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RE: 3/4 or 1 ton SUV ?

I replaced my 2007 Yukon XL SLT 4x4 with a 2010 Ford E350 Van with 55k original miles to tow my 6K travel trailer. Really loved the Yukon but DW likes to bring lots and lots of "stuff" plus 3 dogs and their crates when camping so I needed the Van space to carry them. The Van doesn't have the bells and whistle that the Yukon had but it's a tow vehicle and a Home Depot run. Having the right tool for the job is what counts. We got a 2006 E350 with the V10 as opposed to a pickup. A suburban 2500 or excursion were on the list but the price was so much more. As you said, plenty of uses when not towing and capable of towing a good amount. Win Win
6door74 03/03/21 07:02pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Nomadland

Watched last nite.I did like it,I have met some folks like the ones in the movie and I think they were portrayed very well. Most of them are real people who live that lifestyle. That plus the story and great acting by the "real" actors made it great to me. It was filmed in 2018 and look where we are now. People who ended up in similar circumstances. Some by choice and others not. My daughter is hell bent on living in a camper van and I'm not opposed to it. I would love to live on the road though I would need some amenities that a van can't provide. She's only 16 so I have some time. But i had her watch it so she can see it's not only the glamour she sees on social media.
6door74 02/20/21 02:08pm RV Lifestyle

Great movie in my opinion. It's available on Hulu and in theaters now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6sxCFZ8_d84
6door74 02/20/21 01:04pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Comcast to charge extra for exceeding 1.2 TB data

I checked our usage when this was announced Household of 4(sometimes 5) Subscribe to streaming TV provider (AT&T TV) and have Netflix, amazon prime Multiple cell phones, laptops Ring security and cameras connected to wifi Son is a "gamer" but works full time so doesn't live on the game Parents work FT jobs, stream TV when home. I work evenings and she works days so 1 TV does stream pretty much all day. That will have to change. Teenage daughter doesn't watch a lot of TV but is often on Facetime and streaming music When this announcement was made i checked our usage and we've gone over the 1.2gb the last 3 months I looked at. Our usage is the same as it's pretty much always been. We're both essential workers so Covid hasn't changed too much
6door74 12/25/20 04:40pm Technology Corner
RE: Bike rack front vs rear

For reference, how the bikes look on the the different types of bike racks. I didn't think I'd like the stand up one because it sticks out further, but it's easier to load and sits lower. Light output is fine and I haven't had any overheating issues though i've only towed a trailer once and that was last week in the poconos. https://i.imgur.com/WwRczKTl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/RWUzdNgl.jpg
6door74 08/18/20 07:03pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: HEY we need a sticky for our TT pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So years after buying our tow vehicle, we finally put it to use towing an RV (Grey Wolf 26DJSE). Unfortunately it was a rental but you gotta start somewhere. It was a good experience but not without some hiccups. I didn't realize how much work was involved but I'm sure it gets easier with experience. Overall it was a good time and we look forward to doing it again. We learned a lot on this trip which will be applied to future trips where we'll probably learn even more. https://i.imgur.com/qXeNZLVl.jpg https://i.imgur.com/9rl9782l.jpg https://i.imgur.com/vPIAEFEl.jpg
6door74 08/15/20 02:27pm Travel Trailers
RE: Are RV sewer hose supports necessary?

Just rented a travel trailer for a few days and noticed almost everyone had these but me. I found myself walking the hose to empty it and not sure if it's related, but found that the hose leaked it i didn't squat down and hold it against the outlet. I watched my neighbor dump his tanks while doing other things to break down, meanwhile i was stuck holding the hose. While we don't own a trailer yet, i think I'll purchase these supports so i have them in future for rentals and eventually ownership.
6door74 08/15/20 02:15pm Beginning RVing
RE: Northeast Ohio to Yellowstone with Kids!

If you and your significant other can safely do long drives like that, go for it. My family and I have traveled plenty with long drive days to maximize time at the destination. Mind you, that was before the kids had ample entertainment to occupy their time during the ride as the do now! You know your family and their ability to do long rides. Hit the road and enjoy. The road trip is half the fun for me, always has been. Whatever you don't see this time, see it another time. Sorry I can't help on the route but i figured I'd chime in to counter those who act like it's the worst thing in the world and child abuse to take long drives.
6door74 05/25/20 06:49pm Roads and Routes
RE: Travel When Restrictions lifted

How sad it must be that scientist , historians ,economists , journalists have devoted their whole lives to deceiving you . While a reality TV star with decades of fraud and exhaustively documented liar is your only beacon of trust and honesty , I thought this was a RV forum .And you, of course, can share with us at least one of the documented lies. There's no way you wrote that with a straight face.
6door74 05/24/20 05:22pm Travel Trailers
RE: Rig for two couples?

