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RE: Did anybody tried Victron MPPT warranty?

Thanks, Don.
Almot 11/04/22 05:35pm Tech Issues
RE: Did anybody tried Victron MPPT warranty?

Don, what small controller - 20-30A range - would you think is the best for low-light conditions?
Almot 11/04/22 09:08am Tech Issues
RE: Did anybody tried Victron MPPT warranty?

Almot, This behaviour reminds me of Mac laptops--where static electricity would sometimes build up on the mother board. Try shorting out the input then wait a few moments and return power. I think I see a shipping box in your future if the device is still under warranty. Don, do I need to disconnect it from the battery while shorting the input? Yes, warranty for a few months more, plus 1 year topped up by credit card though this could be more pain, have never tried this route.
Almot 11/03/22 09:03am Tech Issues
RE: Did anybody tried Victron MPPT warranty?

Victron has 5V "threshold"? Mid-tier Chinese boxes (meaning not a complete ju.nk) - Epever and Renogy, both open at the panel voltage 2-3 V above the battery voltage, frommy experience. The fact that it no longer can switch to User Defined mode is still unexplained and inconvenient.
Almot 11/02/22 11:44pm Tech Issues
RE: Did anybody tried Victron MPPT warranty?

I thought about battery BMS, will check it later with another controller. But I think Victron gone crazy. Today it refuses to start at all, even at 18.5V. Battery is 13.5V, this corresponds to ~80% SOC. It also refuses to switch to User Defined mode in the app (yesterday in attempts to revive it I switched the mode to one of factory presets, namely AGM. So I can now switch between AGM , Victron Smart Li (low 14.4 Absorb in this one), and a few Gel variations - but not User Defined. And it doesn't start charging. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app - didn't help. Will call Canadian dealers after Christmas, don't have time for this now.
Almot 11/02/22 02:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Did anybody tried Victron MPPT warranty?

Well, Don, it does behave weird. Just to remind, this is a bench test with regulated 15A DC supply. I didn't pay attention to it in field, in summer. It opens at 18.4V. I don't know why yesterday it opened at 15V - maybe it was after I cranked it up to 18, got scared that nominal 15V DC supply will blow up and lowered it to 15V. Once it opens, input can drop to 14.6V and it still pumps undetectable current, batter reads "On". Shuts down at 14.3V, says "goodnight", battery reads "Off" and won't wake up again until V input rises to 18.4. When simulated "sun" goes down, controller is clinging to MPP curve very well. At 15V "evening" it outputs 6A, at 14.5V - 0.1 A (heavy rain?), and if "rain" stops and V input rises to 15 again, it outputs mere 0.2A - not 6A. Then it wakes "for real" at ~16V, at which point current jumps to 10A and V drops to 15-something - MPP tracking at work, but not as smooth as in the "evening". Reached Absorb at 14.6V - as per my setting. Current tapered to zero. I pulled the plug, then decided to let Li batt fry a little more, plugged DC supply in - nothing. With charger disconnected and zero load my Li reads 14.3V fully charged, this isn't new, it drops by 0.3V from 14.6 observed at the end Absorb. Cranked input up to 18.5V - nothing. Isn't it supposed to re-start Bulk again, quickly rise to 14.6 and go to Float? My "Re-bulk" is set at 0.1V, this means it should start Bulk again if V drops to 14.5. Somebody with Victron MPPT, please enlighten me. Maybe it's normal not to open until sun gets high and V input =18.5, and not to at least "try" to resume charging at 14.3 after 14.6 Absorb has been reached.
Almot 10/31/22 08:10pm Tech Issues
RE: Did anybody tried Victron MPPT warranty?

