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RE: GM HD Trucks Many with AWD instead of 4WD

I personally am not a fan of AWD. Yes the system will detect well slippage, then send power to the other wheels, but the way I understand it is the system is engaged all the time thus creating more wear and tear. My tire gurus told me once of this system and their thoughts, so here is what they said. While the system works most of the time as intended, say now you have 20K miles on the tires and one goes flat or shot altogether. When you go to replace it, now you can either replace just the bad one or get 4 new ones cuz the cars transferase cannot compensate for the mismatched tread depths. In that sense, makes sense as to their theory and that's why I've shed away from AWD cars (easier to replace 2 tires VS 4. Now however, Subaru has nothing but AWD cars and most mfr's sell AWD's and it seems finding just a FWD car is getting harder and harder to come by. I would rather be in control of which 4WD method I want and think a non AWD truck would have less wear and tear. In the days of old when Ford, GM and Dodge/Ram had what they called full time 4WD, power went to both axles all the time and 9/10 times only 1 wheel on each axle got power (usually opposites) and unless you had a locking rear (GM had the best), you really only had a 2 wheel drive truck and the wheels w/ least amount of traction would spin the most. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's how I remembered them. If you had a truck w/ lock out hubs no power to front axle at all. As the case w/ all 4x4's tho (even today), unless you have a locking rear axle of some sort, really only end up w/ 1 wheel on each pulling .
ACZL 07/08/20 09:12am Tow Vehicles
RE: Thoughts on this Truck

The '16 looks to have been modded if you look at the engine bay and the "Y" pipe on top (at least that's my take. Plus IMO, it looks as well that the interior has been used a fair amount judging by the creases in LR seat area.. The '15, IMO looks to be in great shape overall and int looks to be cleaner. One thing I noticed on both tho is the single tip exhaust instead of Ford's dual tip. Hmmmmm........
ACZL 07/08/20 08:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Replace OEM tires with 2 years life left?

Tell dealer you want brand new tires in place of ones that are already 2-3 years old on a brand new coach that's been sitting in the sun
ACZL 07/08/20 08:39am Fifth-Wheels
A very good reason Not to scrimp on surge protectors.

This past w/e we went to a new to us CG that said they had a 50 A site. Mind you, was told this was a older CG as well. Once on site, hooked up power via PI 50A EMS, went inside, turned on fridge and rear A/C. few seconds later, poof, nothing. Waited a minute, tried again, same thing. WTH? Go out to EMS box and lo-n-behold it's saying low voltage on 1 leg. Again, WTH? Have CG come check the outlet and their little radar says the same thing (low 100 volts). Just below it is a elect meter (ton of seasonals so more so for them), removes the meter, checks wires, same thing. Goes to main panel down by office and reports back that has same reading as well. Calls his electric buddy who says to call utility company cuz the problem lies w/ them/transformer. So needless to say we were able to run the BR A/C at least, micro at times. Oh, fridge even tripped the power on that leg alone. So we had both the fridge and water heater on gas. All I can say is, "WHEW" and Thank God we had the PI EMS other wise it could have been very ugly for us. It DID it's job!!
ACZL 07/07/20 02:05am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Nicest?? CG in or near Bar Harbor

FTG, We stayed at (Tall or Twin Pines) which is about 16 miles from BH and just south off Ellsworth. Yes lots of seasonals, BUT also lots of sites for non seasonal . IMO, much better than the 2 KOA's we drove thru. Big rig friendly. If we went back, that's where we'd stay again. AC Thanks, I didn't see that one,I saw the 2 KOA's and Timberland Acres.. I will check that one out You are indeed correct, it was Timbeland Acres we stayed at. Dang CRS at 4am! LOL
ACZL 07/06/20 09:07am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Nicest?? CG in or near Bar Harbor

FTG, We stayed at (Tall or Twin Pines) which is about 16 miles from BH and just south off Ellsworth. Yes lots of seasonals, BUT also lots of sites for non seasonal . IMO, much better than the 2 KOA's we drove thru. Big rig friendly. If we went back, that's where we'd stay again. AC
ACZL 07/06/20 01:57am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Battery replacements in 2013 Chevy Silverado 2500 Diesel

OP Here, I had both batteries tested today at Advance Auto Parts. Both checked out okay so I guess I'm going to wait and just keep getting them tested. Probably may consider replacing before cold weather. Thanks! Dave Did Advance disconnect the wires from each battery and test w/o them? Just asking cuz it could be possible that may get a good read when it's actually not. But that being said, given the current batteries are 7 maybe 8 years old (time of actual manure date), why not just go ahead and replace them now and not worry wether or not they won't start the truck?
ACZL 07/02/20 02:24am Tow Vehicles
TH wish list, anything fit the bill?

