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RE: It's really pretty sad, when you think about it!

If you want to give that sound a real good test, here's one of my YouTube videos of Elk bugling, from September 2015 :D
sue.t 02/06/16 08:20am Technology Corner
RE: How to stop automatic win 10 upgrade

...and upgrades will require subscription services and/or internet cloud plans. And that is an issue in the far North, where my download speed is only 1.61Mbps and bandwidth is extremely limited. Internet in Yukon goes down often, sometimes for several days. There's only a single fibre-optic line providing Internet to all of Yukon and because it runs in a shallow trench beside the Alaska Highway it isn't uncommon for it to be damaged. Thus, Win7 will remain on my desktop for years to come. Maybe I'll decide to disconnect from the 'net. It's becoming more of a pain than a value.
sue.t 02/06/16 08:13am Technology Corner
RE: Traveling from Seattle to Alaska Early Spring

May 2015 was warm so we headed off camping along the Haines Road http://yukonsights.ca/20150516_HainesRd.html Did the same trip May 7, 2014 http://yukonsights.ca/20140507_HainesRd.html Northbound on the Alaska Highway heading towards Haines Junction, May 7, 2014 http://yukonsights.ca/images/AlaskaHwy_YT/20140507_HainesJct_074.jpg width=700 This was the Klondike Highway north of Whitehorse on May 3, 2013 http://yukonsights.ca/20130503_Braeburn-Faro.html http://yukonsights.ca/images/NKlondikeHwy/20130503_Faro_1003.jpg width=700
sue.t 02/04/16 10:06pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Taking an RV to Alaska

Best advice I can offer is don't feel any pressure to drive the speed limit. Drive for the conditions and for the love of your RV. Hubby hates rattling the fifth wheel around so he cruises along at about 40 mph, on occasion up to 50 mph. On the 120 miles between Destruction Bay & Beaver Creek, we plan for a four hour drive. The road is too unpredictable. On one of our trips (we often visit Beaver Creek because it is my hometown), we travelled behind motorcyclists also driving at 30 mph. One of them had hit a huge pothole and damaged his bike, so they were taking their time. If someone whips up behind us, we simply pull over and let them pass. In my little car, I'll whip along at 70 mph. BUT I know the road and it brakes in a short distance, and swerves exceptionally well.
sue.t 02/03/16 09:24pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alcan Hwy

The end of the road in Delta Junction, Alaska http://yukonsights.ca/images/Alaska/20100909_Delta_3094.jpg width=700 In Fairbanks, they have this sign http://yukonsights.ca/images/Alaska/198609_FairbanksSign.jpg height=800
sue.t 01/17/16 09:54pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alcan Hwy

http://yukonsights.ca/images/AlaskaHwy_YT/20140824_SoldiersSummit_10.jpg width=700 This is Soldier's Summit, above Kluane Lake http://yukonsights.ca/images/AlaskaHwy_YT/20090902_KluaneLake_164.jpg width=700
sue.t 01/15/16 08:32pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alcan Hwy

When the US Army was building the route, it was the Alcan Military Project, or something similarly worded. So it was usually called the Alcan or the Oil-Can (for all the empty oil drums left along the route). On April 1, 1946, six months after the end of the war, the US Army officially handed over the route and associated facilities to the Canadian Army. The Royal Canadian Engineers became responsible for the maintenance and construction of the Alaska Highway. Then along came springtime and the Canadians realized there was a lot of work ahead of them to make the route a driveable highway. My Dad was one of the fellows who did some of the maintenance work in the 1950s. And so I have a copy of the book that documents the Canadian Army's maintenance and construction activities from 1946 to 1964. So, anyway, I can understand Americans still using the term Alcan 70 years later in reference to the military project. But gee, the US purchased Alaska from Russia just 149 years ago and it became a state only 57 years ago, so I guess you wouldn't mind if we call it Russia. :B
sue.t 01/14/16 09:11pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alcan Hwy

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that reads, "Alaska Hi-way" :B This was likely in 1958 http://yukonsights.ca/images/Historical/35-20_JacksYukon_DawsonCreek.jpg width=700
sue.t 01/13/16 10:01pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alcan Hwy

A guide published by the Canadian government in 1956 for travellers on the Alaska Highway http://yukonsights.ca/images/Misc/1956_AlaskaHighway_03.jpg width=700 The map on the centrefold http://yukonsights.ca/images/Misc/1956_AlaskaHighway_04.jpg height=700
sue.t 01/13/16 09:48pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alcan Hwy

