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RE: Direct TV and on board antenna

Most DirecTV antennas have a jack for an ANT in (OTA antenna) in addition to the LNB jack.. If that does not work you can put an A/B Switch in the line.
wa8yxm 04/29/16 09:37am Technology Corner
RE: New house batteries

How many volts should we see... (I wish I saw 12.5) Depends on where you measure (I'm using the voltmeter inside the inverter). IF measuring at the battery 12.5 is fantastic 12.6 is resting voltage full charge and with the kind of amps an inverter pulls 0.1 volt drop is amazing (on the good side). If measuring at the inverter... Put inverter in standby (no load or minimal load) and note voltage... Then enable inverter and note voltage.. The difference is your "line loss" consisting of internal resistance in teh batteriesm, Wire loss, and connection loss.. this is your "Loaded" full charge voltage. Mine can go down rather far (I show 0.02 ohms resistance.. If I'm sucking say 1,000 watts (roughly 100 amps) that is 2 full volts drop. I'm still working to lower that resistance.
wa8yxm 04/28/16 06:32am Class A Motorhomes
RE: You may want to wait on LED's - incandescents might be back!

I will stick with LED's till something better comes along for most uses. The thing about incandascents, which I still use exclusively in some places, is this.. When they talk about an efficency of 2-3 percent they are talking about turning Electricity into light..... So what happens to the other 97-98 percent of the energy.. HEAT of course. Sometimes.. What I'm looking for is heat (Which the light will become when it is absorbed by assorted non reflective/transparent stuff) so I use incandescents' for heat Work great. But for lighting it's CFL or LED. I really like my LED's.
wa8yxm 04/28/16 06:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Surge Guard

If you were parked next to me we coudl test it, I can generate both a low and high voltage situtation in a manner that WILL NOT damage your RV I can also tell you how to protect the RV during testing in this message: TURN OFF THE MAIN CIRCUIT BREAKER... Yup, that is how you protect the RV. Now: What I have is a 3-amp Variable auto-transformer (Variac) it can output from zero to just about the cut off voltage of my Surge Guard. I have the means to add a few volts to that.. But it's only a 3 amp (So you have to turn off the main breaker of you will pop it's fuse) Then you plug in the RV (Via an adapter) and a volt meter and dial in the voltages.. or slowly increase, or decrease the voltage till the Surge Guard "objects" and shuts you off... That's how you test. Finally remove the variac to storage plug in and turn the main breaker back on. NOTE: I got the Variac for testing Other stuff (You use them when you restore vintage electronics to service) but it works for this too. I have 2 of them.
wa8yxm 04/28/16 06:22am Tech Issues
RE: Inverter question

Consider a 12 volt hair dryer adn a Heavy duty 12 volt outlet. Inverter needs to be in teh 2,000 watt range,, 4/0 or bigger cable to batteries no more than 3 feet away (but not in the same air space) and standard Romex from there to the sub panel and from the sub panel to the Dryer If your inverter has breakers intgernal skip the sub panel If you plan on plugging a cord directly into an outlet on the inverter then twelve gauge please.. not 14 or 16 go with 12 Any time the load wattage has a comma 12 ga or larger is indicated, even if 14 meets specs.. 12 simply works better. My inverter has 10ga from the 2,000 watt inverter to the sub panel, and from there 12 to the microwave and 14 to other loads.
wa8yxm 04/28/16 06:17am Tech Issues
RE: Best fuel economy speed

I think most vehicles are designed to have the "Sweet Spot" mpg wise between 50 and 70 MPH, Motor homes tend to be in the lower ragne. Mine does best at 55-60 both when towing and when bobtail. 38' Class A. bobtail I've hit 11MPG just driving under normal conditions, Usually get 8-9 Towing. Under optimal conditions (100mph dead astern tail wind) 13.8 towing. But alas that does not often happen and I really do not like those conditions.
wa8yxm 04/27/16 04:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Storage yard damage

Most storage yards force you to sign a "hold Harmless" note that absolves them of liability should damage happen. The value of these documents varies from state to state, but the general advice is to consult with a professional (your attorney) for many of them are useful only in the room with the plumbing and the flusher.
wa8yxm 04/27/16 03:41pm General RVing Issues
RE: MV3500A

Not working is kind of generic.. Symptoms Does it do NOTHING Does it try to lock on to a satellite but can not succeed Are you a DISH NETWORK customer or DirecTV Domes: Do not work on DirecHDTV, period, they do work on DirecTV (no HD) on dish they can work on both SD and HD BUT... Dish recently did a software upgrade on their satellites,, Older domes no longer can lock on them, Now SOME domes may be upgradable, but frankly that's above my pay grade and I can no longer send you to the man who knows (He hung out on a different forum family and management ran him off..... I think they wanted a professional sponsorship from him and he's not that rich).
wa8yxm 04/27/16 09:57am Class A Motorhomes
RE: No AC power at Inv/conv.

