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RE: Electrical

For those to fail is kind of rare, But as Dons said, breakers (And a few other things) do fail.. I would start there.. NOTE: Though one would THINK that the dual ganged 50 amp breaker in the park's box.. or in your motor home, is that way so that both sides (legs) trip together.. Such is not the case. that is often two standard single breakers with a tie bar between the handles but packaged in a single case.. (Sorry if that is hard to read) One case with two breakers each independent, only the handles are tied together.
wa8yxm 07/22/16 08:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dash Radio's Motor Homes

I have had two dash radios die in cars.. Both modern, and my parent's I had to pull it and take it into a shop for rebuild. Now back in my parent's day it was a better quality radio Today a good number of 'em are made you know where or in another country both of which are kind of lacking in quality control. I do have horror stories.
wa8yxm 07/22/16 08:26am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Trouble with WIFI after installing Windows 10

I have not but this I do know. Windows 10 is missing a few driver files, IF one of those is the driver for YOUR Wi-Fi device you may need to update the driver.
wa8yxm 07/22/16 08:16am Technology Corner
RE: Parking in front of my house

Many cities have special rules for parking of RV's and most all cities have rules about parkign for more than xx hours (24 or 48 generally) plus some rules for days when there is street cleaning planned (DO NOT PARK). When I was a police dispatcher one of my troopers was pissed off cause the city had towed his car from in front of his Girl Friend's house. Where he had parked it for more than the allowed time.. in fact as I recall in that city the time limit is 24 hours and it was like 50 something when they towed it. What can I say.. Most folks do not know that part of the parking regulations.
wa8yxm 07/21/16 06:36am Beginning RVing
RE: Losing power while plugged into Shore ? Follow up more info

Dale said it, Your EMS is shutting you down due to low voltage.> Of course when the park electrician comes out it's always good because HE UNPLUGS YOU BEFORE HE READS THE VOLTAGE so there is no load. ALso your EMS is set to the default (Short) Delay, this is not long enough to let your Air Conditioners recover, You need to re-set it to LONG delay, this means more seconds without power when it happens, but it's easier on your A/Cs.
wa8yxm 07/20/16 03:40am Class A Motorhomes
RE: unlimited data plans

I do not know about Sprint Unlimited but I do know about T-mobile and now Verizon offers a T-Mobile like plan So many GIGS are FULL SPEED AHEAD and then you drop to watching grass grow but you still get data.. Enough to be useful for mapping and such but not streaming video. Of course.. it's been a long, long, long time since I burned up all my high speed (2013 in fact, April (My wife died on Mar-31 that year and I had a lot of documents that needed to be E-mailed back and forth between insurance companies and others in order to settle assorted affairs, I went over by 1` GIG. or less.)
wa8yxm 07/20/16 03:33am Technology Corner
RE: Winegard Antenna

You have to turn the mounting plate (Roof) around.. So it's done from topside. Or in many cases you can cut the end director element off the Wingman, Not as good as having all 3, but still better than not having it.
wa8yxm 07/20/16 03:26am Tech Issues
RE: Fuse block used in reverse as combiner?

I see no problems other than the additional resistance of the fuses. which in that configuration is not going to be much. Also heaven forbid a panel shorts out.. Might just save the rest of 'em if the fuse is properly sized.
wa8yxm 07/20/16 03:24am Tech Issues
RE: ? Battery Cables - Color ?

Colors on battery cables someeimes change as they move along RV's are wired by House type electricians, NOT by Automotive type Technicians. The difference is that in the world of Electronics, including Automotive, BLACK is Chassis ground (for the most part) and thus Negative In the world of House ELectrical systems, Black is HOT (And thus Positive) Why they reversed the colors.. I do not know,, I just know I'm cross trained. The solution, or recommendation is to METER the leads.. Then once you get them properly connected.. PAINT (Nail polish, Testor's Or split loom) RED for positive, black for negative.
wa8yxm 07/20/16 03:23am Tech Issues
RE: Converter bad

Does it matter where the converter is plugged in Two answers.. On my RV there are only selected outlets where I can plug in the converter, it has a 20 amp plug and the RV came with only 3 20 amp outlets.. ONe for the washer/dryer, One (I think) for the fridge, and the one for the converter,, I've since added two more for space heaters. I also have a 20-15 Adapter.. But that's another story. (I actually made it for something else entirely). Now... Page 2; SO long as the plug fits. No it does not matter with the following conditions. Large converters you need to maintain "Balance" on a 50 amp rig, as the song goes "In this life there must be balance" (Crane Dance, by Julia Ecklar, Has nothing to do with electrical stuff). And some converters do not play nice with GFCI circuits. Others do.
wa8yxm 07/19/16 07:03am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Idling Diesel ??

