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Mayor of Flat Rock

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Posted: 07/30/05 09:41am Link  |  Print  |  Notify Moderator

OK, per Joe’s (growler67) suggestion, we started a thread back in July of 2005 for Truck Camper Project Ideas. It has grown to include lots of helpfull information.

I stay pretty busy, so if anyone has a thread they want to add to the list, just send the address to the thread to me (BradW) in a PM and I will add it.

Just remember, every thread can't be added, so a nominated thread may not make it. But the goal here is to capture links to the really helpfull info before they fade away into cyberspace.

Thanks to all who have contributed!

Also, don't forget the Frequently Asked Truck Camper Questions Thread - See Section 24

Camper Interior:

Privacy Curtain Instalation (Spott)

Cabover Air Circulating Fans (Spott)

Sliding Dinette Table Lock (Spott)

Pass Thru Window (playj9)

Insulation Project 1 (playj9)

Insulation Project 2 (playj9)

Bathroom Heat (playj9)

Basement Mods 1 (btggraphix)

Basement Mods 2 (btggraphix)

HVAC Duct Issues (btggraphix)

Shower Valve (fast.5)

Dump Valve Replacement

Hold-Opens For Camper Storage Doors & Lids (Spott)

Homemade Sky Light (Spott)

Frig Reair and Fan Upgrade(bbnate804)

Water Heater Drain Mod and Bathroom Soap Holder (Spott)

Bigfoot Pantry Mod For Canned Food Storage (tightline_101)

Dinette Replacement with Sofa (gsutton)

AF990 Seat Mod for More Interior Storage (FF1063)

LCD TV Installation (Spott)

Carpet and New Drawer for Northern Lite (Spott)

Shower Curtain/Door Mod (Spott)

Shower Screen (jjinatx)

Maglite Storage (DakotaCamper)

Table Pedestal (Rays Popup Projects - rlchenry)

TV / DVD System (Rays Popup Projects - rlchenry)

Couch Installation in AF1140DB (jimandsue60)

Camper Exterior:

Lance Cabover Rebuild - Rotted Wood - Part 1 (88lover)

Lance Cabover Rebuild - Rotted Wood - Part 2 (88lover)

Lance Cabover Rebuild - Rotted Wood - Part 3 (88lover)

Lance 1161 Slide-Out/Structure Sag Repair (paperclip)

Lance 1161 Slide Sag Fix $17 (sleepy)

Lance Rot Repair (Lance Noob)

TC Entry Door Window Update (KKELLER14K)

Analouge to Digital TV Converter Install (wsdepa)

Entrance Window Repair (c.traveler2)

Compartment door vent cover project (Spott)

Insulating Exterior Camper Compartment Doors (Spott)

Ladder Repair (Spott)

Lance Camper Wing Dry Rot (Eric)

Low Pressure Camper Leak Test (joec)

Lance Sealant / Caulk (Wasatch Lance)

Lance Caulk (wsdepa)

Clear Window Glass Retrofit (Spott)

Outside Shower Mod (Spott)

Compartment Drain (ogrer)

Side Awning Project (Stretch67)

Roof Rack and Kayak Roller (Rays Popup Projects - rlchenry)

Camper Back Up Camera Install (BlueBehemoth)

Repairing Filon (silversand)

Camper Entrance Ramp (Ibeme)

Camper Sealants (sleepy)

Camper Structural Wall Repair (2nakiller)

Replacement Rubber Camper Bumpers (luv2skyski)

Rotted Camper Wing Repair

Recalking Your Camper and Removing Old Calk (traxtermax)

Storage Compartment Mod (Spott)

Camper Steps, Porches and Bumpers:

Truck Camper / Trailer Steps

Bumper Steps (AKSledhead)

Combination Porch, Steps and Generator (Steve Curet)

Back Porches & Steps (1)

Back Porches & Steps (2)

Back Porches & Steps (3)

Back Paorches & Steps (4)

Another Rear Deck w/Steps (5) (Popkorn)

Expanded Rear Bumper and Steps (6) (Surfrat)

Hitch-Haul / Extension and Custom Steps (7) (Stretch67)

Northernlite Bumper Mod (Spott)

Free Standing TC Porch

Camper Electrical:

Inverter PSW system installation (Sleepy)

Heavy Gauge Charging System (Mathew_B)

Solar Panel Install on Camper Luggage Rack (sleepy)

Northern Lite Power Cord Upgrade (Spott)

Dual Battery Mod (SoCalDesertRider)

LED Lights (sleepy)

RV Battery Solenoid Installation (BCSierra)

Back-Up Camera Install (BlueBehemoth)

