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RE: Using Cell Phone As Your GPS

Easy to find on Google. Micro-cycling is one side affect, and other is driving "whiskers" deeper into the electrode structures, making them less likely to dissolve in future recharge cycles. LI batteries are continually evolving as are the electronics that manage them. So it is good to check the date of articles that attempt to describe how to manage your LI battery. Here are a couple of recent articles that seem to discount your claim: How to prolong lithium based batteries How to Calibrate a “Smart” Battery Smart LI batteries and smart devices do not require the same discharging cycles that older batteries do.
AsheGuy 02/07/19 11:48am Technology Corner
RE: Best Class B

Thanks everyone for comments.After lot of research and looking at various dealerships we decided to go with Winnebago Travata 59G.It fits our needs.Will get the delivery in next couple of weeks. Great, I hope you have as many good trips in your new Class B as we have had in ours. The "Best Class B" is the one that meets your needs. We used RV.net to get info way back in 2005 about Class Bs and in our case we got just what we wanted and would make the same choice again. Since you don't live too far from the location, you should check out the Annual Class B Rally coming up in May. It is in central PA this year. There is always a lot of variety in the Class Bs at these rallies.
AsheGuy 02/06/19 07:06pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Using Cell Phone As Your GPS

I have both a Garmin GPS (at least my 4th Garmin) and Android phone with Google Maps. The only place the GPS has an advantage is when there is no cell signal (and Google Maps tries to prevent that problem by loading maps ahead). With Verizon cell service, I seldom encounter a situation where Google Maps can't navigate. With cell coverage ever improving and Google Maps constantly improving, it only gets better. My main issue with the GPS is the user interface. I can find a destination almost instantly on the phone, with the GPS it is usually a frustrating experience. Google Maps quickly fills in what you are trying to find while the GPS keeps telling you it can't find that location, place, etc. I use the GPS mainly as my speedometer as my RV is off 3-4 miles/hr. If it weren't for that, I would not use it at all except in emergency cell gaps. And Google Maps recently added speed limits. Google maps (since it knows all about what everyone is doing :) ) has saved me quite a few times from traffic accidents or just heavy congestion and it turns the route yellow and red to indicate congested areas. Just recently it routed me around an accident on an Interstate highway without me doing anything but giving permission to alter the route. I quit even connecting my Garmin cable for traffic data because it seldom helped. Anyway, I certainly would not buy stock in a GPS company.
AsheGuy 02/06/19 06:55pm Technology Corner
RE: Store Photos on the Cloud --- Google+ will close

For years I have stored my travel photo on the cloud so I could share than with family and you. I have use picassa (?) and photobucket. Now I use Google photos. See my signature. On April 2nd, your Google+ account and any Google+ pages you created will be shut down and we will begin deleting content from consumer Google+ accounts. Photos and videos from Google+ in your Album Archive and your Google+ pages will also be deleted. What is a good replacement?As others have pointed out, you don't need any replacement. Google Photos is not affected by Google+ going away. Google+ is/was Google's social networking attempt. I used Google+ briefly and still have an account but all my photos are in Google Photos and only referenced in Google+ when I was using it. No problem. I am doing nothing to prepare for the Google+ demise because there is nothing there I want to preserve.
AsheGuy 02/02/19 07:55pm Technology Corner
RE: Goodby Google Chrome (a rant)

We use chrome on two PCs (one PC being a laptop with dual boot to Windows 10 and Zorin OS, the other a desktop with Win 10), two tablets, two phones, and a Chromebook and no problems with Chrome. I did have a problem with Gmail opening slowly this week and it turned out to be a wi-fi issue with competing access points in our condo and changing wi-fi channel fixed it. Whatever browser you use, many things can cause issues on your interface (browser) but that does not necessarily mean the browser is at fault, that it is just where you see the impact. Clearing the browser cache occasionally is a good idea but clearing cookies will clean out a lot of saved items like saved login parameters for your accounts. That may not be what you want. Are Google apps problem free. No, but they are good and the price is right. I find changes just as disconcerting as anyone, but I usually see the point and am fine with changes after the initial confusion. If you don't like change, one might consider being a hermit.
AsheGuy 01/28/19 02:02pm Technology Corner
RE: Sixteenth Annual b-rally.org Class B Rally (B16)

Registrants for this rally are up to 43 in three days, rally will soon be fully registered (50 campsites reserved). But usually those on the eventual "stand-by" list get to attend due to spots opened by events that keep registered attendees from coming. See B-Rally.org Attendees page.
AsheGuy 01/27/19 02:02pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Email editor recommendations ?

