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RE: Campfires at campsites?

"No confusion here in the Southwest: Red Flag warnings mean NO wood or charcoal fires and propane STOVE ONLY with an issued fire permit." - Tplife As stated in my previous post, it has been our experience the NPS, USFS, BLM and COE consider a propane campfire to be a stove and govern their use under a common criteria Translation - If a propane stove is permitted, a propane campfire will be allowed under the same caveats. There is no relationship between wood or charcoal campfire bans and propane campfire restrictions. This policy was consistent as recently as last Fall during our stay at a number of campsites in the Four Corners area which, I believe, would geographically be considered in the 'Southwest'. I called Big Bend NP earlier this AM to check on another issue related to our western trip next week and also asked about use of our Campfire in a Can. I was told wood and ground fires are currently banned but propane campfires are permitted for aesthetics or cooking. Feel free to check with them @ 432.477.2251 and get back to us. To state that propane campfires are prohibited when propane stoves are allowed is both inaccurate and misleading. Sorry, I couldn't follow your calcs but I never implied propane campfires were comparable to wood fires with regard to heat output so not sure what you're arguing there. I'm a forestry professional and do know that wood produces around 6,200 BTU's/lb while propane generates 21,600 BTU's/lb but I'll willingly concede you can build a wood fire large enough to produce more heat than a propane campfire if that was your point. At the same time, I'll assure you my CFIAC will generate two foot high flames and toast anything close by when at its max setting. Personally, we prefer a small fire (wood or propane). I'm happy to hear things are different in North Caroline or wherever it is you go camping. Here in the California forests, they only allow a propane stove, in a developed campground, with a signed permit, during Red Flag warning periods (one just ended this evening). No campfires, no charcoal, no propane firepits. That's why we don't own one. For us there's no point in owning a firepit we can't use during Red Flag warnings in our NFS and SFS and BLM campgrounds.
tplife 10/22/16 01:22am Tent Camping
RE: running vehicle with dead engine battery?

Just start with the "house" battery and head for a battery seller. The old battery won't hurt the alternator, it simply has insufficient Pb/H2SO4 plate voltage inside to achieve 12V for a start.
tplife 10/19/16 08:15pm Tech Issues
RE: Own a Jeep? Over 250K recalled for airbags/fire hazard

JEEP: A paradox, one of the last vehicles you want to own on the road for owner reliability statistics, one of the first vehicles you want to own when the pavement ends and the challenges begin.
tplife 10/19/16 06:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: What's a decent battery charger?

+2 to the Schumacher brand float-chargers. I've got a few and only had one go out over many years, and keep a couple of my AGMs plugged in ($30K Harley-Davidson and Optima Blue-Top AGM) as trickle chargers. Some of them have the higher-amp setting which would provide both a fast charger and a float-charger. As a jumper we use a WAGAN power-dome. After so many years of using the small Schumacher float-chargers without issue, it's obvious from some of the products other folks rely on that we've saved a tidy sum of $pending Green indeed. :)
tplife 10/11/16 01:10pm Tech Issues
RE: New truck trade-in hustle...

If you were the salesperson who's monitored by software to make dozens of logged calls each day when the showroom's empty, you might not laugh.
tplife 10/10/16 01:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Campfires at campsites?

No confusion here in the Southwest: Red Flag warnings mean NO wood or charcoal fires and propane STOVE ONLY with an issued fire permit. BTU output of typical propane firepit: 65000 BTU. BTU output of a typical campfire: 50000000 BTU. Difference is 18.2X BTU with 20 lb campfire (typical) vs. propane campfire (typical). Assumptions: 1. seasoned wood with 20% moisture 2. average 20 MBTU/cord at 3. 85 lbs wood/cord 4. 20 lbs of wood burned in a typical campfire 5. 1 MBTU = 10^6 BTU Calculations: Q = 20 lbs x (1 cord / 85lbs) x 20 MBTU/cord x 10^6 BTU/MBTU Q = 4,700,000 BTU say 5 MBTU Source(s): http://chimneysweeponline.com/howood.htm
tplife 09/19/16 08:06pm Tent Camping
RE: 4x4 vs 2x4

