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Topic: How many of us are there? Owners of Dodge based RV's?

Posted By: Griff in Fairbanks on 09/27/07 01:26am

Trish - start emailing it to me. (Right now, I've been working on routines that allow people to email me without the pages revealing my email address to spammers.) Does 'Trish's Travco' sound good for a name.

As soon as the distributed library gets put together, I'll add a hidden page (linked from this thread but not from my site).

Dodge Motor Home Chassis Service Manual, Models M-300, M375 (Doesn't list the model years but it predates Leeann's, covering 1969 through 1972 I believe.)

Dodge Motor Home Chassis Parts Catalog, Models M-300, M-375, RM-300, RM-350, RM-400 (1969-1973)

Dodge Trucks Service Manual, Conventional, 4 x 4, Forward Control, Models 100-800, Serial Numbers starting with XXX-1668000 (1967 is handwritten on the cover)

Motor Truck & Diesel Repair Manual, Professional Service Trade Edition (Dodge section covers all trucks 1970-1980. General service section includes the Mopar Loadflite - A-727 and 999 - and A345 automatic transmissions.)

Chilton's Repair & Tune-up Guide for Dodge 1968 to 1977 cars

Chilton Chrysler Full-size Trucks 1967-1988 Repair Manual

ATSG A727/A904 Technical Service manual

Torqueflite A727 Transmission Handbook by Carl H. Munroe (HPBooks)

How to Rebuild Small-Block Mopar Engines by Don Taylor and Larry Hofer (HPBooks)

How to Hot Rod Small-Block Mopar Engines by Larry Shepard (HPBooks)

Engine Builder's Handbook by Tom Monroe (HPBooks)

Cooling Your Mopar by John Van Becry (All Pro)

How To Do Electrical Systems by Skip Readio (Tex Smith's Hot Rod Library)

Automotive Electrical Handbook by Jim Horner (HPBooks)

Nuts, Bolts, Fasteners and Plumbing Handbook by Carroll Smith (Motorbooks Workshop)

Mechanic's Guide to Precision Measuring Tools by Forbes Aird (Motorbooks Workshop)

How to Paint Your Car by Dennis W. Parks and David H. Jacobs, Jr. (Motorbooks Workshop)

Metal Fabricator's Handbook by Ron & Sue Fournier (HPBooks)

Welder's Handbook by Richard Finch (HPBooks)

NAPA Heavy Duty Chassis Parts Catalog (CH-MHD-06)

... that's a small part of my library (It's enough for now) -- I didn't mention the stuff dealing with the iron case Powerflite and Torqueflite transmissions, nor the early aluminum case push button A727 transmissions.

1970 Explorer Class A on a 1969 Dodge M300 chassis with 318 cu. in. (split year)
1972 Executive Class A on a Dodge M375 chassis with 413 cu. in.
1973 Explorer Class A on a Dodge RM350 (R4) chassis with 318 engine & tranny from 1970 Explorer Class A

Posted By: Trish Davis on 09/27/07 06:21am

Now that's a library!

Will do. The name is fine.

Posted By: eyeteeth on 09/27/07 07:38am

Hehe... that's why I put the "?" after my answer. I use heli coils a lot in my racing repairs.

I wonder if anyone could help me track down a part. I need a speedo cable for a 78 M400 w/ cruise control. 440 engine if it matters. People here keep looking at me funny when I ask.

Posted By: Griff in Fairbanks on 09/27/07 08:13am

eyeteeth wrote:

I wonder if anyone could help me track down a part. I need a speedo cable for a 78 M400 w/ cruise control. 440 engine if it matters. People here keep looking at me funny when I ask.

Lokar has some universal cut-to-fit cables that may be a starting point.

Try the Motormite/Dorman site. Enter 'speedometer cable' in their keyword search field on the left side of the screen. When I tried it, it listed 125 cables ... including quite a few for Mopars. (The year/make/model quiz sequence led nowhere.) Motormite/Dorman parts are sold by Parts America affiliates, as well as other parts houses, so once you have the p/n, they should be able to find it for you.

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Posted By: nodakotaclassc on 09/27/07 08:18am

Thanks for all of the responses, I'll take a look at how accessible the pan is.

Posted By: MasterBoondocker on 09/27/07 09:44am

Griff in Fairbanks wrote:

MasterBoondocker wrote:

THIS is no-big-deal ... once the pan is off. But again .... puling a pan in some van chassis can be a major MAJOR job.

Have YOU ever done it ?

Yes, I have ... many times.

