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It's been a great run!

I just wanted to thank everyone on this forum for their information and support over the years. My RVing has moved so far outside the norm that I really don't think I have much to offer any longer. Additionally, finding answers to the issues I have as a full time RVer actually working full time and being guided by my boss, and not my desires, keeps me from being relevant. Driving an RV that is a bus conversion also limits the number of folks that can relate to me and my coaches special issues. It's been fun but it's over for me. I will be logging out after this post for the last time so no responses are necessary. It's a great forum and I wish everyone the very best. Thanks to most of you and I am sorry the few others who never understood me still don't understand me. That's pretty much how life goes though, isn't it. My very best to everyone. HAPPY RVING!
Bill.Satellite 03/15/21 05:20pm Technology Corner
RE: Mobile satellite

Yes, I have full DNS E and W (NY and LA).
Bill.Satellite 03/13/21 10:04am Technology Corner
RE: O Rielleys Website Search

Truly the most fun I have ever had with a MEX post. Didn't understand it at first (as usual) but let others lead me down this humorous path. This might be a first, but Thanks Mex!
Bill.Satellite 03/12/21 05:32pm Tech Issues
RE: Star Link

These must be folks in the very Northern US or Canada as that's about all the coverage that is currently available. More satellites were launched yesterday (or the day before) so there are about 10% of the necessary satellites for full coverage available and about 30% of the satellites necessary for full US coverage. Beta testers are getting pretty good pricing at $99/month plus the up front hardware costs. I am hopeful for the future but it's still the future for most of us.
Bill.Satellite 03/12/21 05:28pm Technology Corner
RE: Mobile satellite

I've done it before, but it might finally be time. There are so many folks posting such bad information on this forum that you may have finally exhausted me. I left once and came back but now......... I don't know, maybe sign out and create a new account so I can post more bad info? Why must everyone answer a DTV question with a DISH answer? Why do so many folks post ridiculous pricing when they know it's wrong. I just don't get it and it's frustrating to have to correct all the stupid stuff before you can post the correct information. May just sit on the sideline for awhile. I want to apologize to the OP as I am a DTV RVer and have been for 20+ years. If you want to PM me I can give you the correct information but you will only get confused if you keep reading the responses to this thread.
Bill.Satellite 03/12/21 05:24pm Technology Corner
RE: Replace Mobley

There was something about having to get a PUC number (or something) that needed to be entered to unlock the full potential of the Mobley if you were moving it to a router or after the software update. Does anyone have the correct info on that issue?
Bill.Satellite 03/10/21 04:42pm Technology Corner
RE: What the heck? I thought motorhomes lost value fast!!

You can ask anything you like! Check PPL Motorhomes and see if they have sold a similar coach and at what price. They keep lots of previous sales info.
Bill.Satellite 03/06/21 02:49pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Star Link

I just love this $hip! Everyone using the business claims as fact and speculation taken to the extreme. Believe everything that comes from Elon or his crew? Not a chance! Is it possible that sometime in the near future (2 years or so) Starlink might provide "reasonable service at a reasonable price" to a substantially larger portion of the US than it can today? You bet ya! Covering the Planet with service without interruption as the business plan espouses is many years away.
Bill.Satellite 03/05/21 05:38pm Technology Corner
RE: Going to need a carrier and sim for MiFi this summer.

You do know that making a $200 donation does not reduce your taxes by $200, right? $500 - $200 donation does NOT equal $300 cost. It's closer to $495.
Bill.Satellite 03/03/21 05:21pm Technology Corner
RE: Internet speed

Our community is contracting Comcast for internet - it says we will get service at 100/5Mbs -- that's exactly how it's written ... So I wondered what it actually means - especially with 4K videos etc. I'm not a fan of Comcast, not very good customer service ... But I only have one vote, just want to make sure it's fast enough for every one that wants HS service. I'll be outvoted, but it's the best pricing, and we have 1500 homes. We will also get it in the Rec areas, and in our RV park. Our underground cable has been under ground for 23 years. :( Comcast says it will install new Fiber Optic cable to every home and our rec areas ... and tells us 100/5Mbs our ISP speed. Sounds like it will do it ... Thx guys M44 Refer back to the very first response to your post. It was correct than and still is!
Bill.Satellite 02/27/21 07:20am Technology Corner
RE: Internet speed

There it is! First answer. Done. Any other questions?
Bill.Satellite 02/26/21 06:18am Technology Corner
RE: Traveling with a Dish Tailgater

The Hopper works GREAT with mobile antennas. They don't work with the dome style but they work just like they do at home with a Winegard Trav'ler roof mounted antenna or a home style antenna mounted on a tripod. The tripod might take 10-20 minutes to setup and point but that's worthwhile to many folks due to the extreme savings and ability to move out from under the trees.
Bill.Satellite 02/25/21 06:28am Technology Corner
RE: What constitutes a "new" tire?

