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RE: Lawyer for a daughter , yikes !

Wait till you get the bill!! Just kidding!
slickest1 11/26/15 08:35pm Around the Campfire
RE: The continuing saga of tire pressure...

SLICKESG1, are you trying to insult me? Read my post a little closer. Since bias ply truck/RV tire didn't have belts, of course I am speaking ONLY of radial tires, and what I am saying is based on experience gained throughout 40 years in the tire industry, working for a MAJOR radial tire manufacturer. I, too have sat thru endless tech films, viewed thousands and thousands of radial tires being made, dissected radial tires, did scrap tire analysis, interviewed users, etc., etc., etc. I'll just leave it there. Actually no I was not trying to insult you or anyone else. The point I was making is the pressure stamped on the sidewall of a tire is there for a good reason.
slickest1 11/19/15 08:54pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Crossing border into U.S. from Vancouver with 39' MH

Sumas crossing. Use truck lane. Perfect I said you can use the truck lane in Aldergrove/Lynden crossing. Sumas has a dedicated truck crossing and a separate RV lane. Going into the States the lane is wide but is a little hard to get lined up with it in heavy traffic. Coming back into Canada they have an RV lane but it is never open that I have seen.
slickest1 11/19/15 08:43pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Crossing border into U.S. from Vancouver with 39' MH

When we go down we go to the Aldergrove/Lynden crossing. They let you go through the truck lane there.
slickest1 11/16/15 10:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Emergency Stop

A couple years ago we were going through Lake Havasu, The traffic was heavy and I was taking it pretty easy. The traffic light turned yellow up ahead and I was slowing down when some goof pulls over right in front of me and slams his brakes on hard enough to howl his tires. Thank god for ABS brakes,the coach just planted itself just inches away from this guy. One thing we did learn was that we pack things the right way because nothing went flying. Years ago when I trained new drivers on heavy haul highway trucks one thing I would make them do was to make a panic stop at 60 miles per hr. It is a real eye opener even in a coach.
slickest1 11/16/15 10:16pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: The continuing saga of tire pressure...

The main objective of pressure for the load is to assure the belts, viewing shoulder to shoulder, are flat on the pavement. Too much pressure: center has more pressure, narrowing the footprint, poor braking ability, rough ride, forcing stress on edge of the tread belts. Underinflation, more stress on edge of belts, more flexing in sidewalls producing excessive heat buildup. Both over & under inflation have many more detriments I won't take time to list, but that is why manufacturers publish PSI/load charts.'\ To address other questions, there is an age-old battle between vehicle (car, truck, RV, you name it), manufacturers and tire manufacturers. Vehicle manufacturers will typically recommend lower PSI, because they want the best ride, but tire manufacturers recommend higher PSI because they want to assure the tires give best mileage. Bottom line, you are wrong if you overinflate, or if you underinflate, for the load you are carrying..............period ! ! ! ! That may be true for tires of years gone by like the old bias ply. The basic design of a radial tire is to have the tread patch flat on the road and the sidewall does the flexing. That is why you have the bulge in the sidewall. The less air the bigger the bulge and the softer it will ride.The less air you run the more heat they will build.There is a little leeway in the pressure stamped on the sidewall, but mine say 110 psi and I will not go below 100. I have sat through endless test videos on how tires really work and spent several years in the Industry. I then moved into the trucking industry and have worn out a heck of a pile of tires.
slickest1 11/13/15 08:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Highway thru Hell

If you asked Jamie Davis what time it was he would try and tell you how to build a clock and he is the only one that could build it. Ice road truckers is about as real as wwf wrestling. It is an embarrassment to real truckers. Sorry to be so negative but Sheesh!
slickest1 11/10/15 08:39pm Roads and Routes
RE: What was your best DIY road side repair?

