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RE: Chevy, Ford... going into electric trucks.

To do a whole RV park with 50 amp, 220 VAC service...it would take a new transformer or substation for that park. Then the wiring to each site Betcha it would be in the $100K min neighborhood when all done...plus the service costs to bring in higher capacity lines to that new substation (100 sites with 50 amp/220 VAC would require a transformer size increase) Usage would be mainly in the late spring to early fall...about 4 months to amortize that capital expense to users. Not all site users will be EV's, so the numbers would be low. Then the complaints from both EV's and ICE's over the outrageous rates the park is charging for both site fees and electric charging rates All of these were also embryonic for gas/diesel during the early days...as EV's are still in their early days
BenK 09/18/19 03:54pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Wonder if this Model 3 accident might become the basis for a recall...after the lawsuit that is in the making Note the reference to the NHTSA's cease and desist letter to Tusk...to stop claiming the Model 3 was the safest car...that Tusk ignored Model 3 side air bags did not deploy After confirmation in the news of Model 3’s leaving the factory with zip-ties holding parts and that those trial and error, hand ground tapered point bolts also... Have been wondering how Tusk will handle a mandated recall... Tusk’s highly touted direct sales and eliminating the “need” for dealers might mean yet another new process...maybe another tent, but this will require tents in many, many cities... Would Tusk have learned enough that zip-ties won’t cut it for semi customers who are way more demanding than the general public...maybe okay there too...as there are any Fan-Boy exec’s in that market sector...
BenK 09/14/19 12:31am Tow Vehicles
RE: How do you really judge TV adequacy anymore?

It’s like trying to explain sex to a virgin....
BenK 09/12/19 09:34pm Tow Vehicles
RE: How do you really judge TV adequacy anymore?

Those ratings are based, mostly, on a 10% tongue Real world will mostly be north of that 10% and that will reduce the MTWR and, or payload rating...plus would eat into the rear axle’s rating Am with old-biscuit...RGAWR is my main, but not only criteria Will always have tires rated for more than the axle rating Also, some trailers just tow better...to some are horrible...so just using their weight would be worthless
BenK 09/10/19 09:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Anti-seize on brake caliper bracket?

am of the anti-seize and also know to back off the torque to offset via SAE30 spec for lubed vs dry Also, need to understand the designer/engineer behind those torque requirements (recommendations) Of course rotating engine component fasteners are lubed and should be tossed whenever they are loosened...the whole set. This includes head bolts Then where the designer/engineer has that required/recommended torque is vs the fastener yield point. An example is the infamous Ford 6.0L ARP head bolts (part of the delete & fix so often mentioned)...they are torqued to 'yield'...meaning that they won't stretch anymore under the designed clamping force...but if there should be one or more instances exceeding that...it will go beyond that holding/clamping force and it will never have the same clamping force...even if you re-torque it Most fastener applications has the designer/engineer decide how much Some things are designed to be repaired, often and the designer/engineer should have taken that into their calculations. Steel wheels has a coined area around the lug hole, while aluminum alloy wheels do NOT. Why alloy wheels need to be re-torqued after they have been loosened. I check 2 or 3 times. Then whether the lug nut is tapered or shouldered or washer'ed. makes a difference Side note...if working on whatever down there on the suspension, replace fasteners with the same grade it came with. It has to do with how the designer/engineer expects things to break apart during a crash. Buddy's speed shop refused a customer who insisted on changing everything to grade 8...
BenK 09/08/19 04:01pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Looking for a tow vehicle for boat

Of course opinions here.... IMHO...the 8.1L Suburban will be GREAT !...as long as the OP is willing to deal with an older vehicle...it is a truck, not a car in regards to longevity and its ability to serve I have an even older 1996 K3500 Suburban with a big block 7.4L, 4.1's, F-60 option (ordered it and begets 1 ton snow plow front torsion bars...IIRC $68 bucks) Towed a 8.5K boat from sea level to Lake Tahoe often. Big block up front and compound low 4x4 helps on slippery boat ramps At about 170,000 VERY HARD miles. Don't tow much anymore (am 72 soon) and mainly my sleeper hot rod. Soon, will start rebuilding, modifying, etc. If interested, let me know and I'll post my list of things that will turn my 4L80E into an 8 speed with double OD and 5.38 Detroit locker's in the diffs https://i.imgur.com/KMcSLe9l.jpg width=680
BenK 08/30/19 10:14am Tow Vehicles
RE: How to deal with grease on ball of receiver

