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RE: 4.10 rear in new Ford F350

The heavier the right foot is, less MPG's you'll get. 4.10 gears are not noted to be MPG champs, but offer great pulling power and get you going better from a dead stop better as well. Personally, I'd prefer 3.73's, but truck was an off the lot purchase so it is what it is. previous truck had 3.55 gears and wasn't bad, but in hills the 4.10's shine. FWIW tho, running same speeds, only lost 1/2 mpg between the 2 and gained about 1,000 lbs in truck weight. IMO, a wash.
ACZL 09/19/19 09:05am Tow Vehicles
RE: Mountain Towing

I'd get a SRW 3/4 or 1 ton. More truck for similar money, and they will tow a lot nicer than a half ton. Only downside is a rougher ride and, if gas, poorer fuel economy. It also gives you the option of getting a larger trailer in the future without having to change tow vehicles too, which would save you money and hassle. I 2nd this statement.
ACZL 09/18/19 08:04am Towing
RE: New Truck and 5th wheel

I found and spread sheet online and if I put the # in right for the Ram I should have about 1400lb. available for payload the truck won't have anything in it for weight. The ram has a payload of 4330 lb. There is no Ram 3500 srw that can carry 4330 lbs in the bed as payload without blowing its 7000 RAWR number. That the fallacy of using newer truck high gvwr based payloads to assume a in the bed payload such as pin weight and other gear/stuff the rear axle will carry. These size trucks rear axle can weigh in the 3200-3400 lb range. Now add 4330 lb of payload in the bed = around 7700 lbs for a 700 lb overload. Time for 19.5" tires and wheels and air bags/etc with that payload. OP keep in mind that 4330 payload number is a gvwr based payload which comes from the trucks front and rear axles. About the most the 3500 srw can carry in the bed will be around 3500-3800 lbs depending on cab selections....drive selections....wheel base selections. Your starting with a 14k dry weight trailer. Now add 1200-1500 lbs of "stuff" and your looking at maybe a 15.5k lb trailer....maybe more depending on how much necessary junk :B you want to carry. Your gonna' be close to max if you load lite. I also agree 100%. We learned this the hard way ourselves. Upgraded to a SRW 350 from a 250 thinking we'd be all set to go (then and going forward), but bought a new RV and tho we ran the SRW 350 for a year w/o a prob, we were over on everything. Dry wt of 5er was 14,000 w/ max of 16k. Empty pin was 2900, fully loaded, pin 3750. Had almost 2k worth of "stuff" in 5er. Yes we could have put bigger tires on, but fact of the matter, still over on everything else. Biggest concern to me is being over on tires and if in high temp areas along w/ high road temps, being over is asking for problems. Went w/ a DRW 350 and love it for towing. Yes I admit it may be a bit of a pain to scoot around town with, BUT don't regret it for towing the heavy RV. DRW stink in the winter, but just have to adapt and overcome. OP, you asked for opinions and your getting them. If you think you want to get a larger/heavier RV and decide to travel, DRW is way to go. Think you said that you just plan on towing to CG from house and park it. IF and a HUGE IF that's all you plan to do, then a SRW will suffice. HOWEVER if you ever decide to want to do a lot of traveling, then DRW is in order w/ a heavy RV. Better to err on side of caution. Been there done that, in matter of 3 1/2 years.
ACZL 09/16/19 08:58am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2020 GMC HD in the Wild

I can’t trade. Still have a bunch of 1157, etc. bulbs to use up. Add this to cursive writing and manual trans for millennials for deterrents!
ACZL 09/16/19 12:08am Tow Vehicles
RE: Snow

Heard last week that someplace out there was supposed to get 6"-10" in upper elevations.
ACZL 09/15/19 07:13am RV Parks, Campgrounds and Attractions
RE: black water holding tank valve opens but won't drain

1 flush for #1, 2 flushes for #2 with plenty of water (read almost full) each time w/ the first of the 2 w/ the "dirty" contents. May sound silly and thought my FIL was nuts, but after we dump the tanks, we add 10 gallons to the black tank before leaving along w/ the GEO method. Tank reading isn't worth a darn, but I know tank is drained. Shoot, we went a whole week on vaykay before dumping. Granted the black tank was getting pretty darn close to full, but she drained well.
ACZL 09/12/19 01:15am Fifth-Wheels
RE: aluminum f150 body work

I 2nd what mooky stinks said.
ACZL 09/10/19 08:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: Carlisle, PA to Vermont

Where in VT do you want to go? Perhaps depending on where, you also could stay in NY, but keep in mind that CG's start to close up in lil over a month or so.
ACZL 09/07/19 03:35pm Roads and Routes
RE: Anti-seize on brake caliper bracket?

