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RE: RV Rebuild Website - Online soon - Input?

I have created websites and have a blog. For what you are trying to do, a blog is the better choice as far as effort required, multiplatform viewing, cost etc. Plus the blog has built in options at the bottom of each post for comments and responses. I use the Google Blogger for our travel blog (see link in signature at bottom of this post). Blogger is free and works well on PC or phone, etc. without any effort on the part of the owner. There are also several options for the viewer to navigate your posts, i.e. the pull down menu at left top of the window (try "flipcard" for an interesting view of content). A website such as one I created and am webmaster for (Annual Class B Rally) takes way more effort, is not free and does not present well on different platforms without extra effort. Just my two cents worth.
AsheGuy 04/21/21 09:05pm Tech Issues
RE: looking for music app alternative to google play

It's interesting that Media Monkey is not mentioned in this tread. It only shows as #9 out of the list "Top 14 Music Management Software". I used it to rip all our music CDs to my PC and the end result is just a normal folder (My Music) with subfolders named by (artist) and then by (album name) within artist as mp3 files. Media Monkey just organizes all this by every which to allow you to play music by playlist, artist, etc. The music files are yours on your PC with no other connections to Media Monkey than as the organizer. There is a free version of Media Monkey, but they offer the Golden version for a price and it is reasonable so I eventually went that way.
AsheGuy 03/31/21 08:49am Technology Corner
RE: Anyone use Fototime for photo hosting?

I use Google Drive for all non-photo document needs, but I just don't understand what Google Drive brings to photos. I guess I am dense, but Google Photos meets ALL my photo needs. In either case, the photos are in the Google Cloud and the two apps are just the tools Google offers to manage/access them. The question I was addressing is whether one can post a photo to appear in a forum post? Can you do so with Google Photos? Not just a link to the photo in your Google Photos account? I don't see where they provide a direct embed link?No, you can't get a direct imbed link from Google Photos that will result in the photo being a part of the RV.NET post. But RV.NET Photo Upload & Post does just that for a photo downloaded to your PC from Google Photos.
AsheGuy 03/22/21 12:48am Technology Corner
RE: Anyone use Fototime for photo hosting?

Regarding posting Google Drive photos, I used the browser's developer tools to find the URL link. However, there may be an easier way. A search found this tool that reports to convert a Google Drive photo link to a URL link you can use to post photos. Google Drive Direct Link Generator Just note that since Google is not providing the URL hotlink directly, they could change the link method used to access the photos at any time.I use Google Drive for all non-photo document needs, but I just don't understand what Google Drive brings to photos. I guess I am dense, but Google Photos meets ALL my photo needs. In either case, the photos are in the Google Cloud and the two apps are just the tools Google offers to manage/access them. Information on the subject: Google Drive vs. Google Photos: What's the difference?
AsheGuy 03/21/21 03:19pm Technology Corner
RE: Anyone use Fototime for photo hosting?

https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipO2g3ya2X9_fySA-Mmrumc2QMTNWZbaxUmHaOyO width=640 https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipO2g3ya2X9_fySA-Mmrumc2QMTNWZbaxUmHaOyO The google photo image link dose not work. The clickable google photo link does work. In spite of the many complicated solutions suggested here for putting a photo in a post, it's not that complicated. The simplest way is to use the RV.NET provided Photo Post & Upload website that properly sizes the photo and provides a link to copy and past here (Example): https://i.imgur.com/qtidQJKl.jpg The other way is to use the RV.Net link icon https://i.imgur.com/ZfCLf87l.jpg at the top of the posting window to link to any photo hosting site to display your photo(s). This example uses a link provided by Google Photos (using Google Drive just complicates the process) to an "Album" with one photo. Example: Sunrise
AsheGuy 03/20/21 01:18pm Technology Corner
RE: Anyone use Fototime for photo hosting?

