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RE: The RV Name Game or How to Traumatize Your Customer

It's a guy thing. Back in the day, many a young man lusted after a Tempest, Marauder, Eliminator, Barracuda or a Javelin, but those were cars. Personally, I wanted a Camaro. I guess I just don't want to annihilate anybody. I just want to be friends? Our RV --an Allegro. So, I want to briskly become friends? Hmm. Totally opposite of my personality. Looks like we have to trade. Now, our toad is a Wrangler. I could get into that. Getty Up! The Pilot has to go as a family vehicle? Flying lessons are too expensive. RV manufacturers are just ramping it up a bit on what the muscle car builders did. I agree the ladies can and may veto based on the name. When we were searching for a TT years ago, my wife said, "I'm sorry. I am NOT going to be seen rolling down the road with a big cat with claws jumping out of the front of my camper." I told her it matched her perfect. She is a PUMA!
cjoseph 01/16/17 10:36am General RVing Issues
RE: Amazon echo dot

I have two things I can add to all of the great post about this. We have the Echo. The voice activation is the best I have encountered of all the devices I've tried equipped with it. Alexa knows every word. My iPhone gives me fits and I speak in the same voice with the same Hillbilly accent to both. My hands free in the car --forget about it. Alexa is worth every cent just for the shopping list. We tell it to add something to the list, it goes to both phones. My wife and I both have the App on our phones. One of us buys something on the list, we check the box and it disappears on both phone's shopping list. We are almost ready to tell it to start buying stuff for us:E
cjoseph 01/14/17 11:01am General RVing Issues
RE: Traveling vs Camping

Mainly, it's our motel on wheels. We "camp" one or two weekends per year. This is usually at a state park and we do the campfire thing, hiking, star gazing and fishing. Most often a paddling trip is worked in there too. The rest of the RV time is our traveling/vacation time. This usually involves a beach trip. We only stay oceanfront on our beach trips. There are several out there. You just have to look for them and book well ahead. Our favorite is Ocean Lakes in Myrtle Beach. They allow you to reserve the actual campsite. That way, you can get one in the first row, if you like. We have been in the RV lifestyle for 10 years. Of that, we have done a non-RV trip once with family. Hated it. Well, there was a really nice ice-cream shop nearby! That helped? This upcoming summer, we will do another non-RV trip. My sister has offered for us to join them at their place in Aruba. Can't get an RV there, so we took them up on it. That will definitely cut down on our RV use this summer though. That will be our big trip for the year. Even when we did our cross county trip and visited mostly National Parks, we didn't "camp." We used the MH as more of a motel on wheels.
cjoseph 12/15/16 04:00pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Just an observation re: Ford chassis...

They only recent problems I have seen posted are: 1. The bolts on the rear sway bar brackets aren't tight enough from the factory and work loose or even fall off. If you have handling problems, check that first. 2. The brake light and ABS light come on in some of the 2016 or newer models. Ford has a TSB for a re-flash that fixes it. Other than that, like said --bullet proof.
cjoseph 11/05/16 08:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: My B and a question?

That is the epitome of a B+ It started as a van and had some box added to it. What the industry calls B+ is often just a C minus the cab over bed. Those should really be called Class C- ??
cjoseph 08/30/16 06:29pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Yeti coolers?

Make you own blocks of ice. They will last way longer than store-bought ice cubes in any cooler.
cjoseph 08/20/16 08:29am General RVing Issues
RE: question about parking/living in RV temporarily

Per diem rates average $800 to $1200 per month. Drilling has slowed but lots of pipeline work going on. The man camps are still there. I am not talking about southern WV where winter temps can be slightly more mild. I am talking about parts of WV where the weather is the same as Pittsburgh and western PA. The RVs are from the south with TX, AR and LA plates. They usually put some sort of underpin around the camper to keep the wind out from underneath. The property owners have set these man camps up specifically for the workers. These are not campgrounds. Nothing but gravel lots with hookups. Like I said, it can be done. I think the coastal effect actually provides slightly warmer winters for NJ than my area, but they are still COLD. It will cost you a lot to heat an RV. I've never asked any of the workers how much they spend on heat. I have seen 100b tanks hooked up to these RVs. It must be work to keep them warm. Another problem you would have is condensation. RVs don't have the breathing room like a house. They also have thin windows and walls, so your cold breath, and lots of it all night as you sleep, will condense on the walls and windows. I don't know how you could deal with that night after night.
cjoseph 07/29/16 07:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: question about parking/living in RV temporarily

