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RE: Generator noise under bed

I would not buy a motorhome with the generator under the bed, whether I planned on using it while sleeping, or not. That is simply bad design, and would be a dealbreaker for me. At some companies, the marketing teams who design these things seem not to have an understanding of how they are used. They ship them off to dealers, buyers look, say "I can't buy it because of that" and it takes two to three years to find a buyer that doesn't figure out the design defect. Model meanwhile gets discontinued because dealers won't buy it. Natural selection inthe RV world. Your first sentence kind of insults the OP for purchasing his current MH doesn't it? You offered no information regarding his question because you do not own a MH with the OP's layout. Kinda wasted reply don't you think? The OP said nothing about having already made the purchase, so I would be appropriate to advise against getting into the situation.
tatest 10/30/14 05:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: ford e chassis end date

For the market to go away the 16-30 passenger buses built on the cutaway need to be replaced by another center-aisle solution: enlarged vans like the Sprinter Minibus, or a true minibus like the Toyota Coaster. Both of these are built at about 11,000 pounds, a ton and a half lighter than the coaches we currently use in this size class There are others that are much heavier, that are based on Light Japanese Trucks.(27,000lb GCVWR) The Toyota is a "Coaster" fairly lightweight. You can get ones based on Hino , Mitsubishi, Isuzu Buses , that have roughly 7-8 Litre engines. No shortage of European bases, IVECO,MAN, SCANIA etc But those do not functionally replace our coaches in the 16-30 passenger class. We also build larger coaches on Class 5 to Class 8 cab-chassis and bare chassis, 16,000 to 45,000 pounds. Ford, Freightliner, Volvo, International for cab-chassis coaches, Volvo, Daimler, Prevost, MCI, Setra, VanHool in the motorcoach business. These larger coaches have little bearing on what is the market for 90,000 Class 4 cab-chassis a year.
tatest 10/30/14 04:57am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Small utility trailer to tow

There are some national or regional brands that sell at premium prices, but many small trailers are unbranded or local brands, locally manufactured and sold direct; the big trailer dealer is also manufacturer. In rural areas, you will find trailers at hardware stores, big box stores like Lowes and Home Depot, farm supply stores like Tractor Supply and Atwoods (or whichever chain is operating in your region). In urban areas, trailer sales locations aren't so obvious, but it is a category in the Yellow Pages. To haul a motorcycle, a motorcycle dealer can get you one made for that purpose, with bike racks and tie-downs built in, and motorcycle ramps. That tends to be more expensive than the cheapest utility trailers. Also, be aware that a manufacturer may build, a dealer may sell, utility trailers in different construction grades, with different carrying capacities, so a lower price does not always mean a good deal. I would look first at a manufacturing dealer, before checking out national brands. Here, that might be Trailers Plus in Tulsa. Where my sisters live in Michigan, it might be US27 trailers on the north side of Lansing. Metro Detroit area, I don't know, haven't been around there much lately, haven't spotted any big trailer dealers, or even farm supply stores, in the nearby suburbs.
tatest 10/29/14 06:08pm General RVing Issues
RE: North East OKlahoma Campgrounds

Campground or RV park? There's a RV park at the fairgrounds (might now be called Expo Center) at the north entrance. Another at the Claremore Expo Center. Nice RV park (Cedar Oaks) on Grand Lake in Grove; one of several on the lake. There is also Mingo RV park near the intersection of I-244 and US-169, reviews are mixed because some people don't like to be around long term residents who work for a living. I have no personal experience there, as it is too close to home to be staying for the night. For campgrounds, the state parks will have campgrounds open: Disney at the south end of Grand Lake, Bernice on the northeast side of Grand Lake, Spavinaw on Spavinaw Lake, Twin Bridges up by Wyandotte, Osage Hills in eastern Osage County between Pawhuska and Bartlesville. West of Tulsa, Lake Keystone and Walnut Creek state parks on Keystone Lake. Most of the time I would recommend the COE parks, but for many of the properties the main campgrounds close for the winter at end of October when the volunteer hosts leave for warmer places. Some keep a small collection of sites available, will have electricity but water might be turned off until spring. I think Woolaroc, on SR-123 south of Bartlesville, is worth a visit. It stays open year round. I also like Tenkiller Ferry Lake, a COE on the west side, state park east of the dam, and Greenleaf Lake state park, just outside of Braggs on SR-10. That's more like east central, than northeast, all south of Muskogee, almost to I-40.
tatest 10/29/14 10:55am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: what size genny????