So DW and I are "toying" with the idea of a different type of RV should our DD/SIL/grandson and DS decide to stay w/ us. Have a '17 F350 DRW w/ 4,10 gears so weight is not a factor. This being said, DW came up w/ a wish list of what she'd like to see/have on a TH if such a critter is avail.. That being said, here goes: Outside: 6 pt level up Elect awnings (full/double) Slide toppers Pull out storage tray Outside shower Outside kitchen w/ tv, grill/fridge Elect outlets Stero speakers Torque lift Glow steps Full body paint Inside: Washer/drier Central vac A/C King bed (on slide...if not ok, but a king bed), Tilting if possible too. 2 baths, would like a small tub in 2nd bath, if not, at least a sink/toilet Patio on side Mid bunk Residential fridge Pantry/storage.....would prefer the pantry Good amount of counter space Double sink w/ sprayer faucet Elect recliners w/ heat/massage Fireplace Easy access to fridge/bathroom w/ slides in I know some items are standard, others optional and not possible at all. But what brand of TH comes remotely close to her list? TIA, AC
ACZL 07/01/20 08:18am Toy Haulers
Heads up to anyone coming to NY

NY just added a whole bunch of other states to their "Travel Advisory" list meaning that if you are from one of the states on their list and staying in NY, you must self quarantine for 2 weeks. Best to check the NY list online if your plans bring you this way.
ACZL 07/01/20 08:02am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: Dexter Easy Lube axles

I just lubed my axles w/ the zerks while coach was raised up and spinning the wheel at same time. Found 1 brakes was actually dragging a bit compared to the other 3 as it didn't spin as freely. Has the never adjust brakes to boot. So when done greasing, I used 1 screwdriver to raise up the "locking" tab by adjuster wheel and another screwdriver to spin th adjuster wheel. Got it so it was same as the other wheels. FWIW, I have a locking device on end of grease gun (pistol grip type) so when it's locked onto the zerk, I can easily spin the wheel w/ 1 hand and pump the grease w/ the other.
ACZL 07/01/20 07:50am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Battery replacements in 2013 Chevy Silverado 2500 Diesel

FWIW check with local Interstate battery store/dealer as well. Want to say they did mine on my old '03 F250 6.0 in their parking lot.
ACZL 06/30/20 07:04am Tow Vehicles
RE: Can an RV even get East of the Hudson?

When were you planning on going? You may be able to go the long way around if you’re not planning on going right away. As of this typing, no unnecessary border crossings at this time, only essential. If OP wants to save some $$, once in NY, p/u 86 by Jamestown and run that to Binghamton to 81 N for about 3/4-1 mile to 88 East. Take I 90 E to exit 24 (no tolls), go thru tollbooth and continue on 90 for about 20 more miles til next toll booth (B1). Have to pay tolls from here to MA line, then it's cashless tolling thru MA.
ACZL 06/29/20 01:55am Roads and Routes
RE: 8.1L Muffler Recommendations

Does Banks make a gas SS muffler? Last gasser I had was a '72 GMC w/a 350 cu in 4bbl 4spd and I put on dual cherry bombs. Sounded GOOOOOOOD !
ACZL 06/29/20 01:49am Tow Vehicles
RE: Storage space vs phoney fireplace.

Alliance has a pull out FP w/ storage behind it. We have 2 FP's and love them for same reasons already stated.
ACZL 06/29/20 01:41am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Toll roads or not

There are some tolls in ME as well on 95 and will incur some on 90 as well in MA till you hit 84. Once on 84 nothing.......however maybe a toll to cross the Hudson River in NY. Others chime in if I'm wrong.
ACZL 06/28/20 07:46am Roads and Routes
RE: Toll roads or not

Don't know where Littleton MA is, but Ferndale summed it up best for routes. I agree as well w/ many others that getting a E-Z pass is the way to go and if on I-95 in NH, it's best to have it as well as there are a few toll plazas on 95. MA does not have toll booths anymore (NY supposed to be same way by end of '20), but E-Z pass is still best method.
ACZL 06/27/20 08:00am Roads and Routes
RE: First tow with new 2019 Ram 3500 and ...disappointed.

I would also tend to agree......not enough weight on pin/trailer. If problem still exists after loading, dump the hitch and get a B&W.
ACZL 06/27/20 07:00am Towing
RE: 2020 F250XL 6.2 V8

Lantley explained it extremely well, but as OP stated he can get a good deal on a gasser. 250 VS 350, opt for the 350 in any gas configuration. 99.9% of us started off w/ 3/4 ton then went to 1 tons for extra weight capacity. Price diff is negligible. OP, if you can find a 350 w/ the 6.2 as long as your set on a gasser, go w/ that. If you think that down the road you will upgrade to a larger 5er, then opt for the 350 w/ the 7.3 10 speed tranny.
ACZL 06/25/20 09:34am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ran over Gator

From what I gather, retread failures are primarily due to under inflation. Glad OP didn't get hurt and yes, "gators" can do a lot of damage. Sorta-kinda like when you are passing a semi. Don't sit there and loyygag cuz if you do and a tire goes on the semi, lots of nasty things will more than likely happen. Wife's family takes their sweet azz time when passing a semi and wife used to, till I told her otherwise. Now she semi cleans out fuel injection system when passing trucks.
ACZL 06/24/20 06:26am General RVing Issues
RE: Used Diesel Truck Miles: How many is too many

Qualifying for next race perhaps w/ that 2.7 turbo!
ACZL 06/23/20 09:29am Tow Vehicles
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