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RE: Ford recall

The info is always in the news for both manufacturer's mandated recalls and also for other manufacturer's recalls etc also. However, as usual, one brand's Fanboys only post anything that occurs which can be thought of as negative about another vehicle brand but never the same info about their Fanboy brand. Must be that the actual truth and facts hurts them to the bone! Some people are beyond help and being truthful and fair minded, and it shows so vividly over and over and has for eons... A simple search of Recall and issue topics over the last year: Ford issues - started by Ram owners: Ford recall Recall alert Recall on 37,000 2015 Ford F-150 trucks. Buying a 2015 Ford F150? Get the Supercrew. 2015 F-150 Recall and 2015 Colorado/Canyon Recall Ram issues - started by Ford owners: Ram owners check your nuts! Another recall RAM recall: Airbags Deploy if Door Slams Shut Uh Oh...GM now Chrysler Chrysler vehicles can be hacked Recall on RAM EcoDiesel 2014-2015 Ram issues - started by GM owners: Ram truck buy back Ram issues - started by Ram owners: Dodge recall notice Enough with the recalls Third Gen Ram owners caution 2013-14 Ram Recalls Now for the "rest of the story" Airbag Recall Ford issues - started by Ford owners: Ford injector pump failure GM issues - started by GM owners Recall for 2015 Silverdo This Just In...... GM issues - started by Ram owners Researcher says can hack GM's OnStar app Not comprehensive (it's possible I've missed topics that didn't include "recall" in them, or didn't get mean), and doesn't include all the bashing that has infected many, many other threads. But it seems there are TWO primary players, mostly evenly matched. So maybe (myself included), we can all just agree to get along? LOL He'll find a way around fact's. That's what myopic people do :B
45Ricochet 04/29/16 11:39am Tow Vehicles
RE: Differential fluid thoughts/recommendations...

Synthetic 75w-90 in the rear is OE. Some are using 75w-140 due to high temps. 75w-90 in the front. That's what I ran also, I believe the manual mentions the 75-140 for towing heavy.
45Ricochet 04/29/16 11:26am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2014 RAM 2500 6.4 burning through tires

Different animal but my 06 Ram with the Cummins would round over front end tires on both inside and outsides. Lot of mountain driving though.
45Ricochet 04/26/16 09:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking for opinions from diesel experts!

The Navistar in either the 6.0 or 6.4 version were terrible engines for anyone that had a problem with them, kind of like the old GM before Isuzu. Lots of places to find out about the problems of the engines if you look, remember all people have opinions. Issues with the DEF is it is temperature sensitive and deteriorates in temps above 85 degrees. Cummins attempt without DEF cost them mileage per gallon which has increased with the use of DEF in the newer engines. X2 Navistar just leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Yes most likely Ford engineers were to blame for the 6 doh and 6.4 issues but none the less Navistar was the engine builder. And a non DEF engine trying to keep up with the EPA will be a problem child. Don't matter the brand, it will clog up in time.
45Ricochet 04/25/16 10:22pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Time for a new Truck

They are all pretty nice these days, which ever one fits your butt the best would be a place to start. Of course exterior looks is different for folks so pick out what YOU think is good looking. I believe Ford has a new platform for the 2017 MY due out this summer. Might wait till both 2016 and 2017's are on the lot for a discounted 2016 price. I wouldn't rule out Rams either, 6.4 Hemi is very strong along with legendary Cummins powered trucks.
45Ricochet 04/25/16 08:32pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2016 GMC Canyon Duramax MPG Test

It was one of the slowest rigs that the TFL Truck crew had tested, but if mileage is the priority, this looks like the rig. If you gotta have a diesel midsize, this is the truck for you. Personally, 185hp in a nearly full sized truck ain't my cup of tea. Neither is a $45 K midsize truck. That diesel will never pay for itself, ever, and bad seats are unforgivable. I will give you one thing. At least you are consistent in your hatred of diesels..... As a manager who runs part of a business, there is no "business case" for these machines. If you want a small truck that runs low rpm, well that it is. But it is nothing resembling economic, or a good value. And to be clear, I don't like slow, over-priced, or uncomfortable vehicles, I don't care if it has a nuclear reactor powering it, a gimmick is a gimmick. LOL You proved his point IMO. You hate diesels. Now how about starting up a railroad business. What would you use Donald? What about UPS? What about the food you get at the grocery store? I suppose they all arrive with a gasser? I give up the debate with the brainless folks. You win :(
45Ricochet 04/24/16 09:19pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Beware Fleetwood

The seats in our 2014 Tiffin started pealing but i dont blame Tiffin and in fact bought a new one. And i will still vote for Trump. Fleetwood makes a Trump model? :B
45Ricochet 04/24/16 11:47am Class A Motorhomes
RE: I am a grandpa!

Congrats Best part about being grandparents is it's part time fun.
45Ricochet 04/22/16 04:47pm Around the Campfire
RE: Dodge Ram 5th wheel.