Well! How about that one? I just learned something new. I have had a Gmail account since its inception, back when you had to have an invite to get an account. And they gave you 10 invites to pass out to other people. All those years and I did not know until I read this that I could use it that way and hot link to a picture. I went for years here, and on a photography forum without posting any pics after I took my TT rebuild website down. I used to host my own pics. I'm going to check it out and figure out how to do it. Thanks!Are you serious??? A gmail account is your entry to all Google apps: mail.google.com photos.google.com drive.google.com contacts.google.com calendar.google.com maps.google.com news.google.com All good free apps and accessible on all devices. For Example...
AsheGuy 03/20/21 08:24am Technology Corner
RE: Spare tire for 2014 MB 3500 Sprinter

I can't help with your question, but just an alternative viewpoint. Our 2005 LTV Free Spirit Class B had its spare on the back door and LTV used the Sprinter spare spot under the floor inside back doors as what they called "basement" storage that comes in handy. After 150K miles of travel with the spare, at a Class B RV rally, the question came up about the need for spare tires brought on by the fact that newer Class Bs often don't have spare tires. After hearing the pros & cons, I decided to live without the spare tire. The reasons were (1) only one flat tire in those miles (and that one happened when it was parked in a family member's driveway and the tire slowly went down due to a nail picked up the day before, (2) the need to drop the tire down when we needed to open the door on the side the spare was on, (3) we added a screen across the area inside the back door opening that required more dropping the tire when we wanted to open both back doors for a good breeze through the RV, and (4) our Progressive insurance on the RV covers 24/7 Roadside Assistance. Original spare tire: https://i.imgur.com/PTDIQYLl.jpg Without spare tire: https://i.imgur.com/iUh72o6l.jpg Spare tire cover as art: :) https://i.imgur.com/WPjpcw4l.jpg
AsheGuy 03/11/21 08:27pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Charter Spectrum Internet

What does this have tp do with RVing?Even though you have been a member since 2005, you must not look in much. Many posts in this thread have little or nothing to do with an RV. For example, Apple vs Windows or Apple vs Android, etc. etc.
AsheGuy 01/29/21 09:36am Technology Corner
RE: Norton Security

To download any app from Microsoft store, you must log in. Yep, to download any app, including Skype--gotta have an account. I never download an app from the Microsoft store. I abandoned Microsoft apps years ago. No problem as there are plenty of alternatives. I just use Windows as an operating system and I would abandon it for Linux except for a couple of apps I need to don't have a Linux version.
AsheGuy 01/17/21 02:03pm Technology Corner
RE: Norton Security

BTW, isn't Defender Microsoft based? And with the now mandatory "Microsoft Account", Bill Gates and Company have full knowledge of Windows 10 users' actions.A "Microsoft Account" is not mandatory on Windows 10. It is the default so only those that allow Microsoft to dictate your Windows configuration get a "Microsoft Account" instead of a local PC account. With that being said, I am a Google app user and therefore Google knows all about me. I don't care as I have nothing to hide but also in today's tech world information about you is harvested in many different ways anyway. My credit card company is very good at warning of a possible scam. I have never had any problem operating in this world since the Internet came on the scene.
AsheGuy 01/17/21 12:05pm Technology Corner
RE: Blocking "Restricted" Calls on Smartphone

I am not familiar with the features of other phone brands now since my wife and I have both been Google Pixel users for several years now. But the Google phone app has a solution for avoiding unwanted calls that works just fine. When you get a call that is not in your contacts, the phone app invokes its call screening function and gives you the choice to answer the call, screen it or hang up. If you choose the screen the call option, the phone app tells the caller that the call is being screened and they can either say their name and purpose of call or hang up. If the caller responds instead of hanging up, you can see what they say and either answer the call or hang up. It has saved me many times from rejecting calls I needed to take, like a call from a doctors office, or some other source I should take the call from even though it is not in my contacts.
AsheGuy 12/27/20 12:03pm Technology Corner
RE: Remembrances of vacuum tube days

