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Topic: MPG

Posted By: mhdriver on 07/30/01 10:16pm

You ever wonder what the other guy is getting in gas mileage? You hear , Yea, I got a 460 and I'm getting xxx mile to the gallon. I thought it would be interesting if you knew how your coach stacked up to other ones. Lets face it if a few tips or tricks pop up, all the better. This by no means a scientific survey. It's just for fun and enjoyment. So, What are you really getting?
List: Year/Make/Model
Length/engine/towing/or not towing
Loaded or empty
What ever else you can think of?

"WARNING:" If you list some way out MPG you will probably get flood with inquiries!!!!

2000 Pace Arrow Vision 36B
F53 V10 Towing Chev S10
Get 61/2 to 7 MPG
Try to run full of gas and about half tank of fresh water. Empty the B&G tanks needed.

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Posted By: mlg 626 on 07/30/01 11:21pm

1989 Super Chief 31RQ. 460 Ford Carb. It don't change much if we tow or not, load is about the same on all trips and it gets between 5.9 and 7.5
I've heard them new v10 get 11 and 12 mpg. and the same guy told me that, went UP Monteagle 70 mph with a 31' mini v10. I think, if he can get his ups and down mixed up, the gas mileage is off also.

Posted By: Dirtman on 07/31/01 05:19am

I get the best mileage without cruise, this one is way too sensitive. Usually run between 5.9 and 7.9, depending on terrain, and wind. Towing doesn't seem to make much difference, I think I unconsciously try harder for mileage when towing. Will probably go to full Banks, and hope for the best. Oh well, I didn't buy this thing for the mileage anyway.

2003 Newmar "D"Star 4050
Freightliner(Neway IFS) 330HP Cat
22'Haulmark V nose hauler
2004 Chev Silverado Z-71, 4X4 toad

Posted By: Porchdog on 07/31/01 05:23am

I have a '99 30' Windsport and tow a Nissan p/u. I get 7 MPG. I keep the gas and LP tanks full and 1/3 on freshwater. The others I empty regularly.

Posted By: Grouchman on 07/31/01 05:45am

Fresh water: about 1/3 full about 25 gallons for necessities while traveling.
Black and Gray: as empty as they can be except for necessities while traveling.
Gas Tank: never gets below ½ full.
Propone Tank: usually full, very seldom use.
5.5 W Onan generator usually running the air conditioner and refrigerator during hot weather.
Traveling between 60 and 65 on interstate, 60 on other four lane highways, 55 on all other highways, and the speed limit on all other roads over various terrain and climate (wind, temp.etc) conditions.
2001 Winnebago Adventure 35U on a F53 chassis with a 310 Hp V10 engine. No modifications except I use synthetic oil (Mobile 1).
Toad: 2001 Saturn SL1
MPG: usually 6 to 7.8. My MPG might be off by 1 MPG either way, I only tracked it for 1 trip of about 1000 miles. MPG does not matter to me; I own one of these for the enjoyment and the lifestyle it gives.

I just read a great quote: If you can’t afford to feed the horse don’t buy it.


I live in my own little world. But it's OK. They know me here.

Posted By: Backdraft on 07/31/01 07:04am

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Posted By: TXiceman on 07/31/01 08:37am

1999 Minie Winnie DL, 31A, class C towing a 1995 Ford Probe GT (5 speed), Banks Power Pak, Transcommand, Full Mobil One oil,
Loaded coach weight is 13,900 # with full fuel, 1/3 tank of water, no waste, full propane. Dinghy is 2800#.

Running 65 mph loaded as above we get 7.0 to 7.7 mpg. 7.0 and lower in hills and 7.5 to 7.7 on the flats. Have gotten as high as 8.2 mpg.

No way this will get over 10 mpg unless I park it and push it.

Ken W

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Amateur Radio Operator.
2013 HitchHiker 38RLRSB Champagne, toted with a 2012, F350, 6.7L PSD, Crewcab, dually. 3.73 axle, Full Time RVer.
Travel with a standard schnauzer and a Timneh African Gray parrot

Posted By: bngatewood on 07/31/01 11:15am

It would nice if gas MH folks could buy a computer like device to measure mileage. I think there is one for diesels and I know autos have them. Does anybody know of such a thing>

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Boyd N. Gatewood
90 Flair E29, Toad 2001 Saturn L300

Posted By: bngatewood on 07/31/01 11:17am

Non towing I think I am getting 6 to 7.

Posted By: glasair on 07/31/01 12:43pm

I have a 1996 31' Allegro w/chev 454, no slides. I replaced the stock muffler with a Flowmaster, K&N air filter, splitfire plugs. I run 65 psi front and 60 psi on the rears. Flat runs consistently give me over 9 mpg driving at true 65 mph (Texas to Florida). Towing a Saturn I never go below 8mpg at true 65 mph. In the mountains I'll average at least 7 but never below that.

Tradewinds 1998, Cat 3126 300 HP


Posted By: Bob on 08/01/01 06:39am

32' Southwind Storm, 310 V-10: Blazer as toad.

