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RE: Who installs hitch? Car or RV dealership?

The RV dealers in SoCal wanted around $200.00 to install my EcoHitch 2" receiver on my Prius. U-Haul did it right for $ 60.00.
tplife 04/18/14 11:37pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Tent Camping Forum

I have a 4 person Big Agnes tent which I like because I can stand up in it. For what I paid for this tent the zippers aren't worth zip"! This 4 person tent was bought for me and my 85# dog and it is roomy and comfortable, although I'd hate to have to share it with 3 other people. Who did you buy your tent from? Your people are too big! Seriously, you always subtract one for comfort. Big Agnes, like the other top manufacturers in high-end tenting, offer lifetime warranties that cover about any issue with their products. You may be that outlier who experiences the occasionall hiccup and should give the maker the benefit of a doubt. I've bought three Sierra Designs high-end tents new-with-tags off ebay and experienced top-shelf customer service in the two issues I had with screen deterioration and a pole breakage: on a 20- and also a 24-year old tent in my examples. Contact Big Agnes!
tplife 04/05/14 08:27pm Tent Camping
RE: ford delivery

I sat down last week with a Ford Factory Rep for heads-up dealership training on those new 2015 trucks. As a former GMC seller, I was very happy with the improvements, upgrades and changes in store. Well worth the wait, IMHO.
tplife 04/02/14 08:31pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Changing outdoor speakers

In my audiophile-buying experience, anything Bose makes can be had at good-as or -better quality for less money. They're living off decades-old technological advances. Don't be lazy, do more research or join one of the audio blogs and find out before you throw money away. Somebody has to pay for all that ad-placement money, and it's the consumers.
tplife 04/01/14 10:46pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: End of XP Support

Applications won't be written to run on XP and the OS won't be supported. It will become obsolete for all but the most basic uses. Many PCs and laptops can support Windows 7, check the specs and just get an install disc. Wipe the hard drive clean and install Win7, add your favorite antispyware install and Office and get on with it.
tplife 03/25/14 06:00pm Technology Corner
RE: Sleeping Bag

I have used down bags and space blankets and have found two major drawbacks. 1.) If you get a down bag soaked in a rain storm it is very difficult to dry out. 2.) A space blanket on top of your sleeping bag will trap the moisture and you will be sleeping in a damp bag.:( Personal preference for me are, a moderately priced sleeping bag filled with one of the new “poly” fills and wool blankets. I once borrowed my daughters high end, zero degree, mummy bag and about roasted in 40 degree weather. Some lessons are learned by experience.:W Had your daughter bought an actual quality 650-fill semi-mummy sleeping bag, you would have vented the foot box, vented the ankle area, and vented the upper shoulder area (they have three double-zipper venting areas), you would have discovered the ultimate nature-made material that adapts for every sleeper, and with GoreTex covers, is waterproof from outside moisture but still 100% breathable. I know as I own several of these bags - Yep, they cost some $$$, but over time are way more "cost-effective" (they cost less over time) than anything else man-made in this or any other century...I guarantee it! :)
tplife 03/22/14 09:23pm Tent Camping
RE: Optima, Gel or AGM, Advertised as both, which is it?

Dang, tplife, I need to borrow your credit card :( Around S. California, they just borrow your battery, permanently. AZ too, and car registration tags off of your license plate. Here in SoCal, we mount our AGMS inside the coach (they're rated for precisely that)under the dinette, in a cabinet, etc., farther away from sticky fingers. We use a razor blade, make an X, across the registration tag. They can't take it all and you can have 3/4 and not get a ticket... :)
tplife 03/15/14 11:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Sleeping Bag

Woodglue, I too am an experience backpacker (150 miles on the AT for example, and am an experience high-sierra D8 Bear/Deer hunter) and beg to differ from my experiences, that led me to where I am... This price point of bags is for fair-weather campers who might go out here or there in balmy weather a few times - they have low expectations and won't notice that they bought cr*p equipment. But for those who expect performance, want the very best, and appreciate quality when others fail, Ebay will sell you new-with-tags $200-$400 bags for $120-$240 ALL DAY LONG. I say this from experience as I have equipped my 3 kids over the years as they "graduated" from $70 synthetic bags (potty training?) to their very own 650-fill down bags. Again, for warm weather and just a few uses, you're right about cheap big-box type synthetic fill no-name sleeping bags being the best choice. For those who want to go out a few times every year, for several years, and have self-adjusting bags that won't matt, get threadbare, and deliver warmth over a lifetime (REI, EMS, Sierra Designs, Marmot, Northface, etc.) - will sooner later discover that my advice is golden. :)
tplife 03/09/14 12:30am Tent Camping
RE: Sleeping Bag

