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RE: No strap on main awning. How do I know the length I need?

You can make coffee on the stove, and people were living well long before the microwave was invented. Boondocking in an RV is not like living at home, but its a far cry from living in a tent. Before long you will adapt to life without a coffee maker and microwave and wonder why you were so worried about it. Thousands of others have done it and lived to laugh about it.
tenbear 05/03/16 01:43pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: No strap on main awning. How do I know the length I need?

If I'm running the truck's engine, can I use the microwave or make coffee with a less powerful inverter? Sorry, but no. The ac power comes from the inverter. Running the truck engine would allow you to run the microwave longer before the battery gets discharged but it doesn't allow you to get any more current out of the inverter. Depending on the alternator in your truck, and the wiring size, the alternator could put out 40 or so amps, so the battery might last 40 minutes instead of a half hour. Of course then you have the noise so you might as well have a generator. The problem is not the inverter. 2000 watt inverters are available at a reasonable price. The big problem is the battery bank it takes to power a large inverter. The larger the battery bank, the longer it can put out a high current. Of course a large battery bank takes longer to recharge and much more space. It also weighs a lot more. This may be the biggest problem in a small RV.
tenbear 05/03/16 01:11pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Getting RV sites on the road

I rarely make reservations and generally stop about 3PM as many others have said. I have had to take the second choice, but rarely. The exception is when I am going to a specific place for an event of some kind. Last year on a mid summer Saturday night we could not find a site and ended up at a Walmart. That was a first, but it worked out fine.
tenbear 05/03/16 09:49am Beginning RVing
RE: Wheel "Simulators" (covers) on Duallies

I lost one off a rear wheel years ago. I decided I would just remove the other one. Now I have a spare in case I lose one off a front wheel.
tenbear 05/03/16 09:32am Class C Motorhomes
RE: No strap on main awning. How do I know the length I need?

I was told that you can run things like the microwave, coffee maker, use the computer and other things by plugging into an inverter. I didn't expect it would power the a/c. You can't just plug things like your laptop or your little flatscreen tv into the regular outlets in the walls, right? What's an "inverter generator"? The only time you would use an inverter is when you are camping without an electrical hookup. Inverters change the battery voltage, 12vdc, to normal house power, 120vac. They use a lot of battery power if you are using them to power things like the microwave or coffee maker. A 1000 watt load on the inverter will draw about 100 amps from your battery. If you have only one battery It will be dead in about a half hour. You said "You can't just plug things like your laptop or your little flatscreen tv into the regular outlets in the walls, right?" You can if you have hookups, which you will have in almost all campgrounds. The exceptions are some state parks, etc. What's an "inverter generator"? The better generators for RV use use an inverter to create the 120vac, 60 cycle power. A non inverter generator has to run at a constant speed to keep the frquency of the power at 60 cycles. So if you are running a very small load like your laptop, the genny is running at the same speed as it would if running your microwave. Noisy. An inverter genny uses an inverter to convert the power that the genny puts out to 120 vac, 60 cps. Thus the mechanical part of the genny can generate power at lower voltages and different frequency or even direct current and the inverter changes that power to 120 vac 60 cps. Thus the inverter generator can run at slower speed and makes less noise when being used for small loads. It also costs more. I hope this makes sense.
tenbear 05/03/16 06:05am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Smelly Toilet

I just replaced the seal on my Thetford Aqua Magic V toilet. To access the seal I removed the toilet and then I could see the seal and remove it, then install the new one. Actually I just removed the seal and cleaned it, then put it back in. I have heard of people who replaced the seal without removing the toilet??? When you disconnect the water to the toilet, some water will come out the pipe so keep a towel handy. Is it messy? Yes! The area below the seal will be quite dirty. When you remove the toilet take it directly outside and use a hose to clean the mess out. Once it's cleaned out its not messy or difficult. I used the old seal used to seal the toilet to the black tank pipe. It's not a standard household seal.
tenbear 05/02/16 08:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: fill MH propane tank

My local hardware store fills my propane tank. Look for a place with a large propane tank.
tenbear 05/01/16 04:02pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: No strap on main awning. How do I know the length I need?

