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RE: Converted to Lithium-Ion be careful.

By design LiFePo4 has a relatively benign chemistry, via less energy density...
3 tons 09/13/19 06:42pm Truck Campers
RE: Aluminum pre-installed solar wire

Are you sure it isn't tinned copper? X2, especially if it is multi-strand...
3 tons 09/08/19 01:19pm Truck Campers
RE: Travel Trailer blocking RF (Garage Door Opener)

My evening LED outdoor landscaping lighting is not well shielded so emits lots of RF which reeks havoc with my garage door opener...
3 tons 09/08/19 01:08pm Tech Issues
RE: Low temperature LI battery

3 tons, I read some where (didn't bookmark it) that Tesla "fails" about 1/3 of the batteries they produce. I'm guessing those don't get thrown away..... After some extensive LiFePO4 single 12v 100a trials (value brand) on my neighbor’s camper, I must concede that the results were pretty impressive, even running his 11kbtu air cond for about 1 hr (compressor cycling - 9 LRA starts, rated at 6.8 run amps, 34 min of comp run time...fan = 2.2 amps on low) from 100% down to 13% SOC without even a hitch...No difficulties with BMS...And this was before we installed 400w solar... Though I’m not quite ready to replace my two 2 yr old Costco GC’s, I’m now kind’a a convert to Li as my next replacement...Though a bit costlier, Trojan appears to have top notch QC for their trillium Li cells...
3 tons 09/03/19 06:05pm Tech Issues
RE: Low temperature LI battery

Theres starting to come to the market a few ‘value branded’ LiFePO4 12v 100amp batteries, one that I’m aware of that has a ten year limited warranty...My guess is that the individual cells are merely generic and bought in bulk from some unknown supplier with unknown quality specs....So, who can really say the true origin or the uniform methods specified for each individual cell, or the final assembly or of the BMS, and how should one expect a little known vendor to still be around in say 10 years time?? In my view, paying a little more money for a major reputable brand name is moola well spent...
3 tons 09/03/19 03:26pm Tech Issues
RE: Blue Tec Fluid

What I believe he means is that pre-DEF Diesels that had DPF’s used massive amounts of EGR to control the combustion temperature. EGR works, but it sure comes at a heavy price in added problems and reduced reliability. I’ll be glad when EGR goes away entirely. :):) Yep, lots of recycled exhaust soot to plug up emission components and contaminate crankcase oil..Strategy was to reduce NOx by reducing peak combustion temps - DEF is a far better way to go...
3 tons 09/01/19 12:02pm Tech Issues
RE: Blue Tec Fluid

From my perspective what makes it worth it is that DEF treats the majority of NOx chemically rather than mechanically by punting to under hood emissions components, thereby reducing engine soot. -------------------------------------------------------- Not sure what punting means off the football field. I am a retired Environmental Chemist with 32 years experience. In the place I worked we bought 50% DEF by the tank truck load weekly. It works by decomposing to Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide gas when heated. The Ammonia reacts with a catalyst and with the NOx to form Nitrogen gas and water. End of problem. Yep, you just validated my point of ‘chemically treating’ - a far better option than relying strictly on (punting to) previous strategies...End of (NOx) problem...
3 tons 09/01/19 11:57am Tech Issues
RE: Blue Tec Fluid

They require Diesel Emission Fluid aka DEF which is 30% Urea. One company has branded their stuff: BlueDEF but I never noticed that it was blue, and it is the most expensive. It does come in a blue box. And lastly it is no different than the generic DEF like Walmart's or the stuff sold at some truck stops. Buying the cheap stuff costs $6-7/2.5 gallons and will last thousands of miles. The extra cost is minimal, a few cents a mile. Worth it to reduce NOx emissions which are a major contributer to smog. From my perspective what makes it worth it is that DEF treats the majority of NOx chemically rather than mechanically by punting to under hood emissions components, thereby reducing engine soot.
3 tons 09/01/19 10:02am Tech Issues
RE: New Coach Batteries

Hi 2oldman, A role in WKRP in Cincinnati. He was the advertising sales manager. One of his fund raising efforts involved throwing turkeys out of a plane. He genuinely thought turkeys could fly. Who is Herb Tarlek? I’m afraid he’s now hold up with John Galt...Others soon to follow...
3 tons 08/30/19 04:49pm Tech Issues
RE: Crispy Camper

For anyone to set their own RV on fire, they MUST be mentally unstable. Glad no one was hurt. I've seen a couple RV fires in the past, one a TT the other a 5er, and yes... they do go up in flames very fast. I wonder how the aluminum framed and Styrofoam filled wall campers do when a fire breaks out? (For anyone to set their own RV on fire), ‘they MUST be mentally unstable’. Sadly, it seems like there’s an awful lot of that going around...
3 tons 08/29/19 02:31pm Truck Campers
RE: Microwave for Truck Camper..

