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RE: Where to buy good semi-cheap ratchet socket set in USA?

Cheap: Harbor freight Good: Sears But if it's just the hinges you might consider making a new case. or see if Sears might cover it and give you one or just get a small tool box for them.
wa8yxm 07/31/14 02:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: replacing light bulb

You might try using your cell phone camera to take a picture, It can see what you can not There are basically three bases used,,, now one of these is highly unlikely, Screw in (like a regular 120 volt house lamp but smaller) You already said you think that's not it, and it is very rare in this type of service Bayonet Push, turn pull Wedge.. Just pull (And pin another Just pull use of an inspection mirror (My lady's compact perhaps) or your cell phone camera might get you a better view of the base and a clue.
wa8yxm 07/31/14 02:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: When traveling avoid ATM which can snatch your card

The problem was the service technician who, once you started the transaction, should have left the unit in service till you finished, THEN flipped the "Service" switch. And the programming should have prevented him from switching to service mode mid-transaction as well, or alternatively returned the card. I'd note the make of the device and complain to the manufacturer.. Likely Diebold but not 100% on that.
wa8yxm 07/31/14 02:39pm General RVing Issues
RE: Blown Engine, 8.1l

There would be a big hole in it when I took the picture. Well it's at least golf ball size now,, But I get your point. Softball might be better.
wa8yxm 07/31/14 02:37pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Question re: shotgun in MH

The best answer is regulations vary from place to place, Not only state to state but sometimes lesser governments get in the act as well. My official position on gun regulation: Mixed emotions, thus can not post more.
wa8yxm 07/31/14 02:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Wifi antenna ideas

If you want to "Extend the range" of a simple "Finger" type antenna (rod that sticks up) there is an interesting way... I use it, it works go to http://amaturlogic.tv Download and watch Episode 3 (I believe there are over 100 episodes, but Ep 3 is the one you want) Now,, i did NOT modify the "Finger" (the Linksys antenna) so if I remove the juice can it's 100% origianl, but basically this is what you do. Get a can of Grape Juice; Enjoy contents, Remove one end with can opener. Drill a hole (George tells you where to drill) and insert a rubber grommet in hole. Stick antenna "Finger" in hole, and point the open end toward the router's antenna (The park's router) seriously increases range. Should work with the Wi-Fi Ranger, and if done the way I did, 100% reversible so you do not affect warranty on your electronics.
wa8yxm 07/31/14 10:42am Technology Corner
RE: Testing 50 AMP CG power before connecting

I agree. You have basically two options, I will list both Turn OFF park breakers Plug in PI unit.. Turn on breakers and check display, IF it says, for example 240 volts.. TURN OFF BREAKERS if it says all is good Turn off breakers.. Plug RV into PI, turn on breakers. Option 2 Turn off breakers, Plug RV into PI, Plug PI into Park. Turn on breakers, if there is a major problem it will refuse to connect.
wa8yxm 07/31/14 10:38am Beginning RVing
RE: Can someone tell me how to read this correctly

How to read the lights The higher the reading (Altitude) the "Fuller" the item being measured (Be it battery or holding tank). HOWEVER as you may know it's not all that good at holding tank levels it's not all that good on teh battery level either. .You need to run off ALL OTHER LOADS (fans, Lights, etc) before testing with that panel Better to use a good Digital Voltmeter and the charts others have posted above. and Measure AT THE BATTERY TERMINALS.
wa8yxm 07/31/14 10:34am Tech Issues
RE: Dual AC a handicap when only 30amp is available?

