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RE: Transmission struggling

We had a sensor go out on our last truck (ford) and it did something similar. I forget the part but it sensed engine and transmission RPM and adjusted to make the shift smoother. Changed out the sensor and all was good.
valhalla360 07/26/15 10:06am Tow Vehicles
RE: Use of time share agent toCamp site sell

Suggest starting with an offer of $500 to anyone who will take it off your hands. (and I would want a lot more before I would touch it.) Man, what on earth does a comment like this hope to accomplish? Are we trying out for a part in a new grumpy old men movie? OP, I think I'd start with an ad on Craigslist. They have a section for rvs and camping. Or perhaps contact the membership club to see if they buy back memberships. We know a couple who were able to "give up" a timeshare that way. They got no money but didn't have to pay any more annual fees. Good luck. Sorry but it's reality. Most of these can't be given away and until you get it out of your name, you are paying the annual fees. If you ask my advice (and that's what this forum is about), do what you can to dump it as quickly as possible and save yourself annual fees.
valhalla360 07/26/15 10:03am General RVing Issues
RE: 5th wheel hitch

If your pin wieght isn't over the hitch rating, it's fine. Most 5th wheels are 20-25% of the total weight for the hitch weight, so it's probably fine but better to verify. If it wasn't good for 16000/4000, they wouldn't have rated it for that. (of course, that is with fully loaded weights)
valhalla360 07/24/15 01:38pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Use of time share agent toCamp site sell

Suggest starting with an offer of $500 to anyone who will take it off your hands. (and I would want a lot more before I would touch it.)
valhalla360 07/24/15 01:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Your Thoughts on Camping with a smaller Travel Trailer

We have the rig shown below but we spend weeks or months at a time. If we were buying and only planning on weekend trips with an occasional weeks trip, we would look at something in the 16-24' range. Smaller, simpler and cheaper. Plus we wouldn't need the big truck. Once you have committed to buying the bigger trailer and all that goes with it, it's not much harder to handle.
valhalla360 07/23/15 11:14am General RVing Issues
RE: When will gas stations start truly accommodating trailers?

For smaller stations, RVs make up less than 1% of buisness. Therefore you get less than 1% of consideration in the design. There is a reason they won't pester people about parking and going in. The real money is made in the convienence store where profit margins are huge. The people parking at the pump and going in result in more profit. It is a buisness and buisness is about profit first and foremost. Two simple things will address your issues 95% of the time: - Plan ahead. Truck stops and rural gas stations often have much more room. Plan your stops ahead of time and check them out with google earth. - Unless you are doing 500mile days, just fill up before you hook up. Without the trailer, I can get into the tightest gas stations.
valhalla360 07/23/15 11:09am Travel Trailers
RE: Given choice gas or diesel powered fill time coach

You will hear it's less expensive to go with a 5er and a PU (been there, done that) but for what a new diesel PU and a quality 5er cost... $120K+ you can find a nice high end 10- year old DP that has taken the depreciation hit and still has many years and miles left in it for less. The cost difference gas/diesel is not enough to worry about. One oil change every 15K miles instead of 4-5 for a gasser. There may be a $100 difference the price of tires for a a DP and big gasser... every 7-9 years. $120k and you are getting a brand new truck and 5th wheel. If you go with a comparable 10yr old combo, you are probably in the $30-40k range compared to your $120k DP. Most gas engines get 7-10k miles between oil changes, so while not big, the diesel will cost you more. It's really the up front cost of the diesel engine that gets you. The rest of your discussion that I cut out was confusing the difference between lower end vs higher end rigs and had little to do with diesel vs gas other than the higher end rigs come with diesel standard. Of course, it you compare a low end gas rig vs a high end diesel it will look better but when you compare rigs that have the engine choice, diesel is nice but in no way critical.
valhalla360 07/22/15 02:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Given choice gas or diesel powered fill time coach

All else the same, it's a toss up (or an ego boost). The modern gas engine will likely be running strong when the rest of the rig is trash with just normal maintenance. Likewise, if you don't do maintenance and abuse the diesel, it might not last 5yrs. Unless you are running the carney circuit (40-50k miles per year), the fuel economy will likely never cover the higher up front cost of a diesel. All else not the same and it's more about your needs and you get the engine that comes with it. Ie: If you want one of the big high end pushers, they only come in diesel.
valhalla360 07/22/15 12:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How much $$

With what sounds like your worries are, you might check in on Dave Ramsey,s web site, Financial Peace University. He has some pretty good ideas on budgets and tracking money. It might help you get a better grasp of possibilities. Good luck and I really hope it all works out for you. x2 If you follow his plan, you will have the actual answers,not our guesses based on no information.
valhalla360 07/22/15 12:14pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Newbie shopping for first tow behind.

Good luck but check the pin wieght (assume maximum load not the empty wieght that's on the sticker). I'll bet you are right at the limit if not beyond.
valhalla360 07/22/15 12:12pm Beginning RVing
RE: Newbie shopping for first tow behind.

