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RE: Calgary-Oregon-Cal.-Vegas-G.C.-Home in 3 weeks??

8000km in 21 days = 380km/day travelled. There are long haul truckers who put in fewer hours than that. Assuming a lunch/fuel stop and some time to set up and tear down, you are looking at upwards of 6hrs every day every day spent on moving the RV. The alternative would be putting a few 12-16hr days in to free up a little time but overall, I think you have way too much on the schedule.
valhalla360 01/30/15 04:55am Roads and Routes
RE: Stupid Pet Policies

Here's the rule that caught my eye: "Pets are not allowed outside the campground". So what jurisdiction does the campground have over what takes place off of their property? And more importantly, once you get into the campground with your pet, how do you leave with him/her? (tongue-in-cheek emoticon here)x2 I may be mistaken but I believe this is a city park and the park extends beyond the campground. You can have pets in the campground but not the larger park. To the main question, it's far easier to say no unattended pets than to say no barking pets: - If the pet sleeps quietly, they can pretend they didn't know you left your pet (reality is they probably aren't checking if he hangs out quietly in the RV). - If your pet does bark while you are gone, they don't have a situation where you return and the dog is now quiet, so they claim you are wrong about the barking. If the dog was there while you were gone, it's clear cut and you can be asked to leave.
valhalla360 01/30/15 04:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Bumper ball

What were you shopping for? If you went in with a 1/2ton or bigger truck shopping for popup campers, it's probably partially true in the sense that with a reciever hitch you are unlikely to be anywhere close to the limits regardless of the which popup you are looking at. Once you get into full hard sided TT's, it's absolutely false.
valhalla360 01/29/15 08:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: How rough a road will you drive down for a place to camp

A lot depends on the rig: - Big 5th wheels and class A motorhomes are less likely to be taken off road. - Smaller travel trailers and Class C motorhomes are a better. - Truck campers are best suited short of getting into specialized off road RV's. - All require slower speeds and proper stowing of cargo to avoid a mess. As long as it's a short distance a dirt road doesn't both us, just go slow. If it's a 2 track or very uneven, it can quickly become a problem with the overhang hitting the truck bed.
valhalla360 01/29/15 04:11am General RVing Issues
RE: Has anyone heard of coating undercarriage?

Is it just looks or structural? If it's just a light coating of surface rust, don't worry about it or if it bothers you clean it up apply some rust converter and slap a coat of paint on it. If there are holes eaten thru or deep pitting walk away now. Undercoating won't fix it and it's probably not worth repairing.
valhalla360 01/29/15 04:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Direct TV - Pro's/Con's RV Mobile vs Home 'second room'

We kept our household unit. We just tell them a new address and they move the local feeds (make sure not to change the billing address). Of course if someone were staying at the house, they wouldn't get the local channels. I presume if you are getting the household plan, you need cable for your house anyway and it would take on this role. In that case it is far cheaper to pay $5 for an extra receiver. The day we can get reliable unlimited data plan just fast enough to stream, the cable and satilite will be cut.
valhalla360 01/29/15 04:00am Technology Corner
RE: Does an extra 6 inches matter?

Yes, it makes a difference but not enough to make fuel consumption a serious consideration. In fact, you would probably be hard pressed to accurately measure the difference. Where you will notice it is inside in the living space. On the surface it looks like you are adding 6.25% to the width and that doesn't seem substantial but reality is once you account for wall thickness and cabinets and other protrusions into the space, the actual open space will increase by more like 10-15% and that's what you really assess in terms of living space.
valhalla360 01/29/15 03:54am Travel Trailers
RE: All these questions on routing???

online mapping only gives 2 options: shortest and fastest. Many of us want scenic but not on bad roads, so we ask people on this forum what route they would take. We like US highways but prefer to hear from people who have traveled them. Steep grades, windy 2 lane roads, bumpy roads, construction and things to see along the way help us make the choice of routes. For example I might know from online mapping that there is construction but first hand experience of driving through it is valuable. Depends on the paticular program but there are many more options than just shortest or fastest: - Avoid toll roads - Avoid freeways (usually translates to the scenic route) - Some offer alternate routes options where you can tab thru the next shortest or fastest. - Some will accomodate intermediate way points which you can use to direct the routing if it is putting you thru somewhere undesirable. - Some will only route you on truck routes or look for low overhead clearance. - Most account for construction and even localized congestion. Even on the fly.
valhalla360 01/26/15 06:57am Roads and Routes
RE: Leaving seat while driving

One thing that should be done if somebody is going to be walking around the MH. you should have a "SAFE WORD", no, not that kind of a safe word, but something like screaming "FLOOR" if the passenger should immediately take a dive to the floor . bumpy So do you wait a few seconds while you yell out the safe word before hitting the brakes? Perception reaction time is typically assumed to be 1 sec but that is for a simple action of hitting the brakes. Forming a coherent thought and stating a safe word would likely add at least a couple seconds to that. The idea that you will call out a safe word before slaming on the brakes or swerving is just silly.
valhalla360 01/26/15 06:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: All these questions on routing???

The people who use it as a search for directions confuse me. For easier to use a mapping site. Others ask about campsites and places to see and that makes sense as you are asking a group of similar minded people. The use of GPS is another matter. I've taken to using it even when commuting to the work. While I know perfectly well how to get to the office along with alternate routes, the GPS will tell me if there is a crash or backup on my usual route and suggest alternatives. Having driven a few times in Europe, the GPS is even more important as once you leave the freeways, the roads seem to follow ancient wagon tracks that meander with little rhyme or reason. In the USA, even most secondary arterials follow predictable patterns (yeah there are exceptions).
valhalla360 01/24/15 07:28am Roads and Routes
RE: Leaving seat while driving

People do it all the time. In a crash with a semi, you will lose. In a crash with a passenger car, odds are you win. Google "top gear motor home race" to see how they hold up in a crash.
valhalla360 01/24/15 07:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 5th wheel weights vs tongue.

