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RE: Replacement for Concord Electric Series 90 TV Antenna

I have both a Winegard Sensar IV and a Jack. The Jack is mounted on a Winegard crank-up assembly. I camp virtually 100% in the boondocks, mostly in TV fringe areas. The Jack is useless for VHF stations. About 25% of the US TV stations are broadcasting on the VHF band so VHF is important. My Batwing is mounted on a separate mast and I use that for times that my Jack will not pull in the desired station. The Jack works well for UHF and most times that is all I need. As Bill noted, the booster is inside the coach. You can not use this booster. If you use the Jack or Batwing, you must use the included power inserter. Don't quote me. I never said that! Neither the Jack nor the Winegard has a booster inside (both use a power supply to turn on the booster inside the antenna. However, the Condorde does not have the amp in the head.
Bill.Satellite 01/22/20 01:55pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Replacement for Concord Electric Series 90 TV Antenna

As you noted, there is not replacement for the Condorde. It was junk any as there was no amplifier in the head but instead the signal came down to a booster inside the coach. What you have yet to learn (like I did when I removed mine) is the if you remove the Concorde there is a huge hole in the roof (6" maybe) when the electronic for the Concorde reside. That will need to be repaired/covered and then install the new antenna over that or off to the side. If you have a location where you could relocate an antenna and have a clear ceiling space for the crank I would install the Winegard Sensar IV (Batwing) and use the existing coax for the best affordable antenna. If you want simple you can install the Winegard dome style automatic antenna and use the existing coax and 12V power using the Concord wiring
Bill.Satellite 01/22/20 06:19am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Medicare ads!!!!!

So I become Medicare eligible next month. I have signed up for part A and B and will sign up for the Walmart Part D even though I take no medications to avoid late sign up penalties. Anyone have ideas if I need F or some other supplemental?
Bill.Satellite 01/22/20 06:06am Technology Corner
RE: DirecTV or Dish

DirecTV has stopped supporting my receiver so I am thinking about going to dish. Give me some feed back on this subject. I can't get DirecTV to send me the new receiver. Go streaming and junk the satellite dish.. satellite bill approves this message.. :C:p Sometime it makes sense. We are currently in Athens, GA and there is no "English" OTA TV available so I can't watch the local news. I found an Atlanta ABC app on my Firestick and I stream the morning and evening news for a 1/2 hour and then switch back to satellite. Free streaming of a limited amount will keep your limited unlimited data happy. timmac has a truly unlimited plan and pays well for the streaming services he use so free is never free!
Bill.Satellite 01/22/20 05:59am Technology Corner
RE: DirecTV or Dish

DirecTV has stopped supporting my receiver so I am thinking about going to dish. Give me some feed back on this subject. I can't get DirecTV to send me the new receiver. Just because the stopped supporting the old receiver does not mean you can't use a newer receiver with your antenna. If you can't get them to send you an H24 receiver (assuming you have a dome or an old 18" round antenna) you can purchase one pretty cheaply. If you do have a dome and plan to move to DISH, be sure the antenna is new enough to support the DISH service. The older domes (pre-2012, I think) can't handle the changes DISH made.
Bill.Satellite 01/20/20 05:25am Technology Corner
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

Might as well replace the plug wires while you're at it. What borescope did you end up buying ? I want to pick one up to have in my arsenal of tools . I bought one on Amazon. It's a DEPSTECH Wireless Endoscope. It's wifi enabled, has an adjustable brightness light, works with Android or IOS. 11 feet long and with the app on the phone, I can take either pictures or video. The snake cable is fairly stiff, so whatever position you bend it in, it will pretty much stay in that position. It's nice that it doesn't have to be connected by wire to the phone. I have the same scope and it works quite well. It should work on a laptop as well assuming you can download the app to your computer as well. It creates it's own wifi signal so that's all you need to connect to the computer.
Bill.Satellite 01/18/20 12:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 6.7 cummins HP

Assuming you had to go up a long hill at 35-40 instead of 55, how much time do you think it would cost you? It's not an issue for the engine or the coach but rather only an issue for the driver. Enjoy the drive and enjoy the fact that you are able to take the drive. Life is short! The speed up the hill should be very, very low on your issues list.
Bill.Satellite 01/17/20 04:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Input on a few models for FT

Not one person here can help you with the problem of deciding what floor plan is right for you. You appear to have made a sound choice about DP or not so you now just need to spend as much time as possible inside a large variety of MH's to determine what's right for you. Take your time. Try to "spend a day" in the RV over the course of an hour or so and see where the 2 of you would bump into each other. Where will you both be during cocktails or while watching TV? Can you both see the TV without turning your head? Are you comfortable sitting on the toilet? Is the shower large enough/tall enough? Is there counter space to fix your meals? Can the fridge be accessed while driving? What if a slide gets stuck, can you still live in the coach? Options, accessories, wants, needs, requirements! You should have requirements! Once you know what they are, don't accept a floor plan without them all or you will not be happy. It took us years to find the coach we have been living in since 1999 and we are on a years long search to find a replacement but we haven't found one yet!
Bill.Satellite 01/15/20 04:10pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: 6.7 cummins HP

You will not have any issues getting up and down the Rockies with that engine. You also have normal R&M issues that you would have with any similar diesel but that thing will get you there and get you back again. What more do you need?
Bill.Satellite 01/15/20 04:02pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: New Source of TV While on the Road

