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RE: E-mail Problem that is driving me crazy

The first question that comes to my mind is why would you want to link on advertising links in emails? It's a good way to corrupt one's computer. It sounds like some kind of software is trying to save you from yourself.
AsheGuy 10/12/18 04:13pm Technology Corner
RE: No CD player in new SUV

I buy my audio books in the second hand store bins, usually very cheap. Play them on long days' drives. Pain in the rear to copy them over to digital when you are only going to play them one time. Easier to just pop the disc in the CD slot. If there is one!Audio books are available in digital form, maybe not as cheap as second hand store bins but then a person's time is worth something. I use audible.com via phone and listen to books when I travel and walk (which I do most every day). It's not cheap but reasonable and has all the latest books. It actually motivates me to get out and walk. :)
AsheGuy 10/10/18 01:19pm Technology Corner
RE: No CD player in new SUV

Is there a folder structure recommended or just put all the music on the usb without folders? I copied mine to USB but it is hard to find what I want on the menu when playing it??Mine is in album folders within artist folders. That is navigable by my vehicle's audio system.
AsheGuy 10/10/18 01:10pm Technology Corner
RE: No CD player in new SUV

Why not dump a pile of your choice of tunes on a USB memory stick? A 16 gig stick will hold a couple thousand or more songs. You can create directories by however you want, and then listen to your hearts content! You can randomize your selection, or play in alphabetical order, one directory or all, whatever you want. And the title & artist shows up on the display. That's what I do in the car and the TT. I upgraded the RV stereo to a nice modern one. We don't need to even carry CDs now. Ditto. I put our whole CD collection on a thumbnail-sized USB stick and just plug it into the vehicle's USB port. Most current vehicles can play it in several modes, sequential, random, by album, etc. I use MediaMonkey to import the CDs to my music library. I haven't thrown the CDs away yet but I will soon. I also have the music library on my phone and they can be played that way also with bluetooth, but the USB device is always there with no setup necessary.
AsheGuy 10/09/18 09:35pm Technology Corner
RE: USB Powered Speakers

I got this Doss Wireless Bluetooth Speaker that we are quite happy with. No problem connecting them using bluetooth to my phone. This speaker is not "dirt cheap" but it is inexpensive. If you have a bluetooth issue with your laptop, USB bluetooth adapters are dirt cheap. We like to listen to audiobooks when we travel that I can download to my phone. Using phone for this works seemlessly in my car since it allows connection to the car's speakers with bluetooth. But our RV is a 2005 model that does not have bluetooth connectivity, hence the speaker. The phone speaker volume is too weak to overcome road noise.
AsheGuy 10/07/18 03:57pm Technology Corner
RE: B+ motorhomes

Agree with mumkin, that a B+ is closer to a Class C than a Class B. (We had one once, so I'm agreeing from personal experience.)A RV can't be "closer" to a Class C or Class B. A Class B RV is built on a chassis that left the manufacturer as a van, hence RV.net's Camping Van Conversions forum. A Class C RV is built on a chassis that left the manufacturer with a cab but nothing behind it. One thing we found with our little MH (motorhome) was that, without a separate vehicle, once we got settled in camp, it was a big hassle to go anywhere if we needed supplies or firewood, or if we wanted to go sightseeing. In some campgrounds, you would need to leave some of your personal belongings (camp chairs, coolers, etc.) in order to mark your site as occupied, or you might return after a day of sightseeing to find someone else had taken your site. Just FYI.What kind of RV one needs is all about what kind of "camping" one does. We have a Class B that we have put 145K miles on and never experienced any of the issues above. That's because we bought an RV to travel the country and not spend days or weeks in one spot. We do occasionally leave a camping spot in our RV, but it only amounts to dropping the electrical, water and cable connections and driving off. Never had anything walk away.
AsheGuy 10/04/18 07:16pm Class C Motorhomes
RE: A Magic app?

I just use google. I have to decide the order of stops after looking at where they all are on the map. Then I can rearrange them to save time, miles or put the bank before the shopping. BTW I do this all the time as I am a volunteer driver and have 3-8 passengers to pick up in the shortest amount of time most mornings.I agree Google Maps is easy to do this with. I got a chuckle though about "put the bank before the shopping" since it seems so retro. No offense, just lightened my day. :)
AsheGuy 09/29/18 04:27pm Technology Corner
RE: Internet speed

LittleBill-Thank for for your latest post. Your description is very clear and easily understood. I will continue to explore some options. Anyone have opinions on why my speed when using wifi fluctuates throughout the day? .I haven't seen any description of your environment, maybe I missed it. Are there other wi-fi access points competing with yours? If so, there are tools to manage the chaos, I use Inssider that is free.
AsheGuy 09/29/18 12:24pm Technology Corner
RE: Internet speed

I have the same setup as you EXCEPT I have the Spectrum modem for telephone, internet and cable.Maybe, but I don't think so. I don't have an NVR in my system, cameras only use wi-fi when triggered by noise or movement and then only for the time to transmit a 12 second video to the cloud storage supplied by the camera company. Also if I open an app and view a live video feed from a camera it obviously uses the wi-fi. If I am monitoring a camera with my phone app, I would not usually be doing anything else at the time so the camera is not really competing for my wi-fi bandwidth. Apparently you are using your wi-fi to live stream video to your NVR from each camera, that is not my setup. Maybe others following this thread do have such a setup and can help. Wi-fi (as others have suggested) does have to be optimized if you are in a metropolitan environment where you have multiple wi-fi access points competing for the available channels. And, as you have supposed, the distance to some of your cameras may be an issue.
AsheGuy 09/28/18 03:51pm Technology Corner
RE: Internet speed