I think it is going to be hard to pull off too. Staying warm in the winter isn't going to be your biggest problem. Here in the Marcellus Gas boom area, numerous man camps have sprung up, and many over winter in RVs without a problem. They, however, are being paid a handsome per diem from their employers and can afford to crank the propane and electric heaters. You can keep a camper warm through the winter. The question is, will you be able to afford it while using lot's of propane and/or electricity. Then, you have to heat the water line coning up from the ground with a heat tape -more electric. Work camping may be you best option. That is usually seasonal. Maybe you will find a campground owner willing to keep you hooked up as security through the winter while they snowbird? Good luck to you.
cjoseph 07/28/16 05:03pm General RVing Issues
RE: Summer camping in Florida

We are headed down to Florida for three weeks this summer. HEAT? What heat? LOL The best way to conquer the heat is to stay in the water. That is what we like to do and that is why we come to Florida! We were annual visitors to the mid-Atlantic beaches for years. Once we visited the Keys, we were hooked. Now, we are discovering many of the great beaches with that beautiful clear blue water in Florida. As far as heat goes, I can't recall much difference between coastal Florida and Myrtle Beach, for instance. Maybe I'm wrong? For now, I'm glad the snowbirds leave. Give me 10 or 15 years and that will change. I hope to be one of them!
cjoseph 05/13/16 06:12am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Satellite Dish question.

Dish pay as you go can be turned off by the day. You pay for one month and get 30 days. So, you could make that one-month fee last all year. It is much easier to do on-line than calling customer service. To take advantage of this, you have to own your own dish and receiver, and they have to be Dish compatible. If already a Dish customer at home, it is only $7 per month to activate an extra receiver that you own. It's true that it's $7 per month for extra receiver if you are already a customer but unless they have changed it, and their web site hasn't changed, if you pay month to month it's for one month. If you want to turn off you just don't pay next invoice. No way to turn on and off during the month to "save" days. Also if you do use your friends receiver you will have to take it back from time to time to have it download updates. This is from the Dish pay as you go web site: Enjoy HD TV wherever you may roam with no multi-year contract and without changing your home provider. Simply pay for only the months you use with no commitment. You can restart your service whenever you wish. The key words are "restart your service whenever you wish". If you call and stop service, you will show a credit. They will pro-rate your monthly fee. If you used 10 days, you will have a balance to your account for the equivalent of 20 days. When you restart, the same thing happens. If you used up your 20 days, your dish should stop. Sometimes, it doesn't and you get a few freebies. At this point, you will have to pay for another month and the clock starts again. Now, this is how it worked a little more than a year ago. If Dish has changed, they need to change their web site. Don't ask me why they do it. It cannot be profitable. It probably costs them more for one customer service call to do it, because the front line reps don't know the RV world. They had so many complaints from RVers about CS Rep not knowing what to do, so DISH now has a direct line for RV support. (800) 970-7959 Call it and ask them. They should give you the straight scoop.
cjoseph 05/06/16 06:29am General RVing Issues
RE: Satellite Dish question.

Dish pay as you go can be turned off by the day. You pay for one month and get 30 days. So, you could make that one-month fee last all year. It is much easier to do on-line than calling customer service. To take advantage of this, you have to own your own dish and receiver, and they have to be Dish compatible. If already a Dish customer at home, it is only $7 per month to activate an extra receiver that you own.
cjoseph 05/05/16 08:06pm General RVing Issues
RE: Downtown Atlanta GA - RV Friendly??

Throwing this out there in case you just need parking. The Georgia World Congress Center offers RV overnights for football games at the nearby stadium (Georgia Dome and its replacement under construction). The main RV lot is called the Marshaling Yard. It is used for the trucks and busses during events other than football. I don't know if they allow overnights other than football days. You could check. Also, you may be able to park the rig there, if you decide to stay with the family at the hotel. I had no problem getting my 35-footer in and out of there for the WVU/Alabama game a couple years ago. Many 45-footers pulled in while we were there, too. As already noted, some of the traffic lanes were narrow. It is doable.
cjoseph 04/09/16 11:08am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Buying a van that has been sitting for years?

