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RE: Pine sap removal from rubber roof on slide out

Hand sanitizer worked to get it off our dog when she laid in it. B.O. We also use hand sanitizer on the rig. works great! Sue
soos 08/23/15 01:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Northern lights camping

here's a simple website you can look at to see when they are active. for example, they are VERY ACTIVE right now. Aurora forecast
soos 08/15/15 10:09pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Newbie Full-timing questions

Check out this blog This couple and their 6 kids full time for a year or so seeing the country. Kinsa's Blog I believe they bought a Toy hauler with a loft bed.
soos 08/11/15 10:14pm Full-time RVing
RE: Going full-time insurance company needs physical address.

Hello to everyone, I'm very new at this so please be patient. I'm in the process of selling my home and purchasing class a motorhome 36 to 38 foot. I have found out from my Erie insurance agent that I'd need a physical address so they can send me mail and I'm sure my bank and others will need it also. I have never owned a camper/motorhome so please when you respond if you could put it in terms for someone like myself would understand. I have more questions but for now this is the most urgent one. Thanks to all, Joe You will need some kind of address to use for all your accounts,paying taxes, etc. Many fulltimers use a mail forwarding service, which will qualify as a physical address for MOST things. There are very few instances where that will NOT be sufficient (opening a new brokerage account can be one of them). For that you will need a "physical" address, which can be a family member or next of kin. You do NOT have to use their address for recieving any mail at all, it just satisfies the rare occasion when a mail forwarding service address isn't good enough. Start now changing all your accounts over so that you recieve statements and notices online and via email, not USPS. That will eliminate most of your mail anyway. What state do you live in now? South dakota, Florida, and Texas are the top 3 states for people who fulltime and use a mail forwarding service as their address, but you will have to GO to whatever state you choose, to get a drivers license, and will have to register and insure your vehicles there.
soos 08/09/15 12:21am Full-time RVing
RE: Hampton Beach NH

Whenever we go to Hampton, we pay the 10 bucks or whatever to park behind the casino all day. you can walk across the street to the beach, there is a small playground for kids nearby and yes, lots of arcade games if you want.
soos 08/09/15 12:03am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Drop the 5th and tour local area with the tow vehicle?

We have done it. We go to a local RV park talk to the manager and park 5th wheel were they want us to. Usually by the front gate or the maintenance shed. Never been charged anything to leave RV for a few hours. We've never done it, but if we DID, this would probably be our first choice of HOW to do it.
soos 08/08/15 12:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 3/4 timers, unite!

I'm interested in what kind of home is maintained by a 3/4 timer. It seems to me that unless it is a rental, the upkeep will eventually be an issue. My parents used to own a home in the Keys and one in the midwest and spend 6 months in each. They spent the first month or so at each place doing repairs, maintenance, yard work, etc. They got tired of that aspect of it. To me the ideal 3/4 situation would be some sort of secure place like an RV park, with a casita and covered RV spot, and a good sized shed. Or a rented pad on a farm, set up the same way. That would be very nice indeed. What kind of house? Our daughter calls the house we are building the Party House. In addition to the bar, pool, and spa it will have 2 FHU spots for friends. In our case we went on the road full time 6 years ago, but we put some stuff in storage. DH builds furniture so we kept what he built plus his specialty tools etc. we also kept some of our household things. Condo won't work for us, he wants a work shop, and we have a boat, 5th wheel, and camper to store. Renting won't work either. Neither will a casita. we need a place big enough to get our stuff out of storage. we are building a brand new house, so maintenance shouldn't be too hard. In AZ- no grass and stuff to maintain. Its not a huge house (garage is bigger than the house) or a fancy house and its not our "forever home". For us its a comfortable place to hang out in the winter and go boating on a gorgeous lake.
soos 08/06/15 10:07am Full-time RVing
RE: Camping in TC off truck

TT's, 5th wheels, MH's etc ALL have wheels under them and can be easily moved if needed to be for a reason. TC's on the other hand must have an adequate vehicle placed under them between the jacks after they are raised enough to move them if the TC owner's truck isn't present. Very common in many CG's or areas to NOT allow them to be taken off the truck when in a private CG or in/on public land/state parks/etc. Have owned a min of one TC constantly for the last 51 years and have found far more CG's etc that will not allow them to be taken off the truck than those which do allow them off! Makes very good sense! yup, we've been told several times we can't take it off the truck, but they always say its for liability reasons (unstable and dangerous if kids were playing under it).
soos 08/06/15 12:50am Truck Campers
RE: Suspension mod's to carry 2005 1181 Lance

after our first day with our truck camper (same model as yours) we ordered a larger sway bar from Roadmaster. Even though we already had stable loads, air springs etc, the larger sway bar made a HUGE difference with the swaying.
soos 08/06/15 12:46am Truck Campers
RE: 3/4 timers, unite!

We will become 3/4 timers when our house is built. To us its a base to hang out in the cool winter months (in AZ) while taking short trips, and then spend the spring, summer and fall we will be traveling the country. DH will have his tools and plenty of projects to keep him busy.
soos 08/06/15 12:22am Full-time RVing
RE: Bear Watching in Hyder, AK

We stopped in Hyder last year for a couple of days but our BEST sighting of Grizzlies was heading down the Cassier. There were two young grizzlies fishing in a stream. a guy walking his dog motioned for us to stop and take a look over the bridge. BOY were we glad we did!!! https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-ZOQGZyVBaVw/VbbTcSVtBYI/AAAAAAAAaPA/AQQd5Dqu8J4/s400-Ic42/image.jpg
soos 07/27/15 07:05pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Avoiding information overload while full time traveling

Apps? Naw, stop at the local tourist office and ask questions. Same for park staff or camp hosts. I love informing visitors about sites to see in the area. It gives me a chance to interact with lots of interesting people This. Works better than any app. Welcome centers are a great place to figure out what you want to see or where you want to go. No tech involved. National Park, Forest, State Park, etc. visitor centers and staff are great resources for camping and boondocking. Local knowledge is usually your best bet. . x 2 you can spend all day exhausting yourself researching "everything" there is to do or see in an area. We haven't found the perfect app or web page yet. What we HAVE decided is that we will see what we can, and realize that its not a perfect world. We"ll never see everything. in fact, we often find out about something awesome just AFTER we have left an area. The best idea? Shrug it off. "oh well, we'll have to come back" is our motto. Sue
soos 07/25/15 11:44pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Any solutions for high altitude refrigerator issues?