Charlie D. - I think earlier you said you were a novice. You are asking for help but those of us that might be able to help need what several others have asked for, i.e. a diagram of exactly what devices and functions you are trying to get to work with the speed you expect. For example, I have Spectrum for Internet/TV (not phone), security cameras that are wi-fi connected, a personal router/modem that I use to connect to Spectrum for Internet access. I have a DVR but it is used only for TV use. My security cameras are wi-fi connected to the Internet and access to them is via apps on my phone and tablet from anywhere, an entirely different setup from what you have. So your use of wi-fi, Internet, DVR, etc is entirely different from what I use. And the same may be true for others trying to figure out what you have. So without specific info on your devices and how they are connected, these discussions just go in circles.
AsheGuy 09/27/18 09:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Internet speed

I am with MrWizard, I don't understand what your Spectrum Internet speed has to do with your (apparently) wi-fi connected cameras and DVR.
AsheGuy 09/25/18 03:30pm Technology Corner
RE: Windows "Paint" program

Or https://www.gimp.org/ Completely free 90% replacement for Photoshop. The basics are pretty easy.Thanks for the link, I had looked before for a free open source photo editor and couldn't find one. This one fits the bill.
AsheGuy 09/22/18 04:47pm Technology Corner
RE: Print a list of directories from file manager?

But this is not when viewing it through firefox. I haven't even got that far. I opened the file manager and it seems to be stable in full screen mode, but when trying to make the window smaller and clicking on the icon (between the X on the right and the - on the left) it exhibits that behavior. Hovering over that icon says "Restore Down". What is that supposed to do? Are you saying you can't enlarge the window (by dragging its corner) when you leave full screen mode ???
AsheGuy 09/18/18 09:00am Technology Corner
RE: Print a list of directories from file manager?

I've been playing with the windows snipping tool and I can't figure out how to get it to scroll down the screen. Just playing with it trying to capture a webpage and the page is several pages long on the screen.When you are trying to capture a webpage, the browser's zoom feature can allow you to capture more content. I use Chrome that has that feature but I think most browsers do. There are limitations as zooming out makes everything smaller which may not meet one's needs. I have always felt the need for a photo editor and currently use Corel's Paintshop Pro. One of my uses for it is to capture multiple parts of a display, be it a webpage, file directory or anything that uses more than one screen and connect it all together again with the photo editor. Fairly easy to do and it's one way to do it.
AsheGuy 09/15/18 07:49pm Technology Corner
RE: Print a list of directories from file manager?

Windows snipping tool is great but I don't think you can scroll beyond what you are viewing. DaveCorrect, you can only do a screen clip of what is on the screen, no scrolling. Just out of curiosity, why do you need directories printed out?
AsheGuy 09/15/18 06:49pm Technology Corner
RE: New desktop computer - msn, norton etc

I got all the software install done (ms office etc) which was all via download. I went to install the last piece of software Snagit, which is on disk. Put it in the dvd drive and got nothing. Went to setup and found that autoplay was on but I am not seeing the dvd player identified anywhere in the recognized list of devices. The drive obviously has power to it because it will open and shut. Though there may be a data cable that I should check if connected.You don't need Snagit, just use Windows 10's Snipping Tool. But if you really have a dud DVD, just get an external DVD drive from Amazon, Walmart, etc. They are cheap.
AsheGuy 09/13/18 04:13pm Technology Corner
RE: COPYING files from Android to PC.

Having an Android phone isn't the key, Google Photos works on any phone.No, it doesn't.We use it on Android and Apple devices. I guess "any" may be an overstatement.
AsheGuy 09/05/18 05:42pm Technology Corner
RE: COPYING files from Android to PC.

We just plug the phone into the computer using USB cord... After the computer recognizes your phone As I said above, "When I cable the phone and PC together, I get NO recognition on the phone or PC that either one "sees" the other." What now? Tim I don't understand this post as you posted above that you figured it out. Anyway, for any confused I have an Android 8.1 phone and here are the two steps to make the phone visible when USB connected. Pull down notifications at top of screen, tap the Android System one visible in this screen capture: https://i.imgur.com/lsGiQxwl.jpg Select "Transfer Files" in the pop-up in this screen shot: https://i.imgur.com/1sCTnIul.png Your phone will then be visible on the device it is attached to.
AsheGuy 09/04/18 10:08pm Technology Corner
RE: COPYING files from Android to PC.

And, if it's an Android phone, why aren't you sync'ing with Google Photos, and then just downloading from there on your PC?Having an Android phone isn't the key, Google Photos works on any phone. Google Photos is accessible from any device so no need to download them unless one is OCD about backup.
AsheGuy 09/04/18 09:56pm Technology Corner
RE: McD's app and kiosk

https://i.imgur.com/2y5fxAQl.jpg Get used to it. I'm in my 80th year, my mantra is "it is what it is."
AsheGuy 08/18/18 10:12pm Technology Corner
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