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RE: Armed RV'ers

I don't think the value of our RV's is a big factor. They are kind of hard to fence. I know some do but no way it's above 75%. I don't object if people keep a gun on them but I also don't stay in places where I feel I need a gun to feel safe.
valhalla360 02/24/18 08:56am General RVing Issues
RE: Experiences with pepple responding your selling ad

If you are reasonably smart and use a little common sense, no problem with CL. Yeah, you may get a kook but don't count on any of the other advertisement sites being immune.
valhalla360 02/24/18 08:53am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Towing in the real world. gas or diesel

Reference to the class 8 was commercial trucks will use the engines that "work" best, or pull best, last longest, cost the least per mile. You do not see any gas OTR vehicles, gas lacks the pulling power and longevity. Want to efficiently tow weight, simple answer is diesel. Totally different use case. You have it backwards. Diesels in heavy duty trucks are built to last 500k to 1 million miles because that's that customers demand. It's entirely possible to design a gas engine with similar longevity. They justify the extra cost because they pull 50-100k miles per year on the truck and the fuel savings can cancel out the extra up front cost. If you are a typical RV'er putting 2-5k miles per year towing, you will never make up the difference.
valhalla360 02/24/18 03:32am Tow Vehicles
RE: In a bit of a predicament (Black Water tank full and frozen)

There is no need to add enzymes or probiotics to the toilet. Every time you make a deposit, you add some.
valhalla360 02/24/18 03:21am Tech Issues
RE: Towing in the real world. gas or diesel

Maybe the sound dampening is better than in 04 but it scared the %^&% out of me. It just seemed to struggle to do anything. I pull 5-6000 miles per year. I appreciate the comments and I know the pain of the fuel pump. Keep them up. You're pulling me back from the precipice. Is anyone happy with a gasser and a 12000# RV? If you are climbing a lot of grades, it will make some noise but assuming you are within weight ratings and the engine is in decent shape, it shouldn't cause any problems. We have a V10 with that size RV and it's fine but we are't in mountains a lot.
valhalla360 02/22/18 11:29am Tow Vehicles
RE: Going Full-Time RVing Question

The concept of being a loose cannon at first looks appealing., in reality it wears out . Fact is you will have to reserve ahead, good camps in desirable areas in fair weather locations are becoming fewer if you want reasonable rental rates. I could give you a dissertation , We have earned ours. A winter snowbird destination and around holidays, you need to do a little planning but nothing crazy. Otherwise, full timers have all the advantages. They can arrive midweek when the parks aren't full and stay thru the busy weekends. They can take advantage of cheaper week long (or even month long) stays. To the original question: Get out of your head that you have to live a certain way. If you aren't happy, change what you are doing...you can because you don't have a schedule or destination.
valhalla360 02/22/18 04:18am Full-time RVing
RE: Going Full-Time RVing Question

The largest expense is fuel. Not even close for us. This is where a lot of people struggle with the transition. They often come from vacation mindset where put on 3000miles in a weeks vacation. As a full timer, you don't have to do that.
valhalla360 02/22/18 04:15am Full-time RVing
RE: Towing in the real world. gas or diesel

Simple question, how many class 8 80,000 GVW gas trucks do you see? False comparison. His GCVWR is only around 1/4 of what a semi is. He's probably not putting on 100,000 miles per year. Ignoring the false reasoning, at 12k, you are looking at borderline diesel territory. If you will be in the Colorado mountains regularly the turbo on the diesel will really make a difference at altitude. PS: A question, what about the high RPM bothers you? - It's not likely to cause any damage. - Yeah, it will be burning a lot of fuel but so will the diesel in the same conditions.
valhalla360 02/22/18 04:11am Tow Vehicles
RE: Need Help With My 5th Wheel/Truck