In this case.. The GFCI is normally the second thing off the branch circuit breaker (The first thing is of course the wire that connects them) so i'd check there.. using a meter or test lamp make sure you have power to the "LINE IN" terminals on the back of the GFCI. The wire coming off the breaker (#2 place to check is the screws in the breaker box by the way) #3 is the breaker itself, and unless there are junctions or other devices between Breaker and GFCI there is no #4) The Wire is normally Romex, Solid wire,, The leads on the GRCI are stranded wire, Often they wire nut, or cap nut (Crimp on) the connection, Neither is all that great a connection method. They have been known to come loose. IF GFCI is in a slide out there will be additional junction boxes, Same comment (under the slide) And of course Bad GFCI's do exist,, thousands of them at any given time.
wa8yxm 04/27/16 09:42am Tech Issues
RE: Inverter Hard Wire install

Bad plan, the inverter is 2800 watts, the transfer switch is likely 30 amps max, You run the 50 amp line to your main breaker box (where it runs now) and then run a 30 or 35 or 40 amp BRANCH line to the inverter. Inverters come (for this post) in two flavors, Those with breakers included, and those (like mine) without if yours has breakers included you run branch circuits off those breakers If like mine You run a same size line (30 amp needs at least 10ga wire, Higher amps more wire) back to a SUV panel, This is a breaker box without a "Main" breaker, the incoming power goes straight to the bus bar. Then you run branch lines from there. Mine (2000 watt) feeds the Microwave, TV's (All of 'em) also my computers (Same branch) and the GFCI chain. (Bath, Kitchen, patio, Dining room table) Side note: I have a wireless doorbell i got from PCH.. This one is different from all the others I've ever had in that the receiver (Bell) is battery powered, Since the receiver runs 24x7 it ate batteries.. 3 of them about every 2 weeks (Expensive) I cut and pasted (Ok Soldered) a USB cable to the battery contacts in the unit, Removed the batteries, Plugged a 5 Volt USB charger adapter into the Microwave circuit (used a 3-way cube) and now .. it is "mains" powered. IF Mains fails the inverter kicks in every bit as fast as a UPS so the TV's, Microwave and of course computers and doorbell, Do not even blink.
wa8yxm 04/27/16 09:39am Tech Issues
RE: Furnace Problem - Shuts off while on Battery

That one, on it's face, appears to be easy. When the T-Stat calls for heat the blower starts.. Ignition is delayed. When the blower comes up to speed and air flow is great enough a device called a SAIL SWITCH closes, then the control board lights the burner (Ignition happens) I won't go through the entire procedure. But after two or 3 days of boondocking the batteries are getting a bit.. Run down. and the blower never comes up to speed.. The solution is to run your Generator long enough (During the day of course) to FULLY charge the batteries, This takes, at the minimum, six hours.
wa8yxm 04/27/16 09:27am Tech Issues
RE: Generator Use with an EMS

One of the nice things about Inverter generators is they monitor their output rather well (At least the better ones do) if they are "out of spec" they shut off. Duplicating the function of the EMS So.. You can use it.. But no need since the primary functions are already served. Same I might add is true of ONAN traditional generators (The make I have in my A, I do not know about other brands but suspect the top end ones are all alike in this manner.. The Onan, if power out goes out of range for too long (Brief low frequency/voltage wont' bother it) shuts the engine off and flashes an error code.. I mean if you are not making 120vac,, why burn gas?
wa8yxm 04/27/16 09:24am Tech Issues
RE: Dometic Super Hybrid Refrigerator

I agree with Key. Dometic also makes a high effiency Compressor unit (or did at one time) these HE units (I have a competitor's chest freezer .. Currently sitting under my coffee cup) Draw less than 50 watts with the door closed (Goes up to around 75 when the light comes on after opening the door to give you an idea of how little that is) Work great Or at least the chest freezer beside me does My Freezer (An Engel) is 10 or 11 years old and in that time I've taken it outside a couple of times and blown the dust out of it.. Defrosted several times, and that's all folks.
wa8yxm 04/27/16 09:15am Tech Issues
RE: Phyllis Dillerisms:::::

