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RE: Best itinerary for Alaska

X 3 on the current boondocking status in Alaska these days.... Upon my analysis of the past few years speaking for someone like me equipped with a cabover camper, small travel trailer or equivalent of 20 to 30 feet of space - if one included the Dalton and Denali Highways in the entire Alaska road system, I'd say one would be lucky to find between 150 to 200 places total to freely "roadside boondock" entirely in Alaska nowadays.... Although I have not visited Canada since 2019, I doubt there are much changes between Delta Junction and the border at Port Alcan on the Alaska Highway for free boondocking spots that still exist, however I can clearly speak for the status of the Parks Highway and all the significant changes since 2016. PA12DRVR is spot on with the posted comment pertaining to all the major road construction and remote roadside properties getting bought up as most of the access trails and gravel pit yards off the highways now have metal gates, concrete slab pylons, large boulders and other barriers blocking access to these areas that used to be available for boondocking because people abused these spots as mentioned leaving trash, junk vehicles, dead bodies, animal carcasses etc, and whatever else unimaginable.... Most day use waysides along the Parks Hwy. now have metal gates they secure at night to eliminate overnighters.... Even in Anchorage now, most former permitted overnight sites that now prohibit overnight parking have 24 hour security patrols to ensure no one violates overnighting stays....I had to resort to Cabelas in south Anchorage the past two years that permits overnight parking, as they still patrol pretty heavy there too - I witnessed security escorting someone off of the property after they observed their camper there for three days (while I stayed for two nights and did not get bothered) Since 2016, the Parks Highway between Nenana and Willow (mile 300 and mile 74) now has 15 intermittent stretches of extra passing lanes in both directions ranging one half mile to 2 mile length intervals, which removed a handful of boondocking spots and turnouts.... Not to mention the major 2015-2017 projects of the Broad Pass mile 194 Chulitna River and rail under bypass, Goose Creek mile 91 rail under bypass, and Sunshine Creek mile 100 rail under bypass that were way overdue. The reason I say they were overdue : A friend of mine that works for the Alaska Railroad back in 2000 told me of this 30 year planned project starting in 1985 of eliminating all rail "roadside" crossings along the Parks and Richardson Highways between Anchorage and Eielson AFB... 14 total rail- road, over and under crossings on the Parks Hwy.... My time in Alaska since 1982, 9 of the 14 rail crossings were "road", as 5 were already established over and under pass crossings. 7 of the 9 "road" crossings are now converted rail- "under" crossings thru 2017 with only two rail-"road" crossings remain on the Parks Hwy. now (mile 169 and mile 235). The mile 45 North Wasilla rail- "under" pass construction started the 30 year planned project of eliminating the road crossings. 3 total rail- "road" crossings on the Richardson Hwy.... They only converted one of the three "road" crossings in 2014 (southbound) and 2015 (northbound) to rail "under" crossing at mile 345... Two "road" rail crossings still remain on the Richardson Hwy (at mile 350 and mile 359). So thru 2022, they have 4 more road crossings yet to convert - which was projected to get done seven years ago. In 2016, the state started expanding the Parks Hwy. on extending a 4 lane divided highway badly needed from mile 45 to mile 49 and got the squatters out of that area.... In 2021 and 2022, the state even expanded further north converting the 4 lane divided highway thru mile 52 at Big Lake Junction. The state had more highway improvement projects in 2021 and 2022 at Chulitna Pass in a 5 mile stretch (mile 188 to 193), and (mile 229 thru 233), Montana Creek (mile 96) and Sheep Creek (mile 87) areas. As noted - all of their infrastructure, materials and machinery were staged along any turnout and clearing they could use which were places that others used to boondock. Pretty similar to the Cassiar Hwy. with the power transmission intertie project during 2013 where the south corridor between Bob Quinn and Tatogga Lodge at the time hoarded up every single turnout, space or clearing to use to where I could not boondock anywhere - staging their infrastructure, materials, atco buildings, machinery, etc. With all the more road projects and added infrastructure, there will be even less roadside access boondocking within the highways of Alaska - it ain't what it used to be. The few turnouts along the Nenana River and the Broad Pass turnouts are still permitted overnight parking along the Parks Hwy.
