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RE: fifth wheel backing

The one backing on the drivers side will beat the one backing on the blind side every time. We don't find a bit of difference with either but we always use a spotter who does the directing.
valhalla360 11/26/14 01:22pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Easy Electrical Question Sunny Brook 2816

My Sunny fuses are high up in the back of the bathroom closet, directly above the converter location. Otherwise, follow the thick wires from the converter as best you can. Good luck. That's where they are in ours.
valhalla360 11/25/14 04:12am Travel Trailers
RE: fifth wheel backing

The pin to trailer wheels will change how it reacts slightly but neither is better or worse.
valhalla360 11/25/14 04:11am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 3 different exterior keys really needed?

I doubt the valet idea. If you leave the rig for the week at the shop, they have plenty of time to pick to the lock.
valhalla360 11/25/14 04:08am Tech Issues
RE: 4 wd vs 2 wd

If your ego needs it, by all means get it. Otherwise, since you are asking the question, no you do not need it.
valhalla360 11/25/14 04:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Is there a good tow vehicle that also gets good MPG?

Your numbers aren't adding up (dollars and tow rating). People get nervous towing when they try to overload the tow vehicle. If you get a capable tow vehicle towing bigger is not as intimidating but you lose MPG. You aren't going to be able to buy a new dodge 1/2ton diesel and camper for $30k. If you get an extended cab, you probably can't get the pickup for that price. If you go with a small popup, you can probably just stay with your current minivan. (key: SMALL popup). Once you go hardsided, you are probably up in the 4000lb range and a capable truck won't get good MPG. Of course, it might be good to have you tell us what you think is good MPG both towing and not towing.
valhalla360 11/25/14 04:00am Folding Trailers
RE: Pickup based Motohomes

Plenty of van based units. They are generally preferred as they result in a shorter overall length for the same living space. If you aren't planning on a 4x4 version, a pickup based unit doesn't offer much difference. There are a few PU based units but they are typically geared toward off road work and tend to cost a lot.
valhalla360 11/25/14 03:50am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Unattended RV question

Private parks: Generally no issue as long as you are paid and they are aware. Public parks: Many have demand well over capacity and in the past, people would pay for the relatively inexpensive overnight fee to bring the unit in a few days early to guarantee a weekend/holiday site. They solved this by requiring you to stay they night. If you will be gone for more than a couple weeks, consider a storage yard as it's a good deal cheaper.
valhalla360 11/24/14 06:18am Beginning RVing
RE: This is a reason why Pop Ups aren't selling......

I am in the Fold Up camper sub forum, am I not? I'm here to read about fold up trailers,not read about why I should own a conventional trailer because bigger is better and equates quality. The subject was fold up vs hard side trailers and how it appears to make more sense for the majority to buy a small hardside rather than fold up. How do we discuss the subject if we aren't allowed to talk about the benefits of hard sided trailers? I would think this would be excelent information for someone trying to decide between the two. On a side note: People talk about sleeping under the stars and hearing the sound of nature...If that's important, you can turn off the Air/Con and open the windows and hatches for the sound and we still have our 6 man tent stored below. We pull it out when we borrow the nieces for a weekend so they can have the experience(we don't do the sleep on the ground thing anymore).
valhalla360 11/24/14 05:44am Folding Trailers
RE: This is a reason why Pop Ups aren't selling......

If someone wants to buy a popup, they are certainly welcome to and there is nothing wrong with it. From a marketing perspective, they seem to be squeezing themselves out of the market: - Price: you can buy an equivalent hard side TT for the same or less. - Tow Vehicle: By the time you get up into the bigger popups, the tow requirements aren't drastically different. The vast majority of popups I see are pulled by a 1/2ton PUs or midsize SUV's which would be fully capable of pulling a small TT. - Like to live/eat/etc... outside: Nothing says you can't do that with a TT. - Arrival on a rainy day: With a TT, you pull in, hook up power and wait inside doing whatever while you wait for the rain to stop vs an origami project in a downpour. Also no need on returning home to have to open it up to dry out the canvas that was put away wet. My recollection is they used to be substantially cheaper than a small TT and were small and light, so even a small car could tow them (of course small cars weren't so small and could tow 2-3,000lbs). They fit a niche between tenting and TT's. That's not the case anymore.
valhalla360 11/23/14 06:47am Folding Trailers
RE: Is Hitching a Fiver Easier?

