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RE: Roll call Alaska 2017

Travel Yukon has a site where you can share photos of your adventures on the Yukon portion of the Alaska Highway this year, to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Alaska Highway. http://www.travelyukon.com/share-your-alaska-highway-adventures There's also a link to festivals and events taking place this summer, and another link to things to see and do along the Alaska Highway.
sue.t 03/24/17 02:29pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Take kayaks or not?

By all means, take them if you enjoy kayaking on beautiful lakes. On Kluane Lake in Yukon http://yukonsights.ca/images/AlaskaHwy_YT/20140823_KayakKluane_27.jpg width=700 Kluane Lake, Yukon http://yukonsights.ca/images/AlaskaHwy_YT/20140823_KayakKluane_03.jpg width=700 At Snag Junction campground in Yukon http://yukonsights.ca/images/AlaskaHwy_YT/20160831_SnagKayak_044.jpg width=700 Enger Lake, AK Hwy, Yukon http://yukonsights.ca/images/AlaskaHwy_YT/20160901_SnagKayak_24.jpg width=700 Boya Lake, Cassiar Hwy, northern B.C. http://yukonsights.ca/images/CassiarHwy/20090827_BoyaLake_023.jpg width=700 Boya Lake http://yukonsights.ca/images/CassiarHwy/20090826_BoyaLake_028.jpg width=700 Sidney Lake, Yukon http://yukonsights.ca/images/Canol/20100812_SidneyLk_0394.jpg width=700 Simpson Lake, Yukon http://yukonsights.ca/images/CampbellHwy/20150916_Liard-SimpsonLk_152.jpg width=700 Muncho Lake, AK Hwy in Northern BC http://yukonsights.ca/images/AlaskaHwy_BC/20150909_MunchoLk_006.jpg width=700 Twin Lakes, Nabesna Road in Alaska as the sun sets http://yukonsights.ca/images/Alaska/20100823_Nabesna_1415.jpg width=700 Yours truly on Kluane Lake in Yukon http://yukonsights.ca/images/AlaskaHwy_YT/20140823_KayakKluane_12.jpg width=700 Camped at Blueberry Lake along the Richardson Hwy in Alaska http://yukonsights.ca/images/Alaska/20100824_RichardsonHwy_1502.jpg width=700
sue.t 03/20/17 05:52pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Bringing a rifle into the USA

Take a look at form 5330-3D from the US Department of Justice: Temporary Importation of Firearms and Ammunition by Nonimmigrant Aliens Read their FAQs at https://www.atf.gov/qa-category/nonimmigrant-aliens Here's one of the Questions that is relevant: Do nonimmigrant aliens need to obtain a permit to temporarily import firearms into the United States for hunting or other lawful sporting purposes? Yes. All nonimmigrant aliens (with a few exceptions) must obtain an import permit from ATF to temporarily import firearms and ammunition for hunting or other lawful sporting purposes. Please note this requirement applies to all nonimmigrant aliens. The form to be filed with ATF is an ATF Form 6 NIA (5330.3D) (Application/Permit for Temporary Importation of Firearms and Ammunition by Nonimmigrant Aliens) with documentation demonstrating that you fall within an exception to the nonimmigrant alien prohibition. The form is both the application and, once approved, the permit you present to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection when you enter the United States. The Form 6 NIA can be downloaded at www.atf.gov. In 2010, the Department told me to allow at least three months for the application to be processed by Washington. We have NEVER needed a firearm for protection while camping. We keep a clean camp, including not leaving anything out that could attract a bear or other wildlife. We travel with a BBQ, but only use it after we've checked around the campsite for bear sign or signs of other wildlife. If we see bear poo, then we don't barbeque. :D
sue.t 03/20/17 04:22pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Some Odd questions from Canadian Customs

On one of our trips into Alaska on the Alaska Hwy, the US border agent asked us where we were going. Hubby replied, "Alaska". We all had a good chuckle. On one of our crossings on the Haines Road from Alaska into British Columbia, we noticed one of the two Canada agents had a gun in their hand as they approached our truck. The agent with the gun stood at the front of the truck with gun ready to fire while the other agent asked us the standard questions. I kept wondering why the agent had his gun drawn. Then the agent at the window said, "Welcome home and watch out for that bear." That's when I noticed the bear at the edge of the forest about 50 feet away. :D
sue.t 03/14/17 08:49pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Off to Alaska in March ARRIVED IN FAIRBANKS

Saw you driving by our place this morning when we were walking the dogs. At first I was wondering who would be pulling a trailer north this time of year, then I realized it was YOU!
sue.t 03/12/17 03:12pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Seattle to Banff Campsites, advice?

