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RE: need help, lost keys

Depends on how fast you want the new key. You can do a search for replacement keys on line. https://www.keylessentryremotefob.com/shop-by-car-make/chevrolet/silverado/2020-chevrolet-silverado/ https://www.amazon.com/5-Button-Compatible-2019-2020-Chevrolet-Silverado/dp/B085GM2RYD Are two I found with a quick google search on 2020 silverado replacement key
wa8yxm 12/05/21 01:01pm Tech Issues
RE: Automatic Transfer Switch

The ATS has two inputs normally marked LINE and GENERATOR Two types of ATS One is a relay race (Whatever is first is only) But I doubt that's how yours works... More likely GENERATOR controls it. If there is power on the GENERATOR input. than that is used. NOTE: DO NOT SWITCH UNDER LOAD Turn off all loads before plugging in or turn off main breaker so there is no 120 volt load when you plug in.
wa8yxm 12/04/21 04:57am Tech Issues
RE: Is travelling through the states safe re: Covid?

Traveling through. NO problem I have a friend who does it all the time Windsor to Detroit to California or there abouts and back again.. (yes he is one of those folks who can cross the border) It's when you stop and interact with others you might have issues. But Fully Vaccinated WITH BOOSTER if eligible your chances of a SERIOUS problem are low.... News tonight 87% of those in COVID-ICU.. NOT vaccinated. Other news the new Omnicom variation.... So far it's been "Mild". But it's too soon to say much about it.
wa8yxm 12/02/21 05:07pm Around the Campfire
RE: Good replacement shower valve?

You might need to make a few adaptions to use this one but... (And there are others you might not) this is a 2-hole mount You may wish to turn it upside down. and you may or not need to cross the hot and cold lines you night also wish to add a vacuum breaker (Any RV store should have one in the proper size.. 1/2") but.. It has a significant advantage. It was widely discussed in these forums a few years back. Thermostatic valve on Amazon It does the best it can to deliver a consistent shower temperature so long as you don't run out of hot water.
wa8yxm 12/01/21 04:02pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trouble finding alcohol free RV antifreeze this season?

Three words Inflammable Flamabble Combustable The first is very easy to ignite (Gasoline Propane vapor) Color code for storage is RED The next can be set aflame but not as easily. Color code used to be Green but I heard they changed it to something else (Yellow I think But I don't use it so...) Diesel fuel. The third (Think wood) is harder still to burn but can burn, NOTE: many products are mislabeled to the point where I looked up the definitions before posting this ... I know Gasoline is more dangerous than Diesel in terms of ignition and diesel more than wood (less it is soaked with something higher up the flammability chart) But It's been a long time since I paid attention to the definitions of the words. Or rather it was a long time till I started this post :)
wa8yxm 12/01/21 04:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Trouble finding alcohol free RV antifreeze this season?

What is your objection to alcohol based other than alcohol in a non pressurized system can evaporate and leave you unprotected (Takes time however) Suggestion The Best RV antifreeze I've ever used is air. Yup Air. I hooked up the old huffer puffer (Actually I sould not say that as that's an actual brand and I used a Crafstman) set the regulator to about 50 PSI and used a blow out adapter. Opened every valve and blew out the lines.. Then cycled the Ice maker manually to drain that line, Flushed toilets to drain those lines and blew again, and blew again.. Eventually I was getting no more water (About 10 blows) and then I put pink stuff in the drains and toilets I had an at-home sewer connection so I dumped and then added a bit more pink to protect the dump vlves With two toilets. 3 laves and a sink I used about 2 gallons of pink. Next spring... Instead of having to get all that nasty pink out of the fresh water system..... Well let's just say that was NOT a problem... and as for the pink in the drains. not a problem either.
wa8yxm 12/01/21 04:59am General RVing Issues
RE: Data packages

We have the FMCA Data package for $49a month with no throttling. It is on the T-Mobile network and we have gone from New England to Texas with no issues. We stream our TV's with it and they always work. I had that before the rig was totaled... Though my route was different. Same advice. Very good plan.
wa8yxm 11/29/21 04:57pm Technology Corner
RE: Better handling

