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RE: Why RV different than house?

As others have said.... Example: 65mph into a 20mph head wind is the equivalent of exposing your roof to hurricane force winds. How many hurricanes has your house been thru with no damage? FYI - don't go years without checking out your house roof. Minor leaks can create a lot of rot and damage without you realizing it.
valhalla360 06/24/16 07:27am Class C Motorhomes
RE: air cond run time

If it doesn't need to run 4-5hrs straight, you probably don't need air/con.
valhalla360 06/24/16 07:18am Travel Trailers
RE: 30 ft- one roof air sufficient?

To summarize, it depends: - Shade vs no shade - Can you close off a section to reduce cooling needs - How humid is it - Insulation of the rig As someone else suggested, it would be possible to get a portable air/con unit that sits on the floor and vents out a window. We used a 12,000BTU unit on the boat. You could run an extension cord to the 15amp plug on the pedestal so you don't overload the 30amp outlet. Most of the time it probably wouldn't be needed. If you are buying and planning to stay in Arizona, I would probably go for a rig with 2 air/con units built in. Temps above 110 are common in many areas of the state and even with some of the tricks listed a single unit may not be enough.
valhalla360 06/24/16 07:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dual Generators (not dual fuel, but two generators)

A/c all night is even rarer than what I said before. Doesn't happen. Of course as soon as I say that, someone will chime in saying he does that. Oh well, in 12 years of this, and doing a lot of boondocking, I, personally, have never seen anyone run a/c all night on a generator. And if someone does that, I better not be in earshot!! . That's the main reason we have a generator. If it was just to run the lights and charge the phones, a single solar panel would be easier and cheaper or get a little 1000watt generator. We don't use it a lot but in the summer a lot of campgrounds have iffy power and guess when it comes out...a hot humid summer day when everyone is trying to run the air/con. You hear some grumbling but it's not about the noise...it's the jealousy that we are cool and comfortable and they are sweltering. You typically hear 5-6 generators kick on when that happens even if there are rules against generator use...what is the campground going to do...never had a campground complain but of course the obvious answer is provide power that I paid for or I'm running the generator. Now we spend 3-6months per year in the rig so, I might take a little different approach if we just did a few weekends per year. Boondocking is a little different as that tends to be a bit more of a cost conscious group but when power goes out in a campground, it's typical over the next 10-15minutes to hear a number of generators cranking up.
valhalla360 06/24/16 07:07am Tech Issues
RE: 30 ft- one roof air sufficient?

How is the ducting set up and can you close off the bedroom during the day? Ours is a 28' 5th wheel so not too different in size. - In temps below the upper 80's, we just run it using the ducts. - By the time we hit the 90's, we close off the bedroom and shift the ducts so it blows into the main living area and that keeps it cool up to the low 100's.
valhalla360 06/23/16 05:35am Class A Motorhomes
RE: A work around for low voltage.

If the wiring at the CG is so bad that voltage is severely sagging, how is an autotransformer going to help? As a step-up transformer, it will be trading amps for volts,...Not sure I understand your question. The purpose of an AF is to boost sagging voltage, which by definition decreases amps. Increased voltage reduces amps only on the output side, the transformer's secondary ... but there is no free lunch, that boost in voltage comes from increased current draw on the input side, the primary. Say an AC needs 1800 watts to operate. At 125 volts that is 14.4 amps. To deliver 1800 watts, the primary winding, operating at 100 volts, needs to draw 18 amps, plus whatever losses there are in the transformer itself. Not sure on this but at very low voltage, I suspect the wattage required will increase as the motors turn less efficiently. So an 1800watt motor may be pulling 1900watts due to low voltage. By giving it full voltage, it needs less watts. Can any one confirm this?
valhalla360 06/22/16 03:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Help!- Trying to rent a car at airport to pick upRV

Pick up a rental car and one of you drives the car back and the other follows in the RV.
valhalla360 06/21/16 08:57pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dual Generators (not dual fuel, but two generators)

Honda & Yamaha are the gold standard for inverter generators. There are some decent lower cost generators and there are some pieces of junk. The inverter generators create DC power and use an inverter to convert it to AC. As long as the brand matches up the quality ones can sync the inverters to match the Hz. The biggest question is where will they be camping? Most RV parks have power pedestals, even if they don't, there are usually limits on when you can run the generator making air/con impractical. It's really only if you boondock in remote areas where you can frequently use the generator for air/con.
valhalla360 06/21/16 02:32pm Tech Issues
RE: buying a mid profile for full timing

Profile has zero to do with being full time capable or not. It's simply how tall the interior is in the overhang. Full height is nice but we don't stand in the front, so it's not really an issue (I'm 6'2")
valhalla360 06/21/16 02:24pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: when boondocking do you bring a weapon ?

