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RE: Tire blowout video on I 26

If people stopped and thought about how much weight they are driving down the road and how far it takes to stop that weight at even 60 mph they would keep their speed in check. Some seem to think they can get in and drive it like their car and often the result is bad. If he was driving his car and blew a tire would the same thing happen?
slickest1 09/15/16 09:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Urgent: Need Tire Advice Class A Diesel

I had a new class 8 truck that came with 1200's on it. They were more expensive and you had to order them in. After a couple of sets I went down to 1100's and there was a height difference and a small capacity difference but they worked well for me. They are also available anywhere. I currently run 1100's (Firestone) on my coach replacing 295's and they are cheaper and ride and handle better than the 295 (Goodyears)
slickest1 09/11/16 02:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Diesel ?

Try one out and you will see for your self what the difference is in comfort and drive ability. Yes they may be a little more to maintain for cost of oil and filters and tires and such, but to me that outweighs all the add ons to gas coaches to make them ride and handle better.
slickest1 09/11/16 02:19pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cooking while driving???

You may wind up with an upside down cake! Some folks secure a crock pot in their sink and cook their meal while driving down the road. When we were looking at motorhomes one gal told us she and the kids would shower while hubby drove down the road. Good balance I guess!
slickest1 09/08/16 05:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: enough already

Hang in there it has to get better.
slickest1 09/08/16 01:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: ISL and hesitation and chk engine lite

Is there black smoke when this happens? It may be fuel filters as said above or possible air filter. It could also be a turbo problem losing boost, but I suggest to have the codes read.
slickest1 09/08/16 12:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hit a tree in the rv park

Nice to see that they have dealt with the tree. Now nobody else has to have a problem with it. It is ultimately our own fault when we hit something but never the less stuff happens and nobody is perfect.
slickest1 09/08/16 12:44pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can I rant for just a second.

I have never had to have anything like that done Yet! So I really can't add anything except, yes there will be pain but you have to fight every inch of the way. No matter how bad it may be it beats the alternative. That is what I got from someone who knocked on heavens gate and then fought her way back. I wish you well and hope all goes well.
slickest1 09/06/16 11:08pm Around the Campfire
RE: For those of you that are less informed............

I did not know that!! Mathematically it can be worked out with a pencil.
slickest1 08/31/16 11:54am Around the Campfire
RE: crankcase ventilation tubes

I used a one gallon light weight plastic jug (windshield wash) and poked a bunch of holes in the top few inches and stuck the hose in and left it a couple of inches from the bottom. I hung it with a piece of hay wire and it is easy to remove and clean when I change oil. Simple maybe barbaric but works for me. Acouple of oil changes ago I put in a little less oil and it has not gone down any and there was very little oil residue in my catch bottle. Cummins says 19 quarts and I put about 17 in and it seems to be right for my engine. Years ago alot of the trucks I ran you had to play with the oil level and remark the dipstick.
slickest1 08/30/16 10:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help with touch up paint?

I took my door off the water heater in and they (Lordco parts in BC) scanned it and mixed up a spray bomb for me. It is a pretty close match other than in some lights it looks a bit darker. The blue color on my coach changes in different light conditions and is almost impossible to totally match. I was very pleased with the result.
slickest1 08/30/16 10:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hit a tree in the rv park

If a child or other person got behind a Motorhome backing into a spot, they would have to be severely impaired in some way to get run over. I don't think I have ever seen a fast back in, so it would be a slow torcherous death! Yes it was the op's own fault and he admits it, He probably learned from that like the rest of us. Op is the flavor of the day, he must be chastised. NOT!!
slickest1 08/29/16 07:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: NHTSA& EPA want to limit speedof vehicles over 26,000 lbs

I guess personal responsibility has completely gone out the window, and the good 'ole gubmint has to take control of our lives in every aspect because we can certainly not be trusted to govern ourselves.......No, in many ways we can't. I look forward (but I'll be dead) to driver-free vehicles. You sit back, you enjoy. No humans screwing it up. Alot of the vehicles on the road are already driver less. There is a body sitting behind the wheel but not much for brains!! I drove trucks and for the last couple years that I drove they were speed rated. 60 mph. Good idea on one side of the page and bad on the other. You get behind someone in a truck car or Motorhome that is doing even 50mph, and you pull out to pass it takes a while to get by and everyone is put out with you. Alot has been said about the trucks on here but some guys should spend a couple days in one before they make all these acertions about truckers.Imagine driving your motorhome and dagging twice the weight of it with the same power and having all thee same inconsiderate drivers cutting you off or doing stupid things in front of you. It is not that easy.
slickest1 08/28/16 03:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Changing light bulbs - Must read

Note to Debi: Don't ask Dennis to change a light bulb. It is very traumatic!!
slickest1 08/24/16 08:09pm Around the Campfire
RE: Beware of Falling Rocks - WTH

If they didn't post these areas with signs then they are liable. It is one of the hazards of driving on mountainous roads and the signs have no more or less significance than the lines on the the road. They are there to let you know that there is a danger.
slickest1 08/16/16 06:34pm General RVing Issues
RE: Bumper carrier fail..

I seen a fellow one day and his bike rack on the back of his TT broke and he was dragging his bikes on the road behind him with a trail of sparks. I stepped on it and got up beside him and pointed back to try and alert him and he gave me the one finger salute and sped up and pulled away. I turned off the road a little ways up so I never seen the result of his carnage. I also had a neighbor who put one of those carrier things on the back of his fifth wheel and loaded it right up. But then he didn't have a spot for his spare so he mounted it to his rv ladder. It was an 8 hole wheel with tire. Then he wondered why it pulled the ladder off and cursed his crappy built trailer.
slickest1 08/16/16 06:22pm General RVing Issues
RE: Letting Logging Trucks Pass

I think you handled it the correct way. I used to drive log trucks in BC and would appreciate when RVer's or others for that matter would do that. The whole point is that is is safer to help the faster traffic to go by when there is a good spot because they will go by eventually and it may not be Ideal. It is easier to deal with them after they are past then to have them up your butt. Even if you are doing the speed limit if there are ups and downs on the road it can cause the driver behind you alot more gear changes and hence more work less fuel mileage and aggravation. I always blinked my lights at people like you but alot of that has changed over the years like everything else. Really is it that big of deal anyway. Relax and enjoy the ride because most of those truckers wish they were in your shoes.
slickest1 08/16/16 06:07pm General RVing Issues
RE: Solution for damage from flat tires - thoughts?

In my trucking days a blowout could rip off rear fenders installed over the drive tires. It did not seem to matter how heavy they were it would still bend them. Weight is a factor so how heavy can you go?? I agree the industry could have engineered something a whole bunch better from the start. They also could have routed wiring and plumbing differently to avoid expensive damage to occur to those components.
slickest1 08/10/16 08:19pm General RVing Issues
RE: moles

I used to use the spring traps when I had property. They worked well for me, most of the time. I had one mole that could set them off. He had about 4 or 5 tunnels leading off this one hole. I could feel him laughing at me, so I put 4 spring traps one in each tunnel. I finally got him and he was a really big old feller. I always used gloves.
slickest1 07/28/16 09:38pm Around the Campfire
RE: moles

We were in Costco the other day at the meat counter looking at the price of steaks. Another couple were there as well and the fellow said if that mole in my front yard seen the price of this meat he will probably get the heck out of here fast!
slickest1 07/26/16 07:46pm Around the Campfire
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