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RE: Need campground for one night enroute to PA

KOA in Flatwoods, WV. It is right off the interstate and actually connected to a Days Inn Hotel. Personally, I prefer the US COE Lake CGs, but they are a little ways off the interstate. This KOA is perfect for an overnight. You should take US 19 to connect you from I-77 near Beckley to I-79 but run slow. There are speed traps and a few stop lights. It will shave some time and save you part of the WV Turnpike. This route also avoids Charleston traffic. A good rest stop is at the New River Gorge Bridge Visiter's Center. You could stretch your legs and take in the overlook of the Gorge. (Worth it if you've never been?) Also, if you don't mind dry camping, Tamarack (near Beckley) allows overnighting. It's not your typical parking lot overnight. The RV parking is somewhat isolated. You might be slightly off level, though.
cjoseph 07/31/15 09:41pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Campground near Yosemite and Grand Canyon

I feel your pain. Still working here too. We did a X-country trip this year to the places you plan and quite a few more. It was 4 weeks plus a couple days. We put 7,600 miles on the MH. Most of those were during the 2.5 days out and 2.5 days home. I hated to burn all that fuel in such a short trip, but we wanted to get the kids out there to see as much as possible before they got into the teenage years. We did a day trip to the GC, so can't help you there. We left Monument Valley, stopped at GC and overnighted with family in Kingman, AZ. Hated to cut that leg short, but we had a wedding to attend in San Clemente, CA over the 4th of July weekend. X3 on Grizzly in West Yellowstone. Great campground, great little town. We stayed at Yosemite Ridge Resort in Buck Meadows NW of the park. It was a little too far of a drive into the park, our site was tight, and off level side to side with a soft mix of dirt and stone. What a pain. Since we were moving often, I reserved in CGs that looked like easy in and out. This was the only one we "missed" on and really not by much. I don't know about other routes into Yosemite, but I was glad we didn't stay in the park when we drove the Toad in. There may be a better route in or more CG choices along the other routes into the park. We chose our CG based upon leaving Sequoia, hitting Yosemite and crossing Nevada to Yellowstone. Hey, it's only gasoline and this was, most likely, our only shot of taking this trip until retirement, hopefully, someday.
cjoseph 07/28/15 08:45pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Tow Bar with Autostop Braking System

Since you are interested in this unit, you should look closely at the Ready Brake versions. I have the Ready Brute Elite and it works. The dash light on my version works off a magnetic switch that activates when the brake-cable lever is pushed by the surge unit. So, technically, it does not positively identify when the Towed brakes are being applied. It only indicates the surge unit moved the lever. I'm OK with that because I see the cable adjustment at every stop and feel (or lack thereof) the Jeep back there. 14,000 miles towing including to West Coast and back and I have yet to feel the Jeep bump the MH. If this type Blue Ox system is new, it may be that NSA (Ready Brake maker) has cut into their sales enough that they had to copy this system?
cjoseph 07/26/15 07:29am Dinghy Towing
RE: Help Me Find 2 Bedroom / Two Bedrooms Travel Trailers?

I sold a flagstaff 2007 831BHSS TT that had a small double in back with a drop down bunk above and a queen BR in front. The front BR had a pocket door. The back corner beds had a curtain. We slept as many as 8 in there, comfortably. The kids camped out in the back and the 2nd couple slept in the pull out sofa. I once sleep 7 adults.
cjoseph 07/25/15 11:31am Travel Trailers
RE: How to leave your dog alone in the RV??

If you have a motor home with generator, check out Onan's website. They have several options for automatic start systems. Our MH has a Fantastic fan with a thermostat control. We leave the AC on and the fan on with a window open. Before I did this with the dog in the MH, I tested it in the driveway. After sitting in the sun all day, the MH temperature didn't raise much above ambient temperature. The reason cars over heat is the green house effect --closed windows with sun beating down on them. We close the shades and provide back-up ventilation. Works for us.
cjoseph 07/22/15 06:23am RV Pet Stop
RE: Is there a cordless hand vac that will charge using DC?

From what I have seen, the batteries are the first to fail. Just a suggestion and only if you are keeping this RV for awhile. Install a 12V whole house vacuum. The one in my Allegro mounts in the basement and has a suction line up to the house. There, a wall plate serves as the receiver for a long hose that will reach the whole RV. It does a decent job and runs off of the RV battery.
cjoseph 07/06/15 12:13am Tech Issues
RE: Protectant 303 on gel coat.

