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RE: 240V split phase inverter

Yes and no... My Xantrex Prosine 2.0 is a 2000 watt single phase 120 volt inverter. HOwever there is a jack on it, Standard modular Telephone type jack Put two of 'em side by side.. Connect one of the output wires together, Plug in a cable to the two jacks, and you have exactly what you are asking about, a 240 volt Split phase inverter (120--120 240 volt end to end. Just like shore power. They come in other sizes as well. Now the Prosine is no more (They discontinued) but I'm sure they have other models that work much the same.
wa8yxm 12/04/16 10:41am Tech Issues
RE: The white house app

I downloaded it and tried it. So far not impressed but I've got to give it more time, Appears it may, eventually, take me on a guided tour but not today, Perhaps tomorrow when I have more time to let it just sit there.
wa8yxm 12/03/16 05:17pm Technology Corner
RE: The white house app

I would rather not make political comments in this forum but.. Well. Far too many think it is all a game.
wa8yxm 12/03/16 09:44am Technology Corner
RE: Bestconverter.com warranty differs from PD

Best Converters clearly believes in Progressive Dyanmics. One thing I've learned, Usually with electronics, if they are going to fail under warranty, they will do it before the ink dries on the sales agreement. Generally if they last a year, they last 10 years or more. Baring owner abuse however.
wa8yxm 12/03/16 09:42am Tech Issues
RE: Help from Microwave tech please.

Sounds like dirt to me. There are some serious high voltages inside a microwave.. now if there is some dirt build up on some of the components this can happen (Dust and such). Now I Will caution SHARP EDGES ON METAL PARTS, HANDLE WITH CARE OF HEAVY GLOVES OR BOTH. Now... Remove the unit from the RV to the picnic table,, Remove the outer cover... Inspect visually (Do not touch internal parts) see if you can find evidence of an arc (Chared anything) If you see an accumulation of dust/ or whatever, blast with compressed air, don't have a compressor, buy a can of "Dry Air" from a photo department (used to clean camera lenses) and use it.... Then reassemble. now.. i've worked on Microwaves, all the way down to working on the high voltage circuit.. But I'm not suggesting you do that.. The kind of voltages on that cap are... Impressive.
wa8yxm 12/03/16 09:40am Tech Issues
RE: A musical prodigy in my family!!

Thanks for this thread.. Speaking as the father of a young lady (Ok, she used to be younger, but then so did we all) who happens to be a very find Classical Musician.. but who himself can't play much beyond chopsticks........ I enjoyed the laugh.
wa8yxm 12/03/16 09:34am Around the Campfire
RE: Weather guessers calling for nationwide cold blast next week

Not the only thing coming down out of Alaska I fear but.. Sure looks like it arrived We went from Highs in the 80's to 60's here in S.E. Ga in less than 2 days.
wa8yxm 12/03/16 09:32am Around the Campfire
RE: Another freezing water line question

Much depends on your floor plan.. For example on my Class A I have water lines on both sides of the coach.. Currb side has the kitchen sink, water heater, water pump, LInes then do both up from the tank and down to the "Wet bay" and across, this is a heated bay on my RV so the lines have only forzen twice both time s well below 15 degrees (11 and 6) Then they come back up inside the coach to the half bath, and along the driver's side wall (Inside) to the main bath, then wrap around the rear end (Still inside) to the shower. You need to find 'em. but most of 'em are inside.. All trailers I've owned or worked on were the same way, Mostly inside.
wa8yxm 12/02/16 03:59pm General RVing Issues
RE: Are RVs delivered winterized in cold environments?

To answer your questions well. the answer is "Sometimes" I suspect. Now if you order a NEW factory built RV it is often delivered TO THE DEALER "Dry" that is no water is, or has ever been, in the tanks or plumbing, This is the ultimite "Winterization" The Dealer may add water and test the plumbing, fixing any detected leaks (one hopes) or not Depending on the dealer and the timen of year. USED RV's the dealer may winterize if it gets cold.. Or not, in which case damage can happen. I just fixed my 4th plumbing leak on this unit, the first was due to freezing, this one may have been a 10 year delayed same freeze (An elbow cracked, the line had two elbows one on each end, this last leak was the other end of the same line) all new nice shiny brass now instead of plastic. Do not anticipate anyh more leaking. Other leaks were kitchen related.
wa8yxm 12/02/16 07:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Progressive Dynamics knockoffs