Follow-up: let it sit disconnected for a few hours, now it works. Don't know what happened. Probably new firmware took time to settle down. (While disconnected? A mystery). Turned it On, began increasing input V, it woke up - veeery slowly. Opened at 15-something, for a minute was running 0.1A current, then jumped to 10A (DC power supply can't do more). Victron opens at a higher voltage than a couple of other controllers, this isn't new, but it used to open up and jump at once to maximum possible current. Must be new firmware, fine with me. As before, once it opens, input V can go a bit lower, it will still charge. Love new firmware. They added "Adaptive absorption time" and "Tail current". Something akin Morningstar and (defunct) US-made Rogue. Too bad they didn't at the same time upload three-line display and on-board interface with buttons like in Rogue.
Almot 10/30/22 08:27pm Tech Issues
Did anybody tried Victron MPPT warranty?

After a few months of inactivity - disconnected from battery, loads and solar - it doesn't pass any current through. 20A model with Bluetooth. It's home now, on regulated DC supply. When connected to battery, it downloaded firmware upgrade, reads V input/output but zero current. Bulk LED - blue - is blinking every few seconds, the app reads 13.1V battery - about 50% discharged Li, zero current, 16V input, I increased input to 18V - nothing. I might have mistreated it, momentarily connecting Pos of power supply to Neg of MPPT or vice versa, don't remember. Getting old I guess. It was only one lead, not both. Fuse is fine. Did anybody try manufacturers warranty?
Almot 10/30/22 04:24pm Tech Issues
RE: Can you mount solar above vents?

2 reasons not to mount above the vent lid: 1) if y want to be able to open it a little, you'll mount it high and there will be more air resistance when driving, and 2) it will block the lid from fully opening, less air flow for you when camping. #2 will be TAD countered by the shade the panel provides. There is no reason not to mount it directly above the tank vent - I did. The roof slopes downwards there, and while the panel is ~6" above the roof at this point, it is just barely higher that the crown of the roof. You need to leave a few inches between the panel and roof anyway. Make sure there is a few degrees slope on the panel, to shed rain water and dust.
Almot 10/30/22 04:04pm Tech Issues
RE: Camp light from Aliexpress - don't!

Thanks people. I looked at flashlights and work lights like Dewalt earlier. Need a small lantern, not a flashlight or work light, sorry. OLight have interesting products line. A little pricey but their quality appears to be one notch up, and still cheaper than Ledlenser ML4 or ML6.
Almot 09/18/22 10:07pm Tent Camping
Camp light from Aliexpress - don't!

I looked at $60 Ledlenser ML4 , liked it except for the price. Rechargeable, 5 modes - 300 lumen, 150, 50, 5 and strobe. Important - easily replaceable Li 14500 battery, can use AA in a pinch. Then I went to Aliexpress and bought $15 Goal Zero Lendlenser ML4 version - now it's $24, hopefully fewer people will buy ;). 3 modes - Max, Med and strobe, fine with me. Unscrewed the bottom - Neg end of battery is soldered to the wire. Description says "replaceable". Sure, if you carry soldering iron on car-camping and want to do this in the dark. On Max it's dim like $3 keychain light, must be <50 lumens, don't know why they even bothered with Med. To be fair, there was no lumens or wattage in description. My small car is packed when camping, thinking about ML4 again - or is there anything else? Lendlenser ML6 is much bigger and the battery is 18650, can't use AA, need to carry a spare 18650. But, hey - I already have cheesy ML4 clone for backup :)
Almot 09/18/22 01:10pm Tent Camping
RE: Res fridge blowing warm air

It is possible that some fridges may simply run the heater with compressor off but have the fan on for a short defrost cycle. Seems to be the case. I'm still not happy with freezer temp swings. If it were swinging while staying below 0F all the time, this is one thing, but it swings from -3 to +6. This is block of ice, not just the air. A separate designated freezer would've solved the problem I guess.
Almot 09/04/22 04:19pm Tech Issues
RE: Res fridge blowing warm air

So it does this on purpose? I don't get much frost, all it does is warming up my food. And it blows warm air in the fridge compartment as well, where it doesn't make any sense. Probably embedded in the firmware, can't be deleted.
Almot 09/04/22 12:51pm Tech Issues
Res fridge blowing warm air

After I bought a 2-zone fridge thermometer I noticed how strange res fridge works. When it starts cycling - sometimes, not always - it blows warm air in both fridge and freezer compartment, for a minute or two. Temperature in the freezer goes up from, say, 0F to 7F. Then it starts blowing cold air. I put a small bottle with water and planted a wired thermometer sensor in there, frozen solid. Frozen bottle gets warm to say, 6F before it starts cooling again.
Almot 09/03/22 11:07pm Tech Issues
RE: Purchasing a Jackery or something similar....need help....

