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RE: Towing 39 ft 15.5 k with 1ton Sw diesel - Mistake ??

Beef up the .......... GVWR???And how would you do that?The whole statement was "Beef up the suspension or increase the GVWR. I was referring to that "Magic Towing Dust" that could increase magicly the GVWR and GCVWR.I know how to beef up the suspension, but beefing up the GVWR involves lots of cash and a trip to the dealer for a new truck:W
kaydeejay 07/03/15 07:10pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 30 amp to 50 amp Conversion

A 50 amp outlet really should be 40 or 50 amp service to meet NEC afaik. No safety issues and I would run it as is.OP, With the breaker the appropriate capacity for the wire size I see no issue whatsoever. Good move! My "50A" outlet is fed from a 40A breaker as I ran 8/3 wire, not 6/3. More than I need at home anyway.
kaydeejay 07/03/15 03:57pm Tech Issues
RE: Water Heater NOT working

Sounds like maybe it is still bypassed?Maybe, but then cold water would be coming out. OP says "nothing". OP, you need to check your bypass valves to make sure they are ALL in the "Summer" position.
kaydeejay 07/03/15 01:35pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 50 amp plug

No they are NOT exactly the same. Had a licensed electrician put a 30 amp RV service in a private camp site ( I even supplied the RV supply plug). I checked before plugging in and found he had wired it as a 220VAC 30amp service. Had I not checked that would have been a disaster.So far we have been discussing a 50A service, the outlet for which is IDENTICAL to a home installation (Stove etc). YOU have introduced 30A to the discussion. They ARE different and there is NO direct home equivalent. Electricians do get confused, which is why I posted that it is probably best to have a 50A outlet installed if a professional is doing it, they will probably get it right!
kaydeejay 07/03/15 01:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Towing 39 ft 15.5 k with 1ton Sw diesel - Mistake ??

Beef up the .......... GVWR???And how would you do that?
kaydeejay 07/03/15 12:20pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: 50 amp plug

This must be wired for RV's and if wired like the house circuits etc you run the risk of blowing up a bunch of 120VAC appliances. Another incorrect post! A 50A RV outlet is EXACTLY THE SAME as a 50A household outlet (stove etc). This is why it is better to have an electrician instal a 50a outlet vs a 30A RV one. Chances are they WILL get it right. To the OP, cutting your current cord where convenient and adding a plug sounds like it would work for you. The rest of your cord, with a 50A outlet on the end, then becomes an extension.
kaydeejay 07/03/15 12:14pm Tech Issues
RE: Dead batteries in 04 Duramax 3500

I'd switch the camera supply to "ignition hot" rather than "always hot". This way it will work whenever the truck is running, but no current draw when the truck is off. It will be drawing a small current all the time it is connected. Not an issue when driving but may be enough to take down your batteries in a couple of weeks when parked.
kaydeejay 07/03/15 10:52am Truck Campers
RE: Norcold Fridge not cooling

Is it not working at all? As in the freezer is not even cool(but not freezing). Total failure is less common than partial failure but your symptoms are pointing to a plugged cooling unit. Are the coils on the back of the fridge warm? If so, and no cool, you are probably looking at a new fridge or at least a replacement cooling unit. These are approx half to cost of a new fridge and CAN be a DIY project depending on your confidence level.
kaydeejay 07/02/15 10:02am General RVing Issues
RE: Refrigerator Propane vs Electric

Our first TT had a propane only fridge, when we got rid of the trailer it was nearing 20 years old, and the fridge ran just as good as the day we got the TT. We just got rid of the dam residential fridge in our current MH that was put there by the POs and I plan on running it on propane all the time. If we run out of propane it will run on 12 DC till we get refilled again. I have no intention of using 120 volts unless absolutely necessary.If this is a new fridge will it run on 12V DC only?? Most use DC for the controls but need 110V or propane for the actual cooling system. Edit - Hank MI was typing at the same time!!! But he beat me to it!
kaydeejay 07/02/15 06:27am General RVing Issues
RE: Maxxis Load D To E - Bouncy Ride

I finally understand that the data on the sidewall, something like: 80 PSI max, XXXX lbs max load" is very misleading. These two pieces of data are meant to stand separately. It is not XXXX lbs max load AT 80 PSI, it is 80 PSI max pressure at some load, and XXXX lbs max load at some pressure -- two separate and unrelated pieces of info. Sorry, not buying that. The statement "Max load xxxx lbs at xxx psi" absolutely means that the tire can support xxxx lbs at xxx psi. The xxxx lbs is the maximum the tire is rated for, xxx psi is the pressure required for the tire to carry that weight. They are VERY CLOSELY related. Read the load inflation charts. They ALL state the pressure required to support specific loads right up to their max load rating. Your discussion with Michelin got the wires crossed somewhere.
kaydeejay 07/01/15 07:46pm Travel Trailers
RE: Leak around bathroom skylight; purchase or not?