You have a right to carry a shotgun if you choose to. I support your right. That said, carrying one because you are afraid some crazy will seek you out in the woods is just silly. Yeah, it could happen but such a small threat...unless you are boon docking on the side of the street in gangland, it's just not a concern worthy of fear. Now if you are in bear country and want it for protection, I might take a different view.
valhalla360 06/21/16 08:03am Beginning RVing
RE: Concerning dry weight: difference between BP vs 5er

If you are living in it, I would expect you to be near the max weight (maybe over)rather than the minimum weight (dry). This isn't a case of being over by 500lbs. You are way over weight. As stated, 1/2ton and 5th wheel generally doesn't go together. I would look at a bumper pull in the 20-25' range. That's likely going to maximize living space given the trucks limited capabilities. Or better yet, move up to a 3/4 or 1 ton truck and then lots of options open up.
valhalla360 06/21/16 07:48am Towing
RE: I am new to rv's Fiberglass vs metal siding

Aluminum is lighter and lower maintenance. If you don't keep fiberglass washed and waxed, it will look old quickly. You can cheat on aluminum more. Most front end caps are fiberglass on aluminum rigs, so really a non-issue. Otherwise, it's mostly preference. I suspect fiberglass is cheaper to produce, so you see more newer rigs with fiberglass. It does tend to make even newer good condition aluminum sided trailers look dated. Not sure what you mean by toy hauler without a garage. That is typically what defines a toy hauler. Number of axles is about weight, though newer rigs you heavier axles and tires to keep down to twin axles. The trade off is this is where you read stories of blow outs. Those heavy duty trailer tires are produced in small batches and then ran near their limits, so quality control is harder. Realistically, you don't get to pick the number of axles. The number of axles the trailer comes with is the number of axles. You don't get to add an extra. Exact model details are needed to give a firm answer but odds are with a 3/4ton 7.3l, you are going to max out around 10,000lbs give or take a couple thousand. You are probably well short of triple axle capability. Plug your truck into a tow calculator. The item that will likely limit you is the pin weight on a larger 5th wheel.
valhalla360 06/21/16 07:43am Toy Haulers
RE: Campgrounds Etiquette

Most campgrounds have the rules listed on the back of the map they give you. So when you say etiquette are you talking rules. If it's not important enough to make it a rule, where do you stop and what do you do if people ignore it?
valhalla360 06/19/16 04:20pm General RVing Issues
RE: 30 Amp Elec plug/ is this straight forward fix?

Just get a new one that screws together. Make sure you get the wires to the right connections but it's not rocket science.
valhalla360 06/19/16 03:59pm Tech Issues
RE: 12 days 3400 miles coast to coast with kids

Sounds like punishment to me but if you enjoy a lot of driving... I would suggest trying Liberty Harbor in NYC (jersey technically). It's basically a parking lot with utilities and a bath house but you can walk to the PATH which connects into the subway system and you can walk to the Statue of Liberty docks. Great location.
valhalla360 04/11/16 04:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gas or electric water heater

Electric is first choice. So unless dry camping or if the electric is marginal, we are on electric. Of course, if we are struggling with enough electric for the air/con we usually aren't needing a lot of hot water.
valhalla360 04/11/16 03:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: PLEASE HELP Big Family, Big Trailer, Large SUV Tow

If you aren't in love with the truck, look at full size vans. You can get a 3/4 or 1 ton with higher ratings and more room to spread out. So where is the big family? We would spend a month each summer roaming with a dozen of us. ;)
valhalla360 04/11/16 12:53pm Beginning RVing
RE: Awning Replacement Fabric Width

I wouldn't think so but asking the vendor is your best bet. If we tell you it's fine and it doesn't work...we aren't out the money. I would ask a follow up question: Is anyone familiar with the website you listed? That's less than half what I've found on other sites. Do they provide a good product? (We are also looking to replace the awning fabric this summer).
valhalla360 04/11/16 12:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Working on the road

I'm a traffic engineer and the DW is a travel agent. We do almost exactly the same as before we left, mostly with the same clients. I not sure the barber skills will translate into the full time lifestyle. If you are going to get a place in Arizona for 6 months in the winter (or other snowbird local), you could probably get a part time job at a local hair place. You could certainly try doing it in the park but a lot of parks may have an issue plus are you going to take your barber chair? Worth a try but wouldn't count on it for much. Unless it was a friend, I knew, I would be inclined to go to a local hair place rather than some random guys RV for a haircut. What type of writing do you do? General travel blogs are a dime a dozen. Unless you are making money off it now, I wouldn't expect to do so in the future. Work camping is an option to help control costs but calculate the per hour effective earnings. We looked into it in a couple of places and it was well below minimum wage. If you are mechanically inclined, building up RV tech skills would translate well. While it's still better to have at least some locational stability (ie: spend 3-6months in the same park to build up a client base each winter), you will always come across the stray person in need of work and no one is available to take care of it. My Dad had his CDL so he used to work as an airport shuttle driver in the winters. Similarly, we've thought to go up to Mackinaw for the summer as they are always desperate for help in the summer as they have to let most of the staff go come fall. That might be something for after we are done with our regular careers. Being totally free to move at will makes a lot of these options harder if you don't already have work that is done remotely.
valhalla360 04/11/16 12:44pm Full-time RVing
RE: Why are so many rest stops closed?

It seems to me that a way to increase rest areas and also save $$ is to create travel islands that service both sides of the interstate. They would have to be larger and better set up to accommodate the additional traffic. On the positive side there could be more of them servicing all while less of them per side. The money issue is real for most states and I do not see a major change no matter what political party. If we have a single rest area that services both sides we can lower our overall building costs as well as the cost to patrol and maintain them. We need to rethink how we do things to get the most of our State Dollars Special interest and entitlement eats away at every state budget. Left side entrances and exits have much higher crash rates. This would be particularly bad for rest areas that have a high percentage of slow to brake/accelerate trucks. If you are willing to allow commercial operations, one thing you see in Europe a lot is a compact rest area with building over the roadway shared by both sides. If you just want a bathroom break or eat in your rig, you can still do it but the commercial operations pay for the upkeep.
valhalla360 04/11/16 12:16pm General RVing Issues
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