There are a few good ones there.. Eat Out... Housework (Both of them only the first one is only half right, Housework CAN INDEED kill you) Keep away from Children, several others You ask how housework can kill you: Well I like to use fictional examples,, Was why a woman died on the TV show Crossing Jordan. She died, I forget if all or in part, from inhaling fumes from the cleaner they used on the floors.
wa8yxm 04/27/16 09:08am Around the Campfire
RE: Five nuts

Not all cars now days have 5 lugs.. But I fully agree, if you got 'em, Use 'em less than the full amount is dangerous.
wa8yxm 04/27/16 09:05am Around the Campfire
RE: Letting Go

How do you let go? How can you leave the grand kids, house and everything? It can be easier than you think... in the old days it was not uncommon for 3 generations (or 4) to live in the same house. In fact when I was a child, once my parents settled down, it was less than 100 yards from Grandma's house (Across the shared driveway) and when Grandpa died Grandma moved in with us and we rented out the old house. 3 generations in the same house But then we kids moved One went north, One moved around a bit and wound up west, I went east and my youngest sister went way east (Cape Cod) (The rest of us were in MI) Now I'm full time RV so I can visit.. My daughter left home and went to Las Vegas, then came to S.E. GA and now lives in Wyoming with Grandchild (and Son in Law, yes she did it properly). SO for me.. not as hard.. Your "kids" will likely move out eventually as well. LET GO is an app for a smart phone, One of the "Re-cycle" apps like E-bay or Craig's list.
wa8yxm 04/26/16 07:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Theft: the bad, the bad, and the really bad

In over 30 years of Camping only been ripped off once (First time out with my first trailer) I was in a state park and theives came in the night and when I woke up I found I'd lost my breakfast, (lunch, Dinner, Super, everything that was on ice in the cooler). Got a new cooler, New ice, new food and since there was no room in the triler locked it in the car at night. Only time I've been ripped off.. I stay mostly in private/membership campgrounds and there is an appearance of security.. this appearance seems to cut down on crime... State and other government parks often do not have that look so thieves feel more comfortable there.. and are. I kept thinking I needed to get a new cooler, Fill it with ICe and soft drinks but first put a piece of boiler plate in the bottom and about a half inch air craft steel cable to a nearby tree.. Thieves put it in trunk, take off, cable plays out, trunk is ... Opened.. When the boiler plate comes out of the thign Very impressive, not all that costly
wa8yxm 04/26/16 07:42am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Venting

I remember one time pulling into an RV park and a tree brushed up rahter heavily against my rig (no damage) I mentioned it to the manager who was there on is side job (Washing RVs) as I went to register my site... Well by the time we got the paperwork done at registration (Very fast) the problem was resolved and the tree was down (well uprooted, blown over by the wind, but hey, it was down) Now that's service..... From God though, not the park :) Helped them some time later getting rid of the stump. Much to the chigrin of the park employee (and pleasure of the manager) (one of the things I did caused a 30 minute job to take 10 mintues, the employee is paid by the hour, I also sharpened the chain saw for 'em. Saving a 2 hour trip to the place that normally did it).
wa8yxm 04/26/16 07:35am General RVing Issues
RE: How many trees must die?

You know how easy it would be to turn this into a policital issue? (if you do not please do not ask, I might be tempted) As someone else said, Take the ones you do not want back to the store and turn them in. One neat fature about that "preserve" There is a Bus Stop right at the end of the driveway.. Yup, you can catch the bus and leave the driving to Gus.. Bus takes you to bus stop central (Next to the Main Street Casion RV park's back wall if it's still there) and from there you can walk to Freemond Street (old Las Vegas) or take a different bus to the Strip (new Las Vegas)
wa8yxm 04/26/16 07:25am General RVing Issues
RE: What is this sitting on my kitchen counter?

Someone said "next to the knife holder no where near the sink" The O/P said they are on the kitchen counter (which is where I'd park a knife holder if it were not attached to the wall behind said counter) I guarantee that is near the Kitchen Sink.. Within 3 feet likely 1 foot.
wa8yxm 04/26/16 07:21am Beginning RVing
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