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RE: Yosemite National Park

We will be in a large RV, 45 ft, pulling a 30ft trailer, we do not need hookups but may have to stay outside the park due to the size. We also plan to stop at Grand Canyon and maybe Redwoods depending on what time allows. In grand Canyon we plan to river raft and do the mule/donkey ride (things my father did as a kid). Thanks for the advice! We stayed in Thousand Trails just outside the West Gate with both the 38' MountainAire and two tents. 50A service, great tenting area also, clean and well-managed with a fork of the Tuoloumne River for great trout fishing. We weren't members and you don't have to be either to stay there. Having stayed at this park, and being tenters, I'd never stay inside the campgrounds inside the valley, but that's just me.
tplife 05/05/16 12:37pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Family tent suggestion

full rain fly and a tub bottom The Copper Canyon 8 does not have a full rain fly by any means. It has a "bikini" rain fly, the kind that's notorious for noisy rustling and poor wind and rain integrity, thin fiberglas poles and steel pole mix. It also features dated pin-and-ring setup and D-shaped doors and window design that invites water. It's oversize footprint means less setup options on average campsites vs. 6-man tents. It's an entry-level fair-weather tent that's on par with other big-box tents from companies like Coleman and Wenzel and Jeep. It offers an inexpensive tent's sleeping area for families that don't expect to encounter bad weather or windy conditions. The next level up of tents is available from stores like REI and EMS, offer lifetime warranties, are made of UV-resistant polyester, have full-coverage rain flies, anodozed aluminum or carbon fiber poles, color coded designs, swiftclip and hub attachment features, large amounts of mesh on inner tent surfaces to minimize condensation, and vestibules at one or both ends of the tent where the rainflies attach to the ground. I own a Eureka! Tetragon tent from their line myself, and it's a good spare for when I need extra guests, It does not however hold up to real-world mountain and desert challenges faced periodically while camping like high winds, driving rain, and frequent use. With careful use and handling, the Copper Canyon tent can provide several seasons of camping and may be a good value for those not demanding much out of their equipment. More expensive tents such as those I described are a better value over time, but many buyers just don't use their gear that much.
tplife 05/04/16 04:03pm Tent Camping
RE: Extra water

We have both the Aquatainer and Reliance models, and prefer the Reliance due to its vertical shape for storage, and no bung valve to go stiff and replace. As a car-camper, I like the Reliance's ability to store behind one of the seatbacks in the Prius... http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb296/firetender69/relaince_zpse1685982.gif
tplife 05/03/16 04:16pm Truck Campers
RE: airline profits

It's been many years since the airlines made a profit, and with all the ridiculous regulations they suffer under, God Bless 'Em. I long for the years when you sat on the runway waiting for the thunderstorm to pass, and complained. Gov't's answer was to levy fines for long delay times, and voila! Now those same flights are all cancelled to prevent the fines, because airlines can't print money to pay the fines. And we complain about cancelled flights...Gov't creates a problem, then offers a solution to the problem they created... I was raised in an FAA household and there are a lot more examples available.
tplife 05/03/16 10:32am Around the Campfire
RE: Family tent suggestion

+1 Hondavalk to two tents vs. one. Larger tents are typically lacking in wind and rain integrity, and most campsites geography won't favor site selection of more than one place, once a tent is larger than 10 X 10. Multi-room tents are typically the worst in quality, features, integrity, and functionality with leaky windows and screen rooms, and too much fabric vs. pole ratios for structural rigidity. A tent + seperate screen enclosure is the better option and gives a lot of options for where/how setup onsite. Oh, and skip the cots and big air mattresses in your gear, you'll freeze at night or have to have 3X the insulation to compensate. Whatever you sleep on, insist on 5.0 or greater R-rating. No R-rating? Ask youself why...
tplife 04/28/16 11:41am Tent Camping
RE: Nitrogen Filled Tires

I'm a chemist myself, but...in my scan of Flapper's article, the "chemists" didn't point out the main advantage, in that nitrogen doesn't leak out at the same rate as oxygen does, so you spend less time topping off your tires and that accuracy will improve overall mileage. Not enough to get me renting a N2 tank for though, LOL.
tplife 04/25/16 03:32pm Travel Trailers
RE: Nitrogen Filled Tires

Using nitrogen in the 1st place seems unnecessary and come close to being a myth or fraud. Air should work fine. Please tell me more, I need a few laughs today. :B
tplife 04/25/16 01:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Hitch Cargo Rack Battery Charging

Why on the cargo rack? An AGM battery can be mounted under the car seat sideways or upside down even. Hitch racks are another way to lose valuable gear, we use a Thule Transporter Combi instead - lockable and weatherproof.
tplife 04/14/16 08:17am Tent Camping
RE: Remorse?

My mom, Travelindogwagon, went from the MountainAire to an Alegro gasser due to the insurance covering book value and not replacement. She never looked back and had every convenience including the power to tow her car behind, making several X-country trips North and South, East and West. She was the definition of an RV'er and not having a Diesel never held her back...
tplife 04/13/16 11:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: new truck cost!!

Blazing Zippers, I've looked at samples of the composite aluminum material you're talking about with a Ford factory rep, and it's not a "beer can", but stronger and lighter to allow Ford's fleet to meet CAFE standards that tell YOU what kind of CAR you CAN BE ALLOWED to buy. We all need direction, eh?
tplife 04/05/16 03:16pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Motorcycle batteries

Buy a DEKA. They are Penn (and I believe Huasa) and the OEM-labeled brands. I picked up an AGM for my Hog that was the same MFR, higher CCA, had two additional terminals, and HALF THE PRICE as the local dealer, shipping included and fully charged.
tplife 04/05/16 08:09am Toy Haulers
RE: Another Los Angeles route around question

101S to the I5S to the 405S is almost always the fastest route (less traffic). I've only been driving these roads for 38 years and nearly always encountered courtesy and patience. :)
tplife 04/04/16 01:26pm Roads and Routes
RE: Diesel engine chip?

