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RE: cruiser MPG 2550RB

Just a thought on that layout if you like to watch the tv at all. That layout doesn’t have any comfortable positions to see it from. The sofa would be most comfortable but it’s at a 90 degree angle. Booth dinette seats aren’t usually comfortable and are also at an angle. The TV may be attached with an articulated mount so that it can be pulled forward and turned towards the sofa. So comfortable viewing may not be a problem. We have a 2011 FunFinder 210WBS. It's been a good camper with no significant problems. We're very satisfied with it. I agree that this is a very nice floorplan. The dual bathroom sinks is a luxurious touch, but I wonder if it's practical. Is the room really big enough to accommodate two adults? Slide out mounted refrigerators are somewhat less efficient because they vent through the sidewall rather than through the roof. Some are equiped with a fan to improve ventilation, but if boondocking battery drain may become an issue. About the mattress. Most camper mattresses are of mediocre quality at best. Rather than replacing it try a memory foam topper. You need not buy one specifically for an RV; buy one anywhere and if necessary cut it to fit the campers mattress size.
ADK Camper 02/04/20 10:12am Travel Trailers
RE: Plumbing HELP..?

You may be able to borrow a crimping tool from a local independent building supply. One in our area is generally agreeable to lending hand tools. They charge full price for the tool with the understanding that you are going to use it and then return it for a full refund.
ADK Camper 11/19/19 04:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Battery storage

Related to my TT battery’s winterization, am I good just plugging in the TT? Will this keep the battery warm/charged? Most campers have WFCO converters that are supposed to automatically switch to "float mode" to keep a battery topped off. Unfortunately most WFCO converters operate only in adsorption mode and NEVER switch to float mode. If your converter operates this way it could overcharge your battery if left connected for a long period. This may cause the water level to drop and damage the battery. I believe you would be better off using a dedicated float charger.
ADK Camper 11/07/19 02:42pm Travel Trailers
RE: Organized Obie Installs

Using adhesive to attach something to a wall may not work for you. I attached a command hook to my wall to hang an umbrella by the door. It pulled the wallpaper off the wall. So the fact is that anything you "stick" to the wall is only as strong as the adhesive attaching the wall covering. A better idea might be to just use short screws into the wall. Here is an example from my camper. https://i.imgur.com/MksU1O3l.jpg This is a magazine rack I made and attached with small screws. It's been loaded (sometimes overloaded) with magazines , maps, etc. during travel and in eight years has stayed fast. For maximum holding power, you could use "molly" bolts available at any hardware store. Use one designed for thin walls. But understand that a molly bolt is forever. Once installed you cannot remove it.
ADK Camper 10/09/19 06:57am Travel Trailers
RE: Murphy Bed vs. Separate Bedroom

I have no personal experience with a Murphy bed, but I talked to a couple who had one. I was told that it can be folded when completely made up, and deploying it and folding it was very easy. They seemed to like it. I do have some experience with sofas and u shaped dinettes. U dinettes don't comfortably sit as many people as you might think. Two people sitting near a corner will be knocking knees. I suggest you sit all the people who will travel with you at any dinettes you are considering before you commit. I would give high priority to a sofa. No matter how much time you intend to spend outside, you'll have to deal with an occasional rain day and a comfortable sofa will make a big difference. Dinettes are fine for a meal or playing game, but they're just not comfortable for reading or watching TV.
ADK Camper 10/05/19 03:55pm Travel Trailers
RE: Closet/shelf suggestions

I have made a total of 8 drawers in different cabinets throughout my camper. They are definitely a convienent improvement worth the trouble. Drawer slides are available at any big box home improvement store. I recommend the full extension type. The drawer itself is just a box. Making it from 1/2 inch plywood (or thinner for a lightweight purpose) is the most economical choice. The slides will include instructions for sizing the drawer to the cabinet opening.
ADK Camper 08/06/19 10:10am Travel Trailers
RE: Sofa questions

I have the same type sofa. Here's two suggestions: 1. when opened to the bed format place a pool noodle between the two sections. 2. Lift the seat to the point where it will balance with the underside exposed. Then take some strong cord and tie it from each zig zag spring to the next. Do this in several parallel rows across the length of the sofa seat. This will make the seat section firmer and more comfortable whether used as bed or sofa.
ADK Camper 08/06/19 09:59am Travel Trailers
RE: Anyone have any knowledge about Shadow Cruisers?

As LJAZ said Cruiser RV is no longer the small family-owned company it was back in 2010. Back then the company had a pretty good reputation. I have a 2011 FunFinder 210WBS. It has been a very good trailer for all these years. I had one rather significant sample defect, but I was able to fix it before it became a major problem. Quality wise I think this Shadow Cruiser may be a good choice for you. As to its value you might call your inurance company and ask about its value. They insure campers and need to track their value to settle loss claims.
ADK Camper 07/31/19 09:00am Travel Trailers
A simple idea

We often camp on wooded sites with lengthy litter covered access drives. Backing up in this situation is difficult because I can't clearly see the edge of the drive. My wife tries to direct me, but sometimes her wild incomprehensible gesticulations just add to the confusion. I got some small (about 12") orange traffic cones at the dollar store to mark the edge of the drive. Now I can confidently back up knowing exactly where the edge of the drive is located.
ADK Camper 07/10/19 11:57am Travel Trailers
RE: carbon Monoxide alarm going off

I once had my CO detector repeatedly alarm. I shutdown the propane at the tanks so there was no propane or co2 anywhere in the camper, but the alarm continued to go off. I finally figured out the problem - some ripe bananas my wife had put in one of the cupboards.
ADK Camper 06/28/19 01:29pm Travel Trailers
RE: LED Bulbs for trailer interior in a real store, not online?

