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RE: Good MI camping w/motorcycle?

If you just want nice rides out in the country, I would draw a line west from the thumb and anything north will have plenty of options. Even lots of areas south but more likely to have to deal with traffic.
valhalla360 04/21/18 09:11am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Broken stabilizer - am i expecting too much?

Standard issues with new RV's. Go out in the next couple months and make sure to use and exercise everything as much as possible, so you can find the problems early. Then put a list together and plan not to have the unit for a month or two while they get around to fixing it. You can spend a lot of time and effort carping at them and might get them to send a tech out to fix it but probably less effort just to pull it, go get the new part from them if you feel capable. (you would be in the right to make them come out but is it worth the hassle) This is why I like used. A lot of these little issues are sorted by the previous owner and if I do have to repair something, I saved more than enough to cover it.
valhalla360 04/19/18 05:32am Travel Trailers
RE: McD's app needs care

I do not use it.. They are not paying me to take my own order I charge 20/hr minimum normally much more except when I'm working for friends (They get 1 cup coffee as the bill) so I'm not doing the store's work for it. So after listing off your order to the cashier...do you hand over an invoice for the time spent telling her the order? Reality is it saves you time & effort, plus you are more likely to get the order correct.
valhalla360 04/19/18 03:08am Technology Corner
RE: complaints when using a hughes autoformer

And you do realize all TRC Surge Guard EMS units have always used 102 vac as the low voltage disconnect threshold? :W Clearly those who designed these units are comfortable with this value, just as Progressive designers are obviously comfortable with having chosen 104 vac as their low voltage disconnect threshold. ;) Since I'm not a design engineer I am personally comfortable with those who are having made this decision for me. ;) Kind of scary as the standard design voltage is typically 120v +-10%, so below 108v starts getting sketchy. Doesn't mean the air/con is going to burn out the first time you see 102v but it's certainly not good for it. Also, where is you surge guard mounted? If it's at the pedestal, you can easily have 50-60' of line with further voltage drop. Even the built in ones an have another 20' from the device to the air/con unit. Obviously, better than nothing but the 102 is likely a compromise between it cutting out every time the voltage drops for a couple seconds below 108v.
valhalla360 04/18/18 08:05am General RVing Issues

Hadn't thought about it (when not cooking) but the stove top is really the one to do. Everything else will be close enough but it is a pain when the eggs are all gathered to one side. So get the stove really good and level...then get some stick on levels.
valhalla360 04/18/18 07:36am Fifth-Wheels
RE: complaints when using a hughes autoformer

I have a SurgeGuard 35550 installed in my coach: "Product description" "This 50 amp Surge Guard product monitors shore power continuously and shuts off when it detects power surges, open ground, open neutral, low or excessive voltage, miswired pedestals, reverse polarity, or elevated neutral current conditions that could damage electronic equipment in your coach. Like its 30 amp partner, the 50 amp hardwire unit is permanently installed within the bay of your coach, preventing potential theft and damage from the elements. Optional Remote LCD Display conveniently and remotely monitors RV electrical power." You do realize, your surgeguard will happily keep you powered down to 102V. That's well below what I'm comfortable with.
valhalla360 04/18/18 12:25am General RVing Issues
RE: 5th wheel for Tundra

In general terms 1/2 ton trucks can pull a heavier bumper pull trailer than they can tow a 5th wheel. Bumper pull you are typically in the 10-12% tongue weight vs 20-25% for a 5th wheel...so with the 5th wheel, the cargo capacity gets eaten up with anything but the smallest 5th wheel.
valhalla360 04/17/18 11:44pm Towing
RE: Chicago area where do you go?

Why not check out state parks in IL, WI, IN, MI. What ones have you camped at and what about it was worth seeing? What if I suggested a nekked park...lots to see.:o I have no idea what you like to do so hard to say what you should do.
valhalla360 04/17/18 06:13am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: complaints when using a hughes autoformer

