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RE: 5th Wheel Reliability

You are comparing an industry where a single model run is typically on the order of 20-80,000 units per year to an industry where a single model may put out a few hundred units per year. You can't expect the same level of statistical relaibility numbers to be available. It's also not practical for the manufacturers to apply the same level of quality control without costs spiraling out of control. Reality is the vast majority of manufacturers use the exact same hardware, frames, axels, appliances etc... There are likely some differences in the reliability of the actual assembly but after that they are all very similar. Of course the high end manufacturers put out even smaller numbers than the low/mid range so it's even harder to create mass production efficencies and quality. Thier saving grace is they can afford to have people back check work and just cover warranty issues without a fight. Don't expect there to ever be a reliability guide like you will find with cars.
valhalla360 08/19/14 01:39pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: wind drag/weight conversion

I always figured weight affected getting it going or climing grades. Aero affected how easy or difficult it was to maintain hwy speed. My experience also. And yes, a strong tail wind makes a huge difference. I got over 16mpg one time but it was a 25mph tail wind the whole way.
valhalla360 08/19/14 01:31pm Towing
RE: Who's got the dealer to actually change the Tires.

Buisness' don't do things for free. Negotiate it into the deal up front. You will cover the dealers cost to install them.
valhalla360 08/19/14 07:20am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Crock Pot while Boondocking?

Not a real practical idea. Assuming you need more power for other purposes, you will need a very large solar array and battery bank. Some alternatives for boondocking: - Pressure cooker: makes a lot of similar meals but really cuts down on cook time. With a small propane burner outside, it won't heat up the RV and won't use a lot of fuel. - Since you are in sunny arizona, consider a solar stove. They basically use mirrors to concentrate sunlight on the pot and generally achieve slowcooker type temperatures. (google for premade units or home built units)
valhalla360 08/19/14 07:18am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: 5th Wheel or a Class A

I've had both and now in MH. Towing a 5ver down the highway in the hot summer when I stop it is hot inside. So no stopping for a quick snack or nap on the road unless you enjoy the hot 5ver. I had a propane gen but that gets real pricy running that down the road. Get where you are going and that big PU is a pita in some areas. With the vent covers, you just leave the vents open and it mitigates most of the issue (full timers usually travel with the seasons so they don't spend a lot of time in 100+ temps) Does your MH dash A/C really keep the entire rig cold or is the fuel cost just hidden in the low mpg? I run the generator on the road. gas is cheaper than propane. Plus I didn't have a large propane tank on my 5ver. Had to keep changing small tanks. At the end of the day I would be thrashed. With MH I just hit slides and jacks and kick back in a cool or warm unit depending on outside temp. All a matter of choice though. I've had TCs, TT, 2 MHs, & 5ver. For comfort and ease of driving just prefer MH. I will admit 5vers have some better floor plans for watching TV but we very seldom watch TV. Odd, we just filled a 30lb tank (approx 6.5gallons at 80% fill)for $20. That's around $3.10/gal. Gas is running around $3.30/gal here. There is a bit of difference between how long a gallon will run with either but fuel cost isn't an issue. Refueling propane is a slight issue but they do have gasoline options for 5th wheels. Toy haulers in particualar like this option. Then again since the question was in reference to full timing, most full timers we've come across aren't putting in 16hr days, so no clue why you would be thrashed at the end of the day. Once on the road, you hardly know the trailer is back there. Were you trying to tow a 40' rig with a 1/2ton truck? With the 5er, you can also get them set up to hit a button and the stabilizers and slides go out. You do have the burden of walking back to the 5er door to get in.
valhalla360 08/19/14 07:12am Beginning RVing
RE: air card for lap top when traveling/which one?

If you are moving around a lot, I would suggest verizon or att as they have better coverage compared to the competition. Since you really only have 1 site, I would check the coverage maps and ask your nieghbors what they have and how many bars they get. An air card is a simple way. We don't bother with a docking station or external antennas. Unless your place it in marginal coverage, they aren't worth the trouble and the card will already handle 5 devices at a time. Another option is many smart phones have the option to operate as a hot spot which is essentially the same function as an air card. Make sure you can make calls while the hot spot is in use but that is becoming less of an issue with newer phones. If you both already have a smart phone, this is probably the best option (if you share a single phone and one of you goes to the store with it, you lose internet access, we ran into this when I had a work phone that didn't have a hot spot and didn't want a second phone, so we kept the air card) With either option, you will need to keep the device plugged in if you want to use it for any significant length of time.
valhalla360 08/18/14 02:41pm Technology Corner
RE: Transmission Questions...???