Just remember -- tailgate DOWN when hitching and unhitching. That or get a louvered "V" notched 5er Tailgate, no up or down. Yes much easier, secure, and stable. Except, we never had an issue with the standard tailgate on the old truck remembering to raise and lower it. The new (to us) truck had a damaged tailgate and we got a v-gate for $60 off craigslist. First time we used it the pin was slightly low and hit it. Luckily, the gate just flexed and popped out with no damage. Don't count on the v-gate being automatic.
valhalla360 11/23/14 06:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Ordered 5th wheel delima

If you were planning to do some camping in the near future, I would say don't bother with the axles and they can throw in the fan as compensation for not getting the order out in a timely manner. I don't hear of a axles failing...ever. BUT, since you aren't planning to use it until march anyway, no need to rush. Plus presumably any warranty wouldn't start until march when you actually start using it.
valhalla360 11/22/14 04:49am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Is Hitching a Fiver Easier?

Definitely easier to line up. - Travel trailer: You need to get a ball you can't see lined up to within an inch both left/right and fore/aft. - 5th Wheel: You can watch them come together and only need to get the left/right lined up. It will stop by itself when you get far enough back. Of course this is a minor issue. The ease of pulling and negligible sway when big trucks pass, is much nicer.
valhalla360 11/22/14 04:43am Fifth-Wheels
RE: securing a travel trailer

Solution: - Make sure your insurance is up to date and appropriate. - Set a chair out under the awning. - Pop a cold one or two and just relax. - Have the wife drive to the sites, since you shouldn't drink and drive. Unless you stay in really sketchy campgrounds, no one is going to drive away with your trailer. The vast majority of stolen trailers are in backyards or storage yards where they have plenty of time to case the situation and it will be a long time before anyone notices it's gone. If you want to feel like you've done something, close the latch and put a padlock thru it, so it's a hassle to get hooked up. I would avoid: removing tires, boots on the tires, or other exotic solutions as they are likely to hook up and try to drive away without checking. The end result is more damage. Not that I would ever bother but one great idea I heard of: Mount a large sign on the back. "If you can see this sign, this trailer has been stolen." Then mount a cover over the sign with a rope to strung under to the wheels. - When you take off, you disconnect and secure the rope, so the cover stays on. - When the thief takes off the rotating wheels pull the rope which pulls the cover off but not until they drive away.
valhalla360 11/21/14 06:20am Travel Trailers
RE: slide topper banging in high wind

Just to clarify, I believe the OP is talking about it unrolling while he is driving. - Ropes - Inflatable beds - etc. probably aren't a solution. Check the spring and depending on the model there may be a knob that sticks out that should catch on the side of the RV to stop it unrolling while driving.
valhalla360 11/20/14 05:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Safe electric heaters you can run all night

I would check my smoke detector occasionally, but I think most newer electric heaters are safe. Jerry We test ours daily around 5-6pm...then again for some reason it makes me hungry when I hear it go off. Oil filled are fine but the trade off is they are heavy and bulkier. As long as your wiring is in good shape and you place it carefully so it's not going to start something on fire, not a lot of risk with the ceramic heaters. I would look for one with tip over protection (regardless of style)
valhalla360 11/20/14 04:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Sailboats and Travel Trailers-a lot in common

