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Topic: National RV Splash Fifth Wheel

Posted By: RV 4 2 on 09/11/03 02:19pm

Own a 2001 24B TT. Luckily never really had any problems that required warranty work. The two items that might have been considered so are no longer an issue.
Found some leaking water lines under both the kitchen and bath sinks. Just minor drips, nothing major. Never got around to taking it to get it fixed and by the next trip they had magically fixed themselves. The leaks had stopped. I figure that the plastic lines had formed a better seal around the 90 degree fittings.
The other was the junky stereo they outfit these trailers with. Started hearing a low hum at low volume levels. Only happened while connected to shore power. Not 12V. When instructed to take the trailer to the manufacturer, I tried a couple of things first like inline filters and looking at if things were properly grounded and so on. The inline filter that was supplied with the original stereo was also causing noise.Finally just decided to install a car CD deck in the same place and the low hum disappeared. $130 for a new deck versus my time and energy to hook it up and to it to Perris. Easy choice. Also looked at new trailers the next year at the RV show and they also had the same noise.
Haven't had any problems since except I am noticing one of the wallboards at one of the joints in the bedroom is starting to seperate from the wall stud. Will fix that before trading it in next spring for a 5er. It was a nice beginner trailer but am ready to move up in quality and ROOM.

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