How times change.. When I was a teen ideling of Gasoline engines for more than a minute or two was not recommended cause the plugs would foul. In fact when I went to work for the State of Michigan at 27,, One of the things that was common on the freeway was for suspects to rabbit (HIT the gas and try to flee) when the troopers "Lit 'em up" (Turned on the police lights) because the city police cars which normally operated the streets at low speed... Well the plugs fouled and when they tried to catch the violator.. The engine would buck, stutter and stall often as not. (Sadly for the violators the State Police cars did not have that problem since they only traveled about 3 blocks on surface streets then HAMMER DOWN time on the freeway) Diesels of that era however could idle all day no problem Today... Thanks to modern Engine Control Comptuers, Gasoline engines, can idle all day (in many cases) no problems (Some of the big ones may overheat) Diesels, however,, have a need for speed (more than idle). The proper warm up time for all engines is the same. Start engine,, Buckle seat belt, Engage and SLOWLY drive out of campground. By the time you hit the road, you are warmed and ready to hammer down.
wa8yxm 07/19/16 06:59am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dirt roads, washboard roads for RV travel?

I will tell you only this.. My First RV (not counting the tent) was a PUP.. Went down a road that should have been named Washboard Road had to re-assemble much of the plumbing (Which thankfully was the drain line on that Trailer,,, Fresh... I'm not sure it had a fresh water tank). City water was a potable water hose stuck under the flap and a garden type sprayer on the end.
wa8yxm 07/19/16 06:53am Beginning RVing
RE: Progressive Dynamics PD4000 operating DC without a battery?

On the DC side.. Normal practice is to tie the negative to the frame/body. But it is not needed, you can float it if you wish.. Can it operate w/o a battery.. Most likely yes.. I have not studied that line but most likely yes.. However if you find you get "Buzz" in 12 volt stuff you can add what is called a hardening capacitor from any high end auto audio store. These high capacity "Cans" It looks like a long tube or can with two screws in one end) act as battery simulators... I do not believe any current converter needs one though.. Just a couple of very old ones.
wa8yxm 07/19/16 06:50am Tech Issues
RE: EBike battery charging?

YOu do need to check the ratings on they charger Also Most inverters in the 400 range are MSW.. (Some exceptions) the charger may or may not like MSW.. you need to be aware of that.. TSW inverters it will love.
wa8yxm 07/18/16 05:54pm General RVing Issues
RE: I found err proof way to break down camp area to travel

One of Murphy's Laws goes something like this It is impossible to make anything FoolProof for as soon as you do Nature will invent a better FOOL. What more can I say.
wa8yxm 07/18/16 05:52pm General RVing Issues
RE: Is it ok to put cleaner in gray water tank

You put cleaner in the gray tank EVERY TIME you do dishes, Wash your hands or on most rigs take a shower... So why go out and spend $$$$$ on a chemical that's not going to do anything but flatten your wallet? But is it ok.. Well, yes. In most cases (Some of those chemicals are banned in some places though)
wa8yxm 07/18/16 05:48pm Beginning RVing
RE: Solar Question.

It all depends on who wired it up. How to be sure.. Digital voltmeter. A resting 12 volt battery is around 12.6 Volts. if it's sunny out and the meter says 13.6,, The solar panel is working 13.6 by the way is FLOAT so that would indicate a fully charged battery and a WORKING controller. 14 indicates a controller fault
wa8yxm 07/18/16 05:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Converting Sony CRT to flat screen TV

My CRT never offered the Surround less I ran it via the VCR.. And today with Flat Screen I only use the Home Theater system for special programming like a PBS concdert special. and I run those through the DVR. Many of the better flat screens have both analog audio out (L/R) and optical.. Surround depends on the broadcaster with optical (TO/S Link) out. What does TOSlink stand for? Tosahiba/Sony link.. yup that's who came up with it. And a common data format on TO/s Link is SPdif (Sony Phillips Digital Interchange Format) Been doing this stuff a long, long time (1990s at least)
wa8yxm 07/18/16 05:42pm Technology Corner
RE: 2 cycle engine question...

Reminds me of a car I once had.. 40 MPH ran fine, 50 Stalled out. Replaced the Air Filter 40 Ran find 50 Ran fine 60 Ran fine Faster than I care to admit driving Ran fine.
wa8yxm 07/18/16 05:24pm Tech Issues
RE: AC (alt current) Waveforms and THD for gens and inverter

Several years ago (Well more than 2) the American Radio Relay League Inc published an article on just this in QST. You need membership or a subscribing library to read the article. It showed several differnet generators including some nice inverter jobs (Nice clean sine waves) some "Contractor" MOdels (Scary) some reduced (1200 or 1800 RPM engine models (Nice) They also did inverters (MSW v/s TSW and assorted models there too) Interesting to look at the 'scope traces.
wa8yxm 07/18/16 05:14pm Tech Issues
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