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RE: Odd electrical issues with camper?

On the connector that keeps breaking. Wire may be a bit short.. If it keeps happening extend the wire an inch or 3.
wa8yxm 08/22/17 04:56pm Tech Issues
RE: MP3 Player --Replacement for SanDisk Clip + that can Rockbox

I use my smartphone. All the music is on an SD Card so if the phone dies it moves to the new one seamlessly.
wa8yxm 08/22/17 04:52pm Technology Corner
RE: 5,000btu AC unit will not run o 1,500 watt inverter. Why?

I agree not enough surge current.. But there may be a reason for that you can fix. What size wire on the 12 volt side and how long is it.. How much batteries. For that inverter I'd like to see at the MINIMUM one pair of GC-2, 2 pair would be better. Way better in fact. And the wire zero gauge or bigger. 4/0 is better.
wa8yxm 08/22/17 07:20am Tech Issues
RE: Are all "Slide Outs" created equally? What to look for

Are all equal.. NO they are not Some are Cable Cars (Accu-slide) Look for, when extended, two cables on the "FRONT' and "REAR" (Directions refer to when going down the road) of the slide Some are Rack and Pinion systems (Power gear) Look for TOOTHED rails under the slideout Some are hydraulic Swintek uses a metal strip with a serpentine (Wavy) line or slot on the front and back of the slide out. What to look for.. Not sure.. What I have observed. Power gear and Accuslide (What I have) use the same basic type of controller. this unit senses current to the motor and when it increases it shuts the thing off.. I've had issues with needing multiply attempts to get the Accu-Slides in and out.. Works though. Power gear I've not had that problem but the controller just failed.. I'm working on it. The Accu slides.. if the cable breaks and the broken end pulls in it is a WITCH to run the new cable. but doable. (I did) easier if you get it before the broken end vaishes Finally if you need to "OVERRIDE" the slide manually (IE: Control failure) Accu-slide.. Drill with a flexible hex tool (Drill;/Screwdrive) extension Power gear.. Ideally a 3/4 inch rachet wrinch but .. Well It's a job.
wa8yxm 08/22/17 07:12am Beginning RVing
RE: What determines the Class? A, C, Super C, B, B+, confused

I can DO a AND C An A is all motor home from the cockpit to the very reare is all one place. there is no "Cab over Ideally it was built as a motor home from the wheels up. A C.. Is usually built on a standard Truck chassis (not a custom) and has a bunk over the cab.. As best I can deerman. A "Super C" is BIG.
wa8yxm 08/22/17 07:06am Beginning RVing
RE: Old School Wiring Gurus Please Step Inside (headlights)

Incandescant headlights are polarity insensitive. So it is possible they reversed the wires.. That's all I can say. Your voltmeter is your friend.
wa8yxm 08/20/17 05:45pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can't find my fuse panel

Follow your ears.. With engine off and everything quiet turn on the 4 ways and listen for the clicking of the flasher Question do the TURN SIGNALS work properly? If so then odds are all the bulbs are good. Now. There are two kinds of flashers.. one the lamps come on the instant you nmove the switch, this type is often used for turn signals The other there is a brief pause. This is a HEAVY DUTY flasher which can flash 1 lamnp or 10, it does not care how many and that's what you SHOULD have on the 4-ways Your RV has multiple fuse boxes. One for the house. one (or more) for the chassis. and in mny case one more after market but I know where that is... I put it there
wa8yxm 08/20/17 05:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: RV Heat Furnace Cycles on three times and shuts off..

