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RE: Lifespan of brakes on large motorhome

Mine have 37,000 miles on 'em (and change) and the front brakes will be INSPECTED long about next week.. I may replace the pads (Since we will have 'em off) or, based on this thread, not, Will inspect first, They will be off for 2 or 3 days so I can shoot over to NAPA or B2B and grab new pads if needed.
wa8yxm 02/28/17 08:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cryptic message from Mexico

He has posted a few times.. look for a thread about Rare Exotic Wi-Fi (not sure about Exotic but rare is in there Also Wi-Fi might be "internet"
wa8yxm 02/28/17 08:20am Tech Issues
RE: Batteries for adult toy.

You know.... When I read this thread title.. I keep thinking of AA batteries.
wa8yxm 02/28/17 08:18am Tech Issues
RE: Options to upgrade water heater?

Using both Gas and Electric, at the same time, if possible (not always) improves recovery time Atwood makes a 10 gallon water heater that fits in a six gallon hat. What it does is over heat the water than mix cold in via an automatic mixing valve so you get 2/3 more hot water... NOTE: the mixing valve is an additional point of failure, but I've not heard bad things about them. Finally there is a type of water heater called a "Tankless" or "Demand". these run on Propane only.. And ONLY when hot water is requested,, So though they burn a lot of propane when running, they burn ZERO when you are not drawing HOT water.. The result is they use less,, over all. The other advangage is they can heat 2 Gallons per minute easily to shower temp, You never run out of hot water unless you either Run out of A: water or B: propane.
wa8yxm 02/28/17 08:17am Tech Issues
RE: Lights on sig

First "Dim" and "Bright" are misleading.. Back in the 50's with what is called a "Single light" system (one sealed beam lamp on each side) the "Dim" was 56 watts and the Bright 36.. yup, got that backward.. That is why they went to HIGH and LOW beams. Today they tend to be all the same wattage.. But we need to know Is it truly DIM? (I had that problem) or is it high and low reversed? If it is high and low reversed I suspect you can figure out the cure Switch the wires) note: do a very good job of cutting and splicing, use MARINE grade heat shrink to seal the connection and solder please, at least 6 inches from the socket. If it is DIM... and a single lamp system. Well, as I said I had that problem. Finally fixed it My car has a "Single" system. on this type of system the the lamp has 3 terminals, HIGH/LOW and Common.. on mine the COMMON was bent, so it did not go in the socket,, Solution was to bend it back so it went into the socket. Now if you have a "Dual" headlight system (one on either side) then either one is HIGH and the other LOW, or.... One his HIGH/LOW and the other HIGH only. On this a bad ground will make a big difference. Finally. how to tell if it is HIGH/LOW swap You need a foggy day, OR a reflective wall or store front at night. The beams are clearly visible in the fog or the Bright spot on the wall (high or low) it will be obvious if lead swap is the issue.
wa8yxm 02/27/17 09:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: LED/TV reception

... Disc Ceramic Capacitors.. I'd go with 0.1 and 0.001 uF capacity for starters...Good advice. Without getting into a lot of electronics theory, there is good reason to use both together. Also, keep the leads on the capacitors as short as possible. Thanks.. It is nice to have folks support. OH, for all Radio/Television problems folks there is a good book or several sold by the ARRL.ORG book store. One I liked was titled Radio Frequency interference (or RFI handbook) and that is where much of my knowledge on this comes from. I also spent a couple years in College and trade school studying Electronics and science in general... ARRL RFI Handbook 3rd Edition RFI Pocket Guide
wa8yxm 02/27/17 08:53am Tech Issues
RE: DirecTV in Florida (Possibly fixed)

Clue words and phrases Parked in FLORDIA Early Evening. Now if I wanted to I might be able to calculate the precise time but Well let's try about 20 degrees. so 2:20,, Might that be when you loose signal, Or perhaps later without doing a whole lot more math. Orbiting at GeoSync altitude over the equator is a box, AMC-4 is the name of this box,, That is your DirecTV source. Normally works very well. However orbiting out at about 1 AU (Astromical Unit) is a bigger item.. Known as the SUN, and when the SUN lines up with AMC-4.. Your antenna goes blind. Kind of like me going to supper the other night (Friday) driving towards said sun.. now I was able to control it, but it was blinding. (Without sun glasses) Sadly that won't help you you are trying to see the light of a match in the glare of a blast furnace.
wa8yxm 02/26/17 05:39pm Technology Corner
RE: LED/TV reception

