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RE: Why I NEVER drink campground water

I NEVER drink city water. Way too many chemicals in it. The stuff must be toxic. It stinks and tastes odd. Even boiling doesn't remove that awful flavor. Have been on untreated well water for 25 years. Can't go back now.
sue.t 01/28/15 10:08pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: RV travel to Canada

Prescription meds must be in the original bottle and a quantity that is enough for personal use only. Bear spray is sometimes seen as a weapon. Smaller canisters are sometimes permitted. The larger self-defence ones usually aren't. Bear spray must be declared at the border. Same as weapons, even knives. We've been asked about knives a few times, so I declared my Swiss Army jackknife and my butcher knives in the fifth wheel, and fish filleting knife and the hunting knife. Then the agent went on about switch blades and the such, of which we had none. With the proper paperwork, some guns can be taken across the border. Best to follow-up with the laws to determine specifics. It is the agent's decision at the border as to whether they'll let you cross with the guns, so be prepared if the agent decides to not let the weapons cross.
sue.t 01/25/15 03:32pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: B.C. Parks fee increase

Yukon campgrounds are $12 per night with FREE firewood. Residents pay $50 per year for a pass that provides unlimited camping, so after four nights out, it has paid for itself. Best deal ever.
sue.t 01/23/15 02:45pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: FYI: Canada/US Information Sharing Agreement

Canada Border Services Agency info http://www.cbsa-asfc.gc.ca/btb-pdf/ebsiip-asfipi-eng.html U.S. Customs and Border Protection info http://www.cbp.gov/newsroom/national-media-release/2013-07-03-040000/us-canada-begin-phase-ii-entryexit-project
sue.t 01/17/15 10:13pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
FYI: Canada/US Information Sharing Agreement

Canadians going to U.S. for long stays need to be mindful of changes, says MP - Officials can now track Canadians' exit dates and re-entry dates into Canada From CBC, this article: Excerpts: ...a common misconception is that Canadians can spend up to 182 days, or six months, in the U.S. It's actually 120 days, or four months, and that includes all trips to the U.S. in a single year. People who overstay their welcome are at risk of: - being considered a U.S. resident and having to pay taxes on worldwide income - losing their Canadian residency and their health care - being deemed illegally in the U.S. and being banned from the country for three to 10 years.
sue.t 01/17/15 09:59pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Wintering in Dawson City

Straw bale insulated homes aren't uncommon. Some timber frame homes are straw bale insulated. Google 'timber frame straw bale' to learn more. In Whitehorse during the winter, it isn't uncommon to see truck/camper combinations with wood stoves spewing smoke while sitting in a parking space. I once saw a truck/camper with smoke coming from the chimney while the truck was in motion on the street. Here's the picture on the CBC website with the story http://i.cbc.ca/1.2916762.1421526732!/fileImage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/16x9_620/cud-eastbound-s-camper-van.jpg width=640
sue.t 01/17/15 05:59pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: What's with the Win7 updates?

Not seeing many updates here, on Win 7 Ultimate. Had 9 in December and 7 in January (six important and one recommended). I tend to not update the Windows Malicious Software Removal tool because it takes forever to run through. I guess it might be the four hard drives (two internal and 2 external). It doesn't seem to do well with Terabytes of data.
sue.t 01/16/15 08:53am Technology Corner
RE: Roll Call Alaska 2015

I hope we are able to handle the travel this way. It is the launch to our retirement as well and we want to just take our time... that being said I have always been a point A to point B in fastest time kind of guy. It will be an adjustment but your my role model. We are in countdown mode for sure. It will be a frustrating trip of you remain focussed on number of miles per hour. It may also result in some damage to your RV if you feel the pressure to maintain a certain rate of speed. It is one of the best ways to launch off a frost heave or dive into a pot hole. There are 100 mile sections of the Alaska Highway we drive at 25-40 mph. It also isn't uncommon to have to wait for a pilot car for 20 minutes to escort you through a construction zone. And on occasion there are forest fires and floods that close the highway, for days. Just toss the schedule out the RV door. If a road widening looks like a nice spot for lunch, pull over and enjoy. If it is a real nice spot and the fishing is good, then stay the night. Really. Breathe deep and let it go!
sue.t 01/15/15 03:56pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: RV on a ship

There are cargo companies that transport by ship between Washington State and Alaska. Some internet searching will bring them up. Don't know if they let you park on the deck and live in the RV though. http://www.totemocean.com/shipping-vehicles-boats-rvs http://www.pafak.com/services/lower-48-to-ak http://www.northlandservices.com/schedules/ http://www.horizonlines.com/service/what-we-ship/vehicles-and-household-goods
sue.t 01/15/15 09:21am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Do I need a GPS in Alaska?