I know that feeling.. (Read that happned to mne) Somne good advise above but here is what I found. Symnptoms. Exactly the same as yours Inspetion. Flame lit, then shut off (Blower continued through the cool down, then went into PUrge then it relit.. Total 3 tries) THen it went into Ignition lockout. After MUCH testing (As it happens I knwo how to do this stuff. I don't recommend less you know how) Including testing the thermocouple (THey almost never fail) I determined the control board was not sensing the flame.. . Mine is a "Single Wire Ignightion" This means the same wire that carries about 1,000 volts A/C to make it spark also carries about 0.480VOlt DC back from the flame sensor (Thermocouple) Well my THEORY is that when the board switched from "Make sparkes" to "Sense flame" the timing was off a bit and the flame sensor chip got hit with 1,000 volts or more.. ZAP a zowie it was toast I priced a new board (over 200 dollars) And then priced a New Dinosaur Boards board (Fan 50 for my RV) at less than half the cost of an Atwood OEM. Opened the box..... Very impressed by the quality of the Dino board on first look.. At second look... Found a neat little gas discharge tube right where you'd put one to protect the flame sensor chip against just the kind of failure I figure happend. I got my Dinosaur board from American RV in California. NOTE: Many companies with that name. You want the California one (One in MI changes my oil, ONe in GA replaced an A/C for me.. All different). NOTE: I recommend trying the NO COST solutions suggested above befor throwing money at it
wa8yxm 08/20/17 05:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Low voltage problems

YOu are too far from the transformer. THis is common in many older camnpgrounds that are truly not up to the needs of modern RV's. I"m on such a place now myself but my HUGHES AUTOFORMER "Boosts" the voltage.. Sadly this also increases current so my 30 amp feed may go POP at like 25 amps out of the autoformer (Air COnditioner Electronics and a 600 Watt "Hot pot" did it this afternoon.. Just one A/C too.. That's way below 30 amnps)
wa8yxm 08/20/17 05:29pm General RVing Issues
RE: Brand new rv 13.5btu AC issue

I agree it is hard to test a Cap with an Ohmmeter.. First. It takes time. and you have to know both the value of the cap and some things about your meter. When you first connect the leads it will (or should) show DEAD SHORT for a capacitor that is "discharged" is a DEAD SHORT when power is first applied THen as the cap charges resistance should go up ideally approaching infinity (In practice for large electrolytic caps like the ones under discussion it won't go that high) The value of the cap and some meter stuff indicate how fast it rises The value of the cap can be determined by how fast it rises in fact. Today I have Multi-Meters that measure Capacitance. In the old days I did it with a Vacuum Tube Volt Meter and a stop watch.
wa8yxm 08/20/17 05:23pm Tech Issues
RE: DTV receiver gets really hot ..

Yes they do (Both DTV and Dish) I suggest becoming a FAN. or rather installing a FAN blowing cool air into the comartment where you park it.
wa8yxm 08/20/17 07:48am General RVing Issues
RE: Two 6 volt vs two 12 volt run time

I actually went with an Optima blue top group 31. It is 75Ah and cost about $225. If you had gone with a LIFELINE AGM it would be 130 amp hours. OPTIMA are more expensive and far lower capacity. Just so you know. Now.. if you are driving a 4-runner or Wave Runner or other off road vehicle. OPtima can take a licking (physically) and keep on Ticking as the watch maker used to advertise. But for RV use.. NOT recommended for reasons in my FIRST paragraph, HIgh cost, Low capacity.
wa8yxm 08/20/17 07:47am General RVing Issues
RE: School me on heated tanks and enclosed underbelly stuff

On Trailers typically the waste lines and valves are UNDER the rig.. THis kind of scares me cause I'd hate to hit something on the road and shatter the line on the way to a place where I can legally dump.... On class A's often everythign is enclosed, INSIDE a bay, and there is insulation. Heated tanks can be one of two things One. They have a 'Film" that contains electric heat elements.... Kind of like the rear window defrosters, this is pealed and stuck onto the tanks and fed power either 12 V or 120V.. Or it means the furnace had a heat duct in the "Wet" bay (how my rig is set up) Most "heated" tanks are good to 20F.. I have added additional heat and hit 11 once
wa8yxm 08/20/17 07:44am General RVing Issues
RE: Kaspersky Anti-Virus FREE Edition

The THing I don't trust about Windows Defender is this: WHO DO YOU THINK Put the "Vulnerability" in the Operating System to start with? I happen to like Science Fiction.. A TV show (VIPER) featured a company "Keys Computer" or some such.. Well turns out they put a "Back door" in every computer so they could take over when they had enough in use. The driver of the VIPER knew this.. but alas could not prove it to a court's satisfaction. Keys knew he knew and thus was the on-going conflict in the show. I Actually don't like those "Mortal Enemy" things all that much but the rest of the show was entainering.. If you like fiction..
wa8yxm 08/20/17 07:37am Technology Corner
RE: Temp Cell Service While In The USA?