Is it in California? If the van checks out OK, check with the DMV or before purchase. California and some of other states keep the tags with the vehicle for life. If the fees have not been paid, the seller may have to fork that over first. It may have to have a smog test before the seller can sell? Now, if you are going out and buying it with a clear title, you may have no problem getting it titled and registered in your name back home. This can also help you in price negotiation. If the van is in California, any local buyer will use that against the owner. An out of state buyer with the ability to get it out of there would be a dream if the fees are too high. Maybe someone on here can help you out with details. If you are taking it to another state to register, that may be OK. I know someone who bought a car that sat for a while in California and remember there were issues. Too long ago to remember details.
cjoseph 04/09/16 10:18am Tech Issues
RE: New Wrangler owner with ?'s

When we have trouble, we just put the transfer case in 4L from neutral. Seems to go in easier. When ready to pull out, we move it a few feet in 4L and shift to 2H there. Works pretty well.
cjoseph 04/03/16 05:16pm Dinghy Towing
RE: Family Vacation Out West

Those who can only travel 300-500 miles per day obviously need more time to cross the country. That's not us. Maybe you can cover more ground too? If a few of you drive the RV, you could drive just about non-stop. It will also depend upon how the entire group travels. We are fortunate that our two kids travel well and don't get frazzled. A road trip is nothing to them. We regularly make it back from Key West in 2.5 days, no sweat. Our cross-country trip this past summer: We left West Virginia on FRIDAY after work and pulled into Moab, UT in time to set up camp, take a swim, eat dinner in town and watch the sunset in Arches on MONDAY. The better half drove a little in Kansas. Other than that, it was just me. I have been able to do that all my life. I guess I missed my calling and should have become a truck driver? Once we got out "there" our pace slowed a little, I guess. Our plan was to jump around and hit the big ones: Arches, Canyonlands, Dead Horse Point SP, Capitol Reef, Bryce, Zion, Antelope Canyon, Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon on the way out. After this leg, we went to San Clemente for my Nephew's wedding over the 4th of July weekend. We managed to take in two days at Disneyland while there for the wedding though? Hey, you can't go all the way out there and not do Disneyland, right? Then we made a big circle (DW insisted the kids see Yellowstone?) (glad she did): Sequoia, Yosemite, San Fran (with Muir Woods nearby that has Redwood trees), Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore and Badlands. On the way home my 13-year-old daughter did say she couldn't wait to sleep in her nice big bed. That was the only grumpiness on the whole trip. Even our dog Ozzie was pleasant throughout. Not bad, huh? When planning all these stops we told ourselves that it was not worth one person being miserable. We promised to pull the plug and hunker down in one spot if that happened. The kids were too excited to see the next spot. We kept moving. They stamped their passports at each NP and learned a lot in the visitor centers. Then we hiked or biked to see what sights we thought were most important. We rode our bikes around the Yosemite Valley trail. My 8-year old got a 6-speed bike for Christmas in preparation for rides like this. It worked. He kept up and left us in the dust at times too?? We ate lunch out of a back pack most days but slowed down for dinner just about each night. My plan was to find CGs close to the parks but not travel up into them with the MH. We chose well-developed CGs to ensure easy in and out with level pads and full hookups. We weren't there to "camp". We were using the rig as our mobile hotel room. We towed the Jeep and used that to get into and out of the parks. We ate out a lot. I love to break out the camp stove and cook and have a fire, but we did not do that much on this trip. We had a reservation for each night once we got to Moab. We winged it on the trip out and back. We stayed in a Casino lot one night and hit a couple of rest areas too. That's the only way to make time on the crossings. We don't want to pull into CGs late when we will bother those who are relaxing. Did we see it all? No way. Did we miss a bunch? You bet. But really, unless you take a whole year or two, you are going to miss more than you see anyway. We were simply making the most of the one time we were able to do this. Most likely, we will not be able to go back with the kids. My wife can take thirty days from work no problem, but it was most likely a one shot deal for me. So, that was our one-shot cross-country adventure with the kids. The DW and I did do a similar trip by car with a tent about twenty years ago. (another story with similar itinerary). I will admit that our trip was fast paced. We knew that going in and took it on as a challenge. We did manage quite a few hikes and bike rides. We even went into Bryce Canyon on horseback (make reservations for trips like this). So, can you do something similar in 3 to 4 weeks? Be honest about the entire group's desire to go fast paced and make that decision. If you can have more trips like this in the future, I recommend breaking it up into areas and stay there longer. Maybe plan three years in a row or something like that. Redwood NP is a hike up the West coast for instance. I would recommend a straight shot out to the coast and doing Redwood and the Northwest parks one year. Then, spend a trip on the Southwest. Maybe do a Rocky Mountain/Yellowstone/Black Hills trip one year. Good Luck on your trip, whatever you decide!
cjoseph 03/07/16 07:15pm Roads and Routes
RE: WV I-77 toll road

