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RE: TorkLift Battery Box

I love my TorkLift hitch - glad to see one of their other fine products! :)
tplife 03/24/15 07:48pm Travel Trailers
RE: Peace and security in Mexico

Is unsafe having your friend's caravan lose all their Prerunner Race Team trucks, vehicles, trailers, gear, and money to bandits? (they did this for many years without harm) Is unsafe having your daughter's high-school friend go in a group and never be seen again - it's been, let's see now, 5 years ago? (out city is the safest in the county) We're 25 miles from the southern border, I have lived in South America, and had a nice home during the WORST of the late '80s terrorism - bombings, beheadings, etc., and I'd NEVER go to Mex other than the heavily-armed tourist areas like Cabo and Cancun, and then only by flying in and out without leaving the immediate "safe" areas. Those are the ONLY safe areas. We miss "the old days" very, very much, but they're not here yet. The journalists dare not say a word without fear from the narcotrafficantes - this is where corruption lives. Take your chances if you must, but you are warned friend.
tplife 03/21/15 07:49pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: Tent Camping Forum

I want to thank tplife for suggesting that I contact Big Agnes about the problem I have with defective zippers in their tent. I have had other folks say the same thing, but this time it "took". I wrote to Big Agnes and they will repair the tent. I just got it in the mail today and B.A. estimates repair within 3 wks. Thanks again for hitting the right note that made me go ahead and write to Big Agnes. Gypsy, you would have done the same thing for me! This is why the higher cost of quality (Big Agnes, Mountain HardWear, Northface, MSR, Sierra Designs, EMS, REI, Marmot) is the best value over time for serious tent campers. :B
tplife 02/18/15 12:25pm Tent Camping
RE: 1200 TQ generator

Can't say I see any of them in the "tent camping" areas...We thought we stuck out with our AGM power supply. :)
tplife 02/10/15 10:18am Tent Camping
RE: Tent buying questions

O'Nuts, your Sundome will do the job and get you some seasons of evaluation to decide if you really need a good tent. If you buy a $500 tent and don't use it, you'll kick yourself. If you use the Sundome for a couple of seasons and need more, you will have gained a cheap education! Many recommend a tarp for adding some wind/rain integrity. Remember to seal your seams using a small paintbrush and a standard seam sealer inside and out with two coats. Happy Camping!
tplife 02/06/15 09:42pm Tent Camping
RE: Tent buying questions

A trip to a company like REI or EMS sports will cost you more, but you'll leave with a (max 10X10) 4 to 6-man tent that won't fall apart in a year and will give you wind and rain integrity. We've bought 3 new-with-tags high-end models off Ebay at 60% off MSRP, but some folks just can't follow auctions. Unless you only camp in summer, cots and air mattresses will "leave you cold" as they are heat sinks that suck the warmth out of you while you sleep. Companies like MegaMat and ThermaRest sell a wide variety of foam-based cellular self-inflating sleeping pads. We have several, some are over 25 years old, and only twice have we had a leak, one easily fixed on the spot with a bit of superglue and another repaired free under warranty. Anything you buy that doesn't feature a "5.0 R-Value" or better is a recipe for a bad camping experience - self-inflating sleeping pads list their R-values for your comfort. We also use a Prius for our camping journeys, with room for 3, hardwood storage for a 4-day weekend, 12V AGM portable power for a 200W Polk/Kenwood sound system and charging duties, 3 Coleman lanterns on adjustable tripods, plus food and gear with room to spare. Torklift 2" Eco-Hitch Curt Wiring Harness Firestone Coil-Rite Air Suspension Thule Transporter Combi Cargo Box Read more: http://priuschat.com/threads/my-prius-v-lowercase-v-mods.147714/page-3#ixzz3Qv1qi0ih Follow us: @PriusChat on Twitter | PriusChat on Facebook http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb296/firetender69/2013-06WHeiseCamping018_zps7502135e.jpg http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb296/firetender69/2013-06WHeiseCamping015-5_zps9b6bd0ef.jpg http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb296/firetender69/003-1.jpg http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb296/firetender69/2009-05LaJollaIndianCamping012-2.jpg http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb296/firetender69/2009-06PARTY013-2.jpg
tplife 02/05/15 05:08pm Tent Camping
RE: RV'ing in/near Yosemite in 40 Motorhome

+2 to Yosemite Lakes! Trout fishing (and catching) on lures (catch and release) right there on tthhe river, and yes, 5 miles from the West Gate of Yosemite. 50A service and as Executive said, you don't need to be a member to stay there.
tplife 01/28/15 10:05pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Looking For a Cabin Tent 6+ Person w/non vented roof

That netting you're avoiding is designed for venting a polyester tent and rarely allows for particulate entry. Various schemes involving full vs. partial rainfly coverage in quality designs allows for adjustments. It is a universal design in high-end models for very good reasons involving condensation control and sleeping comfort. Glorified screen rooms and heavy canvas are not going to get you anywhere, in my opinion. Companies like REI and EMS offer large family tents that adapt to AC units in the front entry if you use duct tape and clever mounting.
tplife 01/18/15 07:04pm Tent Camping
RE: Lost my tent rainfly.