7.8 mpg

2000 Southwind Storm, Ford-V10
2005 GMC Envoy toad

Posted By: bagman on 08/01/01 01:28pm

Bruce, look at all of the other milage claims for class A motorhomes with the 6.8 V-10. They average between 6 to 8 MPG. Also, I suscribe to Motorhome magazine and have never seen a Class A motorhome reviewed with the 6.8 V-10 getting that kind of fuel economy. Either you have an experimental motor in you motorhome or perhaps when you filled up after 200 miles, you didn't actually fill up all the way. And that is what I suspect really happened. This is what I do. When we travel to Florida, I add up the total miles driven and then divide that number by the totol gallons used. This way you get a true average. You're going to use more fuel at 72 than you are at 62-65 MPH. like you said, I'm no fool Bagman

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Posted By: stevenlit on 08/01/01 03:10pm

1987 Rockwood with 454 4BBL carberated. 3 speed Tranny. Tag Axle (eight wheels on the ground)Close to 17,000 total weight loaded. No towing. 70 lb air in 8RX19.5 Michelins. Carry 1/2 fresh, 28 GAL propane. Average over last 11,000 miles is 7.16 MPG. Much mountain driving including southern Utah, New Mexico, Cascades, Siskiyous, Coast Range. Stock dual exhaust.

Steve and Denice Little and "Cookie" a rescued 16 y/o Long Haired Doxie/Papillon mix
2001 40 Ft. Gulfstream Scenic Cruiser - Cummins ISC, Allison World HD, Spartan w/Granning IFS, Onan 7.5K QuietDiesel
2002 Chevy Tracker ZR2 - "The Pup"

Posted By: bagman on 08/01/01 03:19pm

You propably have the GM TH400 transmission and you're a prime candidate for a gear splitter. You would get better fuel economy, longer engine life, and more power going up hill. I like the Gear/Vendor unit. Bagman.

Posted By: PDMills on 08/01/01 06:13pm

1991 32' Allegro Bay w/454 TBI. I get between 5.8 and 7.5 depending on conditions (wind, city vs hwy, lead foot, etc.) and how much I run the genset without moving. I usually run between 55 and 60mph. I also run the genset w/both AC's running. Running just the dash air just doesn't do it for us so I shut it off and use the roof air.

JFYI, we just upgraded from a 24' TT pulled by a 6.5L Turbo-Diesel Chevy and we only got 10 - 11MPG. The added comfort FAR exceeds the better fuel economy!!! (Especially with my wife, 3 kids, and the dog!)

Posted By: GB on 08/01/01 06:25pm

94 Bounder 34J Ford 460, with Mazda B2200 toad, 6.8 mpg is average approx 62 mph, low of 4.8 and a high of 8.1 the difference of a good tail wind and a not so nice head wind Happy trails GB

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Posted By: Larryb on 07/31/01 01:09pm

2000 Winnebago Brave Class A
7.4L Vortec Gas, 29 feet, no tow
60 mph on Interstate, 9.1 mpg
Up Monteagle - 52mph, 3rd gear, 2500 rpm

Posted By: RRodda on 07/31/01 01:40pm

1999 Safari Trek--28 ft.
7.4L engine--no modifications

never tow, unless you count sometimes having to make my wife travel with me

without any consideration for wind or terrain:
65 mph about 9.0
60 mph about 9.5

if this pattern continued, 45 mph would be 11.0, but we would never get to where we are going

Posted By: bagman on 07/31/01 02:23pm

1996 Tioga 31' 454 ave 8.5, Sometimes more, sometimes less, but on average 8.5 MPG

Posted By: John M on 07/31/01 02:36pm

30' Coachmen, V10, towing a Jeep Wrangler-

Posted By: wazone on 07/31/01 03:25pm

2000 Winnebago Adventurer 35U/Ford V-10. Trip average 7.8 MPG--generally cruise at 65 MPH

Posted By: iflyrjs on 07/31/01 05:35pm

1989 S/W chev 454
I'm getting about 8.5 w/ a VW toad

Posted By: Don Savannah, GA on 07/31/01 06:34pm

2,724 gallons in 19,210 miles = 7.052 MPG, fuel cost of $3,566.97, or $0.186 per mile in 22 months....
Checking the mileage each time you buy gas is totally inaccurate, it should be accumulated over a long period of time to allow for variations in weather, speed, terrain and load.
The accumulated mileage is for driving in almost every state in the Continental US, Spring, Summer and Fall. I drive the speed limit (+ or - 5 mph)and on cruise control whenever possible, except if I see a long uphill I push the pedal down before the cruise control does. If the dash air won't cool the cockpit I run the Onan and roof A/C.
We always have the Saturn in tow, I drive hard but safely , consequently an honest 7.1 (almost)MPG ain't too shabby! A conservative driver using my coach would probably get a whopping 7.6 MPG, think of the money they could save!
Moral of the story: Drive safely, don't worry about the cost, enjoy your decendants inheritance while you can....

Don Harris, Savannah, GA
1999 Winnebago Adventurer, 35C, Class A, Ford V10, 20,500 GVWR chassis. 1995 Saturn SW2 Toad, Blue Ox Aventa towing system, SMI Toad brake.

Posted By: Don&Kristi on 07/31/01 06:41pm

32 foot Country Coach..454 in Arizona up grades at 6% for about 12 miles run about 6o -65 mph never above, propane tank full Gen set 6.5 on all the time both Ac's on no dash air i wont run it... seems to get 4.6 to 5.5 depending on my foot... No black water, gray1/2 tank never run my gas tank below 1/2 if I can help it it saves at the pump at least keep the shock down to a min,, Full with food and drinking water

Posted By: Bruce Brown on 07/31/01 09:14pm

2000 Dutch Star, 310hp V-10, the only addition being a K&N Air Filter and the Ford air intake update; We average 8-9 MPG and I set the cruise @ 72. We have seen as high as 10 on one 200 mile trip but that dosen't count. Slowing down to 65 actually drops our milage to 7-8, honestly. Overall I am very pleased with this coach and powertrain.

