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Topic: Alpenlite or Lance ???

Posted By: CPA on 01/29/02 05:21pm

I'm new to truck campers but after looking at just about every one made I have narrowed my search to either Alpenlite or Lance. Is there much difference in construction quality or reputation in the market place between these two? Is one decidedly better? Is resale of one better than the other? I'd sure appreciate any helpful comments before I take the plunge. Thanks for any help. CPA

Posted By: Fulltimer50 on 01/29/02 07:44pm

Hope you have a big truck to carry them. They are both heavy.


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Posted By: Buddcop on 01/30/02 10:45pm

We were in the same boat as you and finally ended up ordering a Lance 1030. From everything I've read they are both quality units, but the Lance was more open with the bath to the rear. We thought the bed area was too closed in/that being in the Alpenlite. We probably shopped at the same dealers that you did, but ended up in NY after a lengthy search for the right price and dealer. I guess it all comes down to what you want. Dollar for dollar I believe the Lance to be a better buy with a similar Alpenlite costing well over $3000.00 more. This I could not justify. Good luck and enjoy what you get. You realy can't go wrong either way.And yes,they are both heavy--but what hardwalled slide in isn't.

Posted By: BigWave on 02/02/02 12:00pm


We were in the same boat afew months ago deciding between Alpenlite and Lance.only used (1-3 years old). We ended up with an Alpenlite Laramie LS 850. Bothe units were nice but the Alpenlite seemed a little bigger on the inside and we found a good deal on the Alpelite model we were looking for.
We have been vary happy with it so far and I am extreamly impressed with the quality of the unit.


Posted By: kblackav8or on 02/24/02 08:13pm

I just got a Alpenlite Durango. The quality of this unit is very good. We also looked at Lance. They are also very good. For me it came down to wood vs aluminum. I had a Dutchman trailer which developed a leak in a spot where you had no idea there was a leak until the floor pretty much caved in. It was a 96 model. I fixed it and sent it on its way. Aluminum doesn't rot, at least not the way plywood or particle board does. Don't forget to look at Bigfoot as well. Hard to find but outstanding reputation where I am from in Oregon. There may be one other small brand of note but the rest, Fleetwood, et al are OK to outright junk.

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Posted By: Fireguy on 02/26/02 01:26am

We have a 2002 Lance 1121. Looked at many brands and happily decided on the Lance. Their quality can't be beat. Let's face it they ONLY make campers. We had a Fleetwood Caribou and (Sorry Fleetwood owners) it was the biggest piece of junk we ever had Had it less than a year and got rid of it. I could fill up a couple of pages on the problems we had with that one.
One thing to remember is the fact that the larger campers are heavy. We have a 2001 Ford F-350 crew cab duelly. Powerstroke, etc. It needs and Lance recommends air bags. All in all, we love the Lance and highly recommend it. Have Fun! Fireguy

Posted By: Buddcop on 02/27/02 06:48am

I see you are from Pa. If you price Lance give East End Campers in Long Island NY a try. They will give you a solid price via e-mail. We are in NJ and checked the dealers in Pa., and Delaware. Saved a "ton" of money and are really happy with the dealer. Check them out at . Round trip for us was 280 miles but at $10 a mile well worth it. It was like getting our generator for free.

Posted By: Braddah Ped on 02/27/02 10:46pm

Great topic!!!
I too am in the same situation. I've looked at all the campers locally and end up deciding on the two brands as well. I'm looking at the largest units, Lance 1161 and the Alpenlite santa fe. I really like the lance's layout and their raputation but the two year warranty is outdone by the five on alpenlite. The wooden frame, although legendary in lance make me wonder about its application on slideouts...more openings for moisture to get in??? If anyone out there has had the lance slideouts for some time now, could you give me some feedback on this thought.
On the other hand the alpenlite is just tops on quality in materials and the five year warranty leads me to believe these guys feel really good about there product...the aluminum frame is hard to find fault in.
There is also a new camper jumping in the market, Host industries are making double slideouts on their campers. There is an article about them on the new trailerlife magazine. Not too much details on it but it looks promising. It's built in Bend, OR(I think). We are planning to go to the rv show in Eugene, OR this weekend and hope to get a glimpse of this camper.
I've been searching for 10 month now and am ready to buy...looking at the overall value of the product and one that will last a long time. Any more input on this subject would be great, especially by owner.....thanks!!!

Posted By: Justice on 03/07/02 02:57pm

LANCE ALL THE WAY [emoticon]

I was in the same exact boat as everybody above. I to live in Long Island NY and found East End Campers to be expensive. I found RV dealerships across the country a lot less inexpensive. You just have to be willing to drive there. I decided on the Lance 2002 1130 fully loaded for $19,500. Im picking it up in June. The floorplan cant be beat. I drove to Florida and looked at the top of the line Alpenlite and really wasnt that impressed. It was a nice camper, but in my opinon not as nice as Lance. I heard of stories with the aluminuim frames that when it gets really cold out. They sweat from the heat from the inside of the camper. There for leaving marks all on the outside of the camper where the poles are located with in. Has anybody else heard of this? I really like the 2002 Lance and all the new options it has to offer, like the battery moniter and the new storm windows. The one down fall is I wish Lance would give the option of Generac or Onan generators. I heard some negatives about the later model generacs, but also herad they have improved for 2002.

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