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RE: Bunk house conundrum and older kids

While not in the same "boat" as the OP, I have a similar situation. My 78 YO mother travels with us and has her lower bunk, while I also have a 12 and 13 YO. My current trailer is a Coleman 274BH, no slide on it, but the rear bunks are roomy and so far has worked out the past three years. Both my kids have outgrown the jack knife sofa. Pretty goofy sized one, 12" of arms take up a lot of room, so contemplated upgrading to a larger one with a slide while keeping to the same GVWR as the current one. Well I did find one that fit the bill, but is $10K more than what I paid for the one I have now, so would have to first sell mine rather than take a hit on trade, then of course purchase the new one, spend more money to outfit it, because we all know what worked on one, may not work on the other, and then of course timing. The weather this spring was so bad I couldn't get it out of storage, and when I finally did, the weather prevented me from working on it to get it all cleaned up and ready to sell. So after all that back and forth and everything, I did the next best thing, replaced that worthless Jack Knife with a much longer one. Trailer is good for a few more years for us. :) The sofa is rather comfortable to sleep on, so what I suggest is find a trailer you can live with for a while that has a nice sofa bed. Some of those are pull out too. If you can make it work and be happy, go for it.
Acdii 06/10/19 03:25pm Family Camping
RE: Roof coating

I have a glued sheet on my roof. Is this Vinyl or EDPM ? Which Heng coating is correct? Easiest way to find out is pull a trim ring from a vent. The material is wrapped around the opening and stapled in place. Look at the back side. If black or gray, it is EPDM, if the back is the same as the top then it is TPO. EPDM has more products compatible with it, so make sure what ever you use is compatible. If TPO make sure it clearly states good with TPO or if there is a product that has to be applied first. Some sealers require a primer for them to work.
Acdii 06/09/19 01:24pm Travel Trailers
RE: Make it white once more

It also helps in resale value. A well kept roof makes a sale much easier and top dollar. That and inspections for potential leaks is much easier if the roof is clean.
Acdii 05/15/19 07:27am Tech Issues
RE: Make it white once more

The whiter it is, the cooler it stays. Would you not wash your car before you wax it? That's essentially what I would be doing if I put the UV protection on, sealing the dirt in.
Acdii 05/15/19 06:59am Tech Issues
Make it white once more

I was on my roof today, TPO membrane. Scrubbed it hard with Simple Green. It took most of the black off the joints, but once I rinsed it off there is a nice white area where the antenna covers it, the rest is dingy gray. What can I use to bring the white back? Even the lap seams have gray patches where they didn't come white. I want to get it as clean as I can before wiping it all down with UV protectant.
Acdii 05/14/19 09:09pm Tech Issues
RE: TPO Sealant

In that case, the sealant won't harm TPO, it just wont stick. OK, That's a relief. I know the few spots where the sealant touches the roof material is sticking well, but those are smears where a drop of goo landed and got wiped off. I mainly just went over spots that appeared to be compromised, like screw heads, and some cracks on lap joints. They really should have an * after TPO to avoid confusion, because other might see that and not look any further through wherever you found that note. I clicked the link, that page opened and it said for use on TPO, why look any further, right?
Acdii 05/11/19 07:47am Travel Trailers
TPO Sealant

I've been researching best ways to clean the black off the roof. The first thing is to determine what material it is, so I went and pulled a trim ring and found out it is TPO. Simple Green or Murphy's oil soap is recommended, and I have Simple Green, so mixed up a 1:1 and went up, sure enough a stiff brush and some SG and it cleaned what I couldn't before. Yeah So while I was up there I noticed what looks like a nick in the membrane on the edge where it wraps around and down. It doesn't appear to be through the material, but why take a chance, so went and got my tube of roof sealer that I have used previously last year and discovered, (Not for TPO). A search is coming up with conflicting information. It is Geocel advanced EPDM sealant. At the time I thought it was EPDM since that is what I was told by Camping World. On the tube it says, not for TPO, but on their web site, Geocel, it says it is for TPO. For Use On White EPDM, primed TPO, primed PVC, metal, other pre-fabricated sheet goods, and other common building substrates :?
Acdii 05/10/19 07:54pm Travel Trailers
RE: RV GPS with Dash Cam