There are 24 hours in every day - it all depends on how you choose to use them.
Bruce & Jill Brown
2008 Kountry Star Pusher 3910

Posted By: KOG on 08/01/01 03:56am

'89 Chieftain 27, 454. 7.5-8.5 @ 60 mph. Odometer is off by 5%, if you believe it you'll think you're getting 9.0 when you're actually getting 8.5. Those numbers include some running of roof air to supplement dash air.

Posted By: maxk on 08/01/01 04:15am

1000 mile trip avg. 8.9 Roof & dash air running the last half. Same trip last year before upgrades was 7.4 without any A/C.

Max & Vicki
99' Winnebago Chieftian 36',Freightliner Chassis,Cummins 5.9 ISB,Allison M3060,Onan Quite Diesel 7.5kw
97 Ford Ranger (Frog)

8 Cats; Bear, Possum, Chance, Sophia, Shadow,
Angel, Little-Bit and Obie too!(deceased)but still goes with us,and there pet rabbit named: Honey Bunny

Posted By: bagman on 08/01/01 04:57am

Sorry, I'm not buying it, slowing down means less wind resistance and lower RPM's. I've owned somewhere between 50 to 60 cars cars and trucks and have never had one the got lower fuel economy by slowing down. That would be like eating more sweets and loosing extra pounds. Please don't take us for a bunch of fools. Bagman

Posted By: Bruce Brown on 08/01/01 05:35am

Sorry to dissappoint you Bagman, and I know your not a fool. However the gearing in the F-53 chassis is set to run (RPM's) at peak torque @ 70-72 MPH. When it downshifts out of overdrive it goes to peak HP. My pick-up has the 5.4L (same engine with 2 less cylinders, bore and stroke are the same) and it is the same way. I put about 40,000 miles a year on the truck in all kinds of driving conditions on all kinds of roads. It ALWAYS gets better milage when I can run it up in its "sweet spot". Remember, these aren't carburated, pushrod V-8's anymore. They are overhead cam, fuel injected motors that love to rev.

Posted By: jojo47 on 08/01/01 06:17am

Does any one else out there have a motorhome that the faster you drive, the better fuel economy you get. At 80 MPH you would propably get 11 MPG. At 90 who knows. Motorhomes have never been known to have great aerodynamics and this plays an important role in fuel economy. Is your motorhome more aerodynamic at 72 than it is at 65? Are you also selling the Brooklin Bridge? Jojo47

Posted By: on 08/01/01 07:55pm

2001 gulfstream sunvoyager 34ft.genset running roof air dash air on also. 8.3 mpg.

Posted By: Bruce Brown on 08/01/01 09:14pm

Bagman, first off I have no reason to lie to you and you have no reason to believe me or not. It simply dosen't matter. I have never put gas in your motorhome and you have never put gas in mine. As for the tests in Motorhome (which I also read) they are new motorhomes, not yet run in. Our milage was running in the 6.5 to 7.5 until 2 things happened: 1- The unit had over 10,000 miles on it. My pick-up (w/the 5.4L) milage was all over the board until it was broken-in, about 10,000 miles. Then it settled in and runs about 15 MPG almost every tank full. And 2- The Ford air intake upgrade was done. I realize this was just a piece of plastic but the milage increase came after it was installed. The ONLY thing I can think of is it straightens out the air flow before it is sucked into the intake. Straighter air = more volume, turbulant air = less volume. But again, it just doesn't matter. Now I have a question for you...have you ever tried running up @ 70-72 MPH for an entire trip (so you can speak from experiance) or are you talking about something you know nothing about....? I've done both. [emoticon]

Posted By: bagman on 08/02/01 04:01am

Bruce, I most certainly would not run that fast for an entire trip. My wife would be screaming at me to pull over so she could either drive or she would simply get out. Her attitude would be, that if I wanted to kill myself, she doesn't want to come along for the ride. Obviously, your wife doesn't care how fast you drive when she and the kids are in a vehicle with you. My suggestion to you is to, purchase a large insurance policy and drive solo when your speeding. Driving a motorhome 72 MPH is a lot different than driving a porche at the same speed. Like I said, if you go on a 1,200 to 2,000 mile mile trip, keep track of all your fill ups and divide that number into the total miles driven. Then, I think you'll get a different number and it will be lower. Second bit of advise, SLOW DOWN! Maybe, I'll post your claim on this site and it will be interresting in the replys you get. For the most part, no one is going to believe you and everyone is going to say, slow it down to a least 65. Just exactly how long is your motorhome? Regards, Bagman. PS- If you had an accident, and either your wife or one of your girls got hurt or worse, how would feel? Think about that, the next time your traveling on vacation.

Posted By: maxk on 08/02/01 04:24am

What RPM's do you turn at highway speeds with the 3 speed?

Posted By: LVJ58 on 08/02/01 11:32am

We have a 2000 37'8" Dbl Slide Residency, loaded travel weight including 2 bodies, 20,275lbs.