Some of the Canadians do not like it called the Alcan. It maybe their age! Making fun of my age? Sheesh...I was born and raised along the Alaska Highway in the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Never heard it called the Alcan by Canadians. Just Americans. http://www.alaskahighwayarchives.ca/en/index.php
sue.t 01/10/16 08:09pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alcan Hwy

I drive the Alaska Highway every day, pretty much. :B And we tow a fifth wheel around when we go camping. Never do the speed limit when we're towing; instead we drive for the road conditions which vary from excellent to very poor. In summer, on my way into and out of Whitehorse, it isn't uncommon to see broken RVs and trailers. Drive to suit your equipment and capability.
sue.t 01/09/16 05:45pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Northern Lights Pics

We had a nice show in Yukon for News Year's Eve. It starting early in the morning, then returned with the evening darkness. It was warm too, only -2C so I didn't need gloves or a hat! http://yukonsights.ca/20151231_Aurora.html Here's a teaser :B http://yukonsights.ca/images/Yukon/Aurora/20151231_Aurora_54.jpg width=700
sue.t 01/01/16 03:44pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Roll Call Alaska 2016

We are also wanting to take our 1st Alaska trip in 2016. Has anyone assembled a list of the better places to stay and things to see? If you're looking to experience the best the north has to offer, plan for camping outside of commercial campgrounds. Some of the better places to stay are the government campgrounds. If you really need a commercial campground, do not expect the same quality of services in Yukon or Alaska. Be prepared for wide variety of services being available or not. Expect varying levels of cleanliness and quality of infrastructure. - The internet can be dodgy, slow, cut you off a lot. - Some have only 15 amp available. - Water and sewer might be available only at a communal location and not at the campsites. - Some require that you take your garbage with you. - Some campgrounds aren't on the grid and shut their generators down at night to save fuel/money.
sue.t 12/30/15 07:05am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Northern Lights Pics

One of my favourite shots from Sunday evening... I think an alien is preparing to snatch the cabin! http://yukonsights.ca/images/Yukon/Aurora/20151220_Aurora_152.jpg width=700
sue.t 12/23/15 06:52am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Northern Lights Pics

Last night was a good night for aurora. http://yukonsights.ca/20151219_Aurora.html Tonight too! I'll get tonight's loaded soon. Here's a teaser from last night http://yukonsights.ca/images/Yukon/Aurora/20151219_Aurora_067.jpg width=722
sue.t 12/20/15 09:29pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Northern Lights Pics

There is a northern lights webcam near Fairbanks: Note: Link has been deleted at request of owner. It's okay to post images from the camera but not the live link. Admin
sue.t 12/15/15 09:38pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Alaska???

Many rigs your size go up and down the Alaska Highway. Best advice I can offer is to not use the posted speed limit as a guide. Go slower. Don't set a strict schedule, let there be flexibility so you can take your time and drive to the road conditions. This past summer, broken RVs were common between my place and Whitehorse. Broken hitches mostly. The frost heaves were bad, the potholes were nasty. Just drive to suit the conditions so you don't abuse your rig. When we're towing the fifth wheel, we tend to drive 10 mph below the posted speed limit and don't hesitate to take it down to 30 mph through the rough areas. In my car, I whip along quite a bit faster, usually more than 10 mph over the speed limit. Once you're north of Fort Nelson (British Columbia) on the Alaska Highway, drive the speed that suits you and your rig.
sue.t 11/28/15 06:04pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: So..you think you are just gonna shoot the bear?

How about you are sleeping in bed in your own house and hear this huge bang? And in the morning you see THIS on the window above your head? You know you have a serious bear problem. We have bear claw marks in the drywall of our cabin here in Yukon. Previous owner had a bear break the window and climb in to eat food in the kitchen. Makes for a good conversation piece... The first few years we had many bear visits, one day I had five bears around the cabin. But then they got tired of the crazy lady banging pots and pans while shouting at them to move on. We had a young grizzly hanging around this past summer but he wasn't a problem. The dogs kept him in check.
sue.t 11/28/15 09:40am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Question for you snow experts: are rainbow sparkles common?

Near Fairbanks AK http://www.ronnmurrayphoto.com/ He also has a live aurora cam if you wish to sit at home and watch :D
sue.t 11/26/15 10:16pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: So..you think you are just gonna shoot the bear?

My experience is that bears don't get too close when you have a DSLR in your face; they must be camera shy. http://yukonsights.ca/images/Wildlife/20140624_Grizzly_21.jpg width=700 http://yukonsights.ca/images/Wildlife/20120701_Griz-AKHwy_0343.jpg width=700 http://yukonsights.ca/images/Wildlife/20120701_Griz-AKHwy_0358.jpg width=700
sue.t 11/26/15 07:17pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
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