AKsilvereagle 01/16/23 09:34am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Early Television

Growing up in Los Anchorage, it was always a special treat to go with the parents to Seattle for a trip. Not only was it cool to travel ("Look, this has 4! propellers"), but back in those days of taped shows, one would see all the shows in Seattle, fly back to Anchorage a few days later, just in time to see the same episodes. Pretty similar when I first arrived in Fairbanks 40 years ago...couldn't believe network shows were on one or two week delay at the time - I was like, all these shows were already televised in the states. A friend of mine worked at one of the TV studios and called me up asking me if I wanted to see the Super Bowl at the studio, said sure and even got a grand tour of the studio to boot !!! Reminded, the Super Bowl was already televised 5 days prior as the beta tape itself arrived at the studio but it could not be locally broadcasted for another two days yet until Sunday in it's scheduled time slot so I got to see the matinee sneak preview - even knowing the result... Then after broadcasting any network shows on the air, my friend says he has to mail the beta tapes to Hawaii - sheesh ! Now me growing up in Los Angeles (Hollywood) when I was a kid, all of our black and white TV's were either burglary, Goodwill, or pawn shop purchases - and most of the time we were a two TV household as they were stacked one on top of the other - either the sound or the picture vegged out on a particular TV so we made sure we always had picture AND sound ! I used to sneak into the studios when I was a little misfit, KTTV channel 11 and KBSC channel 52 were the easiest ones, KTLA channel 5 I only succeeded once (I still watch them on streamline) as they had pretty tight security...I lived a half mile from these studios at the time - Me and a friend interrupted the game show 'Concentration' when they were on the air doing a tape segment in studio 4 at the KTTV channel 11 studios - yes red light at the door and all and went right in - as the host Jack Nares was rubbernecking watching us walk around and Johnny Olsen was wearing a tuxedo standing on a podium reading off the prizes as he stopped to turn around to look at us, then security ran right at us as we bolted and got away. KABC channel 7 (ABC) studio I succeeded once also but got caught rather quickly and escorted out.... KHJ channel 9 at the Paramount studios I succeeded a couple times but security was real tight during live studio audience taping of primetime shows.... KNXT channel 2 (CBS)- Television City, KNBC channel 4 Burbank studios and Warner Brothers - forget it ! those studios were security fortresses. Never did try to sneak in 20th Century Fox or MGM Studios as they were too far away. After moving out to Palm Springs, our first ever color TV wasn't until 1981 as we all had to pitch in to get that $300 Sears touch tune color TV that was a $199 sale special (no remote) - it finally felt like luxury watching color TV like everybody else. Those are just a handful of my early television memories.
AKsilvereagle 09/08/22 05:31pm Around the Campfire
Bowled two 300s, a 299, with 2nd lifetime 800 series !

All this occurred in the past three weeks - Tue August 16, 2022 - 8th lifetime 300 game #8324 overall (game 2 of session) - For all you bowling buffs, the ball was Motiv Fatal Venom (30* x 3.50" x 20* layout) on the 145th game bowled with it : https://i.postimg.cc/tJ6nv2cZ/009.jpg Sun August 28, 2022 - 9th lifetime 300 game #8375 overall (game 5 of session) with second lifetime 800 3 game series - 288 300 216 - 804 Series B (game 4, 5, 6) was with a new Motiv Jackal Ghost (90* x 2.00" x 60* layout) was on the first three games out of the box bowled with it - 288 300 216.... Series A (game 1, 2, 3) was with a new Motiv Venom Shock - 203 203 194 = 600 series out of the box as well (game one not shown on monitor) with a 1404 six game session (13th lifetime 1400 series) : https://i.postimg.cc/3RrM3FDk/078.jpg Sat September 03, 2022 - 4th lifetime 299 game #8390 overall (game 2 of session) - Left a weak 10 pin on the final shot - was with the Motiv Venom Shock (35* x 4.00" x 25* layout) on the 8th game bowled with it : https://i.postimg.cc/VvDqTTSk/005.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/gjF8nZ58/001.jpg Now reached 8400 overall games since March 2014 getting back into bowling (1400 six game sessions) as I logged every game for the past 8.5 years - Game 1 average is least dominant, game 5 average is most dominant. Never had a back to back 288 and 300 before, got two open frames in game 3 and still managed to reach the rare 800 series feat again for the second time, so that shows my first 800 series was not a fluke after all !
