......It is steep though and you need to be aware that it is just as steep going down.. Cannot speak of Jarbridge....Wild Horse is nice, driven by but never stayed there......Metropolis ghost town is near, debatable if worth the trip.... Elko has many events in the summer....They have a good website that lists them....
sd1209 02/11/14 04:06pm Roads and Routes
Question ref water pressure -----UPDATE/SOLUTION---------

Ref the below...Thx for all the input....Went back to square one today and found I had 2 press regulators on the hose....Did not see the one at the MH....Had one at the pedestal and one at the MH......Took them both off along with the in-line filter and all worked fine..Filter back on and all worked fine...One of the press regulators back on and the problem appeared....Took this one off and put the other one on and all fine.... Hooked the bad press reg up to the pedestal and put a pressure gauge on it...turned the water on and pressure up to 45 lbs then slowly bled down to zero.......Bad pressure regulator.....Did the same with the other regulator and pressure up to 45 or so and stayed there....As it should.... Never had a pressure regulator go bad like this.....I learned something..Again, thx for the input... *********************************************************** Have the MH in my sig....Plugged into full hookups for the past month..About 2 weeks ago when turning on any fresh water source, there started a momentary delay in getting water (3-5 secs), then it comes on as normal....(using water hose)....Yesterday the delay increased to 30-45 secs, then it came on as normal......This morning it is not coming on at all.... Turned the water pump on and all is normal off the pump.... I removed the in-line press regulator and filter hooked up to the hose at the pedestal and it still does the above.... Is there an in-line something on the MH side of the hose, where it goes into the side of the MH?? Suggestions where to look?? Thx
sd1209 02/06/14 10:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Radio comes on

I did not have that problem but had a Jensen in my MH that whenever you turned the radio on it would come on at full volume, every time.....Once I quickly turned the volume down it worked perfectly....Needless to say, I had to do something.. I called Jensen and actually talked to someone in their tech dept..He was friendly and said "whenever these radios start acting up with strange problems, just replace the radio....Your radio is inexpensive and not a great quality radio but it gets the job done...Go to Ebay and get one used"........So I did.... Got one used, out of a MH, the guy was upgrading his radio.....Slid the old one out and new one in, all worked fine..Still working 3 yrs later... Jensen is not known for quality radios...
sd1209 01/04/14 06:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Comments on Newmar Dutch Star

Don---- I spoke to Tom 2 days ago and he said he has 2 Dutch Stars on the lot, both 4018.....We are in San Diego now and may drive up next week to look at them......The floorplan and engine are what we are looking for....
sd1209 01/01/14 01:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gulfstream

Gulfstream is still in business.. They are out of the Class A side of it though for the past 2-3 years, just building trailers.
sd1209 12/31/13 12:33pm Class A Motorhomes
Comments on Newmar Dutch Star

Looking at a new 2014 Dutch Star, model 4018....It has the 450hp ISL with a tag.... Any comments on the model? Anybody own one? I am fairly familiar with Newmar, have a couple of friends who have purchased new in the past couple of years and are satisfied. Also, looking to buy from Tom Lindstrom RV in Moorpark, Calif.....Any comments on this dealer?? Anyone with experience with this dealer? He seems to be willing to deal and has quoted a healthy reduction from MSRP.. Comments??
sd1209 12/31/13 12:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Mice

I had mouse problems for about a year.....A real mess, as you know.....I tried everything and nothing worked.....Then I got 5 of those sonic deterrents at Home Depot....Put them in the engine compartment and all around the inside of the MH.....Problem solved for the past 2 yrs..... You will never plug all the holes that a mouse can get in.....Just too many that are not visible around corners, etc..... The sonic things worked for me, I have heard mixed reviews from others.....
sd1209 11/27/13 04:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: Strangest thing seen while camping.

