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RE: Wfco 75amp converter or inteli-power 9200

My rig has a WFCO 68100 converter - 100amps. PD maxes out at 80amps. If I put in an 80amp converter, I assume that in the rare case that I'm drawing 100amps the converter won't keep up and the batteries will discharge. Would that damage anything? Like will the converter "blow a gasket" or something? If the battery wants to draw 100A, the PD XX80 will simply limit the charging current to 80A until the battery is sufficiently charged to accept less current. The battery will not be discharged, only be charged at a slightly slower rate.
tenbear 07/07/15 04:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Elec help? Looking for low battery charge gizmo

I second the voltmeter & ammeter approach. Much more informative than a simple warning light. Another idiot light.
tenbear 07/07/15 03:51pm Beginning RVing
RE: TV removal from classB+

Glad you solved your problem. When I changed from the old CRT TV to an HD TV I realized that the new TV was much thinner than the old and was not really where I wanted the TV to be. I put the new TV where I wanted it and the old cabinet makes a great place to keep a lot of kitchen stuff like cereal boxes etc. The new TVs are so much thinner and lighter, they can be put in places the old CRT TV would not fit.
tenbear 07/07/15 03:43pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Awnings and rain

I put the de-flappers on if it's windy and if it is still moving around too much, I roll it up. Sometimes I roll it up at night but I have also gotten up in the middle of the night to roll the awning up. I would rather roll it up before bed time than get up later. Definitely leave it up if it's just raining, that's what it's for.
tenbear 07/07/15 10:12am Beginning RVing
RE: Question about Generators and boon docking

Look at it this way. If the converter output voltage is greater than the battery voltage, the battery is just a load on the converter and it is absorbing energy from the converter and thus being charged, although very slowly if the voltage difference is small. If the battery voltage is higher than the converter, then the battery is supplying the power. Of course, wiring losses due to resistance can confuse things.
tenbear 07/06/15 07:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: converting lights to electrical outlets

It would be easier to add outlets instead of converting lights to outlets. I have added several outlets to my MH.
tenbear 07/05/15 04:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Stray Voltage?

Reading your post it appears you are at home, not at a campground. Are you using an extension cord to power your RV? Is it a good 3 wire cord? Use your circuit tester to check your extension cord and the outlet you are plugged into.
tenbear 07/04/15 08:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Forum software error?

It's fixed!!! I don't know who did what but now it works like it is supposed to. Thank you.
tenbear 07/03/15 05:28pm Forum Technical Support
RE: 921 replacement for LED Bulbs

I replaced all my interior lights a few years ago. If I was to do it today, I would probably use these. I like the warm white color, it is close to the color of incandescent lights. If you like a brighter light, use 24-5050 leds. I would advise you to buy 1 or 2 of the lights you choose and try them to see if you like them before buying many.
tenbear 07/01/15 05:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: temp switch for tongue jack. wiring

I don't know what RV you have but I didn't know that Class C motorhomes had tongue jacks. If you have a TT you would be better off posting this question in the appropriate forum.
tenbear 06/30/15 04:45pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What now? Have my route mapped out...

I have never planned my trips to the extent that you have. We usually have a general idea of where we want to go, but as we travel we pick up brochures at various visitor centers and modify our plans as we go. We rarely reserve a campsite far in advance but may phone early in the day if we know where we want to stay that night. If we have a specific destination such as a concert, we will then reserve in advance.
tenbear 06/30/15 06:25am Beginning RVing
RE: Forum software error?

FWIW, I'm =only= seeing Life Member's GS icon on the thread list. I'm not seeing anyone else's GS "standard" member icon on any forum. Lyle Thanks Lyle, If I understand your post, when you look at a Life Member's profile, you see only the GS icon in the area immediately following the photo at the top of the profile. The GS icon is not followed by "LIFE MEMBER". If you look at a non member's profile do you see a GS icon there? I see the GS icon followed by "LIFE MEMBER" in all profiles which seems to me to be wrong. I would expect to see- Life Members - GS icon followed by "LIFE MEMBER" Standard Members - GS icon Non Members - blank space (no icon)
tenbear 06/30/15 05:55am Forum Technical Support
RE: Forum software error?

Since I'm not a Life Member, I cannot check it. But my feeling is that your browser cache may be corrupted. Try clearing out the old cache and cookies in the browser you're using. Then sign-in again, and see if the issue is still there? 1492, Thanks for the reply. I looked at your profile using IE and it showed you were a life member. I have never used IE for Good Sam, including the forum. I cleaned out the cookies using CCleaner and used Firefox to see your profile. It showed you were a life member. What does your computer show in my profile? Does it show me as a life member or does it show the Good Sam symbol without "Life Member", which would indicate your membership status?
tenbear 06/29/15 08:59am Forum Technical Support
RE: Forum software error?

Here is a link to the post where I found this problem. Clicky Have any of you tried to see what your computer displays when you look at someone's Profile? Does it display your membership status or that of the person who's profile you are looking at?
tenbear 06/29/15 06:56am Forum Technical Support
RE: Toilet Bowl Water is Souring

Does the water from any of the faucets appear to be contaminated? In any case you would be wise to sanitize the entire fresh water system. Most of us do that every spring, sometimes more often.
tenbear 06/29/15 06:42am Tech Issues
RE: Would a dead house battery disable 12V when on shore power

Some older converters require a good battery to work. Your 2011 is probably new enough that no battery is required. Batteries in the condition you described could pull the converter output way down, and possibly damage it. You can tell if the batteries are 6 volt by checking the wiring. 6 volt batteries are wired in series, one negative to ground, it's positive to the other battery's negative, while 12v batteries are wired in parallel, positive together and negatives together.
tenbear 06/28/15 02:45pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Toilet Bowl Water is Souring

I never leave water in the bowl while in storage. I have always understood that you should leave water in the bowl to prevent the seal from drying out. I always leave water in the bowl and the water has never changed color.
tenbear 06/28/15 09:26am Tech Issues
RE: Toilet Bowl Water is Souring

Did the water in the toilet came from your fresh water tank or from another water source? Whatever the source, is water from it clear and clean? If you put water from the same source in some other clean container does it change over time? Maybe your toilet just needs a good cleaning. I'm no expert, but these are the things that came to mind.
tenbear 06/28/15 09:23am Tech Issues
RE: How long, how long?

Below the link for 'view profile' it shows you are a life member. When I go into your profile it doesn't show anything. I'm not a GS member. Definitely not a life member. Hopefully someone can find the problem. I posted the problem in the "Forum Technical Support" section. Hopefully someone will look into it and resolve the problem.
tenbear 06/28/15 07:21am Beginning RVing
Forum software error?

When I look at a poster's profile it indicates that they are a Life Member, at the top of the page just below their photo. This happens even with non member's profiles. I restarted my PC and the same thing happens. It appears that my membership status is put into other poster's profiles. Is this a known problem or does it only happen to me?
tenbear 06/28/15 06:18am Forum Technical Support
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