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RE: Mean Well power supply for my usage

With two group 27's you could go with a Progressive Dynamics 9260 (the proper size) and then you would have a "Set it and forget it" setup. Or for roughly the same cost a pair of GC-2 (Six volt golf car batteires in series) alas PDI does not make a 9270 (the proper size for those) but they would give you another 20-40 amp hours and they are TRUE DEEP CYCLE not marine deep cycle so when you run 'em down farther than planned they do a better job of recovery.
wa8yxm 10/20/14 05:00pm Tech Issues
RE: Be careful on Java update

In recent years bundling******ware with software updates has become more and more popular... I watch the update and when it says "Downloading ____" (not the program being updated) I will kill the update then go back and see where I missed a check box. For example, A recent Adobe reader update wanted to download McAffee.. I am very very much against McAffee (and not for the reasons you might think) I have two reasons one being that it takes too much CPU Time. The other I will not tell you for legal reasons (I do not wish to be sued). But this bundling is becoming more and more popular. I think they need to outlaw it. Or at least require that the DEFAULT option on the approval page is "Decline" (Add******Ware { } instead of Add******ware {X}. I have actually deleted some not-all that useful (But still useful) stuff and/or chosen alternative software because of this on a few occasions.
wa8yxm 10/20/14 04:57pm Technology Corner
RE: Electric fireplace

It should NOT be on the same circuit as the water heater, In fact NOTHING other than the water heater should be on that circuit Same for the fireplace, and any air conditioners you have,, On these big ticket items (Microwave also fits) it's one to a breaker. that applies to any device with double digit amp draw. One to a breaker, dedicated circuit.
wa8yxm 10/20/14 02:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Can you wax the decals or avoid them

I have always waxed EVERYTHING, on the outside except for Glass and plastic light is supposed to pass through such as headlight covers and tail light lenses.
wa8yxm 10/20/14 02:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Hot Water Only Warm On Electric

Ok, I will accept your correction. .IF that is the case then the electric T-Stat could also be suspect.
wa8yxm 10/20/14 06:08am Tech Issues
RE: Outside propane hook up?

In the world of Propane there are two types of "Taps" High and low pressure. High pressure is over 100 PSI Low pressure under 1/2 PSI.. DO NOT CONFUSE THEM A grill with it's own regulator needs HIGH pressure A grill designed to connect to a RV's low pressure port needs LOW pressure. Beyond that I will leave it up to others. And no I can not list models of the latter.. And models of the former are too many to list. (Any portable Propane Grill save those SPECIFICALLY designed to be used on an RV's low pressure port) most of the ones designed to use Low pressure are also designed to attach to a bracket on the side of the RV. I truly do not want my grill that close to the RV.
wa8yxm 10/20/14 06:07am Tech Issues
RE: Kitchen will not shut off,Drips

The only special thing about the RV faucet is how cheaply it is made. All connections and fittings and such are standard, A Moen (in fact some RV's have Moen) or Delta or _____ From Home Depot should work. Just make sure you get the right kind as regards the optional sprayer (If you have a sprayer, on the side, make sure the new one does too if the sprayer is a pull out (like the Moen Commercial just now) well, make sure the new one is that kind) that is the only "Special" consideration.
wa8yxm 10/20/14 06:03am Tech Issues
RE: Importance of Providing Cable TV

Have been thinking on this overnight. When you are laying out and setting up the park you will likely have the ground open (Ditches which you will fill in after you lay pipes, wires and cables) Now is when you should lay cable, cause.. Well, digging those ditches costs money, way cheaper to do it one time. Second, Consider running some Cat-5 at least to selected sites (So folks can plug in direct and not use Wi-Fi) I would only do a few sits this way Some of us (Me for example) have the ability to hard wire. Now: Connecting the cable to the supplier.. You need not do that,, but you should put in the cable itself. While the putting in is good.
wa8yxm 10/20/14 06:01am Technology Corner
RE: Free Kindle RV book

Just for fun I'm going to toss it onto my Kindle apps... May be worth the cost :) (Free) On a serious note: I once bought an RV book, in fact I think it is called THE RV BOOK (or The RV Owner's Handbook) These are generic RV owner's manuals, they are worth the cost and I learned quite a bit reading the one I bought. Today... I really should sit down and write one.
wa8yxm 10/20/14 05:53am General RVing Issues
RE: Michigan...shopping.????