Thats nice to know. but the reflective blanket is working just fine while laying ontop of it.. sandwiching us between the heavier quilt and thermal.. "The thin shiny plastic sheet (heavily advertized as an "Emergency Space Blanket") has no insulating qualities..." shttp://www.traditionalmountaineering.org/FAQ_SpaceBlankets.htm
tplife 02/26/14 05:00pm Tent Camping
RE: Sleeping Bag

Actually.. for years we carried around the Cabelas heavy duty sleeping bag.. but with spring and camping season just about to get underway.. we realize that we need to restructure our camping gear in the back of the jeep.. it's become more of a reduction of weight issue more than carrying everything including the kitchen sink. So we've opted for a few thermal covers, one heavy old fashion quilt and a couple of those thin reflective emergency blankets. An emergency reflective blanket will not provide any insulation over your sleeping bags. The only way this blanket will keep you warm is if you get inside of the baggie-shaped versions, or wrap youself in it tightly, around your skin, so no warmth escapes - it's an impermeable barrier, so it retains body heat. That's the purpose and function of an "emergency" or "space" blanket. Placed over or under a sleeper without them being sealed inside, it will do absolutely nothing.
tplife 02/26/14 01:17pm Tent Camping
RE: Sleeping Bag

This bag is awesome. Plush/warm lining and lofty fill. Zipper is only on one side though. Sportsmans Guide Guide Gear Elk This is good too. Use as a King comforter, or zip up for queen sized warm two person bag. Lining not as warm as Elk. Teton 0 degree bag. Slept in both near zero, Elk is a bit warmer/heavier than Teton. These are just as warm as $500 down backpacking bags...they are heavy/bulky but great value for car camping. I have all 3. Much prefer the two above since down bags tend to be narrow/restrictive.LOL, cheap junk that wouldn't last us more than a few seasons out west. These synthetics mat quickly, lose their loft and insulating power and end up costing you more in the long run than a good down bag. When's the last time you saw a goose sleeping in the snow wrapped up in a poly sweater? :)
tplife 02/24/14 08:09pm Tent Camping
RE: Dealer refusing to do Warranty work?

Spadoctor, The Magnusun-Moss Warranty Act of 1975 covers warranties for RVs no differently than autos, washing machines or pencil boxes! The factory gets to choose who is an "authorized" repair facility and they reimburse the facility for the cost of "authorized" repairs per the written warranty. The customer may need to work together with the manufacturer and the facility to ensure they are both providing good-faith service in following the warranty provisions. I believe personally they get away with so many shenanigans because people don't read the warranties and hold the manufacturer and repair facility accountable to their obligations under the warranty (they fold under lies and pressure).
tplife 02/14/14 08:44am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Sleeping Bag

X2 for Marmot, it's about the best out there. A good down bag runs $250-$400 depending on fill rating, width, and outer cover material. We buy ours new-with-tags off Ebay for about 60% off retail and at factory model-closeout sales, and you have to be patient with auctions and know what you're buying. Stick with 600-and-up fill rated bags from makers like Sierra Designs, Northface,Mountain HardWear, Kelty, Marmot,A16 REI, and EMS. You can get them in sizes from skin-tight mummy to Andre-the-Giant wide. We like our pair of wide Marmot Osprey bags, the kids all have their one, with one a Marmot Grouse, one has an A16 and the other a Marmot model. If you go with a quality brand and rating, you won't experience Loulou's issue with thin bags. Down bags are machine washable and don't require dry cleaning. Down bags don't contain feathers and a quality bag will last a lifetime - actually cheaper in the long run than any synthetic bag out there. Synthetics don't have the natural lofting ability of down and slowly get crushed flat as they are used until they mat beyond insulating ability. You truly get what you pay for. :B
tplife 02/14/14 08:28am Tent Camping
RE: Good wax

X2 for NuFinish! Consumer Reports recommends it in their reviews. I prefer Turtle Ice for my Harley-Davidson, but that's due to a lot of small parts that can be difficult for wax removal and it's non-clouding dry finish is easier for detailing. The other vehicles seem to validate Consumer Report's reviews of NuFinish, easy on/off and a durable finish for surfaces.
tplife 02/10/14 08:28pm General RVing Issues
RE: Safe to leave solar hooked to batteries unattended?

