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RE: 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 v-8 gas toeablility

As others have said, check the tow ratings and you will likely be over on a number of catagories.
valhalla360 09/02/15 08:57am Tow Vehicles
RE: A/C bolts question

I wouldn't touch it unless you have a new gasket ready. If you start replacing bolts, odds are you will break the seal and with the old one crushed, it likely won't reseal.
valhalla360 09/02/15 08:53am Beginning RVing
RE: RV Journalling and Recordkeeping

Excell does a really nice job keeping track of things.
valhalla360 09/02/15 08:50am Technology Corner
RE: Generator Installed or Seperate

How often do you plan to boondock? If you will be boondocking a lot, I would get a built in. I would go gasoline as it's easier to bring back a couple 5 gal jugs and get a few more days use. Propane is a lot less convienent to get refilled. If you will be using it a few times a month, I would go with portable to keep the cost down.
valhalla360 09/02/15 08:04am Fifth-Wheels
RE: DC Air conditioner worth it?

Clarification, I said IMPRACTICAL. 5000btu in a 28' trailer on a 90degree day is going to do next to nothing. 15000btu roof units will often struggle to keep up in those conditions. Likewise, a 1/4ton of batteries and 1000watts of solar are expensive, heavy and use up a lot of the limited space in an RV. If you want to run air/con away from shore power, get yourself a nice generator.
valhalla360 09/02/15 08:00am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: DC Air conditioner worth it?

If you run the specs, you will find that it's totally impractical. You either get almost no cooling if a very small unit or run times are in the minutes before the battery dies.
valhalla360 09/02/15 05:45am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Generator hours - when is it too much?

If you are talking about a generator you already own, as long as she starts up and runs fine, keep running her. The problem is most motors die from abuse and neglect long before they litterally wear out. If you are talking about buying a used generator. I would look for moderate hours. A 10yr old generator with 3hrs on the clock has a high probability of being a problem due to neglect. Likewise a 2yr old generator with 10,000hrs has likely lived a long hard life.
valhalla360 09/01/15 12:15pm General RVing Issues
RE: WiFi options

Dropped the mifi device and just run it through our phones now. Use campsite wifi when available to keep the data use down but it's hit and miss.
valhalla360 09/01/15 12:11pm Technology Corner
RE: inverters/fridges/AC on generators

With your setup...you are overthinking it to even worry about it. You have 4000peak watts and the steady draw of your air/con is probably around 1200-1500watts. The 100-150watts for your fridge still leaves you well under the continous rating even with some minor losses.
valhalla360 09/01/15 09:24am Tech Issues
RE: Tip The Person Who Takes You To Your Campsite?

NO!!! I can find my own spot and I've seen far too many "helpful" staff cause more problems than they solve. I don't want to encourage RV park owners to cut thier wages so the staff can go around the park begging.
valhalla360 09/01/15 09:20am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tow a 5th wheel with anything

May get you in trouble in some states for double towing but as others have said...why? The advantage of a 5th wheel is the stability that comes from planting the pin weight over the rear axle. If you don't want a pickup, just get a bumper pull trailer.
valhalla360 08/30/15 11:26am Fifth-Wheels

Inverter is only one step, and not the first one. Need, power, then inverter. Need= what and for how long are you going to operate it. Power= sufficient batteries to supply your need. Inverter= sufficient size to run the "needs" listed above. Of course there is one item still missing, replenishing the power consumed? Bingo!!!! If you just want to watch the news each evening a little 100-150watt inverter plugged into a cigarette lighter to run your TV is probably fine. If you want to run the microwave, you need more wattage. If you want to run an expensive high end sterio, you better be looking at the quality of the power real hard. What are you trying to accomplish?
valhalla360 08/30/15 11:21am Truck Campers
RE: Paint & Clear front cap

Those sound like some crazy high prices. I'm contemplating painting the end caps on the 5th wheel but I have done it on a boat. If it's just the front end cap, it should be a quick and easy process with the possible exception of removing the old logo. There is not need to remove the old gelcoat. It needs to be cleaned and de-waxed and then a light sand with a fine grit so the paint has some tooth to grab onto. If there are any chips or cracks, now is the time to fix them but otherwise, it's a pretty simple there isn't much to get in the way and no need to remove. Any auto body shop should be able to do it but you may want to consider marine paints as they are designed to work with fiberglass. The rear is likely to be a little more complicated as there are likely windows and ladders to work around but still nothing particularly difficult. Assuming you have a compressor and the spray guns, I would say $200 for materials maybe less. An auto body shop maybe $500. (assuming you remove the logo and other vinyl graphics.
valhalla360 08/30/15 11:17am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Solar or Genny