Yes the mall in Troy is Summerset.. There are malls all over, some are better than others.. I have been to Summerset, Frairlane, 12-oaks and the Novi Collection across the freeway, Laural park (Story there) and all the ____land Malls, Do not recommend the ____land malls. Also the outlet malls I mentioned (Birch Run, Great Lakes Crossing and others) Those are the two best of the ones I have visited (Several states worth). In Laural Park (IN western Livonia MI 6 Mile and Haggerty area) A fairly small mall A radio station did a month long Remote from next to the Olga's, On this day they are doing a Sing Along, I know the OAP (On AIr Personality) and the keyboardist (Davis Gloff, who played in the movie Grand Torino) (Thank you darling Daughter, there is a longer story there). Well, I decided to play a small practical joke on Davis.. Cost me 10 bucks to set it up.. Resulted in a donation to the Salvation Army of over sixty dollars.. All in all a good day's work. Cured my Holiday Depression I can tell you. The daughter story: These folks used to work for WQRS, a 24x7 Classical Music Station.. Daughter is a Classical Musician (Among other things) so because of her interest in the art.. I took her to listeners' parties where I met the notables listed above.
wa8yxm 10/20/14 05:51am General RVing Issues
RE: "Show stopper" road probems

I carry a cell phone, Two CB's (Well 3 if I count the Hand Held that has no batteries in it) and multiple Ham Radios (Extra class license) and a debit card. That way no matter happens, If I am alive and able to move (ME not the motor home) I can summon help. Basically there is no place in this country where I can not contact someone and have them relay a call for assistance. At least no place above ground. SO, when about 50 miles or so from where I am right now the engine went BOOM and threw a rod... I called the sheriff, who gave me the number of a tow company, who came and got me, delivered me to a shop, where I got an estimanet, and another tow company brought me back to the park and I am saving up $$$ for the new engine.. 1-2 years I should have it. Of all the places to break down Southern GA does get below freezing but not often below 20, Rig is rated to 20 with either the modifications I made (electric) or furnace heating the tanks and lines. I am 20-30 miles from Darling Daughter, Son in law and newly minted Grandson. I am perhaps 5 miles from one of the Parishes (Church) where I have been invited to sing in the choir and perhaps 200-300 yards from another church where I sing in the choir and soon will do a solo (Yes on the same campus as the RV park) and I have friends here in the park. So.. If I could pick a place to break down.. This would be it.
wa8yxm 10/19/14 06:32pm Around the Campfire
RE: Hot Water Only Warm On Electric

I second the 1st suggestion and amplify the 2nd and add a 3rd First: Atwood, unlike their primary competitor, uses a single set of thermostats for both Gas and Electric, SO, if it gets hot enough on gas we know they are working and have eliminated them as the suspect. This leaves only the electric side of the heater.. This consists of the following. The Control board (Common to both sides) might have an issue.. There is a relay, the heat element, the wires and the circuit breaker. Suspects include: Bad connection(s) One of the circuit breakers in my RV, back when it was new, Well I had power issues (A/C's working when they felt like it... I found one of the breakers had a screw that took over TWO FULL TURNS before I felt resistance to farther tightening, Several in that area took additional tightening... This was causing an intermittent connection. The wire then runs to the RELAY box.. Again we have connections, and the relay itself Always a suspect. And then there is another connection and the HEAT ELEMENT. That is all folks. On my water heater the electric worked fine, Gas side quit. (I mean non-op 100%) turned out to be bad control board. IF, that is your problem, Recommend Dinosaur boards, Alas I could not for logistic reasons, but they make the best ones. If it is the heat element, Lowes or Home Depot may be less expensive, just take the old one in with you and match it. If it is a bad connection.> Re-dress it and it should be good.
wa8yxm 10/19/14 06:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Importance of Providing Cable TV