Many contemporary solar installations utilize no-maintenance AGM batteries. They are rated safe for use inside your rig, so there's no need to mount them outside or remove them to avoid casual theft - they can be mounted under the dinette or inside of cabinets at any angle without water levels to check, battery trays or venting. And their many advantages can mean their higher cost is worth the payback.
tplife 02/06/14 06:42pm Tech Issues
RE: Battery Compartment leak ( Up Date)

+2 to the recommendation to go AGM. They are typically rated in most applications to outlast any standard lead-acid battery. They have more advantages over standard lead-acid batteries than can be listed here, but a few as no-maintenance units, you can trade in your battery trays and boxes, outside mounting, gloves, acid-washed jeans and hydrometer. They are designed as drop-in replacements for standard lead-acid batteries and are safe to be mounted unvented and upside down inside your unit.
tplife 02/03/14 04:48pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Battery Compartment leak ( Up Date)

+2 to the recommendation to go AGM. They are typically rated in most applications to outlast any standard lead-acid battery. They have more advantages over standard lead-acid batteries than can be listed here, but a few as no-maintenance units, you can trade in your battery trays and boxes, outside mounting, gloves, acid-washed jeans and hydrometer. They are designed as drop-in replacements for standard lead-acid batteries and are safe to be mounted unvented and upside down inside your unit.
tplife 02/03/14 04:47pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Optima, Gel or AGM, Advertised as both, which is it?

AGM batteries are designed as drop-in replacements for old-school lead acid batteries, but have so many advantages over them. Gel batteries have their advantages, but are more specialized in their applications. Buying an OPIMA Blue-Top battery instead of a bigger, heavier, acid-spewing maintenance headache is one of the best decisions in camping gear purchases I've made to date, right up there with $500 Sierra Designs tents and $400 Marmot 650-fill down sleeping bags. Their higher cost is only at initial purchase due to longer lifespan and other factors - for me they are turning out cheaper in the "long run" due to quality and their many practical advantages over typical lead-acid batteries. Comparing Marine Battery Technologies http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb296/firetender69/2009-06PARTY011-2.jpg
tplife 01/24/14 12:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Weatherproofing Canvas?

There's no substitute for a wax polish on a hard surface, NuFinish is highly rated by Consumer Reports. Blue coral doesn't leave a wax finish worth a flat beer, and washing with it won't remove oxidation like a regular polish. I suppose it's fine on soft finishes, but I would never use bleach on canvas due to its potential to damage the canvas, many owners manuals advise against its use and recommend a mildewcide like the one below. Blue Coral is a good route between waxes, certainly on hard finishes, as it won't strip the old wax and helps minimize waterspotting if you have hard water like we do. For the canvas portion of your tentcamper, it's CanVak of course, available at Cabela's. http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb296/firetender69/canvak_zpsf13e2a5d.jpg
tplife 01/23/14 09:25pm Hybrid Travel Trailers
RE: Living with battery (to power TV, fans and charge phones)

Does anyone have any advises on charging a separated automobile battery inside the car ? I've been looking for battery charger on Amazon . Almost all of the chargers use 110 volt AC to charge the battery . That means I have to charge the battery inside the house (or get an DC>AC inverter in order to charge it inside the van). How do you charge your battery ? What kind of charger ? I would like to install the battery permanently inside the van and have the battery charged while driving to the campground. thanks Here's an easy project that might fit your needs: 12V to 12V charger I use something simpler, I have quick-disconnects on all my portable power supply gear. I have one of them that is wired to a fused cigarette lighter adapter. Plugging it into my AGM lead and the car's lighter outlet charges my AGM while I drive. http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb296/firetender69/2009-06PARTY013-2.jpg
tplife 01/16/14 07:05pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
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