If you are going to parts North via I-79, you can skip the last section of the turnpike. That eliminates one toll booth. Just be careful to follow the speed limit along US 19. It is a 4-lane with some stop lights but will save you some time and $2.50. Also, EZ Pass accepted and saves some time. A good roadside rest point is the New River Gorge Bridge Visitor's Center. Stop and enjoy the view.
cjoseph 03/04/16 09:16pm Roads and Routes
RE: College Graduate with savings.... Wanting to travel US!

Wife and I went cross-country with a tent, air mattress, cooler, cook stove and propane lantern in a Volvo 4-door sedan. We only had one month but squeezed every bit out of that trip. If you are going to concentrate on the wild natural USA, this plan will work really well. It will also open up your available camp spots. If you want visit cities and more historic sites that may be in urban/suburban areas, maybe not so much a good idea. A Class B (van camper) might be better for this type trip. If this is your intention, you could benefit by searching "stealth" camping.
cjoseph 02/21/16 06:04pm Travel Trailers
RE: Trying to find the right Motorhome on a budget

Maybe try this repo/auction site. They also have cargo trailers. Cranky Ape RVs I agree that with that budget, you may be better served with a truck and travel trailer. How important is the car or motorcycle? Could you give one up and keep the other as your sole secondary vehicle? The money from the sale of one could go a long way towards fuel or repairs or upgrading your rig.
cjoseph 02/15/16 09:57am Beginning RVing
RE: Key West area timing

The navy base most likely will not have anything. They allow people to move from one site to another. Very hard to get in. It was a waste of time for us to even try. Did not try at Coasties! Got into Bluewater Key without any problems. We expected to pay more then we did for week there. Bluewater key That's the first time that I've heard that. Have things changed? Maybe? I have found that some military campgrounds have "local rules" that are more than likely unofficial where things like that happen. Maybe Sigsbee has some of that going on? I have run into CGs where it appeared as though the camp host was allowing long term stays when policy forbids it? We still work, so haven't snow-birded there. We have been down in the summer and the campground had many empty spots. I have read on forums that in winter months, snow birds are sent to dry camp at Trumbo Point and rotate into the full hookups where they are allowed 14 days before they have to rotate out. If you are planning your trip for spring, maybe many of the snow birds will have left for home by then. I would call the MWR office at Sigsbee and ask. They were very helpful for me. The first year we went, I called ahead. They told me in June/July no reservation needed, just come on down. We did and it worked out fine.
cjoseph 02/15/16 09:46am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Key West area timing

Pick your season, plan accordingly. If you like hot, you can avoid the high season winter months. If you would like to warm your bones for the winter, no better place. No matter when you decide to go, the best value is the state parks, so they book early all year. If you go in the summer, availability at most CGs is much better. First thing out, you should try to reserve at any of the state parks or skip from one to another. Reservations are difficult, but you may get lucky and string a week or two together with some skipping around. The SPs book up mostly on the first day allowed to reserve, so get up early and log in right at the reservable limit. I think its 11 months out, maybe 10 -forget. Bahia Honda will be the toughest. The others are a little better. The Class B will open up more sites for you too. For instance, I am planning a 2-week trip June-July timeframe right now. Bahia Honda only has two nights available. They are non-consecutive at different sites for the period I am searching. The rest are reserved for that two-week period. We may snag one night to be able to stay over and enjoy the best beach in the Keys (Sandspur Beach) for two days. The other SPs in the Keys have many more sites available for that timeframe. We are lucky to have the Navy Base CG available to us. So, we can come and go there as we please during that time of year. Since you mentioned history, check out a possible trip to the Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson. That should make for a great day trip. We are planning that for the first time this trip. Since you don't like the nightlife, you could take in the town of Key West in a day if you'd like. The tourist stops are best done on the trolley the first time down. Then, take it from there.
cjoseph 02/13/16 06:56pm RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
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