Now, with our Verizon unlimited data plan, from ANYWHERE, Tim Well, that is ANYWHERE you have cellular service. But maybe when you are in areas off the grid you don't want to be watching TV anyway! You will also want to find out where the limits on your unlimited plan kicks in. There are few non-commercial 4G truly unlimited plans left. I am lucky to have the Mobley SIM in a HotSpot as it appears to be truly unlimited and unthrottled.
Bill.Satellite 01/14/20 04:05pm Technology Corner
RE: full timing

It depends upon the repairs. Oil changes and similar are generally discouraged due to the high probability that you will leave oil residue behind. Emergency repairs are looked upon as an unwelcome, but necessary, evil. Repairs at any big truck stop is likely going to be discouraged on the assumption that you are creating a pretty high liability for a business required to keep things safe and control ALL oil and fuel spill within EPA standards. If you have to change a tire that can likely be done anywhere. If you are planning to overhaul your engine it likely cannot.
Bill.Satellite 01/12/20 03:50pm Full-time RVing
RE: Air brakes on Towed

M&G is great and we have used their system on 4 different tow vehicles over the last 20 years. However, they are limited by the number of vehicles it fits. The folks that have installed my M&G's recommend Air Force 1 for the other vehicles.
Bill.Satellite 01/10/20 05:36am Dinghy Towing
RE: washer/dryer

I had Splendide (washer/dryer combo) and took forever to dry laundry. Unless I am hook up to power and water, I will not use it. It sounds like you had the version that uses condensation instead of heat which is exhausted to the outside. Those do take forever to do a bad job in the end. The ones with vented heated drying do a very good job as long as you don't stuff it too full.
Bill.Satellite 01/10/20 05:31am Class A Motorhomes
RE: washer/dryer

The Splendide washer can use as little as 9 gallons for a wash. If you add extended wash or rinse cycles it can use up to 16. We have almost never used either of these so the wash cycle is not a big water user.
Bill.Satellite 01/09/20 07:01am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Solar Panel, Unmarked Pigtails, which is Positive, Negative?

While I suspect that the information above is correct about which is positive, the best advice is to check the connections with a multimeter. Set the panel in the sun and put your probes on the 2 connections. If you have red to red and black to black you will see a 12V (or whatever) reading. If you have it backward you will see -12V.
Bill.Satellite 01/08/20 08:33am Tech Issues
RE: Fresh Tank Filling on City Water

And we do the opposite. Use only tank water-- refilling and dumping gray and black when out of potable water. This way tank water is always fresh. And, this gives us the option of not filling with CG water if it is poor quality. Yes, sanitize tank at the beginning of each trip/if water over 2 weeks old in summer or 3 weeks old in winter. I do the same. I always supply the coach from the fresh water tank using the water pumps. I fill the tank when it's empty and dump both holding tanks at the same time. I keep both of those closed until it's time to dump to ensure enough water volume for a good clean dump. The fresh water tank is always clean and safe to drink due to the fresh supply of chlorine in the city water supply.
Bill.Satellite 01/08/20 08:29am Tech Issues
RE: Requesting solution from knowledgeable RV.NET collective

If you hook up 2 12V to create a 24V circuit you will blow up everything 12V in your coach. Please DO NOT DO THIS! You certainly could do 2 12V batteries wired in parallel to maintain a 12V output and increase the amp hours. Compare the amp hours of the 2 6V wired in series to the amp hours of your 2 batteries wired in parallel to compare the 2 options. 2 6V of 100 amp hours = 100 amp hours at 12V 2 12V of 100 amp hours = 200 amp hours at 12V
Bill.Satellite 01/08/20 08:25am Tech Issues
RE: Winegard Wingman

Yes, I could not use the Wingman sticking out, so I went with a Jack. I am getting good long range with that, no complaints, but haven't tried the Wingman to compare ranges. I started with an OEM batwing and eventually, the amplifier in it died (hence the Jack on the Winegard mast), so I agree if you are going to add a Wingman to an older batwing, don't do that. Get all-new. EDIT--now that I have played with putting the Jack on and off, I think you can just put the batwing with Wingman on the other way around so the Wingman sticks out the other side. Not sure. I am not going out in the dark and rain to see if that is so, but pretty sure. There is only one way the Wingman will work. You can't turn it (or the Batwing) the other way.
Bill.Satellite 01/08/20 05:40am Tech Issues
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

There are a whole lot of "Fly-in" communities around the US. FL has a bunch, but they are pretty much everywhere they are allowed.
Bill.Satellite 01/06/20 05:05pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Best/easiest internet setup for working remote/full time

Am I overthinking this? Is it truly as simple as a hotspot and possibly a booster like we-boost? Yes, you are overthinking this! A hotspot is a name for a device that provides you with an internet connection. At home you would have a router that does the exact same thing. It's just a different name. Use your hotspot with a good external antenna and you will have as good a service as the location allows. As an aside, the TOGO could be that external antenna you need in likely one of the most simple setups available. For whatever reason Winegard won't send me one to review so I can only tell you have I have been using a hotspot for many years as my ONLY internet connection and I move around the Country from Coast to Coast without issue.
Bill.Satellite 01/06/20 04:56pm Technology Corner
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