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RE: Blocking website -- Windows 10

Not enough info. Are getting advertisements via email, popping up in a browser, or just popping up as a new window on your computer? What applications you are using (browser, email client, etc)? Email advertisements are easily blocked in email clients. For example I use Gmail and in the Gmail Settings/Filters and Blocked Addresses it is easy to block emails from any domain.
AsheGuy 12/13/19 08:55am Technology Corner
RE: The Annual Class B Rally, And Other Events.

Planning for the 2020 Annual Class B Rally is underway, go to Annual Class B Rally Website for info.
AsheGuy 11/08/19 01:23pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: I am amazed!

To OP, we have a 2005 Leisure Travel FreeSpirit Class B that is built on the Sprinter chassis with the 5 cylinder turbo charged engine. I have fuel records for all 149647 miles we have put on it and our average mileage is 20.18 MPG. Not bad considering the roads traveled including many mountains.
AsheGuy 09/30/19 08:53pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Program requiring activation on a new computer

I have the license key, but their remote server did some sort of verification and activation of the key. I'd say your chances of finding a way around that are not good, unfortunately. Do you have a 13-year old hacker type neighbor? :) The suggestion of an alternative program might have to be your path. As someone suggested, porting your existing disk image to your new computer might work, but it would involve quite a bit of work:Save an image of your new computer's hard drive Create an image of your old computer's hard drive and put it on your new computer Do any operating system and hardware driver updates that might be needed, Windows seems to be getting better at doing the latter. If this does not work, put your new computer's disk image back on it.
AsheGuy 08/28/19 09:24pm Technology Corner
RE: fb/cell phone notifications

Quit FB it's a plague on humanity anyway...heh Unfortunately, it's more likely a reflection of humanity. :( But, like the OP, I see value in it and just ignore the trolls and ads.
AsheGuy 08/28/19 06:31am Technology Corner
RE: Program requiring activation on a new computer

There are a number of pay products that find product keys. Google 'product key finder windows 10' or just 'product key finder'.I always install Belarc Advisor on my Windows systems, it creates a list of much useful information about your system, application keys are way down the list toward the bottom. A snippet follows: https://i.imgur.com/xCKC1D0l.jpg
AsheGuy 08/27/19 09:53pm Technology Corner
RE: fb/cell phone notifications

Thanks. I wasn't sure if I had to go to FB notifications, or the phone notifications.The easiest way is to just put the phone in airplane mode overnight but that blocks all notifications and calls. To just stop FB notifications on an Android phone, go to Settings, Apps & Notifications, Facebook and then Notifications to turn off FB notifications. As suggested above, I prefer blocking most app notifications as they are usually interrupting. But for overnight, I prefer airplane mode because that eliminates any overnight disturbance but that doesn't work for everyone.
AsheGuy 08/27/19 09:31pm Technology Corner
RE: Jetpack vs MiFi vs Hotspot

I respectfully, but strongly, disagree. With plans and tower congestion being equal, hardware makes a HUGE difference. Watch the video HERE for live comparison testing results on hotspots at the same location, same plan, same time of day. Phones are the same. Interesting information in the link. My Pixel 3 phone has the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ X20 LTE modem that is a Cat 18 LTE modem so it should have the equivalent capability of the Verizon Jetpack® MiFi® 8800L in the video. Good to know.
AsheGuy 08/26/19 03:55pm Technology Corner
RE: Jetpack vs MiFi vs Hotspot