What I did with my Workhorse was both a stabilizer (Today I'd likely go with the Safe-T-Steer with the optional remote adjuster. back then only Blue Ox had a remote adjuster. And a Trac Bar What's a Trac Bar (Also known as pan-hard bar) As you know the springs allow the axle to move up/down relative to the body (or the other way around) But LEAF springs (Common on Motor homes) also allow some side to side movement.. So if the front moves say to the right as the rear to the left... You think you are headed into the ditch and thus adjust.. then they swap and you think you are headed into the oncoming lane (2-lane) or the other lane (4-or more lane) and you adjust, then they swap and you .. Well that's where we started .. So you are actually weaving down the road. but not the way you think. The Trac Bar LOCKS the body, side to side, over the axle so this simply does NOT happen... two of them (Front and rear) stop "Wag" 100 Percent one is often enough (Was for me) how much difference Trip Detroit to Las Vegas in 2006 (jan) was a relief to park RV and drive towed 2nd trip. Nov same year.. That towed (Same towed) Was much harder to drive when I got there. Way way harder (Same towed exactly I'd gotten used to the RV)
wa8yxm 11/28/21 03:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Vacuum issues

I agree pull the hose at the motor and see if you have suction there. if not it's internal to the "Box" (inlet screen) And the comment about the bag... Now I do not think central vacs in RV's have those (I think they just blow it to the ground) but.... THINK means it's possible I'm mistaken. At 20 years might be a toasted motor too.
wa8yxm 11/28/21 03:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Cause and effect?

Reading this thread I nominate the "Excess flow" Feature for best answser. Did not think of that but the new coupler may have a flow limiter. Generators such BIG TIME.
wa8yxm 11/28/21 07:43am General RVing Issues
RE: House Battery

I am thinking of getting 2 Group 27 battery, instead of 1 group 31. Does that make sense? NO Two Group 27 is about 200 amp horus and perhaps 50 usable If you're only getting 50 AH out of a 200 AH battery bank, you're doing something seriously wrong. The life expectancy of a decent Group 27 deep-cycle battery doesn't really start falling off until you're regularly discharging it beyond 80 percent. This includes good-quality trolling motor batteries. For a 90 AH Group 27 battery, an 80 percent discharge would yield 72 AH - or 144 AH for a pair of them. Compare that to a single 115 AH Group 31 deep-cycle battery - which would supply 92 AH when discharged 80 percent. 144 AH is more than 92 AH. While your math is good your assumption is not You do not discharge MARINE/deep cycle to 80% discharge You want them 75-80% FULL. this gives you only at most 25% of the capacity to use.... With full Starting batteries the minimum is 80% State of CHARGE or 20% of capacity and you really should not go that low DEEP CYCLE like Golf Car batteries can go to 50% and LI to about 5% (or less) but most of your 12 volt GROUP XX types should be kept to 75% or more STATE OF CHARGE. not discharge but CHARGE. The other thing is with Lead Acids voltage reduces with state of charge. With LI types... not so much...(I have a small LI I use for a radio. it hangs in there till it is gone and that radio really likes over 13 volts (does not work well on 12.6)
wa8yxm 11/28/21 07:41am General RVing Issues
RE: Slide shaft ripping bracket Weld?

The best advice I've seen comes in parts in this case. 1: Disconnect battery negative cables before doing anything else (Both main (Chassis) and aux (house) on a motor home 2 If there are electronics NEAR where you are welding.. Unplug and remove be sure to mark so you put 'em back properly 3: Make sure you have a SOLID chassis ground on the welder lead No paint. NO rust. Bare shiney metal Finally: Standard precautions taken any time you weld on my rig I had a bracket break as well however it was removable so they welded up the new one on a bench then bolted it back in place WAY better than the oem .
wa8yxm 11/28/21 07:36am Tech Issues
RE: Personal self recording camera?

Most cell phones these days include a video recorder... Slip the phone in your shirt pocket. Job done
wa8yxm 11/28/21 07:31am Technology Corner
RE: Ford Pass app

People are always afraid of Tracking stuff... I mean "They put tracking chips in the vaccine" (No. they do not and even if they did they would not work). You are tracked constantly... the Phone is tracked, Your credit cards. Modern cars (On Guard in the case of Ford) and more.. Everywhere you go a person in the know can find you.... True story: Got a BOL (Be On Lookout what Hollywerid means when they say "All Points Bulletin) (All points is every police agancy in North america and Interpol, BOL is regional) for a Stolen Cadillac Escalade.. Read it a couple of times, spoke with my Sgt. Sent the entering agency a message that included a phone number... The entering agency called On Star (GM's answer to On Guard or is it the other way around) and 15 minutes later Troopers were on their way to the Vehicle to recover it. Now days even Chevy's come with On-Star and I assume fords with On Guard.
wa8yxm 11/28/21 07:30am Technology Corner
RE: House Battery

