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RE: 12 days 3400 miles coast to coast with kids

Sounds like punishment to me but if you enjoy a lot of driving... I would suggest trying Liberty Harbor in NYC (jersey technically). It's basically a parking lot with utilities and a bath house but you can walk to the PATH which connects into the subway system and you can walk to the Statue of Liberty docks. Great location.
valhalla360 04/11/16 04:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Gas or electric water heater

Electric is first choice. So unless dry camping or if the electric is marginal, we are on electric. Of course, if we are struggling with enough electric for the air/con we usually aren't needing a lot of hot water.
valhalla360 04/11/16 03:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: PLEASE HELP Big Family, Big Trailer, Large SUV Tow

If you aren't in love with the truck, look at full size vans. You can get a 3/4 or 1 ton with higher ratings and more room to spread out. So where is the big family? We would spend a month each summer roaming with a dozen of us. ;)
valhalla360 04/11/16 12:53pm Beginning RVing
RE: Awning Replacement Fabric Width

I wouldn't think so but asking the vendor is your best bet. If we tell you it's fine and it doesn't work...we aren't out the money. I would ask a follow up question: Is anyone familiar with the website you listed? That's less than half what I've found on other sites. Do they provide a good product? (We are also looking to replace the awning fabric this summer).
valhalla360 04/11/16 12:47pm Travel Trailers
RE: Working on the road

I'm a traffic engineer and the DW is a travel agent. We do almost exactly the same as before we left, mostly with the same clients. I not sure the barber skills will translate into the full time lifestyle. If you are going to get a place in Arizona for 6 months in the winter (or other snowbird local), you could probably get a part time job at a local hair place. You could certainly try doing it in the park but a lot of parks may have an issue plus are you going to take your barber chair? Worth a try but wouldn't count on it for much. Unless it was a friend, I knew, I would be inclined to go to a local hair place rather than some random guys RV for a haircut. What type of writing do you do? General travel blogs are a dime a dozen. Unless you are making money off it now, I wouldn't expect to do so in the future. Work camping is an option to help control costs but calculate the per hour effective earnings. We looked into it in a couple of places and it was well below minimum wage. If you are mechanically inclined, building up RV tech skills would translate well. While it's still better to have at least some locational stability (ie: spend 3-6months in the same park to build up a client base each winter), you will always come across the stray person in need of work and no one is available to take care of it. My Dad had his CDL so he used to work as an airport shuttle driver in the winters. Similarly, we've thought to go up to Mackinaw for the summer as they are always desperate for help in the summer as they have to let most of the staff go come fall. That might be something for after we are done with our regular careers. Being totally free to move at will makes a lot of these options harder if you don't already have work that is done remotely.
valhalla360 04/11/16 12:44pm Full-time RVing
RE: Why are so many rest stops closed?

It seems to me that a way to increase rest areas and also save $$ is to create travel islands that service both sides of the interstate. They would have to be larger and better set up to accommodate the additional traffic. On the positive side there could be more of them servicing all while less of them per side. The money issue is real for most states and I do not see a major change no matter what political party. If we have a single rest area that services both sides we can lower our overall building costs as well as the cost to patrol and maintain them. We need to rethink how we do things to get the most of our State Dollars Special interest and entitlement eats away at every state budget. Left side entrances and exits have much higher crash rates. This would be particularly bad for rest areas that have a high percentage of slow to brake/accelerate trucks. If you are willing to allow commercial operations, one thing you see in Europe a lot is a compact rest area with building over the roadway shared by both sides. If you just want a bathroom break or eat in your rig, you can still do it but the commercial operations pay for the upkeep.
valhalla360 04/11/16 12:16pm General RVing Issues
RE: 12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery

Assuming the existing battery is nearly new, just get one of the same type (wet cell, gell cell, etc..) and it should be fine.
valhalla360 04/11/16 05:26am Tech Issues
RE: Why are so many rest stops closed?

I've come close to pulling off on the shoulder and peeing by the side of the road. Sleep is an issue, too. I'm not an actuary, but I have to wonder if just one accident involving fatalities wouldn't cost the state more than keeping a rest area open for a year. Two issues: - You can always pull into a truck stop or a walmart parking lot, so it's your choice to disobey the law not the lack or rest areas. - As someone who does crash analysis, it would be almost impossible to tie that to lack or rest areas. The data just doesn't capture that kind of detail.
valhalla360 04/11/16 05:22am General RVing Issues
RE: Awning Fabric Replacement

$5-6k should be a totally new electric awning (even then it's overpriced assuming you don't need to rebuild the underlying structure). We need to replace the fabric and doing it ourselves, we have quotes for around $350.
valhalla360 04/10/16 04:53am Tech Issues
RE: Why are so many rest stops closed?

