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RE: Command Products

We drove nails or screws into walls or used other stick on products. One word of caution... In an RV the walls are often not so much paneled as papered even if it is paper thin veneer, and a command hook with a load on it can pull the paper/veneer off. (As can any stick on product)
wa8yxm 10/30/14 02:40pm General RVing Issues
RE: Macerator with grey water tank question

There are basically two macerator systems, a few different companies, ONE pump style (pump motor and pump) Sani-Flo includes a small "Bypass" line which you can see on the outside of the pump housing that lets gray water drain past the pump. Flo-Jet does not I do not know about your system Water will NOT flow through the pump itself unless it is running, the type of pump will not allow it... But the bypass hose will bypass if you have one.
wa8yxm 10/30/14 02:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hughes RV220-50 really working?

Sounds like it is defective to me.. Check with the manufacturer,, Good test procedure by the way.
wa8yxm 10/30/14 06:40am Tech Issues
RE: How to measure DC current

Most standard multi-meters will meter up to 10 amps wheh put in series with the load (Easiest way is to pull the fuse and repalce with the meter and an in-line fuse holder). However for bigger loads go to Sears. A Crafstman model 82369 will do up to 400 amps clamp on, However it does NOT indicate direction of flow when used clamp on.
wa8yxm 10/30/14 06:39am Tech Issues
RE: How to use PDF file

Google PDF to WORD there are converters Or go to giveawayoftheday dot com http://giveawayoftheday.com/ From time to time they offer PDF converters for free.
wa8yxm 10/30/14 06:36am Technology Corner
RE: Wall Plate Booster

Try a Winegard Sensar Pro.. Works even better And upgrade the Omni (or optionally upgrade it for best results) to a Winegard Sensar 4 Put the Sensar 4 up there, run coax to an A/B switch and then you can switch between them.. The Sensar Pro supplies 12 volt to the mast-head (inside the antenna) amplifier, ONly switch the switch when Sensar pro is set to Cable (OFF) Part of your problem may be low-cost cable in the RV, Most manufacturers use lowest bidder which is always high-loss RG-59 Replacement with low-loss RG_6 will often improve performance. Epically if it's a long run.
wa8yxm 10/30/14 06:29am General RVing Issues
RE: I'm confused about propane.

This all got started because the portable cylinders had no guage. It's dangerous to overfill, so the workaround was to figure out how much a full cylinder should weigh and measure it on a scale while filling. Ah, but what you do not know is that the portable cylinders have always had a gauge/indicator called a Visual overfill indicator Valve on them. People yammer how you got to open the valve to let the air out because air can not be compressed... I have no desire to tell you just exactly how many things are wrong with that, but I read it all the time from "Experts" who prove EX = Has Been and Spurt = Drip under pressure. 2 of the things wrong: ONE: there is no air in the tank to let out, only propane gas and liquid and some contaminates, 2: Air (And gaseous propane) can be compressed, I mean what do you fill your tires with? COMPRESSED AIR!! ALL gases can be compressed. When the valve starts shooting out a white cloud (Water vapor condensed out of the air when the -40 degree liquid propane sprays out the jet) the tank is full.
wa8yxm 10/30/14 06:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Possible A/C noise solution

I have two different size A/C's here. the font is a 13,500 BTU Carrier Air V, the rear one is an Advent Air 15,000 BTU. I often have to touch the front one to feel if it's running.. The rear one I can hear. epically when the )(@#$@W condenser fan blew up (yes blew up, blades went flying) thankfully the replacement fan is from an American made A/C.
wa8yxm 10/30/14 06:21am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Are tow Dolly's a Hassle?

Most SUV's are Rear Wheel Drive.. Dolly's are for Front Wheel Drive cars. Now a Mini-van/crossover may be Front wheel drive But most SUV's are RWD. Although it is possible to tow a RWD vehicle backwards on a dolly but you have to tie the steering wheel (do not rely on the lock). Frankly, i think they are a big hassel which is why I modified my car so it can be flat towed.. This cost about 1500 dollars (Few more or less depending on the tow) and it can be done to most all two wheel (Front or Rear) drive vehicles. Some of the mods have other advantages too.
wa8yxm 10/30/14 06:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: DVR?????

