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RE: Social Security

The last thing I wish to get into here is a political discussion but alas Social Security is a political hot potato just now. All the above assumes nothing changes in the next six years.. Beyond that. No comment.
wa8yxm 10/17/17 10:04am Around the Campfire
RE: Analog TV in my 2006 Hitchhiker

I guess I was not clear.. The Winegard Sensar II and III with the original power supply/switch/wall palate work But with the addition of the 30 dollar (DIY) Wingman Oh, you need a ladder and PERHAPS a pair of standard pliars (perhaps not, I used just fingers) to do the upgrade, nothing more And replacign that wall plate with the SENSAR PRO. (About 100 bucks, you need a Screwdriver and 7/16" open end wrench). You have the best RV TV antenna in the USA.
wa8yxm 10/17/17 10:02am Technology Corner
RE: mp3's on usb drive

I have a usb drive that I recorded 400 mp3 songs on using Windows 7. It works fine in my Jensen Radio/dvd/cd/player in the trailer using the usb port. I wanted to make a back-up copy and copied the entire drive to a new Fat32 usb drive on my new Windows 10 computer. All the files are there and will play on my computer but NOT in the Jensen player in the trailer. Any ideas on what I need to do to make the files recognizable in the trailer? Well I assume the Jensen simply can not read FAT32.. I'd get a new drive and format NTFS see if that works Or burn 'em to CD's the jensen may be able to do that.
wa8yxm 10/17/17 09:58am Technology Corner
RE: Almost Had a Fire Last Night

The "Speed Box" (I call 'em Quick Box cause that's the Brand in my RV but Speed works too) are punch down connectors.. That is the still insulated wire is "punched down" into a metal slit that slices through the insulation and makes a Knife Edge contact with the wire.... Good for Phone (Few thousands of an ampere) up to around single digits.. But once you get into double digit amprage they scare me.. I've melted one, and seen others melt as well. I really do not like 'em My Stranded to romex are wire nuts.. and even those have failed on me and needed soldering (As noted above) Soldered does not fail. For Space heaters and even my "Kitchen 2" circuit.. I bent 12ga wire around screws and TIGHTENED them down.. No problems to date.
wa8yxm 10/17/17 09:57am Tech Issues
RE: History Of Auto A/C cut n paste Hoot

Funny how our perceptions and expectations adapt. I grew up driving vehicles with no a/c and thought nothing of it. But now I find the noise and wind buffeting intolerable for very long. It's not the heat so much that bothers me, but I enjoy a quiet ride. Same here... but then as a TEEN and into my 20's I worked the hay loft in the summer baling season.. Once we got up into the rafters temps easily were in the 100-130 range and humidity pushing 100% with no air circulation. I had no problems with that at all. now.. 50 years later... I melt when it hits about 80. When I read the "History" I was expecting the Low-Med-Hi-Max joke.
wa8yxm 10/17/17 09:52am Tech Issues
RE: What kind of battery's

First: You need to know the size of the battery tray Length width and available HEIGHT.. Now if the fit: I suggest a pair of GC-2 Golf Car batteries. These are Flooded wet cell (Means you can add distilled water as needed) and they are DEEP CYCLE (means you can talk 'em down to half full before serious damage sets in) Many RV's come with Group 24 or 27 MARINE/deep cycle, these need to be kept 75-80% full or damage (Shortened overall life) sets in FAST. Group 24 75 AH each 150 total (Approximate) Group 27 95 and 190 Group 29 105 and 210 GC-2 220 give or take 10... And Again you can use 50% 4D same as GC 2 if DEEP CYCLE but 2x as heavy as the six volt GC battery GC-2 is also the most common battery made (lead acid type) and thus the cost of production is lower due to lack of re-tooling every couple days. Get 'em at Sam's or Costco (Sam's generally lowest cost).
wa8yxm 10/17/17 09:50am Tech Issues
RE: Where to buy wood

Most campgrounds sell bundled firewood but ... expensive Many Grocery stores, and even gas stations likewise, also more costly than I like. And finally you have private sellers.. Drive in any direction for 2 miles or 4 KM and you will likely find 2 or 3 alongside the road. My recommendation is these folks. Some even deliver if you order large amounts.
wa8yxm 10/17/17 09:45am Beginning RVing
RE: Analog TV in my 2006 Hitchhiker