Its probably the lack of funds as wells... The states funding is really being hit now for roads and bridges... I suspect cheap gasoline really hurts alot of State's fundings it seems... Roy Ken Ironically, the recent drop in gas prices has helped increase taxes a bit. Fuel taxes per gallon not per dollar spent. The problem is we have gone thru a decade of fast rising gas prices that have driven efficiency up which means fewer gallon sold. Also with the economic downturn, there was a dip in miles driven. Funding from the gas tax has suffered particularly when inflation is accounted for. In the end it's mostly funding and what the public demands. The public wants smooth roads without congestion. This has lead to state DOT management being rated on how smooth and congested the roads in their area are. Rebuilding a rest area doesn't help them meet their goals. To the original question: Stop at a truck stop, mall, etc... if you just need a few minutes to figure out where you are going...or as we do...have a good idea of where you are headed in the morning and plug it into the GPS before you head out.
valhalla360 04/09/16 03:46pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mouse moat for RV's in storage

So let's say, the duck tape doesn't leak and it doesn't get cold enough to freeze...After a couple of weeks, the water will just evaporate.
valhalla360 04/09/16 03:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: 12 Volt Deep Cycle Battery

Is this just random curiosity or are you trying to find a replacement? If replacing, there is no need to match the brand and options depend more on how you use the battery. The manufacturer likely just put in the minimum they thought they could get away with.
valhalla360 04/09/16 03:22pm Tech Issues
RE: How to repaint fifth-wheel hitch plate?

I use the flat black rust converter paint every year or two.
valhalla360 04/09/16 03:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: info on motor home river barge trips

Check out the rental canal boats. They are slow and easy to learn (the charter companies give them over to newbies all the time). Another option is the French canal system which has lots of rental options. We are in the process of selling our current boat and picking up a different one in Europe. Once everything is settled, we intend to head up from the Barcelona area up into the French canals.
valhalla360 04/09/16 07:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 13" High 5th Wheel Slider Hitch??

Can you flip the axles? You are nose high at the lower limit of the space you should have between the bed rails. Pick up 4-5inches with an axle flip and you can get the trailer level and get up to a more generous bedrail clearance.
valhalla360 04/09/16 04:38am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fiver battery advice

Since you said battery (not batterIES), I assume you are typically in RV parks with power, don't sweat it. Worst case, you can plug in to get the slides in/out and pick up a battery when you get around to it. If the converter is keeping it fully charged and not over charged, the battery will last a long time.
valhalla360 04/09/16 04:29am Fifth-Wheels
RE: RV Fire Exit (aka exiting Dukes of Hazzard style)

Feet first: Sounds good but a rather awkward thing to do. As others have said, a fire licking at your heels is a good motivator but only after trying to get out the door. Fire extinguishers: The factory supplied ones are fine. You need to take them out every few months and rotate them. If you can't feel the material inside moving a few raps with a piece of wood on the bottom will usually break the contents free. Only if you can't get the material to move do they need to be changed.
valhalla360 04/09/16 04:15am General RVing Issues
RE: info on motor home river barge trips

Having run the river system in our boat, I would say the Mississippi as described in the link would be pretty boring. South of St. Louis, much of it is manmade embankments with few places to stop. We ran from Chicago on the Illinois, then the Mississippi to the Ohio to the Tennessee to the Tom Biggbie at Mobile. The Mississippi section was mostly just about getting thru it. The rest was much more interesting with locks, towns and other places to stop. If you aren't dead set on taking the RV, consider the Eire Canal. You can rent canal boats or head up to Canada for the Trent-Severn Canal where you can also rent boats. On the more extreme end, I've heard of barging the RV's on the Amazon.
valhalla360 04/08/16 07:51am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Adding a 2nd number to a cell phone

As long as you have data service, any of the IP systems will work. Skype is the most well known but there are plenty of options: For example, we have a Skype phone number. Works like any other phone number. We can call out and others can call in. Doesn't matter where we are. We've used it around the States, across Europe, the Middle East and India. Your phone can still be used with it's number and the Skype number. If you need more numbers it can be done. A different alternative is some phones will accept multiple sim cards each with their own cell company number. These are handy if you travel say between the USA and Europe. You get a USA and a European Sim card and just turn on the one that corresponds to your location. It's not critical as you can switch out the cards on standard phones but saves the hassle of keeping track of the tiny little cards. You could use these to run a separate personal and work phone but really more complication than just getting an IP number.
valhalla360 04/08/16 07:49am Technology Corner
RE: Question on power hookup

Shouldn't hurt anything. If it's an older truck, it may actually top up the truck battery (not that it would typically be down after a drive)
valhalla360 04/07/16 12:48pm Fifth-Wheels
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