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RE: Building a Heavy Duty Charging Circuit for Camper--how big?

I recommend a relay similar to this: Blue Sea automatic relay Shop around or find a lower priced brand. Lower price brand.
stevenal 10/23/14 11:17am Truck Campers
RE: What is this plug for?

If this is really wired as an inlet, either for shore power or a generator; get it rewired. Energized prongs on the plug (male) needed to plug into this thing are not a good idea. Use a real inlet rather than the receptacle pictured. Alternatively, it may just be a way to daisy chain another RV. Plug your TC into shore power and plug your travel trailer into the TC.
stevenal 10/08/14 12:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Anyone done one of these?

Where do you tie down the camper?
stevenal 09/25/14 01:42pm Truck Campers
RE: Sag - Timbrens, Stable loads (upper or lowers?), or ???

I began with the Timbrens, but due to the mounting locations inboard of the springs, sway was increased. This was improved by using Energy Suspension Bump Stops on the overloads. This was before Stable Loads existed. I would begin with the upper Stable Loads.
stevenal 09/24/14 01:47pm Truck Campers
RE: 10 years on the Truck Camper Forum

stevenal 09/24/14 01:41pm Truck Campers
RE: scissor steps

Lived with it since '98, but we've gotten a tad older since then. When the wife complains enough, I start to listen. Thanks for the pictures AnEv942.
stevenal 09/04/14 09:02am Truck Campers
RE: Broken Frame

Strength is only one question, what about alignment? Do these fabricators have jigs precise enough that it won't crab down the road after? My insurance totaled my truck after determining the frame was bent, so I gotta ask.
stevenal 09/03/14 04:22pm Truck Campers
RE: scissor steps

Might want to look at this older thread. Ours are parallel, or more accurately to each other, when over extended they all lean nose down away from camper, if under extended, nose up. If older steps could be worn bushings or holes. Thanks for the link. That's what ours look like, except with four steps instead of five on our non-basement Bigfoot. Wear is not the issue. I see the fix was Glowstep, something I've been considering. I think Sundowner nailed it: factory holes are drilled so the steps collapse completely at the expense of not extending parallel. Anyone have an opinion on 8 versus 6 inch Glowsteps?
stevenal 09/03/14 09:19am Truck Campers
RE: scissor steps

Like others have said, they're either overextending, underextending, or worn out. I guess they are overextended, since when fully collapsed they steps are nicely parallel. Not too usable in this manner, though.:) They become non-parallel with only a slight amount of extension. They've also been this way since new, so wear is not the issue.
stevenal 09/03/14 09:02am Truck Campers
RE: scissor steps

you might need an extra step An extra step would help to level the top step while making all the others tilt back, with the bottom one unusably tilted.
stevenal 09/03/14 08:56am Truck Campers
scissor steps

My scissor steps are not parallel when extended. If I extend them so the middle step is level, the upper slants down away from the camper while the lower one slants back the other way. I always thought they were sloppily built, but I noticed a different brand camper with different tread steps that had this very same feature. Is this purposeful? Are your scissor steps parallel? Thanks.
stevenal 09/02/14 08:37pm Truck Campers
RE: 12.00 Volts to 10.00 Volts LED Bucker

If you roll your own switching converter, you can dial it in to your application. I used the software from http://www.ti.com/ww/en/simple_switcher/index.html to make my low loss fan control.
stevenal 08/12/14 04:47pm Tech Issues
RE: truck reverse lights always on when truck camper plugged in

Converter? Inverter? The systems are DC, so no inverter is required. Sometimes a converter is needed to combine a separate amber turn signal with the brake light to get the proper indication, but most of our US made trucks are not equipped with separate turn indicators. What are you driving? One trick sometimes used for trailering is to let the hitch coupler provide the negative return path. This is a bad idea in the first place, but is guaranteed not to work with a camper that doesn't connect to the coupler. Weird behaviors result as the current attempts to return through various other lamp filaments.
stevenal 08/12/14 08:58am Truck Campers
RE: 12.00 Volts to 10.00 Volts LED Bucker

We like LEDs because they save energy, but any device you add will reduce the overall efficiency. The added diodes will dissipate (waste) power by the product of the current through them by the voltage dropped across them. Drop two volts with diodes to 10V at 10 W, and I calculate 2 W dissipated by those diodes. Switching converters get around this little detail by switching quickly from off (little current) to on (little voltage drop). Still some loss of course, but I expect a good quality switching converter would provide the best efficiency.
stevenal 08/11/14 01:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Charging the camper batteries with the truck motor

Yes, there is a fairly simple way around this without rewiring everything. You can fool your voltage regulator by using the diode method I linked to.
stevenal 07/31/14 11:36am Truck Campers
RE: Charging the camper batteries with the truck motor

stevenal 07/28/14 05:39pm Truck Campers
RE: Sleeping cool without AC

Thanks for all the replies; definitely getting some good ideas here. I didn't mention our two canine companions on the camper floor. Closing some of the windows might help us, but at least we humans can sweat. Still may be room to experiment here, although getting out of bed to perform those experiments doesn't help the situation. I know the gel toppers get great average reviews, but I always check the 1 and 2 star horror stories too. Like KansasKen, many claim the gel pads make them hotter. The wool fleece looks intriguing, as does the Sirocco fan. Looks like it's time to break out the credit card. Thanks again all.
stevenal 07/23/14 01:37pm Truck Campers
Sleeping cool without AC

Our past weekend trip in Central Oregon left my wife asking for AC, something I dread. We've avoided hookups and generators for 15 years, and I'm not very eager to start now. Nearly naked on top of the sleeping bags, windows open, FF on; we'd sweat until temperatures finally dropped in the morning. I note that there are several mattress toppers on the market that claim to have cooling properties. Can anyone vouch for any of them? We've been using a dense memory foam topper that makes our bed nearly as comfortable as our Tempurpedic at home. Maybe this is part of the problem; but with a sheet and two layers of sleeping bag on top? Any suggestions for staying cool and AC free? Thanks.
stevenal 07/21/14 06:14pm Truck Campers
RE: license plate

The argument about pulling trailers is a weak one as the trailer has a lic. plate that allows for identification. Which is the real intent of the law we are discussing. Law enforcement has to be able to identify you as you are on the road. I commonly tow an un-tagged utility trailer. Where I live, plates are not needed on trailers under 1800 lbs. I remain legally unidentifiable from the rear, and the nice short tongue keeps identification from the side pretty questionable as well. I see no weakness in the trailer argument. (I suppose some of you will recommend counterfeiting the truck plate to attach to the trailer, or moving the truck plate to the trailer when towing:))
stevenal 07/08/14 02:05pm Truck Campers
RE: Which Timberens?

I have the standard style also. Due to the mounting location inboard of the springs, they increased sway when engaged. I corrected this by using the bump stops they replaced on the overloads in addition to a pair Energy Suspension stops. Stable Loads are now an option.
stevenal 05/28/14 08:53am Truck Campers
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