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RE: Solar Wiring Question

The inverter pos and neg is connected to the batteries via the Buss. The chassis neg is connected to the Buss.
1L243 10/09/21 09:56pm Tech Issues
Solar Wiring Question

When I installed my 500 watt panel, 2000 watt inverter, 340ah solar system it was a learning process. I have a 35 foot bumper pull Toy Hauler. My four 12 volt deep cycle batteries are on the trailer A frame which was designed as a generator rack. My inverter, charge controller fuses and switches are installed in the pass through storage just behind the battery bank. I ran 4.0 wire from the inverter to the the batteries. My plan at initial install was to install positive and negative Buss bars in the battery box. along with the battery monitor shunt. After I installed all the wires reality set in that I did not have room for the buss bars, so I elected not to put them in. This meant that the the main pos/neg battery terminals and load side of the shunt got very crowded. I used the system this way this season when dry camping for two weeks all worked as it should. But when I got home I decided to rip all the wiring out of the battery box and rewire with the pos/neg buss bars and shunt moved into the storage area with the inverter and charge controller. It also allowed me to install a breaker protected fuse block for all the peripheral add on I have installed. Now after a very long update my question. My 4.0 inverter cable runs from the inverter to the battery through the buss bars BUT my chassis ground which runs from the frame of the trailer to the neg buss bar is only 2AWG. Should the chassis ground be 4.0 wire ? https://i.imgur.com/CqvsZOy.jpg height=380 width=640
1L243 10/09/21 06:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Replacement Water Pump

I should have explained better. We were recently Boondocking 100 miles from the nearest store that would carry a water pump. As you know when dry camping your in a pickle without water. If you do little to know dry camping I would not see a need to carry a spare. Water pumps vary in output and sound was just looking for experienced comments.
1L243 10/07/21 08:35am Tech Issues
Replacement Water Pump

I'm going to carry a replacement water pump as a spare. I'm interested in max flow and quiet operation. Any recommendations?
1L243 10/06/21 07:53pm Tech Issues
RE: Progressive Dynamics Wizard Pendant

Yeah I hit float mode this morning! It only took 3 days!!!
1L243 09/24/21 12:25pm Tech Issues
RE: Progressive Dynamics Wizard Pendant

I just got off the phone with BestCoverter and their theory is there can be no load on the system for 30 to 40 hours like a light and maybe even a parasitic load like 4 watts for the Wizard to go into storage mode. I guess Will see over time it it ever reaches storage mode.
1L243 09/23/21 10:45am Tech Issues
RE: Progressive Dynamics Wizard Pendant

I just read specification on the interweb about the 9260C that did not come with the Converter and it said "Storage mode: once the battery reaches full charge and remains unused for 30 hours, this mode maintains a lower voltage to compensate for self discharge. This reduces battery stress and minimizes gassing and water loss" I guess it depends on what unused means?
1L243 09/23/21 09:59am Tech Issues
RE: Progressive Dynamics Wizard Pendant

I just checked the battery monitor and it said the batteries were at 100% they were receiving a .53 of a amp charge at 13.6 volts with a 6 watt load. At the same time the Wizard Pendant was flashing in Normal mode. It's been about 35 hours since I installed the converter and the trailer has been plugged into shore power during that time. 13.6V at .53A is 7.2W, 6W is going to your "load" and 1.2W is going to your batteries which covers self discharge. That 6W load may be enough to prevent the Charge Wizard from dropping to storage mode (13.2V). I would suggest removing all loads then try again. 6W load may be "phantom" loads from the stereo memory, fridge control board, water heater control board (DSI), propane detector and if equipped propane shut of solenoid controlled by propane detector. My RV has no stereo, no fridge with electronic control board and has a manual pilot light water heater.. My PD pendant has no issue dropping to storage mode and the pair of 6V GC batteries use less than 20 oz of water per yr.. I agree they are phantom loads that I cant do anything about they will always be there. What I see on the monitor is a load of 6 watts but a positive rate of charge of half and amp. The monitor screen also pulsates when it's receiving a charge so you can tell at a glance what it's doing and it is pulsating.
1L243 09/23/21 09:55am Tech Issues
RE: Progressive Dynamics Wizard Pendant