First for a long time Verizon had the best coverage. I'm not sure that is still true. There are a lot of "pre-paid" plans.. YOu can get a phone with a limited number of minutes at gas stations. Truck stops. Drug stores and more. Depending on the phone it will most likely work with T-Mobile. Sprint or the most popular is Verizon. (Virgin Mobile uses Sprint) These plans, depending on how much talk time and data you want, can be as low as 20-25/month (I used to use a Virgin Mobile data plan,, it worked where I needed it,, So I'd go into the store and ask for a "Twenty Dollar Virgin".. Got a laugh most times since the clerk knew exactly what I wanted) IF you are not planing on being in the USA too long.. That's what I'd recommend. Long stay you might want to look at other plans. Side note.. Went to Marysville, MI yestarday.. Got a "Welcome to Canada" message on my T-Mobile.... I Never left Michigan.
wa8yxm 08/20/17 07:34am Technology Corner
RE: RV Cable Issues

Several possible issues. First. assuming you have the standared WINEGARD wall plate with an antenna connector on the front along awith a 12 volt outlet, Switch and light and 3 more cables on teh rear the center one is PARK CABLE IN.. This is the normal. if you have a different arrangement (Example A Matrix switch or Box of Many Buttons) well the cable port is clearly marked. NOW.. On MY RV.. I have a problem with that cable.. I did some damage, fixed that but there is another break somewhere.. I use cable so little I've not yet gotten around to fixing it.. Will some day but alas. Not this week. Many owners re-wire the switch (The wall plate) for Sat TV use re-routing cables. Finally.. Some cable companies (I THINK Cox is one but dont' quote me) have gone from unencoded to all encrypted TV.. THeir reason.. PROFIT. back in the days of unencrypted TV you could put in a splitter and add more televisions but with ENCRYPTED you need a SET TOP BOX for each and every TV and thus they can rent you more boxes for a small additioanal fee. Me I use Over the Air TG and skip the fee entierly.
wa8yxm 08/20/17 07:29am Technology Corner
RE: Can New A/C Be Run Immediately After Install?

Tempting to joke and say NO. Depends on what you call installed. Before you install the first step is to TURN OFF the circuit breaker (or pull the power plug from shore) After install you must restore power (Turn on Breaker, Plug back in) before you can use it. Yes. you can use it ASAP after install. No problem it's ready to run out of the box. In fact the installer will likely do just that to make sure he got everythign right.
wa8yxm 08/20/17 07:21am Tech Issues
RE: Helpful Kids

Thanks. in these troubled times.. Starting my day with a good laugh is very important.. So Thanks.. You provided that laugh. Yesterday was a good day I had two of 'em on factbook no less 1: "What really happens in an eclipse" (The moon jumps in front of the sun and says "PHOTOBOMB") I printed and they posted in the park office 2: My grandson said he wanted a remote control car for his birthday so I made him one (Remote control with wheels on it) Fact.. My Step Nephew wanted a Porsche for his birthday and I got him one... From Radio Shack.
wa8yxm 08/20/17 06:50am Around the Campfire
RE: Wreckage of the USS Indianapolis discovered

Just a comment on the "Headline" (subject of thread) The Wreckage of the Wreckage was discovered? (I see that has been corrected. Thanks) A comment on the story: IT is good that these brave men can be properly honored. I know some like to protest Servicemen (And women not days) but it is well and truly written that NO GREATE LOVE has any man than to lay down his life that others may live.. and that is exactly what these brave souls did.. They gave their life.. So we did not have to.
wa8yxm 08/20/17 06:47am Around the Campfire
RE: Generator Maintenance

Onan suggests fairly frequent oil changes.. Now first: YOU should run the thing for at least 1/2 hour under 1/2 load every month. I would change at least every oil change for the Motor home if I were you. . However as I said. Onan may ask for more frequent.. and void your warranty if you don't.
wa8yxm 08/19/17 05:01pm Class A Motorhomes
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