I am thinking of getting 2 Group 27 battery, instead of 1 group 31. Does that make sense? NO Two Group 27 is about 200 amp horus and perhaps 50 usable Two GC-2 is 210-230 amp hours. a bit taller but not as wide and you can use fully half of that power without seriously harming the batteries. Nearly twice the power.. but less price.. Only you do need to add distilled water from time to time. That is,,,, unless you can find TRUE DEEP CYCLE Group 27s. (they do exist but hard to find and often expensive) GC-2's are a bit taller. you might need a different battery box but that's one time. Consider them.. Another thing. battery weight = Capacity that is the heavier the more power it holds.. Battery TYPE (Starting, MARINE/deep cycle or True DEEP CYCLE) how much of that power you can use (MARINE/Deep cycle Sometimes called RV/deep cycle or MARINE/RV are really starting batteries first and deep cycle.. not so much) True Deep cycle you can use half the stored power before rapid aging sets in and .... What's more... they stand a better chance of recovery from an OH C**P level discharge (So long as you don't leave 'em there for days on end) Starting batteries general do not recover from that kind of thing
wa8yxm 11/27/21 03:47pm General RVing Issues
RE: ASME propane tank leak

Ok.. I'm kind of caviler when it comes to dealing with propane.. I grew up with it, 100 LB bottles.. I've used either propane or natural gas nearly all my life. I"m trained in a lot of areas that are somewhat related... And studied engineering.... And in this case *I* Would Seek Professional Help. Odds are you are not going to pay all that much for the pro to fix it and the job will be done right and may well last 10-20-30-40 years or more.
wa8yxm 11/26/21 03:53pm General RVing Issues
RE: Portable battery Charger

I would suggest using a "Smart" type charger (I used a Deltran Battery Tender 2/20/70 amp model (20 was for battery charging then it dropped to tender) you do need to monitor it as it will not return to "Charge" automatically.. 70 is for jump starting and did not work well for me). The most likely "worst case".. one of the chargers may refuse to go into "Battery charge" because it senses the other charger and thinks "Batteries full" Other worst case.. already covered above.
wa8yxm 11/26/21 04:55am Tech Issues
RE: Multimeter recommendation?

I have made my own test lights. You get an automotive lamp socket with leads (some have one lead and ground through the case you want one with LEADS a "Blade" type socket is good) Get the matching lamp Solder an extension lead on one side this is the probe lead (how to make probe in a bit) The other lead gets the clip To make the probe A short (Say 8") length of wood dowell A nail say a 10 penny. Solder the wire to the nail about half way down. Drive the nail into the dowel Grind the head off the nail and sharpen to a point Optional cover the dowel with HEAT SHRINK tubing holding the wire to the side of the dowel and shrink it down. I used a license plate lamp.
wa8yxm 11/26/21 04:51am Tech Issues
RE: Multimeter recommendation?

There are many meters that will do most of what you are able to use starting at around 5.00 at harbor freight... NOW.. These measure AC and DC current usually up to around 10 amps. AC and DC voltage.. Most are peak reading meters on AC then multiply by Square Root(2)/2 (.707) to give you RMS voltage... This is good so long as it's a clean sine wave... More expensive meters actually do the math and compute the RMS.. but you do not often need that (if you get strange voltage readings on a MSW inverter... that's when you need the better meter. about the only time) More expensive meters add Frequency (Useful) Temperature probes. (Usefull but less so) and other features (Ability to test some components, measure capacitors and such). Then there are clamp on ammeters. These often can read up to 400 amps on the clamps (you do not need to insert them in the curcuit just clamp it over say a battery cable.. Most of these the clamp only does AC. came in handy to figure out what was going on with an Air Conditioner (20 amp range) Some can do both AC and DC on the clamp (mine) It cost about 65 bucks and is a Craftsman model. The "Gold Standards" are Simpson and Fluke. But again you don't need that good. (just the carry case for a fluke is almost what I paid for my crafstman and it has no electronics.. Just plastic) I've got meters up to around 250 dollars list... But Electronics is .. My hobby. (Among other entries I'm a certified electronics technician and extra class ham radio operator) Actually other than ruggedness the 5-10 dollar Horrible Freight does over 90% of what I need.... If I were working in the field. (Not a shop) it is likely what I'd take in my tool box... I mean.. if it gets lost stolenm stepped on.. no great loss.
wa8yxm 11/25/21 03:34pm Tech Issues
RE: bad luck for this family

Regarding cupbords and refrigerator/freezer doors... Make sure they are firmly latched and consider a retainer strap of some kind for the fridge/freezer. On my rig I ran a cargo strap from a cupbord door (Washer/dryer cabinet only I did not have those so it was the pantry) across the front of the fridge to insure it stayed closed. Doors either got hook & Eye locks or tied closed or for a couple cupboard I used hinges. Took the pin out and put em on the moving edge of the door. Pinned those doors stayed CLOSED no question about it.
wa8yxm 11/24/21 03:42pm General RVing Issues
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