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RE: Generac 7.5 KW repair

http://generatorsoregon.com The link above is for Alternative Power out of Oregon City, OR They fixed my generator and provided service well beyond what others have done. The tech Jessie will take the time and get it diagnosed for you. I was 40 miles into the boondocks and he did the service call and diagnostics at a very reasonable price. Also worked with the extended warranty company to, Good Sam JimR 74458
Jim & Betty 02/07/16 09:32pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: M&G Tow Brake Installation

The 600 may or may not be out of line depending if the Toyota will need to have things moved around to fit. Call M&G they will know. On my jeep it took about an hour to install the air cylinder to the vehicle I had new brake lines manufactured at a brake shop because they where to short that added about 30 to 45 minutes. I also needed to move a bracket that held a air pollution sensor and that added maybe 30 minutes more so I am at about 2 to 2 and a half hours. I had a mechanic that worked on air brakes do the MH that took about 30 minutes. JimR
Jim & Betty 01/21/16 10:18pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Extended Sevice Plan won't cover microwave oven??

On my Microwave/Convection oven GoodSam ESP replaced mine. Maybe each case is different. JimR
Jim & Betty 01/16/16 04:51pm Good Sam Extended Service Plan
RE: Extended Sevice Plan won't cover microwave oven??

Something that may be of some concern. Home microwaves tend to vent to the back. RV microwaves to the top. So if you are going to put it in a cabinet with no clearance in the back, for it to vent. A home microwave may not work so well. Went through this last year, ended up buying from camping world, you might check them for price. The over the stove microwave/convection or microwave ovens have the ability to vent either top, rear or none at least all the ones I have looked at. JimR
Jim & Betty 01/16/16 04:50pm Good Sam Extended Service Plan
RE: Stolen Gas Gift Card

How does someone use a gas card without the card itself? I have several gas cards, you have to present the card to be run through the scanner in order to use it. It's not like an Visa card where you can order online. The thief must have been in cahoots with a Shell gas station employee in order to make a purchase without the actual card in hand. I would think it would be pretty easy for Shell to identify what clerk(s) were working at the time of the fraud. Then you have your pool of likely suspect(s). Then time to review the video. I am also wondering how the card info can be used without the card? Do you not need the card to enter it "swipe" it at the pump? Anyway, sorry you lost out on your purchase ! They had all the information they needed to make a new card, say from a old hotel room key or just buy them, get a card run it through the scanner machine you bought or stole and bingo instant credit cards. Happened to me at at loss of $6192.00 dollars using a manufactured Debit Card after breaching the banks web site and then using an ATM in Flordia. I guess it is pretty easy to do. JimR
Jim & Betty 12/29/15 10:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: Title an RV into deed to claim a mortgage interest deduction

Interest on a self-contained RV IS deductible on your federal income tax return. It's been that way for many years. Even if you have a permanent residence, the RV is considered a 2nd home and the interest is deductible. Be aware that the interest on a motorhome goes on a different line than regular home mortgage interest. I don't know what line ot goes on because I don't do my own taxes as I get really PO'ed when I do so I have our accountant do it. Ditto Ditto Second home deducted and yep I put deduction on wrong line but it was an easy fix. JimR
Jim & Betty 12/12/15 11:35pm Full-time RVing
RE: Can You Buy Coach Net Before You Buy an RV

Jim and Betty, The Coachnet warrantee is underwritten by Good Sam. OK you learn something every day. I have CSP (Goodsam) Warranty and that has been a plus for me. JimR
Jim & Betty 12/11/15 03:42pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: State income tax for each state for full time employee?

I currently live in FL and work remotely for a midsize corporation that has offices in 7 or 8 states (including FL). I would like to move to the Idaho, but the company has stated that the tax implications (to them) are too high to justify having an employee there. As a workaround (not to evade taxes...I would gladly pay ID state income tax if I was able to), I have thrown around the idea of full timing to be able to spend some time in Idaho and various other places. After searching for articles/posts and reading more about tax laws than I ever wanted to, I'm very confused on whether or not this would be ethical/legal. I realize that this is probably a question for a tax attorney, but wanted to get some input here first. Would it be possible to keep my domicile as FL and travel to other states without impacting my employer negatively? Would I be a non-resident of each state I visited and have to file a tax return for each? Is there a minimum amount of time I would need to spend in a given state before being taxed? I'm just in the research phase, so any input would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! In my opinion your employer is not concerned about the state income tax you would pay in Idaho but other pay roll taxes such as SSI and workers comp and so on. Also not good to set a trap for yourself here on how many states you work in. God forbid if California get wind of this as they will send you papers, go ahead and ask how I know, no don't ask. JimR
Jim & Betty 12/11/15 12:23am Full-time RVing
RE: I jinxed myself. Now I have a water heater problem.