First year of ownership we averaged 6.5 mpg overall. Year to date our overall average is 6.8 mpg. Our highest was 8.5, lowest 5.0 mpg. We keep record in our computer of fuel cost and gallons used. We plug in formulas to calculate the mpg for each tank fill-up. We factor in the Genset fuel consumption @ 1 gph which is included in the above figures. There doesn't seem to be any signigicant difference whether we tow or not. If any, perhaps 1/2 gal less mileage when towing. Our toad is a 91 Ford Aerostar 3,800 lbs.

Happy & Safe journeys to all.

C. Jim

Posted By: ALFA on 08/02/01 12:06pm

Have a new Forest River 265 7.4 vortek engine. Recently travelled 1800 mile round trip from Fl to VA and back. Have credit card reciepts for 175 gallons. Filled up before we left and filled up when we go back. Figures to 10.3 MPG. Drove consistantly at 60 MPH using cruise control as much as possible. This is new engine with a total of 4300 miles. Seems like it is probably broke in as they say. I rather hope not as maybe my gas mileage will continue to go up. Plan oil change at 5000 miles and switching to Amsoil synthec at that time

Posted By: ronzo on 08/02/01 12:53pm

Driving a 2000 Gulf Stream 32' Conquest w/ a Ford V10 a slide and towing a Merc.Tracer wagon on a tow dolly , I got 8.7 mpg on a 2700 mi trip from Ma. to Fl. and back . About 80% was on I95 using the cruise when possible and travelling around 60 mph .

Posted By: WinneChief on 08/02/01 08:29pm

I have an interesting situation with my '87 Winnebago Chieftain 31' in that running off the main tank, freeway cruising 62-65, 454-4V just purring along, I'll get 5.8 to 7 mpg. If I run strictly off the auxilliary tank, same conditions, 4 to 6 mpg, and I don't seem to have as much power. Why would it do this? I have some theories, but I'll see if anyone else has similar ones. Happy Wandering!


Click here to see our ’87 Winnebago Chieftain 31RT

454, Banks, K & N, Fun!!

The link below takes you to photos of my old rig...
1945 Flxible Clipper

Posted By: LeePannell on 08/06/01 09:01am

I agree... there are a HUGE number of factors which change the MPG. I went on a 2500-mile trip from TN to Washington DC to Florida and back to TN. On the 500-mile leg to DC, I got about 6.5 MPG due to the terrain and pulling a vehicle. On the 500-mile leg from DC to Florida, I got just over 8 MPG. (Same speeds, still towing.) Once in Florida, got almost 10 MPG WITHOUT a Tow vehicle.

To get "accuracy", you have to fill it all the way every time. This is not always easy if you have a diesel since the fuel is pretty "foamy". My pusher has filling doors on BOTH sides of the coach. I find that if I fill from both sides at the same time, I get less foam and more gallons in the tank. This is significant to calculations since I can get almost 3 more gallons in by doing this! When I am not at a truck stop (or place with dual pumps), you have to wait 10 minutes or so for the foam to "die down". Then you can top off.

I agree that my cruise control is VERY sensitive and I get WORSE gas mileage using cruise in hilly areas. It wants to "stomp the gas" at the slightest drop below the designated speed.

My suggestion: take the number that the sales person tells you... then half it. By the time you load it down with stuff (cargo, people, water, food, etc.) this is a reasonable estimate.

Have fun!

Married with 2 sons
1999 39-foot diesel pusher with slide-out
Towing minivan on dolly

Posted By: jojo47 on 08/06/01 10:45am

I think you're doing pretty good as far as fuel economy is concerned. Were you driving on I-40 heading east while in Tennessee. That area of Eastern Tenn. and N.W. North Carolina, definitely is hilly, but very senic. Jojo47.

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Posted By: FDA on 08/06/01 12:37pm

We've got a 1993 Trek, the Izusu diesel chassis, 24 foot, and loaded at 55 mph it gets a hair under 14 mpg. Going faster (65) we've gotten it down to 12 mpg but after that we stopped checking.

OTOH, it's loud. ;-)

Posted By: mhdriver on 08/21/01 04:10pm

Surely out of 852 people that viewed this post, that more than 40 people, minus a few duplicates, know what their gas milage is. There is way too much seriousness in this forum and many justly so. Some times we just have to feel good about our riggs. Here's a chance to show it! Don't worry about what other people think. Heck I only got 5.5 on my last rig with almost $6,000 extras that we add to get better milage and course HP.

00 pace vision
f-53 v-10 310hp

Posted By: nick and sue on 08/21/01 06:13pm

1999 bounder 36s with a 454 chevy vortec, we get 6.9 to 7.2 towing an explorer and doing between 65 and 68 mph if wind permits, and thats going from michigan to san diego, thru missisippi down thru texas and arizona and then to las vagas on the way to san diego. we are looking into a banks system but not sure we will spend the money, been getting a lot of pro and cons on the system and the installs.

Posted By: GMB on 08/21/01 06:40pm

We get approx. 8 mpg!


Posted By: Red on 08/21/01 07:02pm

1999 Chieftain 275 Cummins w/Allison 6 sp. 24,500# on 8,000 trip to Alaska varied from 8 mpg to 12 mpg depending on speed and wind. Anybody who thinks higher speed doesn't hurt fuel mileage is fooling themselves. 55 mph = 12 - 12.35 mpg
65 mph = 11 - 12 mpg
75 mph = 9 - 10 mpg
Average whole trip driving whatever the speed limit was or road conditions allowed was 10.85 mpg. Towing seems to make no noticeable difference but speed definately does. Dash A/C seems to cost about .5 mpg at any speed. Cross wind seems to hurt more than direct head wind. This is actual figures over 8,000 mi. with a begining odometer of 12,000 miles and an ending odometer of 20,000 miles.

