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RE: pumping creek water

I can save you a lot of trouble. Don't bother pumping the water, just bathe in the creek. Use a biodegradable soap. It is "camping" right? Why not rough it? You can get a good shower when you get home. As a kid I swam in the Ohio River, Wheeling Creek, Fish Creek and numerous local lakes and strip ponds. I can rattle off names of a hand-full of buddies who were right there beside me and are still alive today. I don't remember any of us ever getting sick? As an adult, I still wade in streams while fishing, water ski lakes and paddle many creeks and rivers. During warm weather, most of these trips include a dunk or two, whether intentional or not. Thousands of rafters hit our white water annually. For goodness sake, use the water. It wouldn't hurt to take a few precautions because it's going into your camper's water system. I would pump to a primary tank. Maybe get a plastic barrel and cut it in half. Disinfect this water with bleach, iodine or some other water treatment chemical. Then pump that to your fresh tank. When done, the hose and pump go right into the barrel for storage. Disinfect barrel prior to each use. My MH has the tank and pump just inside a storage bay. I have a "T" there that is used for winterizing. I place a 5-gallon water jug on the ground and use my system to pump that to my fresh water tank. It is the same as pumping antifreeze except I turn the lever to "tank fill" and wallah, the water goes into my tank. If you have a similar set up, use a pump as already noted here from the creek and pump to the barrel. Use your onboard pump or a second one to pump to your system. They make pumps that are run by a drill. You could use that to pump up to your fresh water fill tube. Generator could be used for a 110V drill or to recharge one. When I tie a lure on my fishing line, I sometimes use my teeth! I know, GASP! Years ago in Guatemala, about 20 Soldiers (me included) got deathly ill with an intestinal disease. Turns out, they pumped the porta-jons out onto a soccer field to make the grass grow real green. Yuck. You want to talk about sick. Many of us needed medical treatment. I knew I was in for it when I noticed our tennis shoes were turning bright blue. That hasn't changed the way I enjoy our wonderful waterways here. You all are missing out if you're afraid to get in the water.
cjoseph 02/24/15 09:50pm Travel Trailers

X10 or whatever # we are up to on the Cheap Handling Fix. If you have a day or two, go the link to the other forum where the "inventor" of the CHF first posted it. You can read page after page of stories just like mine. Some got even nightmare rides to improve. Out of all those pages, there are maybe a few who got NO improvement and one who vehemently advises that no one should do it because their MH will self destruct (OK- excageration on my part but only ONE guy against it.) Also, my tires were way over inflated from the dealer. I suspect manufacturers max the pressure on the chassis because it is sitting around for long periods. I'd rather buy a MH with max inflation than under inflation on the tires. You would think the dealer would make the air pressure adjustment for test drives? Proper tire inflation and the CHF have left me not even thinking about touching it with anything else. Drives just great one handed although I keep two on the wheel for safety. Before the CHF, I could reach for a drink while driving but I had to check my lanes and really concentrate. Now, that reach is a breeze. The MH tracks straight with ease. Passing trucks require NO extra effort. Like already said, start with the CHF, its free or practically free if you pay to have it done or buy extended links.
cjoseph 02/22/15 11:09am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Help me find a motorhome?

I have never used this site=, but it looks pretty straight forward. It looks like they do a good job of showing deficiencies with photos. If you look towards the end of the RV postings, it will have the final sale price for some units or the max bid without the reserve being met. Cranky Ape They have a few locations across the US. One is in Kingman, AZ.
cjoseph 02/21/15 07:48am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Route 50 West Virginia

From Parkersburg to Clarksburg is fine. It has 4 lanes with intersections, not off ramps. East of Clarksburg, you are in for a long ride. I dread that drive in an automobile.
cjoseph 02/20/15 06:09pm Roads and Routes
RE: utah trip

I found some good off road trails for us on these sites. We will be in a stock Wrangler JKU so will stick to the "easy" to "moderate" trails. Our trip is in June. We will probably be a little warm! everytrail Utah 4x4 trails
cjoseph 02/13/15 04:09pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Starvation Budget Best USA place for laptop value?