Reality is any of the big 3 make solid transmissions that can tow a lot. They will all last a very long time if not abused. For the most part they are similar in design but often use copywrite marketing terms to describe features making it difficult for a non-technical buyer to understand the differences. Locking out is more towing slang than technical term. It basically means selecting the highest gear that the transmission can use. If you put the lever so it points to "2", the transmission generally won't go into a gear higher than second gear (there are exceptions). Some of the confusion may come from a similar term of locking up the torque converter. In this case the two halves of the torque converter are locked together eliminating the inherent slippage and wasted power of a torque converter. In early versions the torque converter would only lock up in the highest gear. More recent transmissions can lock up lower gears. - This is mostly about fuel efficency as the slippage wastes fuel but slippage is neccessary when the vehicle is stopped. - There can be a side benefit regarding overheating the transmission fluid. That slippage creates friction within the transmission fuild and heats it up. While towing up a steep hill, it can create a lot of heat but once the torque converter locks up the slippage goes away and you impart very little heat to the fluid. Of course this assume the engine is capable of maintaining speed in a gear that locks up. (this also explains why tow vehicles often have transmission coolers added) - It can also play into engine braking. That same slippage makes engine braking with an automatic transmission less effective as the slippage allows the transmission to spin faster than the engine. By locking the torque converter, the transmission can't spin faster than the engine, so for a given speed the engine braking is increased. (this is also where an exceeption to locking out a gear comes into play. If the RPM gets to the point where the engine could be damaged, the transmission may decide to bump up to 3rd gear even if you have 3rd gear locked out) Google "how an automatic transmission works" and you will find a page that provides a great deal more information including pictures an animations of how they work.
valhalla360 08/18/14 02:37pm Towing
RE: O.K. ... Here's a bona-fide 'stupid' question...

There is probably some token compensation for playing along. Some are probably real customers who get a "discount" in exchange for being on the show but I'm betting a lot are just pretending. When you see a very attractive 25yr old couple with a kid and they are buying $500k rigs, you know it's fake.
valhalla360 08/18/14 01:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Louvered V-gate

Funny thing, we've had the exact opposite experience. We spent 3yrs full timing with a standard tailgate. Never came close to hitting it (obviously had to drop it for hitching up) and never had anything sucked out of the bed and we had a couple 5 gal fuel jugs that were empty most of the time just sitting there. When we got the new (to us) truck last summer, the tailgate had a big dent so Tammy found a V-gate on craigslist for $40. First time using it we clipped it with the pin. Luckily it is plastic and just flexed and popped out of the hinge with no damage. Then this past summer we have lost boards and a cooler half filled when they got sucked out. I think short of doing an aerodynamic analysis, it's a******shoot.
valhalla360 08/18/14 01:17pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 5th Wheel or a Class A

I've had both and now in MH. Towing a 5ver down the highway in the hot summer when I stop it is hot inside. So no stopping for a quick snack or nap on the road unless you enjoy the hot 5ver. I had a propane gen but that gets real pricy running that down the road. Get where you are going and that big PU is a pita in some areas. With the vent covers, you just leave the vents open and it mitigates most of the issue (full timers usually travel with the seasons so they don't spend a lot of time in 100+ temps) Does your MH dash A/C really keep the entire rig cold or is the fuel cost just hidden in the low mpg?
valhalla360 08/18/14 01:07pm Beginning RVing
RE: Would Roof Carpet to Cool RV?

In the short term probably yes if it is white carpet. In the long probably way more problems than it's worth: - Wet carpet will add a lot of weight up high where you don't want it. - It will likely breed mold and mildew. - It likely won't stay white for long and as soon as it turns a dark color, I suspect, the cooling advantages will turn against it. - It will make roof sealing much more difficult in the future. Now if you could build a frame with some sort of tarp a few inches above the roof, you might have a winner but even that comes with complications: - You would almost have to have some sort of roller mechanism to stow it for travel. - How would it pass over the A/C, antenna and other items on the roof without conflicting. Reality is, it's probably more trouble than it's worth for the small amount of energy savings. If your A/C is having trouble cooling, probably easier to find a shaddy site.
valhalla360 08/18/14 10:59am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: 5th Wheel or a Class A