Well there is a slight problem.. LEDs make light different than a hot wire does, But what you do not know is Radio, Television, and visible light are all the same thing, Electromagnetic radiation. Just different frequencies (tones) is all. Sometimes you can pop over to an electronics store, even a Radio Shack, if you know how to do electrical, or electrionic work, Pick up a couple of components Disc Ceramic Capacitors.. I'd go with 0.1 and 0.001 uF capacity for starters Put one of each in parallel and solder to the Socket (or LED pins) as close to the LED as possible. NOTE if soldering to the LED itself make sure you don't accidently DE-solder the LED board. (I do not recommend connecting ot the LED) Can not guarantee but I'm talking about change back from a $5.00 bill.
wa8yxm 02/26/17 05:33pm Tech Issues
RE: FCC and 4K Ultra HD Broadcasts

Saw an article a little while back saying today's 4K TV will not receive OTA so wait before you buy. It was a long technical paper, I only read the first paragraph. This is a common problem.. You start you have two or three competing formats.. For example in Video Tape Alpha Beta Vhs U-matic Open reel Now, each version has it's advantages (the last two are professional) except for perhaps Alpha.. That one was never much good. But till the market finally settled on VHS,, Folks who bought Beta were left in the cold (Sony's fault by the way.. I have some no longer supported Sony hardware here too. Still works though and dang good, just not Video (Was never video)). Same with ATSC, there were some other formats competing before they settled on ATSC,, and there still are competiting formats so if you buy the wrong model, when the dust settles. NO JOY.
wa8yxm 02/26/17 03:04pm General RVing Issues
RE: Circuit Breaker

Y09 means one of two things,, When it was made or the case and terminal style, Ignore that and go with the 6 Amp. NOTE: 12 volts is a "Minimum" rating, if you get one rated for 24 or 48, that's good too. You won't find one rated for less than 12 so don't worry about that. There are basically only a few factors other than the case/terminal arrangement Max voltage Trip current Delay Delay is flexible on most systems, and often not specified Self resetting/Manual reset And "Hold off resetting till current stops" (I think the Shortstop line does this, once it tripps it stays tripped till power is removed or the short(all loads) are removed).
wa8yxm 02/26/17 02:58pm Tech Issues
RE: RV bandit at NASCAR races caught

The O/P said "It goes back quite a ways" in the O/P. One of the things that is good to know is the good guys never give up.
wa8yxm 02/25/17 03:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Generator Use

Situtional. Some lots the noise from other activity is so loud I can't even hear my own Generator.. In those lots no problems. Other lots you can hear crickets.. I like to observe quite hours there.
wa8yxm 02/25/17 03:51pm General RVing Issues
RE: FCC and 4K Ultra HD Broadcasts

There should be no, or at least darn few "SD" analog fuzzy shows. or are you just talking of the resolution from the old shows.. Which are most of what I watch. But then I don't have a 'Bigger than life' TV.
wa8yxm 02/25/17 03:49pm General RVing Issues
RE: German Resolution to ban ICE engines by 2030 passes

Maybe you should delete your post before someone from the EPA reads it and thinks it is a good idea. :B Too late, in fact too late before it was posted.. One state is already working to ban internal combustion engines. Or so I'm told. You can guess which state, but well, they are progressive,,, but then so am I (And then it is the state in which I was born, not raised, but born).
wa8yxm 02/25/17 07:51am General RVing Issues
RE: lighting upgrades

E-bay and Amazon are good sources, With Amazon if you have Chrome use the HONEY add on. Marine stores carry a wide variety of 12 volt fixtures but tend to be pricey. You can also go to LED stores.. I do suggest LED lighting.. To give you an example. Years ago I bought a Track Light system.... Well it used 20 watt Halogen "Landscape" type spots.. I eventually replaced 'em with 5 Watt Florcesent which were not quite as bright.. I just replaced one of those which burned out (Been over a decade) with a 4 Watt LED... WOW, Bright.. It is. I've also converted one of my Thin-Light Fluorescents to LED (Actually 2) and will do the other two on a BOB bases (Burned Out Bulb). And most of the other fixtures to LED also on a BOB basis. But I've not changed the fixtures.
wa8yxm 02/25/17 07:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: UPDATE Splicing 30A plug to 50 amp cord

