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RE: f250 or f350?

If it's a single rear wheel F350, I would go for that. Unless you do a lot of off roading (for which an F250 or F350 is a horrible option anyway), not much benefit in going 4x4. Realistically, a 4x2 with limited slip and a 5th wheel on the back will have a ton of traction.
valhalla360 11/26/15 04:26am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Does anyone use stabilizers under their slide out?

Another no. If the manufacturers required them, they would have included them. As others have said, a flat tire and now the slide is supporting the trailer...which it's not designed to do.
valhalla360 11/22/15 11:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: To plug a VERY small inverter into the wall receptacle?

If I remember correctly, it takes a suprisingly small amperage at 120v to kill someone as in something like 0.1 amps. You also have to ensure that it doesn't backfeed into the battery charger. If you are lucky, the inverter will have a fuse that simply trips. If it manages to stay going somehow, you are looking at least at a dead battery in a short time. Worst case, it could overload the inverter and start a fire. Do it right or don't do it.
valhalla360 11/21/15 01:10am Tech Issues
RE: towing capacity

Check the trailer towing capacity in the manual and I wouldn't tow more than 80 or 90% of that. Holy Cow, that's a big trailer. Why? Do you really think they would risk the law suits if they authorized a given rating and there was a crash because of a failure? Exceed the ratings at your risk but within the ratings, you should be fine.
valhalla360 11/21/15 01:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help finding the right "horse"

Snip: Thanks for the info. I am going to limit searching to 350/3500’s only and see where that leads us. The only long beds around here are with the DRWs though. She isn’t a fan.. but she also probably isn’t going to be driving.. ever. lol Not because she can’t but because she won’t. That's what my DW said...then she got to feel the power of driving a big truck. But yeah, I would lean toward SRW unless you really need the capacity.
valhalla360 11/21/15 12:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Unhook for quick overnight stop

When over fighting in a parking lot we drop the front jacks down just enough to take some of the load off the rear of the truck. I don't even unplug the RV from the truck, so far it hasn't had a negative effect on us. Dan I'm glad you pull into a parking lot for your fights rather than doing it while driving down the road. :D If we are out of level enough that the fridge is a concern, I would be moving to a different spot. That said, propane fridges are pretty durable. Ours is original at 18yrs. Other than the temp setting button sticking occasionally, it just runs. My dad's 1978 model still works fine. The only thing I would add is in the morning go thru as if you are hooking up and do everything. Way too easy to hop into the truck and forget to hook the power cord back up or worse, the landing gear is down. It's when we cut corners is usually when we make stupid mistakes.
valhalla360 11/19/15 01:01am Fifth-Wheels
RE: towing capacity

Double check the pin wieght. Is that empty or fully loaded. If empty, it could easily push 4000lbs when loaded. Check the trucks weight ratings as they vary by year and how they are outfitted.
valhalla360 11/19/15 12:51am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Antifreeze in water pump

It's 2 gal and 10 minutes. Just re-winterize after each trip. (if you don't have an antifreeze pickup hose upstream of the pump, add one. It's well worth it) Get sloppy doing partial winterizations and you will make a mistake that will cost you a lot more than a couple gallons of antifreeze.
valhalla360 11/19/15 12:39am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help finding the right "horse"

I would be pushing down at least close to 100k miles regardless of engine. Either type should still have a good 100k miles left in them. The days of diesels lasting much longe are gone. More importantly by 250k miles, the rest of the truck is going to be worn out. That's why we sold our 1992. We were up around 220k miles and the engine was still humming along fine but the rest of the truck was falling apart. If you can find a single rear wheel 1 ton long bed, that would be my recommendation. A 3/4 ton may be within weight limits but you are likely pushing close to the limits. Since you know the exact trailer, no excuse for towing over the limits. Buy one that can handle the trailer. (pin wieght is the big limiting factor) For $15k, you should be able to find plenty of nice trucks at around the 8-10yr mark (we bought a 2001 a couple years back for $6k with 100k miles. It's gas but there were diesel trucks in similar condition/milage available.)
valhalla360 11/19/15 12:35am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Need Help on Battery Type for Solar ?

How much solar you need is not a function of the battery bank. If is a function of how many amp-hrs that you use. 300watts of solar panels will likely put out around 100-125amp-hr each day (depends on how much sun they get. It could be much less if you park in shade). If you use more than goes in each day, the battery bank will be drained over time and you will have to find another means of charging. If you are limited on space, another vote for 6v golf cart batteries.
valhalla360 11/18/15 01:01am Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Condensation During Winter Storage

Usually not an issue if it's just in storage. You aren't keeping it heated are you? When we use the rig in the winter, condensation is an issue but that is because the inside temp is much warmer than the outside and the aluminum window frames develop condensation.
valhalla360 11/17/15 05:55am General RVing Issues
RE: F-250/F-350?