My wife and I currently have unlocked android Pixel 3 smartphones and both have hotspots that we use on our Verizon plan. My Pixel 3 is the fourth smartphone that I have used for Internet access as we travel in our RV when we don't have good wi-fi service where we are. Never have needed to go to a separate MiFi/Jetpack. Using a phone as a hotspot does have a big impact on the battery, but we always keep the phone on a charging cable when using it as a hotspot, what little use we have for a hotspot when out of the RV is not an issue. Contrary to a comment above, we can connect multiple devices to my Pixel 3 hotspot (we never use my wife's phone as a hotspot as we don't need to). We don't do any streaming while traveling so can't speak for how my phone's hotspot would compare to a standalone cell-based connection for that service. Our Verizon plan is unlimited, but it does get throttled down at some fairly low data amount. For our use though (general website access, email, auto photo backup, etc) it is not a problem. As a side note, I have had several Samsung smartphones before moving to Google phones (both to have an unlocked phone and to avoid irremovable Samsung apps), a Nexus 5 and now a second Pixel phone. I am quite happy with the Google phones. The newest Pixel 3a is a price leader ($399 from Google Store) for its function and camera quality so you should compare it to your other options for a new phone.
AsheGuy 08/25/19 08:04pm Technology Corner
RE: Phone/email question

IMAP is Instant Messaging Protocol. When phones are used for email and you use POP3, when an attachment is received, no other message will be able to be received until the attachment is fully downloaded... With IMAP, you get all of the emails and only DL the attachments that you want to see, avoiding a 'log jamb'... IMAP meaning: (Internet Message Access Protocol) Like the OP, you are generalizing (no definition of what app is being used on a phone to access an email account or what server hosts the email account you are accessing) so your statement is only true in some environments. Not a criticism of RayJayco but just a comment about all the responses to the OP that, while well meaning, are not based on sufficient definition of ones environment. This leads to irrelevant suggestions and outright false assertions (mostly related to IMAP vs POP3) depending on the answer to what email access app and email account server(s) one is accessing.
AsheGuy 08/23/19 10:47am Technology Corner
RE: Windows 10 Update - Frozen at Downloading 100%

I got a Google Pixel Book and I never have to mess with all that. Not a single hourglass or beach ball ever.My wife and I have between us two Google Pixel phones, a Samsung tablet, an Ipad Mini, a Chromebook, a laptop and PC with Windows 10 and a PC running Linux Cinnamon. None of that has anything to do with the subject of this thread. :)
AsheGuy 08/15/19 10:19pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows 10 Update - Frozen at Downloading 100%

Make sure you do disc cleanup! I just let Win 10 update on both my laptop and desktop and it ran OK and didn't take near as long as some here report. I agree with enblethen about disc cleanup with one caveat. After I saw that the Windows update finished and all was well I wanted to do a disk cleanup and get rid of the Windows.old folder that wastes a lot of disk space. I went directly to Disk Cleanup that gets you to this window: https://i.imgur.com/IfXs8o6l.jpg Apparently the above window is not the route to a real disk cleanup in Windows 10 version 1903 (and maybe earlier versions). It doesn't offer deleting the Windows.old folder as an option as it used to. And if you try to just delete the Windows.old folder it fails due to lack of authorization. After some online searching I found that this is the path to success: - Go to Settings - System - Storage that will get you to this window in which you should turn Storage Sense on at the top if it is not already on and then click on then click on Configure Storage Sense or run it now. https://i.imgur.com/EcPybaJl.jpg That will get you to the window below. Here you can configure Storage Sense to your preferences. No option is visible on this image to delete Windows.old because I have already deleted it on my system, but this method works flawlessly when you click on the things you want to clean up including the delete of Windows.old and click on Clean Now. https://i.imgur.com/3BIov8el.jpg Hope this helps someone as it was a little frustrating to me until I found this path.
AsheGuy 08/15/19 08:20pm Technology Corner
RE: Don't let them steal your phone number

An article that describes the exposure a little better: Criminals Can Steal Your Phone Number. Here’s How to Stop Them
AsheGuy 08/08/19 05:25am Technology Corner
RE: Chrome won't run.. fix