Make sure your coolant and brakes are in good order for the Salmo-Creston (a.k.a. Kootenay Pass) section of Hwy 3. The road climbs from an elevation of 2000' to 5800' over about 15 miles eastbound, then the descent back to 2000' at Creston is much more casual over a longer distance. It is scenic and a nice drive; just take your time. If you enjoy some quieter areas, the trip along Kootenay Lake is nice but would add some miles to your journey. The Slocan Lake and Upper Arrow Lake areas are also pleasant.
sue.t 03/12/17 09:24am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Dawson Town, a great stop for a few days

Can anyone recommend from experience a nice place to stay in Dawson City, price is no issue. Thanks! My workplace paid for my accommodation at the Eldorado Hotel. It was pleasant enough and the food was fine too. I stayed in the annex that is right beside the hotel. Clean, tidy, good-nuff.
sue.t 03/09/17 08:37pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Off to Alaska in March ARRIVED IN FAIRBANKS

Yukon should be sunny and clear when you go through here, but with chilly nights. We've overnighted at -40 and survived, so I'm sure you'll be fine.
sue.t 03/07/17 09:01pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Off to Alaska in March ARRIVED IN FAIRBANKS

Yukon has been having clear sunny days but chilly nights. It's -10F in Whitehorse this evening. The aurora has been out most nights. Later this week they're predicting +5F during the day, with lots of sunshine. The Alaska Highway is bare and dry in our area west of Whitehorse, very good driving. Lots of frost heaves and nasty dips in the highway though so take your time between Whitehorse and Champagne. B.C. has been getting a fair bit of snow and more is expected. The Arctic air is moving down from Alaska & Yukon and meeting up with the coastal air around Vancouver Island, giving them snow instead of rain.
sue.t 03/06/17 09:40pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Gas Availability - Yukon - Highway 4 Out of Watson Lake

From Watson Lake, you need to make it to Ross River, there is one gas station there. Sometimes they're out of fuel though, so be prepared to go further or wait a few days for the fuel delivery. Faro also has fuel now, but it is an unmanned station that takes debit/credit cards only. If the computer isn't happy, you can't get fuel. Read more about the Campbell Hwy at my websight http://yukonsights.ca/CampbellHwy.html Be prepared for rough road conditions, highway construction and mud. There is only one campground with services, in Faro. The Yukon gov't campgrounds along the route are nice if you enjoy dry camping. http://yukonsights.ca/images/CampbellHwy/20150916_Liard-SimpsonLk_122.jpg width=700
sue.t 03/02/17 09:57pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Why 99 Whistler to Hwy 97 Canada

This was our drive from Hwy 97 to Hwy 99 in 2009 http://yukonsights.ca/20090917_LLH-Pemberton.html You're planning to drive the opposite direction so will be climbing this hill rather then descending it http://yukonsights.ca/images/BC/20090917_LLH-NairnPP_486.jpg width=700
sue.t 02/28/17 09:44pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Preferred Route

At Tok, we check the weather. If the coastal area around Valdez has a good forecast, we head there first, then continue clockwise on the trip. If it's raining on the coast, then we head to Fairbanks first and hope the weather improves by the time we get to the coast. We experienced torrential rain at Valdez during one trip. Don't want to have that happen again. It's a beautiful drive when the weather is clear.
sue.t 02/21/17 08:40pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alaska Highway 75th Anniversary - 2017

Travel Yukon (Yukon government) has put together a webpage that provide more details about the Alaska Highway's 75th Anniversary in Yukon http://www.travelyukon.com/AlaskaHighway75
sue.t 02/15/17 08:07pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alaska 2017 Road Conditions