1680lb payload: - 200lb hitch - 200lb cargo in the truck (I'm being generous as I've yet to see a 5th wheel pull in with the truck completely empty. That leaves around 1280lbs for pin weight. Assuming 20%, that allows for around a 6000lb 5th wheel...except.... That's the fully loaded weight, remove 1000-1500lbs and you are down to around a 4500-5000lb 5th wheel if you look at the dry weight. (run the numbers as some 5th wheels are closer to 25% pin weight reducing the available size substantially. Also, you will be very limited on other things you can carry in the truck.) There are some very small 5th wheels (mostly older used models) but your selection will be limited.
valhalla360 01/24/15 07:19am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 1500 Towable Fifth Wheel

If you want to go by the book, you can't increase the 1625lb payload. If you try anyway, make sure to look at everything (tires, rims, axles, springs, etc...) Air bags will level the load but everything else is still over capacity) After subtracing a couple hundred lbs for the hitch and probably another few hundred for misc cargo in the truck, you are probably looking at less than 1000lbs capacity available to handle the pin weight. That would be a tiny 5th wheel. Figure around 20-25% of the 5th wheel as pin weight for a starting figure. You also have to be careful with toy haulers if you tow without the 1600lbs of motorcycle in the back as a counter weight, you might be adding 800-1000lbs to the pin weight.
valhalla360 01/23/15 02:44pm Toy Haulers
RE: Inverter generators (power in the paddock)

2 units are a mixed blessing, easier to move but more effort to maintain. Since you already have one I would lean towards a second matching unit. We have a single yamaha 2400 that we use. If you didn't have the honda already, I would suggest something in the 2400-3000watt range depending on your ability to lift and move the unit.
valhalla360 01/23/15 02:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tankless Hot Water System

Electric or propane? - Electric needs a lot of juice or if lower wattage you have the choice of low flow or hot water. - Propane can put out lots of hot water but venting safely can be tricky (is it aftermarket or original equipement?)
valhalla360 01/23/15 02:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: 50% less from what you paid

I never bought an RV as an investment,I buy for the freedom of going when i want, where i want, no bed bugs, we buy when we find a coach that fulfills our needs.and then we keep it . I just found our 2nd MH,it took me about a year of looking,It will be our last.When we get ready to Stop The RV life Im not going to care what Its worth.I never buy from a Dealer. No it's not an investement but if you understand how much you lose to buy that "new car smell", you can save a ton of money.
valhalla360 01/23/15 02:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 50% less from what you paid

10-20% lost when you drove off the lot (he can't sell it as new anymore) 10-20% lost when you sell to a dealer (there has to be room in the deal to make some profit) 20-40% lost due to 4yrs of wear & tear and overall age. 50% off from the dealer is probably doing well. Eventually the price levels out (maybe 10-15yrs old) when value is a function of it's underlying capability as opposed to marketability.
valhalla360 01/23/15 09:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Made for your half ton truck ;-)

From what I've read about the 2015 F-150, it really is a "F-100", which is what Ford might have made a few years back, a pickup 90% the size of a F-150, mainly aimed at keeping the company within CAFE standards. What people don't realize is that the EPA and CAFE standards force auto makers to have to go with lighter weight vehicles to save weight and boost average MPG scores... for most vehicles, it isn't an issue... The F-150 is still a decent truck... but it is intended to be a grocery-getter with occasional forays off-road, or be used with a boat or camper in tow. Ford had to make a lot of compromises with it so it would still be a usable truck... but keep the EPA off their back. Disclaimer: I bought a F-150, and even though it is an excellent everyday commute vehicle... I do regret the fact that it can't be used in any real way for anything other than a pull-behind. While CAFE standards are driving a lot of the changes, this is the first I've heard that it is a 90% 1/2 ton. My understanding was similarly equiped, it actually had better cargo capaicity because less of the suspension capabilities are used to hold up the empty truck.
valhalla360 01/23/15 08:53am Truck Campers
RE: Do you leave your diesel running ...?

Big Wheels a Rollin Movin' On... Big rig wannabe. All six of my diesels EGT were cooled to safe shut off temps by the time I coasted down the off ramps and eased into a station or positioned our trailer in it's camp site or parked at the house. If I had just pulled up a 6% grade and pulled into a scenic overlook, I would let the engine idle a couple of minutes gas or diesel. Other that that type of scenario, it's just chest puffing. Bingo. By the time you ease down the off ramp and pull into an adjacent gas station, it's likely had the 3-5min of cool down.
valhalla360 01/21/15 05:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Made for your half ton truck ;-)

What's expected of Joe Everyman, and what Joe Everyman expects, are two completely different things. Joe Everyman goes into this expecting to put his truck to work doing something useful, not to be told that he has to take a huge hit on the value of his current truck by trading it in on something more capable. Joe Everyman does not know what questions to ask, and does not even realize that weight is a factor. It doesn't help that the salesman calmly reassures Joe that his truck can haul anything. Being stupid has always been expensive. If joe everyman doesn't bother to understand how things work, that's stupid and likely will be an expensive lesson.
valhalla360 01/21/15 05:56am Truck Campers
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