Hi, I am planning to distribute a periodic email to members of a group I am involved with. I am looking for a recommendation for an email editor that will allow me to create emails with links,multiple fonts,pics,etc. Free is good, but reasonably priced software is acceptable. ThanksWhat email client are you using now? I think most clients do all those things now, at least Gmail does.
AsheGuy 01/26/19 11:04pm Technology Corner
RE: Sixteenth Annual b-rally.org Class B Rally (B16)

Registration is now open for B16, see b-rally.org.
AsheGuy 01/24/19 03:45pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
Class B Rally

See the Sixteenth Annual b-rally.org Class B Rally (B16) thread in the Rallies, Shows and Gatherings forum for info on the 2019 Annual Class B Rally.
AsheGuy 01/22/19 08:36pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Sixteenth Annual b-rally.org Class B Rally (B16)

Plans for B16 are in the process of being finalized, look for an announcement soon of details, date and how to register. This is the latest for any of our annual rallies to have been announced and opened for registration, but we have hosts to be announced that we all should thank for bailing all the rest of us out from a rally-less year. More to come, watch B-Rally.org website for more information. Or join the B-Rally Facebook group for discussion.
AsheGuy 01/22/19 08:29pm Rallies, Shows and Gatherings
RE: Verizon and Robocall Annoyances

disagree. the technology exists to block the vast majority of these calls. we and several other posters on this thread are living proof.I agree to an extent, I can block numbers and report numbers that are spam on my cell phone. But, it's too bad with all the capabilities of today's technology that a phone number can't be tied to an owner and an address. It should not be possible to make a phone call seeming to be coming from a fictitious (but real to someone) phone number. All the communications companies are too busy making money to fix their technology. I don't get much spam due to my blocking, but those that I do get usually come from a number with my phone number prefix. Like others, I never answer a call if it is not in my contacts. If the call matters, I will get a phone message.
AsheGuy 01/14/19 11:04pm Technology Corner
RE: Hey

I keep watching this space for another rally. 8-) john 'I am Canadian'Check the rally website from time to time. If and when we have a host, information about B16 will show up there. We have quit using the B16 Rally Forum thread since RV.net ignored our requests to link to it at the top of this CVC Forum this year which makes it even more invisible to Class B owners then the lack Class B owner participation in this CVC forum does. For those on Facebook, there is the B-Rally Group on FB for discussion of the annual Class B Rallies. We are still hopeful that someone will nominate a site and host B16, but time is running out.
AsheGuy 01/14/19 01:21pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Hey

Plus the info is local and really more helpful. We can talk about local dealers, campgrounds, and events in NC, and SC Tenn, and Virginia, and we all know what OBX means, and that there is a Top Sail island in NC.You may know there is a Topsail Island but don't know how to spell it. ;) And if you haven't been to Topsail Island recently, they have a brand new bridge arching over the Intracoastal at Surf City to replace to old swing bridge that was a real bottleneck at peak season. Yes, this forum has just about dried up as far as posts are concerned. I guess it's part of the constant evolution in the online world.
AsheGuy 01/13/19 06:49pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Gmail Question

Gmail tried to reinvent email organization with their so-called "labels" which is a bizarre concept. Bizarre concept??? Folders are a holdover from physical file cabinet days that the tech world adopted to make their data organization just a little more understandable. Actually label is a more realistic term to describe how emails can be sorted into groups. And it is more functional as an email can have more than one label. There is nothing that works like a physical folder within a computer.
AsheGuy 12/28/18 10:36pm Technology Corner
RE: Gmail Question

Just as an aside, I don't have a spam/junk mail filter. I don't get spam, I don't get junk mail, I don't get ad-mail. I'm very cautious about where my home email is bandied about. Granted it's only been about 15 years, but if I had a spam folder, it would be empty...with cobwebs.That's great, I'm glad you don't have to deal with spam/junk mail to your home email address. And you stated the exact reason you don't get any (highlighted in red). It doesn't have anything to do with what client you are using or email service. I think this is what MrWizard was trying to say also. I use the same email address for everything and have passwords for 178 accounts that I keep in a password management app (PWSafe). I have used Gmail since it came out, I previously used the Thunderbird PC client for email. What spam I get (it's not much) gets pulled out by Gmail and I only see it if I open the spam folder when I think I didn't get an email that I should have. Any account I have that sends me emails I don't want, I go to the bottom of the email, click on unsubscribe that is at the bottom of almost all solicitation emails (although they are usually so faintly printed they are easy to miss) and they cease. I use both Google Drive and Dropbox cloud services for documents and photos. With all this wild living, I have never had a problem and am not worried about having one. So we are both happy with our tech environments and we are good to go. Happy New Year.
AsheGuy 12/28/18 10:16pm Technology Corner
RE: Gmail Question