For a OEM factory look, I did this: https://www.trimkitsusa.com/
3 tons 08/29/19 02:27pm Truck Campers
RE: what to do if you have a leak?

First, Go to harbor freight and get this: https://www.harborfreight.com/search?q=moisture%20meter Second, open up a baggage door (that communicates with the camper's interior) and cut to fit a cardboard insert with a cutout in the center and duct tape into place...Position a powerful leaf blower (or two) on a ladder and insert nozzle through cutout opening... Third, duct tape closed sink drains and basement heating duct and air return where applicable...Make sure all vents and windows are tightly closed... Next, Start leaf blower to pressurize camper’s interior and using a spray bottle mixture of soapy water, spray all seams and look for bubbles... Note: While at it, check tail lights and jack mounts and all appurtenances.. This method is usually successful but may be a bit problematic where roof insulation is comprised of ‘tightly fitting’ styrofoam blocks - in this scenario it ‘may’ be difficult for the pressure to communicate through the blocking to certain roof seams.
3 tons 08/25/19 07:27pm Truck Campers
RE: Yet another "Is this generator a good one" thread

Parallel at your own peril.
3 tons 08/23/19 09:39pm Tech Issues
RE: Will GFCI work with items without equipment ground

The GFI doesn’t rely on a ground, instead it will interrupt power where only a small potential exist between the hot and neutral sides of the receptacle... What exactly does that mean ? A GFCI detects a DIFFERENCE in current flow between the hot and neutral wires. That is, all the current going IN is not coming back OUT on the neutral like it should.....but presumably is finding it's own ground elsewhere. So....operation with a 2 wire device is a bit iffy. If the bowl of water it was dropped into is not grounded, then the detector likely wouldn't trip until a persons hand supplied a foreign ground....and maybe not then. It’s kinda amusing that nearly whatever someone says, one can reliably predict that it’ll be ardently challenged! - lol
3 tons 08/20/19 04:06pm Tech Issues
RE: EC 1160 &1165 and Host Mam & Everest AND Lance 1172

It’s not clear to me that EC is still using Azdel...
3 tons 08/20/19 02:02pm Truck Campers
RE: Will GFCI work with items without equipment ground

The GFI doesn’t rely on a ground, instead it will interrupt power where only a small potential exist between the hot and neutral sides of the receptacle...This is why they are sometimes so dang fussy...
3 tons 08/20/19 01:54pm Tech Issues
RE: Eagle cap 1160 & Lance 1172 owners....

I think that the biggest boogieman on the Schwintek was due to improper or near lack of installation training...At this point (post initial growing pains) they are pretty RV ubiquitous and likely with few concerns...
3 tons 08/14/19 03:22pm Truck Campers
RE: LiFePO4 drop in's are they really a drop in?

Note that what I’ve been referring to in my previous is charging with a ‘single stage’ PD Li charger... So I did some more testing (as to my initial inquiry) and have these findings: It now appears that the batt resting voltage is around 13.5v, though I’m not exactly sure what the trigger voltage is for the PD (??)... Whatever the PD trigger voltage, when the single stage PD charger kicks in, it puts out 14.4v which is enough pressure (voltage) to force the current into the Li for charging...Once the batt rises to about the 14.4v (charging voltage), the PD shuts down and then over a short period of time (?) the battery slowly drops to it’s resting voltage of about 13.5v...And this is true for the Zamp PWM solar charge controller (set to Li mode) as well...At least that is the best that I can determine, and this seems to make sense - thus, it appears that the BMS mostly guards against extreme operating parameters...JMHO 3 tons
3 tons 08/11/19 04:52pm Tech Issues
RE: LiFePO4 drop in's are they really a drop in?

Something to remember is that the bms (battery management system) of the dropin is the last line of protection for the battery (over/ under voltage, temperature) which should shut the batteries down protecting the cells. Having programmable charging sources that quit charging or go to float is the first line of protection. Correct if your are storing for longer periods of time you should store at 50% +/-, disconnecting the charging sources. So (post charging) when the battery falls to its resting voltage, what prevents a dedicated single stage Li charger from immediately kicking in again??... It’s not clear to me - I have not been able to determine this issue, and doubt that by design that the BMS is the supposed gate-keeper...
3 tons 08/11/19 01:20pm Tech Issues
RE: LiFePO4 drop in's are they really a drop in?

What I’ve yet to figure out is when using say a Progressive Dynamics Li Charger (charges at a straight, single stage 14.4v), once the Li has been fully charged then drops to it’s resting voltage (of say 13.x volts), what prevents the charger from immediately kicking in again - or put another way, what triggers the charger to switch ON??...Its not clear to me that the BMS prevents this from occurring, and it’s also known that Li’s should not be stored long term at a full SOC - 50% is a better way to go...
3 tons 08/11/19 12:29pm Tech Issues
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