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RE: Run on gas

They are trucking fuel east for now. A truck load leaves an East Texas terminal every 30 seconds but they are not sure if that will keep up with demand. Fuel will cost more in the affected areas until the pipe is flowing again and everything stabilizes.
2112 05/10/21 09:19pm Roads and Routes
RE: advisability to turn off battery periodically

I had the same issue with my WFCO. I never saw float or bulk, just a constant 13.6V. It would sit plugged in for weeks with nothing but the fridge on AC and the CO detector powered and still wouldn't drop to 13.2V. I built a low side switch using an AVR controller and a 90A MOSFET to connect the battery for 1 hour every 5 days. The MOSFET reverse diode allows the battery to be used if the converter loses power. It has a button to charge for 4 hours and reset the 5 day timer if needed. I remove the switch while traveling.
2112 05/07/21 03:24am Tech Issues
RE: Charging LFP battery from AC-DC unit

When charging directly from Meanwell and voltage got stuck at 14.15, it was directly on Meanwell output terminals. I installed a small meter on the Meanwell. Not at the end of a long wire to battery.Ah, got it. That's within the power supplies 1% tolerance. Heating up the components will cause drift as well.
2112 05/05/21 06:03pm Tech Issues
RE: Charging LFP battery from AC-DC unit

Yea, I tried to dig up Landyachts screwy31 thread but couldn't find it. I recall him using a 30A Megawatt as well as a lesser quality unit that smoked.
2112 05/05/21 10:04am Tech Issues
RE: Charging LFP battery from AC-DC unit

Set Meanwell to 14.2V, connected LFP. Voltage went up quickly to 14.1, then slowly climbed to 14.15 and refused to go any higher for a couple of hours. There is current flowing through your cables between the power supply and the battery creating a 0.05V drop across the cables. The higher the current the higher this voltage across the cables will be. This is known as IR. Your Meanwell doesn't have sense lines so you will have to accept this. Meanie got hot, I stopped the charging, disconnected LFP, set Meanie to 14.23, connected LFP. In a couple of hours voltage went up to 14.19 and didn't go any higher. Disconnected again. You need to put a fan on it. Set Meanie to 14.22, connected LFP. Voltage immediately jumped to 13.8 and was going 13.8-14.05 for half an hour (this up and down didn't look normal to me),then settled at 13.95. Meanie got really, really hot, was giving off a smell and making a quiet high-pitched buzz - not an alarm buzzer, but I got the message and disconnected it. My guess is it's going into thermal protection. It overheated, turned the output off, battery voltage dropped to 13.8V, it cooled down, turned output back on and battery voltage climbed back to 14.05V. If you were measuring the current you would have seen it go to 0A then back to 14+A with the voltage changes.You really need to put a fan on the power supply. Connected Meanie to solar controller input and LFP to controller output. Voltage under charging 13.1, controller output 11A. After a few hours voltage climbed to 13.4, current dropped to 10A. Now everything goes as it should. This is limiting the power supply current output, creating a very slow charge profile. Your power supply is happy with this, but is your battery? Your 14A Meanie is a little underrated for the task. Are you getting the proper charge profile to protect your $800 investment? Wire a 120V fan or 2 on the power supply input and use them to cool the power supply. I wouldn't wire 12VDC fans on the output because you need every mA you can get to charge the battery.
2112 05/05/21 04:08am Tech Issues
RE: How to boost charge AGM batteries in storage?

I wonder what bobbolotune took away from all this. Maybe he'll come back and tell us what converter is installed in his TC. Or maybe he ran away pulling his hair out, never to be seen again!
2112 04/29/21 09:16am Tech Issues
RE: How to boost charge AGM batteries in storage?

"While in storage, batteries should be boost charged every 90 days or when open circuit voltage drops to 12.5 volts for a 12 volt battery. Boost charge batteries using a constant voltage charger set to 14.4 to 15.0 volts for a 12 volt battery. 12.5V is 80% SOC. According to the Trojan document you provided, the rate of charge drops off from 20% at 80% and quickly drops below 10%. Why do you insist he needs something to provide 20%? 14.6V @ 10A meets his needs
2112 04/28/21 07:19pm Tech Issues
RE: How to boost charge AGM batteries in storage?