Posted By: Red on 08/21/01 07:10pm

Last motorhome, 1995 Bounder, Ford 460, 17,900#
Same type of trip, 8,000 mi. to Alaska averaged 7.49 mpg driving speed limit except not over 70 mph on Interstate. Got home and put on Banks intake and exhaust packages and transcommand and gained 18% on fuel economy as well as much more power and much cooler running rig. Towing 4,900# Durango took about .5 mpg and A/C also took about .5 mpg both before and after Banks. Once again actual figures over lots of miles, not just between fills.

Posted By: iflyrjs on 08/21/01 08:31pm

8.5mpg '89 southwind

Posted By: Deen on 08/22/01 12:29am

2000 Dutch Star DP, 3865 (38' single slide)
300 CAT, Allison 3060, towing 2001 Accord V-6 on dolly Loaded weight of about 26,500
Getting overall mileage of 7.9 (6700 mile average), usually cruising at 65-70 mph without cruise. Turning about 1700 rpm. Only have 6700 mi on unit so it's not broken in yet. This also includes the dealer "filling" the tank at delivery. If I figure it by ignoring that first fill and start from the second it's 7.99 mpg. I accelerate hard and travel with the flow, so I know I can get better

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Posted By: wolfe10 on 08/22/01 07:28pm

This one just looks like too much fun.

We just returned from a 5,700 mile trip from Texas to the Pacific NW and FMCA. Averaged 11.8 mpg running dash AC about 35% of time and no tow car. 1993 Foretravel 36' U240. Cat 3116 with Allison 6 speed. Drive 55-57 mph unless going up (slower) or down (faster) a steep hill. Weigh 22,150 according to Aweigh we go. Overall mileage since we have owned it: 11.4 mpg.

Brett Wolfe
2003 Alpine 38'

FMCA Forum:

Diesel RV Club:

Posted By: JD38 on 08/22/01 09:08pm

6 to 6.8 over last 6k miles towing VW toad. Water 2/3, propane 2/3, waste empty. RV weight 21000. Hill and vale not much Interstate.

Joe and Phyllis
FourWinds Windsport, 35D
2003 Liberty

Posted By: stevenlit on 08/22/01 10:43pm

Just returned from a trip to Glacier from NW Oregon. 1,450 miles all tolled. Ran Roof A/C/genset about 1/2 the driving time. Averaged 7.1 MPG in a 17,000 lb. Rockwood with 454 carbuerated and TH400 3 speed tranny. Four adults and "stuff". No toad. I'm pleased with that since we drove about 60-62 mph most of the way and bucked winds much of the way home.

Posted By: Gordo on 08/26/01 06:12pm

92 Gulfstream,34' class A, 460 Ford, Banks, C6 trans with US Gear, half water, go to quarter/half tank gas and fill, run 6.5 Onan for AC, drive 60-65 depending on conditions, avg pretty consistent 7.1 MPG towing Ford Focus and reasonable load, just got one tank at 8.01, could not believe it but there it was and don't know why.

Posted By: bagman on 08/26/01 07:06pm

On a 2,800 mile round trip to Fla. and back we averaged 8.27 MPG and I was thrilled with that number. However, I read on the post Rexhall Aerbus, that a guy is getting 14 MPG overall with his 36' motorhome. I e-mailed him directly to try and find out what kind of motor he has. The Bagman is amazed and very impressed with his 36' Aerbus. So far I haven't found out exactly what kind of motor he has, but it must be a diesel. Bagman.

Posted By: JAMAR on 08/27/01 03:30am

Wow ! I feel that I am the only person driving an older( IM BEING POLITE, THE MOTOR HOME MAY BE READING THIS ) motor home. I have a 440 engine and so far on trips of about 200 miles or so I average ABOUT 12 MPG. I am doing short trips to get some of the bugs out, and to get my confidence up before venturing far far away from the snow and cold.

use CB# 13 when in your RV. ">

Posted By: Cessna 182 on 08/27/01 03:13pm

99 Holiday Rambler - ford V10- pulling Escort. I get about 8 as an overall average. sometimes a little better sometimes a little worse by a few tenths.


Posted By: mhdriver on 08/30/01 01:17am

It appears that with this new layout that when a post gets 4 or 5 pages back or further people no longer respond to them. AM I the only one that feels this way. This is a good post and people seem to be enjoying themselves with it.

Posted By: bagman on 08/30/01 02:58am

I agree 100%

Posted By: DAVE COSTA on 09/04/01 10:42am

Well it seems like you have to put in $ 6,000.00 of extra parts and up grades to get 1-2 M.P.G. I do not know how long it would take to justify the cost. How many miles to travel and save on gas for $ 6,000.00 ???? dc

Posted By: jojo47 on 09/04/01 12:33pm

Dave, where did you find this $6,000.00 figure come from? If a person would add that much to upgrade an engine and as a result the engine lasted an extra 50,000 miles, got an extra 1 1/2 MPG, and had more power going up steep hills and mountains, then I would say it was definitely worth the extra cost. And everyone is entitled to their opinion. Futhermore, as long as their not spending your money, who cares? Jojo.