Congrats on the soon to be new Ram in your driveway! Lol Did you make it home ok with your rig? Hope so. I'm looking right now Grit dog. We got home without a hitch. Thanks You mean you you left the RV there and drove home unloaded? or back home without a problem :B I'd go with the B&W with the long bed. Glad your home
45Ricochet 04/22/16 04:41pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ordered new Ram truck

Yes. I wanted Alcoa's. Well I bet they are made in Mexico :W Just filling in for the sick kid :W who missed world news.
45Ricochet 04/21/16 09:26pm Tow Vehicles
RE: NEWMAR DUTCHSTAR 43 footer question

Here is a link about it. Just me but I'd go with the 2017 with the bigger rated front axle. LINK
45Ricochet 04/21/16 10:00am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2016 GMC Canyon Duramax MPG Test

Well it's got my V6 305 HP beat in mileage by about 7-8 miles per gallon. Nice little trucks thou if that's all you need. Great behind the MH, great in the garage. I still don't like the mirrors and the front spoiler is to low for some parking lot curbs. Just put the topper on yesterday, dog is happy. I really think Ford and Ram are missing the boat in this arena. OBTW ours cost about $13k less than his price quote. But ours is a pretty plain Jane model but it is 4x4.
45Ricochet 04/20/16 08:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Blue OX Customer Service - Is this Fair ?

Roadmaster is not the answer they're neither better or worse. Something happened to damage the Adventa. You may not even know what happened but it happened. Those of us who use Blue Ox bars have had very good success. I've many years of towing on an Adventa. I suggest you replace it, and try to fully understand what may have happened. I agree with this. It would be interesting to know what happened. X3 These tow bars don't just bend without some kind of force. Having said that I have heard of BO refusing warranty without a braking device. I've also heard them asking about angle when towing and with the bags dumped for overnight without unhooking. Heck BO might have even figured out one of the bars didn't lock in correctly because some prankster pushed the release bar while you were eating lunch. Anyway OP good luck with Blue Ox
45Ricochet 04/20/16 07:38pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Dennis Dillion Dodge

I don't think I've ever bought from a dealership without having to deal with some of this kind of stuff - security etching, free key replacement program, upholstery protection/repair program, gap insurance, etc. They all do it. They only mentioned one item when we got the Canyon at Dave Smith, that was the GM extended warranty.
45Ricochet 04/20/16 03:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2015 Cadillac Escalade Review

Did BIL have flood insurance on it :( It sounded bad on the news Troy. Hope everything is good and dry for you.
45Ricochet 04/19/16 08:10pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 6.4 2nd UPDATE

Good luck getting it home. I'm pulling for your OP. Once upon a time Ricatic found a dealer who didn't seem to helpful as to his problem with a 2011 6.7 BIG problem. The dealer ended up black balling Ricatic which voided his warranty period. He was out like 10-12k dollars for the repair. Just a side note, he (Ricatic) bled blue on several boards. His wife even worked for the blue oval in Michigan no less :E So much for loyalty... more so after it's on your dime. Again good luck getting it home. At least the weather is better for travel. On edit this was just the start of his battle with Ford if your having trouble sleeping tonight :W CLICKY
45Ricochet 04/19/16 07:51pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2017 Ram 1500 Ecodiesel HD

At some point your going to need more HP and torque to justify more gears IMO. With out more power you're still going to be hanging out in a lower gear even on freeway overpasses :E It don't take much of a hill for the Canyon to downshift but the overall mileage is more than I expected with the OD's. 23-24 but it goes way up when being towed :W
45Ricochet 04/19/16 07:38pm Tow Vehicles
RE: 2014 Ram Mega Cab - Towing Capacity Help

If I was comfortable with axle ratings and I went with the mfg rear weight listing of 3120 and the axles are rated at 6500 I would essentially have 3380 lbs to spare with cargo and all? Correct? I'd prefer to find some Cat Scales to verify. So the Sandpiper I listed has a hitch weight of 1865, assuming another 800 for the family, hitch, and some gear I'd be at 2665 and have 715lbs to spare. Still to much? That is really common on this site with a 25 series truck. Fudging the numbers if needed :W Now a 35 series group will mention they are within GVWR and the duallies will still pull and hold ANY weight :B
45Ricochet 04/19/16 07:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Lenght of RV and trailer

Many states have 60' and 65' length limits.....couple of feet over goes unnoticed 10'-15' over..that's tough for a LEO to NOT notice That could easily be 'leave trailer here' and come get it with a proper length set up PLUS here's your Ticket OK is 70' length Towing Info When you are legal in your home state, you are legal in all states. I believe you're referring to reciprocity between the states, but that concept only applies to licensing, not equipment. Got a reference for that ? Tom your top speed limit in Wash with a tow is what 75? Try doing 75 in California with a tow :W
45Ricochet 04/19/16 10:20am Class A Motorhomes
RE: 2014 Ram Mega Cab - Towing Capacity Help

I find it hard to believe that a 2500 only has 400lbs more payload than a Canyon. But if your mind is set on that 5er I'd be looking at a dually OP. You'll get use to finding parking spaces where you will fit. That pin weight is going to be well north of 3k. And the dually will be so much more stable in high winds or mountain driving with the RV.
45Ricochet 04/19/16 10:12am Tow Vehicles
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