Camper Dry Weight 8147 Truck shows 8500 from what I see. That poor little truck is way overloaded. 1/2 ton pickups come with a fairly large variety of weight ratings but the 2.7 engine suggests it's one of the lighter duty versions as the heavier duty ones move up to the 3.5 or a V8 (is ford still doing a V8?) I'm guessing the "wheely" was just the rear end bottoming out leaving the front end pointing up and it felt like a wheely. Actually wheely or not, you are talking about a dangerous situation. When considering tow vehicles, you need to look at a few factors and if any fail, you are over loaded: Tow rating: This is the maximum trailer that could theoretically be pulled. It's mostly about having enough horsepower and braking ability. Other considerations often overrule it GVWR: This is the total weight the truck is supporting. It includes the truck itself, people and cargo in the truck and the pin weight. CGVWR: This is the total weight of both truck and trailer and anything in them. RAWR: Rear Axle Weight Rating. This is the amount that can be supported by the rear axle. This includes the pin weight and any cargo that goes on the rear axle. (Front axle rarely is an issue with a 5th wheel but in principal, it should also be within ratings. The rear axle rating needs to consider the tires you have. If you put light duty tires on a heavy duty axle, you will be limited to the weight ratings of the tires. Fully loaded you are probably looking a 9500-10000lb trailer and 2000-2500lb pin weight. That pin weight is likely way over what your truck is rated to handle...even worse if you have cargo in the truck bed. You basically have two options: - Get a more suitable truck. Given the trailer, you are looking at probably moving up to a 3/4 ton at a minimum. - Get a smaller trailer. Before doing anything, go online and google tow ratings and read a few articles. It's not rocket science. Most of it is 3rd grade math. If your husband doesn't want to ask, do the research yourself.
valhalla360 02/21/18 06:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: In a bit of a predicament (Black Water tank full and frozen)

If it's 30F average, I doubt it's frozen solid. More likely solids clog. Are you going purely off the tank sensors? They are notoriously bad and often will continue to show full or partially full even with an empty tank.
valhalla360 02/21/18 05:53am Tech Issues
RE: Towing with a van conversion

My Dad did that. As long as you are within weight ratings, it will do good. With just a bass boat, odds are you will easily be within weight ratings.
valhalla360 02/21/18 05:50am Tow Vehicles
RE: This Solar-Powered RV Runs Without Fuel Or Charging Stations

electric motor 107hp = 79,822w = 79.82KW peak power to get it moving or accelerate how much power is needed to keep it moving ? not full power I made some rough assumptions about dimensions and weight and plugged it into a HP calculator. It will take pretty much everything to make 65mp. Even if my assumptions are off a bit, it's still going to be running at 80-90% of max output to maintain freeway speeds. With EV, you have a ton of low end torque, so they usually set the HP based on what is needed to maintain speed unlike with an ICE where the engine is selected primarily on acceleration. and i doubt the A/C will be needed in much of Europe Germany France, Belgum, Austria, Britain, Spain Have you been to Spain or the South of France? We had a boat south of Barcelona for a couple of years and in the summer it could be killer hot. Also, with an all black exterior soaking up the sun, I'm betting it will get uncomfortably warm in many of those northern European locations. yes this is a Concept vehicle, but within possibility for use over there where the camping style is much different, and more like camping 'used to be' here, but no longer is here more time time outside, on average much shorter travel distances not for touring the USA, but to go 40KM from home to the lake for weekend outing, or a week long holiday Have you been over there camping? We have and 24 miles is really underestimating the local conditions. For some of the major cities, just getting to the other side of the city can eat up that many miles. If someone just wants to go out to the same lake every weekend, they will typically get a caravan and a seasonal site. People buying motorhomes are typically covering decent miles on their trips. On the positive side, with the small diesels, we've averaged 30-33MPG with the rental units we've had, so fuel cost even with the crazy per gallon prices isn't a big consideration. Think about it, if your 24miles is right, you are only going to use around 1.5gal per weekend. Assuming 20 weekends per year, that's only 30gal per year...really not worth the trouble.
valhalla360 02/20/18 05:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Best GPS?

