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Topic: Workhorse Multifunction Turn Signal Switch Part #

Posted By: happy2rv on 06/14/09 10:27am

1fastdad wrote:

You haven't said why you needed one. ...What I had done was pulled the button out of the switch and all I had to do to fix it was push the button back in.

The hazard flasher portion of the switch has gone bad. After searching this and other forums, it seems to be a semi-common problem, although most people that have had problems indicate the problems occurred after lengthy (30+ minutes continuous) use, I've never used mine for that length of time.

I read several people who have accidentally pulled their switch out, but I really tried to intentionally pull mine out, thinking I might be able to clean or "adjust" the contacts to avoid having to replace it for now, but I couldn't budge it. I tried pushing in on the metal contacts from the outside, but it appears that the plastic has melted and deformed. I got everything kinda out of whack now. The flashers will work, but in the off position, the turn signal flasher keeps flashing. So its definitely time for a new one.

I'm really disappointed in the quality of this switch. I use one of the diode based converters to convert down to 4 wires going to the toad and I installed completely separate bulbs for the toad. I wouldn't have expected the two bulbs to add enough load to the system to be a problem, but they have always seemed dim. I always attributed the dimness to the diode based converter.

Anyway, now I'm contemplating a couple of mods. First, I'm thinking of going to relays for the toad wiring. Second, I'm thinking about a mod I saw on another forum for installing a heavy duty flasher switch using three relays, one for the brake lights and one for each of the front turn signal lights.

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