A/C Units and Generator Combinations That Work

Honda Honda EU2000i Carb Job (AISURFFISH)

Honda EU2000i Starting Problems

Honda Generator Hour Meter (Spott)

Another Meter Panel Project (Spott)

Homebuilt Sliding Dual Battery Tray (INSAYN)

Magnetek Converter/Charger Bolt-In Replacement from Progressive Dynamics

Magnetek 12V Converter Replacement with PD9140 and Charge Wizard

Magnetek Coverter/Charger Replacement (1)

Magnetek Coverter/Charger Replacement (2)

Lance Camper/Truck Bed Plug Wiring (1)

Bed Plug Wiring (2)

Electrical System (Rays Popup Projects - rlchenry)

Camper Bateries

CB Antenna Mounted on Camper (infamousterry2)

Another CB Antenna Thread (Spott)

Camper Heat & Air Conditioning:

Fans to Circulate Heat to Basement (Spott)

How to Remove a Camper A/C Unit (Spott)

Camper A/C (1)

Camper A/C (2) (Windwalker55)

Camper A/C (3) (Windwalker55)

Mini Air Conditioner (Rays Popup Projects - rlchenry)

A/C Units and Generator Combinations That Work

Polar Cub and EU2000i Honda Generator (msiminoff)

Polar Cub and Honda EU2000i

A/C and Honda EU2000i Generator (xp8103)

Camper Loading / Jacks / Hauling / Tiedowns:

Truck Camper Center of Gravity (CG)

Dodge Trucks and Truck Campers

Fifth Wheel Hitch Rails & Truck Camper (NRALIFR)

Happijac Lubrication (KKELLER14K)

Truck Capacity - Truck Camper Weight Certificates

Home Made Tie Downs (SoCalDesertRider)

OEM Camper Jacks

Camper Loading Alignment Guide Rods (D.U.H) (FarcticOx)

Camper Loading String Alignment Guide (Heavy_Hauler)

Tork Lift Tie Down Install on 2007 Dodge (CumminsDriver)

Ford Truck Camper Payload Information (GFritsch)

Camper Centering Guides (1) (Spott)

Camper Centering Guides (2) (ogrer)

Camper Centering Guides (3) (radarcody)

Camper Centering Guides (4) (Crumm)

Real World Truck/Camper Weights (Left_Coast*9)

Home Built Tie Downs (Spott)

Happijac Tie-Down Install on 2006 F-350

SuperDuty Cab Lights Clearance (Steve Curet)

Happijac Drill Adapter

Adjusting Happijac Tiedowns (Hoko)

Tips on Loading a Truck Camper

Camper Loading on a Slope (1)

Camper Loading on a Slope (2)

Camper Jack Spacers - SRW

Towing / Extended Hitches:

Truck Camper Hitch Survey (woodrow)

Towing a Vehicle Behind a Truck Camper (jgorm)

F-350 Front Hitch Install (Spott)

Reese 2-1/2" Tow Beast Hitch Install - 2006 Ford Dually

Torklift Super Hitch Install - 2006 Dodge Dually (kwinterb)

Bodiak Front Hitch Installion (kwinterb)

Hitch Extension >> Added Rear Axle Load

Hitch Extensions (2)

Towing Another Vehicle

Hitch Extension Photos

Front Bumper Hitch - F350 (Mighty Thor)

Super Hitch Extension Mod (Spott)

Truck Suspension:

Weight Calculator Spreadsheet (kohldad)

Roadmaster Sway Bar Install on a Ford (Moomba2002)

Roadmaster Sway Bar Install on a Dodge (pjay9)

GM Stable Lift Intall (woodrow)

TorkLift Stable Loads (C TRAM)

Ford Factory Overload Spring Bumper Extension (Crumm)

Timbren Install on 1/2 Ton Chevy (1) (B-n-B)

Timbrens Overload Springs/Bumpers (2)

Timbren Install on a 2006 F-350 DRW 4X4 (3)

Truck/Truck Camper Suspension Terms (dalej)

Approximating Truck/TC Vertical CG (dhackney)

Rancho 9000 Shock Settings 91) (leighc)

Rancho 9000 Shocks (2) (Surferkim)

Rancho 9000 Install on a 2006 F-350 DRW 4X4 (3)

Rancho 9000 Adjuster Knob Problems (littlebigbar)

Rancho 9000 Adjuster Knob Photos

Super Springs Brand Overload Springs

Dodge Overload Springs

Broken Air Bag Frame Bracket Bolts (EdFil)

Air Bag Valve Location (1) (Chewyj)

Air Bag Valve Location (2)

Airbag Pressure (tri5ron)