You keep saying that your battery monitor shows 100% full, but don't post voltages. I am assuming that you are talking about the idiot lights on the RV wall. That light will show 100% charge anytime the voltage at the battery (note that I did not say OF the battery) is 12.7v or 12.8v, or somewhere in that area. Since the absolute LOWEST voltage your PD will output is 13.2v, that idiot light will ALWAYS show 100% charged while plugged in. It is responding to the PD's voltage, not the battery's voltage. That is a totally meaningless reading. If you want that idiot light to have at least SOME meaning, unplug the RV from shore power and let it sit for a day for the battery's surface charge to dissipate. Then, and ONLY then, will that idiot light have any POSSIBLE meaning. But, it will still be only a vague indication. No I have a shunted battery monitor that shows battery rate of charge and discharge.. I shows load amp hours and battery charge percentage. The only idiot light im tring to figure out is the Converters Wizard Pendant. Which has to be plugged into shore power for it to work.
1L243 09/23/21 09:40am Tech Issues
RE: Progressive Dynamics Wizard Pendant

What kind of battery monitor. The standard indicator on the wall of most RV's will always show "Full up" when plugged in, any "Volt meter" type indicator shows full up when plugged into shore power. The current may also be different than what you think it is . Give the Wiz at least a day to charge than read it. worked fine on mine. I have a shunted battery monitor it shows power coming and going amp hours and percentage of charge. I also tested the voltage at the battery 13.6 volts but that is controlled by the converter while its plugged into shore power.
1L243 09/23/21 09:36am Tech Issues
RE: Progressive Dynamics Wizard Pendant

I just checked the battery monitor and it said the batteries were at 100% they were receiving a .53 of a amp charge at 13.6 volts with a 6 watt load. At the same time the Wizard Pendant was flashing in Normal mode. It's been about 35 hours since I installed the converter and the trailer has been plugged into shore power during that time.
1L243 09/23/21 12:36am Tech Issues
Progressive Dynamics Wizard Pendant

I just installed the Progressive Dynamics 9260C converter. It comes with the Wizard Pendant that is suppose to show the state of charge by flashing at certain intervals. The install went fine but a little confused on how the pendant is suppose to work. My batteries showed that they were fully charged by last night after being plugged into the new converter for several hours. According to my battery monitor the batteries were only taking in .53 of a amp. That should be Float or storage mode and the Wizard should be blinking every 5 seconds or so. BUT it's not it blinking every other second like in Normal mode. If I use the manual override button to put it in float mode it eventually will go back to normal mode? Either it's taking much longer to reach float mode or the Pendant is not working right or it's operator error Any thoughts
1L243 09/22/21 08:52pm Tech Issues
Mini Split AC

I have watched a couple of youtube videos of Mini Split ACs in a RV. The advantage is way more quiet, less power to operate and cheaper. The problem is where to put the compressor box. I don't know nothing about AC units and you will tell from my question. I was thinking if you could mount the compressor horizontally (flat) It would open many more options like under the RV. Is that possible?
1L243 09/22/21 10:58am Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2000i generator amps surging up and down

Interesting factoid. When I drew the batts down to 73% and plugged in the converter started to cycle. I left it unplugged and checked it again a few times and it still was cycling. I decided to leave it plugged in for a while even though it is cycling it's still charging a little at a time. I checked it an hour later and the batts now up to 83% and the converter was charging as it should and no longer cycling. Maybe it's when the converter is charging at it's highest rate of charge is when the problem occurs? Regardless I think I will be going with the Progressive Dynamics 9260c. Now I just have to figure where I'm going to get it.from.
1L243 09/12/21 11:59am Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2000i generator amps surging up and down

