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RE: ems

The EMS is only active when on a 20 or 30 amp site,, If you are on a 50 amp site it goes to sleep cause it's not needed and the display will show zero amps. Why is this. Well you have two HOTS and a neutral. on a 50 amp site current can flow from L-1 to L-2 and bypass the neutral completely (Assumes a perfectly balanced panel) I can if you wish explain why this is a good thing. So to properly measure current you would need 3 current sensors or at least two, and a comnputer to add 'em up. But on 30 both L-1 and L-2 are the same, they are connected together. so ALL current flows through the NEUTRAL wire... So you need only one sensor, on the neutral. Thus they do it that way. Far simpler, far less expensive, and just shut it off when you are on 50 amnps cause the reading would be ... Confusing.
wa8yxm 06/23/17 06:11am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Streets & Trips GPS dongle works again.

The "BuG" is that Microsoft turned the GPS dongle from a "Serial port" to a "Sensor" they may have fixed it, but a 3rd party did as well. Will give it a try when I move next week and see if I still need to find the reverse driver (Turns the snesor back into a com-port) The reverse driver cost just under 12 vucks.
wa8yxm 06/23/17 06:07am Technology Corner
RE: Camping near Detroit

If you belong to a faternal orgination there may be a lodge with RV facilities, Alas the Taylor Moose is closed for the time so no joy there. I stayed at the old Greenfield KOA, not called Greenfield-Detroit Campground, Not bad, fair Wi-Fi. full hookup though I took a 30 amp site, You might want to call ahead. Algonac State Park is electric only with dump station and water fill station (It is N.E. of Detroit on Jeffereson. Beyond that I can't help much. I used to have a low-power site in the city itself but, alas, last I knew I handed the title to the bank and said By By.
wa8yxm 06/22/17 05:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Slides and jacks stopped working - 2004 Colorado 5th wheel

I agree with the circuit breaker theory however not with the appearance.. Alas I have not a photo but there is one that has a lever that pops out as well as a button or switch,, But start at the battery and follow the positive wires, you will find it.
wa8yxm 06/22/17 05:36pm Tech Issues
RE: Gas pice

Something to think about (I gas up at Kroger in the Summer time, Buy Grocries, get discounts 10C per 100$ or 10C per 50$ on weekends) Gas prices in the US peaked at an average price of $4.17/gallon (nation wide higher in many places) in August of 2008.. Starting in 2009 they dropped and continued droppign till they were around $2.00/gallon.. THey are climbing again.
wa8yxm 06/22/17 06:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Not to Happy with Thor or Ford

First.. A question: YOu spoke long about the crabbing but not the hydraulics Were the hydraulics fixed, ANy further issues with HOUSE systems? The reason I ask: House systems are generally Thor's or the 3rd party that designed and built the system (IE: LCI (power gear and many other companies) But the Crabbing: That is FORD. And you are quite right to include them in the subject line... As for the work done by "Quality" Well.. That's Their idea of Quality (Kind of low in my book).. Bending the springs is NOT how you fix that.
wa8yxm 06/22/17 06:21am Class A Motorhomes

I got the official "That did not work out as planned" E-mail from FMCA yesterday The plan was published in several magazines as well as on line. Then verizon decided to cancel it.. As someone up-thread said typical of them One more reason for me to boycott Verizon and advise against them.. Verizon is made up of several companies that merged, one was GTE (I call them Generally Terrible Electronics but the real name is General Telephone and Elecronics.. I have a joke about them but not today) GTE "Serviced" my parent's 2nd house. and I have assorted horror stories about their cuss-some-more non-service.. I was able to get 'em off their corporate backside and fix an issue once... But I knew what phone number to ask for to light a fire under 'em (Michigan Public Service Commission) seems they FEAR bad reports, and for good reason. Ok the Joke: Was having coffee in the DPD Communications floor break room with a DPD officer, he had a coffee cup from Automatic Electric (GTE's manufacturing division) I ask about it "Came with the phone switch gear" I replied "Man you are good arn't you" He ask why I said that I said "Well We can talk to each other and GTE Has yet to make a system that works so you must be good" He laughed... and agreed.
wa8yxm 06/22/17 06:16am Technology Corner
RE: Slide-out question

Once extended, at least a little bit, LUBRICATE, LUBRICATE Oil them suckers up. Follow manufacturer's (Slide out) recommendations as to lubricant and how much.
wa8yxm 06/21/17 05:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Windows 10 Creators Update and Windows Defender

Last I checked Windows Defender was not rated well by the white hat guys (People who fight hackers)... And i'd assume that has not changed. I used to say that I felt MS paid a bonus to the programmer who's back door was the hardest to find.
wa8yxm 06/21/17 05:48pm Technology Corner
RE: Bad receptacle installation by factory - potentially unsafe