AKsilvereagle 09/08/22 06:41am Around the Campfire
RE: Looking for best route from Modesto ca to Yuma Az

On a second note... If heaven forbid or hell in this case - one "somehow" does end up in the Indio-Coachella area during mid summer - If proceeding via eastbound I-10 thru Blythe and US 95 : Either leave Indio no later than 630am or leave Indio after 1100pm during the night when ascending uphill out of the valley due to avoiding extreme hot daytime temperatures enroute towards Chiraco Summit to avoid potential overheating an engine while commuting - Outside temps in the Coachella Valley start at 90 to 95 degrees F as soon as the sun pops up over the horizon during mid summer... If proceeding via southbound thru the Imperial Valley to reach El Centro and I-8 via Yuma : I would much rather commute on the CA 111 route (east side of the Salton Sea) for two reasons.... 1 - It is more scenic 2 - A bit safer than the CA 86 route known as the "killer highway" between Coachella and Salton City as there are more head on collision accidents that occur, while having to deal with a higher volume of semi truck traffic... One will be present at over 200 ft below sea level on the CA 111 stretch along the south end area of the Salton Sea , so be prepared to do a lot of yawning if not adapted to the elevation climate and somehow maintain full alertness when commuting along the Salton Sea area on a prolong commute.... As noted, the desert southwest is very very hot at this time of year, and especially both the Coachella and Imperial Valleys are no joke - how I know is I was raised there in my teen years after being raised in the Los Angeles basin prior to that and in my late teen years. Also noted - I too would opt to commute via CA 58 via I-40 with the addition to Needles, cross River Rd. into the Arizona side for a couple miles in Mohave Valley and top off fuel tank(s) at the Arco AM-PM mini mart station in order to NOT pay for someone elses retirement (if you know what I mean) - head back to Needles and proceed south via US 95 to Vidal Junction via CA 62 to Parker via AZ 95 and US 95 south at Quartzsite via to Yuma.
AKsilvereagle 06/25/22 04:26pm Roads and Routes
RE: Lowest grades Calgary to Spokane towing trailer

I never driven thru the Crowsnest Pass so I cannot compare, as I taken BC 93 northbound thru Kootenay Nat'l Park in my 70 Ford 2WD Truck with my camper in Sept 2012 when I visited the Kootenays... Driven BC 93 again thru Kootenay Nat'l Park in Oct 2018 southbound in my 75 Ford 2WD Truck with my camper in which I had to time it just right after their early 10 inches of snowfall and before the next stormfront on my way to Sandpoint ID via Spokane WA via Redding CA via Bellingham WA while having to revert taking the Alaska Ferry home because the roads in central and northern Canada were snowy and icy.... Their are two gradual grades on that BC 93 route between Trans Can 1 and BC 95 in my opinion that should be OK for a loaded U Haul trailer and a Toyota Rav 4 to accomplish the feat.... The North end on the Banff Nat'l Park side is around a long gradual 5% to 7% grade, and the South end is a little more hilly and winding with 5% to a short 9% grade and is not as long as the gradual mellower grade on the north end - neither of the two major grades on the entire route seemed bad to me. Once you reach Radium Hot Springs at BC 95, the rest of the way is a much easy travel and relatively flat without any mountainous driving all the way to the Kingsgate-Eastport Border Port of Entry. Hope this helps the OP.