I was raised a swamper in 4X4s in a wilderness area, but I think the issue is seeking reliability advice on THIS forum. A subscription to Consumer Reports will give you actual advice from the entire statistical database, including unbiased professional analysis. But it's you time to waste, and among the threads there are other owner's experience... wait, that's what a subscription provides. I"m Ford and GM certified (previously), and that's where I get my data. :B
tplife 09/17/16 10:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: Campfires at campsites?

Is it just me, or is it just people in an RV who think a propane campfire is adequate? For tent camping, We find their performance... worthless with almost no light or heat. If they could be used in Red Flag fire alerts, I'd sure as heck have one, what ever the biggest one is... but here in the SouthWest, you can't use anything but a propane stove or propane grill (and then only with a signed fire permit). :R
tplife 09/15/16 07:24pm Tent Camping
RE: 20 reasons we're in love with magical Mexico

I"d love it too if certain people we know are ever seen again, and our friends get their race caravan back. LOL.
tplife 09/15/16 02:03pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Router setup as a Wireless bridge

My Netgear Range Extender adds a password choice along with the .ext suffix identity as opposed to the router, a Netgear AC1900. I paid $ 29.00 at a Fry's Electronics sale, retail was $ 59.00. Works without issue and has an ethernet jack to boot. I think you need both a router and an extender that are compatible, in your case, my guess is they are not compatible and preventing a different password. Disclaimer: I'm not a computer professional, but my father co-wrote cobol, fortran, and parts of basic...and set up the TRACON systems that get me home safely by air. I wanted to be a scientist. YMMV. :B
tplife 09/15/16 01:56pm Technology Corner
RE: Changing home residence question

The homestead exemption only applies to a stick built house or condo that is used for your primary residence. Not sure what your Florida housing aituation is. Not correct. I lost my homestead exemption on a Florida mobile home/room extension because I'm a non-resident. I did apply for and receive a homestead provision on my home's title, as it protects property from seizure from non-payment of debts (such as credit card or liens) up to $500,000 assessed value. This is another incentive to Florida property. There are two types of homestead, the property tax discount, and the title protection. Until I live there 6 mo. or more, I only get the latter, and have 60% higher property taxes from losing the former. We only visit in the summer, because compared to San Diego, the SW Florida winters are too cold, LOL. :B
tplife 09/12/16 02:47pm Snowbirds
RE: Tesla towing an Air Stream

I have nothing against Coal-Powered automobiles towing RVs, and why not, I have a Prius with a TorkLIft hitch, Reese lighting kit and Firestone Ride-Rite air bags. Now don't tell that to my Cali legislators, they like to hire phony pHDs and promote environmental hoaxes to tax us out of our own homes.
tplife 09/09/16 02:00pm General RVing Issues
RE: Air Fryer

Bought the highly-touted Phillips Airfryer model to replace a broken Farberware 4-qt. deep fryer. We were very disappointed in the finished product as far as taste and texture, the limitations on types of food that can be prepared in them, and sent the thing right back to BB & Beyond for a Breville 4-qt deep fryer. Back in happyland now, lol! *DISCLAIMER: Trophy wife is a gourmet cook and we eat a variety of homemade asian and latin dishes made from scratch. We are very demanding, YMMV.
tplife 09/09/16 01:54pm Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Campfires at campsites?