Wow, a lot of old timers here. :) I went to work for IBM in 1960 just at the vacuum tube to transistor technology change. Back then, a computer problem could be fixed by turning off the lights and looking for vacuum tubes with their filament out. I worked for IBM 38 years before retirement during an amazing technology evolution. I often think about how my phone today has way more power and memory than a "mainframe" computer that took up a whole room. In 1961, the IBM 7090 "mainframe" computer that was the top of the line of their new transistorized computers had 32K bytes of memory and that magnetic core memory alone took up a box larger than a typical refrigerator. I was one of the IBM crew that worked shifts around the clock to maintain this computer used by a Fort Worth, TX aircraft plant in their engineering/design department. Quite a different world. 82 years and counting...
AsheGuy 12/11/20 04:42pm Technology Corner
RE: radio unit upgrade?

www cruthfield com is a good shopping place Thanks for this suggestion. I have been putting off replacing the radio in our RV for some time but have kept putting it off. The one we have now is the 3rd radio for it. Anyway, I checked out Crutchfield and they had a variety of units that fit our 2004 Sprinter/2005 LTV RV and one had all that I wanted so I ordered it and it will be here in two days. I have installed the other two radio updates but Crutchfield includes installation instructions and what is needed so I am confident I can do it again. Motivation for new radio was to get phone (android) recognition and be able to have hands free calling and ability to stream audio books from my phone.
AsheGuy 12/09/20 10:13am Technology Corner
RE: Best virus, spyware protection.

I recently dropped Bitdefender and figure I'll give Microsoft Defender a shot. I've been hearing that it's much improved. I also run the paid Malwarebytes. It's my understanding that the difference between free and paid Malwarebytes is the paid version runs in real time and stops the threat before it gets into the system, while the free version has to be initiated by you after the fact..Just where I am, except free AVG had been my choice for years. But now with MS built in protection and always on Malwarebytes I have not had a problem. I also use Gmail and its spam blocking is quite good at sorting out the chaff in email. But as mentioned, avoiding risky websites helps. Whatever, I haven't had anything compromised on any of my devices in years.
AsheGuy 12/04/20 09:10am Technology Corner
RE: Lifting or Leveling a Class B van

Thanks for the suggestion on air shocks. I will look into that and it may be an option. I have used air bags for the rear in the past.(on last roadtrek 190P)There are air bags in the back of our LTV but they are more for stiffening the suspension instead of increasing road clearance. Our LTV is on a Sprinter chassis though and it has a good road clearance to begin with. But I did drag the frame once (minor damage fortunately) returning to a road that had an uphill to the road shoulder and I drove back up the shoulder at an angle that was inappropriate. Part of my learning something new every day. :(
AsheGuy 11/19/20 07:48pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Elon's Starlink Internet Service

And like anything satellite, cloud cover and precipitation will affect reception. But in areas without access alternatives, it's better than nothing, albeit expensive.The only folks who believe this are the cable company ad-writers. I've had Dish for 22 years now. Never once had an outage for weather, clouds, snow, or rain. There used to be a 20 minute outage twice a year for solar interference, but that has gone away now.We had Dish and then DIRECTV and both were regularly affected by thunderstorms etc. Jumped at the chance for a fiber TV/Internet service when it became available and no more signal interruptions.
AsheGuy 11/19/20 07:14pm Technology Corner
RE: WINDOWS 10 Experts Please

I don't believe any of the "experts" that have commented on this thread so far have addressed the fact that current Windows 10 versions default to the user of a new PC signing up for a Microsoft account with password. If the user of a Windows 10 PC is using a Microsoft account on their PC, they have to login with its password or they will not be able to access their content that is in the MS cloud rather than on their PC. Many new users are not aware enough of this to reject the MS default of using a Microsoft account and instead setting up a local account on their PC that will allow logging in with or without a password at the user's choice, and result in their documents being on their PC and not the MS cloud. That leads to the question to the OP, which kind of account was set up on your PC. A PC can be setup with both account types and if that is the case for the OP, maybe that is what is causing the confusion.
AsheGuy 11/07/20 08:07am Technology Corner
RE: Hulu, or something similar?

Does anyone know why they cap hotspots, but not the phone? I'm only guessing, but that would imply that hotspots take more data.Hotspots can handle data from multiple devices via Wi-fi, a phone is just one device that can use data. So yes, a hotspot can use way more data.
AsheGuy 10/29/20 12:36pm Technology Corner
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