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RE: National Eagle Cap dealer list? Don't ask manufactuer :/

Far as protected territory goes, I don't believe dealers of any hard goods, cars, trucks or RV's honor that. A sale is a sale after all. There is a difference between: - Will a dealer sell to someone from outside the area if they walk in the door - The parent company purposely routing customers from one area to someone in another area. The first is typically not a problem. A dealer won't turn you away. The second is a good way for the parent company to get a lawsuit from the affected dealer and is likely why they won't officially send a list of dealerships.
valhalla360 09/21/17 09:07am Truck Campers
RE: Toll By Plate - A Unique Challenge for RVers!

I don't know how you figure benefits raise an annual salary of 30K to 90K, on average it is just 50 percent of base salary or in your example 15K additional and you forgot to mention the payback time for the equipment and added costs of mailing the bill and the second third and forth reminders to pay. From my experience it's a shell game of hide the costs that the vendors/contractors use to get municipalities to sign a contract with them to run the system. Greater savings comes in the far distant future when all the current workers have retired and there is no more liability for paying retirements. Because I deal with fully burdened pay rates and around a 3.0 multiplier is pretty common. Particularly for a govt job with full benefits and management structure to support. Even if we assume $45k/yr, it's still pays for itself in 6-9months and then it's gravy from there on.
valhalla360 09/21/17 08:43am General RVing Issues
RE: Toll By Plate - A Unique Challenge for RVers!

Exactly my point. It was created as a way to provide income for itself. At least it used to be. Then it grew and people started taking money from it. Now they are just running away with toll increases and there is never enough money for a project! Hmmm! Get rid of them and things will still run as they are without taking anymore $$$$ from he public that aren't necessary. The original toll roads were pure profit making private ventures. Only newer public toll roads try (and usually fail) to make enough money to pay for the road. Get rid of the tolls and the money to keep them up still has to come from somewhere.
valhalla360 09/21/17 08:40am General RVing Issues
RE: An electric bus that drove 1,100 miles between charges...

That distance record is impressive. However they drove 15 mph to do it. Yeah, reality is a city bus runs full throttle/full brake/repeat all day long. If they get a 1/3 of the reported range in real world use I would be surprised. Someone suggested 2000 recharge cycles is what lithium battery packs are good for (not sure I buy that but let's go with it): - In a passenger car with 150mile range and 30 mile round trip commute, that's 27yrs of full charge cycles. - In a city bus, they will likely be doing a full cycle daily. That's 5.5yrs before they have to buy another battery pack, so they are paying $200k extra up front and have to expect at least 1 and possibly as many as 3 battery pack purchases. Keep in mind, if they dump an old diesel bus, it has resale value if it's still running. If you dump a 15-20yr old electric bus with a dead battery pack, it's likely going to be worth the scrap metal value as $75-100k for a battery pack isn't going to cut it.
valhalla360 09/21/17 08:37am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Where do RV's go to die?

Hunter special is a common end game but probably not the majority. I suspect a lot just wind up in back yards/farmers fields rotting away until the house get's torn apart and goes to the land fill. The frame and running gear would likely be taken by a scrap yard. I do wonder if scrap yards favor aluminum sided over fiberglass. Scrap fiberglass siding has no value. The aluminum is quite valuable. Depending on the damage, there probably is a market for a lot of the hurricane RV's appliances. If the flooding went say 4-5' deep, the floor is probably trashed but air/con is probably fine and the stove and fridge might be fine depending on how high and for how long the the flooding went. Furnace & hot water heater being down low likely won't fare as well.
valhalla360 09/21/17 08:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Rubber vs Solid Roof

I would take fiberglass in a heartbeat. Since it's on the roof, you don't need a pretty repair, so some epoxy and fiberglass cloth and its' easy to repair if you do get a puncture or crack.\ Yes, the joints around fixtures still need to be kept sealed.
valhalla360 09/21/17 08:17am Travel Trailers
RE: Camping World Circular

Take it in, tell them what happened and ask if they will honor the coupon since they failed to get it to you in a timely manner. I'll give 50-50 odds, they do. hold your breath for that to happen. I'm not going to hold my breath but I've had similar situations where a manager make it right. Not 100% of the time but often.
valhalla360 09/20/17 07:10am Camping World Accessories
RE: Toll By Plate - A Unique Challenge for RVers!