I have had that "Warm box" on two occasions. one just like yours. The other was a 50 amp box. I called .. More than once, finally got an electrician out with new breakers.. He had to wear gloves to pull the old ones out they were that hot.. Even after he got the new breakers in and hooked up and power back on they were still too hot to handle comfortablly. The park manager tried to claim "It's all you folks running 50 amp RV's on 30 amp sites" but 1: I'm certified in electronics so I know better than that 2: It was a 50 amp breaker pair and a 50 amp site.. I do not draw 30 amps at peak consumption on either leg so that simply could not be true. (The only time I've tripped a circuit breaker (twin 30's) on my Generator I was daisy chain feeding a 2nd RV or other "Event" ... So If I don't trip 30's on the ONANm, no way am I going to overload a 50 amp park breaker) He finally bowed to my superior training and experience.
wa8yxm 02/25/17 07:43am Tech Issues
RE: German Resolution to ban ICE engines by 2030 passes

Kind of off topic but it shows how some minds might work. The subject of this thread contains the phrase "ICE Engine" The last space shuttle disaster,, Buzz Aldrin was interviewed, he read part of a poem, actually a song (I have, as they say, the CD) by a Dr. Jordan kare.. I have both a very well done version and Dr. kare himself singing it The Song is Fire in the Sky. Dr. Kare is a genuine "rocket scientist" The kind who gets paid to invent newer and better and less polluting rockets. Last I knew he was working on an ICE engine,, That is the engine is a reaction chamber with a big block of ICE (Frozen water) in it, a laser beam from an earth based laser melts and vaporizes the ICE.. turning it into high pressure STEAM, which then propels the rocket. So your subject line made me think of the very excelent song Promethus Music if you want to get the "To Touch The Stars" cd.. after that interview the servers crashed.. but I'd downloaded my copy (Purchased) a couple days before the BOOM.
wa8yxm 02/24/17 07:24pm General RVing Issues
RE: question

Beg, borrow or steal a table saw. Then you can make custom cabinets exactly how you want them. How I'd do it :) Rubber maid makes lots of neat boxes and containers and such, I'm sure one could be made to work, perhaps a corrugated paper box could be slided and diced into dividers or thin wood panels (How Id' do it is thin wood panels)
wa8yxm 02/24/17 07:05am General RVing Issues
RE: Golf carts

Are six volt or 12 volt better? Well that is kind of a mixed question 10 years ago it was easy to answer but today, In part due to that Golf car you are considering it's becomming more confused.. The most common battery, PERIOD, is a 6 Volt GC-2 Golf Car battery, this is a DEEP CYCLE battery designed specifically for golf cars but useful in many other applications where you need fewer peak amps but more total usable amp hours. In the past it was very very hard to find 12 volt batteries in the DEEP CYCLE configuration.. Though MARINE/deep cycle (note case) is very common. Today you can get 12 volt GC-12's These are DEEP CYCLE just like the GC-2, so there is no advantage to GC-2 over GC-12 save for this: Cost. Again the GC-2 is the MOST COMMON lead acid battery, thus the cost per unit is lower. But G-12's are getting there. and fast. And may well get there by the time you need new ones.
wa8yxm 02/24/17 07:00am General RVing Issues
RE: GFI outlets

Common "none of my GFCI" causes If none of them work, first check the GFCI itself, is it "Tripped", If so reset, does it trip again,, See below. Now check the circuit breaker feeding it.. Is it tripped, Reset. If it trips again, see below NOTE: in some cases the Circuit breaker may be the GFCI... NOTE 2: IF YOU HAVE AN INVERTER... Then you have one of two configuratrions Factory installed inverters typically have circuit breakers,, usually 2, sometimes more. on the inverter itself.. Now modern design practice is to place them on the rear where you need a flashlight, 4 hands and a mirror to find 'em so you can imagine my surprise when I went to help a fellow RVer and they were right there on the front in plain sight. After market inverters.. May be like that,,, Or they may have a SUB PANEL inside the RV, usually near (mine is behind) the main breaker panel. Tripped breaker prevents reset Finaly note before we get to "Below" A GFCI that trips immed on reset .. the sound is different than a "no power" attempt to reset,, Kind of a double click sound if it's tripping. Below If either the circuit breaker or the GFCI outlet is tripping.. First UNPLUG EVERYTHING that is plugged into a GFCI outlet.. if the Fridge does not work UNPLUG it (Plug is outside in the fridge access compartment) If this fixes it plug in one at a time till CLICK it stops (HInt a night light in any affected outlet will show you quickly when it clicks) If a GFCI still trips with everything unplugged... Check 1st the patio outlet,, Often the seal crachk, i tfills with water, and CLICK goes the GFCI. If any GFCI outlets are in slides under the slide are two junction boxes... I've heard of one (or both) of them getting filled with water and .. See last paragraph.
wa8yxm 02/24/17 06:52am Tech Issues
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