I changed an alternator in a Walmart parking lot once but really no big deal. When we had our fiver we stopped for the night in Chowchilla Ca. and I realized something was terribly wrong with my trailer suspension. I found an auto parts store and bought a new set of spring hangers and bolts etc. and changed them in the campground.
slickest1 11/09/15 09:08pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Highway thru Hell

Before that highway(Coquihalla Highway) was built I used to haul logs out of that area. As the highway was being built we hauled all the right of way logs out of the area. The highway was finished in 1986 in time for Expo 86 in Vancouver. After it was built many of us log haulers would use the road daily through the winter and rarely ever put on chains. Some of the empty Chip trucks and such would have to chain only because of they were pulling alot of weight without enough on the drive tires. Back then the roads were maintained much better than they are now. Combine that with the new kind of truckers out there and yes there are many accidents. The Highway through hell series is such a joke for many of us that used that highway daily. I have driven my coach over that highway in the winter. It is like many other mountain passes just check the weather before you go.
slickest1 11/09/15 09:00pm Roads and Routes
RE: Do coiled power cords heat up and cause fires?

If that is possible then all us guy's with automatic cord reels are in trouble.
slickest1 11/07/15 09:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Soft breaks on dp

It sounds like you lack any knowledge of how your system should work. I don't say this to offend you but you really should take an air brake course to gain that knowledge. I would take it to a truck shop and have them troubleshoot the problem and then you will know you will be safe.
slickest1 11/07/15 08:58pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hey Mr. Mark.........You can park next to my coach anytime.

That description has been used to describe me but never my moho Mike. Several years ago a guy and his family of four kids parked next to us at Ft. Wildernes. They all got out happy to be there havin g taken two days to arrive. The father quickly opened the hood and tinkered. I asked if he needed a hand and he said not now he was just disconnecting a leaky hose and tomorrow he would replace it and an exhaust pipe that he had been nursing. He mentioed somthing else he had fixed in Nashville but was sure happy to be out of the snow. The motorhome had no seen a wax job in many years and rust was abundant. That family was having more fun. They went in and out and laughed and played. Cooked outside and all ate at the picnic table. Kids petted my dogs and remembered their names while they were there. They stayed four days and sure liked swimming even on a cool day. That motorhome was a palace to them and that father sure was handy. I smiled every time I saw them as this was a neat family having fun with what they had. It's not the name or polish. It is the people. Great post, it is really all about the people.
slickest1 10/30/15 09:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Portland to Casa Grande route

We have used that route several times. It is a good route but just watch the weather as said above. If we go to Az this year we will take that route.
slickest1 10/21/15 09:42pm Snowbirds
RE: Same ole shock subject

I don't think shocks will do much to help with sway.May be with towing a trailer you may need more air in rear tires. Extra weight from tongue weight of trailer.
slickest1 10/12/15 09:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: another blown goodyear

I have never been a Goodyear fan, but I just last winter replaced a set of Goodyear 295 75 22.5 tires that were 9 years old. I never had a problem with them.
slickest1 10/09/15 09:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cataract????? ((UPDATE))

When they remove the cataract they implant a lens. You may still require glasses for reading.
slickest1 10/04/15 10:04pm Around the Campfire
RE: Cataract????? ((UPDATE))

My wife just had both eyes done a couple of months apart. It was completely painless she said. They froze them with a series of drops. I said with the implants that her eyes stuck out a bit more now. Just kidding but I got slapped anyway. She can't believe how well she can see now and colors are so much brighter.
slickest1 10/03/15 08:37pm Around the Campfire
RE: My over 13' rv went under a 13' clearance bridge

Are you sure your air conditioners are still there? Years ago hauling a 980 cat loader with a nice row of 6 lights on the roof, on a lowbed equipment trailer my boss told me that I was ok to take the #1 highway into Vancouver BC. He said he hauled bigger stuff through there all the time. It was a rushed trip and at 60 miles an hr I removed the lights off that loader on a low over pass. I am glad that was all that connected.
slickest1 10/03/15 08:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: I have a weight dilemma.. what would you do?

I too think for the size of the trailer I would go to a dually. I would also make sure it had the proper transmission cooler and on a diesel an exhaust brake. The dually will most likely have the sie of tires that will pack the weight with some extra margin. The wife will look at the new dually and fall in love with it and say I am glad we are rid of that other thing. It is a long shot but Maybe!
slickest1 10/03/15 08:13pm General RVing Issues
RE: UPDATE: General DP Question (air leak in fuel line)

I would check your oil for signs of water in it or check your radiator for signs of oil fuel. It sounds like a head gasket to me.
slickest1 10/03/15 07:58pm Class A Motorhomes
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