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RE: New Cell Phone Choice

As an added bonus, (my DW is not easy on phones) neither of us has ever cracked a screen on these. They must use good glass!I have a Pixel 3 and I dropped it three times in a row on a concrete sidewalk within a 20 minute period. Each time I thought this is not going to be good but on the first two drops there was no damage. On the third drop the glass was slightly cracked on the upper right corner. First of all, I made a pledge to always focus on what I am doing when I take my phone out of my pocket. :) I ordered myself a new Pixel 3 from Google (luckily they were on sale at the time) and when it was delivered I sent my phone with the broken glass to Google for repair (it still worked normally). It came back looking like new and my wife decided she wanted to use it to replace her Moto G 5S Plus because the Pixel was a little smaller and felt better in her hand. The Moto G ended up with a grandson whose phone died when he was visiting with us. So we are a two Pixel family now and have been for a year and I have not dropped my phone again.
AsheGuy 04/14/20 11:51am Technology Corner
RE: New Cell Phone Choice

If you haven't bought anything yet, we went with Googles phones after our banking apps wouldn't work with our old Samsung S3s. We absolutely LOVE them, and the improvement in cameras and not having Samsungs crappy interface on top of the Android stuff made them a breeze to use. If I can help it, I will not be using any more Samsung phones, and will be sticking with the Pixels as long as we can afford them. BTW, our Pixels are not tied to any carrier, and will work with them all. I am currently with Straighttalk, and my DW is with Google FI. We are considering switching to Visible, but not ready to make the jump yet. I know Visible will let you use the hotspot as will Google FI, but Straighttalk will not. Exactly our experience, we have had Samsung and Moto phones but my last three phones have been unlocked Google phones and I will never go back. The Moto phones are unlocked and priced lower than most and we had no problem with them. But the Google Pixel series have excellent cameras. Having an unlocked phone separates you from the carrier and Samsung apps that are not needed but can't be removed.
AsheGuy 04/14/20 08:08am Technology Corner
RE: Windows 10 Quick Assist for quarantine support

I would imagine that Apple offers the same complete access so that someone from their Genius Bar (no doubt working from home now) can help you through your problems. DaveGoogle Chrome runs on Windows, Apple & Linux platforms and its Chrome Remote Desktop provides this remote help function on any platform. It not only works fine for remote help to others but I use it to get to my home desktop PC (that I leave on 24/7) from wherever I am with my laptop.
AsheGuy 04/09/20 07:26pm Technology Corner
RE: Your Favorite Browser?

Whenever I go online using Chrome or Edge, I am always amazed at the amount of popups and ads. Most people I talk to don't even know that programs other than Edge and Chrome are available.Adblocker works on Chrome just like it does on Firefox.
AsheGuy 04/01/20 08:29am Technology Corner
RE: Chromebook questions

If you are doing taxes professionally using software ON YOUR COMPUTER then a Chromebook won't work,, But if you use an online program like I do so the actual computing is done else where (There is a security risk in that) it does. I started using Credit Karma several years ago to easily track my credit scores and began using their online tax filing feature when they added it. I've filed my taxes the last four years with it. I used Turbo Tax for many years but I will never go back. It's all free with Credit Karma including online US and state tax filing. Regarding online security risks, no one quits driving due to the risk of death on the road, odds probably are about the same in both situations. Here is a quote from a Credit Karma vs Turbo Tax review: "If you have fairly normal taxes that include things like W-2 or 1099 income, investments, a mortgage and property taxes, and common deduction and credit situations, both stand equal. For business owners, it seems that TurboTax has an edge."
AsheGuy 03/28/20 08:24am Technology Corner
RE: Chromebook questions