If you're looking for a place to buy the Overdryve - I recommend TechnoRV.com. They are friends of ours and they have a good reputation for support. Rand McNally OverDryve 7 RV I saw that in my search. I got one direct from Rand McNally for $327. I also grabbed one of the backup cameras for $30. Thanks though. I did watch the unboxing video from them.
Acdii 04/23/19 09:58am Technology Corner
RE: RV GPS with Dash Cam

Take a look at the Rand Mcnally OverDryve™ 7 RV with GPS. I have the overdryve 7, non -rv. Both come with built in dash cam Yes, that is exactly what I am looking for. Now to do some shopping, making sure it is the RV and not Car version. Thanks. Actually, this was the exact one I have been looking for. When I tried searching for it all the others came up but not this one. I did find one for a good price and have it ordered. Looks like it has a dash mount, so will look around for a window mount for it since that is how my Garmin is right now. If not a no drill/no glue mount will be needed.
Acdii 04/22/19 05:24pm Technology Corner
RE: RV GPS with Dash Cam

amazon has a few of them, mostly refurbished but a multitude of wrecks, take a defensive driving course. bumpy Deer and an icy road where the other driver lost control. I've been through training that a good 90% on this board have not done, or even considered. Hold a Class A CDL, so please keep your conclusions AFK,and on topic, thanks.
Acdii 04/22/19 12:45pm Technology Corner
RV GPS with Dash Cam

My Garmin Nuvi is getting old. It is the model with the HD dash cam. Even though it has lifetime updates, the dash cam itself is starting to age. At times the device loses connectivity to the flash cards and stops recording, then magically finds them again. I also noticed a few saved videos have trash noise at the bottom. Since I will want an RV map that I can put in my trailer information so it can route properly and avoid roads the trailer doesn't belong on, I want to replace the Nuvi, but it needs to have a dash cam as well, and not able to find one, so if anyone has a suggestion of one they have or have seen, would be greatly appreciated. I couldn't tell you how many times the dash cam came in handy for insurance reasons as well as some great driving vids, especially in Utah. I could get just a dash cam, but that requires extra wires and such, along with windshield clutter.
Acdii 04/22/19 11:01am Technology Corner
RE: Tacoma for an F150

I have an 18 Platinum 3.5 EB with Max Tow. 1557 payload and with my 28' Coleman 274BH hooked up I have 400 pounds reserve payload. I use a Blue Ox and the trailer pulls smoothly and steadily. It falls around 6400 pounds loaded for a two week trip with a full FWT. If anything, it gives the OP an idea what Ford has that can tow what he has and more. Mine is the 145" WB. The XLT and 501a Lariat models will have more payload, 1800+ and there is the Unicorn if you can find it, the HDPP model with up to 2800 pound payload in the XLT trim. The downside of the long WB is that they are difficult to park due to the wide turning radius so would take some getting use to after driving a car like Tacoma (my F150 steers car like too, so not a slam). Oh, it also gets 24 MPG highway when not towing.
Acdii 04/22/19 10:52am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ford New Vehicle Tracker

If it was built April 5th, it should be delivered sometime after April 6th. Give or take a month or two. I think I have a future career as a truck salesman. Want a good laugh? When my truck was built I was tracking it. According to the tracker it was sitting in the lot in Deerborne. That night my dealer called to let me know the truck was in and they would prep it in the morning. Tracker updated 2 days later. It never showed in transit, just pending transport and delivered. We were both like, Wait, what?
Acdii 04/22/19 10:40am Tow Vehicles
RE: Ram outsells Chevrolet.