If the ceiling is soft, RUN!
kaydeejay 07/01/15 04:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Tow Haul

Contrary to popular opinion, my suggestion is to keep if off tow haul unless you are climbing or going down hill. On a flat road, there is not need for Tow Haul, which would be like driving in low gear. I have tow haul on my e450, and I only use it during those conditions. Do not, I repeat, engage Tow Haul at high speeds, because it will be like putting it into low gear at 50 miles per hour and you will get a very abrupt slow down.If putting your trans into TH at 50mph results in a rapid slow down, you have a transmission problem! If you have an E450 Motorhome, you are already well loaded before you add ANYTHING. Sorry, but I disagree with you. What does your Owner's Manual say?
kaydeejay 07/01/15 04:09pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Tow Haul

With a Moho you are HAULING all the time. Put it in TH and ferget it! It delays and sharpens the upshifts, locks the converter earlier and helps with trans temps. It WILL downshift on grades to offer you some engine braking. Assuming you have a V10, that motor is designed to rev. Your computer will make sure it doesn't over-rev. It will NOT improve fuel economy - there will be no measurable difference.
kaydeejay 07/01/15 03:10pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Applying caulking and OEM

Anybody tour a RV manufacture and notice how they put on caulking? Do they use some type of machine? I don't see how a person could get it as perfect as some look. I've looked at about every video and tips for putting the stuff on. I'm getting better but still not 100% happy with end result. If your final result looks like you used a laser or some type of pressure gun, What are your secrets?You would be amazed at how good some guys can get with a caulking gun. Ever seen a replacement window company caulk the seams after they have finished? Usually perfectly straight and even. That being said, I doubt the RV manufacturers use a caulking gun such as you or I would, it is probably a gun on a hose pressure fed from a 55 gallon barrel of the stuff.
kaydeejay 06/30/15 04:12pm Beginning RVing
RE: Maxxis Load D To E - Bouncy Ride

At 65psi the "E"s can carry the same load as the "D"s. What benefit do you think the "E"s at 80psi will give you?
kaydeejay 06/30/15 04:07pm Travel Trailers
RE: Any reason I should not rewire?

The O-N-L-Y device not to be switched off with a master disconnect is a BILGE PUMP. If your rig has a propeller then it's time to stand back and review the options.Not quite true - the trailer breakaway switch should have power at all times too.
kaydeejay 06/30/15 02:46pm Tech Issues
RE: Refridgerator / inverter ques

Recommendations Needed: I read that we should not go over the road with our montana fifth wheel, with the fridge on gas.................Where did you read that - they are WRONG. RV fridges are designed to run while on the road. Mine runs that way all the time, except when stopping for fuel. But some people prefer not to drive with propane on. If that is what you are trying to avoid, yes you CAN run your fridge from an inverter. Make sure it can handle to current draw from the fridge and the battery charge is maintained as you drive.
kaydeejay 06/30/15 02:43pm Tech Issues
RE: Water rushing out when hooking up - video

Not waiting 6 months. I have owned the camper for 6 months. July 1st to August 10 are our trips that we PLANNED 6 months ago. I have already talked to dealer and I am taking the unit to them July 6. They will take a look at it while I wait and document then I will leave it with them on August 10. Just need it back by Thanksgiving. Thanks!Sorry, I read it as going on vacation for 6 months, not a vacation that was planned six months ago:S I'm going to echo the sentiment that this needs to be dealt with by the Manufacturer. Who knows what damage/decay/mold has been going on in there while it has been wet. Certainly see what the dealer has to say as he has been pretty good so far, but unless he is going to pull roof and/or panels to check for damage he will NOT resolve the problem properly
kaydeejay 06/30/15 02:34pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Water rushing out when hooking up - video

As others have said, DO NOT wait 6 months! Any consequential damage will be YOUR responsibility.
kaydeejay 06/30/15 08:44am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Fridge plugged into 120v AC

Battery is brand new as of yesterday. I have a trickle charger in it..................Did the fridge work with the old battery? If so I vote for a reversed connection when you installed the new one.
kaydeejay 06/30/15 07:25am Tech Issues
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