Reality is condition means more than brand. You can find good rigs in the sub $10k range but it takes more looking. Since you are new, I would suggest any offer be contingent upon an inspection. Pay an RV tech a couple hundred to go over the rig looking for problems. What are you towing with? Particularly for 5th wheels, pin weight will be a controlling factor and may limit the trailer you can buy. You definetly want at least one slide out. They make a world of difference in the liveable space. No slides will also limit resale options. I wouldn't count on new being any less trouble and if it's warranty work, they do it when they feel like it...even if that means the rig isn't ready when you are going on vacation. How many of you will there be traveling? 30' is fairly large (but not unreasonable) for a first time buyer.
valhalla360 07/21/15 07:37am Beginning RVing
RE: How much $$

With no idea how much you make or what you have in savings...can't really say. What does the budget work out to when you plug in all the numbers...you do have a written budget...right.... What is your RV and what condition is it in? What is your DIY abilities? Can you really count on a job 6 months out of the year? Your skills won't go stale will they? If it involves manual labor, what happens if you lose the physical ability to do the work? Why too many unknowns to say if you can do it. We spend about $2500/month and could take that down to $2000/month without really crimping our style much but we are debt free with no house (though we do have a boat we split time on...actually two until we get the old one sold. But that is probably significantly less than what a house would cost on an annual basis.)
valhalla360 07/21/15 06:33am RV Lifestyle
RE: Working in winter location

We survived sub-zero temps for many weeks over the last Winter. Having a Bus Conversion with diesel heat made this a non-issue except for the $700 worth of fuel required to keep the diesel heat running all day for nearly 3 months. Would I ever try this in a propane coach? Not a chance. I nearly froze to death in my 1st RV (propane) when the temps dropped into the teens. Not sure why diesel or propane would matter. We've had ours down to -5F for a few days and the propane furnce did just fine. As mentioned, it will be expensive but very doable. At that point it's about how many btu's your furnace puts out not the fuel source. We were going thru a 30# tank per day.
valhalla360 07/21/15 06:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fifth wheel sink problem

Assuming you didn't get the water from your black tank, overflowing the roof vent is pretty harmless. Most people would just use a garden hose hooked up to a faucet. If it backs up, it tells you what is wrong. If it doesn't after 2-3 minutes, you know it is something else.
valhalla360 07/20/15 01:44pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Warranty work while on vacation.

This is the flaw with assuming a warrantee guarantees anything. They have your money and will fix it when they get around to it.
valhalla360 07/20/15 01:41pm Travel Trailers
RE: Working in winter location

25F shouldn't be an issue as long as you have the furnace on and it's just dipping to 25F at night. There will typically be enough residual heat off the unit to keep the water pipes unfrozen. It's when you get down into the teens and contionus 24/7 freezing that you need to take precautions. In this case, do use the propane furnace. The duct work usually goes thru the underbelly where the water tank is and a little heat will bleed off to keep the tank above freezing. Single digits and colder is when you really need to take steps.
valhalla360 07/20/15 01:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Installing New Kitchen sink faucet

Pretty much the same as a household faucet. Just did one in my brother-in-laws this weekend. Didn't even buy an RV faucet.
valhalla360 07/20/15 08:40am Folding Trailers
RE: Young FW full timer needs a new rig 4 months out

Not sure where fort lewis is but even the supposed 4 season rigs are pretty limiting if you are in snow country and 2 people and large dogs are going to be cramped living. As far as purchasing...spilled milk situaiton...the loss is already there, you just prove it when you sell. If you think you can fix the worst of it with some remodeling, you might consider it but do a professional job without anything too strange (ie: built in dog kennels or other oddities) or you will knock that much more off the resale if it doesn't work out. A big quesiton in how you proceed is did you make the mistake of financing? If no, I would sell and buy something more suitable for a lot less money. If you financed, that may not be an option unless you have some sizable cash reserves to pay off the bank.
valhalla360 07/20/15 08:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fiberglass vs Metal

Assuming you aren't in hail country, the main advanatage of fiberglass is looks...but only if you keep up on it. If you don't keep up on waxing, fiberglass starts looking chaulky and old in just a few years. Aluminum is more resiliant if you don't wax regularly. The problem for aluminium is a brand new trailer looks dated as most new ones are fiberglass and it's harder to tell the true age from wear and tear on the surface.
valhalla360 07/17/15 07:08am Travel Trailers
RE: Dog breed descrimination - showing up late un-announced

I had GS as a kid. Well trained, they are great pets and well behaved. The problem is the parks have no clue if your's is well behaved or a monster. From a liability perspective, a frenzied chihuahua is unlikely to do serious damage. A quick nip from a GS or a rottwieler can do seriuos damage. Based on the claims, insurance companies know the big payouts come from these breeds and react accordingly. If it's a service animal, you should be stating up front that it is a medically neccessary service animal. Don't make the staff puzzle out what is going on and then get mad at them when you failed to make the situation clear up front. As far as just showing up late and hoping they overlook it, that's rude. Most likely it's a low level employee manning the desk late in the evening and you are putting them into a difficult situation. They want to help someone in a difficult situation but it's against the rules. When the owner finds out, your risk is limited to being asked to leave, they may lose thier job. Have multiple backups planned or stay at a rest area or walmart if you can't find a park that accepts your dog.
valhalla360 07/17/15 07:01am RV Pet Stop
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