The awning strap should be a little longer than the extended awning so that you can grab the end when the awning is rolled up. Does the light that does not have a switch have a wall switch to control it? You do need some way to turn it on and off. Removing the light covers depends on the lights. On mine I squeeze the cover and pull it off. Shouldn't take much force. If it doesn't come off, try something else.
tenbear 05/01/16 03:55pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Generator or Inverter?

The main function of a generator is to generate power, usually 120vac. Some of them also generate 12vdc to charge a battery. Inverters change the power, usually, in the RV world, change 12vdc to 120vac. Inverters do not make (generate) power, just change the voltage.
tenbear 05/01/16 06:10am Tech Issues

How full were the campgrounds? If they were fairly empty that may have been the cause of the good WIFI.
tenbear 05/01/16 05:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Day/Night shades

Glad you found the problem and were able to fix it. The first one is always the most difficult to restring.
tenbear 05/01/16 05:52am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Day/Night shades

I have restrung most of my day night shades. The first one is the worst and they get easier. It is much easier to do before the string breaks, so look for badly frayed strings. I bought my supplies at Fix My Blinds (link above). Hopefully yours have just gotten loose and merely require tightening the strings a little.
tenbear 04/30/16 06:08am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Inverter question

Just the thought of getting out and firing up a generator to dry my hair makes my skin crawl.Think of it as getting out and firing up a generator to make your DW happy. :h
tenbear 04/28/16 02:35pm Tech Issues
RE: LED Flickers

Maybe your electrical system powering the lights was picking up some energy from the lightning. LEDs respond instantaneously to power changes while incandescent lights depend on heat which takes a little time to change. Also the much lower power used by LEDs would make them more responsive to small amounts of energy induced into the wiring from the lightning. Just a guess.
tenbear 04/28/16 07:46am General RVing Issues
RE: Inverter question

I agree with RoyB. A good generator is your best bet. You can also use that to recharge your batteries.
tenbear 04/28/16 07:37am Tech Issues
RE: Cut wire in travel trailer I have a question

There is good reason why electrical codes don't allow burning wire nut connectors inside the walls. TOO MANY FIRES STARTED THIS WAY. If you really have no other choice, I would slide a piece of metal conduit over one end of the cable, solder cut wires, insulated with good tape and than slide the conduit over the connection. I was not aware of this electrical code. Thanks for your advice.
tenbear 04/27/16 03:34pm Tech Issues
RE: Cut wire in travel trailer I have a question

What we be the best way to cover the exposed wires would electric tape around each wire do it or should I wire nut each wire If it's a 12v wire I would use wire nuts to reconnect the wires and then cover the connection with electric tape. If it is a 120v wire, Romex, I would enclose the connection in a standard electrical junction box, making sure to clamp the wires in, and make the connection with wirenuts. If you are just covering the wires without reconnecting them, I would make sure the wire is disconnected from the power and pull it out if possible. If I couldn't pull it out I would cut it short so it cannot be reconnected. On the other end I would cut off any sharp ends and just leave the wire there. Taping it up wouldn't hurt.
tenbear 04/27/16 03:06pm Tech Issues
RE: Cut wire in travel trailer I have a question

The wire to the outlet is 3 conductor romex. Should be easy to identify that. The wire(s) to the light are separate wires and probably run in the frame, under the trailer. But they could run anywhere.
tenbear 04/26/16 05:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Cool Mods - Thread restored 10/18/2012

My trailer has a dinette with drawers for storage. I really like the convenience of the drawer storage but they left a lot of available storage area unused. I like what you have done. Mine did not have a dinette drawer and I installed one, but I never thought about the space above the drawer. I will have to look at mine and see if I can do something similar. The other dinette seat has electrical and heater stuff under it, but maybe I can use the space above that. Thanks for sharing.
tenbear 04/25/16 05:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Classes for total newbies?

You might consider joining the local chapter of the Good Sam club. You would have to join the Good Sam club too. If your chapter is anything like ours, you would meet many people who have been RVing for years and are more than willing to offer advice and help you learn.
tenbear 04/24/16 05:54am Beginning RVing
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