If you are in a deadzone for cell service, good chance you are in a dead zone for traffic. We have a nuvi and yes, it does lose traffic info in remote areas fairly regularly. Garmin’s traffic info comes from FM radio signals, not cell phone signals. My Rand/McNally does require cell network connectivity) Yes, there are huge areas of the country not covered by the FM networks. Personally I find Garmin’s traffic info in metropolitan areas often superior to Google Maps. Of course, where you really need the traffic conditions is typically in urban areas where you have both cell and FM coverage. Also, the NUVI frequently has no traffic data off the freeways while google maps covers just about every road. Have to disagree on the quality. We usually pull out the phone when the NUVI says there is delay ahead to see exactly what is happening and it is usually more accurate.
valhalla360 02/20/18 05:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: Do you budget for vacation?

We budget for everything. Too many consider it a negative when it actually allows us to do more because we us the money more effectively. We know far too many people come back from vacation with horror stories of how they spent thousands more than expected because they didn't budget. Allowed us to semi-retire at 37 and at 48 we are looking at full retirement in 3-4yrs.
valhalla360 02/20/18 05:27pm General RVing Issues
RE: This Solar-Powered RV Runs Without Fuel Or Charging Stations

So what's the output of the panels on the bottom side of the overhang. How often does the sun shine from below? To those saying we are getting there...no we really aren't. This unit is unlikely to generate anything close to 3kw as all the panels won't be producing at the same time (they will be lucky to get 50% of the rated output) but let's pretend it really can.... Typically you assume about 4hr at the rated output per day so about 12kw- h per day. That means the 91kwh or about 8 days to recharge with solar. That assumes you don't try to run anything else that consumes battery power. This of course assumes you don't park in a shady spot...oh black panels heat up nicely in the sun so you are going to be eating up around 1500w for at least 8hr per day to run the air/con to keep it tolerably cool inside...oops, you just ate up the 12kw-h the panels generate. There is no indication anyone gave this idea any thought. They just said plaster it with solar panels and claim it's eco-friendly.
valhalla360 02/19/18 07:49am General RVing Issues
RE: Best GPS?

Dedicated GPSs (with traffic) do have realtime data, via sideband signals sent over the FM broadcast band--or at least that's where mine gets traffic data from. It's only available in urban areas, so presumably cell service would be reliably available there as well. If you are in a deadzone for cell service, good chance you are in a dead zone for traffic. We have a nuvi and yes, it does lose traffic info in remote areas fairly regularly.
valhalla360 02/19/18 05:40am General RVing Issues
RE: Delamination: deal breaker?

How big of an area and are there signs of related issues? Walk around an RV park and you will be hard pressed to find many 5yr old RV's that don't have at least one small bubble. So it's something to be careful of but not necessarily a deal breaker. If you aren't comfortable checking it out yourself, hire someone to do it and price up what it would be to have it repaired.
valhalla360 02/19/18 05:38am General RVing Issues
RE: Diesel engines why not more available in smaller vehicles ?

It's almost exclusively about emissions requirements. Europe has much more lenient rules regarding diesel emissions, so with the 40-60mpg you can get in real life they are very popular. In the US the emissions requirements are crazy. It's not unusual for a 20yr old 1 ton to get better MPG than a modern diesel pickup. The new diesels are night and day different from those of 30yrs ago. Quiet and good acceleration. Of course, gas engines will hold their own in terms of long term reliability.
valhalla360 02/19/18 05:35am Tow Vehicles
RE: Do I 'need' a WB 160"-175" for a 30'TT?

What is this "wheel base calculator" that you speak of? Yeah, longer wheel base is good for towing but not a deal breaker for what you describe.
valhalla360 02/19/18 05:28am Tow Vehicles
RE: Best GPS?

Two things to consider on smartphone/iPhone apps. 1. If you lost cell phone signal you do not have real time data. 2. When using map apps, unless you have a unlimited data plan, you are being charged for data usage. I have been told you can download the route, but I prefer a Garmin 760LMT 1) You don't have real time data with a dedicated GPS either in that case...or when you are in cell range. 2) If you are worried about data, you can download the area ahead of time and it uses negligible data.
valhalla360 02/15/18 10:20am General RVing Issues
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