Most till systems are self supporting. Meaning all the tolls go into the toll system. Get rid of the toll system and you don't need money to pay the toll system. We are already paying for the roads through gas, license and other taxes. So there really is no reason for a toll system except to make money. Ide still like to know where all the interest goes from money put into an ipass account? They deduct $20 from my CC when it gets low. But that $20 sits here for a month or 2 before I touch it. Multiply that by a couple million and what do you get in interest? Yeah, not even close. Toll collection systems are a small percentage of what is collected. Even so, they typically don't collect enough to fully pay for the road itself. Unfortunately, gas taxes (primary source for road funding) are often not enough particularly with the cost of urban road projects being crazy expensive...but that leads down a rabbit hole of if the money is being spent wisely so suffice it to say the toll collection system is not where most of the toll money is going.
valhalla360 09/20/17 07:08am General RVing Issues
RE: Toll By Plate - A Unique Challenge for RVers!

So, say you are from another state, you go through one of those toll sections, and they send you a bill 3 months later. What happens if you do not pay? I've never encountered one of these toll sections, and I'm avoiding I-65 through Louisville, KY like a passion! But, what happens if you simply do not pay the bill that comes in the mail? A couple of potential issues: - If you drive thru that state again, they can pull you over for the unpaid bill. Not likely for a single time offense but possible. - They can put it on your credit report. So, if you never go back to that state and you don't take out any loans, the answer is not much.
valhalla360 09/20/17 07:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Am I overweight ?

This type of post is where I really wish they had a form you can fill out to help with these posts where you fill in weight data and it feeds into the post. I believe he is way overweight but so many unclear numbers and acronyms, I can't say for sure. If the 3950 is the RAWR (Rear Axle Weight Rating) and the measured load on the rear axle is 4800, yes, you are over on that rating by a large amount. If the trailer axles are 6600 each (13200 total) and 10000 GVNR(???) is really the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating), your trailer is way overweight by itself. Good chance your truck GVWR is over and the CGVWR (Combined Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: it total of both truck and trailer) are way over. There may be other things that are over also but hard to say with sketch info. If you have a 12,000lb toy hauler, yeah, you are probably looking a a minimum of 3/4 ton but only if the detailed numbers work out. A SRW (Single Rear Wheel) 1 ton, will probably work. Another consideration with a toy hauler is will you ever pull it with no toys? The toys in the back reduce the hitch weight. So if you have 12-15% of the trailer on the hitch, if you take the toys out, even though the total weight of the trailer goes down, the hitch weight is likely to go up.
valhalla360 09/20/17 06:56am Beginning RVing
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Ok not 80,000 pounds but E2 has a 350 mile bus along with a long range version that went 1100 miles (ideal conditions). Not that much extra compared to diesel according to the article. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/tesla-buses-just-set-range Semi can't be far behind.... Just saw that article. I notice they don't give you the test regimen. Massive difference between an empty bus doing a steady 25mph on a test track and a fully loaded bus driven by a driver who is full on throttle or full on brake stopping every 1/8th mile. Of course, a truck is even more different as the loads are heavier and the speeds and hence drag is even higher. At freeway speeds, drag is what uses most of the power in vehicles.
valhalla360 09/20/17 06:56am Tow Vehicles
RE: National Eagle Cap dealer list? Don't ask manufactuer :/

I just checked their site / dealer list. Put my zip code in and got dealers near Buffalo, NY. put Petaluma, CA and got calif. dealers. Where is the problem? The problem is I want to dealer competition shop across the nation. You do understand, that dealers agree to represent their product in an area in return for exclusive rights to that area. If the parent company routes you to other out of area dealers, they would likely be violating the contract they have with the dealers. As you have found, it's not that hard to work around the issue but I wouldn't want to deal with a company that signs contracts and then goes back on their word. If they do it to dealers, you can bet they will do it to customers.
valhalla360 09/20/17 06:31am Truck Campers
RE: Solar Question :::