I would look at 3KW minimum for A/C and the loads you can't really control unless you start switching off breakers, or pulling fuses to keep the 12V converter (needed for lighting and control of appliances) from trying to charge batteries. Yamaha makes a 2400 watt inverter genset that does pretty well starting an A/C when other loads are minimal, but smaller is going to depend on the details, which appliance models and combinations. Manufacturer practice is to install minimum 3600/4000 genset with a 13,500 BTU A/C, 2400/3000 watt for a 9000/11,000 BTU unit. When running off a genset, or even 30 amp shore power, beware of heating loads like coffee makers, toaster ovens, frying pans, griddles, blow dryers, vacuum cleaners. Any of these with the A/C running in a RV can take a 30!amp main over its limits. Blow dryers on high heat are sized to max out a 15 amp circuit, will be a problem for the main as well if running when an A/C tries to start. My daughters had to learn this the hard way, at the house as well as in the RV. Also, if external inverter generators have an ECO (low RPM) mode, that will be a problem with air conditioners. Gensets handle surge loads by converting excess rotational energy into electrical energy, bogging down briefly to cover the surge. In ECO mode, the genset has to spool up to higher RPM as loads increase, and might not be able to do it for a good size surge. ECO modes are for light, no motor, loads that build slowly, not for motor starting surges.
tatest 10/29/14 03:17am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Generator noise under bed

I would not buy a motorhome with the generator under the bed, whether I planned on using it while sleeping, or not. That is simply bad design, and would be a dealbreaker for me. At some companies, the marketing teams who design these things seem not to have an understanding of how they are used. They ship them off to dealers, buyers look, say "I can't buy it because of that" and it takes two to three years to find a buyer that doesn't figure out the design defect. Model meanwhile gets discontinued because dealers won't buy it. Natural selection inthe RV world.
tatest 10/29/14 02:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: ford e chassis end date

GM is also continuing in this market, currently dominating the 11,000-14,000 pound class in cab-chassis and van cutaway because of the available diesel engine, and unlikely to leave that market any time soon. The cutaway market is about 90,000 units a year, most of them not RVs. Almost half of the market is Class 4, 14,000+ GVWR, and the unibody van solutions from Daimler, Fiat and Ford do not cover that segment. I suspect the class C RV will evolve toward European types that fit within the limits of the more economical European style chassis now being adapted to our market. But even if all C RVs went small, most of the heavy cutaway market will still be there. While the emergency vehicle segment can reasonably go to conventional cab class 4 trucks for most locations, with the bonus of readily available 4x4, the airport/hotel/small passenger bus segment really likes the compactness of the van cab. For the market to go away the 16-30 passenger buses built on the cutaway need to be replaced by another center-aisle solution: enlarged vans like the Sprinter Minibus, or a true minibus like the Toyota Coaster. Both of these are built at about 11,000 pounds, a ton and a half lighter than the coaches we currently use in this size class. Looking over the past five years wholesale shipments, Class C RVs have been running 8,000 to 15,000 units a year, picking up to that latter figure just recently. So RVs are about 1/10 to 1/6 of the market for van cutaways in the U.S.
tatest 10/28/14 09:24pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Battery charge

A trickle charger probably does not have enough excess voltage to get through a solid state battery isolator, if that's how yours is triggered to connect. But more likely, it simply will not connect the house batteries to the chassis batteries except when the engine is running, or at least ignition turned on. No definitive answer because there are several different isolator solutions, with different levels of sophistication. Some are manually switched (often from ignition switch or a boost switch) and others look for a particular condition in the 12-volt circuits that says the alternator is providing charging. Trickle charger voltage is not usually high enough or applied in the right place. If you want to keep a maintenance charge on the house batteries, it is best to put them on their own (smart) maintenance charger, like a battery tender. Winnebago recommends they be disconnected for this purpose, at least for my 2004 Itasca. I also would not leave them permanently on the converter Winnebago installed as my charger. That one is just the right voltage to boil them dry over time.
tatest 10/28/14 08:57pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Can you help a newb out? Please

