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RE: Boosting Cell Phone reception

Depending on several things there are basically two ways to go. T-Mobile offers something I think they call a "hot Spot" not to be confused with what I"m using to send this post.. This is a "Micro-Cell" (Very small cell "Tower" actually a box that plugs into an internet Router (or Wi-Fi) and makes it a miniture cell tower. Short range. Might work for you or not) And there are a couple of companies We-Boost and I think Max Signal that offer WIRELESS (Cellular) Range extenders... These (We-Boost is the lesser of the two and can be found at many truck stops, it's also the less expensive and will LIKELY work if cell service is "Spotty") THe system consists of an OUTDOOR antenna. and you have options including a DIRECTIOAL antenna (Good if you know where to point) and and indoor antenna. And in between is a Digital Repeater Box.. NOTE.. Wi-Fi Ranger.. Same thign for Wi-Fi.. Just so you know.
wa8yxm 03/22/18 04:02pm Technology Corner
RE: Netgear hotspot doesn't work in the US

I am inclinded to agree with Gordon. There are at least 3 different cellular standards. GSM and CDMA refer to the audio codecs used. but not all work across all networks A device desigened for ONE codes, say Sprint/No-Te,,er, Nextel, may not work on T-Mobile/AT&T/Verizon towers or with sim cards designed for those towers. Hold on. Yup. Boost uses Sprint.. Sprint advertises their phones have an IN NETWORK reliability that is within 1% of Verizion.. What they FAIL to tell you is the size of their network is not far from 1`% of Verizon or AT&T or T-Mobile. Alas. though I do have a hot spot that WILL work in the USA.. It is a Virgin Mobile.. Likewise it uses sprint, so it's ... collecting dust. (This post brought to you via T-mobile. my OTHER hot spot).
wa8yxm 03/22/18 03:57pm Technology Corner
RE: McD's in Quartzsite

McD's wants people to use the robots (Kiosks) or phone app so they don't even have to pay workers.. If the store has 'em. I eat elsewhere. I like to deal with a HUMAN clerk.
wa8yxm 03/22/18 03:51pm Technology Corner
RE: Uber 'autonomous' car kills women

She was not in a cross walk, State laws on ped's vary depending on the state Some states, from the instant they step off a curb ANYWHERE all traffic stops till they are back on a sidewalk Some States ONLY in a cross walk Some states Just don't hit 'em THe rest I do not know. Lights and/or reflectors are also required for night bicycle riding in many areas. Do not know about all areas. Do ride a Bicycle (Well used to rid it all the time, no car) And made a presentation about bicycle laws to City Council once. Yes we have them, at least in Michigan.
wa8yxm 03/22/18 03:49pm Around the Campfire
RE: Hot Water Tank Bypass

There are three types of Bypass systems 1,2 and 3 valve You have a one valve system The valve, with the handle pointing toward the Water heater (or away from it) is "USE" and with the valve pointing toward the HOT is "Bypass" there is a check valve (Sorce of many problems) in the hot water outlet. THe valve is what we call a 3-valve, why I don't know since it only sends water TWO different ways. The two valve system replaces the check valve with a 2nd 3-way The 3 valve system uses all quarter turn, one in the bypass line. But you have the one valve system.
wa8yxm 03/22/18 07:08am Beginning RVing
RE: Uber 'autonomous' car kills women

According to this morning's newspaper she was walking with the bicycle and stepped out directly in front of the car. The car (and the backup driver) had no time to react. Thank you for the update.. I have posted in at least two threads (on different forum families One here) about this. (It is a few replies above this one) So thanks for telling me I called it, even if that was not my intent (My intent was to get you to NOT blame the car too quickly) As for no skid marks (do not know if I mentioned that here) I know people who survived being run over WHEELS TURNING But I've seen what happens when they are not turning (You become a skid mark on teh highway) Thankfully that was seen via remote camera.
wa8yxm 03/22/18 07:01am Around the Campfire
RE: I Must Have Had a Senior Moment

One should either A: Make a custom mod to their Car or B: Remember the license plact or C: All of the above Since my license plate, my Screen name, My Ham call sign, all the same. Easy to remember it.. And as a HAM I have an extra radio antenna. Put it all together and...... the other day coming out of a store I found myself walking toward the wrong car.. Oh, I figured it out before I got embarassed (no custom antenna) but... It was the same color and a very close body match.
wa8yxm 03/22/18 06:46am Around the Campfire
RE: 30 amp vs 50 amp question

I assume this Victron will be installed in the RV, so it will be AFTER the 50 amp plug/cord. IF so install it per instructions, Let your existing dogbone connect the two legs together BEFORE the Victron. On your power panel if you have only one A/C you will likely find the A/C on one leg, the water heater on the other. (if you don't someone screwed up) and likewise a division of labor as it were.. So you have no need to do anyting special with the Victron it does all the work.
wa8yxm 03/21/18 04:04pm Tech Issues
RE: [SOLVED] 3 way fridge won't run on 12v

There is a relay and circuit board and FUSE somewhere.. I just can not tell you where.
wa8yxm 03/21/18 04:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Uber 'autonomous' car kills women

About the only thing I am confident about regarding this accident is that it was the result of human error. Anyone who thinks they can walk out in front of a car travelling 40 mph and blame the car or its driver when they get struck down is nuts. The pedestrian may have had the right of way but she didn't do it the right way. I should note: When I wrote of steppign 20 or 40 feet in front of a car goign 20 MPH. I do not know how fast the UBER car was goign or how far in front of it the Ped was when she got in front of it. I"m taking numbers out of a Driver's Training manual. But 4x4, I agree with what you said. In fact Walking out in front of a car that is so close that there is no way it can stop is called SUICIDE on many an accident report. And I've even heard of people being upset because a BUS driver thought the guy was a bit.... Hihkey.. and swerved so instead of going SPLAT all he got was a broken arm.. He lived to cuss out the bus driver.
wa8yxm 03/21/18 04:00pm Around the Campfire
RE: Computer running very slow & freezing up ?