How about VW using a 14mm triple square bit to mount their calipers onto their vehicles? Course I don't have that part (NAPA does tho). WTH? Can't use regular bolts like everyone else?? UGH !!!!
ACZL 09/06/19 04:52pm Tow Vehicles
RE: New Ram 3500 SRW (Edited with Pictures)

Congrats, Enjoy and smart thinking on looking/planning down the road.
ACZL 09/04/19 09:03am Tow Vehicles
RE: New Trailer and Truck

SRW doable? Some will say, change tires, add air bags, use an alum hitch. Problem is you CANNOT change weight ratings/capacity of truck. Period. If you had nothing whatsoever in truck or 5er, then yes you could, but what fun is that w/o family, personal items and food? Yes the new tow ratings from GM has caught many attention for SRW, but IMO, you will find you'll max out real quick even with a 3500. Let me give you a personal example: Dec '14, bought a '15 F350 SRW,4x4,cc,sb,6.7. Added/replaced factory fuel tank w/a Transfeflow 50 gallon tank. Truck scaled out at 8700 w/o anyone in cab, GVW of 11,500. Had a '06 Cedar Creek Silverback w/ dry wt of 10,800, max wt of 13,800. Fully loaded netted 2,000 pin so 10,700 on truck, total gross of 21,500. All within legal limits of truck all the way around. ALRIGHT I said! Truck towed awesome with this coach. Enter 2017 and we upgrade 5ers to a '18 Big Country with a advertised dry pin of 2,888, dry wt of 13,420 and max wt of 16,000. With same '15 F350, fully loaded and B&W Patriot, I now had 3740 pin, 7360 on truck's rear axle, 12,350 on truck, gross combo of 24,470. 5er's actual dry weight was 14,000. Truck's axle capacity is 7,000 and max combo 23,500. So now I'm over all the way around. Added upper/lower Stableloads, but ended up taking the uppers off. Truck towed this coach well also, but had to be in mindset that I'm over and keep a safe distance between me and vehicle in front. Towed to Maine from CNY w/o any problems. 2018 comes and now our vaykay plans have us leaning towards FL in Aug. Knowing I was already over on truck (which this didn't bother me too much), but over on the tires planted a huge gut feeling in my stomach that wouldn't go away. Just knowing the normal heat generated on tires, add in the extra weight on them, higher air and road temps down south wasn't setting too well w/ me. Needless to say, bought a '17 F350 DRW, cc,4x4,6.7. Hated to part ways w/ the '15, but after towing down/back, wife driving part ways and her saying she felt better driving/towing w/ the DRW vs the SRW (when she doesn't drive/tow a lot), knew after all this it was a smart decision. Yes I still miss my SRW truck for bopping around town and towing my snowmobile trailer as well as just having a SRW in snow, but the DRW was the way to go and would highly recommend the same if your looking at a trl wt closing in on 16k. IMO, SRW are good up to 14 to NO more than 15K max trailer weights. Just the piece of mind the DRW brought to me w/ wife towing this much weight was worth it. FWIW, the gut feeling went away except now having to pay for it! LOL
ACZL 09/04/19 09:01am Towing
RE: Lippert auto leveling question

^^^^^^^^^^ What the previous 2 posts said !!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ FWIW, I chock at least 2 wheels before unhooking (usually left ones). To this extent, I'm a cheap bugger and just use a couple 2x4's x 12". Once unhooked and pulled away, the front legs holds the coach with aid from the other legs thereafter. BUT DO AS Cummins12V98 said and have nothing near the front as it will "kneel" down 1st once auto level is activated.
ACZL 09/04/19 08:13am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Slides will not extend