Posted By: swampystumps on 09/04/01 07:50pm

'89 allegro-deere- '31ft basement
14,900 wet, 460 carb, c-6trans, 5.??axle
5mpg in mountains, up to 6.9 on level

Posted By: TexasTiger on 09/04/01 07:54pm

Maybe comparing gas mileage is like and old friend of mine once said. He got exactly 5280 feet to the mile. Or as another guy I knew said, "I get about 17 mpg, 8 in town and 9 on the road" and that was with an old Buick. Whatever! Who cares when we are out seeing God's country by MH?

The Texas Tiger

'99 Southwind 32 ft - 275HP V-10, 9 mpg on cruise at 2500 rpm / 62 mph on very flat interstate.

and with NO frog!

Posted By: Dirtman on 09/04/01 10:28pm

Hi Jim.
I would sure like to know your secret to get that kind of mileage out of a Mopar.
I also had a 26 foot Winnebago, 1978 brave, the best I EVER got for mileage, on cruise, and about 58 mph was 7 and a half, with no tow. All in all, I guess it was a pretty good rig, but, double digit mileage? Not in a million years. I thought I was doing good, the guy I bought it from never got to 7 mpg. I had the rig about 8 years, and put about 25000 miles on it.

Posted By: nick and sue on 09/05/01 09:17am

i was told that a diesel will get better millage at a higher speed and that the best is between 65 and 73mph. i have a chevy gas 454 vortec and get 6.9 to 7.2 with a 36s bounder and have an appointment at banks to have the banks power system installed in nov. i will post if i get any inprovement after the instll. i also tow an explorer.

Posted By: DAVE COSTA on 09/05/01 10:35am

To JoJo47 .. About the 6K $$ . See mhdriver. He states it for the upgrades. I looked at the Trans . Spliter in Camping World $2,800 Then Banks, Then Overdrive...???? dc

Posted By: Daboo2222 on 09/05/01 11:00am

I am driving a 1999 Adventurer (Winnebago) 37 ft towing a 2001 Jeep Cherokee. Coach weighs approx 18000 and the toad weighs ??? getting between 6 and 7.5 mpg..until we hit the West Texas Line and the head wind starts..then we drop..

Happy Trails

Posted By: Starburst on 09/10/01 11:55pm

I have a 1991 Fleetwood Soutwind
30 ft with 454 cu in chevy V8
Aurora Ignition upgrade. Havent checked the mpg lately but was getting 10mpg not towing and just under 9 mpg towing. That was about a year ago. Ive now got 135,000 miles on it so need to check again. Hope I dont get flooded with calls about the mileage as most responses are less but hauling bigger rigs than mine.

Posted By: jojo47 on 09/11/01 06:46am

Starburst, I believe you. First of all, I'm sure that you don't have a slide out, which adds weight, the older southwinds are more aerodynamic than the newer models, yours is propably 96" wide and not 102", and you propably aren't trying to set any land speed records with your class A motorhome. If you said, that you got 12 MPG going 75 MPH, well no one would believe that. Couple of questions: Do you use synthetic lubricants? Have you upgraded the engine with headers, K&N filter, and highflow muffler? Do you primarily travel on level terrain? Just curious. Jojo.

Posted By: MadRver on 09/11/01 06:54am

For those who care

My 2001 Country Coach with a Cummins 330
at a weight of 28,000 lbs the mpg shown below.

5.9 mpg hwy with Gen running powering both air and aft TV

8.9 mpg No Airs No Generator

Sea level at 75 mph down I 95


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Posted By: mhdriver on 09/11/01 07:01pm

To Dave--- That was $2100 plus for a Banks System and $3895 for a Michell Gear Splitter and that's pretty dm close to $6000. As far as I'm concerned it wasn't worth it. It didn't give us that much more speed going up the hills nor did it give us mileage worth a crap. It did give us HP. I can only say if I had found this forum before I purchased these items, I would have saved my money. I was lead to believe that this would take me up the hills as fast as the truckers. The new ford V-10 310hp just about has that kind of punch. Mhdriver

Posted By: JAMAR on 09/12/01 03:25am

My motor home is a 1979 Winnebago Chieftain 26 ft, and when fully loaded travelling at 80 klm and the vaccum at 20 lbs, my average is 12 MPG.
The mpg drops a bit when on cruise. PS- my country is flat with few hills.

Posted By: bagman on 10/02/01 05:30pm

Jeff, There have been claims on this site of Ford F-53 owners with the 6.8 V-10 engine getting between 10 and 14 MPG. One person had a NRV 36' doubble slide getting 14. I average about 8.3 with my 454 overall. Sometimes I do better, sometimes worse. I'm not going to call anyone a liar, I simply read some of these silly claims and chuckle inside. If one fella would say that 5 years ago, he caught a 6 lb. Large mouth Bass, you gotta believe that someone else caught a 12 lb Bass. Life goes on! Bagman.

Posted By: R2 on 10/07/01 01:16am

Just completed a 6467 mile trip from Victoria BC to Dayton Ohio and back via Colorado, Nevada, Utah, California etc. using 796.75 US gallons - MPG 8.12. My 1999 F53 V10 Triple E is 35ft long and weighs around 18,000 lbs on average. Try to keep my speed between 50 and 60 mph. Toad is 2000 Honda Civic weighing 2300 lbs. Used dash AC for 10 of the 33 days on the road.

