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RE: RVs over 10 years old are valueless

RVs over 10 years old are valuelessWow, and to think my RV was 12 years old when I bought it! I guess they saw me coming, since it was basically "valueless"!
4x4van 12/02/21 01:36pm General RVing Issues
RE: Question about tires..smell? Temp?

2 quick thoughts; based on your weight ticket, you have only 660 lbs available on the rear axle; if you added the bike after that ticket, then your axle IS overloaded. Also, is that 80-82 psi that you referred to the cold pressure (before driving), or is that the pressure after driving and when the tires were hot?
4x4van 10/05/21 02:10pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: Regular Microwaves vs RV Microwaves

My kitchen microwave does not have convection like the one in the MH. Is/could that be the difference in prices?Combo microwave/convection ovens are certainly more expensive than microwave (only) ovens. But I do think that part of the cost difference is that they are marketed "for" RVs.
4x4van 08/25/21 04:49pm Beginning RVing
RE: 30 amp plug assistance needed

This plus this will work.
4x4van 08/24/21 04:53pm Tech Issues
Umbilical cord markers/reminders

I've been RVing for about 35 years now, and like most of us, I have a routine for packing up. Usually it works well, but as most of you can relate to, if something happens that disrupts that routine, things can get overlooked. Last year, I was nearly done packing up when my son-in-law asked me to help him with his WDH. That's all it took to disrupt me, and I hopped in my RV (after helping him) and pulled out...still plugged in to the power pedestal. But I've come up with a great backup that has been working well for me. I purchased a package of "Slap Bracelets" on Amazon for about $7. I then used a P-Touch label machine to label them; Water, Sewer, Elec, TV Ant. These are stored on their respective units (i.e. the ELEC is attached to the cord end, the WATER attached to the city water inlet, etc). When I hook anything up, I take that slap bracelet and put it on my wrist. Once fully set up, I take them all off my wrist and put them on my steering wheel. Now, when packing up, I will put each of those back on their respective units as I disconnect each. If any are still left on the steering wheel or wrist when I get ready to leave...I know that I am still attached to something. Just thought I'd share.
4x4van 08/24/21 04:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Regular Microwaves vs RV Microwaves

There is more than just the microwave's size and venting to look at. Many (most?) RV microwaves incorporate a stove hood/vent & light as well into the bottom, for the gas range below. If yours does, then any replacement should be built-in model designed to go above the stove and include those features. Some do, So do some residential models.. same same I just went residential microwave shopping so I got to see some. One difference (Well two) is that the range hood is 120 vac on the residential models and 12VDC on the RV types.. But the microwave is the same. (Change the fan motor and the light bulb to convert).Actually, the range hood/light on my microwave was indeed 120VAC, even though it was the original microwave that came in the motorhome. :S
4x4van 08/24/21 04:17pm Beginning RVing
RE: Regular Microwaves vs RV Microwaves

We need to replace or fix our Dometic CDMW12B microwave. The number pad does not work. Have you found any unit that will fit the braces top and bottom? If anyone has done this, please help!The display was bad on the Sharp microwave in our '04 Itasca when we purchased it. I was able to find the display board part number on an online appliance repair site, and then found the unit on eBay for less than $25. Took about 20 minutes to install, without ever having to remove the microwave from it's mounting. Try this as a starting point:
4x4van 08/24/21 12:38pm Beginning RVing
RE: Ramp door patio DIY. Whose done it?

I just use a couple of jack stands under the corners of the ramp.
4x4van 08/24/21 12:27pm Toy Haulers
RE: Bubbles on the side of his RV

Without pictures of exactly what the OP is talking about, everything offered here is just WAG's.
4x4van 08/24/21 11:05am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Oregon State Parks Fire/open flame ban!

So why the thread?..:h Ummm...maybe to just make people aware before they head out? Why the angst?
4x4van 08/18/21 02:01pm General RVing Issues
RE: Oregon State Parks Fire/open flame ban!

Not sure I understand the ban on propane firepits. What the difference between a propane firepit and a propane stove/grille? Well because many don't think when using Fire pits. A stove or grill the flame is mostly enclosed, and maybe a couple inches in diameter. With a fire pit the pit is 18" to 24" across and I have seen flames about 18" tall! All it takes is a dry leaf to blow through that flame to start a fire. I watched a guy in 84 degree weather at 11pm with a flame more than needed in 10 to 15 mph winds, really!No cure for stupid, I guess. Sadly, the rest of us suffer.
4x4van 08/10/21 12:38pm General RVing Issues
RE: Leveling Jack Pads/Slide Out Supports

If your RV lowers for any reason; leaking leveling jacks, leaking tire, jack sinking into ground...then the slideout supports WILL do major damage to the slide. NEVER use slideout supports. As for jack pads; depends on the circumstances, but never a bad thing.
4x4van 08/06/21 12:36pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: On street parking problems Portland