I use any webmail exclusively on the web. My home email client is for stuff I want to keep. Gmail and the like are for the spammers and newsletter list email addresses.:S That's the closest emoji I could find to represent me banging my head against the wall. :)
AsheGuy 12/28/18 07:30pm Technology Corner
RE: open source alternative to MS Office

I wasn't going to bother, but I feel that this needs to be addressed.. My comments in red.. Respectfully, you live in a different world than I do. I just disconnected from the Internet just to verify that I can still access documents, etc. IF you are using a WINDOWS BASED PC, GOOGLE DOCS DOES NOT WORK AT ALL WITHOUT INTERNET, PERIOD., etc, etc, etc... A quote from Heraclitus: "The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change." I am not trying to sell anyone on Google just because I happen to choose Google for my use. I just react based on my experience when I see claims that are wrong in these forums. So, for those that want more insight: Regarding Google Docs offline use: PC Magazine: How to Setup and Use Google Docs Offline Regarding school use of Google products: How Google Took Over the Classroom (Discusses the pluses and minuses...) Regarding cloud storage (including Google) for business: The Best Cloud Storage and File Sharing Providers for Businesses for 2019 Addresses security...
AsheGuy 12/27/18 07:50pm Technology Corner
RE: Gmail Question

No "folders" as exist in Windows are involved, but the same purpose is served."A difference that makes no difference is no difference at all." William James The inbox by the way, is just another label.Actually, so are Spam and Trash ! They just do not so up in All Mail. Who cares ?Actually some Gmail users are not as knowledgeable as you, e.g. the OP. Just trying to contribute.
AsheGuy 12/27/18 01:06pm Technology Corner
RE: Gmail Question

What a PC installed email program aka client Like thunderbird does, Download your complete emails to the pc (this takes storage space on the pc) This allows you read them at your Leisure , offline anyplace This allows you to compose emails anytime anyplace while offline Then upload/send them when you have an internet connection These days From home or work this doesn't mean much any more If your in the boonies and only goto town once a week for supplies and internet it has a more pronounced effect on efficiency A dozen years ago I used thunderbird, I have not in a very long time If you live in an area prone to frequent internet service outages Then an email program like thunderbird, may be desirable to use As you can compose emails even when your service is down Then send them when it is operating This used to be and still is in some places an issue, i.e. Internet access. That time is almost in the past except for hermits. :) Checking one's emails is certainly no drag on one's data plan, it's a nit.
AsheGuy 12/27/18 09:37am Technology Corner
RE: Gmail Question

I use gmail but with an email client. Folder creation, rules, etc. are identical to other emails. I hate webmail. I have been using Thunderbird for probably over 15 years. • Simple • CONSISTENT • No advertisement ! Anyone who has more than one email account, especially on different service is doing themselves a great DIS-SERVICE by not using an email client. You can easily copy the contents of one folder on one service to a folder ON A DIFFERENT SERVICE ! One of the best feature is the easy of embedding images. Simply Copy and Paste anywhere in the document. Easily insert horizontal lines, tables, links, etc. regardless of what server/service you are using.If you are going to discuss other email clients in a thread that asked a question about Gmail, you should get your terminology correct. An email client is software that allows the user to get email from one or more email servers. Thunderbird is an email client (that I used for quite some time before Gmail came out) just as webmail is an email client. Some clients (e.g. Thunderbird) run on a PC and other clients (e.g. webmail) run on a web browser. They all do the same thing, allow the user to access their email (from one or more servers) and send email. They all provide basically the same services no matter what you believe. So use whatever email client you choose, but to claim that one can do wonders that others cannot just means you don't know what other clients are capable of. The icons at the bottom of the Gmail new message window below allow all the functions you mention. And you can certainly cut & paste into a Gmail message. And regarding this statement "You can easily copy the contents of one folder on one service to a folder ON A DIFFERENT SERVICE !", I assume by "service" you mean server. So, if you mean your client keeps emails in different folders for each server, there is no need to do this in Gmail since emails from all servers are all in one place. When you reply to an email, gmail automatically sets the from address to whatever email address it was sent to. If you are referring to some other function, please describe. Gmail Compose Window: https://i.imgur.com/iwjWdkUl.jpg
AsheGuy 12/27/18 08:28am Technology Corner
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