There is no load except for the charging it's self. Im ready to throw a new converter at it just to see if it works.
1L243 09/11/21 02:33pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2000i generator amps surging up and down

Checked at power distribution panel and the voltage is going up and down a few 10ths of a volt as the converter cycles up and down. Plus the fan goes on and off as the cycle starts at high amps and then goes off as it gets to low amps. Over and over and over I see Go Power makes a converter smart charger that will fit in the same place as the WFCO charger. Any reocomendations?
1L243 09/11/21 10:21am Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2000i generator amps surging up and down

I lowered the batteries to 73%. Then I let them rest for an hour and plugged into 110. And the cycling returned. I let it sit for 3 hours just in case there was a heat issue and still cycling. I tested the battery voltage at the batteries at the same time the battery monitor shows cycling between 44 to .02 amps and the batteries go up and down a few 10ths of a volt at the same time as the cycling?? Clue?? I think my only choice at this point is to replace the Converter with a new one. Should I go with a direct WFCO 8955 replacement or should I go with a after market?
1L243 09/10/21 10:50pm Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2000i generator amps surging up and down

Sure sounds like you have a restable breaker that is sometimes installed on rv's/campers. It is on the line from the Converter to the batteries. Your converter is putting out enough amps to trip the breaker.. Your solar for most installs bypasses that breaker, depends on how it was installed. Jim I replaced all the re settable breakers with manual ones a few months ago. All is still working as it should. Im going to drain the system down to 80% again to make sure all is still good.
1L243 09/10/21 09:59am Tech Issues
RE: Honda 2000i generator amps surging up and down

I have been home from my 2 weeks off grid camping to Wyoming for about a week now. When I was off grid the cycling of the volt meter had stopped the next day and started working properly. I did not know why. I only had Solar and generator. When we left our dry camping spot and got to our next location which had hookups my batteries were fully charged when we arrived from the solar and they remained that way till we got home so I did not notice anymore cycling. When I got home the trailer sat for about a week and I thought I would lower the batteries down to 80% and see what happens. Yep, the cycling in the battery monitor was cycling again. I checked connections all was good, battery acid levels were at the top. I noticed on my trip that the 30amp shore power plug, the wire was exposed at the bottom of the plug? The plug is molded to the battery cable. So, today I decided to replace the plug. After replacing the plug the voltage cycling stopped and the battery monitor worked as it should? Do you think it could have been a defective plug all along? Now the next problem.. My battery monitor is shunted. Why was it showing lower voltage in relation to battery percentage. I fully charged the batteries to 100% and reset the battery monitor. After a few hours the monitor continued to read 100% but voltage level was at 12.45v That was not right. I have four batteries 12v Lead acid batteries in my bank. The battery monitor was wired to battery #3. I moved the monitor leads to battery #1. Battery #1 Is the battery that has all the positive leads from trailer and solar. The monitor started reading the correct voltage? 12.85v. The batteries are wired in parallel and I tested voltage at each battery and as you would expect all read 12.85v. I have no explanation for why the monitor read a lower voltage when connected to battery #3? But for now, all is working as it should????
1L243 09/08/21 03:30pm Tech Issues
RE: Tire Failure

" Les Schwab's ST tire is a Tow Star E rated tire Yes they have a china stamp on them." SAD you didn't get to the GY dealer. So your spare tire wouldn't have gotten you an additional 155 miles and saved your self more tire issues in the future? 4PM on a Friday I was happy LS was able to get me in and they were just 20 miles away. Plus I was thinking I have three more of those tires on the Trailer. I may not even have this trailer in two years if they last that long fine if not I will replace them when I'm not stuck between a rock and a hard place. I read a atricle recently there they were shooting down all ST tires no matter where they were made and going with a LT truck tire?
1L243 09/08/21 10:38am General RVing Issues
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