When mine leaked it was also in cold temps. Look in back of the WH there should be two lines with fittings on them one for hot and one for cold. Wrap a paper towel around each one, and hand tighten the one that is wet. Let us know how you make out. Ditto on this same thing happened to me more or less turned out to be the outlet where the anti-back flow device is. JimR
Jim & Betty 12/11/15 12:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Can You Buy Coach Net Before You Buy an RV

It looks like this is cheap roadsdie assistance insurance. I'd like to have it on the RV when we pick it up and bring it home. Can you buy without having a VIN nr.? I bought coach net when I bought my Keystone. Having coach net lowered my interest by 1/2 percent and lowered my insurance, Its a 5 year warranty with 100$ detectable for service.I think Good Sam is comparable. I did not know that Coach Net was a warranty company. JimR
Jim & Betty 12/10/15 11:51pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Direct TV Genie and Aiming the antenna question

OK thanks for the reply. I was going to use the Genie and get a new antenna for that. right now I have a HD system in the house and the SD in the RV, (still have an old CRT Sharp TV in the RV. I think I will just upgrade to all new TVs and a Winegard Antenna. JimR
Jim & Betty 04/26/15 04:16pm Technology Corner
Direct TV Genie and Aiming the antenna question

In my RV I have the Direct TV receiver non HD using the 18 inch antenna that I can aim and set up. I have a house with the Genie in it and all set up to run there. Question: What problems is there to put the Genie in the RV? How hard is it to aim the Antenna that the Genie requires? I assume I may need some other equipment too. JimR
Jim & Betty 04/25/15 01:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Advice on leaving California

PUB 52 Vehicles and Vessels: Use Tax This publication was updated January 15, 2015 this is what I used for instructions for an out of state purchase. When I did this it was less restrictive for the time limits required for the RV to be out of state. I took delivery of the RV and then established residency in SD about 7 months later. The RV was out of the state more than in. JimR
Jim & Betty 04/05/15 07:23pm Full-time RVing
RE: Questions for Full Timers

IMO I think that 15 to 20 years out is to far out to really give you any information that would be good. At that time President Justin Beiber may have all the Forest service campgrounds closed in order to grow more pot for those foreign countries in need. :B JimR
Jim & Betty 03/23/15 01:35pm Full-time RVing
RE: Michelin dealer in Phoenix area

So much for 550. Just quoted us almost $700 each Who quoted you?? If you have a class a coach and are a FMCA member that tire size in the XZA3, (memory ?) is about $550.00 per tire including the fed excise tax. Go to the FMCA site at FMCA.com FMCA and there you will find what you need. You may need to email for a price as I had to do. In my search I was quoted from $700.00 to $830.00 per tire non FMCA As stated there are a couple of tire dealers in the area that are part of the Michelin Advantage National Account Program. If they or who answers the phone does not have a clue that may be a clue to you that they are not part of the program. With all the folks I talked to all were up front as to whether they participate or not or if they do or do not do motor homes. My cost was about $550 per tire and $260.00 to mount and balance with weights on all six tires. Done at Dales' Tires in Rapid City SD jimR
Jim & Betty 03/23/15 01:27pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: calif hwy 99

Hwy 99 is just fine and there are plenty of places to stop and take a break. The rest stop in Turlock is open, but rest stops aren't my first choice. You have a nice Camping World in Bakersfield and another in Fresno. Both good places to take a break and look around at RV supplies. Every town has a Walmart or a Target or both to stop at. There is a Walmart Super Center in Atwater. If you like air museums there is also a great one of those at the old Castle Air Force Base in Atwater. Just follow the signs, it's a few miles off the freeway. If you're staying at the Lakes RV Park in Chowchilla, it's a very nice little park and each night stay used to come with a round of golf for two, I assume they still do that. You've got other RV parks on your route but you'll probably only need the one if your main goal is Sacramento. Just a question isn't the Camping World at Fresno a little tight to maneuver there?? I was there at the Grand Opening and from what I saw you would need to get into the Paul Evertt Lot to turn around unless I missed somthing. JimR
Jim & Betty 03/09/15 12:52am Roads and Routes
RE: calif hwy 99

This is what I remember about the rest areas if they are not closed for repairs. I-5 at Lebec Hiwy 99 at ave 200, Tulare Hiwy 99 at Kingsburg Hiwy 99 at Turlock. After Turlock I try to make it past Sacramento before stopping again. JimR
Jim & Betty 03/09/15 12:49am Roads and Routes
RE: Hint and vent to guy laying in the road

nobody offered to help the guy, or at least sit behind him with 4-ways on so traffic knew to go around? lots of armchair quarterbacks in this thread. I understand your post and concern but did you consider that while people were looking at you, "Hey why's that guy got his flashers going?" they then run over the poor guy in the road cause there looking at you. Also if I remember correctly people drive fast as hell there and you would just give them another target to hit. Just my 2ยข worth JimR
Jim & Betty 03/08/15 04:56pm General RVing Issues
RE: Tesla device

I see advertised a device invented by Tesla that cuts your electric bill. Can't seem to find any info on this. Perhaps they mean this Solar City home Storage It is in reference to the battery systems that Tesla is making in the new factories in Reno, Nevada and I can not remember where else. Tesla and Solar City are run by the same company more or less and this is a big deal in the energy management systems that are now and in the future being installed. The link is but a short blip I Googled but I have read recently a large article that was put out. Bottom line is your home or regional energy systems would be able to make the electric in the day and store excess in the batteries to run the home at night or during power outages, for days, just like us RVers do now but for overnight. jimR
Jim & Betty 03/07/15 12:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Oh No!?!,,?

RID X if it is pyramid... The Rid-X for septic systems is bacteria that will take days or weeks to do any good. The Rid-X RV kind may help break down paper, but the real purpose is to reduce odor. Rid-X is now made for RVs but I do not know how the chemical works, seems to be something new, not the Rid-X but the RV part. jimR
Jim & Betty 03/07/15 12:18am General RVing Issues
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