When comparing apples to apples, it's hard to beat the 5th wheel for price. Remember, with a 30' MH, you lose 5-7' at the front for the cockpit. Set up time: It's really not much difference assuming you pull a car behind the MH. Both drive very nicely assuming they are set up properly to begin with and properly maintained. Storage is probably a wash. Fuel costs: The MH figure 6-8mpg when traveling. 5th wheel 9-12mpg. You gain a bit of advantage with using a small car for local touring but unless you camp a long way from your desired location (not sure why you would do that with a home on wheels), it's really not much of a savings and comes at the cost of maintaining two drivetrains. For full timing, I really don't see it as a big advantage to be able to get up and roam about while driving. We usually only travel a couple hours in a day and since we aren't in a hurry, it's not a big deal to stop if it's a longer run. I would suggest that any rig you buy is usable with the slides in. We don't normally put the slides out if we stop in a rest area for lunch. To the new question: How big of a truck depends on how big of a 5th wheel. With our 28' model, a 3/4 ton truck does nicely. If you get up into the 40' models, a 1 ton dually may not be enough and you have to move up into medium duty trucks (I wouldn't recommend going that big anyway). Reality is you need to look at the weigh ratings and the weights of the 5th wheel (don't forget to check the tow ratings if you consider a MH).
valhalla360 08/18/14 10:50am Beginning RVing
RE: Swivel Wheels

Pretty sure its considered a trailer. Things like that tend to bounce a lot and you would want to keep a good eye on the wheel bearings I've seen lots of debate over this issue. I've even seen a manufacturer (can't remember which) state that it doesn't qualify as a trailer but they never showed official documentation. Because it is pinned at two points and cannot pivot relative to the main trailer, it functions as part of the main trailer. Will that hold up when the officer pulls out his book of tickets...? But as someone else said, there aren't a lot of stories about people getting pulled over with these attachements.
valhalla360 08/18/14 09:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Swivel Wheels

I've heard lots of positive things about them and for practical purposes, it acts like pulling a single trailer. The only questionable thing is if it meets the definition of being a double trailer which is prohibited in some states.
valhalla360 08/18/14 06:42am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Potty training when full timing

Why can't she go outside? Will she ever be allowed outside? Seems like it would be easier as you will be with her 24/7, so no accidents while you are gone. Just a thought, with Diego, we got one of the plastic tubs designed to go under a bed and put the pads in there for when he can't go outside. The sides are about 5" high so he can't shoot over the top. You could presumably safely train him outside with the tub but bring it in when the weather is bad.
valhalla360 08/18/14 06:41am RV Pet Stop
RE: Van Buren SP Michigan questions

Didn't have any rain over the 4th when we were there, so not sure which are subjet to flooding. No you can't drive down to the beach and the last part is moderately steep (at least with a recent hip replacement) I don't recall any signs saying no fishing off the beach but not sure you would have a lot of luck. Piers in southhaven would probably be a better bet.
valhalla360 08/13/14 01:16pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: son damaged awning

valhalla360 08/13/14 01:11pm Travel Trailers
RE: Inept or not properly trained dispatcher

Don't have GS service plan but seen enough stupid things that it seems to make more sense to just call up a local place rather than pay for a service plan(smart phones are wonderful things). Have only called twice over the years and both times were a disaster. Last time we had an issue, got back from a trip by plane late at night and the battery was dead (left the dome light on). Explicitly stated it was a large diesel pickup. They sent a guy in a minivan with jumper cables that wouldn't reach the front of the truck after 3 hrs of waiting. After being told it would be another 3-4hrs, we got a $19.99 car rental, went to walmart and bought a couple batteries.
valhalla360 08/13/14 01:06pm Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: GPS speedometer rplacement

- GPS signals do travel at the speed of light (all radio waves do). - There is no significant delay (at least that should be of concern for driving an RV). Tyically about once per second, the GPS compares the current position to the last position and based on the difference covered, calcualtes a speed based on the distance covered. There is no significant processing delay. - GPS is the correct speed. The speedo is the one that is wrong. - If you go thru a tunnel, check the tackometer and hold it steady and you should be fine as long as you don't shift.
valhalla360 08/12/14 01:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: MS "Streets & Trips" Being discontinued

USB-GPS puck and cell phone hotspot and use the internet.
valhalla360 08/12/14 01:39pm Roads and Routes
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