I compared the 19 Limited to an 18 Platinum. RAM has stepped up the game tremendously, that interior is just fantastic from materials, to stitching to the electronics. I went with the Platinum though for several reasons. Ram, not known for reliability Dealerships not known for decent care Unknown crash ratings (which recently have been done and RAM matches Ford with 5 stars) Unknown if the rust issues have been solved poor engine choices lack of available payload. No tailgate step known for having electrical issues Aside from the Ford having a dated interior, it is still a rather good truck and I can see why it is still #1. 6 engine choices Highest payload and towing over 6 million combinations that can be built (mind blowing too when one is built every 53 seconds) very nice styling. GM will continue to stay at the bottom unless they fire all their engineers and hire some with talent and imagination instead of coming out with the same old same old style year after year. And please, that complicated tailgate? A disaster in the making. About the only thing I did like that GM had over both Ford and Ram was the camera system. Doesn't say much does it.
Acdii 04/22/19 10:30am Tow Vehicles
RE: Actual federal weight law rules, some questions and answers

Interesting videos from an Indiana State Trooper. YouTube1 YouTube2
Acdii 04/22/19 10:20am Tow Vehicles
RE: Hitch Class?

If the hitch is on a pick up truck, then you can almost be assured that it is a class 3/4 hitch. I say 3/4 because almost all class 3 hitches can be converted to class 4 by the use of weight distribution. If the truck is one of the newer ones, it may even be a class 5 hitch with the 2.5 inch receiver. My son's Ford F150 came with a 2.5 inch receiver a few years ago. However, my new 2019 Ram 1500 came with a 2" one. The class is determined by the weight capabilities of the receiver. Here is one interpretation of the hitch classes. Here is another. . Be aware that there are others. Barney Was going to say the same thing. They are all Class III rated weight carrying 500/5000 (except GM 700/7000). With WDH they go over the 10K limit of Class IV, up to 13,200 with the Ford Max Tow.
Acdii 04/22/19 10:01am Towing
RE: Air bags and shocks to smooth out ride

Air bags, Timbrens, Sumo springs will increase the road bumps felt, especially Sumo or Timbrens that contact frame to axle tube. As others suggest, start with shocks.
Acdii 04/22/19 09:58am Towing
RE: Solar Trickle charger

What Sam said above is true. I made the mistake of putting a 6Watt panel on and connecting direct to the battery. All was good for a while and then the battery was DED dead. It killed the battery. Now I have an AGM connected to a smart controller and 15 watt panel. 3 years now and no problems. The only thing to be mindful of is location. If the panel is not getting full on direct sunlight, it will not produce enough to keep the battery charged! During the winter, being up north where I am, the angle of the sun is too shallow so over time it will draw down the battery instead of charging it. In my situation since I don't need the battery to power anything I just disconnect it instead, and use the panel spring through fall. In fact, just hooked it up last week and in one weeks time the battery is back to full charge. Now if I can just figure out why the LED strip lighting failed. Only have a couple 4 led groups firing, the rest are all dark.
Acdii 04/22/19 09:43am Travel Trailers
RE: Opinions on this travel trailer

Reminds me of Grand Tour when May did that to his trailer. His DID have legs to support it.
Acdii 04/22/19 09:30am Travel Trailers
RE: Extension Cord

Scuse me while I go pop some popcorn OK, I'm back, fun reading for sure. Here is what I have done. I have a 30 amp service and had a 15 amp converter plug plugged into 12 ga extension cords, a 25' and a 50'. Worked good the first year, could run everything including AC off it. Second year my voltage line conditioner kept tripping. I discovered the conductors in the cord had corroded, causing a voltage drop. I went and bought a 100' roll of outdoor heavy duty 10/3 cable and two 30 Amp fittings, along with a 30 Amp outlet, breaker and wiring. Since I run the feed from my barn, it was easy to run the outlet to a place near the door. Now I can run the entire trailer off the 30 Amp service as if I were in an RV park. If the OP can't run the outlet, at the very least make a 100' outdoor 30 amp cord. Use the adapter at the end of it. Most important though, KEEP the connection OFF the ground!
Acdii 04/22/19 09:17am Travel Trailers
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