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RE: New satellite dish

As easy as it is to setup a good quality tripod I don't see where this would be worth the money, especially if it has to be fully torn down for storage as the video makes it appear.
Bill.Satellite 02/10/21 04:10pm Technology Corner
RE: central vacuum

We have the Red Devil central vac in our Prevost and the wife is VERY happy. We are all hard surface floors and it works very well. If you have carpet I believe the bag would fill up too fast to be practical.
Bill.Satellite 02/10/21 06:42am Tech Issues
RE: New satellite dish

What is the point? By the time you spend the time and effort to set up a dish on a tripod that automatically aims itself to different birds, why wouldn't you just set up a 3 LNB dish such as a Dish 1000.2 or better yet a 1000.4 if you can find one, on a tripod, and manually align it one time? The same amount of work and effort and hits all 3 birds used at the same time for less than $150. Then it's just a matter of having the correct wiring inside the RV to use whichever recievers you care to. The video looks like a couple of geezers in some retirement RV park decided to invent the better mouse trap. It's not as major a project to align a 3 LNB dish as the guy claims, but he is trying to sell an overpriced pile of equipment. That is not a single LNB antenna that has to move between different satellites for different channels like a dome is required to do. The antenna shown is a triple LNB setup for DISH or DirecTV (pick one) that automatically aligns the antenna to reception of all 3 simultaneously.
Bill.Satellite 02/10/21 06:39am Technology Corner
RE: Leaving Illinois, going full time.

FL is much less expensive to register your vehicles and no inspections are required. We chose TX before FL was available but should likely move to FL for the savings. You do not have to pay the FL sales tax to register it in FL if you have owned it for more than 6 months. Of course, no State sales tax and I believe they have removed the personal tax on savings (or something) as I have not checked in years.
Bill.Satellite 02/10/21 06:32am Full-time RVing
RE: Leaving Illinois, going full time.

So, what kind of information, advice are you looking for? You can stay "free" (not free to those whose utilities you plan to use) but are there hookups available to allow you to be comfortable and not impose on others? Do you have a source of income or are you independently wealthy? Finding work "along the way" is impracticable but you might be able to plan ahead and find work camper "work for free site" type work but that also needs serious planning as every work camper wants to be in the warm in the Winter and cool in the Summer. Tell us a bit more about how you plan to finance your travels and where, what, when and others might be able to give you some seriously good advice. You are also going to get some seriously sketchy advice and comments. You will need to filter the wheat form the chaff and not let anyone get under your skin. Some really hope to help and some are really jealous that you are doing what they cannot. Just come back to those of us who have been full time for many many years (24 years for us) and we will do the best we can.
Bill.Satellite 02/08/21 07:40pm Full-time RVing
RE: Need Help with a route from Yuma AZ to Illinois in mid April

I would take I8 to I10 to I 25 to get you up to ABQ. I 40 to I44 to St. Louis. You don't sat where in IL but you can make a plan during your trip up I44.
Bill.Satellite 02/08/21 07:25pm Roads and Routes
RE: Existing air line for RV braking system

The connection to the air brake line is generic and not specific to the braking system. M&G, Air Force 1 or Blue Ox versions of air brake system will all be able to use your existing connection.
Bill.Satellite 02/08/21 06:29am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Cellular blinds: Should I switch or not ? PLEASE CHIME IN!!

Had them in our last coach. Will likely install them in our new coach. I responded to your PM.
Bill.Satellite 02/04/21 04:41pm Do It Yourself Modifications and Upgrades (DIY)
RE: Need an Education

Bill.Satellite 01/30/21 05:52am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

That's OK, I never claimed you were a master of anything either! I find most of your carpentry work interesting, just sometimes a bit over reported.
Bill.Satellite 01/30/21 05:50am Class A Motorhomes
RE: Need an Education

SO, the most irritating thing in regards to the big rigs and some big truck and 5th wheel truck drivers, mostly the big rigs.The question is why do most of you feel the need to leave your vehicles running for long amounts of time before you pull out and long amounts of time when you pull into a campsite? If there is no logical reason for this, I'll think I'll give up on mankind all together. I really don't feel like you came for an education but rather to vent. It's OK to vent but it would be better to just fess up and say, with these now shortened tempers, these folks are driving you nuts. If it wasn't this it would be something else. You have stated that it's time for you to get off the road and you have mentioned you are fed up with many things due to Covid. We all agree that day to day routines are gone and we are all struggling to find a tiny slice of normal, but that's not happened recently and it's not going to even begin to return until sometime in 2022. We all just need to find a way to transition through 2021 without killing our neighbor for mowing their lawn while we are trying to take a nap, get our vaccines and watch the Country slowly return to normal. Good luck to you whether you stay or whether you go.
Bill.Satellite 01/29/21 04:20pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Anyone interested in 83 Pace Arrow Tear down and Rebuild?