OP - check the free section on Craigslist. Someone is always giving away fire wood. Just don't get pine. Better if it has been split and dried/seasoned. You can usually get enough for a trip for 20 bucks or so. I've seen CG rules that prohibit picking up firewood/brush from the ground. All you have to do is check to see if the one your going to allows camp fires. Ask about firewood - can you bring it/do they sell it? ?pine? We mix it in with our eucalyptus, and it has a few pops but little more if it's seasoned for at least a few months. It's definitely not a hardwood, but it beats what is sold in local convenience stores.
tplife 09/09/16 01:49pm Tent Camping
RE: Tents

Do you have an REI or EMS store near you? Their experienced personnel will guide you toward quality tents with full-length rainflies, vestibules and color-coded setup features. They will keep you away from outdated, leaky designs that depend on low price and volume to keep you buying low-tier tents over and over again. An REI or EMS can show you down or synthetic sleeping bags to keep you warm, and self-inflating sleeping pads or closed-cell foam mats with actual R-Values so as to not sacrifice your body heat like cots or big air mattresses - that big-box stores WILL stock next to their mass-market gear.
tplife 09/09/16 11:03am Tent Camping

We bought a Phillips based on positive reviews, while getting set to replace our broken deep-fryer, and were very disappointed at the finishing taste, texture and cooking limitations of what could be prepared in it. We returned it for a Waring Pro 4-qt deep fryer. Now we know better and won't make that mistake again - YMMV, my wife is an Asian gourmet cook, I was a chef before I was a chemist, and we have different expectations of food than other people might.
tplife 08/30/16 10:54am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Changing air filter

Good to have on hand, a spare OEM air filter is an easy replacement. Just keep it in the box until you remove the old filter - hold the old filter up to the sunlight and see if you can see daylight through the pleated media. If you can still see the bright light, your filter is still doing it's job. When dirty, it won't permit much light at all. This is a good benchmark to check the condition of your air filter.
tplife 08/29/16 11:56am Beginning RVing
RE: Campfires at campsites?

Anyway, in respect to the OP, Heck Yeah livemusic! We always tote hardwood (eucalyptus is our easy go-to choice) to campgrounds, and we've toted it X-Country before for nice warm campfires. It doesn't take a degree in forestry to discover if your local wood supplies contain pests that are a danger to other locales - ours don't and the pests that have attacked our (other) trees came from Arizona into California. The bundles they sell at campgrounds are (IMHO) worthless, construction cuts burn too fast for the space they take up, and everbody (IMHO) should own and know how to use a chain saw. Call me a country boy, but that's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it, LOL. Come visit our campgrounds for a delightful experience (other than those pesky rangers, haha).
tplife 08/26/16 11:17am Tent Camping
RE: Good all-around sleeping bag / mattress

When we've hunted mule deer in the Sequoias (Zone D-8), it's October, and drops below freezing at night at 5500' elevation. The water pipes freeze until after 11 AM so you better have yours already set aside. We use double-wall full-length rainfly polyester tents from quality brands, and some of us hang tarps over our tents to achieve the same construction. Not knowing what you're doing means an uncomfortable night in bed! I haven't had a synthetic sleeping bag since the '80s, those were for my kids until they were out of "accidents", lol. Now everyone has a Marmot or A16 down bag and ThermaRest self-inflating sleeping pad. I spend less on my goose-down bags and pads because they don't wear out, and will easily last a lifetime. Folks who are just starting out (of course) should not invest that much in quality, and Slumberjack-type synthetic bags are ideal. Once you realize camping is for you for the long haul, quality bags and pads will deliver much more value over time vs. replacing synthetic substitutes. And if you can use a computer and have a credit card, there's really no need to spend "megabux" on high-end sleeping bags and pads, LOL. There are a lot of great deals out there if you have the time - closeouts, model changes, seasonal clearances, etc.
tplife 08/25/16 09:24am Tent Camping
RE: Good all-around sleeping bag / mattress

Avoid under all circumstances cots or hollow-tube air mattresses for cold weather. They are designed for use inside heated enclosures, so you'll need a heater or heated mattress pad or electric blankets unless you plan on bringing 6X the sleeping gear to compensate for their 0.75 thermo-negative R-Values.
tplife 08/23/16 11:16am Tent Camping
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