Since by the time they add the ups and extras Sat Tv can cost you more per month than site rental.. I do not use it. But the question I think is more what can a reasonable RV see by the way of OTA... Of all the parks I stay at only two offer cable.. Most RV's do not receive much TV here OTA (I have a full blown Winegard system, Batwing, Wingman, Sensar Pro, and thus I can watch OTA but many (Me last time I was here for example) not so much. The park offers cable and my DVR's are smart enough to choose cable or OTA as needed to get all the shows (Yup tier 2's not always on the cable, Tier 2's often best programs, watching a Tier 2 as I type) OF the other parks, as I said, only one offers cable, They charge an extra dollar a day.. I refuse to pay it since I get more than I can watch,, Over the air, and again the tier two I watch the most... not on the cable. (What is a tier 2.. Channel 3.1 or 3-1 is read as Channel 3, Tier 1.. Change the 1 to a Two and it's Channel 3, Tier 2. Tier 2 stations are the -2, or -3 or -any number higher than 1 channels)
wa8yxm 10/19/14 06:20pm Technology Corner
RE: Do you use an outside TV?

I do admit I did sometimes use a small portable outside when I was cooking outdoors, but now that my wife is gone I do not. Now a outside tv, resonable volume, while you preare dinner, watching the news or whatever show you like, Not a problem Same TV much higher volume while a bunch of football fans gather around drinking.. BIG PROBLEM
wa8yxm 10/19/14 06:15pm Technology Corner
RE: Are Most Class A Motorhome Owners Hermits?

Smaller rigs tend to be claustrophobic and thus folks spend more time out. Me, I spend so much time on the forums and other things I do not have time to go out, Plus weather is just now starting to be in my comfort zone where I'm broke down.. So I am out more. I'm a mix.. I do go out and mingle, but here in the CG... I'm more likely to stay in or hang with just a few friends.
wa8yxm 10/19/14 06:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Michigan...shopping.????

CHristmas is in the UP and it's a very small town, Not really much in it. Frankenmuth is about an hour north of Detroit, or an hour WEST of Port Huron and features Bronner's Always Christmas Store. (From Detroit go I-75 NORTH, from Port Huron I-69 west to I-75 North) SOUTH of Frankmuth you come to the Birch Run outlet mall, note General RV has a Burch Run store too (Other side of I-75) When I say South, I mean "JUST SOUTH" In fact if coming from the south it is the same exit you take for Bronners (They are on the same side as General RV) Farther south (Like half way to Detroit) is Great Lakes Crossing, a Malls of America mall. Around Detroit are many malls including 12 Oaks in NOVI and another on the other side of the freeway. and Fairlane in Dearborn.. Also in Dearborn is "The Henry Ford" Museum and Greenfield Village. A museum of American History.. One of the exhibits used to sit on the side of the road I took every day going to school. Shall I go on?
wa8yxm 10/19/14 05:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: CO Sensor...beep,beep,beep at 3AM

I have a CO detector that woke me up at 2 am. But it will never wake me up again, ever :) The problem with your statement (And I will assume an answer that is not a problem) is that many folks think that way,, Toss the think in a dumpster (I assume you did) and never replace it (I assume you replaced it). Then when a small hole rusts through the heat exchanger on their furnace (Which would have happened at my stick and bricks within 1-2 winters had I not replaced it) The prophecy that it will never awaken you again... Becomes very, fatally, true. Of course since I assume you replaced it this warning is for other folks.
wa8yxm 10/19/14 01:52pm Tech Issues
RE: Malware or virus??

IF you make full disk image backups, go to a clean one and overwrite what is on your disc now. By the way Malware or Virus is not a valid question Since a Virus is Malware the proper question is: Virus or other form of Malware. That said, I like to avoid those "We will fix your PC for Free" links because most of them do more harm than good, Even if they are NOT malware.
wa8yxm 10/19/14 01:49pm Technology Corner
RE: Fried

If the converter does auto-equlize voltage can go higher than 14.6 boost (like 15.6 or higher) 12 volt gear should go to a minimum of 14.4 w/o damage usually higher but in today's world of "Cut the cost" manufacturing (Thank You Wal*Mart) design may not be that good. And spikes are indeed possible.
wa8yxm 10/19/14 03:51am Tech Issues
RE: Anyone else getting SSL errors?

There was recently a flaw found in SSL, Seems it has been there a while.. It may be that your program is refusing to let you connect using the flawed protocol. IF that is the case it should be fixed soon.
wa8yxm 10/19/14 03:49am Technology Corner
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