You can use any tarp as a footprint, but you may be out of luck for a fly replacement. I'd suggest getting comfortable following some auctions for a new-with-tags replacement tent and getting a new one from Sierra Designs, Mountain HardWear, Northface, EMS, REI, Big Agnes or Marmot. These are high quality brands and unlike Kelty and Eureka!, they don't mix junk models in with quality ones to capture your wallet if you don't understand the differences.
tplife 12/22/14 03:02pm Tent Camping
RE: Diesel fuel additive ---- WOW !

I would definitely not add Gasoline. However: a good fuel additive like Stanodyne and PS, with cleaners and cetane rating added with each tank would really add to the life of any diesel heaters. Course if it helps your heater, how much more would it help your diesel engine. The most common cetane booster is 2-Ethylhexyl Nitrate (2-EHN). Amsoil cetane boost is almost 100% pure 2-EHN!
tplife 12/13/14 05:26pm General RVing Issues
RE: How much off MSRP in this economy?

The economy is improving, the price of fuel is down and more people are retiring and buying RVs. The longer you wait (especially with spring coming) the less of a discount you're going to find. I'd buy now unless you're more into it for the haggling rather than actually buying. Bill What part of Canada do you hail from? Here in California we've been in the "Summer Of Recovery" since 2009 and in Obama's 2nd term since 2008. PM me as we all want to return to full-time jobs that pay good. :)
tplife 12/13/14 09:30am Truck Campers
RE: How Do You fill LP Tanks?

We have a spare tank and replace and refill. Never do the propane tank exchanges. I once got a tank that was expired and could not be refilled. So did one last exchange and got a neweer tank I remember you Bob, you ate all the samples at my Costco. :R
tplife 12/13/14 09:27am Beginning RVing
RE: Diesel fuel additive ---- WOW !

I wouldn't add volatiles like gasoline to diesel fuel either, that begins to negate the safety advantage as well as dilute important additives with a fuel not designed for diesel engine efficiency. Injector cleaners are a dime-a-dozen, and typically they work as advertised. Read the fine print however, and you'll discover they aren't really octane boosters. Octane boosters no longer contain toluene or xylene (which are in your pumpgas), as in high concentrations they damage emission control devices. The substitute compounds don't do that, but only raise your octane HUNDREDTHS of a point. Meaning 6 points raised equals .06 %. Don't waste your money on octane boosters, but quality injector cleaners (gas or diesel) made by SeaFoam will make you a customer for life. :B
tplife 12/13/14 09:23am General RVing Issues
RE: Duracell Golf Cart Batteries

+2 for AGM replacement technology, you get what you pay for!
tplife 12/13/14 08:45am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Going tent camping this weekend

Hey, it's camping! If you can get the tent out of the back of the truck and on the ground, it won't be as cold (air space under truck rapidly cools everything around it slower than the ground). A hard shell on top would provide a lot more insulation and prevent much of that, but you can compensate for these "heat sink" effects (cots, hollow-tube air mattresses, hammocks) 5.0 R-value pads or doubling up on your sleeping bags and blankets. Have fun!
tplife 12/13/14 08:44am Tent Camping
RE: I Caved & Upgraded to Ford F-250 Super Duty

Fantastic, Ford makes a great diesel product - while my career is mostly biotech/big pharma, I'm also FORD certified as a sales consultant, and have also sold GMC ten years ago through that "recession". Get some popcorn and read through your extended warranty, most every one of them aren't worth the paper they're printed on and area GIGANTIC profit center for the dealership. Typically you can get 100% of the cost of the extended warranty refunded within 30 days, and you can shop anywhere for the same warranties for a lot less money if you insist on having one. Enjoy your new ride! :)
tplife 12/10/14 07:42pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Californianos Hang Onto Yer Britches...!

SoCal goes into WeatherMergency every time a little rain rolls in. Visitors from the rest of the country would laugh themselves silly to see how this region goes bananas over a storm. And a lot of talk about "Will this end the drought?" in an area that only uses 20% of the imported water (the balance is agriculture) and insists that we cut back - but if we cut back 20%, that saves 20 X 20 X .01 = 4%. :?
tplife 12/10/14 07:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: RV Tourism in Mexico