This weekend I had my autoformer in use however no one else seemed concerned about the low voltage. Without an EMS or at least a meter I imagine they were not aware the low voltage condition existed. As the saying goes "Ignorance is bliss" Totally unscientific but I'd bet that describes 99.9% of RVrs. :R Of the many friends and others we know who camp I can't think of a single one who owns an autoformer and only one other than myself who plugs in using an EMS ... virtually everyone else simply plugs in and doesn't give it another thought. :S No wonder my own dealer does a brisk business every season selling replacement converters and microwave ovens, including myself before I figured out how damaging low voltage can be. :( Yeah, apparently "ignorance is bliss" ... until you suffer a failure and have to ante up to fix the damage. ;) I admit it. I was in the 99.9% until we cooked the air/con unit and I started checking to see if there was a reason and found voltage as low as 98V. One thing to note: If the voltage is good, the autoformer doesn't do anything, so you aren't changing your draw. The only time it activates is if the park supplies substandard power.
valhalla360 04/17/18 06:10am General RVing Issues
RE: complaints when using a hughes autoformer

I don't use an autoformer, nor have I run across a park to date where I needed one, but in those that prohibit them in their rules, I've found the predominate reasons are that they believe the devices somehow "steal" power, although I've never found a park manager or owner that could logically explain how that happens. The other reason has been possible liability insurance issues because the NEC prohibits the use of auto(trans)formers in RV's, which it does. I have inquired of the NFPA what the reasoning is behind the prohibition a couple of times, but I've never gotten a response. First question: How do you know you haven't needed one? Unless you have a voltage meter that you monitor, you may well have had 104v power and were slowly cooking the air/con compressor but it may not fail until months later at another park with good power. We didn't pick up an autoformer until we had low voltage kill and air/con unit. Then we started monitoring and found it surprisingly common to have low voltage on hot days.
valhalla360 04/17/18 01:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Convert to tankless?

Check your current hot water tank. Most have both electric and gas heating and you can usually use both at the same time. Really helps to keep up with demand. Otherwise, make sure to let the wife go first and you do the navy shower or wait until later in the day.
valhalla360 04/17/18 01:10am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Air Stream with garage aka toy hauler

@d3500ram: Thank you.Sometimes a picture is worth hours of video. Kind of a cool design.
valhalla360 04/17/18 01:03am General RVing Issues
RE: Ideas for FL in the summer

If you are talking weekend trips, you are SOL getting to nice weather. Miami to the Georgia border can easily be a 6hr run. If you have a week or more, you might try the mountains around Tenn. A little altitude can help cool things down. Anything on the coasts will be hot and sticky in the summer (spent a miserable summer in SC where you never wanted to go outside because it was so hot and sticky). You could try the keys. It will still be hot and humid but there is usually a breeze to make it a little more tolerable.
valhalla360 04/17/18 01:00am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: How many tow a 4000 pound dingy behind a class c with V 10

Check all the ratings (not just GCWR) but if the 14,500 is the fully loaded weight that puts you at around 18,400 GCW pulling the mkz you well under the 22,000 GCWR. On the surface, I'm not seeing where there should be any issue.
valhalla360 04/17/18 12:52am Dinghy Towing
RE: Creaky Sounds Turning Trailer

If it really bothers you and your system is an Equalizer or E2 then Fastway makes a platic pad to go onto the friction bar. It reduces the anti-sway a bit but significantly reduces the noise. I'd rather have a noisy but better controlled unit.
valhalla360 04/17/18 12:48am Travel Trailers
RE: Chicago area where do you go?

Lots of parks along Lake Michigan on either side are in range. Wisconsin Dells. St. Louis What do you want to see and do and how far are you willing to drive. If you are willing to drive 4hr, draw a 200mile circle around your home and see what's on the map.
valhalla360 04/17/18 12:47am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: 5'ver roof repair.

If it were me, and I were remodeling for a permanent parked camper, I'd build a pitched roof on it and then just shingle it, like a house. I would do this and not bother to open up the roof. Just build the roof a couple feet higher so there is room and ventilation for the air/con and other penetrations and call it good. A full rebuild won't add any value. At least with a separate roof, if you give up on this trailer, you can pull it out and bring another trailer in and still use the same roof.
valhalla360 04/17/18 12:44am Tech Issues
RE: The confounding 3/4 ton truck...