They are new! Where is Toyo manufactured? If it's still Japan, how would you expect to find tires that are a month old? I have not looked into Toyo in many years so if they are now US built (not just distributed) I apologize!
Bill.Satellite 02/24/21 05:28pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

Has this run so long that even you are starting to get bored? Come on post something or not. I was planning to post a Sponge Bob Square Pants picture but I thought that was just about as off topic. To all other readers, please ignore this post. I love seeing new posts to this thread but I am frustrated and disappointed when they are worthless ramblings like this. I want to see the end result but I am not sure I will live long enough for that to happen.
Bill.Satellite 02/24/21 05:25pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Fry's Electronics shutting down 30 stores in 9 states

I, too, loved visiting a Fry's store (usually the Vegas store) but I must say I rarely bought anything. I think the posts above well explain why the business failed. How many folks are needing parts for their computer or are still building their own. The computers are so cheap they have become a disposable item.
Bill.Satellite 02/24/21 06:38am Technology Corner
RE: Dinette Booth - Replace free standing chairs

It's just different strokes for different folks. Our first RV had a booth. I would never go back once I had a table and chair setup. After awhile with that setup we ever removed the table and chair setup and installed a bar style dining table with 2 chairs looking out the window. Just bought our 3rd coach and one of the reasons was because it had a similar bar setup. No one else might like that but that's OK as we are not anyone else! You just have to do what you like and what works for you. It's only about keeping you guys happy and comfortable. I really didn't do any modifications to my coach to make someone else happy!
Bill.Satellite 02/17/21 05:05pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: New Cell Phone..had to ask?

I buy brand new Samsung's. The 2 I just bought this week cost ZERO dollars with trade-in. Hard to beat!
Bill.Satellite 02/17/21 04:59pm Technology Corner
RE: New Cell Phone..had to ask?

We are T-Mobile customers with the 55+ plan and a couple years ago bought the S9 on a buy one get one free deal. The other day I got an e-mail offer for a free upgrade to the S21 5G phone. Sounded too good to be true but it was not. We now have brand new S21's for no additional money and still only $70/month total for 2 phones.
Bill.Satellite 02/15/21 06:24am Technology Corner
RE: winegard automatic swm3 antenna

Their only competitor is RF Mogul (the former MotoSAT folks). It's more expensive, and they still have problems, but they will ship you the parts and you can install them yourself. They have very few dealers but if you travel to any of the warm weather destinations favored by RVers you will likely find a dealer within a few minutes or a few hours drive.
Bill.Satellite 02/11/21 04:30pm Technology Corner
RE: Low Of 1 Degree!!!

For a cold snap of such a short period you really don't need to do too much. If you can keep the furnace running (set to 55-60 over night) it will blow warm air into the wet bay and keep it above 32 degrees. FILL the fresh water tank as it will absorb heat during the day/evening when you have the furnace running and return that heat to the cooling areas at night. You won't need anti-freeze and you won't need to stop using any of the facilities. Just be sure you don't run out of propane! Assuming you have an electrical plug in the wet bay somewhere you can plug in a worklight with a "real" bulb and the heat will help keep things warm. They also sell "personal heaters" that put out about 250 watts. Leave one of these in the wet bay with access to the tanks and plumbing and everything will remain toasty warm. THIS ALL ASSUMES that your dump lines and pipes are all internal to your coach. If you have any plumbing hanging under the coach then you will want to wrap that with insulation to prevent water in the pipe from freezing. Where is the dump valve located? Inside a heated bay? If so, the outside pipes are of no concern as it/they will be empty. We have camped in negative # degrees many times for extended periods without issue but all of our plumbing is internal and stays toasty warm. We also put a remote temperature probe in the bay to ensure we are always aware of the temps down there. Our job has taken us to Minot, ND this year and we are there now. HOWEVER, we chose to drive the car and stay in the company condo as it was -21 this morning and it will have been 2 weeks since they have seen a temperature above 0! "A man has got to know his limitations" (or something like that).
Bill.Satellite 02/11/21 04:21pm Full-time RVing
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