You can find fake most anyhting. Even medications you can buy fake drugs, the tablet looks just like the real thing, tastes just like the real thing, has no medical benefit and you die as a result. That's how bad it is.
wa8yxm 12/02/16 07:21am Tech Issues
RE: Oven temperature too low

Is there anyway to adjust the temperature of the oven in an Atwood RV stove? 300 degrees when set to 350. Doesn't seem to get any hotter even if I turn it up. Stan NO the only way is to replace the theromstat.. HOW do I know this... Same problem What did I do: I put a stickert on it "Set Thermostat 50 degrees above recipe recommendation" or words to that effect To the person who ask "how do you know" Oven thermometer, get one at any Kitchen or hardware store. I also know how to calibrate them.
wa8yxm 12/02/16 07:19am Tech Issues
RE: A little confused about winterizing

You have the same system I have..3 valve, it is after all the best system. I will call the valves red, blue and bi-color To bypass close both RED and BLUE valves (the valves which have ONLY RED or Blue pipes) and open the valve that is Bi-color (One red, one blue) When sumemr comes and you want to use it again Reverse, close the bi-color and open the other two After bypassing get a length of 1/2 inch pipe a six inch "nipple" will be good now remove the drain plug (outside) and replace with the pipe. then manually open the TPR valve (The releif valve) using the lever NOTE: stand clear, or you will get wet both when removing the plug and when opening the valve. Finally close valve (once drained) and replace plug to prevent insects from entering.. There is an alternate way as well (install hose with vlave) that way you don't get wet NEXT year. But I do not recommend this in most cases (you need to do special things) If the water heater is an Atwood..Remove the RED wire from the ECO, don't forget to replace it come spring. This prevents accidental operation with the heater empty.
wa8yxm 12/01/16 06:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Gas Mileage

I don't see why it wouldn't get 7-8mpg. I drive a 37'7" Gasser, 8.1L Chevy engine allison Tranny Originally I towed a 4,000 Pound (max tow for this RV) Chevy Lumina APV with Axle lock (It is a true trailer when towing) 8 mpg 9 with a fresh wax job. Car died of old age I hit 11MPG with a fresh wax job New towed is a 2500 Pound Dodge Neon with Trans Lube Pump.. Tows a bit heavier 7.5 to 9, add a MPG with fresh wax. Any question why I wax 2x a year (Before my major migration trip?)
wa8yxm 12/01/16 09:53am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tub Run formerly COE campground

There are many National parks that have been leased, and several COE spots as well.. Some are well run, Some have been leased since day one. Some would not be campgrounds if not for the fact they are leased. Alas.. i'd like to see the Government run them properly (not likely to happen) and collect all the income.... But well, When did the government ever run anything properly (I can actually give several answers but have no interest in doing so here,, in fact you might wish to not answer that question).
wa8yxm 12/01/16 09:49am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Atwood Water Heater only working on electric..

Several possible reasons. But first let me ask you a question. Do other Propane devices work? You might be "out of gas" as it were. Or you may have turned the valve off on the tank, or your detector may have failed (if it controls a valve, some do some don't) or you may be low on 12 VDC. Mine the control board failed, after many years.. Several other possible issues Some of which have already been reported If you like I can give you my furnace boilerplate. it applies to Water Haters as well if you ignore blower and sail switch comments. This document was created while I was diagnosing MY furnace.. I am told I missed one possible issue... Sadly I forget if I updated the document or not and the issue Bad connections anywhere along the line can lower voltage When the T-Stat calls for heat the control board starts the blower (1) The blower blows closing the sail switch (2) The control board then opens the gas valve (3) and begins sparking (4.1) Gas Flows (5) And ignitets (4.2) The flame heats the flame sensor (5) The flame sensor sends .480 volts to the control board (6) which then detects the .480 and continues operation (*) When the T-stat says "Enough already" (RV is now warm) The control board shuts off the gas flow (*) and then turns off the blower after a cool down (*) *: At nearly every step the control board is involved. IF IT IS BAD, things will not work.. I recommend replacement boards from Dinosaur boards.. When Mine went out the Dino board was less than half the price and when opened the box the quality of construction and workmanship, and then design was very clear to my trained eyes. 1: No 12 volt to furnace, blower motor shot 2: Low 12 volt, air ducts clogged, blower "obstructed" bad sail switch 3: Bad solenoid, Clogged Gas Jet 4: .1: Bad ignition circuit (high voltage) on control board. .2: Points too wide (Very common it seems) 5: These do not often fail but they can 5: Bad connection, NOTE: 5 and * Bad wire. * applies to all steps by the way So does bad wire/connection.
wa8yxm 12/01/16 09:45am Tech Issues
RE: ? Macerator Pump Head Capability

