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RE: Dodge 6.4 hemisphere vs Chevy 6.0

Consumer Reports recent reviews placed the Ram product ahead of the Ford and GMC models for various reasons: worth the cost of the issue or a subscription vs. the cost of this vehicle new. -GM and Ford Certified Sales Consultant
tplife 08/26/15 01:15pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Upgrading to new computer

Thanks for a lot of laughs from the "experts" above. Get into a big store with a lot of brands like Lenovo, Toshiba, etc. and notice that HP has the dimmest monitors (they're not buying parts from Samsung obviously) on the market. Remember that like autos, computer builders only have so many companies to purchase parts from, so there's a lot of similarity inside. Ford vs. Chevy? The edge as always goes to Intel. AMD will get you down the road, but you won't get the same performance apples to apples. Windows 10 is an improvement of Windows 8.1 is an improvement of Windows 7 is an improvement of Windows Vista...Get the picture? Keep your computer from running slow with software like Webroot or Kaspersky (read your Consumer Reports) and you'll get performance and value like your old '08. Cheers!
tplife 08/21/15 08:49am Technology Corner
RE: Florida Toll Roads

Just stop at a CVS or Publix when you return to Florida, buy a portable transponder for $20.00, or a one-vehicle-only stcker for a few dollars. Sign up with an account online and load it with $20 or more to cover tolls. The account never expires and the $20 transponder portable from vehicle to vehicle. It's no big deal. Why worry about the past?
tplife 08/18/15 10:35am General RVing Issues
RE: Tent/Car Camping (CR-V)

"Negative R-rating"....very cool that you know that. Being a wimp, cold-weather camping isn't on my radar. Camping in the V is going to a fair weather treat. But now that you bring it up, air mattresses and foam would tend to "sleep hot"? Maybe I should think more September/early October than August. EDIT: Thank you, PU, I found the Intex that time. Anytime the temperatures drop below 50-degrees at night, you are not going to get good sleep due to giving up warmth. In the heat of summer, I mean Dog Days of August, there is a place for the hammock, cot, or hollow-tube air mattress due to its talent to rapidly exchange heat with its surroundings. Self-inflating air mattresses and thick foam pads contain a million tiny cells that resist heat exchange from their surrounding objects. Hollow-tube air mattresses, cots, and hammocks have huge volumes of air under them that are ideal for exchanging heat to achieve equilibrium. That means they suck the warmth right out of you. Quality sleeping gear will have an R-Rating. If it does not, there's a reason why, walk away or be a volunteer to learn Thermodynamics the hard way.
tplife 08/12/15 03:27pm Tent Camping
RE: Tent/Car Camping (CR-V)

Stores that sell you air mattresses or cots for camping should be required by law to issue a disclaimer: "Not designed for use inside unheated enclosures." Cots and hollow-tube air mattresses have huge amounts of air inside or under them, which acts 24/7 to equilibrate with cold outside air, meaning a "heat sink" that sucks the warmth out of you while you sleep. Cots and air mattresses have a 0.75 negative R-rating. Self-inflating sleeping pads or thick foam have positive ratings. Look for a rating of 5.0 or higher. Upholstery outlets sell the kind of foam you want, or you can invest in a ThermaRest or MegaMat or knockoff self-inflating pad in whatever thickness you want. You'll sleep comfortably and won't need tons of insulation to counteract the negative effects of having the warmth sucked out of you.
tplife 08/12/15 10:58am Tent Camping
RE: Love my Green Pans!

CostCo has a GREAT return policy. Dupont Autograph products are made for use with metal utensils.
tplife 08/03/15 08:36am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: GPS purchase

Anyone that relies 100% on the routing of a GPS will one day be surprised when it takes you into a dead end street Well, you COULD update you maps. It's free... :B Just wait grasshopper, your day will come :B Oh, by the way, my maps are up to date Dude, It's more than about maps, you need to upgrade your hardware! We're running 3597A LMT HD and getting traffic re-routes like 30X a minute. Life is good! :)
tplife 07/03/15 11:54pm Technology Corner
RE: GPS purchase

tplife 06/02/15 07:30pm Technology Corner
RE: GPS purchase

Anyone that relies 100% on the routing of a GPS will one day be surprised when it takes you into a dead end street Well, you COULD update you maps. It's free... :B
tplife 06/02/15 07:22pm Technology Corner
RE: A trip without our coach.... never again!

We use VRBO and fly to a different Caribbean Island every year - Hawaii without the high costs, surly resort workers or crowds! You couldn't pay me to get on a cruise ship and pay high-end costs for drinks and food, and be told to "be back on the dock when the 2nd horn blows". Instead of that cr*p, I'll be out on the road, legally drinking a cold beer behind the wheel of my minivan to go pick mangoes and starfruit in the rain forest, spending my money there with THE FRIENDLIEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET. Please keep in mind the many cancellations rampant today are due to the US Gov't laws mandating fines for flights that run late or sit on the runway innocently waiting out storms or busy taxiways - unlike Uncle Sam, your Airline does not nave a machine to print money, so they simply cancel and re-book the flights so as to avoid paying the fines. The next time some Gov't Nimrod beaureaucrat tells you they are going to address widespread public complaints with a new regulation, RUN, DON'T WALK! :) VIVA CRUZAN! VIVA APPLETON! Rum Punch on me...
tplife 06/01/15 07:42pm General RVing Issues
RE: "boondocking" (wally-docking?) hehe Near Anaheim