Strangest thing I ever saw: We entered the RV spot where we were to stop for the night and the wife said: "I will get the sewer hose and hook it up...."
sd1209 11/09/13 09:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Another odd experience, this time in Kissimee

Reminds me of an experience I had today at Home Depot.....Got a bathroom faucet off the shelf there for the bath in my home...Got to the cashier and she rang it up then asked for a "job order #".....Told her this was just for my own house, she told me she could not sell it w/o a job order number... I asked her to call over another cashier, which she did...This cashier just told her to put NA in the box..... The cashier was new, I understand that..But absolutely no trng....I felt sorry for her.....Sounds like your exp with this CW employee....
sd1209 11/07/13 06:26pm Camping World Accessories
RE: Sliding Drivers Side Window Broken .... Update

Similar thing happened to me 2 yrs ago.....Called an auto glass shop (small independent guy) and he said bring it in and he would custom make one for me.... Very easy for me to get the glass (what was left of it) and frame out..took it in and a few days later new window........Cannot tell any difference between the new and old glass...He did a great job and it was very reasonable........ On my MH I just removed the small rubber seal and it was quite easy after that (do not recall exactly how I did it, not at the MH now).....
sd1209 11/07/13 05:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: hitting bottom

Had the same issue....I put Firestone air bags in the rear and it gave me 2".......Was enough to stop the dragging.........I just pump them up (got the air comp) to 100 psi and drop them back down after the driveway....... Expensive for 2" but worth it to solve the issue......
sd1209 09/01/13 03:54pm Tech Issues
RE: No dash AC

I have the MH in my sig and the a/c compressor went out in 2009.....Very low miles/use on the MH at that time...... Took it to Ford and got a new compressor, etc....Interesting comment by the service advisor---he told me they work on many Ford MH's and they replace many, many a/c compressors in low mileage MH's.........Much more than in autos...... In explaining, he said that the seals are many times the problem...He advised to use the a/c often, even if not needed, just to exercise the compressor, etc......Says it is good for the seals, etc.....Made sense to me....
sd1209 07/29/13 05:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Checking tire temps

I use one and check or try to on every stop.....I have a general idea of what the temps should be but what I am looking for more than that is a big difference between tires....There will be some diff ie the sunny side and shady side....But if one tire is way out on either the MH or the toad that gets my attn.... The answer really is a temp monitoring system and eventually I will get one....But in the interim I do use a laser temp and it works...
sd1209 07/08/13 05:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: I am in total disbelief....AIR PRESSURE...

I had GY's on my MH when I bought it in 09.....Put 85# in them in 09 and never added a pound...Replaced with Hankooks about 8 mos ago.....85 all around again and checked them a few days ago, all at 85.......Wish my motorcycle would do that..!
sd1209 07/01/13 04:46pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 9 hours to mount tires at Jacksonville, FL Camping World

Not just CW.....Few mos back I purchased 6 new 19.5 for the MH...West Coast large chain, good rep.....I had an appt for 0900..... Got there and they said leave it, they will have the "lot boy" drive it to the installer, few miles away......Done by 5 pm....(I thought an appt at 0900 meant they start about then and it should be done in 1-2 hrs)... One look at the "lot boy" who looked stoned (I was a cop for 31 yrs) his body/neck covered in tattoos, cig in his lips, etc etc etc I said no way....Then I asked about their installer, I was told initially they do it all there....they said yes, they sell the tires but contract out for the install, cannot handle 19.5 and larger........OK, I drove it over to the installer, which was another large tire store....Great people and a good job well done..... Next time I save money and deal directly with the installer....
sd1209 06/27/13 03:44pm Camping World Accessories
RE: Southwind 36T/37C - Handling/Relilabity/Overall Usability

Ref the 06 model...If it is truly an 2006 V-10, they made significant changes in that year....More hp/torque and a better transmission.....Earlier years were good but general consensus is that 06 and later were significant improvements... Check the VIN for the year of the engine.....
sd1209 06/27/13 03:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RVs made in China??

There is a lot of junk form China but there is a lot of very high quality stuff from there also.....IE Selene yachts, very high end and top quality....Many well over 1 Mil......They have an XLNT rep in the boating community, 100% Chinese.....I supervised my brothers 53' Selene built there and could not find any fault, anywhere.... I think it all comes back to oversight...Altho a Chinese company, there is much oversight of Selene yachts from USA reps.....If this happened in other areas, quality would improve.......I remember when "Made in Japan" was a joke, pure garbage..Look what happened, relatively quickly.....China is on the same track.....I would look fwd to Chinese RV's, kick USA mfgs in the rear and force them to improve their quality.....
sd1209 06/22/13 06:34pm General RVing Issues
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