Isn't Oregon where that bunch of criminals took over a few city blocks awhile back and the police, government, has done nothing? That was in Seattle CHOP, they tried it in Portland, but right outside the mayor’s condo, so it was squashed quickly. Those that are street park their RVs would be better acceptable if they were clean and didn’t have a ton of trash around their RV. Lawmakers have for years passed laws and rules that have enabled drug abuse. Then last election a law was passed that decriminalized the use and possession of small quantities of illegal drugs! I will never understand the logic of that!I was particularly interested in the dude that said he collects his waste (black water) in buckets, and then drives them to a dumpster somewhere!!!! So he admits to dumping human waste in a dumpster? THIS is why these people get no respect. Every place that they congregate eventually turns into a complete dump, health hazard, fire hazard, eyesore. Have you ever seen a homeless encampment that was well kept up and clean? Neither have I. Where I live, the city used grants and tax dollars to set up a fenced area with 20 8'x8' shelters, complete with electric, A/C, heat, etc for homeless. They had to sign contracts that said they wouldn't use drugs or engage in any illegal activities while living there (for free). It lasted exactly 3 months before someone cooking meth caught one of the units on fire and all 20 units burned to the ground. In my job with a local municipal electric company, I have spent more than $40K just in the last 3 months cleaning up and trying to secure utility company properties from the results of the "homeless"; it has all been like spitting in the wind. Repaired fences are torn down again and again, trenches are filled back in to regain access...I even brought in 100 tons of 3-4' boulders to block access to a site; it was less than a week before they had moved the boulders aside. I'm sorry, but the number of homeless who are that way due to factors out of their control is very small. Most simply do not want to live in any society with rules. Therefore, they should not be tolerated amongst a society with rules. Yes, I understand this article is 4 years old; does anyone really think that the situation has improved since then? Sorry, but you cannot care more for people than they care for themselves, and you cannot help people who don't want to be helped.
4x4van 08/03/21 04:17pm Travel Trailers
RE: Oregon State Parks Fire/open flame ban!

Not sure I understand the ban on propane firepits. What the difference between a propane firepit and a propane stove/grille?
4x4van 07/28/21 03:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: Regular Microwaves vs RV Microwaves

There is more than just the microwave's size and venting to look at. Many (most?) RV microwaves incorporate a stove hood/vent & light as well into the bottom, for the gas range below. If yours does, then any replacement should be built-in model designed to go above the stove and include those features.
4x4van 07/28/21 02:56pm Beginning RVing
RE: One night stays and black/grey tanks

Unless you are bordering on overweight, your trailer should have no problem carrying the extra weight (yes, I have seen reports of tanks falling out, but it's extremely rare). Water only weighs about 8.5 lbs/gal...very little in the overall weight of your trailer (and absolutely zero add'l if you're using fresh water from your tank and not from city water hookup). You won't see a measurable difference in mpg, and you're unlikely to actually feel a difference in handling depending on the location of the tanks. Don't sweat it; they are "holding" tanks, and I have never seen an expiration date on how long they can "hold". Use them till they're 2/3-3/4 full, then dump. It's poo, not rocket science.
4x4van 07/28/21 02:48pm Beginning RVing
RE: 2012 Sightseer slides, do they all need to be opened?

We have just come from a Class C with one slide, so this is a lot to get use to.Which goes to prove that having the slide(s) out on only one side does not "unbalance" the RV; otherwise your old RV would have ALWAYS been unbalanced when camped.;)
4x4van 07/09/21 11:15am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Almost lost reservation in AZ park

I would certainly have hard feelings at this point. I also don't quite understand what they mean by "annual"; book it each year for the same period (do you pay upfront for the next 2 - 3 - 5 years?) or does "annual" mean that they are booking it for the entire year? Either way, I would have hard feelings if I booked a 3 month site and got bumped for any reason or even got threatened with "bumping".
4x4van 07/09/21 08:59am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Check in/out timing...

I would have simply answered "And that affects you how?" Or, instead of taking an adversarial stance, how about just saying something like "Yeah, we got here faster than we thought - the front desk said it was okay to check in early."I don't think my response was adversarial at all, simply short and to the point. Rather, HIS statement that I was "early" seems a just bit adversarial. I'm not typically rude, and I'm not anti-social (quite the opposite, just ask my DW;)). But I also don't have an abundance of patience (also ask my wife:R) for what I consider to be loaded questions/comments. Still not quite sure how the other camper would have any idea of "when" I was supposed to or expected to arrive (maybe I'm actually 22 hours late?), what arrangements had been made, and again how it could possibly affect him. Unless he was assigned the "check-in/check-out police" role, my arrival time is irrelevant (to him), and his question/statement about my being "early" does not need to be entertained. Sometimes busybodies actually need to be gently called out on their own adversarial behavior. But hey, YMMV.
4x4van 06/28/21 04:35pm General RVing Issues
RE: Mini Swamp Cooler (Arctic Air) - Legit?

The tiny one that the OP refers to will do next to nothing for an RV. It is somewhat useful for sitting on a desk blowing directly on you while you are working, but that's about it (yes, I have one). It has the water tank on top (not the bottom) and utilizes a small "fogger" nozzle (no "wicking") to help keep the pads moist (after pre-wetting them), but is nowhere near the same as the water drenched pads used on an actual evaporative (swamp) cooler (which is what I use to cool my house). I got my "Arctic Air" as an open-box unit at Home Depot for $30; IMHO it is worth about $15-$20 on a good day, but certainly not $40.:R I do notice that the ads are now correctly calling the unit a "cooler"; rather than an "air conditioner". They likely got into some trouble for that earlier false advertising.
4x4van 06/25/21 02:35pm Tech Issues
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