Since the latest W10 upgade, I've been having trouble with Chrome. It fails to run. Last few mornings I'd click the icon and nothing would happen. Reboot.. no help. So I fired up Bing and reinstalled Chrome. That worked, but it said 'Chrome didn't shut down correctly.' No, that's not true. Today, same problem. I downloaded it again, told it to Run, but nothing. After some search time I found a help page saying that it may already be running. I ran Task Manager and found 6 instances already running. Killed them all, and everything is fine again. Not sure why it ran in the background. Not sure if this will keep happening, but I thought I'd pass this along in case anyone else is having issues. Chrome runs multiple processes intentionally, it's a feature. Check this article. I get somewhere over 20 processes every time I open Chrome. I haven't experienced your problem, but I don't think the problem is related to the multiple Chrome processes. On edit: Well it might be if you have a low RAM PC.
AsheGuy 08/07/19 04:32pm Technology Corner
RE: Chrome vs IE vs Edge

https://i.imgur.com/BHbO2TXl.png When you post this graphic outside of the RV.net size limits, it messes up everyone's ability to read post text by skewing it off the screen. Use this link to size your graphics properly.
AsheGuy 08/07/19 12:49pm Technology Corner
RE: Chromebook Email Program

You get what you pay for. I use a service that charges me a whopping $2 a month, but people won't even pay that.Usually. However, the larger the company the more they have to lose if their reputation is sullied. I pay a piddly amount for use of Google's cloud storage and have no concerns. Besides, they provide automated backup (of everything including documents, email, contacts, photos, etc.) to your personal storage device just in case.
AsheGuy 08/05/19 10:26am Technology Corner
RE: Chromebook Email Program

But since we know that data stored in "the cloud" is both stolen, and lost, and "cloud" services shut down with little to no warning, I wouldn't consider concern for your data stored in "the cloud" to be unwarranted or irrational.You can have the last word since your belief would be steadfast even if I pointed out that IBM just bought RedHat to allow them to better compete in the booming cloud storage industry and that corporations obviously don't share your concerns about cloud storage risks. I guess you never get in an automobile. :)
AsheGuy 08/04/19 03:49pm Technology Corner
RE: Chromebook Email Program

Maybe we need a definition of "phobia": an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something. I don't think we are talking phobia when the dislike is totally rational. You are right in that shifting where computer applications are run back to a remote computer seems like the old way. But there is only one similarity between today's "cloud" computing and the old mainframe/dumb terminal model and that is the telecommunications connection between both ends of the model. Chromebooks (the subject of this thread) are a better example of the old dumb terminals than PCs because they are based on the cloud computing concept and can perform most user functions without apps running on the terminal although they do have that capability. Cloud computing on the other hand is orders of magnitude different from the old mainframe computers in terms of computing power, redundancy, backup, security (in spite of common belief), etc. I went to work for a computer company in 1960 when the first generation electronic computers had vacuum tubes and I have lived through all the technology changes to where we are today. It has certainly been an interesting ride. So yes, I believe the definition of "phobia" applies to fear of the cloud and I don't think "dislike is totally rational". Of course, we are all welcome to believe whatever we choose.
AsheGuy 08/04/19 09:30am Technology Corner
RE: Please edecate me on Chromebooks

>>> Bought one for my 86 year old mother. Figured it would be simpler for her to use. Have not been able to connect her WIFI scanner/printer. If I would have bought a MS Widows I would have had it set-up in two minutes. Other than not being able to hook up to printer it works great for my mom. Connecting a Chromebook to a wifi scanner/printer is easy. My wife has a Chromebook and it connected immediately to our wifi printer. Go to Settings(Advanced)/Printing/Printers and then click on Add Printer. It will find any wifi printers.
AsheGuy 08/03/19 11:00pm Technology Corner
RE: Chromebook Email Program

I am new to Chromebook, but so far it has done everything I need to do while having my morning coffee.. (ie check certain web pages, Facebook, etc..) I have yet to find a good email app that is easy to use and will allow me to set up groups in my contacts for certain mailings.. Anyone recommend an easy to use email app other than BlueMail which is very difficult to use.. A Chromebook is a Google platform for Google apps. All of what you need is there, Gmail, Google contacts (integrated with Gmail), Google Docs, etc. etc. What's the point of getting a Chromebook (whose whole concept is being cloud based) and ignoring the Google apps that will do everything you need and since it is all cloud based you can access your emails/contacts/data/etc on any other devices you use. These forums have their share of those that have cloud phobia (and not the puffy type in the sky). To each their own, but they are living in the past.
AsheGuy 08/03/19 10:38pm Technology Corner
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