On line for best price. Search: Aerospace 303.
cjoseph 07/06/15 12:08am Class C Motorhomes
RE: Average fuel mileage on a 35' with the V10??

I get between 6 and 7 going 60-65 MPH. However, I run the generator quite often. We usually travel in the summer, so there you go. When not running the generator, I get between 7 and 8 MPH. Woo who! That's why I don't skimp on comfort and run the gennie.
cjoseph 06/05/15 06:45am Class A Motorhomes
RE: X- Chocks , kinda

Not trying to hijack the thread but any ideas for a single axle trailer? I've looked at the BAL leveler/chock but at $65 and being rather large, I'm still looking. Some of the sites at local CGs have steep inclines so I'm looking for something solid to stop any movement or potential to roll away! The method in the OP would work just fine. Put a chock in front of each tire, pull up an inch or two to load the trailer on the first few inches of the front chock. Put the vehicle in park and set the brake firm or have someone else place the next chock. Put a chock behind each tire and release vehicle to coast back onto the rear chock. You should now have an inch or so of each tire on each chock.
cjoseph 06/04/15 07:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: why would they put it there ????

Who put them there and on what make model? Just saying it would be nice to know?
cjoseph 06/02/15 04:04pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Grill Re-Model for Full timing

I took an old gas grill in the bed of a PU truck on my annual fishing trip four or five times. The trip was only 100 miles, but it was on some really twisting WV roads. Every trip required re-aligning the burner tubes. That was not hard to do. Actually, it was really simple, however, it was a really messy job. All that char and grease down in the grill is a pain to deal with. The worst part was taking the grill off to get down in there. So, no, I have never taken the top off and configured a grill for full-time travel. My suggestion that you will experience increased breakage and early wear out was based on that experience. I have also seen lots of stuff strapped down to the back of TTs and 5th Wheels. That stuff is at the end of a long lever. No matter how well you strap down the grill, the stuff inside the grill will still be bounced around. Don't get me wrong. I still think it can be done. I'm just trying to throw out some pre-warnings so maybe you can prepare for some things you will have to deal with full time, every time you move. If you are full timing and moving often, that would be a pain and more miles equals more stress on the grill. If not moving very often, I think it's a great idea.
cjoseph 06/02/15 06:58am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Grill Re-Model for Full timing

Not to totally side track you, but here goes. I am struggling with the same problem. I have fired up two portables at times just to get the job done. No more. I am looking and here is where I am leaning. I am thinking about getting a Camp Chef 3-burner stove. Each burner is 30,000 BTUs. 3-burner stoves They make accessaries to go on top. They have a 2-burner wide grill top or a 3-burner wide. They also have griddles in different sizes. Also available, but not on my list, is a pizza oven. Stove Accessaries I think the whole kit would store easily in one of my compartments. For your situation, storage bags are available and you could put it on the back rack. I think I had room in my former TT storage bay for it. Specially if I didn't have the two portables. It sounds like you are ready to scrap a home patio grill. So, will you have to buy a replacement of the house? Maybe keep it for home and dive into this. I am stuck, because my home grill is shot. It would be perfect for your plan. The top is great. The stand and doors are shot. Right now a brick holds up one corner because a wheel fell off from the from rust. My problem is I am going to be buying for both home and RV soon-ouch! I think your plan to hall it on the back is OK. Check the internal parts before each use and you're good to go. They might wear out or get damaged from a little more bouncing than, say, being transported in a storage compartment.
cjoseph 06/01/15 07:23am Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs
RE: Used RV under $20,000

Cranky Ape is a great place to browse.
cjoseph 05/19/15 07:14pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: How to level camper WITHOUT moving it (no blocks)?

I will guess that a 25-foot TT might weigh too much to rely on run-of-the-mill stabilizer jacks. They are stabilizer not lifting jacks. If you have to lift the trailer too much with them and your tires lose air, you could risk crunching one or more of the jacks or twisting your camper frame. If you are going to buy stabilizer jacks, I don't see any reason why you couldn't buy a bottle jack instead. One bottle jack will cost you less than two stabilizer jacks most likely. You could jack the TT up and place it on wood or concrete blocks under the frame. If the tires/wheels are good, put them on Craigslist and make a few bucks maybe? This would provide a more firm base and the trailer will bounce less when walking around inside.
cjoseph 05/15/15 12:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Am I just a chicken?

Try airing your tires up to max and make sure you have about 15% of the trailer's weight on the tongue.
cjoseph 05/15/15 12:01pm Travel Trailers
RE: Any financial advantages of buying new RV vs used?