Whether or not the generator is a deal breaker would depend on whether or not you use it. I've put only 200 hours on mine, in nine years, not enough to keep it healthy. When not used, the things are a headache. Those 200 hours were almost all on the road, to keep the house cooler when traveling in the daytime with a full load of people in 90-105 F temperatures, and sometimes during lunch stops enroute. When used, it is a headache, because of the noise, particularly on pavement. If you are thinking of summer boondocking in the Midwest, South, or Southwest, and want power for air conditioning, you might be able to put up with the noise of an on-board generator, or you might find you need something quieter and more remote. At one time we had four C's and three A gassers in our little RV club, and I was the only one to use the genset while traveling. Some of them had never run their generators, but it was something they were told they had to have for resale value.
tatest 10/28/14 08:34pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Ford Edge, Honda CRV or Jeep Cherokee, which to tow?

For OP: you pick the towable car you want to drive, based on your transportation needs, how you will use it, styling preferences, accessories you want, the image it creates for you, whatever. Your choices are broader than those three, particularly if you might buy used. I tow a Honda Fit because it works for me as my daily driver. It happens to be manual transmission. That's my driving preference, the automatic has been towable (the new CVT will not be). If you are going off-road or unimproved back roads, a high clearance 4x4 would be the choice. I'm not sure the new Cherokee serves that need in the same way the '90s Cherokee or the Liberty did; maybe the Trailhawk model.
tatest 10/28/14 12:42pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Ford Edge, Honda CRV or Jeep Cherokee, which to tow?

We tow a 2013 CRV.....love it. Sorry the 2015 isn't towable. Maybe there will be enough of a drop in sales because of that and the 2016s will again be towable. Car makers have had a change of heart before. Did Honda get a lot of warranty issues from CRV trannies perceived to be from towing? For 2015 model year Honda has replaced the automatic transmission in several model lines with a CVT. The CRV, which shares a lot of its drive train with four-cylinder Accord, got caught up in that. It is all about meeting the changing CAFE standards, the alternative would be to develop or buy a new 6 to 8 speed automatic, which might not be towable. Honda did have warranty issues with the four-speed automatic once shared by Accord with everything heavier. They settled a class action suit related to premature transmission failure, extended the warranty beyond 100,000 miles on certain heavy or powerful cars (think minivan, sporty Acura models). My daughter's first Odyssey went through two transmission rebuilds in the 150,000 miles she drove it; one under extension of warranty, one she paid for. The suit did not bring up towing issues, but the timing of "do not tow" across most of the line coincided with the settlement. Since at the time Honda switched to "CRV only" all Hondas larger than the Civic were using the same transmission, I think Honda of America just picked one model and raised the price of the car to cover anticipated warranty costs from towing failures. That model was the CRV because it was already popular with RVers.
tatest 10/28/14 12:26pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Dynamax 24RB B+ only $69k. Lower prices coming?

Not so much lower prices coming, rather Forest River is taking the Dynamax brand into a new territory. The REV is not the same thing as an Isata, nor is the new lower cost Force motorhome the same thing as a Dynaquest.
tatest 10/23/14 10:39pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Windshield

You can, and should, carry insurance on the windshield, whether it is packaged as "standard" or an extra. Then, even if you carry a high deductible, you want to let the insurance company handle the claim, because they get a better price for you. Last one I replaced (on an Accord) the $240 cost was within my $500 deductible, but the retail prices I had been getting for the replacement were in $600-800 range. A motorhome windshield will be much higher cost. Risk probably depends on how much exposure. I've been on a lot of motorcoaches with broken windows lately, particularly the one piece windshields which like to grow long cracks up from chips near the bottom. But those guys are on the road all the time.
tatest 10/23/14 10:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Chicago to Kansas City Expressway

I use the Missouri part of the described route several times a year, was last on it in September. If there is CKC Expressway signage on US-36 and I-35 in Missouri, I haven't noticed it. I like the road. When going to Chicago, I like to follow I-72 from Hannibal to I-57, then north to Chicago. It is a bit more distance than I-55, but it goes in the way I want and I-57 is not as bad as I-55 for traffic. On edit: saw image of the CKC sign, red and blue on white background. I have noticed that, on the bridge over the Mississippi.
tatest 10/23/14 10:07pm Roads and Routes
RE: Warranty Claim Denied