^ X2 Wipe both ball and coupler....toss that greasy paper towel into the fire Re-grease when hooking up to leave During the trip, road grit/dust/etc gets on the grease on the edge, that might get into the ball-coupler union when hooking up Guessing the amount to re-grease costs less than a penny...
BenK 08/30/19 07:29am Towing
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Model 3 accident video What is the storage capacity of a Model 3 vs Tusk's semi ? Popular Mechanics...Model 3 explosion  reports that the driver "was using a 'driver-assist' feature and a 'trimmed' version of Autopilot," so this likely limited the Model 3 semi-autonomous abilities to lane-keeping and little else. While there have been several fires involving Tesla vehicles, this is the first reported fire involving the latest Model 3
BenK 08/30/19 07:22am Tow Vehicles
RE: What;s Wrong With My RAM Truck????

Our 2005 Ram 3500 Diesel (5.9) SRW has been a great tow vehicle for our 7-ton 5th wheel trailer. And after 150 thousand miles, three years ago we had to replace a couple of leaky hoses in our air conditioner. No surprise there. Since that repair, the AC blows cold and steady, towing or not. EXCEPT. During this past year, on our last three return trips to Texas- one from the Great Lakes and two from Colorado- the blower quits working at about 350 miles from home. The AC is constantly cold, but without the fan blowing, we get very uncomfortable and downright HOT in the cab driving home in the Texas heat. In fact, on the last two trips, the blower quit in exactly the same place, a few miles south of Amarillo heading down 287 towards Dallas. Each time, we’ve managed to get a little action out of the AC fan IF we can keep the RPM high as we travel. But if we stop at a red light and the engine is at idle, we get nothing. Cracking the window seems to help the blower also, but engine speed seems to be the key. Once on our last trip when climbing a hill, the tranny dropped to low and the fan started working perfectly as the RPM climbed to about 3000. But that lasted for about 3 minutes before dropping back into pathetic, weeny mode. IMO...sounds like something in your alternator system. Key is that rev'ing the engine turns the fan back on. Something is slowly over heating (that 350 miles time frame) and once at that over temp, it either adds enough resistance to lower the voltage and/or the alternator can't produce at that temp Rev'ing the engine will make the alternator work a bit less hard, so it can produce the right voltage Do a load test on your alternator The Dodge House is clueless; they said the system only needed service which was performed prior to our most recent travel, but that had no positive effect on this fan problem. The AC works perfectly around town and all during the trip, except for the very last 350 miles. Has anyone out there in RV land had this issue? If so, how did you fix it? Help!
BenK 08/28/19 01:48pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Ecoboost vs. V8 - Can you explain?

in simplified terms... At sea level, we breathe 1 atmosphere worth of air. Ditto an ICE (internal combustion engine. Both Gasser and diesel are ICE's) Turbo charge, or super charger (one uses exhaust gases to spin a compressor wheel forcing more air into the ICE, other uses belt driven compressor) forces more air at sea level. How much is normally discussed in terms of PSI (pounds per square inch that the air will impart on it) Think of that as forcing in 2, 3, or more atmospheres into the ICE. Tidbit is that now stuffs in the amount of air a larger displacement ICE would inhale, but stuffed into a smaller displacement When going up in altitude, the air gets thinner. Humans need to have an oxygen mask to help breath. Same amount of air, but more O2 With forced induction (turbo or super charger) will stuff more air and that compensates for the thinner air Hope that helps you understand Turbocharged engine do not starve for air at high altitude so produce their rated power you paid for. I'm fascinated by this. There is long-common rule of thumb that you need to compensate your tow rating, with gassers, for high altitude towing. Are you suggesting that the EB, though a Gasser, reduces/eliminates this concern? These are great responses for those of us less knowledgeable on engines. Thanks to everyone!
BenK 08/28/19 01:30pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Sway problems

Hi JR ! Nice to meet you You are the first one here to understand trailer tongue orientation and trailer caster here on this forum ! Take care (system won't allow me to post a PM for some reason) Ben Is the trailer nose high when hooked up? This can change the caster, make the trailer refuse to track. Of course, that would happen at all speeds, but faster would put more side force on the TV... Just bought it 6 weeks ago. 5 hours home .. scary 60 mile away test camping weekend And this last weekend 120 miles away is all we have done. You mean the trailer was MT when you had issues?
BenK 08/27/19 08:41am Towing
RE: what defines a 3/4 ton?