AKsilvereagle 06/25/22 03:08pm Roads and Routes
RE: Planning a trip to Alaska sometime 2023

Everything i have found so far indicates that the new drivers license is acceptable. You must not understand the differences between a : 1 -real ID or real ID driver license 2 -enhanced driver license 3 -passport card or equivalent 4 -passport book 1 - The purpose of the real ID or real ID driver license is maintaining a central federal database for permitting domestic US air travel, access to US federal gov't buildings and installations...it has no bearing what so ever for international travel.... 2 - The enhanced driver licenses are only allowed to be issued from US states that directly border with Canada, with the option to participate.... When the program first started under the WHTI (Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative managed under the US Dept of Homeland Security), only four US states first optioned to participate (WA, MN, MI, and NY)...and later on I believe VT joined to issue enhanced driver licenses.... Enhanced driver licenses that are issued from these 5 US states are both equivalent with the same characteristics as a valid passport card while also real ID compliant.... 3 - A passport card (also managed under WHTI), permits entry to all land and sea ports of the United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean Islands only....To my knowledge it cannot be used for air travel, however the last I knew there was an added exception a couple years ago to start permitting restricted air travel to only four int'l airports in Canada with the US passport card to and from the United States via Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and I think either Edmonton or Montreal.... 4 - A US passport book's purpose is designated for all forms of air, land and sea travel at all ports of entry (international) while it is also domestically real ID and passport card compliant.... The last I knew, Real ID's and passport cards are valid for 5 to 7 years (unless recently changed) as US passport books are still valid for 10 years at a time.... The one factor upon real ID's, enhanced driver licenses, passport cards or equivalent, and passport books all have in common are : They all establish both proof of identity and proof of citizenship. For the record, I first obtained a US passport in 2006 to be future compliant when the US government announced their new required travel rules between countries, and since they added the real ID initiative in the mix later on - a US passport book supersedes any restricted real ID and passport card compliant measures as there is no need for me to obtain any other form of ID as I have a US passport book (valid for 10 years) and a standard driver license (now valid for 7 years).... Here is a twister in the mix upon the WHTI rules strictly between 'typical' United States and Canada citizens ..... Only citizens of Canada can enter the United States without bearing a passport, as all US citizens and other foreign citizens are required to bear a passport or equivalent to enter or re-enter the United States.... A citizen of Canada that wishes to enter the United States without a passport must show established : -proof of citizenship (a birth certificate or equivalent) AND -proof of identity (a government issued ID or driver license if operating a vehicle) Not under the WHTI rules : Only citizens of Canada and the United States can enter Canada without bearing a passport.... A citizen of the United States that wishes to enter Canada without a passport must show established : -proof of citizenship (a birth certificate or equivalent) AND -proof of identity (a government issued ID or driver license if operating a vehicle) However, any US citizen when entering Canada will always be asked to present a passport or equivalent mainly because the government of Canada fully knows that US citizens are required to bear a US passport when re-entering the United States.... If a US citizen wishes to enter Canada with just a gov't ID and proof of citizenship - there are some exceptions depending the circumstances that a CBSA or immigration officer of Canada will determine at their discretion, however if one declares that they are taking a long vacation in their RV to Alaska while planning to return to their origin destination in the states - I wouldn't really count on any Canadian official permitting entry as more likely they will inform that US citizen to obtain a travel document. Not under the WHTI rules (which is US law) : Citizens of the United States that re-enter the United States without bearing a passport or equivalent CANNOT BE DENIED ENTRY.... -One will automatically be referred to secondary inspection and... -One will be going thru additional screening measures until CBP officers are satisfied establishing -proof of identity and proof of citizenship on an individual.... More likely when it comes to dealing with CBP re-entering the United States under those circumstances, one will wish they had a passport.
AKsilvereagle 05/10/22 11:16am Roads and Routes
RE: Going to Canada in a Camper?