Appreciate the info about the cheaper speakers. I do have a pair of speakers that I use on my present PC. I could use those if I desire better audio. I could probably get used to the lower screen resolution, or just use my Toshiba laptop for watching videos. I also have a tablet that runs Android that has pretty good resolution for videos on a smaller screen. Being home alot because of the virus, I'm appreciating youtube videos more and more.:)One of my favorite purchases is this DOSS Soundbox. I bought it for our RV since it is too old to have a bluetooth connection to its sound system so I used Velcro to mount this speaker to the dash so we could listen to audio books when we travel. It worked so well I bought another one to keep by my computer in place of the old one with lots of wires attached. Regarding Chromebooks, I bought my wife one to replace her HP laptop because she used the laptop so infrequently that she was always frustrated by the slow startup when she did use it due to Windows updates kicking in when she turned it on. The Chromebook has been a much better laptop for her use, mostly writing letters or creating documents in Google Docs as well as email. Printing is no problem since unless ones's printer is pretty old, it has Bluetooth through which a Chromebook easily connects for printing. Also, no problem with the Chromebook's screen resolution. I think a lot of people pay too much for a laptop when a Chromebook would meet all their needs. I have a laptop for my needs, but only because I need some applications that are not available for a Chromebook. I am just as much in need for a wi-fi connection when I use my laptop as a Chromebook is. But wi-fi is pretty universal and just gets more so with smart phones with a built-in hotspot.
AsheGuy 03/27/20 01:59pm Technology Corner
RE: New DISH equipment to sell, husband died

We've had good luck with Facebook Marketplace on several items lately. If you have a FaceBook account, you might try that. The last few things I listed on Craigslist only resulted in being contacted by scammers.RobYes, selling on Craigslist can bring scammers out of the woodwork and if that bothers the seller they should avoid online selling websites. But I have sold multiple cars, a camera, etc. on Craigslist with no problem (I always assume a scammer first). A couple of the cars sold overnight. I save a lot of money by not trading in cars when I decide to buy a new one. A little common sense and caution (where you meet) goes a long way.
AsheGuy 03/25/20 11:36am Technology Corner
RE: Website issue ?

BTW: got some tech help and the initial problem is fixed ... Thanks ... Since you got your original problem fixed, you probably don't need help with your signature, but this graphic shows how my signature includes a website. https://i.imgur.com/wJwMOa4l.jpg
AsheGuy 03/14/20 07:55pm Technology Corner
RE: Swing away Honda bracket.

To OP: nice piece of work, occasionally I wish I had a welder I could pull out and knew how to use it. :) Your spare tire reminded me of a discussion that took place last year at the annual b-rally.org Class B Rally about whether a spare tire is really necessary (especially since it was said that several current Class Bs are sold without them). The spare tire on our 2005 LTV was on the back so LTV could create a "basement storage" like you have created in place of the spare tire (the generator on the Sprinter chassis is in front of the axle). We now have 153K miles on our LTV and the only flat tire we have had happened when we were parked at a relative's place overnight and the tire went down due to a nail picked up somewhere that day. This episode educated us on the difficulty of changing a flat tire on a Sprinter van. We got it off and the spare on only because our host had a heavy duty lug wrench that allowed us to get the lug nuts off, the lug wrench that came with the Sprinter was useless. So anyway, I took our spare off almost a year ago and it is stored away in our garage based on our almost no use of it and the growing aggravation of it being in way of the back door (especially after putting a screen in the back openings. I figure I can use our insurance that covers roadside service if we ever have another flat tire, unless we decide to go to Alaska again (unlikely). But to get back to the "basement storage", when we were shopping for a Class B back in 2005 the "basement storage" was one of the three things that sold us on the LTV vs a couple of other Sprinter-based Class Bs that we liked. I think you will find it as a helpful addition to your Class B. We certainly have.
AsheGuy 03/04/20 04:01pm Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Windows 10 update