First issue: What do you use per day and how many days do you go between being hooked up to shore power? If you have a 90a-h battery, that gives you about 45a-h usable assuming 100% charge on a good battery to start. If you use 20a-h per day, that gives you a little over 2 days. A second battery of the same size will give you a total of 90a-h of usable power or about 4.5 day but at the end of 4.5 days, you need a way to supply 90a-h. (ideally batteries should be replaced as a unit but if the current one is in good shape, you can probably get away with it) If your trips are normally 3-4 days and you can plug in when you get home, it's completely viable given the numbers above but you need to get your own numbers. If you are actually using 40a-h per day on 4 day trips with minimal solar input, you will need another way to charge. If it's only rarely, consider just up-sizing the truck charging wires and running the truck motor. Not a good option if you need to run the truck 50days/year but if it's 2-3 times per year for a couple hours, it's not going to do any great harm and the extra fuel used is insignificant. Really best to approach off grid energy systematically: - How much do I use? - How much generation do I need? - If not practical to 100% generate every day, how many days between generation do I expect the battery to carry over? From there the calculations are fairly simple but it can be iterative if the expectations are not realistic.
valhalla360 09/20/17 06:26am Tech Issues
RE: Replacing couch with recliners

We just did it with a dual recliner. Hide-a-bed couches are pretty heavy so good chance, you aren't adding any weight. Only tricky part was the recliners need a litle space away from the wall (even the zero clearance ones).
valhalla360 09/20/17 06:14am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Poor response to the 'engineers will solve all the problems'( of range cost etc) that batteries have . No engineer can expect to work outside the possible ,some on here seem to think given enough time they can make magic happen. I just wish the rest of us would have to pay for their rides . Subsidies are giving the dreamers false hope ,and I wonder if any electrics would exist if the full cost had to be charged. Sorry misunderstood your original comment. Yes, lots of dreamers but that has nothing to do with engineers or physicists.
valhalla360 09/19/17 06:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Toll By Plate - A Unique Challenge for RVers!

It's really a no brainer. If a toll taker makes $30k per year, reality with overhead is more like $90k/yr Plus you still need to equip the booth with register, credit card machine, heating and cooling, etc... A reader fully installed might run $20-30k with minimal ongoing costs. Obviously, they want you to set up an account so the billing is automated because it does cost more to mail you a letter. Hence the higher price if you don't proactively pay it off.
valhalla360 09/19/17 06:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Camping World Circular

Take it in, tell them what happened and ask if they will honor the coupon since they failed to get it to you in a timely manner. I'll give 50-50 odds, they do.
valhalla360 09/19/17 05:51am Camping World Accessories
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

I admire engineers to no end however They are not physicists and if they were would know they must work with the basic laws that govern the universe I don't understand your last sentence? Show me an engineer who doesn't understand the laws of physics and I'll point out someone who has no business calling themselves an engineer. I may only have a basic understanding of quantum mechanics but I also don't call myself a nuclear engineer. To keep it light hearted, can't resist: The difference between a physicist and an engineer? - A physicist can explain why something works down to the weight of the smallest gnats rear end. - An engineer is the person the physicist goes to to actually design something that will work. It's a joke but there's a lot of truth to it. Physicists often get hung up on the details and the why's. The engineer will set aside the true laws of physics and use approximations if it gets the job done.
valhalla360 09/18/17 11:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Toilet leaking?

Did they just cut the hole too big at the factory or did it rot from the leak? At best it looks like you have a temporary solution but long term, you probably need to look at replacing the floor in the area so you can screw it down properly. If you have the vinyl up, probably a good time to do it.
valhalla360 09/18/17 11:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: 120 power not working the water pump or landing gear

Dont turn the 12V off - ever. Except when put in storage and you don't want a dead battery when you return... But yeah, when using the RV, leave it on.
valhalla360 09/18/17 11:42pm Tech Issues
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