Posted By: Deen on 10/07/01 01:49am

Well, I believe the land speed record for a motorhome is just over 100 mph, set in a gas engine Type B. Our 38' Dutch Star 300 CAT and Allison trans has seen 85 more than once and was still accelerating. Wonder what a 500 hp 40' motorhome set up correctly would do to that "record"

I've only run that speed twice, once to try it out and the second was on a stretch of I-5 in Oregon where I was running 75 (with toad) in the fast lane and had to accelerate to get back over into the slow lane. Good? NO, the tires are only rated to 75 mph. Will I do it again, probably.

Posted By: mhdriver on 10/21/01 06:13pm

I guess if one is retired and full timing, gas mileage is some what important. That is how much gas is one willing to put in their coach per month. Then if you are full timing, what does it really matter. You fill it up and go some where and stay for a couple of weeks then repeat the cycle. Everything is relative. Does anyone else agree with that theory? Or do you go from destination to destination, then set for several months?
Y2k Pace Arrow Vision (PAV)

Posted By: Buccaneer on 10/21/01 07:02pm

Looks like most folks get anywhere from 6 - 8 MPG but what I'd like to know is many miles do most people travel before they stop? Such as to rest or refuel as in 1/4 1/2 3/4 etc.


David and Cindy
1984 Pace Arrow

Posted By: hobo on 10/21/01 07:02pm

My rig is 16,500# and from home to A.J. AZ. I get 7.3

Posted By: Dirtman on 10/21/01 07:03pm

Hi Hedgebet,
Sounds like we have about the same rigs. I know I have to pay pretty close attention to get 7 mpg towing my S-10 Blazer. Have to REALLY watch use of cruise control on the slightest grade, wants to downwhift to early all the time. It's a little easier towing the Malibu, but I think I can do it on a little more regular basis. Will know more this weekend. Heading for Indiana to pick up my new Haulmark 25 footer It'll be my first open road shot with this new one, real anxious to see what happens, will also probably have a MOR/ryde installed as long as I'm in the area of the factory. I've heard a lot of good about it so far, but my best ride improvement was to lower the tire pressures to 70 psi, as per the cab card, REALLY softened up the ride, but still a ways to go to match air suspension. Happy camping

Posted By: Dirtman on 10/21/01 07:07pm

Hi Bagman,
Once again, you're calling a spade a spade. Keep telling it like it is buddy. You're pretty much on the mark as usual.

Posted By: liebkewr on 10/21/01 07:31pm

Travel with a 39 ft. Rexhall Diesel, 330 HP cummins with water tank 1/4 full and get 8.2 mph without toad and 7.8 with toad(Ford Focus). Usually drive about 64 mph.

Posted By: DAVE COSTA on 10/21/01 08:51pm

To M.H Yea I am with you. I have 454 in a 27 footer around 12k pounds. I only payed $ 5500.00 for her, a 1984. To pay that much for up grades does not make cents $$. I will take it like it is. I tend to go slower then the trucks anyway. Like to take the side roads anyway, let the other people that are in a rush use the fast lanes. Half to fun is traveling there and enjoying the mother nature not the trafic. DC

Posted By: MadRver on 10/21/01 11:28pm

I didn't think I was getting this.

In the past month I installed a road relay from cummins in my dash. The unit funcitons similiar to a silver leaf and I can't say enought good about it.

It even shows you how to drive more fuel oriented.
7.88mpg at 70mph flat terrain weighting 30,000lbs
full water and fuel from Tampa FL to Orlando under 70 F. Towing a PT Cruiser


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Ian Turner
2001 Country Coach

Posted By: donn on 10/22/01 04:51pm

99 Tradewinds with Saturn tow, never been where it's flatland. Nothing special...just drive it up and down the road seeing stuff....
Set the trip odometer at each fuel stop and use within one gal either way of odometer reading divided by 10. THats 10 miles per gal.
(Should have measured it last month from Red Mountain pass to Ouray Colorado. 13 miles and a drop of approx 6,000 feet. That would put me up in a mileage class with some of you other guys, and would help the theory that the slower you go the better your mileage is.)

Posted By: JGGallant on 11/03/01 06:10pm

Getting 9.5 m/g ( canadian galon )on flat ground.
Have a 31 ' Raven ( Firan ).
That's a P-30 frame with a 454 chevy.
Not towing and cruising at approx 60 MPH
Can't do any better. With a flat nose, can't expect miracles.

On a windy day = ? It's all together another game.

Was getting 10 MPG with my class C ( Ford 350 )

Posted By: irdone on 09/12/01 03:44am

Bruce, my friend Ralph, of the CHP, says he would be real interested in seeing your motorhome go 72 MPH. I also bet Nat Gen Ins. would be real interested in not seeing you go 72 MPH.

Posted By: Starburst on 09/12/01 11:51pm

JoJo, I dont use syntheticsnor do I have any of the upgrades you mention. I'm told the engine would run cooler with a dual exhaust but haven't tried that on for size yet. You are right that the coach is lighter than the newer ones with multiple slides. Mine loaded with fuel and water weighs only 15320 pounds. Again your right in supposing that I dont try to set any land speed records. Its 55 to 58 mph for this kid. I'm retired and have nothing planned for the extra minutes saved by traveling at 70 to 73 as some are saying increases your MPG.