Airlift Airbag Failure (brain)

Fixing Leaking Firestone Airbag Fittings (jgorm)

Airbag Issues (Kober)

Air Bag Pressure

Ride-Rite Airbags (2Gordons)

Tires & Wheels:

Torklift Based Mud Flaps (Adub)

Wide Rims vs Narrow Rims

F-350 - 33" E-Rated Tire Upgrade (SoCalDesertRider)

Tire Pressure (HaulinFun)

Toyo Tires (ScottCO)

285/75R16E & 70R17E Tires - 3,750 lb (SlideInDad)

Airing Up Dually Tires (1)

Airing Up Dually Tires (2)

Goodyear Tire Inflation Chart

19.5" Wheels - Pros & Cons (1)

19.5" Wheels & Tires (2)

19.5" Wheels & Tires (3) (luv2skyski)

19.5" Wheels & Tires (4) (tahoe2006)

Truck - SRW or DRW:

SRW or DRW? (1) (woodhog)

SRW or DRW? (2) (DmaxCamper)

SRW or DRW? (3)

SRW or DRW? (4) (ktmrdr85)

SRW or DRW (5)

Truck - Other:

Truck Mud Flaps (Spott)

GPS Bracket (Spott)

Real World Truck & Camper Weights (Left_coast*9)

Ford Heated Seat Switch Location (Spott)

Lifted Trucks and TC's

The Cost of Outfitting a TC Hauling Truck

Real World Ford V10 w/TC Mileage (jgaylor)

Dodge Headlight Adjustment

F-250 vs F-350 SRW Trucks

Ordering a New Truck

$etting Up a New Camper Hauling Truck

Sprayed In Bed Liners

Truck Back Seat Storage Mod

TC Hauling Trucks - 2WD or 4WD

Truck Camper Reviews:

Host Everest Photos (Mooney}

Eagle Cap 1160 Photos (gm412)

Lance 861 Review (SlideInDad)

Lance 8CSC - 2007 (#20 Home Depot)

Lance 1181 - 2007 (Heavy_Hauler)

Member's Project Pages:

AnEv942's Camper Projects

Luv2skyski's Truck Camper Projects

Mathew_B's Truck Camper Projects (1)

Mathew_B's Truck Camper Projects (2)

JoeChiOhki's Truck Camper Projects

Camper Project Page (Netboy)

Camper Mods (mjgcamper)

Rexford's Projects (rexford)


Lance Owners Manuals On-Line

Truck Campers on Goose Neck Trailers 1

Truck Campers on Goose Neck Trailers 2 (Stouttrout)

Truck Campers on Goose Neck Trailers - Tie Downs

Motorcycle Carrier (SoCalDesertRider)

Pet Ramps for Your TC (misskate)

Towing Your Broke Truck and Camper (BradW)

Rinsing the Black Tank (Spott)

Winter Mods (hoondoog)

RV Service Reviews (dalej)

Hard Side TC vs SoftSide TC - Pros and Cons

Truck Campers on Half-Ton Trucks (gbutala)

Truck Camper on a Flat Bed Truck (Downrivers)

Leasons Learned for Newbie Truck Camper Owners (orourkmw)

Supporting Your Camper While Off the Truck

Inexpensive Roof Rack (c.traveler2)

Camper Dolly (1) (Eric&Lisa)

Camper Dolly (2) (Spott)

Camper Dolly (3) (rjlein)

Accepting the Advice of a TC Salesman? (northernbnd)

Misc NL 10-2000 Projects W/Photos (Spott)

NL - Battery box leak repair, door upgrade & sliding trays (Spott)

Rear Hitch Rack / Camp Table (INSAYN)

Shell Camper Top One-Man Lift (Steve Curet)

20 lb Horizontal Propane Tanks

12V Air Compressors

Dog Ramp / Steps (armpics)

Camper Struts (saileyboy)

Camper & Vehicle Acronyms (Spott)

Off-Truck Camper Storage Trailer (Prominion)

Wind Deflector Project

7 Gallow Water Jug With 12 Volt Pump

Low Overhead Clearance Obstructions to Look Out For

Aluminum or Wood Camper Frames

Truck Camper Insurance

Printable RV.net Window Sign (woodworker414)

Truck Camper Forum Old Timers (Dually)

Truck Leveling Ramps

Truck Cabp Storage Mods W/Dog Ramp

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Wake Up America
2019 Lance 1062 and 2018 F-350 CC PSD 4X4 DRW
Tembrens, Rear Roadmaster Sway Bar, Torklift 48" Extention and 30K Superhitch
Our New Lance 1062 Truck Camper Unloading at Dealer Photos

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