Assuming the single rear wheel 350, it's mostly heavier rear suspension. Assuming you find two nice trucks for the same price, I would take the 350 so you have a little more capability, particularly if you considering a 5th wheel. Bumper pulls won't see much difference because hitch weight usually isn't the limiting factor but 5th wheels are usually limited by pin weight and there the 350 will easily be rated for a bigger trailer.
valhalla360 11/15/15 02:00am Tow Vehicles
RE: Help with choosing proper converter amperage

If you aren't interested in understanding the hows and the whys, I suggest just putting back a unit that matches the original. It may not save you any money or charge faster or more efficently but at least you are unlikely to damage anything or create other issues. In fact, my original answer changes based on your response. A perfect example of why you need to know the hows and whys. Originally, it appeared that you did an occasional overnight away from power, which means you really don't gain anything with a larger charging system and could go significantly smaller with no real impact. The update says 4-5 days away from power are not uncommon. Of course that leads to the question, do you run the generator for other purposes anyway. If you are going to run the generator 4hrs each day regardless, you still don't gain any significant benefit from a larger charger.
valhalla360 11/15/15 01:53am Tech Issues
RE: jacks up or down?

Reality is it doesn't make much difference. For a static situation, the tires are massively overdesigned, so they don't need help. Two possible issues with leaving them down: - If the tires go flat, the stabilizers may become overloaded. Most of the simple scissor style stabilizers are not designed to life the trailer. Also the frame may not be designed to be lifted from the corners. - When you go to collect the trailer, don't forget to retract the stabilizers. Not major concerns but something to think about.
valhalla360 11/14/15 09:03am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help with choosing proper converter amperage

2 group 27 batterys is going to be around 180amp-hrs. The bulk charge should generally be limited to around 25% of the amp-hr number (45amps in your case). A little more isn't a big deal but crazy high 70-90amps, won't charge the batteries any faster and if poor design can damage the batteries. The bigger issue for you is how will your charging happen. If you won't be boondocking and running the generator to charge...presumably, you will be plugged in for a period in excess of 12hrs. To replace 180amp-hrs in 12hrs, would require 15amps. Of course, you should never use more than 30-50% of the amp-hrs, so even that is a bit high. Going a bit bigger allows the charger to cover 12v loads while still charging the batteries, so 25-30amps should be good. Now if you plan to start boondocking more and using the generator, putting back something in the 40-60amp range should be fine if it doesn't cost much more. Also make sure to get a multi-stage charger. As the batteries near full, thier charging needs change and multi-stage chargers do a better job. With 50amp power, it's probably not a big deal but a big charger can draw a lot of amps. If you are on a 30amp pedestal (no 50amp pedestal available), you may have to wait for the converter to catch up before you can run the air/con.
valhalla360 11/13/15 03:50am Tech Issues
RE: Windows 10 Update Considerations

Having just bought a laptop with W8, W10 is a huge improvement. I do have to check on the update controls though.
valhalla360 11/12/15 01:04pm Technology Corner
RE: Question about converting to ice cream truck

You might be better off buying one of those box trucks used by companies like UPS. Yep, a used box truck should be far easier to retrofit and it comes with an opening back door already built in. Shop around and you should be able to find one for similar price. Motorhome structures are horribly flimsy with the interior furnature actually providing a lot of the rigidity. While certainly technically possible, why make life difficult.
valhalla360 11/12/15 04:17am Class C Motorhomes
RE: 5th wheel with a gooseneck conversion in a short bed Dodge

The anderson is different but if you just go with a gooseneck extension, check with the manufacturer first. A standard gooseneck hitch will put more stress on the trailer frame where the pinbox attaches. It may be designed for it or it may not.
valhalla360 11/11/15 11:45pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: How do you deal with jerks while towing?

As others have said, nothing special about Chicago drivers. Generally avoid congested areas. Generally avoid rush hour drivings Drive defensively.
valhalla360 11/11/15 12:07am Towing
RE: Are we really "full timing"?

It seems to upset some people but I've thought we should adopt more clear terms for what you are doing: - Stationary: Living in an RV park or on private land and never (or almost never) moving the RV. - Snowbird/Sunbird: Traveling south in the winter but largely staying put once you get there. - Traveler: You move at least monthly. I'm not upset but since I like the northern snow and cold weather I'm suggesting a change in the Snowbird classification. What I don't like is all the short overcast winter days up north, they make me depressed. That's why I'll winter over in AZ into the future. Steve I don't object but snowbird is the one catagory that is already in fairly common usage. I also didn't clarify what happens in summer as there are two distinct subspecies: - Those that go back to a single spot up north (sometimes a house, sometimes an RV site) - Those that travel about for the summer.
valhalla360 11/10/15 11:59pm Full-time RVing
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