I do like the suggestion to update TV's.. I did.. Though I don't take advantage of all the updates offer.. If you decide to keep the vintage jobs you will need a Digital TV converter.. They can be hard to find now days but you can still get 'em I'd try Micro-Center or Best Buy first (or Fry's) but those are not the only places.. Amazon or E-bay may work as well. Advantages of update: Wide Screen, Crystal clear Video (or nothing) LIGHTER both in pounds and watts (LIke 1/10th the power consumption) and I was able to modify the head banger TV box in the front of my motor home so as not to give me headaches (The pounding kind) from banging my head..... When I bought the pawned TV for that job I measured the existing TV's width and bought one the exact same width.. not as tall, but same width.. Then modified the box it goes in so it looks factory from where I'm sitting. I would also do an antenna upgrade: Assuming you have a Winegard "Batwing" (Sensar II or III) add the wingman (It is technically called a UHF Director array) this will improve the range of the antenna on UHF which is where most digital transmissions landed.. Still the same VHF/UHF frequencies as before but where as Analog stations loved the VHF, Digital love UHF so add the upgrade. About 30 bucks DIH Then inside you have a wall plate with outlet, switch, light and antenna connection..... Upgrade that to the SENSAR PRO (About 100 bucks DIY) NOTE that these upgardes are optional but they will improve performance. Folks may try to sell you other makes of antennas.. NOTHING MADE for sale in the USA will outperform a winegard Sensar II or III with added wingman or a Sensar IV which comes with the Wingman already in the box as antennas go and the Sensar Pro beats all competitors for the indoor module and aiming aid as well. One footnote: If you have two TV's in the same area (Some RV's do) Make sure they are DIFFERENT makes If you have one in front and one in back.. Those can be the same (Remotes work only one at a time) OH and Sansui and Dynex use many of the same remote codes.. (A benefit to me as that pawn shop special was a Dynex and came w/o a remote. but my Sansui remote did everything except INPUT select)
wa8yxm 10/16/17 05:25pm Technology Corner
RE: Best cell company for internet useage(mostly)

Not a lot to recommend one over another if you eat a lot of data but I will make some observations. 1: SPRINT advertises "in network reliability within 1% of Verizon" They forget to tell you that their network is not much more than 1% of verizon, Many areas you won't be IN Network, you will be roaming. 2: T-Mobile has a new 55+ plan,, I just switched to it.. Saved me money. Data delivered to the phone: UNLIMITED High Speed, NO THROTTLE wide open no limits Data used for Hot Spotting 10 Get HIGH speed then they throttle.. Well I use mostly park wi-fi so last month I only used about 5 Gig of hot spot. Over 20 Gig total however (THe phone does a lot of video stuff).
wa8yxm 10/16/17 05:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Lippert Slide-Out extends but does not retract

There are multiple causes but here is one that costs nothing but a bit of time to fix. Remove all power from the system (Often the battery disconnect will do this) Cycle the slide out switch like 50-100 times.. Just push and release, Push and release. Option 2.. if you can open the panel you can check to make sure all 3 wires are attached (one may have come off) and if so remove the CENTER wire and do the above 50 - 100 cycles then re-attach the wire A guarantee I can not give you .... but the cost is $0.00 so your money is already refunded with a :)
wa8yxm 10/16/17 05:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Updated - Please read 1st post: Some basic sewer questions

Get ye to an RV store or even a Wal*mart Auto dept You will find hoses there. the female end of the hose is designed to hook to the STANDARD Rv outlet.. these are nearly always the same (There are a couple of exceptions but very high end and very rare) The Ground end..... Multiple opeions here One is a screw in I'd suggest a wrench to remove. You screw it into the ground socket and then push the elbow (Outlet end of the hose) in. One has a handle on that screw in part.. I'm still a bit unsure on this I am using it but.. Well I've had one disaster already One is a simple push in type. I think one cam locks (But not sure) I'd go with teh screw in and a wrench (It's a big plastic thing) if you can find it.. but if you can't Check out the Tethford Sentenal.. The photos are all you need even if you do NOT buy the hose.
wa8yxm 10/16/17 05:12pm Tech Issues
RE: Scented bleach

It might be my "Mildly Paranoid" diagnosis but in this case I support the nay sayers.. I feel the Sent may well be something I would rather not ingest So I would recommend AGAINST sented bleach...
wa8yxm 10/16/17 05:07pm Tech Issues
RE: What Do You Do Without A Permanent Mailing Address?