From 2009 thru December 2016, the Canadian government did require citizens of Mexico to obtain a tourist visa but that is no longer the case, just a passport and proof of full covid vaccination would be the minimum requirement at the discretion of the CBSA customs officer as far as an individual status goes for permitted entry in Canada upon visiting - Citizens of other countries may have to obtain a visiting visa as the Canadian government has a listing of who is required to do so, however US and Mexico citizens are two of many countries that do not require a visitors visa to enter Canada ... As long as the Montana registered vehicle at hand has valid insurance coverage within the United States, most every US insurance carrier will honor the coverage while visiting Canada nowadays without obtaining additional coverage cards, endorsements, etc. As noted, others had posted most insurance carriers as it is best to check one's policy of insurance carrier to verify if the policy itself does not clearly state included coverage in Canada... My insurance carrier did require temporary permit cards for additional coverage in Canada valid for 30 days, at no additional charge when requesting for one as deemed under Canadian law.... The main reason behind it was : Canada coverage requirements were much higher than US carriers (at the time) - -Alaska liability minimum $100,000 USD -Alaska property damage minimum $25,000 USD -Canada liability minimum $200,000 CAD -Canada property damage minimum $50,000 CAD My insurance carrier finally stopped issuing the temporary permit cards practice in 2017 as some major US carriers already started to automatically include coverage within Canada anyway, however each carrier still potentially had their own set of rules upon declaring operating said vehicle in Canada or what have you... I was asked for proof of insurance twice ever while in Canada... First time was entering Canada at Beaver Creek Yukon in 1991 as the CBSA officer wanted to see proof of insurance as I just obtained an insurance policy and showed it to the customs officer - the officer called out that it didn't show Canadian coverage as I pointed out an endorsement document inside the policy paperwork which stated minimum Canadian coverage limits valid for 30 days as the officer was satisfied... Second time was in 2013 just 2 km west of the Cassiar Hwy Junction on the Alaska Highway in the Yukon with this unexpected mandatory checkpoint road block courtesy of a joint venture by the RCMP's and the Yukon Wildlife Conservation checking vehicle registrations, valid driver licenses, hunting license-permits, and proof of insurance in both directions : https://i.postimg.cc/D0jvXwRh/2677.jpg I submitted my driver license and proof of insurance but could not find my vehicle registration for three minutes as they would not permit me thru until I found it, in which I found the Canadian coverage temporary permit card inside the registration and surrendered it to the officer as she stated "what is this, I never seen any Canadian coverage temporary permit insurance card before". So as others pointed out reference to permits, visa requirements or additional insurance coverage for Canada, hope the OP is reassured it is not a necessary requirement for permitted entry in Canada... The CBSA are not the insurance enforcement police as most every time they will not ask for proof of insurance, however they have the power to inquire asking for proof of insurance for compliance check measures at their discretion.
AKsilvereagle 05/08/22 06:33am Roads and Routes
RE: Hwy 5 to little gold and Dawson City

Practically all of the private storage and RV parks in Fairbanks are relatively safe from potential thieves if one is to temporarily leave their rig there, in order to venture elsewhere abroad.... As mentioned about Pioneer Park (formerly Alaskaland) which was first built in 1967 commemorating the 100th year anniversary of the 1867 Alaska purchase from Russia, is a safe parking lot to stay at also as is Walmart, Cosco, etc. - however if one were to leave their rig unattended for a few days at those type of unsecured public type places I would highly advise NOT leaving an RV there (or anywhere in Alaska for that matter) while unattended other than one full day at the most....people here know how to case things out and rip off too. Two factors not mentioned reference to the Taylor Hwy (Alaska Hwy 5)- 1 - Before venturing on this road in