Check out 12 volt landscape lighting bulbs at Lowes or Home Depot. They are marketed for 12 volts AC, but many are designed to work with DC. The package probably says 12 V AC, but the bulb itself will probably be stamped "12 VAC/DC."
ADK Camper 06/01/19 07:04am Travel Trailers
RE: Big black ants

Some years ago I had a pop-up that got I infested with ants. They were eating their way through the roof insulation leaving styrofoam "sawdust" everywhere. I was able to completely eliminate them with a product called terro. It's a slow sweet poison that ants take to the nest and it slowly poisons the entire colony.
ADK Camper 05/07/19 10:12am Travel Trailers
RE: TTs with White Cabinets?

Fun Finder X used to have white cabinets and interior. I don't even know if they are currently being made in any color. We have a 2011 Fun Finder 210WBS. It has white cabinets. Wife and I both like them. The light cabinets make the interior brighter. They also make the camper seem roomier. White cabinets are popular in stick and brick houses so why not in campers too? If you want white, keep shopping; there are a few choices out there.
ADK Camper 05/01/19 03:12pm Travel Trailers
RE: Murphy bed?

Here's my opinion which you are, of course, free to ignore. If you like the floorplan and the Murphy bed get it. Don't over think the storage issue. Without kids along you already need a lot less stuff. If you carefully select items you bring along focusing on what you actually need and will use you may find that you will require less storage than you think you need. We have a couples camper (FunFinder 210WBS 18' box) and after 7 years of use, we still have empty cabinets. When you equip your new camper try to get things that take up less space. For example Corelle dishes stack and nest fairly compactly and they can be used in the microwave. Nesting pyrex bowls with snap lids can be used in the microwave, conventional oven, freezer, refrigerator, and they can all be stored in a stock pot. Lots of things are made with collapsible silicon like dishpan, strainer, measuring cups, etc. Bear in mind that we all tend to take more stuff than actually need. Control that impulse and things will probably work out fine.
ADK Camper 04/24/19 02:56pm Travel Trailers
RE: Cabinet Modifications

Great job! Did you have to remove the counter top to make your track for the tambour door? No, you don't have to remove the counter. The whole assembly can be completed "off line" and then simply installed by securing the two tracks to the sides of the cabinet and then threading the tambour into the track from the backside. Here's some pictures to explain the process: https://i.imgur.com/w0qP5HMl.jpg This photo, taken from inside the cabinet shows the track and the tambour threaded into the track. The track is made from stock 1"x2" with a dado routed to hold the tambour. You need a simple template to route the dado as shown in the following picture. https://i.imgur.com/AQvE28fl.jpg Just temporarily attach the template to the track and use a router with a straight bit and a guide bushing to cut the dado. https://i.imgur.com/h8EvvItl.jpg This photo shows a dry fit of the completed assembly ready for installation into the cabinet. Making the tambour itself is very easy. Start by finishing the front side of the screen molding. DO NOT finish the back. Cut as many pieces to length as needed. Cut a piece of fabric slightly bigger than the finished tambour dimensions, and lay it face down. Clamp a framing square over the bottom and right side edges. Then apply glue to a piece of molding and lay on the fabric tight along the bottom of the framing square and tight into the corner. Continue gluing molding tight against the previous strip and into the right side of the square. When the glue has partially set, remove the square and lift the tambour gently flexing it to make sure that none of the molding pieces have been accidently glued together.
ADK Camper 04/14/19 11:04am Travel Trailers
Cabinet Modifications

My water pump is located in a cabinet behind a fixed panel. To access the pump for winterizing required removing four screws. I eliminated the screws and substituted magnetic cabinet latches to make removing the panel easy. It turns out this is a favorite hangout for mice. Now I can easily remove the panel to place/check traps for the unwelcome visitors. https://i.imgur.com/PYxBVnml.jpg This is a before picture showing the fixed panel at the bottom. The top shows a tambour door I made to close off an otherwise open cabinet. The door is made from screen molding glued to a piece of canvas. https://i.imgur.com/MbvsST3l.jpg I attached panel molding to the original panel to cover the screw holes and add some style. A drawer pull at the top allows me to just pull off the panel when needed. https://i.imgur.com/xXpmkKWl.jpg Here you can see the magnets attached to the cabinet frame, and the catches attached to the back of the removable panel. https://i.imgur.com/3YUdpCKl.jpg This picture shows the tambour door opened with a two drawer cabinet I made to fit inside. These are our "kitchen junk drawers" where we keep pens, pencils, tape, scissors, ruler, scratch pad, playing cards, etc.
ADK Camper 04/12/19 09:50am Travel Trailers
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