OP, the NOCO Genius 10 will do what you want. You just want to top off your battery at 14.6V while in storage. That NOCO is ideal for the job. Be careful or these guys will be selling you on a nuclear reactor. Or, instead of the smart- ass comments, you could read the actual Lifeline AGM manual! :( If you choose to disregard their manual for their batteries, that is your privilege.I read OPs original post. Is he not looking for something to provide a constant 14+V to occasionally top off his battery while in storage? I re-read his original post. Nowhere did he ask about solar
2112 04/28/21 06:52pm Tech Issues
RE: How to boost charge AGM batteries in storage?

OP, the NOCO Genius 10 will do what you want. You just want to top off your battery at 14.6V while in storage. That NOCO is ideal for the job. Be careful or these guys will be selling you on a nuclear reactor.
2112 04/28/21 06:07pm Tech Issues
RE: How to boost charge AGM batteries in storage?

You can buy an adjustable power supply like THIS and a pair of CABLES from Amazon. Adjust it to 14.4V. You could wire in an amp meter but I don't see it necessary. Leave it on for a few hours and call it a day. If you don't mind dropping about $60 on a power supply buy a Meanwell or Megewatt brand for the reliability. On Edit: After looking through the cables offered on Amazon, I wouldn't buy any of that junk. Buy some good jumper cables and cut off one end. Or buy some quality cable and clamps and build your own. Build it for continuous 30A to be save.
2112 04/28/21 06:58am Tech Issues
RE: Houston toll roads

The tolls have been unmanned for a year. We just drive through the EZTag lanes expecting a bill. Haven't seen one yet. I might get that scary bill someday.
2112 04/28/21 05:19am Roads and Routes
RE: Opinions on lightweight portable inverter/generators

Call Westinghouse and Harbor Freight to see if you can get parts specific to that model or if they have an authorized service center near you. Then call Champion. You'll want the Champion.
2112 04/27/21 04:30am Truck Campers
RE: Newby Satellite Questions

I've been using the 211 with a basic dish for several years and an quite pleased.
2112 04/26/21 01:09pm Technology Corner
RE: El Paso, TX

.... You can get shot in either one, take your pick. LMAO Welcome to Texas
2112 04/24/21 06:03am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Opinion on knock-off batteries for laptop...?

I don't have an opinion on no name replacement batteries but I'll chime in on what I found helps them last longer. Don't think it should always be fully recharged. I use to think I should always recharge it to 100% after each use, or just leave it plugged into the charger. My Sony's original battery lasted maybe 2 years. While researching if this is expected, I read about laptop battery care. I changed my habit to only recharge when it gets down to 10%. Then only charge it up to about 80% and not let it live on the charger. 6 years later my Sony brand replacement is still going strong. YMMV
2112 04/24/21 03:59am Technology Corner
RE: Engine idle surges up and down when stopping at lights

Do come back and let us know what solved this problem.
2112 04/24/21 03:04am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Recommendation on 2nd AC

I'm partial to Coleman. Either a Mach 1 11Kbtu or Mach 3 13.5K non ducted would work. The Dometic we have now sounds like we are standing in a wind tunnel. Our previous 35' Outback TT had an 11K in the bedroom and it worked well for us. We set the fan to be always on so the fan cycling didn't wake us up. Is your TT 30A or 50A service? If it's 30A, you can run only one at a time unless you wire it to be able to use an additional pedestal outlet. We could run only one or the other in ours.
2112 04/23/21 06:37am Travel Trailers
RE: 0020102 generac 4800 choke problem/water heater

Is this your manual? https://www.generac.com/service-support/product-support-lookup/product-manuals?modelNo=0020102&lang=es-mx?lang=es-mx Automatic choke section starts on page 7
2112 04/23/21 04:42am Tech Issues
RE: Significant impact on RVing!!

Because people over 65 are sometimes financially stressed for funds and a little special offer is appreciated. It gets them off the couch and into nature. They have earned a little respect and this is a great way for their nation to show it. Nobody owes you, me or anyone else anything except our SS. We all took our turn rolling the dice. Don't get me wrong. I'll take advantage of a senior discount whenever and wherever it's offered, but it's not owed to me or I have somehow earned it. It's a gift. What freedom are you losing? Regulating access is not a loss of freedom. In this case it has become a necessity.
2112 04/16/21 08:00pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Engine idle surges up and down when stopping at lights

My 1988 Explorer did this and the cause was a cracked intake manifold. It was sucking unmetered air.
2112 04/16/21 06:52pm Class A Motorhomes
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