A little bit about Licensing..... In another time and place we had a favorite saying, it applies here (and in many other places) as well.. From the old "mobile economy run" ratings on automobiles. "Your Millage May Vary" IN context it measns laws and licensing requirements may vary from state to state, city to city within the state, It may make a difference if the electrian is workign on your house, or in a factory where houses are built or where motorhomes/trailers are built... Many variables. Factory OWNERS are very good at finding where they can build to take advantage of these differences in laws.. Now do not get me wrong, I'm not complaining about this, IF I were to build a factory.. I'd do the same thing. I mean why hire a 25 dollar an hour licensed union man when I can pay 15 to someone not licensed? Of course it may affect their liability insurance cost in the long run. But never assume the licensing requirements WHERE YOU PARK are the same as WHERE I PARK or where the RV was built... Unless you are parked at the factory.
wa8yxm 06/21/17 05:41pm Tech Issues
RE: A/C and Arizona Heat Wave

The big problem may not be the wire to the outlet, but the number of Folks adding more A/C to their houses to cope with the heat,, This puts a much bigger load on "The Grid" and means the voltage TO YOUR HOUSE may be reduced. Not a good thing. Wish I could be more help save to say plug in volt meters, Multiple outlets both in House and RV
wa8yxm 06/21/17 05:27pm Tech Issues
RE: Does anyone know of a program similar to Streets & Trips?

First S&T may be out of date but not all that much since roads do not often change.. Oh a few new ones get added from time to time.. but GOOGLE MAPS on yoru smart phone can find those. The big issue with S&T is this: If you use windows 10. Microsoft BROKE IT. Thankfuly there is a 3rd party that fixed what MS broke. GPSReverse driver Alas I can not give you the URL for the company. 12 dollars when I got it.
wa8yxm 06/21/17 05:49am General RVing Issues

Though it can be done by another method the standard method is to remove the 'fridge (or at least tilt it into the RV) then you can easily follow the path and replace the hose. My solution was a bit easier.. I pulled it and went with a small portable ice maker, Very happy with the results.
wa8yxm 06/21/17 05:44am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Coach powerf switch wont turn off 2006 cross country

Assuming for the moment an INTELLETEC Battery Control System.'IN the BCC there are several fuses. Some are 5 amp ONE OF THOSE controls the switch. Remove all 5 amp fuses Cycle USE/STORE switch like 100 times, both ways Replace switch If it works,, GOOD, if not your FREE is hereby cheerfully refunded.
wa8yxm 06/21/17 05:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: TV's Control two TV's in living room

Some devices have a "prefix" code before they work, but I've never seen this with TV. Best suggestion is to trade one out for a different brand, however even that may not work... For me it was a good thing but I have a "no-name" wal-mart special in my bedroom as my prmary (The 2nd TV in the bedroom they double as computer monitors and occasionally IN need two TV's for set up reasons) is a Samsung, no interaction via remotes. But when I picked up a DYNEX for the main room.. .. No remote (Good deal at a pawn shop) Imagine my surprise when I found it takes the same codes as the no-name wally world special. (Handled all but one function.. and normally I only use on/off and volume (The function it did nto support was inut select).
wa8yxm 06/21/17 05:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Picking up Wi-Fi

Use a Wi-Fi Ranger. this is a 2 device setup. The outdoor device acts like a cable modem, only instead of cable it is a Wi-FI adapter. The inside deice is arouter Wi-Fi or Wir4ed in my case. Takes some getting used to for setup as you move about.. but works well,.
wa8yxm 06/21/17 05:35am Technology Corner
RE: USB Wall Charger With Superior Lifespan

You can make your own easily enough. AllElectronics (dot com) has an assortment of Buck/Boost devices,, Set one to 5 volts out, some can do 2,3,4,amps or more and add a couple of USB ports, Feed it with a high amperage DC supply (I have 3 and 7 in stock, not to mention one that can hit 80 and one that is out of service just now but it hit 101 once.. Yes that's amps folks at 12 volt DC or there abouts .. Converters)
wa8yxm 06/19/17 04:43pm Technology Corner
RE: 2008 Springdale power issues

First there is no such thing as a 110 to 30 adapter. 30 amps is 110-120 volts. What you were using was, depending on your point of view a 30-15 amp adapter or a 15-30. BOth ends are the same voltage 120. Now, the outlet you plugged into.. Was that for a Dryer, or some power tool originally> If so it was likely a 240 volt outlet and you fried everything.
wa8yxm 06/19/17 04:38pm Tech Issues
RE: Cutting into a wall, ideas/closing back up

A common leak point is the vacuum breaker, IT MAY be accessible from the bathroom. IT may be in the Utility riser, not in the wall.
wa8yxm 06/19/17 04:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Motorhome door is stuck

Trimark latches use a cheap metal for the striker bolt, and the high stress point on that bolt is also the weakest spot.. Nice design. I had to "Pick" the lock (I actually used a "Pidk" designed for use removing the rear main seal on an Engine) I was able to sneak it in and depress the bolt.. Then open the door. Took it apart (Careful or the spring) and had a metalsmith carve me on out or STEEL. forget if it was 20 or 25 bucks (Beats over 100 for a new latch assembly)
wa8yxm 06/19/17 02:52pm Tech Issues
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