a class C or motorcoach, DO CHECK ROAD CONDITIONS prior to travel if it has been raining substantially as portions of this roadway and terrain can potentially washout like it did in four places in 2010 and made it impassible for 2 months...if the road is open for travel while severely wash boarded or saturated, traveling in a large type vehicle thru this stretch is not for the faint at heart. The general roughest parts I am mentioning are in the mile 60 thru mile 96 stretch at the Y (Jack Wade Junction)...please take it slow and don't try to make time like some idiots do in their 40 ft motorcoaches driving 50 mph+ thru these stretches.... August 2014 - Mile 72 Taylor Hwy : https://i.postimg.cc/ZnMKLws9/098.jpg August 2008 - Mile 81 Taylor Hwy : Soft shoulder area showing truck pulling fifth wheel - https://i.postimg.cc/B6WFTcwQ/aug-2008-mi-81-taylor-hwy-interior-alaska.jpg July 2010 - Mile 92 Taylor Hwy : Saturated and slippery roadway while climbing grade - 10 days before the historic road closure happened in four locations due to flooding and torrential rains... https://i.postimg.cc/3rgYtCW0/july-2010-mi-92-Taylor-Hwy-interior-alaska-1063-7422.jpg There are a few BLM campgrounds along the way on this route (Walker Fork at mile 81 is my favorite) as their are also a few turnouts and remote spots to park for an overnighter. Chicken at mile 66 has sites available as well, and make sure to visit "Downtown Chicken" for the real experience !!! 2 - Since 2014, Boundary Spur Road which is the 14 mile stretch linking the Y at Jack Wade Junction (mile 96) to the International Border (joint Canada - US Customs station) has been fully paved for the first time ever and was real nice when I drove it in 2014 and 2016... August 2014 - Mile 8 Boundary Spur Road and Airstrip : https://i.postimg.cc/tCG2D9Pz/163.jpg July 2010 - Mile 8 Boundary Spur Road and Airstrip : https://i.postimg.cc/TPjRLdrH/july-2010-mi-8-boundary-spur-rd-overlooking-boundary-interior-alaska-921.jpg I would today expect a few unattended potholes to dodge here and there since these roads are the far north normalcy type of condition, however it is such a blessing compared to the old unpaved condition of this stretch which most of the time took me an hour to drive 14 miles in the past it was so beat up, especially during and after the rain. As mentioned, the Canadian side (Top of the World Hwy) is spot on with intermittent chip seal surfaces, and unpaved portions as well that are not as rough compared to the rough stretch of the Taylor Hwy. August 2016 - Mile 65 top of the World Hwy. https://i.postimg.cc/3JLh66wc/114.jpg May 1992 - Canada Customs - Mile 66 Top of the World Hwy. : My first trip to Dawson City 30 years ago this year in my 1970 Thunderbird when it was still separate custom stations - https://i.postimg.cc/qBDCMwB6/may-1992-mi-66-top-of-the-world-hwy-US-and-CANADA-customs-boundary-station-USA-CANADA-int-l-bo.jpg July 1998 - better picture of separate custom stations on my second trip to Dawson City (and Skagway) during the 100th anniversary Klondike Gold Rush : https://i.postimg.cc/wMYJgTQx/july-1998-mi-66-top-of-the-world-hwy-US-and-CANADA-customs-boundary-stations-USA-CANADA-444.jpg Fun Fact : the white Canada customs building was moved a second time to it's current location of 4 miles on the Alaska side just outside of Boundary at mile 10, I think I seen it one mile inside Alaska previously when the new joint building station was completed... https://i.postimg.cc/C5mc1QMQ/Sep-2012-former-Canada-Customs-Station-Interior-Alaska.jpg ...To this day in 1998 was the best road surface condition I ever seen the Top of the World Hwy. in, real smooth all the way from the border to Dawson. August 2006 - First picture taken of replacement joint Canada-USA Customs Station : https://i.postimg.cc/J0SF1XdD/aug-2006-mi-66-top-of-the-world-hwy-boundary-station-new-joint-US-CANADA-customs-building-448.jpg Dawson City Yukon is like Virginia City Nevada on steroids, they really preserve the history of the town and is a very unique area - and the local people are really something there as my great friend introduced me to pioneers that have lived there for a very long time as their grandparents were first generation Gold Rush settlers. September 2012 - Fifth Ave. at York St. - Dawson City Yukon : My friend owns this vacant lot in downtown Dawson as I get to boondock next to the Gold Rush RV Park - https://i.postimg.cc/wTZkGHSv/231.jpg August 2016 : https://i.postimg.cc/7ZH1QVVB/163.jpg Tombstone Territorial Park on the Dempster Hwy. is worth a sidetrip to visit as long as it is ok or good enough weather.... August 2006 - Tombstone Territorial Park - double rainbow : https://i.postimg.cc/PfMG0cxk/aug-2006-tombstone-mtn-campground-double-rainbow-northern-yukon-territory-canada-425.jpg I would also highly recommend driving at least 50 miles north of Tombstone Territorial Park to see the substantial changes to the landscape every 10 miles which blew my mind as I only driven as far as Engineer Creek before having to turn around due to my front truck cab mount caving in and made my steering real tight (steering shaft was holding up the entire truck cab) and lucky enough made it back to Dawson and then all the way home...so Inuvik is still on my bucket list. August 2006 - Mile 52 Dempster Hwy. - Angelcomb Peak : https://i.postimg.cc/Rhpg4wyw/aug-2006-mi-52-dempster-hwy-anglecomb-peak-01-northern-yukon-territory-canada-418.jpg August 2006 - Mile 63 Dempster Hwy. https://i.postimg.cc/D0t4FZvx/aug-2006-mi-63-dempster-hwy-northern-yukon-territory-canada-546.jpg August 2006 - Mile 77 Dempster Hwy. - Highway and government airstrip https://i.postimg.cc/zfjdBmRC/aug-2006-mi-77-dempster-hwy-and-govt-airstrip-northern-yukon-territory-canada-473.jpg August 2006 - Mile 89 Dempster Hwy. https://i.postimg.cc/y8XqFbZd/aug-2006-mi-89-dempster-hwy-blackstone-river-northern-yukon-territory-canada-456.jpg Well, Haul Road is Haul Road...the Dalton Hwy. will have some ok portions and some rough portions along the way... I temporarily lost vacuum while driving my camper rig (my 70 F250 Ford) downhill on the 12% south grade of Atigun Pass and lost all braking power as my engine rpm was over 3000 in low gear creeping as slow as possible without burning up the brakes as my braking power finally re-engaged before reaching the sharp hair pin turn or I wouldn't be typing here now posting about it.....that was my only bad experience on the Haul road. August 2006 - Mile 72 thru 74 Dalton Hwy - the roller coaster : https://i.postimg.cc/rsVvQHh8/aug-2006-mi-72-dalton-hwy-interior-alaska-435.jpg https://i.postimg.cc/W1BCQz9Y/aug-2006-mi-74-dalton-hwy-interior-alaska-512.jpg August 2006 - Mile 45 Dalton Hwy - construction zone : https://i.postimg.cc/gc17wnpz/aug-2006-mi-45-dalton-hwy-interior-alaska.jpg August 2006 - Mile 244 Dalton Hwy - top of Atigun Pass - Arctic Circle Alaska : https://i.postimg.cc/kMknnJh8/aug-2006-mi-244-dalton-hwy-top-of-atigun-pass-and-brooks-range-01-arctic-circle-alaska-407.jpg August 2006 - Mile 276 Dalton Hwy - caribou herd - North Slope Alaska : https://i.postimg.cc/kXTP27Tf/aug-2006-mi-276-dalton-hwy-caribou-herd-01-arctic-circle-north-slope-alaska-408.jpg Hope this insight helps - To the OP - As a native southern Californian such as myself, if this is your first far north trip, you will see why I lived in Alaska for 39 years... During my tenure in Orange County, I resided off of Lincoln-Glassell, Rio Vista-South, Chapman-West and worked near Tustin-La Palma.
AKsilvereagle 05/08/22 02:25am RVing in Canada and Alaska
RE: Where did you get THAT?

My $300 waterproof and ten feature state of the art surge protector to protect my entire electrical system for my cabover from A1 Auto - which saved me any potential disaster 3 times already.... One RV Park showing reverse polarity.... One RV Park showing low voltage.... At my stepbrother's place in northern California showing excessive high Hz.... I was like, hey bro - I had to reset my surge protector a few hours ago as for whatever reason your garage outlet showed a higher frequency output than it was suppose to flow since I am plugged in with my extension cord on your grid... Stepbrother stated, oh you mean that immensely over rated expensive surge protector that you rave about as state of the art that any 6 other typical surge protectors can protect it anyway with that price... Nope - my house doesn't have any electrical issues at all....Although my son's power supply unit on his computer did fry earlier this morning as he was troubleshooting it for diagnostics and -YOU MEAN TO TELL ME THAT SURGE DETECTOR OF YOUR'S ACTUALLY DETECTED THAT FROM ANOTHER CIRCUIT ????? And my portable floorboard refrigerator-heater that's thermostat controlled from Scamazon - keeps the water and fruit nice and cold when on the road.
AKsilvereagle 03/26/22 09:56pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Gas prices.