My handheld "trail" Garmin etrex units both have good accuracy. I just don't rely on the mapping of roads or trails. And we never rely on the routing features. That would have us turning down roads that became overgrown decades ago. Topography doesn't change much over time and that is our primary need, for when we're in the backcountry.
sue.t 01/14/15 10:36pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Do I need a GPS in Alaska?

...RV parks. Do they all have fuel stops? Other suggestions would be welcome as well. Not all commercial RV Parks have fuel stops. Some do, some don't. Best advice is to keep your tank on the top half as much as possible. It isn't uncommon for a gas station to run out of fuel or for a business to close mid-season with no warning. If you're passing a gas station and your fuel tank is at about half, stop in and fill up. As well, carry enough cash to fill your tank. On occasion the debit/credit systems go down and if you don't have cash, you don't get fuel or might not be able to pay for other items you need. Even in Whitehorse, it happens often enough that I always have enough cash with me to grocery shop for the week.
sue.t 01/14/15 03:51pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Do I need a GPS in Alaska?

The GPS maps for the north are typically out-of-date. But then so are the print maps, if you're a stickler for accuracy. It isn't uncommon to have the GPS demonstrating that you're driving cross country, far from the highway. And there are few POIs for the north; apparently just not a priority for the GPS map developers. But then we don't use our GPS to find our way on the highway. Because we do a lot of backroads and goat trails, the GPS is most useful for the topography. If we're rattling along a trail, I can tell how far it is to the lake's edge and how much elevation we'll be losing on the way there. When we explore on foot, the GPS is also handy. Came in handy while kayaking an obscure lake in Northern BC too, we were able to get some folks pointed back in the right direction after they became disoriented. If you plan to stick to the highways and main roads, print maps will do the job just fine and be more accurate than the GPS mapping. For Northern BC, get yourself the applicable Backroad Mapbook. It is accurate. Their GPS mapping is also very good. I know...I used it when it first came out and then let them know corrections. They took the data, updated, and released a new GPS map SDHC card. They also gave me a lifelong subscription to updates. The rumour mill tells me they're working on a similar edition for the Yukon. Looking forward to it!
sue.t 01/13/15 10:59pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Top of The World Highway-Between Dawson City & Chicken

This is typical of September scenery on the Top of the World - Canadian side (Alaska side is the Taylor Highway) http://yukonsights.ca/images/ToW/20120905_ToW_0243.jpg width=700
sue.t 01/08/15 10:46pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Top of The World Highway-Between Dawson City & Chicken

Much of the Alaska side is paved now, last summer as someone already noted. Lots of pictures on my two pages - we thoroughly enjoy driving the Taylor and Top of the World Highways. Have towed the fifth wheel across numerous times, and once with the truck/camper when we also drove into the old Clinton minesite. http://yukonsights.ca/TaylorHwy.html http://yukonsights.ca/TopOfTheWorld.html The tour buses no longer make the journey, their guests are now flown across. We just pulled to the side when we saw this one coming towards us. http://yukonsights.ca/images/ToW/20110722_TaylorHwy_419.jpg width=700
sue.t 01/08/15 10:43pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Route to Alaska all the way through Canada?

Pulsar, you are correct for the most part, but you haven't factored in the value of each others dollars. Also our gas is better because it has rendered whale fat, melted igloos, and ground up hockey pucks in it. Enjoy your day. You forgot to mention that because we measure distance in metric, you get better mileage because there's 1.6 kilometres to each mile.
sue.t 01/06/15 10:05pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: trading in Alaska

You may want to read the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's information about crossing the border with wood products, which does include wood chips. http://www.inspection.gc.ca/plants/plant-protection/directives/forestry/
sue.t 01/04/15 08:05pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: travel in alaska

"tt" = Travel Trailer The frost heaves tend to wreak havoc on tt hitches. Also seem more prone to flat tires. Fifth wheels not so bad, we've done thousands of miles with our fifth wheel on all the roads and goat trails we could find. Some flat tires but never a hitch problem.
sue.t 01/04/15 03:07pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Roll Call Alaska 2015

This morning there was an amazing light show overhead. From 7:30-8:30 a.m. I was outside in -31F temps to photograph the northern lights. Some of the shots are posted at http://yukonsights.ca/20150104_Aurora.html Here's a teaser: http://yukonsights.ca/images/Yukon/Aurora/20150104_Aurora_82.jpg width=700 http://yukonsights.ca/images/Yukon/Aurora/20150104_Aurora_42.jpg width=700
sue.t 01/04/15 01:48pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: travel in alaska

Fuel was a non issue other than price $6 per gal in northwest territory. Do you mean the Yukon Territory - Watson Lake, Whitehorse, Dawson City, Destruction Bay, Haines Junction, etc.? Not many caravan tours go into the Northwest Territories. Looking at the Fantasy Tours website, this tour doesn't either.
sue.t 01/03/15 04:29pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Port Angeles to Victoria

Take a look at the hotel prices in Victoria too...
sue.t 01/03/15 10:04am RVing in Canada and Alaska
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