Ford Customer Service is 1-800-392-3673. That's on the inside cover of the 2011 truck warranty book. Bumper to bumper warranty was 3 years/36,000 miles. This is getting close enough to the end that it might be necessary to document the warranty start date, which should have been done by the dealer when the truck was first sold to a retail customer. I have a Honda dealer (service writer) dragging his feet on warranty service for a failure that might be considered a safety issue, e.g. windshield washer bottle with a clogged outlet. He won't go forward with repair until he has confirmation from a zone manager that it will or will not be covered by warranty. Your friend needs to understand where the resistance is from: service writer, service manager, general manager, zone manager. These things often get stopped by someone not willing to stick a neck out and say yes, or someone higher not wanting to do the work for what the warranty will pay.
tatest 10/23/14 09:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: starcraft comet 1232md vs.Flagstaff t12bh

Both are new.. 2015... of course there is new 09/15/14 and 10/15/15..Model year.. and delivery year are ...The same??? having researched as best I can...Quite tired of it.. I can say with a smile.. Have a wife ..kids ..and delivery.. with them....fit and finish. Excellent... ! Model year change in the RV industry is early in the year. By spring 2015 they will be manufacturing 2016 models.
tatest 10/23/14 09:11pm Folding Trailers
RE: Itasca Spirit

Look at the 2006 brochures for Spirit and Outlook. Outlook was a new model in 2006, and might have been targeted to a different price point than previous Minnie. Winnebago was adjusting to the changing market conditions, so what they were doing in 2006 might not be the same as what they were doing 2001-2005. By 2007 their "premium" C's had disappeared, a new entry level (Access/Impulse) introduced in both brands, and the Spirit and Outlook marketed as the top line.
tatest 10/23/14 09:03pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Itasca Spirit

Somebody at Winnebago is making up new stories if they say Itasca was "bought." Winnebago created Itasca to put a motorhome on a Chevrolet chassis at a time when there was a contractual obligation to build the Winnebago motor home on chassis from Chrysler Corp. That became moot when Chrysler left the medium truck and chassis business, terms of the first Federal bailout. Winnebago as a corporation has used both brand names in different ways since. Late 1990s through middle of first decade this century, Itasca models were marketed as equivalent to Winnebago models. In C's, Spirit was equivalent to the entry level Minnie, Sundancer was equivalent to upscale MinnieWinnie. The Winnebago got a Chalet brand marketed for the rental market, for which there was not Itasca equivalent. So in that sense, one might say Itasca was a step up, from the Chalet at least.
tatest 10/23/14 07:00pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Best no contract cell phone?

I used a Tracfone because it had the lowest cost, under $7 a month, for maintaining service. $20 for another 60 minutes and 90 days service. You can pay slightly more to cover a year at a time. Minutes don't expire, I've accumulated 3300 minutes over about 10 years. There are other plans with lower per-minute costs, if what you want are low cost minutes rather than lowest cost of keeping the connection alive. You do have to keep the phone on (if it disappears from the network for too long, service is discontinued) and you do have to keep up to date on buying time for it (another way to lose the number and the minutes). I've had no hassle transferring the account forward to new instruments (I'm on the third one), but had to argue with a customer service guy a bit when he transferred forward fewer minutes than what my old phone showed. Tracfone is set up so that your phone is the final authority on accounting, sometimes their records of what you've used, forwarded from the carriers, get out of synch. Not an issue so long as you keep the same phone, keep the account alive.
tatest 10/22/14 08:37pm Technology Corner
RE: starcraft comet 1232md vs.Flagstaff t12bh

I thought you ordered the Flagstaff three weeks ago, right after you asked this same question. Each dealer or factory rep can tell you why his is best. Looking for someone who has owned both? Not long enough to learn about them, Forest River got into the A-frame market only a few years ago, Starcraft/Jayco had them in catalog first in 2014, but I didn't see a physical example until this spring, 2015 model year. I liked the Rockwood I examined in 2010. I had fit and finish issues with an example Starcraft built for the Jayco brand, damaged my hand brushing past the door frame, got me looking for other finish problems and had no difficulty finding them. But that could have been pre-production or early production.
tatest 10/22/14 07:48pm Folding Trailers
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