Posted By: Dirtman on 09/13/01 09:51am

Jim old buddy,
I can't be quiet any longer. I'm sure you mean inches of vacuum, NOT pounds. and 20?????? Better get a new vacuum guage, the intake manifold on a 440 mopar won't see 20 inches of vacuum unless it's coasting downhill, which is also the ONLY way you'll get the kind of mileage you claim. I've been around mopars since the early 60's, and to believe your 440 gets the kind of mileage that the 440's in mopar passenger cars get???? Granted the cubes are the same, and the tuning is different, but so are the weights. Your MH weighs three to four times as much as the mopars of the 1960's. Give us a LITTLE credit.

Posted By: rvten on 09/14/01 03:37pm

On my old Pace Arrow 1997 I got 8-10 mpg Vortec 7.4 on my new Winn Adventuar Vortec 8.1 so only 6-8 mpg. I have only 3000 miles on it so far. It has two slides and with the more power I find that I try to run faster than before, and only use cruise in the flat lands. This baby pulls a Jeep Cherokee up the Cumberland Mt. a 5% grade at 55 in 4th gear no problem. Would like to see a little better mpg.

Posted By: alanarnie on 09/14/01 05:32pm

Just got back from a trip to COlorado and back. Total miles;3841, Gas bought 464 gals, average mpg 8.3. Best mpg was in Ohio with 55 mph speed limit; 8.7 going west and 9.0 coming back. Poorest milage was in Colorado and New Mexico mountains;7.4 mpg.
2000 Winnebago Chieftain 35U, lightly loaded, no toad, about 6500 miles at return, so still breaking in. Used about a pint of oil, and replaced a broken hose clamp just before we started. (how lucky can you get?)

Posted By: bigdaddy & littlemama on 09/16/01 09:18am

Well here goes. From 600 miles at pick up of new MH to just over 2600 mile---- generator on and off, interstste travel 65-70 mph about 16,000 lbs, tire pressure 70 psig front, 75 psig rear, two people and one 7lb puppy. Ave is 8.45 mpg

bigdaddy & littlemama and "Miss Lucy & Chucky"
'02 Allegro Bay 35DB W22
"07 X Unlimited Wrangler
'05 Harley Trike
Our other coach is a school bus(yes, we both drive)

Posted By: w1wef on 09/16/01 10:35am

FWIW, I have only taken one 200 mi trip so far with a 30 ft 2001 Daybreak, Ford V10, half loaded, nothing in tow, all hiway 65 to 70 mph and I got 10mpg on that one trip. I was careful to fill the tank at the start and on return. I'll believe it though when I see it repeat that on the 2500 mi trip were about to take! JACK

Posted By: Peralko on 09/17/01 03:11pm

We just traded in our 1991 Pace Arrow on a chevrolet chassis with a 454. I added a performance chip and a Banks exhaust system shortly after purchasing it new. Milage varied bsaed on conditions: lowest was pushing heavy headwinds in west Texas where we got about 6.5 MPG, the highest going 50-55MPH where we got close to 11 MPG. Typical cruising at 70+MPH we got close to 9 on flat terrain using the generator. We put 116,000 miles on it and kept a gas log for the entire time we owned it. Haven't taken the time to to a comprehensive average on milage, but suspect it will be in the low 8's.
In May 2001 we sold it and bought a 1995 Country Coach Affinity. So far we have put a bit over 8,000 miles on it (it had about 52k when we bought it) and we also track fuel use on it. So far we have a high of 8.9 MPG driving close to 70 MPH not towing, and a low of 6.5 MPG with heavy use of generator while stationary. No modifications to the engine--it has a 3176 Caterpillar with 350hp rating. Towing seems to have little impact.
I do agree with earlier replies to the effect that milage should be secondary to just enjoying the experience.

Posted By: Russ Soderberg on 09/18/01 05:46am

What is the fasination of who gets better gas miles to the gal. You folks seem to be missing the whole point of traveling. If you have to worry about what the other guy has or gets then how can you enjoy what you have and what you do?
I am not the one who coined the phrase put I use this over and over.
If you have to ask how much, you probably can't afford it.
If you have to must worry about the MPG, you probably can't afford it.
How can you enjoy anything if you are constantly consumed about the price or the MPG?

Posted By: Daboo2222 on 09/18/01 09:56am

If I had wanted MPG would have bought a VW or going to enjoy this coach.

Happy Trails and God Bless

Posted By: mhdriver on 10/01/01 03:10pm

Is anyone out there getting the 9.1 mpg that GM is claiming on the 8100 Vortec? This what they claim on ther web site:
Maybe it is possible some where off in the future we will see a gas engine for a motor home that will get 12/15 mpg.

Posted By: hedgebet on 10/02/01 09:51am

I can believe the mileage of the p32, we had a 92' P30 and averaged 8 over 12,000 miles. Our new f53 averages around 7 towing a Saturn. I keep them both around 62 mph.

What I want to know is where they got the Ford that ran 8.5 :-)

I didn't see which motorhome they were using for the comparison, mileage claims like this always crack me up. If they had compared to the Flair f53 in a recent issue of motorhome they would not have faired as well, according to the review 10.1 mpg.

I'm with the crowd that doesn't worry too much about the mileage. I need to know how far I can go so I know when to start looking for the next refueling tanker.


Jeff & Karen Hodges
2001 Itasca Suncruiser 35U, V10 Banks w/TC, Bilsteins, TruTrac, IPD, Koni dragging a Saturn SL2

Posted By: Kaila on 10/02/01 04:18pm

2002 Winnebago Brave 30W. 8100 Vortec, P32 chassis. On just over 3600 mi it has averaged 6.9 mpg

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