1947 Pontiac sedan
1947 Willys Overland wagon
1949 International Metro van
1965 GMC Stepvan
1966 Dodge Polara
1970 Explorer Class A motorhome (1969 Dodge M300 chassis)
1972 Executive Class A motorhome (1972 Dodge M375 chassis)
1975 AMC Gremlin
1975 Harley XLH Sportster
1977 Dodge B200 Tradesman van
1978 Harley FLH Electra-Glide
1980 Ford Bronco
1983 Plymouth K-car wagon
1986 Honda Rebel
1986 Ford Escort
1987 Ford F150 pickup
1990 Ford E150 Club Wagon (van)

All vehicles I've owned and maintained. That list doesn't include a few vehicles I only owned for a short period nor does it include vehicles I've worked on for friends and family members.

Many of those vehicles were in very poor condition when I got them, due to previous owners' neglect, abuse, and half-assed attempts at repair. All (except for the four I bought new) were in much, much better condition when I sold them.

You have dropped an oil pan in ALL of these vehicles ? ..... for what purpose ?

Posted By: ALnCORY on 09/27/07 09:56am

I don;t see a "unleaded fuel only" sticker anywhere on my rig. Chassis is stamped 11/1973. I am trying to remember back that far, is this before the unleaded days. Wondering if I need to stock up on lead additive or if you can still get it. Anyone know?

I don't think anyones dying statement ever contained the words "I wish I had spent more time in the office", so lets go somewhere!

Posted By: Griff in Fairbanks on 09/27/07 03:34pm

ALnCORY wrote:

Wondering if I need to stock up on lead additive or if you can still get it.

According to and wikipedia, the U.S. started phasing out unleaded gasoline in 1973, which matches my recollections. (You could still buy leaded gas at least through 1975.)

You can buy lead substitute at Parts America, which includes Checker, Schuck's, Kragen, and Advance Auto.

On MLP, I found a set of military surplus leaded heads, which I had built up by Outrageously Vintage.

MasterBoondocker wrote:

You have dropped an oil pan in ALL of these vehicles ? ..... for what purpose ?

That's silly, motorcycles don't have oil pans.

One way of checking out the internals of an old engine is to pop the valve covers and drop the oil pan. Pulling the valve covers also allows me to make sure the covers aren't warped and to replace the valve cover gasket, which frequently stops most of the top-end oil leaks.

I said, "old engines," which rules out the vehicles I bought new, with one germane exception -- the 1977 Dodge B200 van. I just had to put a chrome oil pan on it. (It was my first new vehicle, I was 22 years old, newly married DINK, with a part time job.) I replaced it with the engine still in the vehicle, in a process that involved an engine hoist and a lot of contortions.

Posted By: Leeann on 09/27/07 04:46pm

More manuals:

7. Torqueflite A-727 Transmission Handbook, Carl H. Munroe

8. Atwood Water Heater Installation, Operation Instructions (July, 1975)

9. Coleman Furnace Operation and Service Instructions/Installation

10. Dometic Fridge Service Manual RM24A, RM36C, RM46, RM66, RM67, RM76, RM77

11. Duo-Therm AC Install/Service 8/75, Models 54615-035, 54615-045, 54615-036, 54615-046 (13,500 BTU)

12. Magic Chef stoves - Care and Use and Installation/Repair

13. Onan CCK Parts Catalog, to Spec K 927-300

14. Onan CCK Parts Catalog, Spec R-V 927-0222

15. Onan CCK Parts Manual, Spec A-U 927-0220

16. Onan CCK Operator's Manual 927-110

17. Perfect Circle Speed Control Installation, Dodge 440 engine, and Troubleshooting Guide

18. Suburban Water Heater Service Manual, SW3P; SW6P, PE, PER; SW6D, DE, DEM; SW10P, PE, PER; SW10D, DE, DEM

19. Suburban Water Heater Installation and Operation Manual for above-listed Water Heaters

20. Suburban Dynatrail Furnaces Service Manual, NT-12S, NT-16S, NT-20S, NT-24SP, NT-30SP, NT-34SP, NT-25K, NT-30K, NT-35K, NT-42T

21. Suburban Dynatrail Furnaces Specs/Operation for above-listed furnaces

22. Thetford Aqua-Magic installation

23. Dodge Motor Home Chassis Operator's Manual, 81-370-5405

24. Intertherm AC Owner's Manual, Installation & Operation Instructions (SCH series)

'73 Concord 20' Class A w/Dodge 440 - see profile for photo

Posted By: Griff in Fairbanks on 09/27/07 04:55pm

I wonder if any of these appliance manuals are kept online by the manufacturers ... if so, we should provide appropriate links for people to look things up.

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