Some quotes from LEO Wadcutter, who is a member of this forum. "Manufacturers do not make the law. Legislatures make the law. The sticker doesn't mean anything about what is legal to haul. It's like the tag on your mattress. It tells you what the vehicle is about. I taught truck and vehicle law for over 20 years and was recognized by the courts in truck weights. I didn't get my knowledge by listening to some fat guy around a campfire like a lot of the 'experts' on this forum. " "Another one who stayed at a Holiday Inn or listened to the fat guy around a campfire. Not at all true. The above doesn't even make any sense. Weight laws apply to all vehicles on the road. Doesn't matter if private or commercial. Does anyone think their E rated pickup tires will support 20,000 lbs on a single axle? Seriously? Do you think your pickup will haul 40,000 lbs? 20,000 is generally max axle weight limit. Does anyone think their tandem axle 5er weighs anywhere close to 34,000 lbs? 34,000 lbs is generally the max tandem axle weight limit. For a pickup pulling a 5er do you really think your total weight is anywhere near 74,000 lbs? If anyone thinks they are then they really aren't too sharp on comprehending weight numbers. Think about it. I know all those big numbers confuse some people. Your ton pickup is going to weight around 8000 lbs. Your big 5er is going to weigh 15,000 lbs, maybe, most likely less. 23,000 lbs total, maybe. You're no where even close to the max axle weight limits. " "Legal axle weights are generally 20,000 on a single axle, 34,000 on a tandem axle, and 80,000 lbs on 5 axles. Do you really think you exceed any of those weights? Seriously? All those 'big numbers' confuse people. Let's put this in perspective since people apparently have a real difficultly comprehending weights. Look at that truck tractor semi trailer running down the road. Empty weight on that rig is going to be about 23,000 lbs. Now look at that ton pickup with a 40 ft 5er for example. The pickup will weigh about 8000 lbs. The 5er loaded may weigh 14,000 lbs. Total weight, loaded, 22,000 lbs. So you're loaded 5th weighs less than that empty semi truck you see on the road. That empty semi will weigh more on 1 axle than your entire ton pickup. You think you're overloaded with E rated tires on your pickup and maybe G rated tires on your 5er? You're not even close. Your tires would never support the weight to be overweight. Overweight? Let's be realistic folks. You're not even close." "I weighed trucks for a lot of years. I taught weight laws for a lot of years. The courts recognized my training and experience as an expert in weight laws. You're not going to be overweight so quit worrying about it. You're not going to have to unload your wife's rock collection. No one is going to get a ticket. You're not going to jail." You are quoting a different type of "overweight" laws. The laws referred to in these quotes generally have little or nothing to do with is the truck safe. These are weight laws that relate to if your truck will do excessive damage to the pavement. If your RV weighs enough to run afoul of these laws, you are so grossly overweight its silly. Generally, the big commercial trucks are fully capable of handling weights well in excess of the legal limits. The discussions on this forum are generally about if your non-commercial rig is capable of handling the weight safely. You are unlikely to get a ticket unless you are grossly overweight and there is an accident. Even then, for the simple fact that most RV's disintegrate in a serious accident, it's hard to prove what your weight was. That doesn't mean it's a good idea to exceed the manufacturers weight rating. If you kill someone because you excess weight didn't allow you to stop in time...you are still at fault even if the cops don't write you a ticket. The manufacturer gave you the approved weights. Unless you have the engineering background to fully understand how they set the limits, you will be hard pressed to justify exceeding them.
valhalla360 04/17/18 12:38am Tow Vehicles
RE: New Ram 1500 and it's mild hybrid system

Sounds similar to the early Prius hybrids. Great if you are primarily using the truck as a "grocery getter". But probably not much of a benefit while towing. The problem is the boost time is likely limited to tens of seconds or at most a couple minutes. So great driving in stop & go traffic to work or if you need a little surge to pass quickly on a 2 lane road...but climbing a 5 mile grade, your available power is what the ICE generates. A plug-in parallel hybrid with a tow-haul mode would be interesting but I suspect there isn't enough of a market for it as the vast majority of 1/2 ton pickups do no significant towing. - Example: If you have a 20mile electric range and you are allowed to manage it, you could hold off burning thru the battery until you get to the base of a long climb and then use the battery power to assist the ICE getting up the grade. That might allow a basic V6 to compete with a V8 in terms of tow ratings.
valhalla360 04/17/18 12:27am Tow Vehicles
RE: Air Stream with garage aka toy hauler

I just quickly skipped thru the video but is it actually a toy hauler or does it just have a rear room that is used as a garage. I didn't see any large exterior door which really is the defining feature of a toy hauler. You can clearly see a door around the 6 minute mark. Got it now. Wasn't going to watch a 12min video just for a quick glancing view, so missed it when skipping thru the video. Would have been nice to show an outside view clearly showing the ramp extended and closed when the main purpose of the video is to show the garage.
valhalla360 04/16/18 07:51am General RVing Issues
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