I think you need to run the numbers for the solar to decide. Either option is viable but the solar option is more cost and complication than just buying 300watts of panels. - A generator is a throw it in the truck and crank it up when you need power (admittedly, an occasional oil change and filling the fuel) and that about it. You get as much power as the generator can provide for as long as you have gas. - With solar, the panels are just the start and if you want to take advantage of them on the move, you need a permanent mount. You also need a charge controller mounted and wired in. If you want to run a high draw item like a toaster, you need a fairly large inverter. To power a fairly large inverter you need a decent size battery bank. This all comes with cost and complications. I suspect by the time you are done the generator will be cheaper and more versitle. The biggest downside to solar is if you ever want to run the air/con, the solar is a no go. Another alternative since you say it is being used for road trips is build the solar system but skip the solar panels. 6-8hrs with the truck hooked up and charging should be enough to top up the batteries negating the need for solar panels. You will still need the inverter and larger battery bank.
valhalla360 08/28/15 11:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Riding out a hurricane

Button up the coach as well as you can....and get outta there. Find out where the wind might be minimal and get a hotel room there. Make sure the hotel has it's own restaurant. G'luck! Assuming you can't move the rig (if you can suck it up and go northwest 2-3hrs): Button up the rig, fill the water tank and put the stabilizers down. Then get in the truck and get out of town.
valhalla360 08/28/15 06:54am Class A Motorhomes
RE: slide lube

I use the same grease that anyone would use to grease their lawn mower or car. Just a little on your finger or rag and spread on the rails. very light coat. only way it gets dirty is when its open and you are driving down the road and we know that aintgonna happen. Huh??? How exactly is protected from dust and debris when the slide is retracted? I can see all around mine when it's pulled in.
valhalla360 08/27/15 01:24pm Truck Campers
RE: Towing with steep grades

OK, basically looking for opinions here. I have a Dodge Ram 3500 Quad Cab with the 5.9L Cummins - 2004.5. I pull a 2016 Rockwood 8329SS, which is a 35 foot, 8900 lb TT. I have no real concerns with the truck's ability to handle the TT - it does that quite well. My question involves traveling where there are fairly steep grades. The uphills don't cause me much pause but the downhills, I have heard, can be a bit tricky. My truck does not have an exhaust brake and the expense of one, at this time, is the main reason that I still don't have one. So, leaving the exhaust brake out of it, what are some of the more accepted methods for handling the downhill grades? Thanks gang. Go down SLOW. When I drove OTR, I was taught to go down really slow and hold the brakes to around 30 MPH. It worked for us. The "new" way is to let it run a little over 35, and brake down to around 25, and let it run back up. Which it will do in about 5 seconds, and then you have to do it again. Not going to cool a lot in 5 seconds. A diesel has no natural braking. So dropping down thru the gear box is not much help. You will just red line the engine. Diesels need some sort of braking help. Be it a trany brake, a engine brake, or exhaust brake. Otherwise. they just freewheel down the mountain If you are talking about brakes being pushed to thier limits, 5 seconds (more likely 10-15sec) off will drop the temps a suprising amount. Otherwise, I agree with you.
valhalla360 08/27/15 01:22pm Towing
RE: How long do you allow your Generator to run?

Still not clear what type of generator we are talking about. Make/Model/Rated wattage and what you are trying to run would be helpful. As others have said, there should be no problem running it pretty much continously.
valhalla360 08/27/15 09:23am Tech Issues
RE: Elevation App?

I'm not sure if the android app will do it but regular PC based Google Earth will show you the elevation of a route. Just right click on the route and it will offer an elevation profile. I wouldn't trust it for survey purposes but good enough to get an idea of the graedes and elevation.
valhalla360 08/27/15 09:19am Technology Corner
RE: Advice on storing in a backyard.

Something under the tires is nice but not needed. The question is how mushy does the ground get when it's wet. If not very, you should be fine with a couple boards under the tires. If mushy, you need some gravel or other means to get the trailer in and out. Most RV tire experts recommend keeping your tires dry to prolong the life. Something under them helps. I believe that is left over advice from tire experts of 20-30yrs ago.
valhalla360 08/27/15 09:12am Travel Trailers
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