If he did it the reasonable, normal or easy way this thread would have been over a year ago! This is a project by an experienced carpenter showing off his skills. It's interesting but you have to just go with the flow....or not.
Bill.Satellite 01/29/21 04:06pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Directv

original poster here - I called a couple different times today, something I used to do trying to find someone at AT&T who actually knows what they are talking about, still getting conflicting information from them. I think I will go back to my original plan and spend the money to convert the Traveler to Dish this spring before heading out. AT&T just don't seem to want my business. The accurate info is here. You CANNOT get local FL channels once you get too far away from your home stations. There are things called spot beams that broadcast the signal. Imagine a flashlight shining on the Earth and only covering a few hundred miles. Once you drive outside the flashlight beam you are "in the dark" and will lose ALL Network programming. Things like Food Network and TBS are NOT using a spot beam but rather a CONUS beam (CONtinential US) and are available where ever you travel in the US, some of Canada and some of Mexico. Even AK but SD only and it takes a bit of magic with a Trav'ler. Yes, DNS is still available but you can receive only East or West. This is determined by where the RV is registered. If you are in ET or CT time zones you will get East MT or PT time zones get the West feed. DISH is not a bad plan but their signals are spot beamed as well so leaving FL using DISH will cause the same loss of signal but it is much easier to change your location with DISH than it is with DTV. I have been fulltime with DTV since 2000 and have both E & W so I'm pretty spoiled by the Grandfathered DTV service I have.
Bill.Satellite 01/29/21 08:50am Technology Corner
RE: Class A travel without interstates

I SURELY do get it! We lived in VA and traveled to PA in a 36' RV. The route up was OK (no GPS back then) but the route back seemed that taking I-95S all the way back to the DC area was the best choice. We are still pretty happy that we survived that trip (seriously, I thought that death was a real possibility). It was SO scary seeing what we saw along the drive. We have been up and down that area many times since then but have never repeated that same route! Longer is good!
Bill.Satellite 01/27/21 04:41pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: Class A travel without interstates

Hi guys, Class A motorhomes are the largest RV’s and generally need a bit more space to navigate than others. I’m curious how many of you avoid interstates for smaller towns and middle America? I’m reading more and more about folks, especially with Class A’s, wanting to stay clear of cities like Atlanta, St Lewis, Chicago, Kansas City, Denver etc. Are you included in this group? I think some of the worse cities I’ve ever driven through is Atlanta and St Louis and I’ll go through great lengths to avoid them. Are you one of them? And have you found a good GPS that makes the routing around these big cities easier to deal with? Or have you found a map or atlas works better? Thanks to all For me, it's not the journey but rather the destination so I am an "Interstate as much as possible" guy. The Interstate highway system saves time and money and I am OK with both of those. Most awful big cities have beltways that help avoid the worst of the worst but Atlanta is one of those few exceptions. The beltway is usually worse than simply taking 75 straight through the heart of the city. I HATE Atlanta and I hate every road in the LA area (no, not Louisiana). However, it's still better than any other alternative for us. Maybe you can swing by Stone Mountain as you travel around Atlanta or, while in the LA area you could......sorry, got nothing for LA!
Bill.Satellite 01/27/21 03:40pm Class A Motorhomes
RE: winegard automatic swm3 antenna

You should not be dealing with any cable that's only 5 1/2" long. The problem is usually the coax that runs inside the arm up to the LNB. It's likely 3 feet long or so an runs from the LNB, inside the arm, through a clamp on the arm and then into the top of the base.
Bill.Satellite 01/27/21 05:16am Technology Corner
RE: winegard automatic swm3 antenna

The connector at the LNB was clean as a whistle . The one at the box was a little corroded. I scrapped the center wire with a knife and Deoxed all of it. Didn't work. There are 3 coax connections in the base. Is it possible they are interchangeable? Thanks. Just FYI, it's never a good idea to scrape the center wire. The signal travels on the surface of the wire and you want that wire to remain as smooth as possible. As to the other leads, yes, coax is coax. If you really have the SK-SWM3 antenna you should only have 1 wire that leads from the SWM LNB to the base. Where are these other coax cables? Any coax can be used to test if that cable is bad. Even a spare 50 footer sitting around somewhere.
Bill.Satellite 01/26/21 05:52am Technology Corner
RE: Drip

Keep in mind that if you don't know where the leak is, it may not be the pipe at all. It well could be another line leaking and dripping onto the pipe or running down some surface and running down the pipe. Be sure to look deep into the source before you worry about the cure.
Bill.Satellite 01/25/21 05:21am Tech Issues
RE: winegard automatic swm3 antenna

It is most likely the cable between the LNB and the base. It might just be the connector at the base if it got hit with a pressure washer. Remove the LNB cable and ensure it's clean and dry. If not, clean, use some dielectric grease and reinstall. If that does not fix it remove the LNB and detach the coax and run a new one. Standard coax can be used to replace the skinny coax to test the unit.
Bill.Satellite 01/25/21 05:17am Technology Corner
RE: Full time with DirectTV

Question from a n00b. Does everyone have TV (Dish, DirecTv) separately from their internet service? If yes, why? When ATT bought DirecTv service went downhill overnight and we dumped them after more than 15 years. We switched to Roku (not recommended) and finally YouTubeTV which is internet based and has more channels with a lower cost than either DTV or Dish, and has all of your local stations as well. $.02 Being mobile (considering this is an RV forum) watching TV via internet when no internet service is available is highly frustrating! Since most all mobile internet plans have pretty stiff limitations on their unlimited plans, even if you have service you will likely run out of service long before the month is over if that's your main source of TV programming. We are currently in PA spending the night with ZERO OTA channels available. We are very happy with our DTV service and we will be able to use our "unlimited" data to make this post. So you full time with Direct TV, do you own or lease your equipment? Do you have the option of canceling your service for a period of time without cost, if you are in a location where you can’t get service due to trees or hills. All DTV receivers are leased. I have no need to ever cancel service as I am truly full time. My RV is my only residence. I have only been in a place where trees blocked my service a handful of times in 20 years so I am not really concerned. I watch OTA TV for some local news and then watch something I have recorded on my Genie. DTV used to offer suspension of up to 6 months per year but turning it on and off for short periods of time would likely not provide any savings.
Bill.Satellite 01/21/21 05:34am Full-time RVing
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