Mexicowanderer is a long time poster to this forum who may not have thought about how his post would be received. If anybody has an idea of how to help him out, have at it. I would but I'm afraid that the advice "Buy a Macbook" might not be in his budget. I think he is having a hard time surfing the web on his phone because the data cost is killing him. When using his laptop which is now broke, he uses wifi somewhere for free or cheap. Maybe? So, anybody know which MS laptop is a good bargain cheap? I am clueless. I speak Apple and don't know which inexpensive MS laptop might be good for him. If you all want to post a good buy here, I'll copy and paste it to an e-mail to him.
cjoseph 02/13/15 03:55pm Technology Corner
RE: getting a camper worked on

Actual wages are about $20 per hour give or take. Add on to that 6.5% social security. Then add worker comp insurance. Maybe the owner provides health insurance. That would be nice. His cut for that can be $500 to $1000 per month. Insure the shop. Turn the lights on. Provide air conditioning or heat. I think about $100 per hour is about right for a little bit of profit. Now, if they are padding the actual hours worked, that is highway robbery. Keep track of the hours worked and it's a fair shake. I try to do all I can myself. There really isn't too much you should have to pay for, if you can turn a wrench on your own. If you can find a mom and pop shop with very little overhead, you might bring that hourly rate down. You might find an even better price from an individually owned mobile RV tech. You can add the convenience of them coming to your door too.
cjoseph 02/08/15 07:46am General RVing Issues
RE: cross country in small tt

Can't help with a TT but have done it staying in a tent with the DW before kids. We were worried about reservations but couldn't plan with driving times. I did hear to reserve Yellowstone, so I did. Worried about making that reservation on time, we started on the northern route to get to Yellowstone first and planned to come back on a southern route. It was a little cold in Yellowstone in June. We even saw snow up high there. If going with a north leg and south leg, plan accordingly. For a June-July trip, definitely start out south and come back north. If planning for late summer into fall, you may want to go north first. That was 1998. We are taking the kids for our return trip this year. We have just about every night reserved. We aren't on as much of a shoestring budget as we were then. If we lose a deposit or two, oh well. I thought we'd try it this way. The one thing I remember I didn't like about the trip was looking for campgrounds. Of course, that was before the days of widespread internet let alone mobile internet. Good luck and have fun. Oh, I also recommend not "stopping" until you clear the Rockys. Anything east of there could be visited on a shorter trip if you so wish.
cjoseph 02/06/15 03:50pm Travel Trailers
RE: Is this considered a truck camper?????

Do you have to have a CDL to tow that?
cjoseph 02/01/15 09:19pm Truck Campers
RE: POI along a route?

If you are a little techie and are looking for specific types of things ie Walmarts, National Parks, low clearance bridges, red light cameras etc. Go to poi-factory.com and you can download files for specific interests like All Walmarts in North America. They have instructions on how to convert/import into most major GPS brands. In many devices you will also get alerts when you approach a POI. X 2 for POI Factory. The tutorials will guide you through the steps for your specific GPS. I was able to download a file for all the National Park CGs that can accommodate an RV. Another file had all the Arches in Utah. One had all the Visiter Centers for the National Parks. One download has all the rest areas from all the states combined into one file. I have been downloading these and creating a personalized map for an upcoming cross country trip. It is getting pretty big with lots of layers. I can turn them on and off at will. Once done, I am going to attempt to send them to my GPS for a backup when internet is not available for the iPad/Macbook. The iPad already doesn't like the full map -lol. I may have to go back and delete all the clutter that is not on our route. It is a pretty cool site. It is made up of people who just like to play with GPS stuff.
cjoseph 02/01/15 09:06pm Roads and Routes
RE: Necessity of a spare?

I could see keeping a used tire that fits just in case the roadside assistance truck can't find your size. This will give you the ability to limp to a better place to shop for the tire. You will then have to pay to mount it twice though. I don't want to carry $500 worth of tire around for 7-10 years just to have it age out, so I don't bother. To some, that is good insurance. Another option people forget or don't realize is that Ford provides roadside assistance to you for the duration of your warranty. They will send a repair service to you. You can buy the tire then. Ford will also assist you after the warranty but you pay. I received a complementary membership to Coach Net with the new MH. When it came time to shop, I discovered that I have roadside assistance from Ford, so I went with that. In this day and age with mobile data, cell phones and all that, I think I could track down a roadside service truck as quickly as the next guy. The service will be on my dime, though. So far, I'm ahead one year.
cjoseph 02/01/15 06:30pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited

We pull the key and lock the doors. Our's is a 2013.
cjoseph 01/26/15 07:46pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Crowds in the Keys ?

I don't think it is misleading at all. I simply stated that if the OP is only looking for warm weather, anyplace warm will do. In addition to warmth, the Keys have two things that you won't find anywhere else assessable by RV in the winter. Those are white sand and blue water. What's misleading about that? I don't think I said miles and miles of white sandy beaches. Anyway, a person can only enjoy one beach at a time, so what difference does it make if there are only a few. We love Sandspur. You can wade out to what seems like a mile in soft white sand and still see the bottom. That right there is worth the cost of the trip in our book. Sombrero Beach on Marathon is one pretty nice white sandy beach too. We don't go to Pennycamp,but we do go next door to the Navy Annex. That beach has a lot of ground up coral, so water shoes are a must. We go there for the kids to snorkel without the need for a boat trip to get there. I imagine once our 7 year old gets bigger, we won't go there anymore. So OP, rest assured that there is white sand in the Keys, and it does look beautiful next to that aqua-marine blue water. If you are looking for white sandy beaches, they are there too, but you have to look for them.
cjoseph 01/12/15 08:15am General RVing Issues
RE: Crowds in the Keys ?