You might want to check if you have a virus. Download free Malwarebytes, reboot into safe mode, and run the scan. I Will second this. Many types attempt to steal your computer time for their nefarious deeds .. They also spoof phone numbers by the way. Use of GOOD anti-Malware (And that is a good one) as well as a GOOD firewall (Not many meet my mentor's needs) (Steve Gibson, I think it is GRC research or some such) I've gotten free computers from people who did not take the advice to run a firewall "It slows it down too much".. Yup. Finally she gave up "If you can get it workign it's yours" took me less than 15 minutes.
wa8yxm 03/21/18 03:57pm Technology Corner
RE: Removing braking system

Unless you plan to sell it NO need to remove it.. Just so you know.
wa8yxm 03/21/18 07:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Property tax payment

Gee. the only "Tax" i pay on the RV is teh annual LIcense plate fee, they re-structured a few years (Decades) Back so it is now a "property Tax" under federal lawe.. less than 500 on my house.
wa8yxm 03/21/18 07:25am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Watts 263A Problem

With age teh diaphraham gets "Stiff" and does not allow the valve to fully open. A Rebulid kit should include a new diaphraham. I need to rebuild mine as well.
wa8yxm 03/21/18 07:24am Beginning RVing
RE: A.R.A. Radios

FM Ignitation supression. I like thatm FM is naturally resistant to ignition noise. The FCC ID if you can get it to search, will get you to the info you need. I tried but no joy on the first attempt..
wa8yxm 03/21/18 07:20am Technology Corner
RE: Inverter Generator and 12v deep cycle batts

The answer depends on many factors. 1 What converter is in teh RV? Magnetek 6300 UPGRADE Progressive Dynamics 9245 Well... Other than perhapd a biggert unit (IE 9260 which woudl be the proper MAX size for those batteries) there is no upgrade. (60 amps is about your maximum recommnded bulk charge, however for most Lead Acid battery type a SLOWER charge is better (longer overall lire). Many other make and models are also very good... So if you have a good 3-Stage charger in the RV.. That is the best way to charge. Alsok if you replace thse Group 27's (next time they need replacement)( with a pair of GC-2 in series you get about 20% more total capacity and over twice the useable capacity and quite possibly longer battery life.
wa8yxm 03/21/18 07:16am Tech Issues
RE: Uber 'autonomous' car kills women

Again I point out.. at 22 MPH if you step out 20 feet in front of a car it will hit you. PERIOD Does not matter how fast the driver or computer responds IT WILL HIT YOU.. if it is a human driver then at 40 Feet odds are it will hit you. Now: I do not know how sofiscitated Uber's computers are. but if a car hits you the worst thing the driver can do (from your point) is stand on the brakes,, This will greatly increase the damage.. The computer may have been smart enough to know that.. I do not know for I did not have anything to do with the programming.
wa8yxm 03/21/18 07:11am Around the Campfire
RE: New much better speakers not much better, help

Kenwood makes some good radios.. Just not the kind being discussed here I fear. IF there is room for a proper speaker box. Go to the speaker maker's web site to see what they recommend. I do agree with the advice. .I've built one set of speakers, I followed the maker's recommendation as to housing, VERY GOOD results.
wa8yxm 03/20/18 11:02am Technology Corner
RE: Uber 'autonomous' car kills women

Just read the article. I notice the Human Driver did not take action.. From history: I recall back in the 70s and 80's a rash of accidents that lead to some laws about WALKING while wearing headphones. Seems a number of people walking along listening to their "Walkman" type tape players were blissfully stepping off the curb infront of a passing car or in one case stepped out and smacked the side of a SEMI TRUCK that was turning, landing under the trailer tires, NOT THE TRACTOR but the Trailer she walked into. Now, if a car is doing 20 MPH and you walk out within 22 feet there is no way,NONE ZIP no way even a computer with instant response can stop the car in time. (Skid distance alone is 22 feet on "Reference" pavement, often longer) (and 22 more for average human reaction time I might add).
wa8yxm 03/20/18 10:59am Around the Campfire
RE: Rep. Welch (D, VT) admits government’s flop on ethanol

Jax. you are not the only one. And don't forget the oil that was burned planting, cultivating and harvesting the corn, hauling it to the distillary and grinding it up into mash, fermenting and distilling it. About the only advantage I can see to alcohol infused gasolien is in the Great Frozen North (And occasionally South) in the winter.. Back in the 1970's before E-xx was in the pumps. I had a car with "Gas Line Freezup" One station near me sold I think e1 or e2 (that is 1 or 2 percent booze) no more gas line freezup. (My Advice Sir, Get De-Icer) Another ham was describing his car's issues. (Run for like half a mile and stal out restart run another half mile....) well I'm discussing it with another ham who has called a tow for him when he stalls out again, in front of a hardware store. The other ham ask "What can you do about it" after I properly diagnosed gas line freezup.. Well Dry-Gas (Alcohol) is or was, sold by hardware stores. He made it the rest of the way home and went back the next day to buy a case. Today that does not happen so much thanks to E-10. it's freeze proof. That's is the ONLY advantage Oh later. My Daughter's Godfather was lauging at me for overpaying for gas at the "De-Icer" station... Till I towed his ride to the shop for 300 in Fuel Pump from the water in what he was buying.
wa8yxm 03/19/18 06:54am General RVing Issues
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