Notice that the RGAWR and GVWR never changed in any if the arguements so far Makes no difference what badging is used...the RGAWR & GVWR never changes during their discussion... Why always ask what the OP's RGAWR & GVWR are when trying to help
BenK 08/27/19 08:09am Tow Vehicles
RE: Sway problems

As for tire pressure...rim width plays too Also sidewall aspect ratio Majority of folks today are opting for higher unsprung weight (metal weighs more than air and rubber) via lower profile & larger dia wheels and that is a good thing for towing....but...8f the rim width is on the narrow end of the tire OEM's recommended range, the the added sidewall bendback negates increased handling ability if lower profile sidewalls #1 is higher slip angle...a ride quality component to tire performance. A wider rim reduces slip angle to allow more precise steering wheel response. A narrow rim width has more sidewall bendback, so the tread squirm is increased... while the sidewall's increased "wave" has the wheel pointing one way and the tread points on another track. This also allows more wallowing as they try to realign Why my rims are 10 inches wide. Sure it rides like a truck (of which it is to me), but steering precision is tops and next to none, and no ride quality (of which I don't care for) Your lower trailer tire PSI will affect, as there will be a bit more sidewall flexing....that will allow the trailer to both lean more and wallow more as the rim rolls back and forth trying to center themselves on the tread track IMHO...use the chalk method to check tire pressure vs loading. I also check them often and also look for where the outer tread rib's pavement wear edge is. If it is inward of the tire edge...PSI is to high for your load & driving style...if it is on the sidewall side of the edge...PSI is not high enough for your load & driving style Please report back on how it goes
BenK 08/27/19 07:50am Towing
RE: Sway problems

If your shank and ground clearance has room, try dropping the WD hitch head one hole or more Then go through the setup again That should end up with your trailer pointed slightly down Make sure there is a min of 12% tongue weight and your TV sits as the manual says and the tires aired up to max sidewall listed PSI Are are the WD bars sized for that tongue weight ? If you haven't, go weigh it, axle by axle. One time with the WD bars tensioned, other not tensioned.
BenK 08/27/19 06:43am Towing
RE: what defines a 3/4 ton?

Several pages arguing which marketing badge...which class, but the constant rating that most ignore and or forget...GVWR RGAWR does not change Nissan and Toyota gets it and does not play the marketing game most all are caught in...that sells many more AFTER folks realize they need more truck... {Edit}..."ride quality" and MPG are not that high on my lists...ride quality is very low on my nice to have....MPG is on my have to have. Ratings & truck performance way ahead Another of mine...never like just good enough...more is always sought after in my "have to have".... Forget marketing badges, they change willynilly to suite marketing chasing whatever is selling Best to use real numbers, and that is arguable GVWR, GAWR are what I look for "Half ton" rear GAWR tops out around 5,000 lbs (7 lug wheels and what I refer to as fake half ton). Most in the 4,000 range There are other attributes (8 lug wheels, bigger frame, etc) but the RGAWR is my main determination
BenK 08/25/19 06:12pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Do I need air bags?

Best to actually weigh it's axle, fully loaded ready to go RV'ing....but....while shopping...ball park guesstimating you will need both listed dry weights & ratings AND the GVWR of the trailer(s) You can figure the tongue or PIN percentage weight of it's dry condition...then use that percentage to multiply the GVWR and that begets a ball park tongue or PIN to figure what your TV is rated for Of course you should also weigh your TV axle's fully loaded ready to go in order to not be guesstimating there too
BenK 08/25/19 09:05am Towing
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Curious these last few days...Solar City is in the city next to mine Across the street from a car wash I use In the old days, cars and trucks were parked everywhere...on their lawn, around both corners, etc Then empty after Tesla bought them out (Tusk saving his cousins) Today there were lots of cars coming abd going, but no trucks Curious timing...
BenK 08/23/19 08:09pm Tow Vehicles
RE: what defines a 3/4 ton?

Forget marketing badges, they change willynilly to suite marketing chasing whatever is selling Best to use real numbers, and that is arguable GVWR, GAWR are what I look for "Half ton" rear GAWR tops out around 5,000 lbs (7 lug wheels and what I refer to as fake half ton). Most in the 4,000 range There are other attributes (8 lug wheels, bigger frame, etc) but the RGAWR is my main determination
BenK 08/23/19 07:57pm Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Tusk has promised to release it by the end of next year... Plus he has been selling the vehicles with that promised release date He still hasn't gotten the fact of regulatory certification is required before selling to the public To date, he has been using his customer's as test mule dummies... And...it is one of the features of his semi...what is his promised semi release date ?
BenK 08/22/19 07:51am Tow Vehicles
RE: Tesla Semi truck unveil & test ride set for Oct 26th !

Yet another key person leaving... head of autopilot software has left Tesla
BenK 08/22/19 06:45am Tow Vehicles
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