If its warm weather you are looking for, you can most likely get that in Arizona. If its blue water and white sand, well, that's why the Keys are crowded in winter. That and the party atmosphere. Sandspur Beach, Bahia Honda
cjoseph 01/11/15 07:38am General RVing Issues
RE: light weight towing package for woman

I suggest any aluminum tow bar with telescoping arms. Then, have the seller instal and get a cover for it. Leave it on all the time. Lock it on with a locking pin. The aluminum arms are manageable. I went through a period when I had no strength and serious hernia problems and still managed my Ready Brute Elite. I did not take it off the hitch during that time but could still hook up and disconnect just fine. If you want to make that tow system even more manageable, you can buy the tow bar and surge brake system separate instead of as one unit. It will be 8 to 10 inches longer, but that shouldn't be a problem. You will also have another pin connection to lock up. Removal of this system should be easier. The tow bars and surge brake would disconnect separately.
cjoseph 12/20/14 07:33am Dinghy Towing

Well . . . Our previous dinghy was a Grand Cherokee Overland. All the bells & whistles. Off-road vehicle of the year when I bought it.,, (snip) ... We now tow a 4wd Honda CR-V. This soft road vehicle will not go where my Jeep could, but it takes me anywhere I ever go. Bumping 75k with not a single issue. And resale? Compare the two. For my area, craigslist prices for a 1999 Honda CRV $3500 with highest price $5,000. (example: http://spokane.craigslist.org/ctd/4745972945.html) For a 1999 Jeep Wrangler average pricing is $6,000. With a high of $9500 (example: http://lewiston.craigslist.org/ctd/4756979346.html) However, in fairness, the 1999 Grand Cherokee that showed up in my search was $3999. :) If you never go where you need to get there in a Jeep Wrangler then I can see buying a CRV. But I've had my Wrangler where I was pretty sure someone would have to helicopter me out and it got me back. We were kinda dirty, though. WDR Wranglers hold their resale value like no other! Definitely a vehicle that has a specific niche. And they will take you places you never though you could go, and bring you back safely. Not knocking other Jeep models, but there is a reason the Wrangler has such a strong following, both as a toad and as a 4x4. Great point about resale. When we were shopping, I really wanted to go a couple years old, mainly because we were going to tow it behind a MH. The thought of drilling holes and bolting accessaries on to a new vehicle worried me. When I started shopping, I couldn't believe the used prices. Bought new.
cjoseph 11/23/14 07:01am Dinghy Towing

I will add: SOFT TOP! Nothing more fun at the beach.
cjoseph 11/21/14 05:42pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Gauging interest in a custom built all aluminum TT

Now, this is just a test... Which way will the entry door swing - in or out?ROFL… LOL Justin, I think you should just buy an aluminum utility trailer and build on top of the rails. We have to let everybody in on the inside joke. Those who don't recall the topic will think we're rude.
cjoseph 11/01/14 06:47am Travel Trailers
RE: Winterizing a jetted bath tub.

Are you leaving the heat on to the house at say 55 or so or are you turning that off? You could run some heat tape into the area. If used indoors in an enclosed area, the electricity use shouldn't be that bad through the winter. A heat tape with integrated thermostat probably wouldn't cycle on that much. The temp would have to drop down, then the heat tape would warm the space up quick and cycle it back off. I lived in a trailer for a year and ran heat tape from the ground up into the trailer. We were just starting out in life and maintaining two residences for work reasons, so money was tight. I don't recall that electric bill being too awful high.
cjoseph 11/01/14 06:32am Snowbirds
RE: Trip Report: The Perfect Family Trip!

Awesome! Please keep posting. Love the info and pics. We are heading west next year and really appreciate your insights. The DW and I have been west in our childless years. We had a very narrow window at each stop, did no hiking at Bryce and agree with you about Zion being the best. We can't wait to get the kids there to see as much as we can squeeze in. I wish I could keep it to 6,000 miles. The DW loves Yellowstone and is certain that we will not be able to go west again with the kids. SO, we are swinging north on the way home for quick stops at Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore and Devils Tower. We plan on 4 weeks too. Judging from your trip, if we have no mechanical breakdowns, those 3 days you spent on repairs may just do the trick for us on the northern swing. We have no intentions to stop until we are out west.
cjoseph 10/22/14 07:32am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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