What did I do? There is a store not far (About 60 miles from where I am this week, 7 next week) Called Postal Depot.. and in most every state there is a UPS store. and several other Mail-Box Stores (More on that in a moment) There is Escapees and if you have a motor home FMCA.. There is "Earth Mail" and My SD Address. All these are post office box stores.. that is they are stores where you can rent a post office box that is INSIDE the store.... Usually costs a bit more than renting one in a PO but many of them give you a street address instead of a box number Like 1234 Main St #231 (NOT my address) I deposit money with 'em and then once a month (or more often if needed ) I call 'em up and they send me a car package.. General Delivery in some cases. Direct to the park in others.
wa8yxm 10/16/17 05:03pm Beginning RVing
RE: Switch at the door

I can easily retract my steps while in storage, but don't. If you can't place a magnet near the door switch then add a switch and some wiring so that the door will remain retracted while open. But either of these can introduce a safety issue since it's expected to have the steps out with the door open. I know I posted the magnet suggestion..... But that is how *I* did it. There was a period of time when Wife and I had no car.. So we'd go to ALDI (Nice low price high quality grocer) and she'd fill a cart.. instead of bagging and hauling bags she'd push the cart back to the motor home (in the lot) and I'd flip the switch retracting the steps (After she came in and I stepped out) I'd hand up the groceries. Flip the switch back down and push the cart back and recover her quarter.
wa8yxm 10/16/17 04:59pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: From 5er to class A, why?

Both a Class A and a 5er have their place IF you park for long, long periods of time a 5ER will likely need new tires and wheel bearing re-pack when you get around to moving.. So will a Class A but you may need to add a major overhaul to that as the engine has rusted and sized up (OUCH).. That said I recently got to drive a class A (Workhorse Chevy 8.1) that had been sitting for years.. Even with old gasoline it ran like it did the day it was new. Motor homes like to be driven from time to time. Now: I'm in a class A.. I am going down the road in a downpour when I feel the need for a rest stop.. I AM NOT GOING TO GET WET. The poor guy with the 5er.. Soaked before he gets to either the 5'er's door or the "Facilities". Class A: towing a car. about 8 MPG.. Same size 5er with a big pickup 8MPG Car without A. Well my vintage car does about 25, some today 30-40 Pickup without trailer 16-20 Car is way easier to park at Wal*mart or Bi-lo or Kroger (Depending on state) These are some of the things I thought about when I choose a class A over a 5er. Oh. and when the engine in my A was killed by road hazard (Blew the engine) that spare vehicle was . Handy,.
wa8yxm 10/16/17 07:33am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Slight drip at pex fitting to water pump hose?

If that is flexible to PEX I'd get the needed shark bite fittings to replace the hard plastic part (the connector) and try again with brass barb to the hose. But that's how I'd do it.. When the shark bites Into Pex Dear Water leaks just..Disappear When the shark bites Into pex dear Water stays, right, inside there.
wa8yxm 10/16/17 07:27am Tech Issues
RE: Exterior Trimark RV Lock failure

I had that same issue with the Snap Bolt on the Tri-mark... They use very cheap metal and the high stress point is the weakest point on the dead bolt so it breaks and won't retract at all... or the screw in the pivot comes loose and the arm that retracts it comes loose Either way.. If the screw loose and you can get it apart.. you are good. If the bolt.. Then using a curved rod you may be able to depress the plunger and release it.. I did it once, had to have a pro do it the 2nd time 1st time I put in a new lock 2nd Time I had a metal smith carve me a new bolt out of genuine Steel Has yet to break,, but it has only been in there for about a year .
wa8yxm 10/15/17 09:49am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Switch at the door

Look on the screen door.. There is a magnet. likely near the bottom on the Jam side, it will most likely be a small black retangular thing. Using a magnetic pick up tool place the magnet where that black plastic thign will be when the door is closed. WITH the switch OFF... This SHOULD retract the steps. Now turn off. IF the disconnect switch does not work. or even if it does. I recommend that you LIFT the wire(s) off the NEGATIVE most battery terminal.. IF more than one wire tie them together so you don't miss any come spring.
wa8yxm 10/15/17 09:43am Class A Motorhomes
RE: HWH system won't come on at times....

You have guessed the usual issue but far as I know there is no adjustment unless the switch has completely fallen apart in which case it will not work period. Is there an Emergency Brake indicator on the dash? Here is why I ask On my Workhorse (Chey engine) the parking brake pedal switch has the jacks sensor wire hooked to it. The dash indicator is hooked to a tap off the jacks cable. SO if the dash indicator is ON.. then the Jack sensor lead MUST be grounded
wa8yxm 10/14/17 03:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: GPS strikes again

That is why one should ALWAYS check the GPS route on a map before driving or at least use your brain. I've had GPS send me (or rather try to send me) on some very senic routes.. In most of those cases I was traveling routes I knew 99% already so I really needed the GPS for only one turn... (It did that one OK) so the strange routing was ignored.. But I still verified via maps on that one turn.
wa8yxm 10/14/17 10:12am General RVing Issues
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