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RE: VW Deisel

I think I'll wait a few more months and pick up a great deal on a new VW diesel. Good cars, great mileage. They'll fix the software and everything will be good. Reputation may take a while to fix though.There is a very good chance that "fixing" the software is going to kill the fuel economy. I guess we'll have to wait and see.My understanding is not the fuel economy so much as performance.I suspect both will be affected. Unless they are retrofitted with urea (DEF) injection, in which case performance may not be degraded. But the cost of doing that is going to be HUGE! (But a lot less than the $37,500 fine per vehicle that the EPA could assess for non-compliance!) Again, pure speculation, but I'm sure all will be revealed eventually.
kaydeejay 09/27/15 03:43pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: VW Deisel

I think I'll wait a few more months and pick up a great deal on a new VW diesel. Good cars, great mileage. They'll fix the software and everything will be good. Reputation may take a while to fix though.There is a very good chance that "fixing" the software is going to kill the fuel economy. I guess we'll have to wait and see.
kaydeejay 09/25/15 03:09pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions

Not your normal first post - wonder what prompted it?
kaydeejay 09/24/15 08:44pm Beginning RVing
RE: Help...Reese Sidewinder / Revolution or Pullrite Superglide

"do not think about sharp turns or u turn or backing up"...:h..:h 34 ft 5th. Back up with my SG regularly. If *you* have difficulty backing, find an empty parking lot and practice. .I read it that Ed9824v did not have to think before backing or a "U" turn. I don't believe he meant "don't even think about doing it"!:@
kaydeejay 08/09/15 02:28pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Help...Reese Sidewinder / Revolution or Pullrite Superglide

............................I was pretty close to pulling the trigger on the Superglide, but the one thing that concerns me is the 10 degree limitation on hitching and unhitching. My RV is 40ft and there are times where I can see needing to hitch or unhitch at a sharper angle. The sidewinder appears to be up to 90 degrees if needed. Thanks in advance for your input.That 16 degree (not 10) limitation on hitching/unhitching is a bit conservative. I have had a Superglide since 2005 and have hitched/unhitched at slightly more than 16* on a very few occasions. If you REALLY have to unhitch at a higher angle, then pulling the two pins on each side of the saddle will enable you to lift the hitch head up and out of the truck while still connected to the pin box. You can re-hitch by reversing the process, or you can pull the hitch head off your pin-box and drop it back into the saddle; replace the two side pins and re-hitch normally. It really is not a big deal. I have no experience with a Sidewinder so cannot comment.
kaydeejay 08/07/15 07:23pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Prodigy P2 Error

"We noticed today that the break-away device was dis-engaged." If your trailer was connected to the TV when the emergency pin was pulled you fed 12 volts back to the Prodigy. You may well have fried it I'm afraid.
kaydeejay 08/01/15 03:10pm Towing
RE: chevy duramax disel

............... Anthing much higher is generally considered by me as BS. B.O.My numbers for my 2005 are hand calculated and NOT BS. Ran almost 1000 miles on one 52 gallon tankful one time. You do the math!
kaydeejay 07/20/15 07:43pm Travel Trailers
RE: 2005 Silverado Duramax 2500 know problems?

The LLY in 2004/05 had overheating problems when towing heavy. It was fixable supposidly.A VERY FEW LLYs had overheat problems. GM Service records indicate fewer than 1% had the GM Service fix applied. This was to install the LBZ air cleaner (drawing cool air from under the fender instead of hot air from behind the rad) plus a reflash of the computer.) To the OP - I wouldn't worry about it!
kaydeejay 07/20/15 08:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: chevy duramax disel

Rig in sig - 12 to 13 mpg towing at 62-65mph, 19mpg empty.
kaydeejay 07/18/15 08:16pm Travel Trailers
RE: Air conditioner struggling

31C is about 80F, and the inside should be much cooler.Hey Fred, your conversions are off a little..... 31C is in fact almost 88F, but if the OP is only getting down to 77, then he still has issues. BTW, 12F is 7C, not 5.:B
kaydeejay 07/18/15 07:43pm General RVing Issues
RE: Air bags needed for GMC 3500?

