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RE: Question for you snow experts: are rainbow sparkles common?

Near Fairbanks AK http://www.ronnmurrayphoto.com/ He also has a live aurora cam if you wish to sit at home and watch :D
sue.t 11/26/15 10:16pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: So..you think you are just gonna shoot the bear?

My experience is that bears don't get too close when you have a DSLR in your face; they must be camera shy. http://yukonsights.ca/images/Wildlife/20140624_Grizzly_21.jpg width=700 http://yukonsights.ca/images/Wildlife/20120701_Griz-AKHwy_0343.jpg width=700 http://yukonsights.ca/images/Wildlife/20120701_Griz-AKHwy_0358.jpg width=700
sue.t 11/26/15 07:17pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Question for you snow experts: are rainbow sparkles common?

6 seconds, ISO-2500, f/3.5 with a Canon 10-22mm wide angle lens on a Canon 7D Depending on how bright the lights are, I might go up to 8 seconds or down to ISO-1200. I prefer the shorter exposure though, to keep the stars crisp and not blur the lights too much. That night (pictured above) the lights were moving fast so I reduced the exposure and upped the ISO (light sensitivity) in an effort to keep some definition to the aurora.
sue.t 11/25/15 10:16pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Question for you snow experts: are rainbow sparkles common?

But we still have never seen the aurora during the winter -- we have seen dim glimmers during a summer bike tour in Alaska, but that is not the same thing. Not the same thing at all :D This was April 11, 2015 in Yukon http://yukonsights.ca/images/Yukon/Aurora/20150411_Aurora_262A.jpg width=800 http://yukonsights.ca/images/Yukon/Aurora/20150411_Aurora_242A.jpg width=800
sue.t 11/24/15 06:50am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Question for you snow experts: are rainbow sparkles common?

...And Sue, have you seen this strange phenomenon in the Yukon? Not often. Mostly just the white sparkles. During some darkness hours, the air also twinkles, not with snowflakes but with ice crystals in the air. Most noticeable in the car's headlight beam. It becomes real interesting when driving the highway and seeing a pillar of light ahead, rising hundreds of feet upward, but it's only the crystals in the air highlighted by the highbeams of an oncoming car. Then there's ice fog...here's a sunrise on the Alaska Highway http://yukonsights.ca/images/AlaskaHwy_YT/20150903_SunriseCommute_32.jpg width=700
sue.t 11/22/15 09:19am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Where to rent a truck camper?

Our first truck camper experience was through a fellow on Vancouver Island who rented campers. Not new ones, well used they were, and the prices were very fair. We drove from Vancouver Island to Inuvik with that truck camper on our F-250 PSD, and back. It was a great trip. I think we paid about $1,000 for three weeks. Not so bad. He didn't advertise, just word of mouth. Here we were on the Campbell Highway in Yukon with it http://yukonsights.ca/images/CampbellHwy/19960618_006_CampbellHwy.jpg width=700
sue.t 11/21/15 09:11pm Truck Campers
RE: Need help, frozen water!

Those little handwarmers, the ones that heat up, will thaw out a water pump nicely. When we camped at -40 and things would get slushy, I would put a handwarmer or two on the pump and then wrap a fleece scarf around it. Also had to do the same for the propane valve when it got that cold.
sue.t 11/21/15 09:02pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Question for you snow experts: are rainbow sparkles common?

Some explanations: The colored lights are sparkles of sunlight reflected and refracted internally inside snow crystals. Like a prism or a rainbow, the hexagonal crystals break the light into component wavelengths, giving the observer a variety of colors sampled from the rainbow: red, magenta, yellow, cyan, blue, and violet. http://gurneyjourney.blogspot.ca/2014/01/chromatic-snow-sparkles.html http://whyfiles.org/2010/why-does-snow-sometimes-sparkle/ http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~zhuxj/astro/html/snowsparkle.html
sue.t 11/20/15 02:42pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Another way of doing things...