Well.. Since it appears I am not going anywhere for a while I put my 50 amp rig on a 50 amp long term site. But back when it was more mobile I ran into that 30 amp site issue many times. Original wiring for coach Breaker box--20 amp---------Rear a/C current config Breaker box--20 amp------Outlet/Plug---20 amp----Rear AC (20 amps refers to a 20 amp breaker) The plug and outlet are in an outside compartment,,, Years ago there was a company (Power Solutions RV PSRV dot NET) the web site no longer is found... This was basically their design. 50 amp site: Plug into socket 30 amp site: Pull plug, use 12 ga Extension cord to connect to 20 amp park outlet. NOTE I have seen Cheater boxes and cords that let you plug into both the 30 and 20 amp outlets then plug the RV into that.. THEY DO NOT WORK in many parks, (Any park with GFCI breakers) as they trip the GFCI's This system I use, Does work.
wa8yxm 07/31/14 10:32am General RVing Issues
RE: lettuce talk sewers.......

You an get alternate ends for the Rino.. you need a male end, and as noted a short length of hose (Just cut it off) and a female end. then do as the photo. My rig is a bath and a half, The shower and rear (full) bath has it's own "Wash" tank (Technically it's wash, not gray) I use a 25 foot Gray 3/4 Inch Garden hose and on some of my hose ends (the elbow at the ground) there is a male hose fitting. by use of an adapter cap on the RV, I put the shower in that fitting,,, Works well... Very well. But your elbow does not have that fitting. What is the difference between Wash and Gray... The Kitchen Sink (Food particles).
wa8yxm 07/31/14 10:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Mortorhome Electrical problems and questions

Yes, assuming your WFCO is working properly you can disconnect the batteries and just let the converter power the RV. Scot has it.. With WFCO that is a MAJOR assumption.. they are not known for a long "Mean time between failure" and that is the most common failure. If you confirm it's not working, Consider Progressive Dynamics, I suspect their 4600 line of Wizard controlled converters will "Drop in" the electroincs section of that WFCO job and .... Well a better converter controller than the Wizard I have yet to find.
wa8yxm 07/31/14 10:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Blown Engine, 8.1l

The shop say 10K (Which is reasonable) and it's reasonable to want to make sure I can pay for it too.. I have no problem with the shop.... I will call for a tow truck and return to the shop... Well schedule it first and get the motor to the shop to minimize down time. Raga.. Thanks for the IDEA,,, I will do that, I can also take and E-Mail them a photo of the oil pan (and inspect it myself) it may be you are right..Can not be sure without a full inspection but who knows... That would explain a few things not otherwise explained.. Will have to inspect first. (Like why an engine that has not used but 1 quart of oil a year for 9 years suddenly got thirsty).
wa8yxm 07/31/14 10:22am Class A Motorhomes
RE: best way to run residential fridge on limited shore power?

So my new coach is 50amp and I am going to a camp this weekend thatAre these residential fridges an LP hog? It's a norcold 4 door. Thanks Two problems... First "Residential Fridges" are 120 volt compressor driven like you have in your sticks and Bricks. What you have is an RV Absorption Cooling Unit most likely (Though Norcold does make one other I'll mention in a moment) They sip propane SLOWLY very SLOWLY, a 20 pound bottle will last you a long time if you choose to run it on Gas.. if you need to conserve amps, that's the way to do it On A/C it only draws around 3-4 amps though, not all that much A true Residential may draw 1-3 amps And the Compressor jobs Norcold makes, like half an amp (They are very high efficiency but no compressor fridge has an LP option, Simply not possible) (Dometic has a model or two like that too) IF you have never run it on propane. then you need to do a full Preventive maintenance inspection to make sure you will not have any issues.. Many have, for example, had an insect or bird nest in the flu, NOT GOOD when running on propane. Your downloadable if you can not find it owner's manual will describe the inspection and cleaning process.
wa8yxm 07/31/14 10:18am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Awful sewer gas stench! Solved!!