Keep in mind that under federal law, to void the warranty the warrantor is under obligation to prove that the part(s) not to be covered under warranty were damaged by the use of the tuner i.e.; the part that is not stock. Simply having non-stock parts is not grounds to void a warranty, otherwise the warrantor would have to provide all such parts for free (think oil, oil filters, brake pads, etc.).
tplife 04/03/16 10:11pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking for some tent ideas

Unless you're first-time campers, a lot of higher quality brands will deliver more comfort and quality than dated heavy canvas designs or low-end Eureka! models (I do also own Eureka!), and be cheaper in the long run due to being more ruggedly constructed. Brands such as REI, EMS, Sierra Designs, Big Agnes, Northface, Marmot, A16 offer 6-man tents that would work well for your space requirements. I've bought 3 new-with-tags models off Ebay for 60% off MSRP, but not everyone wants to do research and follow auctions like I do. This is also a good time to get real self-inflating sleeping pads from ThermaRest, MegaMat or a knockoff brand, and leave your feezing cold air mattresses and cots at home. Get some more info and validation of these suggestions at stores like EMS or REI about features like UV-resistant polyester, continuous zippers, full-coverage rainflies, welded seams, clip attachments and color-coded assemblies.
tplife 03/28/16 10:04am Tent Camping
RE: Food storage for tent campers

hyuachuca, the classic experiment used to prove this scientific fact is posted in my earlier post. Maybe you were out of class for that lab that day. You can believe your own eyes of the illustrated law of thermodynamics, or people who want to sell you coolers and bags of ice. “People have such a love for the truth that when they happen to love something else, they want it to be the truth; and because they do not wish to be proven wrong, they refuse to be shown their mistake. And so, they end up hating the truth for the sake of the object which they have come to love instead of the truth.” ?Augustine of Hippo, Fifth Century A.D.
tplife 03/24/16 12:06pm Tent Camping
RE: 303 protectant on tires before or after Tire Wet?

I'm an organic chemist by trade, and I only avoid tire shine products that are silicone-based. I also choose to use products that include UV protection. Can't hurt out here in the Southwest, where higher ozone levels in the air mean shorter tire life. You of course can believe whatever snake oil salesman you like, LOL.
tplife 03/21/16 02:23pm Tech Issues
RE: Food storage for tent campers

The experiment is to illustrate the law of why ice lasts longer when you drain the water, seeing is believing. The OP wants food to stay cool the longest possible, 4 days is too long without extra care of the cooler and contents. The science is what has been taught for a century or more, and if you studied it in school you apparently forgot it. "I'm not a doctor, but science pays my bills". Nobody denigrated your science experiment or even discussed that aspect of it. As usual you pulled out an assault gun to counter the pen:S. Oh well we all have our ways of getting our point across and your's is quite well known. I refuse to rise to your bait. Hey, stop hitting yourself, you won't get any smarter that way. Oh, and it's not "my experiment", it's the classic experiment students perform to understand the Zeroth Law of Thermodynamics. (Good grief!) :R
tplife 03/05/16 12:27am Tent Camping
RE: Air Mattress ?

Any air cells with greater than 1/4 inch will convect heat away from the body. Keep an insulation layer between you and the mattress and you are good to go. That insulating layer between you and the mattress will barely slow the heat transfer as it is flattened under you. You need a slow-conducting solid under your pad to slow heat transfer the greatest: liquid the fastest, gas the slower, solid the slowest. That's why ice melts slower if you remove the melted water in the cooler, same laws of thermodynamic transfer.
tplife 03/05/16 12:23am Truck Campers
RE: Looking for some help deciding on which batteries.....

What I'm replacing are two older group 27 Kirkland batteries. The only info they have, besides cranking amps, is 115 min reserve. Nothing pertaining to amps hr. KATOON: Those batteries were not a deep cycling battery. CCA (Cold Cranking Amp) are listed on 'Starting' batteries like you have under the hood in a vehicle and most likely the reason they've failed on you. Whether you go with a 6 or 12 volt battery make sure it's a true 'Deep Cycle' battery sometimes refered to as 'golf cart' batteries. I myself chose Crown, here's a link Golf & Electric Vehicle BH, is it really a good idea to mount non-AGM batteries in a compartment that is below (what appears to be) a living area? Explosive gas and corrosive liquids are why I went with AGMs that can be mounted upside down under a dinette, safely. TPlife: We're a little off topic here I'd say but if you went through my build thread (a page or two prior to the page in the link) you'd see that the battery compartment is well ventilated. As for it's location, that's the garage. The compartment access panels will be sealed with foam tape and the floor will be covered with a one-piece vinyl mat. Again, sorry guys for getting off topic ....:o BTW guys, Trojan batteries are now made in China and personally I'd stay with a US manufacturer. No worries Boonhauler, it's your rig...I just wouldn't want that light explosive H2 coming up through any seals into my vehicles- maybe that's just my prejudice of being an organic chemist. ;)
tplife 03/05/16 12:18am Tech Issues
RE: Smart Car

Anyone interested in a Smart product would do well to read Consumer Reports. After all, they OWN the car they tested and their readers provide independent statistics from having their own Smart vehicles. I'm glad I heeded their advice before I bought my Prius...yeah, the one with the Curtiss lighting harness, Torklift 2" receiver and Firestone RideRite air suspension. :p
tplife 03/05/16 12:09am Class C Motorhomes
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