Just posted this to another thread and realized it pertains here too. This comes with buying a new Ford F53 chassis: 5-years or 60,000 miles roadside Assistance** This 24 hour, seven-days-a-week Hotline is a standard feature on all Ford Motorhome Chassis. By dialing 1-800- 444-3311, Ford Motorhome Chassis Customers also have access to: • Flat Tire Changes (No Charge with Ford) • Jump Start For A Dead Battery (No Charge with Ford) • Gasoline, If Out of Fuel (No Charge with Ford) • Vehicle Lock-Out Service (No Charge with Ford) • Towing To The Closest Dealer (No Charge with Ford) ** 5-years or 60,000 miles, whichever occurs first. See your Ford dealer for details. I am not sure if transferable if you buy used during the mileage/age limits, but most likely is. Of course, you won't have this coverage as long as if you bought new. You can get that for a used coach older than 5 years, but you have to pay.
cjoseph 05/08/15 07:04am Beginning RVing
RE: Apparently it's our turn! Assistance denied on the road!

Since the topic has strayed to other forms of coverage, I suggest check your insurance carrier. They often provide policy addendum that handle roadside assistance. If you bought new, the manufacturer/chassis maker may provide coverage. For instances, Ford Motor Company provides the following to me on my gas motorhome: 5-years or 60,000 miles roadside Assistance** This 24 hour, seven-days-a-week Hotline is a standard feature on all Ford Motorhome Chassis. By dialing 1-800- 444-3311, Ford Motorhome Chassis Customers also have access to: • Flat Tire Changes (No Charge with Ford) • Jump Start For A Dead Battery (No Charge with Ford) • Gasoline, If Out of Fuel (No Charge with Ford) • Vehicle Lock-Out Service (No Charge with Ford) • Towing To The Closest Dealer (No Charge with Ford) ** 5-years or 60,000 miles, whichever occurs first. See your Ford dealer for details. I have yet to call Ford's hotline, so can't comment on the quality of the service you may get.
cjoseph 05/08/15 06:57am Good Sam Roadside Assistance
RE: EZ pass

Here is another recommendation for the I Pass through Illinois. They have no annual fee, just a $10 refundable deposit on each transponder and you only need to charge $40 to your account to get started. We thought it was perfect for the sporadic use we will have. My home state wanted an annual fee, and we wouldn't even use a toll road in this state very often? Certainly not every year. Illinois gave us a blue transponder for the MH and white transponders for the 2 cars. We use a PA toll road quite often with all three vehicles. Haven't had the MH on an EZ Pass road yet. I was told to put the Jeep transponder in foil and glove box while towing to avoid extra charges. EZ Pass will count your axles and deduct the proper toll from you account.
cjoseph 05/07/15 06:51am Roads and Routes
RE: Looking for campgrounds around Grafton West VA

Thanks - Our initial focus is campgrounds in a more direct route to Grafton. Canaan Valley/Seneca Rocks area looks interesting. This is our favorite place. We prefer Canaan Valley State Park. It has full hookups. They retain some first come /first served sites. Look up the phone number for the campground and call ahead. They can give you an idea of openings. That's what we do. For a second chance, we have never had trouble getting into nearby Blackwater Falls State Park or US COE CG, Seneca Shadows -not full hook ups though. There is a private CG, Yokums, I think, in the Seneca Rocks area. We have never stayed there. Also, the state park system still has a terrible reservation setup. You send in an application in February for the dates you want. Yeah, real 21st century stuff here. You can't post mark by a certain date or they reject that application. We go looking for the first come sites with a phone call ahead before the drive up, but we are just 1 hour away. We have never had to turn around and go home, though. A new 4-lane road (US 33/Corridor H) is being built from the Virginia line near Wardensville, WV into the Davis/Thomas area. The last leg is under construction. This will better open up the area to visitors from the beltway. It will eventually be 4-lane to Elkins. That leg will make it 4-lane all the way to I-79. Lot's of beautiful places in the Monongahela National Forest. There was once a movement to make this area a National Park to no avail. That's OK with us --less competition for the trails and campsites!
cjoseph 05/01/15 07:03am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: dirty looks? no, dirty locks

You said 'PS buying more ain't gonna happen! ". Sounded like you did not like them to me I got that too. Now I understand the OP just wants to know how to properly care for these, if care is needed. I would hit them with brake cleaner and after dry, graphite but I am no expert. Hey, they are only locks. If I ruin locks, I cut them off and buy new.
cjoseph 04/28/15 07:02am Tech Issues
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