They did the same thing for my folders in Outlook making it hard for me to find anything. I was able to fix that after several searches for help. They seem to like shooting themselves in the foot. I'm more inclined than ever to delve into Linux. It would be great if MS would split Windows into two versions. One for those of us that like the classic desktop and hate the ribbon bar and those that like constant change. The more they change, the longer it takes me to accomplish the reason I sat down at the computer. I have been using Windows since its inception, but I long ago quit using any MS applications. I seldom have problems from Windows updates. When Windows went off the rails with their user interface, I started using StartIsBack (it's dirt cheap) so my up to date Windows version still has a Win-7 like interface. I have Linux on one desktop PC, and I would use it on my other 2 PCs if it weren't for a critical few applications that do not have Linux versions. I created an image of my laptop Windows HD and put Linux Mint Cinnamon on it. It is faster and solid but I switch back and forth on my laptop. The Mint Cinnamon Linux distribution has a very Windows like user interface. The thing that is pretty amazing to me is that the Linux underlying commands and structure are foreign to Windows users, but with an online search you can always find the exact commands necessary to do an under the covers task and when you cut and paste them into the Linux command window, they just work even though you have no idea about the command content/structure. Bottom line, Linux is now a perfectly good alternative to Windows for many users. I set my neighbor's older laptop up with Linux Mint Cinnamon and he is quite happy with it, he says it is faster and he doesn't have update problems anymore. Checking email and visiting websites pretty much describe his needs. I've tried other Windows-like Linux distributions but this one in my opinion is the best.
AsheGuy 02/23/20 08:48pm Technology Corner
RE: Send photo issue ??

I don't use Google apps simply because of their privacy and security issues. Sometimes I don't want to share everything with everyone. And I don't have to rely on the internet to do everything.To each their own. I don't have any of your fears and have not experienced any problem having used Google apps since their inception. The Internet is practically ubiquitous so that is also no problem for me. And I am not sharing everything with everyone.
AsheGuy 01/18/20 09:03pm Technology Corner
RE: Send photo issue ??

Turns out, someone, definitely NOT me, unchecked a box that said - "View senders photos" Must have happened during the update, because I never, never, never touch any of that stuff without some friend helping, as I'm an un-tech person. Everything worked Wednesday - happened Thursday during an "update" and never worked after it finished. Took me hours to find that one box, because it's really trial -error for me ... I open and look at everything, but touch nothing until I'm sure... Happy, frustrated camper tonight :) Thanks for responses guys !!! Glad you got your problem fixed. Reminds me of a problem I had last night with my Pixel 3 phone when I noticed that the screen had taken on this peachy/pink background unlike my usual bright while background. After checking everything in the display settings and gave up fixing it I accidentally noticed that the "nightlight" option was on that I had never noticed before. Turned it off and all was normal. It reminded me of my observation that the only thing wrong with a touch screen is that it is a touch screen. :) Since you mentioned you have a Gmail account, I have to ask the question: Why do you use any Microsoft apps? I only use Windows on my laptop as a platform and have not used any Microsoft apps for years due to issues like yours. I am quite happy with Google apps. I wouldn't even use Windows for a platform except for a few non-Google essential apps for me that work on Windows but do not on Linux that I have on a desktop PC. Another advantage of Google apps for me is that they work on both Windows & Linux platforms.
AsheGuy 01/18/20 12:54pm Technology Corner
RE: Contact List

It all depends on what app you are using for contacts. If you are using a carrier contact app or a phone manufacturer app you are always faced with this issue if you want to change carrier or phone company. If you use Google contacts or any cloud based app that is not carrier or phone manufacturer based, your contacts are always there and you are free to move to another phone or carrier company with no effect on your contacts. It is easy to import contacts from any other application into Google Contacts before you switch to avoid losing contacts in a switch.
AsheGuy 12/27/19 08:18am Technology Corner
RE: The Annual Class B Rally, And Other Events.

Registration will open for the 2020 Annual Class B Rally at noon on Thursday, December 19th. Go to Annual Class B Rally Website for info.
AsheGuy 12/17/19 10:59am Class B - Camping Van Conversions
RE: Blocking website -- Windows 10

Not enough info. Are getting advertisements via email, popping up in a browser, or just popping up as a new window on your computer? What applications you are using (browser, email client, etc)? Email advertisements are easily blocked in email clients. For example I use Gmail and in the Gmail Settings/Filters and Blocked Addresses it is easy to block emails from any domain.
AsheGuy 12/13/19 08:55am Technology Corner
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