I just purchased a new GMC 3500 and am wondering if I will need to install air bags to keep the rear springs from sagging when towing my fiver. It has a weight of approx 3000 lbs on the hitch. John in FlThe label on your door pillar indicates your payload (Occupant and cargo capacity should not exceed xxxx#). I would expect it to be over 4000# with your new truck, in which case you should not need to compensate for sagging.
kaydeejay 07/17/15 05:22pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Canada Hwy 407

Thanks darsben and 63-Coupe, took your advise and called. Got it reduced down to $15.00.Now that's a little more reasonable, even though it still works out at a buck a mile!
kaydeejay 07/16/15 10:36am Roads and Routes
RE: Canada Hwy 407

There's big signs all over the road and approaches to the highway that clearly state that vehicles over 5 ton RGW MUST have a transponder. You just found out what happens when you don't have a transponder.Yeah well, it's a catch-22 as you cannot get a transponder if you live outside the Province of Ontario. I've tried! IOW any non-resident with a fiver isn't supposed to use that road! And I agree, on a cost/mile basis it is one expensive toll road!
kaydeejay 07/14/15 06:29pm Roads and Routes
RE: hitch or spray liner first?

in a perfect world, is it better to have a 5'er hitch installed before or after a spray-in liner? If it matters - it would be for a BW companion hitch.My vote is for the liner spray AFTER the holes are cut but BEFORE the hitch is installed. Cut edges get sealed that way. Worked with my Superglide, but then I do not have rails bolted to the bed, my hitch sits on the pins mounted to the underbed brackets. My hitch does not touch the bed sheet metal.
kaydeejay 07/14/15 03:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Electric for air conditioning

No reason for ANY electrician to run a 4-wire cable to a 30A 3-pin receptacle under ANY circumstances so your question about what to do with the 4th wire becomes irrelevant.The other side of that coin is: There is NO reason for any electrician to be screwing around with a double ganged breaker when installing a single 120 V outlet.....no matter how many wires he intends to run to the outlet. If he doesn't KNOW about 30 amp trailer service, he should FIND OUT instead of guessing. Caveat emptor (let the buyer beware) pretty much applies here, I think. This is especially true if the owner assumes too much of the responsibility by trying to tell the electrician what to do instead of telling him what service he needs.No argument with that except it is not unreasonable to expect a licensed electrician to know what he is doing without having to be instructed. Many insurance claims have been paid on behalf of the pros who got it wrong!
kaydeejay 07/12/15 03:38pm Tech Issues
RE: towing safety

Your turn signals and brake lights will be much more noticed with the lights off.You may not have noticed, but in the last couple of years most manufacturers turn off the DRL on the side that the turn signal is operating. Brake lights have no conflict as the tail lights are not on with DRLs, only on if the driver has all the lights turned on. In my book, the big benefit of DRLs is that the drivers who refuse to turn lights on in heavy rain, mist or fog, or even at dusk, are more visible, at least from the front.
kaydeejay 07/12/15 03:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: towing safety

All the research showed it didn`t make a anyone any safer! You might want to ask the Canadians or the Swedes about that! THEIR research indicated a 30% reduction in daytime accidents involving vehicles with their lights on. Which is why it is a legal requirement in those countries for all new vehicles to have DRLs.
kaydeejay 07/11/15 07:57pm General RVing Issues
RE: Electric for air conditioning

I don't know about the incidents that you quote but as this goes along farther it gets even more unbelievable. The 30 Amp receptacle has 3 conductors, right ?? And a 220 receptacle has 4 conductors, right (hot, hot, neutral and ground) ?? If the "electrician" runs two hots (4 wires) to a 3 conductor receptacle.....where does he connect the 4th wire ??? Or which of the remaining two conductors does he connect to the one remaining lug ?? I can see a rank amateur screwing this up but not a real electrician.'Fraid not! The 30A RV receptacle and the 30A welder/dryer receptacle both have three pins. The two grounds are a different shape though. As I said earlier, the connection at the receptacle MAY be identical, it's how the wires are connected at the panel that makes the difference. 30A RV (110V) = 1 breaker, one hot, one neutral (plus ground) 30A Welder etc (220V) = double breaker, two hots, one ground. NO Neutral. No reason for ANY electrician to run a 4-wire cable to a 30A 3-pin receptacle under ANY circumstances so your question about what to do with the 4th wire becomes irrelevant.
kaydeejay 07/11/15 07:48pm Tech Issues
RE: Ford-GMC lead satisfaction study

Clicky for anyone who cares!
kaydeejay 07/10/15 06:50pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Electric for air conditioning

Why? There have; been dozens of forum members who have had 30's installed and done hundreds (or thousands) of dollars of damage to their RV when they plugged in to the wrongly wired outlet. If you really are talking about qualified electricians, I find that a bit hard to swallow. Are the connection screws NOT color coded the same as any other 3-wire 120 volt fixture ?? MANY stories on here about pro electricians who have made the 30A wired as 240 volts mistake. Wires at the RECEPTACLE are the same, it's the double pole vs single pole breaker in the panel that makes the difference. Most electricians do not know what a 30A RV receptacle is and think it should be wired the same as for a welder!
kaydeejay 07/10/15 06:47pm Tech Issues
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