I can't imagine flame working just fine at daytime and dies at night becouse lack of oxygen. Judging from your description, you have fridge controlled by computer board. Those things can have all kind of codes and options, so posting model and better yet pictures would be a good start. How do you get it restarted in the morning? Following the comment above about 25 years old fridges working flawlessly. They don't have computer boards to act and I know few car owners who got rid of newer, computerized cars and bought mechanically controlled cars from 1980's The older cars can use more fuel, but save you a lot on troubleshooting. Hope you are getting what I am talking abut ;) yeah KISS (keep it simple sue) we restart by having DH outside with a lighter. he bangs on camper, I, inside, turn on the fridge. he lights lighter so the flame is right there for the fridge. I will try to narrow it down next time we take the camper out for the weekend. I wasn't saying that during the day it has oxygen and it night it doesn't, just that its warmer during the day so the fridge runs constantly, never needing to re-ignite, and at night it cools off enough so that it reaches temp, shuts off, and can't re-ignite. Sue
soos 07/22/15 11:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Any solutions for high altitude refrigerator issues?

With technology you can't be always sure what design you run into, but the refrigerators I know don't cycle on/off with thermostat command, but lower the flame who never goes out. So that problem might have nothing to do with altitude, but with temperatures, who are lower at altitude. What temperatures we are talking about? Could it be that cold tank is not giving propane pressure? This Fridge shuts off and relights when needed. There is plenty of spark in the igniter, We actually DID turn it down to the coldest temperature, lol, and after all the lettuce and soft drinks froze we decided it wasn't a good solution. The temperature outside ranged from mid 30s to mid 50s I would think. He said the tube is clean but i will suggest the compressed air blow out. It does act like it is just starved for oxygen but we'll see when we take it out again. Thanks for the ideas!
soos 07/22/15 12:43am Truck Campers
RE: Planning a trip to Yellowstone 2016 or 2017

Best thing we did when we were in Yellowstone for 3 weeks was to "suck it up" and get up and out by 5 am. We took breakfast with us and ate when we reached our destination- which was wildlife viewing. We saw numerous wolves and even watched a pack chase some elk. We could relax and watch mama bear and babies, because it was too early in the day for bear jams. By the time the traffic got bad, we were either lazing by the lake or napping, so we'd be rested to go back out at dusk.
soos 07/20/15 12:31am General RVing Issues
RE: Utah National Park tour

At Zion you could park at a nearby campground, leave the dog in the rig and take the shuttle that stops right near the campground.
soos 07/18/15 01:48am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Any solutions for high altitude refrigerator issues?

Other people with this issue with a Norcold (NOT Dometic) have contacted Norcold and been told, as it says in the user's manual, to run the fridge on electric at altitudes over 5000 feet. He checked the orifice, its clear the igniter is screwed in so its hard to adjust but it seems to spark just fine. We were not in windy conditions. (and it works fine driving down the road) The gas seems to flow great thru the regulator- when lighting with a lighter there is no lag whatsoever. It mostly happens at night and we are thinking it maybe that it runs almost constantly in the heat of the day, then finally shuts off at night, but we aren't sure. DH is a pretty technical and mechanical guy and is a bit stumped. Thanks for all the ideas.... we'll see if it happens next time we use it :(
soos 07/17/15 01:46pm Truck Campers
RE: Any solutions for high altitude refrigerator issues?

We understand that it is being starved for air and running too rich. From what I have read, there are no other orifaces to get that would work in a Norcold and be a different size. Apparently Dometic has interchangeable orifaces but Norcold doesn't. We might be able to look at tank pressure. Not as concerned with other propane appliances overnight, if we can adjust pressure "-at will" . Thanks!
soos 07/17/15 12:37am Truck Campers
RE: TR: Our Alaskan trip so far

We are currently in Haines and will be headed to Skagway tomorrow. We've been traveling in Canada and Alaska since May 11 and are having a wonderful time. We've had a mix of good and bad weather as well as good and bad roads, but overall, it has been wonderful. We have been posting to our blog as internet has allowed. Below are links to the various posts. You can check out individual posts or start with the first and walk through them all. Hope you enjoy. On the road to Alaska - Maine to Ontario On the road to Alaska - Ontario to Alberta On the road to Alaska - The Canadian Rockies On the road to Alaska - Northwest Territories On the road to Alaska - a little British Columbia and the Yukon Territories On the road to Alaska - Klondike and the Arctic Circle Alaska - Taylor Highway and Fairbanks Alaska - The Denali Highway Alaska - McCarthy Road and Kennecott Alaska - Valdez Tried to leave a comment on your blog but couldn't. Awesome photos!! We did Denali Hwy twice last year in our TC because the first time the fog and rain was so bad we didn't even realize there were mountains!
soos 07/17/15 12:23am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Park Power Low

Last time we had our EMS shut down, the maintenance man literally walked over with a light bulb, plugged it in to the pedestal and said "whaddaya mean? you got power." ugh.
soos 07/16/15 11:54pm General RVing Issues
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