Brian-While your post is accurate you missed my point. My point is that many express alliance to the U.S.in many ways (for one trying to buy "American"-or what they perceive to be "American") yet go to a country that at the very least has governing problems and at the most is corrupt. So, instead of supporting this mess, IMHO they should support American campgrounds, restaurants, and other businesses and attractions by spending their dollars HERE. In my mind that is the right thing to do. There is one thing for sure - if the Mexican people could get their hands on weapons - there would be a revolution. I have read everything that everyone has said and have done some internet research and reading some good newspapers trying to get a sense of the reality of the situation. After today and seeing that the protesters are getting more and more angry (I totally agree with them and applaud their anger), the reality is that this horrific incident is blowing up quickly and IMHO will be volatile for the next little while. I checked the Canadian government travel advisories and well I generally take then with a grain of salt, my biggest fear is being in the wrong place at the wrong time. There is now a huge protest in Mexico City and the protests are spreading quickly and are being carried out across the country. To be honest, I am not worried about myself as I can quickly get out of situations but I am worried about my New RV that could get caught up in the mix. But because I am Canadian and I need a break from our winter weather, I think I am going to head south to Arizona and New Mexico and spend my time there. Mexico will be there for me next year and the year after but right now, there is volatility and I would be honestly be a little nervous. I was listening to a video from a respected Mexican security analyst and he'd made a very good point - because the President has gone after the cartel leaders (and many are in jail) the new federal police force (who are Canadian trained) are really cracking down and the gangs have moved into the rural areas. This has taken the fight closer to the Mexican people. There are more fights between gang members and police and there is a possibility of getting caught in the middle. This in no way changes my mind about beautiful Mexico or the lovely people there but it does give me pause for thought. This year might not be the year to go but I have many years of RVing in front of me but I would be nervous so I think I will spend my Canadian dollars in Arizona and New Mexico this year and plan to go to Mexico another time. Thanks for the lively debate. Lynn They haven't done jack, every journalist knows they and their family's safety is in jeopardy if they publish one word against the current turmoil...I love Canada and it's quiet feeling of insulated safety, teratorial control, and noble pride. We didn't quit visiting Mexico because we heard "some yahoo sayin' that...", frankly, I live right on the US/MEX border. We love Baja and her people! I didn't stop just because my buddies lost much of their pride and expensive toys - my older daughter's close friend hasn't been seen or heard of since she was a Junior in Poway High School...four years ago when she went down to "party" with her friends. My wife won't go either, not because she's "another foolish yahoo's wife", let me be perfectly honest, as a teenager, she has "hunkered in the bunker", while her city (April, 1975) was shelled by the NVA for 3 days and nights in her basement - and afterward, the folks Vice President Biden trusted as a US Senator (no guns n' butter lovie, they'll be okay) slaughtered women and children like flies in the street as the paraded in, just for sport. You can take your chances in Mexico with my prayers, just don't be stupid and ignorant. I once owned a home in Lima, Peru, and saw the impact of the Sendero Luminoso (the Chinese Communist "Shining Path") while our local Army men did all they could to protect us, and what it means to have your electrical lines dynamited, the sound and smell of TNT from terrorist bombings as the shrapnel washed the legs of the kids getting off the school bus nearby, been there, done that! We are not going to sit here and "welcome you" to our city and what lies so close nearby as if it is all okay. We've seen it, smelled it, and know it may be coming. I'd rather sit on the sandy soil of St. Lucia and say hello than ride my 'Harley a half-hour into potential hell...but it's your nickel, play what you like. :)
tplife 12/05/14 11:53pm RVing in Mexico and South America
RE: GM Owner's Didn't Read the Motor Trend Report

Yes, Ford sales are flat because nobody is going to buy one (2014) when the 2015 composite-body trucks are coming off the line. And yes, Dodge is up because as an example, you can buy their diesel truck for $10K less than the Ford Powerstroke - except that after a few years, the book value takes a dump and you lose all the money you saved up front. Each has some attributes, and with the new composite bodies, Ford can still sell heavier models (lighter bodies mean meeting CAFE federal mandates).
tplife 12/02/14 09:44pm Tow Vehicles
RE: AGM battery

Another Optima Blue-Top fan here, I have the 55 AH model (they make others BTW). Best investment I ever made at Costco, even had a $40.00-off coupon deal. Going strong and kept in the garage with a float charger. An AGM can be SAFELY mounted away from thieves, under your dinette, upside down, unvented, and without an enclosure box or pan. They are put to use in systems seen on Travel Channel's Rock My RV with Bret Michaels. Here's our Blue-Top power supply with quick-disconnect fittings, dual-fusing, and accessory outlets. Power for whatever we need at the campsite through the use of voltage converters. Decals are to discourage theft, vintage '80s and compliments of Wizard Wear: http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb296/firetender69/2009-06PARTY011-2.jpg http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb296/firetender69/2009-06PARTY017-2.jpg Chiefly to run this 200W waterproof sound system: http://i206.photobucket.com/albums/bb296/firetender69/2009-05LaJollaIndianCamping012-2.jpg
tplife 12/02/14 06:17pm Tech Issues
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