She's probably long gone. Off the top of my head, 190W solar + you add another 100W, in December in AZ on a sunny day will barely harvest enough to run 110V fridge and critically important loads like lights, pumps and furnace. Need to measure duty cycle of the fridge. Might have to stop using coffee maker and microwave. The easiest solution for technically naive would be replacing your marine batteries with something larger, if it fits. Jackery has 2-posts red-black port to connect their proprietary 100W or 200W solar panel, however such a portable solution seems inconvenient. And ridiculously expensive @ $300 per 100W panel. And easily steal-able. And inefficient, can't charge on the road. And small, one half of usable charge of the pair of your marine batteries. This gizmo is more for a weekend warrior, think car camping.
Almot 09/03/22 10:55pm Tech Issues
RE: Good enclosed cig lighter socket?

Not unusual for cig lighter plugs to back out all by themselves. For mission critical devices like a fridge, add some wire ties to the mix. Cheap, easy and reversible. If you dig around you can even find reusable wire ties, they have a way to release the tie without the need to cut them off. I think you're onto something with wire ties. The way the male plug is made, spring at the tip is pushing it out. Takes very little - less than 1/8" pullback - to lose contact. Will zip-tie it and order Anderson connectors.
Almot 08/02/22 06:37pm Tech Issues
Good enclosed cig lighter socket?

Like this one, only good: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1cl53U6TpK1RjSZKPq6y3UpXaq/SRXTZM-New-12v-18A-Max-120W-Female-Car-Cigarette-Lighter-Charger-cable-Female-Socket-Plug-Connector.jpg_50x50.jpg_.webp To attach to Li battery powering my car fridge. $2 thingy from Aliexpress works, but loses contact in the night when temps drop to 50s. Don't want to buy and solder Anderson for mere 5A current.
Almot 07/31/22 07:17pm Tech Issues
RE: Q: pump rattle - SHURFLO 4008-101-A65 Revolution

I tried to hold/move the pipes around. The rattle is coming from the pump. It is different from the noise that pipes make. It disappears for one day when I disconnect and reconnect the output with same pipes in the same position, and then re-appears again.
Almot 06/23/22 08:11pm Tech Issues
RE: Q: pump rattle - SHURFLO 4008-101-A65 Revolution

Fixed the link to video - now it works. 3 tons - I removed the head to check whether it's a motor clicking, all screws in the head are fine.
Almot 06/23/22 12:10pm Tech Issues
Q: pump rattle - SHURFLO 4008-101-A65 Revolution

After a few months of very intermittent use it developed a rattling noise on low flow or before shutting down. Here is the noise, phone mike makes it more "rattling" than it is: https://youtu.be/S2PteAI_M3o. See how loud it is on low-flow, then at sec 8 rattle subsides when I open the faucet more, then at sec 18 I shut the faucet off and rattle increases again for the last few seconds before the pump stops. It's not the motor - all is quiet when I run pump without the head. It's not debris in the head - all is clear inside. Rattle disappears for one day or so when I disconnect and reconnect the pump output, then re-appears again. Some bearings? Also, pump lets a steady trickle of water through when it's Off, as long as there is any slight intake water pressure. Is this normal? The pump has pressure switch supposedly set to 55 psi, and by-pass supposedly set to open at 40 psi. I have 21 oz accumulator charged to 30 psi, tried to charge it to 45 but doesn't look like accumulator is causing or affecting the rattle.
Almot 06/22/22 05:45pm Tech Issues
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