Re "Garden hose fitting" in fact Flo-Jet sells an adapter to use a 1" hose instead of 3/4 and what's more... Garden hoses come in several sizes 3/4 inch, 5/8, 1/2 and 3/8" are also common sizes.. Mine are 3/4. I posted a link to a PDF, A Flow Jet publication it contains the specific info the O/P was searching for.. The Head Chart. I won't embarass him by telling how I found it or how long it took (What can I say Research is a hobby used to be a profession but trust me, you don't want to be the subject of my professional research (very evil grin) as those folks tend to have the same feature in their mail address now days ("Care of the warden"). Today I do research to help mostly RVers, myself included. But the link to the info he wanted is in my prior post.. let me see if I can quote from the PDF (not all allow) The chart did not copy properly But wait there is another way to copy (Manually) (Will only copy US portion) Discharge head Feet GPM AMps Zero 12.5 14 5 - - 11.5 14.5 10 - -10.5 15.0 15 - - 9.0 16.0 20 - - 7.5 16.5 NOTE My estimate on Zero (free flow) is 6GPM on my portable unit but that is an estimate may be wrong. But that is the info and my last post included the link to the flyer
wa8yxm 12/01/16 09:42am General RVing Issues
RE: Yahoo Mail not Working in Edge Browser

Just used EDGE to log in and mark all as read. I normally use Firefox but also use Chrome.. Had no problems at all. I do have that "Connection Reset" issue posting here however. all the time. Many good posts go into the trash due to it.
wa8yxm 12/01/16 09:22am Technology Corner
RE: New Batteries

Best "bang for the buck" are 2 6V golf cart batteries hooked in series to provide 12V. Dang Wiz.. I should have copyrighted that line :)... Oh, and in other places I'm known as "John from Detroit" so we have S.E. MI in common too. HOpe to get back into that area come spring by the way.. These days in the summer I hang out in Davison/Richfield TWP area (East of Flint) and St. Clair area... Been stuck here in GA for a couple years due to a blown engine Originally ticked that it went BOOM (it did go BOOM) but have come to realize it's a good thing.. I shop in Flint.
wa8yxm 12/01/16 09:15am Tech Issues
RE: electrical

ALL converters have fuses.. Sometimes they are not located on the converter however. Example. Magnetek Converters which are intergrated into the power distribution center the fuse is on the right of the fuse panel. One of the two right hand fuses (Actually both of them for different parts) on Parallex intergrated units.. Same (A 2008 Won't have a Magnetek but may have a Parallex) on "Stand alone" the fuse may be ON it, or inside it (you may need to remove a cover). And if all else fails there is Murphy's Law for Electronics Engineers.... (one of them modified for this thread) A 50 dollar Diode Bridge will blow to protect a 50 cent fuse. Yup it happens.. That is the field I have certification in after all :) Even if I never formally worked in it.
wa8yxm 12/01/16 09:10am Tech Issues
RE: Generator questions

First you should run the Generator for at least 1/2 hour (or longer) under at least 1/2 load every month.. I normally do mine on the 1`st but may delay a bit due to an oil change I'm planing. Second.. yes Generators typically have Carburetors Not fuel injectors, It can take a while for the fuel pump to re-fill the bowl after sitting for months. Also, depending on the generator there is a procedure to follow. I use a modified one for best result but this is for an ONAN Emerald Press and hold STOP till the light comes on solid (HOld for a few seconds past in fact) this starts the fuel pump and refills the carb by the way. Then press start. (I will "Tap" start (just enough to engage starter) then back off, wait like 30 seconds and PRESS (and hold) start,, often this fires it up promptly. But you do need to run it every month.
wa8yxm 12/01/16 09:00am Tech Issues
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