Some responses here remind me of when I rented a 12 passenger van and they tried to give me 2 cars because they didn't have the van when I got there. Defeats the whole purpose of me renting the van! I'm guessing the couples have made up their mind and are looking for info on what trailer may best suit them. Not whether or not it's a good idea or doable. I agree with those who said look for more than 1 bathroom and go from there. Also the toy hauler which has the beds that drops down or opens up into a big one seems better than a bunk house. That class C towing a trailer seems pretty reasonable but I'm guessing they want a non RV to get around in at their destinations.
6door74 05/22/20 08:12pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: YouTube camping videos

Traveling Robert is my favorite thus far. The live streams I'm not a fan of but that applies to almost any live stream. I've even got my wife to watch it with me now. The last 2 years I've used destinations and information from his channel to plan our trips and we don't even have a RV yet. I also watch Keep Your Daydream. That one has a little too much production for my wife's taste and even mine sometimes. But again, i use their destinations and experiences as a way to plan our trips. It has been cool watching their kids grow up though. And having 3 of my own, i can relate. Years ago my family and I road tripped from NY to Vegas. I remember jumping out to take a picture of my van on the strip at a red light. I said to myself, people must think I'm crazy. I probably could have had my own travel channel. Then again, I don't know if I have the personality for a successful one
6door74 05/07/20 08:25pm General RVing Issues
RE: Where Can I Find A Bike Now?

So people are hoarding bikes now? That's laughable. Did you ever think that maybe people are just buying them now because that's all they can do! That said, check Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, offer up, for people that made impulse buys and now just want to get rid of it. Could be a practically new bike. I bought bikes for the family a couple of years ago (see my signature pic) for our vacation from a guy who bought some just for his vacation. Got 2 bikes for about $100
6door74 05/06/20 04:00pm Family Camping
RE: "Service temporarily out "

What no one is acknowledging is you spend the time to type a long thought out reply and the system crashes when you hit the submit button. Sure, if you are just reading, refresh is just a small annoyance. If you hit refresh it will reload and post like normal. I've done that and it has worked. didn't result in a double post either. just don't hit the back arrow or anything else. As mentioned, copy it too so you can paste if it's a long one
6door74 04/26/20 05:55pm General RVing Issues
RE: Money from government

My 2 college kids who both lost their jobs as a result of this got nothing. No $1200 for them and no $500 to me for them.
6door74 04/16/20 09:39am Around the Campfire
RE: Money from government

Order online. Order takeout. Buy gift cards to restaurants.
6door74 04/15/20 08:04am Around the Campfire
RE: Money from government

Got mine...available in my account Didn't get lucky like this guy https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8216195/amp/Indiana-man-checked-bank-account-1-700-stimulus-check-deposited-8million.html
6door74 04/14/20 08:32pm Around the Campfire
RE: Money from government

Local Tucson news said some payments had already been received here. I haven’t heard from anyone specifically though. Should hit people's account starting tomorrow depending on your bank. I know people who see a pending deposit, from IRS, including the amount, for 4/15 in their online banking. I got a text Saturday from my credit union about an incoming ACH credit. I usually get that 2 days before my payday (Friday) and it hits my account Thursday night. So this credit isn't my paycheck.
6door74 04/13/20 08:48am Around the Campfire
RE: And Texas Caves In

There goes that foolish car death argument again.
6door74 04/08/20 06:10pm General RVing Issues
RE: And Texas Caves In

...Hopefully those suffering financially can find a way to recover and get back on their feet or just get things back in normal order (myself included). Bankruptcy hasn't stopped others from getting to the top. ;)That is the most crass statement I have read in the last 10 pages. 10 Million people lost there job in the last 2 Weeks. Let that sink in for a minute. Hope you feel that way about the people who could care less about everyone else's health and complain about the effort to curb this. My reply wasn't meant to be crass so I apologize if it came off that way. Like I said, I've been affected in this way as well. Thankfully not as much as others. There was some sarcasm for a specific situation at the end, and maybe it was in poor taste. For that I apologize as well. Bankruptcy isn't fun, can be devastating, and should be a last resort. However, it's not the end of the world, death is.
6door74 04/08/20 06:15am General RVing Issues
RE: And Texas Caves In

This cars/road argument...makes no sense really. Let me try to explain it again. If you ban cars, you will save 40K lives per year at the unknown cost of whatever that would do to the economy. If we ban leaving our homes, we can save an unknown number of people from Wuhan virus, at the unknown cost to the economy. They are both choices. Which lives are most important? "Explaining" it doesn't make any less ridiculous. But who am I? I'll let the professionals answer it... “First of all, I think that’s a false equivalency to compare traffic accidents with (coronavirus) — that’s totally way out,” said Fauci. “When you have something new and it’s emerging, and you really can’t predict totally the impact it’s going to have, and you take a look at what’s gone on in China and you see what’s going on right now — right now — in Italy, and what’s happening in New York City, I don’t think with any moral conscience you can say, ‘Why don’t we just let it rip and happen and let ‘x’ percent of the people die.' I don’t understand that reasoning at all.”
6door74 04/07/20 10:06pm General RVing Issues
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