At least 5 years ago I started putting money into an extra bank account I have. I've turned that money into my "camping and recreation fund" savings account. The money from that account goes towards fuel for my vacations and camping trips. Because that money sits there and isn't used for anything else, it's not a huge hit to my main bank account to go camping. This is also what I exactly done when I finally had the opportunity to obtain a Canadian Bank Account since 2009 and designated it as my "vacation and travel fund" as I generally take my vacations in Canada (except the past two COVID years of course)... I had reached the "balance maxed out limit" over time in compliance without having to declare or report it to the feds (IRS) reference to the FBAR rules....In the meantime I can also exchange an unlimited amount of funds without tapping into my Canadian account balance (which I currently do) as the Canadian Dollar is still somewhat in the toilet compared to US Dollars.... Once the Canadian Dollar gets stronger again (at $1.15 CAD or lower per USD) I will pilf on the account and spend more out of it because of my gaining benefit side of purchasing power I invested over the years (balance sitting at flat $1.15 CAD)... As my Canada vacations in total expenses average 68% in fuel purchases alone, that dictates whether I exchange money and spend it on fuel (still much higher than $1.15 exchange rate) and leave my account balance alone or whenever I decide to just tap into the account whenever I want knowing I got three or four vacation years sitting there to fund it !!!! The down side to all this gas price drama we have to endure is that since I turned 16 years old, I have had to work two full time jobs for 41 years of the 44 total years that I have been in the workforce.... ...Because - everytime I pull up to a gas pump . . . I work for THE OIL COMPANY !!!!
AKsilvereagle 03/26/22 09:08pm RV Lifestyle
RE: Pre Entry COVID-19 Test No Longer Required Entering Canada

I had my first dose administered in late April 2021 - The second dose was administered in mid May 2021 - My third dose (first 'booster') was administered in late December 2021 - My CDC Card shows a legit sticker for the first dose, and hand written annotation for the second and third doses....which I think it's a joke hand writing it on the card as anyone can do so - so what's the point of having a vaccination card ? With that said - once I received my second dose, I insisted on the supervisor in charge (after getting the run around by the staff) that I wanted some other type of legitimate PROOF of official documentation because of government officials, especially Canada that will not accept some cheesy looking hand written CDC card as proof of vaccination either when I plan to enter their country in the future.... The supervisor fulfilled my request with a copy under my name and date of birth of both doses administered, with the date administered, each dose amount, the name manufacturer of each dose, lot numbers of each dose, and the expiration date of each dose.... This copy told me the CDC has a nice set up of a central database to keep track of COVID vaccinations on every individual - which I wondered earlier on how this Alaskan couple got caught by Canadian officials as they determined their CDC vaccination cards were fraudulent upon entering Canada on an in transit declaration to Alaska via road - as they were denied entry of course and currently barred from entering Canada again for a length of time (pretty much done). After going to the supermarket one day - I seen they advertised free COVID booster shots in late December 2021, as I inquired at the pharmacy about it and the lady needed to see my ID to see if I was eligible for one (thinking she was only verifying proof of age) as she disappeared for three minutes and came back to the counter to state I was eligible with the timeframe and past COVID vaccination history.... So I asked if she has access to the CDC database and she stated so, which is how they verify on dose eligibility, as lucky me they had three cancellations that day and walked out with my third COVID dose within 10 minutes of looking into it thinking I had to make an appointment and ended up with a sore arm for four days.... I also requested a copy of proof that I had the third dose, as the pharmacist given me one showing I got the shot that day - and for me to come back anytime after 24 hours later and request another copy as it will show a fully updated history which I obtained roughly a month later after showing my ID again. So for those of you that are like me keeping up with their expenditures, tracking, and documentations, etc. - I would request to obtain a documented copy of every COVID shot to also present to customs officials if needed in case their CDC database access glitches for whatever reasons.
AKsilvereagle 03/26/22 08:18pm RVing in Canada and Alaska
Pre Entry COVID-19 Test No Longer Required Entering Canada

I am surprised no one posted this notice released on Thursday March 17, 2022 as I just found out yesterday.... This is great news for me hoping I do not miss a potential third consecutive year from visiting Canada on vacation !!! Starting on Friday April 1, 2022 - Fully Vaccinated Travelers Upon Entering Canada will no longer be required to submit a Negative COVID-19 Test Result.... Non Vaccinated or Partial Vaccinated Travelers that are permitted entry into Canada will still be required to submit a negative COVID-19 Test result within 72 hours of entry - same standard current protocols.... Additional details disclosed per CBSA News Release Link : CBSA News Release
AKsilvereagle 03/23/22 01:23am RVing in Canada and Alaska
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