Golden Hvac?... "Summer and it might be in the 90's in So Cal. I would want the A/C unit to run. Otherwise I might stay at a friend's house near Disneyland.: Uh, I've lived within 45 minutes of there, and don't need AC nor heating, living 20 miles inland...Good God man, there's no humitidity here! 90 feels like 72, You can sleep in an upstairs loft in an abandoned hotel and be comfortable. It's why its so g*damned crowded, after all! Come, camp, and spend a ridiculous amount of money to do it. This is the socialist utopia, coming soon to your state, that will set your free, brudah! :)
tplife 05/30/15 12:55am Public Lands, Boondocking and Dry Camping
RE: TorkLift Battery Box

That's unusual popeye59, we bought AGM on its feature of going lower than traditional 12V lead-acid batteries (60% discharge) without damage. Maybe dual 6V golf cart batteries have lower rates and my specs don't compare AGMs to those, but vs. traditional 12V marine deep cycle cells. My Optima Blue Top has a 2008 date on it and is still delivering what I paid for (keep it on a float charger to minimize static decomposition).
tplife 05/28/15 01:49pm Travel Trailers
RE: GPS purchase

So sorry strollin, I should have added: "...Now this is only a personal opinion, based on my own hands-on experience. Can't speak for others"...
tplife 05/28/15 01:46pm Technology Corner
RE: Opinions on air bag suspension

I agree with the use of Air Bag suspension to level your vehicle. We use a Firestone Coil Rite product on our PRIUS (Torklift 2" receiver, Curt lighting harness) and it's outstanding at preventing bottoming-out in places like curbs or campgrounds.
tplife 05/11/15 01:24pm Towing
RE: Are We Allowed to have a gun in an RV for protection?

US Federal Law protects temporary enclosures (cabin, motel room, RV, tent) as a LEGAL RESIDENCE. You are permitted to possess and carry a loaded firearm within your campsite (temporary residence) without need for special permits, as it qualifies as a "residence". I live in California, more or less the most restrictive state in the nation, so I HAVE and MUST be aware of these laws. We are tent campers and have/possess handguns at all times. I carry in my vehicle at all times, including LEGALLY on military bases. When I travel to D.C., I fly to BALTIMORE airport and disembark for my rent-a-car there as I don't need to store my firearm at the airport in DC, but rather LEGALLY "pass through" DC, following federal carry laws (inside a lockbox, with the loaded magazine not attached, but in the same container), and staying overnight on Pennsylvania Avenue, as I'm "passing through". Same rules when I visit NJ. Sure, check the laws within your states of travel, follow the NRA guidelines, and understand the Constitution's federal protections regarding 50-state "residence" rights you have.
tplife 04/29/15 08:58pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: What battery tolerates winter storage best?

AGM. AGM. AGM. AGM. Charleie D is mistaken, AGM batteries are designed as direct replacements for old-school wet-cell technology. And AGM cells are NOT gel cells!!! Do a search of these posts, or better yet some AGM research, and you'll find out why you get more value for your money. And all the other advantages are frosting on the cake.
tplife 04/29/15 08:51pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: GPS purchase

Save your $. If you've got a smartphone, get the CoPilot GPS app for about $10. Maps will download to your phone and you won't need to use data while navigating. Wish I had bought this in the beginning and not splurged on the Rand McNally 7720. Live and learn...die and forget it all. Cat Lady Sure, just don't get out of range of those cell towers...and make sure your data plan can absorb the data you'll be using...and make do with the 2nd-rate software off those apps...etc., etc. GPS units still have their advantages in these areas. We just upgraded to the Garmin Nuvi 3597LMT HD, their flagship. Its magnetic mount is worth the extra money, just pull and stow. I'm getting 10X the traffic updates and have saved commute time three times in the last two weeks as a result. No hanging wire, and it's as small and thin as a smartphone. We have smartphones and there's a mile of difference between them and a good GPS. Now this is only a personal opinion, based on my own hands-on experience. Can't speak for others. :)
tplife 04/21/15 09:25pm Technology Corner
RE: Fl Keys

Folks seeking good snorkeling near Bahia Honda will see 10X the sealife with an inexpensive boat trip to Sombrero Reef out of Marathon. This is the closest thing we've found to Caribe-quality snorkeling outside of the leeward islands.
tplife 04/09/15 01:35pm Travel Trailers
RE: TorkLift Battery Box

My problem is I have thieves that like to cut locks and steal RV and boat batteries to sell to the scrap yard. I've had 3 locks cut and 4 6VDC golf cart batteries stolen. And ya know those aren't cheap. How well do these boxes lock? It looked like the one on the etrailer site was different with a steel frame and maybe sturdier. Not sure how those lids were attached. You could switch out to AGM batteries and have them inside your rig, under a dinette, a bed or a cabinet, even mounted upside down! :B
tplife 04/09/15 01:30pm Travel Trailers
RE: TorkLift Battery Box

I love my TorkLift hitch - glad to see one of their other fine products! :)
tplife 03/24/15 07:48pm Travel Trailers
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