Canned cat food can also be an enticer. One of our dogs (90lb girl) can be very fussy about eating, but if I add a small can of cat food to her dry food, with water to spread the flavour and make it soupish, she gobbles her meal down. Cat food only isn't a balanced diet for dogs, but added to her regular dry food, it gets her interest.
sue.t 11/17/15 09:28pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Roll Call Alaska 2016

In Yukon, your off-road vehicle must be insured to be on campground roads. The rules also apply to any road that is government maintained. Same rules in B.C., I believe. I think in B.C. a licence on the vehicle is also required. http://yukonsights.ca/images/AlaskaHwy_YT/20090905_HainesJct-Whitehorse_031.jpg height=300
sue.t 11/17/15 07:39am RVing in Canada and Alaska

From the RCMP Home > Canadian Firearms Program > Information and Services for Visitors / Non-Residents http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cfp-pcaf/information/visit/index-eng.htm
sue.t 11/12/15 07:02am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Roll Call Alaska 2016

Well, you can all expect to once again drive the gravel sections between Haines Junction and the Alaska border in 2016. Paving of these sections was put on hold because the USA is no longer providing financial support via the Shakwak Agreement. This 1977 agreement provided funding for improvements to the Haines Road and the Alaska Highway from Haines Junction to the border. About 90% per cent of the traffic on this section are American travelers. Read more in the Yukon News http://yukon-news.com/news/no-new-money-for-shakwak-roadwork/
sue.t 11/10/15 03:44pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Sleeping during daylight isn't a problem.

Some of my favourite winter day drives: To Kluane Lake http://yukonsights.ca/20150228_Kluane.html Haines Road http://yukonsights.ca/20140302_HainesRd.html Drive to Anchorage in a day (685 miles) http://yukonsights.ca/20140322_Anchorage.html Winter RV camping trips 2013 Whitehorse to Liard Hotsprings - http://yukonsights.ca/20130328_Whitehorse-Rancheria.html - http://yukonsights.ca/20130329_Rancheria-Liard.html 1998 Vancouver Island to Yukon and back: - http://yukonsights.ca/19981212_AlaskaHwy.html 2001 Vancouver Island to Yukon and back: - http://yukonsights.ca/20011215_AlaskaHwy.html
sue.t 11/09/15 08:06pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Roll Call Alaska 2016

This morning (Nov 6) on my way into Whitehorse there was a truck with a travel trailer (about 30' long) parked in one of the rest areas. The morning temperature was -8C (17F). It was too dark to see the licence plates, but I figure maybe an Alaskan heading south. Other than locals, most RVs are off the Yukon highways now. This afternoon numerous trucks with campers heading out, likely for hunting. Better than sleeping in a tent this time of year.
sue.t 11/06/15 09:19pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Sleeping during daylight isn't a problem.

Winter sunrise on the Kluane Ranges overlooking Haines Junction in Yukon :) http://yukonsights.ca/images/AlaskaHwy_YT/20140322_HainesJctSunrise_041.jpg width=700
sue.t 11/06/15 09:06pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Sleeping during daylight isn't a problem.

...Winter sunrise was around 9am and most days the mountains would turn a raspberry sherbet color for maybe 30 minutes at sunrise, and again for sunset around 3pm... Winter (March) sunrise in Alaska, on the Glenn Hwy near the Matanuska Glacier http://yukonsights.ca/images/Alaska/20140328_GlennHwy_38.jpg width=700
sue.t 11/06/15 09:04pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: The good ole days of Alaska travel

I tease sue about being a 4 year old toddler, playing in the mud puddles out front of her dads gas station/garage in Beaver Creek, YT that first summer I drove up. LOL Yup, here I am in Beaver Creek, December 1961 :D http://yukonsights.ca/images/Family/1961_SuzieSandy.jpg width=700 Our new house on the left and Dad's garage on the right, on the northwest end of Beaver Creek. These buildings still exist but have been expanded upon http://yukonsights.ca/images/JackStalberg/1961_BeaverCreek.jpg width=700
sue.t 11/04/15 09:57pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Need internet advice

Satellite? I don't know the cost though, but it may be a viable option. http://www.alaskainternetprovider.com/ I've been able to use HughesNet satellite for internet in Alaska, in remote locations with no phone or cellular service. Satellite internet has come a long way from early days.
sue.t 11/02/15 08:49pm Technology Corner
RE: Dog licking paws

A previous dog was allergic to food and she had to take Vanectyl to control the itching. Sometimes it was so bad she would chew her pads raw - usually corn prompted this. As she aged, she became sensitive to her environment too, springtime was tough on her. Present dog also has food allergies. I tried many foods before finding a limited ingredient food (Natural Balance's Bison & Sweet Potato) that does the trick. He's triggered by chicken, beef, lamb, fish -- a wide variety of proteins. Some say it is not the protein, instead it is the preservative used in the meat before it is processed into dog food. I don't know if that is true, or not.
sue.t 11/01/15 09:36pm RV Pet Stop
RE: Need internet advice

Satellite? I don't know the cost though, but it may be a viable option. http://www.alaskainternetprovider.com/
sue.t 11/01/15 09:27pm Technology Corner
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