Some marine parts are better (not all) but to buy them take the inflated RV prices and double them for "marine grade". If you are bored, stripping out the RV electical system may be fun but an RV isn't nearly as rough on systems as a boat. Plus a $20k RV corresponds to a $150k boat. It may make sense to dump $20k into retrofitting a $150k boat's systems...not so much a $20k RV. I agree with you that RV's in general are nearly not as rough on systems as a boat. The important point is that on the ocean you cannot call the Good Sam Tow Truck to pull you out of a problem. So systems must be reliable and hardy. I also agree that the outlay must make economic sense. I do disagree however that prices "double" for marine Equipment. Marine grade Equipment is often made to strict Coast Guard or international standards that do cost more to meet in many cases and thus the higher prices. But I have found the prices to be about the same or even less in some cases for many items that are compatible with RV's. And just for the record I didnt spend anywhere near $20k rewiring my boat....(this does not include the Radar, Radios, Weather Fax etc etc.) My point was do it yourself with high quality stuff and you will avoid a lot of small costly repairs because you will be able to fix it. And Calders book is good enough to walk even a novice through complicated repairs and installations.... My main objective was to offer good alternative sources that not everyone may have known or thought about. Of course you don't call Good Sam, you call Tow Boat US. It's really very similar. (if you claim offshore ocean crossings, you have to compare to something equivalent like driving the Pan-America Highway and tell us how well Good Sam works in the Bolivian highlands) Sure if you retrofit either yourself, you aren't spending $20k to rewire the boat but if you paid yourself a fair wage along with overhead, I would be surprised, if you didn't spend more than $20k if you do the job right. A $20k retrofit on a boat is a light duty refresh not a total overhaul. It just doesn't make sense to retrofit RV's unless you are doing it as a for fun project. I do agree with the calder book, I have that in with my electrical kit and for the most part it is applicable to either boat or RV. As far as marine grade items, they fall into a few categories: - Same quality same price. - Better quality but much higher price. Typically stainless steel stuff that is rather pointless on RV's. - Same quality higher price and this is probably biggest category. I can't think of anything that is the same or lower cost and better quality. We've been splitting time between our boat and the RV since '07 and it's far more common for us to use RV stuff on the boat than the other way around. The rare times, we have used a marine item on the RV it was because we already had it in the spare parts bin.
valhalla360 11/20/14 04:34am Travel Trailers
RE: Sailboats and Travel Trailers-a lot in common

Some marine parts are better (not all) but to buy them take the inflated RV prices and double them for "marine grade". If you are bored, stripping out the RV electical system may be fun but an RV isn't nearly as rough on systems as a boat. Plus a $20k RV corresponds to a $150k boat. It may make sense to dump $20k into retrofitting a $150k boat's systems...not so much a $20k RV.
valhalla360 11/18/14 01:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cruise Control Downshifting

My guess is the older MH had better power to weight ratio so it was set to hold in the higher gear on steeper hills. The new one presumably is lugging the engine on less steep hills, so it downshifts. There's a reason it wants to downshift. If it does it once in a great while, just let it. If it's doing it every few minutes, turn the cruise control off so you can bleed off a little speed rather than downshifting or manually drop down and run in a lower gear. I find if there are any significant hills, it's usually easier to manually run the throttle as I can feather it to bleed off some speed on the uphill and pick up speed on the downhill without a lot of downshifting. You don't give the age but does it have the tow/haul mode that a lot of the newer pickups have? They seem to do a better job.
valhalla360 11/18/14 09:10am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Traffic challenge

I'd have to dig it up but unless your state makes an exception to the uniform vehicle code, you are required to hold a steady speed when someone is merging in. As I've said in previous posts, if you can move to the left, that's fine and probably better (though not a requirment) BUT that wasn't available to the OP because there was a semi in that lane and while it's nice to say you would never get in that position, sooner or later it will happen. Also, if you are going to hang in the middle lane, make sure you are keeping up with the faster traffic. Yeah, you will burn some extra gas but if you run a 55 in the middle lane and they want to go 70 you are creating a new safety problem. You can dig if you want, but I do not know of any rule that "requires" you to maintain a speed in this case. The vehicle that is already on the freeway has the right of way over the vehicle trying to get onto the freeway, that much is true. But I defy any officer or anyone else to cite someone who slows down to allow a person to merge ahead of them. Stubbornly keeping a speed when it is all too obvious that someone will be hitting you can actually end up having you at least partially at fault for an accident for failing to take available evasive action. . As I said, states can override sections of the code but most follow it. Worst case senario if there is an accident and you were clearly not holding a steady speed, you can still be held accountable for intentionally blocking the merging vehicle at that point it won't matter.
valhalla360 11/18/14 05:42am Travel Trailers
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