The Beaver Creek section was decent in September 2016. They were putting down the new paint lines between White River and Beaver Creek. http://yukonsights.ca/images/AlaskaHwy_YT/20160831_Kluane-Snag_027.jpg width=700 North of Burwash Landing there was new construction that will take a while to clean up. Local folks think the contractor stripped too much off the top and it will be a challenge to get it back together. http://yukonsights.ca/images/AlaskaHwy_YT/20160902_LakeCk-DBay_063.jpg width=700
sue.t 02/14/17 11:49am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Off to Alaska Soon YES in FEBRUARY

In Yukon, the temperature is above freezing around Whitehorse and yesterday it rained northwest of Whitehorse. The rain turned to ice on the Alaska Highway. The Alaska Highway was closed from Whitehorse to Haines Junction last night, and this morning is closed from Whitehorse to Destruction Bay due to black ice and slush. The temperature outside our place is 39F. So be prepared for anything. Check Yukon road conditions here http://www.511yukon.ca/en/
sue.t 02/14/17 11:39am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alaska Highway 75th Anniversary - 2017

Sounds like your father had a knack for salvage, Sue. He was in the car recycling business before "recycling" was a business. Great photos as usual! Yup - my 1943 Ford Jeep has a 1967 Ford Falcon engine in it, one he recovered from another rolled vehicle.
sue.t 02/12/17 08:42pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Off to Alaska Soon YES in FEBRUARY

We towed our 25' fifth wheel from Whitehorse to Liard Hotsprings in March 2013. http://yukonsights.ca/20130329_Rancheria-Liard.html We overnighted at Rancheria Lodge. Temperature was 5C in the morning so the programmable thermostat was a nice treat - warmed up the fifth wheel before we got out of bed. Generator came in handy for plugging in the block heater. A flat tire developed overnight. http://yukonsights.ca/images/AlaskaHwy_YT/20130329_Rancheria_011.jpg width=700
sue.t 02/12/17 08:15pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alaska Highway 75th Anniversary - 2017

Good looking Ford! The story was that someone rolled it on the Alaska Highway and Dad rebuilt it. He was proud of our "silver bullet" :D This photo from 1955 - Dad worked at Snag http://yukonsights.ca/images/Misc/JacksYukon_32-01.jpg width=700
sue.t 02/12/17 07:39pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
Alaska Highway 75th Anniversary - 2017

For those planning their trip to Alaska this summer, you'll experience various celebrations along the way. It is the 75th anniversary of the completion of the Alaska Highway. http://www.travelyukon.com/alaska-highway http://ouralaskahighway.com/?page_id=1184 http://celebratealaskahighway.com/ Top 10 reasons to drive the Alaska Hwy during its 75th anniversary There will be a vintage jeep caravan driving up the Alaska Highway in late July and early August. http://www.alaskaorrust.com/ They're planning a stop at our place to see my 1943 Ford Jeep, used during the construction of the Alaska Highway but lost during a creek flood. My Dad dug it out in the 1950s and restored it. My 74 year-old jeep is still a working beast - it is our snow plow in winter. Here's a photo taken at the Alaska/Yukon border, entering into Yukon, mid-1950s. http://yukonsights.ca/images/AlaskaHwy_YT/26-08_JacksYukon_AK-YTBorder.jpg width=700 Beaver Creek is my hometown http://yukonsights.ca/images/AlaskaHwy_YT/19930904_031_BeaverCreekSign.jpg width=700
sue.t 02/11/17 09:38pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Off to Alaska Soon YES in FEBRUARY

Tom, Please explain how to tow a 33 foot trailer through 5,000 miles of snow. The trailer will be much heavier than the tow vehicle. On every corner the trailer will tend to pull the rear axle of the trailer to the outside of the turn. Even with chains on all 4 wheels it is going to be very difficult. Here's a trip I took from Whitehorse to Anchorage in March 2014. http://yukonsights.ca/20140322_Anchorage.html Unless there's a recent storm, the highway conditions are usually bare and dry. Alaska http://yukonsights.ca/images/Alaska/20140322_TahnetaPass_262.jpg width=700 Yukon - Kluane Lake area http://yukonsights.ca/images/AlaskaHwy_YT/20140328_KluaneLk_0559.jpg width=700
sue.t 02/11/17 05:03pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
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