If your DVR is a Sat-Receiver/DVR and you do not have a Sat antenna, it might take it a long time to allow you access to the recorded shows when first turned on.. (read the manual for instructions) But... I use dual DVR's in this RV, no problem.
wa8yxm 10/29/14 04:55pm Technology Corner
RE: Use of Wingard X2

First: You can use the park-cable line by re-routing the indoor end of it to the Sat Receiver from whatever it hooks to now but I would NOT DO THAT, two reasons One: I might want to use it as intended (In fact as I am typing I'm doing just that). Two: On many coaches that lead is lowest bidder RG-59.. Which is a long long way from quality RG-6 So the 50 feet (roughly) of cable in my RV would look like over 200 feet of RG-6 to the system Add a hundred foot ground cable to get past the trees (Which do not exist where I am not but usually do) and you are at or over the cable limit. I would run a nice new QUALITY RG-6 If Receiver is over the dash, run cable down teh A-Pillar under the dash, out past the steering column or any other handy hole in the fire wall and route it to a connector. On a gasser like mine I put said connector on the Brake Booster Bell crank Bracket (The adapter is a ground Block) Note; in the event you ever want to replace the dome Add an A/B switch to the mix, A goes to the Dome up A-bove and B.. Well why to you think I used those Big Bs in the description above.. Yup it goes to the BBBBBB down B-elow.
wa8yxm 10/29/14 04:53pm Technology Corner
RE: Tips, tricks, do's and dont's ....

Progressive Dynamics makes, basically, 3 units designed for your RV One is hard wired (This is best) one is plug in (Portable) this is technically identical to the above but for other reasons gets 2nd place. One has no LCD display and should remain on the store shelf or hook. This last one will not protect you in a brown out or a power flicker, the other two work identically. Why do I rate teh Hard Wried better? Well first: the portables can grow legs and walk off.. Hard wired, not so easy to swipe in the night. Second, You are "Overnighting" and "Oh it's too much trouble" V/s it's always there can not be forgotten. Mine is a portable but (this will likely happen in December) I have an "Install" plan for it. (just a matter of buying a cord)
wa8yxm 10/29/14 04:47pm Beginning RVing
RE: 5th Wheels and F150's

Though I assume they make some small 5th wheels. An F-150 towing a 5er is kind of like... SCARY 250 or 350 at least.
wa8yxm 10/29/14 04:44pm Beginning RVing
RE: I'm confused about propane.

Since the portable cylinders (Even the fixed ones) are usually rated by "Pounds" (for example the tank on My motor home is a 100 pounds) most stations fill by the gallon now days, EVEN if they scale the bottle they measure the gallons on the meter. The technician may be confused as to the terms he uses. Where I am 20 gallons is about 60 bucks (Rounded on both lines) they came and filled me Friday.. I had more than I thought in the tank. I am on a 50 amp site, no engine in the MH just now, so I'm not going anywhere.. odds are that tank will last me till If find the cash for a new engine.
wa8yxm 10/29/14 04:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: okay...we blew the tires. =-O

Look about the net (Either this or other RV forums) for a thread "Watching these videos may save your life".. The video is on a Mitchlin site as I recall and it's good knowledge. Glad to hear you are OK... Question: what brake system do you use on your towed? (do not answer me) Reason: US-Gear Unified Brake Decelerator.... Provides a towed charge line for the towed battery.
wa8yxm 10/29/14 04:39pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Do all Class A gas MHs have generators in the back?

A generator can be put most anywhere that there is room. On a gasser "Up Front" is usually occupied by something very large and horsepower-y (the main engine) The back is often... more or less open. On my coach (Gasser) the generator is almost exactly amidships (about 19 feet back from the bumper, either bumper, if that is I had bumpers) I've seen mid-mounts on Diesels (or rear) as well. So I would never say "ALL" when it comes to where do they stuff 'em.
wa8yxm 10/29/14 04:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Seat Belts

Most RV's only have 4 seat belts but it may be possible to add a 5th. My rule is "Buckle up or transmission remains in PARK". I have seen far too many accidents, either live and on camera (remotly controlled traffic cam) in evidence photos (Taken by police officers at the scene) or the car after the crash. Where people failed to buckle up. My daughter's first babysitter (Back over 3 decades ago) had a split lip, I ask about it.. Her 3 friends laughed at her when she buckled her belt. She then attended 3 funerals (Theirs) because the belt saved her life.
wa8yxm 10/29/14 04:34pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: BAd driver

Glad to hear your injuries are minor. Assume you were belted. As for the Drunk Driver... I am of the opinion that driving under the influence is a "reckless Driving" practice, as the driver who dies that does recklessly endanger the health and property of everyone on or beside the road he travels. As you prove in fact. And for that he should PAY!!!! and I mean PAY (I'd like to see two commas in the price tag myself).
wa8yxm 10/29/14 04:31pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: inside lights are not steady

Lights brightening and dimming may or may not be normal.. What is the cycle rate? Here is why I ask.... My 3stage PLUS converter has, as suggested an additional feature (A Plus) that being an automatic equalization mode that is invoked for like fifteen minutes every 20 hours.. Lights get Brighter for 15 minutes. In some cases a circuit breaker may be cycling, this usually is 3 minutes or less. Other devices may be demanding power (When wife presses button on macerator toilet.. It dims the lights).
wa8yxm 10/28/14 02:52pm Tech Issues
RE: PowerTek tv lock out

Is there somewhere else you can plug in the DVD? I do not recommend cutting wires, I recommend moving the plug.
wa8yxm 10/28/14 02:49pm Tech Issues
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