1. There should be a switch by hyd pump (our '06 CC was located by left compartment door next to landing leg) that you can use to extend slides w/o going inside of coach. 2. Find where main cable from battery attaches to a row or bank of breakers. Using a 12v tester, check to make sure you have power from battery on at least 1 side. Where you see a buss bar connecting 2 breakers together, that's more than likely the breaker(s) for your slides. Had to replace ours due to intermittent operation of slides. Perhaps might not be a bad idea to replace all of them w/ new ones anyways. 3. Not sure about your A/C, so follow advice from others. 4. Like AP said, you can extend the slides w/a drill via a connector/extension on side of coach to hyd pump. 5. All the breakers (at least on our '06) where located in same area as #1 under a small plastic cover. Cannot miss them as there should be a bunch of wires there. If not, will be in front compartment, left side. Let us know how you make out.
ACZL 09/04/19 08:07am Fifth-Wheels
RE: Syracuse NY to Portsmouth NH then up the coast of Maine

So, Guys. What about this idea. At Albany (form Syracuse) taking Highway 9 over to Concord and then the 202 over to Portsmouth? IT may not be the FASTEST way, but again, tolls don't concern me and I've got all kinds of TIME. I'd also bet the country side would me more interesting vs. the interstate. Please share your thoughts. Tks Am assuming you will head north on 87 to Rte 7 east towards Troy then Bennington. All 2 lane with a good pull out of Bennington. Drew can probly better tell you, but if your towing heavy, better off sticking to the big roads. Also, if you have a diesel, last time we went to BH from Syr ('17), fuel was cheaper along the MA pike than at truck stops.
ACZL 08/28/19 07:54am Roads and Routes
GM's 2020 tow rating question for all

GM as we know recently announced their '20 tow ratings which is about time they upped things. Anyways, what get's me is how their SRW can now tow 18,000. Seems odd that there can be that much of a jump for a SRW to tow, so what did they do to achieve it? For the longest time though, as it's been discussed here that anything over 15,000 was dually territory. How many folks want to tow 18K with a SRW?
ACZL 08/28/19 07:47am Tow Vehicles
RE: 2021 F150 rumors

Back when Ford was making the Crown Vics/Grand Marquis/Lincoln Town Cars, they went from a 5.0 to a 4.6 (if memory serves me right), and if this is correct, the Police Intercepter version of the Crown Vic had a beefed up 4.6. To what extent I don't know, but do know the 4.6's were pretty stout.
ACZL 08/27/19 02:16am Tow Vehicles
RE: 5th wheel or bumper pull

Rare to see a 5er laying on it's side, TT's that's a different story! 2nd this! Older retired semi driver friend said the exact same thing to me back in '05.
ACZL 08/26/19 12:52am Towing
RE: Greetings and weight question

Congrats and enjoy the smiles er ride !!!!
ACZL 08/23/19 06:30pm Fifth-Wheels
RE: Rough Ride

If a tire is rated for 110 psi and ran less psi, wouldn't this cause a issue due to "under inflation"? Still think a name brand E ply LT tire is best bet. Ran LT's on our '06 Cedar Creek (13,800 fully loaded) at 80 psi for 12 years and no probs. I ran Michelin XPS Ribs and Bridgestone Duravis R250s on our 12,400 lb 5er for years. Original LT235/85R16E china bombs called for 65 psi. I found that the Ribs were wearing a little more in the out edges so I upper inflation to 71 PSI and had even wear. Inflation is based on the load the tires actually carry, not their maximum inflation. In several calls to Michelin, they always stated that over inflation for the load carried can lead to impact damage and reduced braking ability. Tires state MAX Load XXXX at YYY PSI. On passenger car and LT tires there on inflation charts that are universal across all brands for the same size and load range tire. Along came cheap ST tires and it is my belief that inflation to max side number is just a bandaid that manufactures tried to stick on the tires, because high failure rates. Finally after many years there are now better ST tires available. Inflation charts for ST tires seem to vary by manufacture if they exist at all, as they comply with different standards(think lesser). Still a little puzzled because most blowouts from what I gather are due to underinflation.
ACZL 08/23/19 08:32am Fifth-Wheels
RE: 2020 GMC Towing Leader

Notice no Chevy's. IMO, too many knobs and buttons. Do like some features and looks of the GMC tho.
ACZL 08/23/19 07:45am Tow Vehicles
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