I would think that the battery had more of a sulfer type smell where as a sewer problem wouls smell crappy. But i could be wrong. Correct but many can not tell the difference and sewers can be sulfer (Rotten egg) as well as other .... er... aromas. Many have made the mistake.. To a lesser extent, including me, and having grown up on a dairy/hog farm (half and half) I know the aroma of political speeches (BS by any other name) Though to be honest Human is closer to Hog.
wa8yxm 07/30/14 02:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Wow! Unplugged 50 to 30 amp adapter....50amp female melted

I find 30 amp plugs and outlets do tend to get hot.. 50's not so much. Even when it's a 30 amp plug on a 30 amp outlet in a park I clean mine often, this helps.
wa8yxm 07/30/14 02:51pm Tech Issues
RE: Additional tv usage with satellite

There is no High Definition In-motion sat antenna. So he would not have a HDMI cable. If there is no switch box, then it could be possible that there is a splitter coming out of the receiver into the splitter and then to all TV's. All the TV's would need to be on the same channel (Ch 3 or 4). This is true only if you are a DirecHDTV customer. IF you are a DISHNETWORK customer, there are several. However to the Orignal Poster IF the Sat Receiver has a Coax (RF-Antenna type connector) OUT (Often says "TO TV" then there is hope If you have the famous Box of Many buttons, there should be a cable input marked SAT IN, this is where you feed the TO TV lead, then the switch switches as normal IF you have the wall plate.. Then on the back, there are usually 3 connections,, The CENTER one is for CABLE TV, you can feed the sat receiver's coax cable out to that fitting. IF the sat receiver has no coax cable out, you can still do it, but it is very expensive.
wa8yxm 07/30/14 02:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Computer Based Radio

Ah for the good old days when Detroit Police actually published instructions on how to listen in to their brand new radio system.... Short story Bank robbery Michigan State Police radio was not yet licensed. (FCC refused to license) Stuff left out Troopers were dispatched to blockade points the old fashion way (not by radio) "Dispatcher" Got on the radio and "Disptached" troopers to primary blockade positions (NO troopers went to those since they got their orders differently) Robbers heard the radio transmission so took a secondary route.. Which took them .... straight to the pokey with Smokey cause that was where the troopers were. License arrived 2 days later by express mail.
wa8yxm 07/30/14 02:44pm Technology Corner
RE: Converter vs. Charger, Whats in a name?

What we have is synonyms.. In my life I have designed and built several POWER SUPPLIES. these devices take 120vac, transform it, rectify it, filter it then regulate it so you get 5 volts, or 12 volts or 13.6 or in some cases 5ma (That is a constant current power supply) or whatever voltage you are looking for. I have old fashion "Battery chargers" These take 120 vac, Transform it and rectify it, however they do not filter. Then we have RV style converters... Some like the Parallex 7300 are nothing more than the power supplies I used to design and build only bigger. some like the Progressive Dynamics 9200s are very very decent multi stage devices that both provide power to the motor home and charge batteries. As for the 14 volt effect on hardware. I have some makes of cars hit 16 volts Many 12 volt auto lamps are rated 14 volt @ xxma. or x.x A They should not be damaged by normal 3-stage converter voltages.
wa8yxm 07/30/14 02:39pm Beginning RVing
RE: Light bulb

Photo of lamp.. The description above works for many. others, simply pull... My rig uses both kinds. On the bayonet types PUSH turn then PULL.
wa8yxm 07/30/14 02:30pm General RVing Issues
RE: New Firearm Law in Tenn

Someone posted that anyone who would shoot at a Police officer is the kind of person who would NOT care if the law allowed him to carry or not. I fully agree by the way. So, let me set up a scenaro. First you, the law abiding gun owner who sometimes drives in bad neighborhoods, have a gun in your glove box.. So you drive to the high end mall, and turn your car over to the valet who parks it for you... While you are shopping some light fingered type hops in your car, hot wires it and off to the races, HE uses your gun to shoot the cop that stops him. Had it been illegal for you to carry in your car, being law abiding, you'd not have had the gun the ILLEGAL used to soot the officer. That said.. I sit squarely upon the fence when it comes to gun laws.
wa8yxm 07/30/14 02:27pm General RVing Issues
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